Apr 12, 2016

Why Aren't White Nationalists and Jewish Nationalists Fellow Travelers?

via The Right Stuff

Since its inception, the alt-right has been continually wracked by intense debates of whether or not the (((traditional enemies of the White Man))) have a place in our movement. The fact that this issue, which is actually very simple, is still debated should be cause for some concern, as if we can’t agree on this issue then what hope do we have when it comes to agreeing on much more complex issues such as economics, government, or religion? Let’s ask ourselves a simple question: has letting Jews into any organization, political party, religious institution, nation, or empire ever resulted in something beneficial to us? Perhaps a better question is, what good can possibly come of it?

Subversion by Jews and their servants is still the single biggest threat to the cohesion and effectiveness of the alt-right, and not by those who hide their Jewish identity, but those who wear it on their sleeve and come to us as fellow nationalists fighting against a common Islamic or leftist threat. These are the most dangerous and slippery infiltrators because they use rhetoric that specifically appeals to us while diverting our energies to something only ever ends up benefiting Jews. We see this subversion working all too effectively on naïve and gullible (purple-pilled) counter-jihadist Whites, the types who read fjordman and watch Pat Condell’s inane rants on Youtube. These shills and liars like Condell take the ongoing destruction of Europe and present it as an act of civilizational senility as opposed to a planned and coordinated Jewish attack on the civilization they’ve despised and conspired against for thousands of years. Pat Condell may dislike Islam and leftists, but he reserves his truly vicious hatred for “anti-semites,” making him every bit of an enemy of Europe as Barbara Lerner Spectre, Anetta Kahane, or Tim Wise. While the latter are overt in their hatred of Whites, it’s shabbos goyim like Condell who make such destructive Jewish power possible.

Given this, there’s only one answer to the question of whether Jews and philosemites have any place in the alt right: no. Anyone who self-identifies as a Jew or anyone who makes excuses for a continued Jewish presence in White homelands should be unapologetically excluded from this movement, and none of these people should ever be allowed to speak at alt right conferences no matter how pro-White they may seem. We need to understand three cold, hard facts about how our goals differ from Jewish goals, with an emphasis on what’s happening in Europe right now:

Jews have nothing whatsoever to gain from supporting European nationalism.If Europe goes nationalist, jews will eventually be rooted out as the cause of Europe’s misery and will be deported along with their semitic Muslim brethren, just as they were in Spain and other regions throughout Western history.There is therefore no reason to assume that a Jew is being honest when he or she talks about defending Europe.There has never in history been an example of jews selling out their own interests for ours, or anyone else’s for that matter, and they’re not going to start now.

Much of Europe’s spiritual malaise revolves around the unblinking acceptance of the Allies’ WWII narrative and the alleged Shoahcost by Germany. Jews will never oppose this narrative in large numbers, as they gain too much money and sympathy from it. As Jews will always defend their WW2 narrative no matter how preposterous their claims are, and as long as they use this narrative to justify Europe “going into multicultural mode,” Jews are not capable of being dependable allies in this struggle.

Jews are not White and we don’t need them.They have nothing to offer us.Letting Jews into this movement and even parading them around as courageous defenders of “the West” (such as Richard Spencer does with Paul Gottfried and Jared Taylor does with a number of them) therefore makes as much as sense as doing the same with an African or Arab. It makes us look weak, as if we can’t possibly prevail without the wisdom of the Levant. If the Jew in question somehow happens to be an actual ally (but going back to the first point, why would they even want to be allies?), then he or she will simply have to understand why it is we cannot trust them, given their tribe’s long history of subversion and pitiless back-stabbing.

This movement is about us, not them. If they are offended by us excluding them, that’s fine. They can be offended. We believe in what benefits Whites, not Jews, and there is no reason for us to take their delicate feelings into account. They sure as hell don’t care about our feelings, nor do they have serious debates among themselves as to whether Whites should have any role in their movements. How silly would it have been for the Zionists to devote time and effort into debating whether they should support European nationalism in the 19th Century? To this day, hyper-nationalist Israel remains one the biggest enemies of European and even American nationalism. This is because Jews are not opponents in a friendly game of chess, but remorseless enemies who seek the destruction of the people they hate, which is us.
We will not stand with Israel because Israel will not stand with us. Since when is an enemy with a powerful ethnostate an ally? The slow-witted conservatives of the counter-jihad movement say we can learn much from Israel. Yes, we can. We can learn that Jews enjoy burning women and children to death with white phosphorus while stating that their enemies aren’t a “real people.” Sound familiar? They say the same thing about Whites, whether we’re in America or Germany. And yes, from Israel’s immigration laws and security apparatus we can learn how to effectively keep racial undesirables out of our nations… especially Jews. Put frankly, anyone who stands with Israel stands against the interests of Whites.

As long as Jews are in a position of power superior to ours, we can’t afford to let them have any say in the alt-right. If we ever get the upper hand, then we will have the freedom to sort out the good Jews from the bad ones, or more accurately, the harmless ones from the destructive ones. Until then we are in no position to say “yes” to these people, not after 2000 years of non-stop treachery and backstabbing from them. Ultimately, all Jews must be seen as diaspora Israelis. They are no longer rootless nomads, but rather imperialists exercising dominion over our nations from their Middle Eastern ethno-state. They are not our allies and never will be, and if the alt-right cannot flatly and unapologetically say “no” to Jews, then we might as well just become mainstream conservatives.

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