Apr 21, 2016

The Orthodox Nationalist: The “Phyletism” Hoax

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This is Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson’s first broadcast since June of 2012 and the topic, unsurprisingly, is Orthodox nationalism.

Matthew Heimbach was “excommunicated” by the Orthodox Church of Antioch (Syria) on the grounds of “Phyletism.” This “heresy” exists only in their imagination and this broadcast deals with the development of this imaginary heresy and explains how it refers to the economic interests of the Greek elite. Ruling over Slavic societies, these elites, in union with the Turkish occupiers, bought and sold Orthodox dioceses like business investments.

When the Bulgarians had enough and when Russia had damaged the Ottoman State such that the Slavs could be free again, the Church of these lands threw out the Greek financiers and replaced them with actual Orthodox bishops.

In a panic, the financiers of the Ottoman State called a “council” in 1872 to condemn this on the grounds of “phyletism” that is, that ethno-nationalism was forbidden as a foundation for the church. That the Orthodox church is organized according to ethnic membership apparently did not occur to them.

“Phyletism” is not a heresy. The Russian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Alexandrian churches rejected this at the time. It is a “heresy” only to the alienated, bourgeois Orthodox frauds in the Antiochian jurisdiction in America.

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