Apr 11, 2016

Weird Science: Is It Time to Abort “Racial Realists”?

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The skinhead and militia scenes which were central to White Identity in the nineties had taken on a toxic stigma by the turn of the century, resulting in a transition to “racial realism” which strove to be academic, intellectual, formal, and explicitly elitist both socially and politically. Rather than repairing or providing an alternative to the populist projects of the prior decade, White Advocacy retreated from populist politics altogether into the ivory tower of human biodiversity research, criminal statistics reporting, and a revival of scientific racialism.

Academically, this was all generally positive. The wealth of scientific evidence pouring in from recent advancements in genetics and widespread genetic testing were sufficient to overwhelm even the most well-funded and organized mainstream academic effort to bury the truth of racial diversity in cardinal human characteristics. My own initial interest in racial issues was here, in the strictly academic.

I was a nineties Internet “skeptic” who had stumbled onto a forbidden field of inquiry. The whole thing made me feel like a latter-day Galileo, hoisting my “skeptic” cohorts on their own petard of following “science” wherever it led. It turns out that the same neckbeards who eagerly chortle about the willful ignorance of biblical creationists are even more fanatically beholden to their egalitarian humanist ideology than the “fundies” are to theirs.

Politically, this development has been a disaster, one which is metastasizing as we speak. Scientific racialists are quick to remind you that the scientific process has no political motive, but they’re slow to remind themselves, it appears. The political project of White Advocacy has become hopelessly corrupted by the most vulgar errors in basic metaphysics and morality, concluding from their bell curves and regression tables that eugenics, racial purity, and the domination of the “superior” race are philosophical prerogatives.

The “White Race” has become merely a codeword for “master race” in their lexicon, always subtly and sometimes directly implying that they’re really only talking about the finest specimens of the racial stock. Given the affinity for “North Asians” and fixation on Ashkenazi cleverness, one struggles to discern how their vision for the future differs meaningfully from your typical upscale Palo Alto or Ann Arbor neighborhood, save perhaps for the Hispanic nannies and Black garbage collectors being replaced by robots.

At the risk of confirming suspicions that I’m a “radical antisemite,” I struggle to see why a pro-White organization should be publishing works like, “The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement.” At the risk of confirming suspicions that I’m a Christian zealot, I struggle to see why a pro-White organization should be publishing articles supporting abortion for White people. That particular article helpfully explains that since abortions are primarily performed by less wealthy Whites, it’s morally good since poor people are cognitively inferior and therefore deserve to die…
First of all, the pro-life position is clearly dysgenic. A 2011 study showed that in 2008, while 16 percent of women aged 15-44 lived below the poverty line, among women who had abortions, the number was 42 percent. Hispanic and African-American women made up a combined 31 percent of this age group, but almost 55 percent of those who chose to terminate a pregnancy.
Later on in the article, this pseudonymous “Aylmer Fisher” paragon of cognitive excellence mistakenly pegs folks with Down’s Syndrome as dysgenic threats to our racial hygiene. I can say with absolute certainty that Mr. Fisher himself poses a greater dysgenic threat to our racial stock than people with Down’s Syndrome.
Unfortunately, as our movement gains influence, it is important that we not fall prey to the pro-life temptation.
First off, the alt Right appreciates what is superior in man, in the Nietzschean sense.
As it goes with Jewish and homosexual entryism, it goes also with pro-abortion degenerates. First we have an argument over whether they should be allowed, which they win, then they work purge their critics opponents as soon as they’re allowed in. There once was a conversation over whether they should be permitted, then there was an active discussion over how to go about purging us. Now we’re purged.

The conclusion is foregone. My side, the side which insists that Jews are not our common kindred and have an agenda that’s at best competitive and at worst virulently hostile, has already lost. My side, the side which insists that homosexuality is degenerate, has already lost. My side, the Christian side which cherishes the life taking form in a mother’s womb, has already lost. Because, you see, it’s all about “What is superior in man?”

This whole time I was under the impression that it was all about advocating for my extended family, …not just the ones who know how to rock a designer suit.
While national populist revolutions have been demonstrating successful models around the world, America’s “race realist” leadership and their equally degenerate and deranged “New Right” brothers abroad in Western Europe are enraptured by this neo-colonial fever dream of an “Archaeofuturist” ascent of Nietzschean supermen for whom God is dead. They can harness the scientific principles of evolution to evolve into gods themselves, after all.

Even with Donald Trump’s success with a civic nationalist variant of national populism right under their noses, one in which he proudly boasts of loving the less educated, the unemployed, and the struggling single moms (translation: inferior people), they’re still hopped up on this toxic nonsense. What our movement has is an elite which is identical to the rest of our elites in all but one way; they’re racial supremacists. That’s not what we need. What we need is an elite dedicated to mentorship, stewardship, and solidarity with its kindred, …from the profoundly mentally retarded on up to Elon Musk and Donald Trump.

There are humane and moral ways to promote the health and prosperity of our posterity without resorting to that most cruel of measures, …barbarically dismembering our own flesh and blood. Positive eugenics can include encouraging people with known genetic disorders to voluntarily sterilize themselves, encouraging successful people to have larger families, and taking a more active role in the lives of our least capable to assist them in making more sustainable family management decisions. We mustn’t ever be tricked into believing that we must abandon our humanity in the service of our race.

I hesitate to abandon the “altright” label to these types just yet. Though if this separation ends in divorce, you’ll find me on the populist “1488’er” side of the divide with the working class and underclass victims of globalism, globalization, and mass migration. Our vision is one where our future children can end up in stable traditional families in a harmonious homeland, not Richard Spencer’s radical vision where half of them end up in medical waste bins and the other half end up in space pods.

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