Apr 11, 2016

Why Is "The Left" so Consumed with Queer Men Using Women's Bathrooms?

via Angry White Dude

Paypal (the worst company in the world…don’t get me started) recently announced they would not build a planned location in Charlotte because North Carolina banned men from using women’s bathrooms. Maybe North Carolina should kill homosexuals like the Islamic countries where Paypay is proud to do business.

Any number of libtarded celebrities and politicians have announced they will not travel to The Old North State because of the new law. Socialist NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned official travel to North Carolina. Which brings to light the question: why are liberals so consumed with men peeing, pooping, or perving in ladies washrooms?

So what’s the answer to liberal support of men using women’s bathrooms? It’s simple if you’ve been paying attention and/or reading AWD for the past few years:

AWD had a little fun with the issue a while back:


Men with boobs, chicks with d***s, transexuals in every pot, liberals and the Democrat Party will support anything that is freaky deaky. Just don’t ask them to support any patriotic and traditional norm that has existed in America for over 200 years. No, traditional American values are hateful and only exist because of some imagined privilege.

I’m glad my grand-dad isn’t alive to see Bruce Jenner, who once was a national hero be named Woman of the Year.

The Democrat Party has rejected normal people and chosen to represent the small percentage of freakazoids. Want to have sex with animals or children? There’s a Democrat waiting to support you with legislation liberal wacko judges will uphold!
Charles Barkley, one of the worst people on Earth, says the NBA should not hold the All Star game in Charlotte because NC won’t allow men into women’s bathrooms. Personally, I don’t care if they ever hold the NBA All Star game again. But Barkley says it’s because he’s against any form of discrimination. Hmmmm, wonder how he feels about all those white people not getting jobs or accepted to universities to make room for lesser qualified minorities under Affirmative Action? But, but, white privilege!

Any parent should ask themselves, do you want this alone in the public bathroom with your daughter?


Or, worse yet, this?


Bravo to North Carolina for banning freakazoid men from female bathrooms! Paypal, New York and liberal idjits can shove it sideways. I’m sure they probably have already. Let the Democrats continue to support every trans-something except the Pontiac Trans-Am (Global Warming). At least they’re finally out of the closet.

That socialist/communist/idiot Bernie Sanders and Our Corrupt Lady of the Cankles are the two contenders for the Democrat nomination illustrates exactly why the Democrat Party now is a domestic enemy to America.

I hope some 6 foot transsexual dribbles on Hillary’s $2000 heels at the urinal!

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