Apr 1, 2016

The Fields Debacle

via Alpha Game

Self-absorbed, misandristic, antarian,
over-privileged Jewess, Michelle Fields
It's an interesting question: which is more embarrassing, Michelle Fields doubling down, then doubling down again, then doubling down again, simply because the Alpha and his entourage simply refuse to accept her Female Imperative Narrative, or the legion of cuckservative white knights rushing to her defense in order to Slay the Evil Alpha-Dragon?

I'd say it's the white knights. Their behavior is simply cringeworthy and almost defies belief.

But notice how Trump, being a strong Alpha, not only stands his ground, but refuses to even consider sacrificing his supporters. (Supporters, plural, because submitting to the Fields Narrative would not only cost his campaign manager, but all of those who have stood by him since the media kerfluffle started.) This is vital, and it is winning him support for reasons both rational and socio-sexual.

If you weren't convinced Trump was a true Alpha before, this should suffice.

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