Apr 20, 2016

White Canadian Girl Who Rebuffed Negro Suitor Stabbed to Death While Working in Supermarket

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Clemence Beaulieu-Patry
I’ve pieced together the facts relating to an African’s alleged murder of an attractive, young white supermarket worker in Canada.

There were 30 witnesses to the stabbing death plus security camera footage.

These animals don’t care or are too stupid to understand that witnesses and security cams are going to result in their arrests almost every time.

Montreal Gazatte
Three days after she was killed in front of her supermarket co-workers, Clémence Beaulieu-Patry’s friends made their way to the Montreal courthouse to see the only suspect in the case be charged with first-degree murder.
Handcuffed with his head tilted downward, 19-year-old Randy Tshilumba wore a grey long-sleeve t-shirt and faded jeans as he was led into the courtroom by correctional officers on Wednesday.
His eyes scanned the courtroom, but he sat in silence and barely reacted as he was arraigned. He was in and out within a matter of minutes, and no plea was entered.
The group of friends, who had huddled together before entering the room, shook their heads and left together in tears. They held hands and wrapped their arms around each other’s shoulders as they rushed out of the courtroom.
Beaulieu-Patry, 20, was a half-hour away from finishing her shift at an east-end Maxi supermarket Sunday night when it’s alleged Tshilumba stabbed her to death.

While co-workers gathered around her on the floor, trying in vain to keep her alive, a suspect fled on foot.
Police spent the night interviewing roughly 30 people who were present, and released screenshots of a suspect taken from surveillance camera footage to the public on Monday.
They fielded more than 80 calls from Montrealers in the 48 hours that followed, and raided Tshilumba’s Hochelaga-Maisonneuve apartment late Tuesday night. He did not resist the arrest, police said. Investigators spent Wednesday morning at the apartment, where they could be seen leaving with large paper bags filled with items that had been seized.
Tshilumba and Beaulieu-Patry, only a year apart in age, had gone to high school together at École secondaire Louis-Riel, but police couldn’t confirm the nature of their relationship, or if they had been in touch more recently.
During Wednesday’s brief court appearance, Crown prosecutor Sonia Lebel asked Quebec Court Judge Denis Lavergne to impose two conditions on Tshilumba while he is detained and waiting for his next court appearance.
Lavergne agreed and ordered Tshilumba, who has no previous criminal record, not to communicate with any of Beaulieu-Patry’s family. He also can’t be in touch with one other person who was named in court, though Lebel wouldn’t comment on why or what the person’s connection is to the case.
Beaulieu-Patry’s friends had welcomed the news of the arrest earlier on Wednesday morning, but were quick to point out that it doesn’t change the fact that their friend is gone.
“It helps to know that (the suspect) isn’t walking around anymore,” said close friend Gabriel-Shawan Raymond-Ponce. “But of course it doesn’t bring Clémence back.”
Excerpt from CTV News
If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison, with no chance of parole for 25 years.
Const. Abdullah Emran said the suspect knew the victim.
Friends said the suspect went to the same high school as Beaulieu-Patry a few years ago, but that there was never any romantic connection between the two.
“Clemence was soft spoken, calm, polite, always there for her friends,” said friend Louis Bernard. “We’re all shattered.”
Friends say Tshilumba was interested in some type of relationship with Beaulieu-Patry, but she rebuffed him.
“Whether or not there’s been lately a link between the suspect and the victim, whether or not he tried to reach her, we heard that, we’re trying to confirm, yes, he was met by the homicide section and there are a few details we’re missing,” said Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere.
The arrest came after police received 80 tips, and continued to urge anyone who thought they recognized the man seen in two widely distributed surveillance photos to call 9-1-1. One of those tips led to the arrest.
Lafreniere said the outpouring of help was heartfelt.
“It touched everyone. When you look at the story, when you hear the story, it happened in the market like that. It looked like the person was attacked while she was there, for no reason, so people took that very seriously and we’re happy that at least we have the suspect,” he said.
On Sunday evening, Beaulieu-Patry was working in the clothing section of the Maxi grocery store on Cremazie Blvd. when a man entered the store, walked directly to Beaulieu-Patry, and stabbed her in the neck, back, and slit both wrists.
She died at the scene in front of horrified onlookers while her father was waiting in the parking lot to drive her home once she finished work.
Piecing together speculations, from the ape’s last name, he is likely an immigrant from Africa, perhaps brought to Canada as a youth. Which raises the question of what the hell did he or his relatives who brought him to the West from the jungle think he offered other than misery.

For white women, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If you have sex with the Negro you stand a huge increase in the probability of assault or murder at his hands.

If you reject him, thus “disrespecting” him, he might just kill you anyway.

This is why our ancestors formed the KKK. This is why our ancestors killed civil rights icon Emmett Till in 1955. Even in the recent past, a gentleman of color who harassed a white woman could expect to receive a friendly visit from her manly white male relatives and friends. His sh*t would have been stopped in its tracks. By any means necessary, as the liberals like to say.

Today, the morgue is full of white women with no white male protectors. These women embrace diversity and reject “racism.”

This is our culture today. Changing it will require changing the minds of white women, waking them up to race realism.

It’s not going to be an easy job. But as the dead bodies pile up like cordwood, it’s a necessary job.

Randy Tshiliumba

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