Apr 14, 2016

The Territorial Imperative: A Plan for Taking Back Our Homelands, Part 1 – Recognizing and Arresting the Causes of Decline

via National Action

‘The decisive battle, the last charge, was here. Here the fate of nations would be decided, what was at stake was the future of the world’ – Ernst Junger, Storm of Steel (1920).

We all know and feel it but few dare speak out. Instead we whisper through cigarette smoke in the back room of a quiet cafe. Or confess our dirty little secret to our closest friends over the rim of a half-empty glass. But never mind how we try to deal with it, by ignoring it or denying it, the truth is out there, in the streets where we walk, in the shadow of the monuments commemorating our gallant forebears, men and women who died needlessly in two European Civil Wars; in the districts where we live, where our children are trafficked, tortured and gang-raped by Muslim men; and in the places where we work, where along with affirmative action and diversity quotas, uttering a politically incorrect sentiment will get you fired faster than flashing a crucifix.

We are engaged in a war for survival. And we are losing.

It is imperative that we recognize what is happening and respond effectively, for the evidence is all around us, though the controlled media try to paper over the yawning cracks in our social fabric with addictive soap operas which promulgate their politically correct narrative. Or talent shows that distract us with dazzling lights and the opportunity to get rich quick.

Did Oceania declare war on Eurasia this month, or was it Eurasia attacking Oceania?

And despite what follows, we cannot exonerate ourselves from blame. For we, are to a greater or lesser extent the architects of our own destruction. It is us, not others, that have allowed the putrescent swamp we inhabit to fester. It is we who have failed to swat the mosquitos that snap and bite at a formerly vibrant and expansionist cultural entity, reducing it to juddering senility within a few brief generations. And it is only we who are infected with this universalist bacillus that is killing us. Other races seem immune and it is time to take a good hard look in the mirror and recognize the root cause of the symptoms we suffer, before dealing with those that seek to take advantage of our principles for their own nefarious purposes.

For of course, the liberal elite and their apparatchiks who take it in turns to rule over us in this Byzantine grinding machine called liberal democracy, would have you believe that we all live in John Lennon’s imaginary world where there are no countries, no reason to kill or die for, no religion too. Except that is, when we are surreptitiously protecting the interests of multinational corporations who happen to fund the political parties and politicians who supposedly represent us. Or, in order to covertly defend a small but highly influential and yet illegal state in the Middle-East. For as the former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said: Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand’.

Can’t you just feel all that warmth being generated by the brotherhood of man?

And yes, John, to answer the question you pose in that crepuscular anthem ‘Imagine’, I do say you are a dreamer, and unfortunately, you are not the only one. Because the hocus-pocus you and your kind have peddled through your Yellow Submarine guitar picks and your All You need is love platitudes have lulled us, your working class European brethren into a false sense of security, and we, just like the women you eulogize in your songs, are soon going to wake up from your dream into a nightmare running with blood and excrement. . . . Read more

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