Jan 14, 2016

English Schools to Teach that Africans Were there First

via White GeNOcide Project

Members of the “Black and Asian Studies Associationhave got a history course introduced to 16 year-old English school children, which teaches that Africans were the earliest inhabitants of England.

The creators of the course said the point of the course is to challenge the “white male-dominated” history of Britain.

And how do they back up this questionable claim that Africans were the first inhabitants? Well, they don’t.

All they could find was that ONE Roman legion, which was briefly stationed along Hadrian’s wall, had 500 men who were Moors from North Africa. There is no evidence that they ever settled there.

Critics are saying it is “pro-immigration propaganda.

Historian Sir Roy Strong, said: “The only Africans who came here were a few with the Romans who came and then left! I find it disturbing that our children should be taught something that is clearly designed to feed into contemporary problems rather than tell our island’s story properly.

Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education said “The country is being sold down the river by the politically correct brigade and national identity sacrificed for minority groups to feel included. It’s pro-immigration propaganda.
This course will be taught in English schools in September, 2016.

The ONLY reason why this is being taught in schools is because various anti-White militants want Britain to open its borders and use mass non-White immigration to get rid of the White majority.

This agenda is White genocide because it’s a deliberate attempt to get rid of us, though the anti-Whites themselves would call it something nicer like “diversity”.

This White genocide agenda is not just restricted to Britain, either. It is being promoted in just about every Western country on the planet.

Despite the British education system being pumped full of anti-White and pro-mass immigration rhetoric, a study from May 2015, shows that school children are actually quite perceptive of real world problems.

The study of 6,000 school children found that 60% agreed that “Asylum seekers and immigrants are stealing our jobs”; 49% agreed that “Migration is out of control or not being managed properly”; and 35% agreed that: “Muslims are taking over our country.

So by all means, hope is not lost.

Rape Culture

via Alternative Right

"Throughout history, rape during war has been commonplace, even encouraged. Homer's Iliad opens with an argument between the Greek warriors Agamemnon and Achilles over possession of women seized during the Trojan War. In Biblical times, warriors also considered women spoils of war; they treated women as livestock, children, and other property in a conquered city. Biblical law told warriors that they ‘may take these as plunder ... [a]nd you may use the plunder the Lord your God gives you from your enemies.’" --Danise Aydelott, Mass Rape During War: Prosecuting Bosnian Rapists Under International Law, pp. 585-631] 
Womenfolk have long been regarded as the spoils of war. Cologne, Rotherham, and countless other contemporary instances of Muslim gang rapes of European women tell us that the liberal project and feminism have failed, that women are not interchangeable with men; that the Open Society has failed.

These liberalizing social, political, and ideological movements have failed because they have left us defenseless. Our women – our wives, our mothers, our sisters, our daughters – are the internal complement to the external masculine protective aspect of society, as in Jack Donovan's The Way of Men. If a society is made "Open," in the sense meant by Karl Popper and his ilk, through perverting ‘Western values’ into their polar opposites, how then can the perimeter be guarded, when it is without limits and is perpetually and willfully breached?

How can European Man not be a cuck when the vitality and ingenuity of his world and his civilization, as well as his women, are turned against him and deemed open to everyone? The wave of serial gang raping that has accompanied the influx of rape-u-gees is testament to this fact: Western Man has no balls.

The open society saying "rape me, don't rape me."
Only a nation of eunuchs or cucks, would allow a swarming horde of Others to have access to their women, and so easily. Under this trajectory, it is only a matter of time before what was once common practice becomes institutionalized again, actual eunuchry:
"The Islamic world demanded eunuch slaves, particularly to supervise women or for sexual enjoyment (sodomy was common) or use in the military. Young boys, taken from their families, brainwashed and with no hope of a family of their own would show allegiance to their Muslim master, their only hope of support." --M.A.Khan, Islamic Jihad: A legacy of forced conversion, imperialism and slavery, p 311-313
This practice continued to the beginning of the 20th century. Eunuchs were obtained from outside the borders of Muslim lands via razzias into parts of Central and Eastern Europe, the steppes of central Asia (Turkestan) and areas in Africa. Boys aged 4-12 were mutilated." --A.G. Bostom, The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic holy war and the fate of the non-Muslims. p. 93
This is the fate of the White man under our present system. It is therefore time for European men to man up, to grow the proverbial pair, or lose the actual pair forever. We must set limits and borders, and lay claim to that which is ours, and vigorously protect it. So, the next time some graduate in women's studies begins complaining to you about 'rape culture,' tell her that she is right, liberalism does facilitate rape culture.

Knock, Knock, Knock

via The End of Zion

Rewind a few years…Knock, knock, knock

Mr. Jew: Hello Mr. Gentile, and what a right chap you are. May I please come in? I’ve travelled so far.

Mr. Gentile: You’re a fine fellow Mr. Jew, really on par. But I have some concerns and I’ll say what they are.

I want tranquility, I’m not looking for a fight; and you seem to cause problems wherever you alight.

Mr. Jew: Oh please. I’ll be not a bother and I’ve no place to go. I’m hungry and meek and upon my beard there is snow.

My reputation is a lie; it’s the persecution you see. I swear on my yarmulke it was them and not me.

Let’s set aside our millennial strife; I’ll love you as a brother, or hell as a wife!

Mr. Gentile: I’m unsure Mr. Jew; I want no trouble you see. I founded this nation for my own posterity.

Mr. Jew: You have my word, our relationship will be a cinch; what harm could ever arise from a mensch?

Mr. Gentile: I suppose you can stay if you swear not to hate. Though I want no subversion and you must assimilate.

Mr. Jew: Yes, yes wonderful, you won’t regret it a year. I’ll just go about my business; you’ll not even notice I’m here.

I shall take up occupations I know you’ll approve. I’ll make movies and write columns; your nerves I will soothe.

Forward to present…

Mr. Jew: Gentile, you’re a bigot, a racist, and oh a Nazi too. You’re dumb and not kosher. Yes, that best describes you.

Mr. Gentile: But I thought we were as brothers; your attitude is vexing and newish.

Mr. Jew: Brothers, Ha! As Mike Wallace said, I’m not white but Jewish.

Mr. Gentile: I grant you leave to my country and this is how you repay?

Mr. Jew: This is not “your” country, you dolt. And you don’t have a say.

This country is for Asians and Africans and Mexicans and Jews. Wipe that look off your face, you act as if this is news.

Mr. Gentile: But this was founded as our nation for our people; your myth I must dispel.

Mr. Jew: I have a nation, it’s called Is-rye-ell. You will have nothing, save a spot in Hell.

Mr. Gentile: You have played me as the fool. Allowing you in was not right.

Mr. Jew: I gasp at your words! What are you, an anti-semite?!

Mother Merkel’s Miracle: Turns Cologne into Cairo

via The Occidental Observer

When was it first apparent that Angela Merkel’s open-border policies might lead to problems for Germany? About 2000 years ago:
  • Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.
  • “They change their sky, not their souls, who cross the sea.”
That’s the Roman poet Horace, who died in 8 BC. Germany was once famous for classical scholarship. Today it’s famous for cultural Marxism. The central message from our hostile elites is that Whites must open their nations to the world and celebrate their own dispossession. Angela Merkel obeyed that message with exceptional enthusiasm when she allowed more than a million “refugees” to enter Germany in 2015. That’s why the New Year celebration in Cologne was such a vibrant occasion. Crowds of New Germans expressed their gratitude to Mutti Merkel by staging a re-enactment of what happened in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the Arab Spring. In other words, they committed hundreds of sexual assaults on young women.


When ugly reality intrudes on liberal fantasy, the first response of liberals is always to pretend reality isn’t there. For example, for decades they’ve ignored the Muslim rape-gangs operating in Rotherham, Oxford and many other places.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t censor what happened in Cologne and elsewhere, so they moved to Plan B. The B stands for “Bafflement.” The New York Times quoted Ulrich Karpen, a professor of constitutional and administrative law at the University of Hamburg: “It is all still incomprehensible.” Who can understand why Third-World people create Third-World problems? At the BBC, they’ve engaged in a “Search for answers”: “As reports of assaults continue to come in from Cologne and some other German cities, victims and onlookers have been asking how this could happen.”

Yes, how could it happen? Germany welcomes huge numbers of young men from notoriously misogynist cultures and the young men then treat German women badly. Who could have foreseen it? Not the BBC economics reporter Robert Peston, who predicted a quite different future for Germany in September last year:
It is arguably particularly useful to Germany to have an influx of young grateful families from Syria or elsewhere, who may well be keen to toil and strive to rebuild their lives and prove to their hosts that they are not a burden — in the way that successive immigrant waves have done all over the world (including Jews like my family in London’s East End). … Here is the thing. Wherever you stand in the debate on whether immigration is a good or bad thing — and most economists would argue that immigration promotes growth — right now immigration looks much more economically useful to Germany than to the UK. (“Why Germany needs migrants more than UK,” BBC News, 7th September 2015)
Even at the time Peston was being dishonest: “young grateful families” were far outnumbered among the refugees by arrogant and aggressive young men. “According to official counts, a disproportionate number of these migrants are young, unmarried, unaccompanied males. In fact, the sex ratios among migrants are so one-sided — we’re talking worse than those in China, in some cases — that they could radically change the gender balance in European countries in certain age cohorts.”

Little Orphan Ahmed
A typical refugee: Little Orphan Ahmed

And if youth is the key to prosperity, why is the Third World not booming? Youth isn’t the key to prosperity, of course. What matters, inter alia, is intelligence, self-control and the ability to cooperate with strangers. All of those are under strong genetic influence and all are in short supply in the Third World. To be generous, Robert Peston was deluded when he claimed that Germany would benefit from the nimble fingers and quick brains of “immigrants.” As Mark Steyn pointed out, their dexterity has been employed to quite other ends:
Cologne Mayor and “refugee activist” Henriette Reker told the hundred-plus sexually assaulted women of her city that the easiest way to solve the problem is to keep men at “arm’s length”. This may work for Mayor Reker traveling around her fiefdom with a car and security detail, but, alas, out on the streets, men often have longer arms than women, and, when there are more than one of them, you can easily wind up out-armed: “Ich hatte Finger an allen Körperöffnungen,” as one young lady put it. “I had fingers on every orifice.” (Checkpoint Charlie Hebdo, SteynOnline, 8th January 2016)

The Mother who Matters

Denying reality always has costs. At the moment, it’s the little folk who are paying those costs. The liberal lie of human equality has resulted in the West being flooded with non-Whites of low average intelligence and high average criminality. Another story currently in the British news is that of the brutal triple murder of a mother and her two young sons. The suspect is called Arthur Simpson-Kent. Like Ryan Coleman-Farrow, he sounds as though he’s a stale pale male. In fact, he’s a Black enricher who’s currently being extradited from Ghana.

German feminists

Feminists will not of course admit that Blacks and other non-Whites are much more likely to be violent towards women than White men are. That’s reality and feminists are not interested in reality. Alas, the vibrancy in Cologne is yet more proof that reality is very interested in them. Pretending that all human groups are the same under the skin is as lunatic as pretending that all breeds of dog are the same under the fur.

In reality, pit bulls are not collies and Syrians are not Germans. As Horace warned 2000 years ago: Expellas Naturam furca, tamen usque recurret. “You may drive Nature out with a pitchfork, but she will always return.” It’s Mother Nature who will now govern what happens in Germany, not Mother Merkel.

Mother of 3rd Black Suspect Arrested in Slaying of White Cyclist, Robert Ponsi, Is a "Neighborhood Activist"

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Robert Ponsi (L) and two of his killers
Imagine your final moments on earth going as follows: as a white male, you are riding your bike on a Saturday night in one of America's most violent cities (65 percent black Baltimore), only days before your 30th birthday, a group of black teenagers surround you.

You hop off your bicycle and pick it up, using it as a weapon to try and deter this group of black teenagers (no doubt enriched by the positives vibes flowing from the Freddie Gray Youth Empowerment Center) from attacking you. 

The three blacks arrested so far in the execution of Robert Ponsi in 65 percent black Baltimore

Unfortunately, the group of black males is just too many (only three have been arrested so far, though MORE will be arrested for their part in the lynching of Robert Ponsi), and you're knocked to the ground, stabbed multiple times, and left for dead. 
Your bike is stolen too.
Laying on the cold, hard cement, blood pouring from open wounds, gazing up at stars entirely indifferent to his situation, did Robert Ponsi muster the courage to admit the mistake he made in trying to live in a city where the director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra cheered on the black insurrection against what was left of the civilization white people built

One can never know Robert's final thoughts, but we do know exactly what one of those black teenagers accused of his murder did after participating in his execution: he went home so his "neighborhood activist" mother could order him a pizza. [Neighborhood activist torn over son's alleged role in murder, Baltimore Sun, 1-12-16]:

When she heard the news of another violent crime in her Waverly community, neighborhood activist Thomascine Greene said she would attend the victim's candlelight vigil and pray for his family. 
Later that night, detectives came to her home and arrested her 15-year-old son for his alleged involvement in the murder. 
Prince Greene is the third teenager charged as an adult with attacking Robert Ponsi as he bicycled home through Waverly Saturday night from his job as a server at a Harbor East restaurant. 
"It's not hard for me to wrap my head around it, because he's a kid in the community," she said in an interview. "It's hard to wrap my heart around it." 
Ponsi would have turned 30 on Tuesday. 
Police wrote in charging documents that a group of teens surrounded Ponsi, who got off his bike, picked it up and began waving it in an attempt to fend them off. He was knocked to the ground, kicked and punched as the attackers yelled "Get his wallet!," witnesses told police. At some point, he was stabbed. 
Days shy of turning 30, Robert Ponsi would use his bicycle as a weapon to try and deter black males attacking him as a last-ditch to stay alive...
The first- and second-degree murder charges against Prince Greene followed the arrests Sunday of Antwan Eldridge, 17, and Daquan Middleton, 16. Both were charged as adults with murder, armed robbery and assault and were being held without bond. 
Greene, 66, said she was stunned by her son's arrest. She said her son returned home Saturday before the 9:30 p.m. curfew she had set, and she ordered him a pizza. 
Police said Ponsi was attacked around 9:10 p.m. 
Greene said she had no inkling at the time about the attack police now are connecting her son to. 
She said she is keeping an open mind that he may be wrongly charged, "but I don't know to what degree." 
"You know how you know your child, but you don't know your child? My eyes don't go around corners," she said. 
Prince Greene is well known in area debate team circles as a standout member of the City College High School debate team. At age 12, he wrote a winning proposal for a small grant to fund a program for youth in his area. 
"He showed a tremendous amount of leadership. He even had a business card," said Julie Reeder, executive director of Youth as Resources, which provided the grant. She said he talked to him about joining her youth board of directors. 
As a sixth-grader at Loyola Blakefield, Greene acted on a local television show called "School Court." He played a lawyer and told The Sun at the time: "I want to be district attorney one day, so this is good practice." 
Thomascine Greene, who has long been active in her community, said that she has long been demanding more resources for youth — as recently as last week's Waverly Improvement Association meeting. 
"Every community meeting that we have, I'm talking about the youth," she said. 
"With God as my witness, I said, 'You're going to wait until somebody gets killed, and have a community center in his name. Let's not wait.' We have to do something for these kids." 
But Greene stressed she was not making excuses for a killing. 
"I'm not saying because they don't have anything in the community, that's what you're supposed to do," she said. 
Charging documents provide new insight into how police were led to Eldridge and Middleton. 
As detectives investigated what happened to Ponsi Saturday night, patrol officers responded to a call for a stabbing five blocks away. There, police said they "encountered" Middleton, who had been stabbed in his right calf during the attack on Ponsi, according to the documents. 
They said Eldridge directed officers to the 800 block of Venable Avenue, where police found Ponsi's stolen bicycle. 
She said it took the tragedy of Freddie Gray's death for officials to pay attention to Sandtown-Winchester. "What does it take for the community to get funds for these young black males in Waverly?" she said. 
But she reiterated that there was no excuse for hurting other people. "I really pray for the family," she said. 
She was also dismayed by a torrent of racially-charged comments on social media after Baltimore police posted information about her son's arrest. 
"We're in this thing together," she said. "We are one family, and we need to pull together."
The United States of America is irredeemable: The Baltimore Sun has published a story where one of the three (more black suspects will emerge) black suspects in the murder of a white male is basically painted as a victim, with his mother allowed to spout off nonsense of an impoverished community lacking resources as the reason black youth bludgeoned a white male to death.

If one article ever served as proof as to why Planned Parenthood should have offices on every corner of the Waverly and Sandtown-Winchester neighborhoods in Baltimore, this is it.

No, that's not going far enough.

Robert Ponsi, a white male, spent his final moments on earth using his bicycle as a defensive weapon to try and repel an attack by an undetermined number of black attackers. Three have been arrested, with one displaying sociopathic tendencies as he calmly went home less than an hour after Ponsi's execution to beat his curfew and enjoy a pizza.

Let that sink in for a second.

He used his recreational vehicle as a last-ditch effort to try and sustain his life on this planet.

His bicycle, which only moments before he was peacefully riding, became Ponsi's final hope for staying alive as multiple black people inched closer and closer to him. Literally, this scene could have come from an over-the-top racial paranoia fantasy about white colonization of Africa and black tribesman attacking the lone white soldier with spears, but it actually happened in 2016 Baltimore, Maryland.

Three black males, 17, 16 and 15-year old respectively, have been arrested for their part in the lynching/murder/execution of a white male in the 65 percent black city of Baltimore.

It's obvious the Freddie Gray Youth Empowerment Center is doing its job...

Homeless Jack Says God Speaks to Arman

via Western Spring

“I am the only God.  There is no other. You and your White kind have been selected for a special purpose that no other kind has.  You are different than all other kinds. You are to become even more different.  You are a branching off and you must not blend back in. You must remain separate from all other kinds and you are to multiply your kind until you completely  fill all places with your kind.  You are to become a new kind that can no longer have children with other kinds.  You are to use your senses first and your reason also to know who is your kind and who is not your kind. Your sight is your most important sense. Those who do not look like your kind are not your kind.  But there are some who may look like your kind who are not your kind. Use your reason and your intelligence and the means available to discern like from not like. Send not like away but love like.  Be good and decent people to like and not like and treat all others as you want to be treated, but do not interfere in the destinies of those who are not your kind, be indifferent to them and demand the same from them and remain separate all the days of your lives.”

That’s one of the messages that Arman has constantly received from God, said Homeless Jack.  Arman says it’s repeated over and over, sometimes in words as above and sometimes in other words and sometimes in pictures or concepts.

See, man,  I think it’s pretty clear what it means and how our kind are supposed to live.  There are many other messages but I’ll just leave the one above to sit there by itself for now instead of making this over long.

Anyway, what I really want to tell you now is what Arman says he thinks about  the nature of God.  But first, just as a reminder, remember I told you how Arman had that experience of some clouds and  rain and a light shining through the clouds and some kind of chorus that seemed to be one with the light.  Remember also, that  Arman is a rational and intelligent person. He’s not mentally ill and never has been, so he has given much thought about that experience and says he believes that we now have some terms and concepts from modern science including especially physics, biology and computer science that can help us explain and get closer to God and do his will as intelligent conscious people with no false mythical ideas.  This does not lessen God, and is what He wants.  It shows we are maturing in our views about God. We do not have to swing chickens over our heads to please God or imagine false things about Him.  He is as real as we are but is very different.   He can do much that we can’t, but we can do things he can’t do, simply because we have hands and we live on this level of existence.

Arman says he doesn’t know if his experience was mystical or if there was an unseen and soundless  UFO above the clouds on that day,  but if there was,  he says he still believes that God influenced whoever was in the UFO.  He also says that he believes that during that experience–the clouds, the rain, the clouds, the light and the chorus–that something–something like a program or software with algorithms, maybe, was either downloaded into his subconscious or something was changed in his subconscious or in his DNA code or in both, so that he was better able to receive messages and was set on this religious trajectory.  He believes that he is constantly guided in this.

Arman says he thinks God is in the Quantum level of existence and permeates all of existence as some kind of field of intelligence and consciousness or is in vibrations, frequencies, forces, subatomic particles, waves and has no body and does not look like a human.  He also thinks God is not supernatural as the term is often used, but is completely natural and might even be called “nature,” in the broadest sense. Arman says modern science is starting to let us know that there can be intelligence, consciousness, will and personality without the fleshly brain that we have and this may be what God is.  Our own human minds come from our physical brain which, if we go ever smaller, turns out to be underpinned by the subatomic level of existence just as everything else is.  And, Arman says he thinks it is in that realm of the underpinning or scaffolding of existence where God is found.

Parting of Clouds 1And, Arman thinks that when he gets the frequent messages that we Whites have been “selected” for a special purpose, that the term “selected” may mean that we have been Divinely selected or are the product of natural selection or maybe both and maybe they are one and the same anyway.

Arman says that he doesn’t think God is all powerful as more primitive religions believe but that He must obey the natural laws of  Quantum physics, including many that haven’t yet been discovered.  Arman says, for example, that God has no hands so He can’t build an automobile or an airplane, but he is quick to add that God doesn’t need an automobile or an airplane because He is already at the departure point and the destination at the same time and He is at every place in between.

However, Arman says that it is clear in the messages that part of God’s purpose is to evolve an organism that can be closer to Him and that God often works in subtle ways to influence things to this end.  There is nothing predetermined, there are only probabilities and trajectories and only God can see these and in seeing the probabilities and trajectories, God can cause certain things to happen or not happen.  However, Arman says that part of God’s plan is to have an organism that doesn’t try for a free ride and does what is necessary to evolve itself, and being able to do so is a sign that the organism is on the right track.

Arman says God may be behind some of the strange coincidences that we can’t explain. Perhaps on your way to the airport you have a minor traffic accident and are late and miss your plane and the plane later crashes,  or maybe you’ll feel compelled to go to a certain store at a certain time and you’ll meet someone who you will eventually have children with.  Or, maybe you plan to do something on a certain day, say have a picnic, but out of nowhere there is a rain storm so you put it off.  What might have happened at the picnic?  We may never know, but it didn’t happen. Arman says he has experienced many such things in his life and believes he is being directed by God and protected as much as possible in order to spread the messages from God to our kind.

Arman says he thinks God may mainly work in the air all around us and uses clouds, wind, rain, puffs of air and weather generally as well as birds and other things in the air to influence events, but Arman is quick to add that he’s just guessing about this. Arman says, he also thinks that God can enter our subconscious minds as he believes has happened with himself and that he is not the only one and that all White people should be considered to have the potential to tune into the “frequencies” of God until and unless they prove that they are tone deaf as a result of having a faulty DNA code or because they have given into evil impulses that can lead to our destruction.

Arman says that non-Jewish White people who have the right parts in our White DNA code can tune into God and that our White DNA code is absolutely essential for this and is one with and inseparable from our Whiteness including our White skin. If we become non-White via miscegenation, we lose this power.  We must remain White and become more White to do the will of God.  We must avoid blending in with non-Whites and White miscegenation is a major sin against God.  So, Arman says that our highest destiny is to become a new species and that we will look much as the best among us now look and that when we fully cross the threshold into specieshood we will no longer have to worry about being impure via miscegenation as we will no longer be able to bear children with non-Whites.  And, when that threshold is crossed we will begin to replace earlier forms of humans until we become the new humans.  But, evolution won’t stop and we will continue to evolve and we will continue to struggle to replace even the new ones that we are with even newer ones and this will go on virtually forever.  The struggle never ends.  Learn to love the struggle.

Arman says he believes God really does have a special purpose for Whites and that we are on the threshold of diverging more from the rest of mankind and becoming a new species or a new genera of humans and that we are destined to replace present humans as present humans replaces Neanderthals, however this is not predetermined or guaranteed, and if we do not struggle and live righteously that we will fail and some other type will take our place.

Do you believe?  How you live is more important than your specific beliefs so long as you believe in the most important principle of Whiteness before all else.  Live White. Breed White. Teach your children White.  This is how we shall survive, thrive and evolve.   Race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose–this is the way of nature and nature’s God, and there is a constant branching off of all kinds.  Do not seek to end the branching off of your kind for that way lies your destruction and extinction. Your highest destiny is to be more White, not less so.

White Genocide

via Darkmoon

Darkmoon Editor's Note: Last week we published Greg Johnson’s White Extinction, an article which proved very popular. Today we publish Greg’s White Genocide, which can be regarded as the sequel.  White genocide, in contrast to White extinction, involves premeditated murder by  a specific enemy. So the questions that naturally arise are: Who exactly are trying to destroy the White race? How and why are they doing it? And what can be done to stop it? [LD] 

White Nationalists are united in the belief that our race is threatened with simple biological extinction. This is often dismissed as alarmism, but, as I have shown, one can make a very simple and compelling argument that whites will go extinct if present trends continue. The purpose of White Nationalism is to interrupt those trends.

Some White Nationalists go one step further, arguing that our race is being intentionallydriven to extinction, i.e., that whites are the targets of genocide. This claim too is dismissed as not just alarmist but crazy. Nevertheless, I shall argue that white genocide is actually happening. There are people in positions of power who are promoting policies that they know will lead to the extinction of the white race. Unless, of course, we stop them.

To establish the white genocide thesis, we must do three things. First, we need to define genocide in a way that is consistent with a slow process leading ultimately to extinction. Second, we need to show that white extinction is not a mysterious force of nature but the result of human choices and actions. Third, we need to show that white extinction is not just an unforeseen, unintended consequence of these policies, but rather their deliberate, intentional effect.

It seems counter-intuitive to claim that whites are the victims of genocide. Whites are not being slaughtered by the millions, which is the image that most people have of genocide. To all appearances, our race is powerful, prosperous, and populous. But defenders of the White Genocide thesis point to the 1948 United Nations Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, which in Article II defines genocide as . . . any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; . . .

This definition of genocide is much broader than outright mass murder. In particular, points (c) and (d) are consistent with characterizing policies that destroy a group slowly, over long periods of time, as genocidal as well. So genocide comes in two forms, which we can call fast, hot genocide and slow, cold genocide. White extinction falls into the latter category.

White extinction means that in every white nation, reproduction rates have fallen below replacement, which means that more whites will die than are being born, until whites cease to exist as a distinct race.

There are five principal causes of white extinction. I am sure that other factors could be added to this list, but if just these five problems were addressed, I would no longer fear for the future of our race.
  • An ethic of hedonism, individualism, and selfishness that denigrates reproduction and family life;
  • Feminism, which encourages women to pursue careers instead of making family life their primary occupation;
  • The widespread use of birth control and abortion to decouple sex from pregnancy and pregnancy from child-rearing;
  • The rising costs of family formation, chiefly caused by racial integration—which is the driving force behind suburbanization and ex-urbanization in order to find safe spaces for whites to raise families—and by non-white immigration and offshoring industry, which lower wages for whites;
  • Miscegenation, in which individuals reproduce their own genes but not their race by mixing with another race.
These factors are not blind forces of nature, like an asteroid colliding with earth. They were all created by human beings. Some of them, like feminism, birth control pills, legalized abortion, and overturning racial segregation, immigration restrictions, and bans on miscegenation are quite recent. They were hatched in the minds of intellectuals, artists, scientists, politicians, educators, and advertisers. They were made real by changing people’s beliefs and values, and by altering the laws and institutions that govern us.

But all of these things could be changed. People could be taught to value family life over selfishness, hedonism, and careerism; feminism could be discouraged; access to birth control and abortion could be restricted; laws could be changed to make family formation affordable; racial separation, immigration restriction, and economic nationalism could become policy again; miscegenation could be outlawed. Indeed, White Nationalists support just such policies to halt white extinction.

But to establish the white genocide thesis, we must show that white extinction is theintended result of the policies we oppose. The first three causes of white extinction are simply products of the pursuit of individual freedom. The last two are products of individual freedom and racial egalitarianism. So isn’t it possible that white extinction is just the unintended consequence of individualism and racial egalitarianism?

Of course it is possible, and in many cases, it is true. The majority of people who advocate individualism and racial egalitarianism are simply unaware that these values are promoting the ongoing extinction of the white race. Our job is to inform them.

But when such people are informed, their reactions fall into several categories. Some will simply refuse to accept that white extinction is taking place. Of those who accept that white extinction is actually happening, some will wish to stop it, and others will not. Of the latter, some will simply not care, and others will actually cheer the process on.

There is, however, a difference between people who might sign on to policies promoting white genocide after the fact and those who might conceive and execute such policies before the fact and with full awareness of their consequences. What evidence is there that such people exist?

First, the burden of proof needs to be shifted. For is it really plausible that the leaders of dozens of white nations have adopted similar policies antithetical to the long-term survival of their own peoples, yet none of them knew what they are doing?

Yes, it is fashionable to deride politicians for thinking only in terms of the next election. But that is not really true. Politicians are, for instance, rather far-sighted when it comes to their personal career ambitions and plans. Beyond that, our ruling elites do not consist simply of democratic politicians. Moreover, the ruling elites in every form of society are noted for thinking and planning ahead. Both government intelligence agencies and private think tanks are in the business of generating long-term predictions based on current trends, and planning accordingly. Thus it is just not plausible that our leaders are unaware of white extinction. They either don’t care about it, or they want it to happen.

Second, it is no longer controversial that Jews are massively overrepresented among Western elites in politicsthe mediabusinessacademia, and the professions. Jews are, moreover, among the principal promoters of trends conducive to white genocide, for example: non-white immigration, racial integration, miscegenation, feminism, and sexual liberation. Of course any attempt to blame Jews for white genocide can be hijacked into hairsplitting about historical causation. From a practical point of view, however, it is more important—and less controversial—to note that the organized Jewish community is the linchpin of opposition to nationalist, especially racial nationalist, attempts to rectify these problems going forward. How we got here is ultimately less important than how we can save ourselves. And Jews are blocking the exit.

Now, is it really plausible that the leaders of the Jewish community “know not what they do”? Jews, after all, are the people most aware of the conditions that promote or prevent genocide. Thus Jews support the existence of a Jewish state, Israel, as a refuge from genocide. Yet they oppose any attempt to preserve white homelands for white peoples. Israel is for Jews, but Poland, Sweden, Germany, France, and so forth are for everyone. Jews see intermarriage as a threat to Jewish survival, but they promote miscegenation for other groups and oppose anyone who would ban it. Jews recognize that a strong sense of Jewish identity, including pride in their history and achievements, is necessary for Jewish survival, but they promote multiculturalism and white guilt for the rest of us.

Now, not all Jews promote destructive ideas merely for the goyim while exempting themselves. Jews may promote intermarriage for others, but they practice it as well and at higher rates than other groups. Jews promote feminism to others, but the primary victims of Jewish feminism are the Jewish men who marry these harridans, while other Jewish men marry out to avoid them. Jews promote an ethos of selfishness, individualism, and materialism to others. But they practice it as well, which is one reason why secular Jews have very low reproduction rates.

In short, many Jews don’t just preach nihilism, they practice it as well. Unfortunately, because Jews are so influential, they have the power to drag us along in their wake. They are the vanguard of nihilism. They are not hypocrites, preaching nihilism for thee but not for me. But that makes them even more evil, because hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue, and they don’t care enough to even offer lip service.

But while some Jews are leading us into extinction, others are goading us from behind but have no intention of sharing in our fate. These are the Jews who praise multiculturalism, open borders, and miscegenation for us, but prefer to opt out because they know that such policies would lead to their extinction.

They aren’t just being “inconsistent” about principles. They are being perfectly consistent with their real principle of collective self-interest. They are not upholding “double standards,” because their single standard is collective self-interest. These Jews have a live and let die philosophy. They seek to profit from our destruction as a people, and they not only promote our decline but actively suppress our resistance to it.

Aside from Jews that are actively pushing and pulling us toward our destruction, there are surely some who are doing neither. Some simply lack the power to do us harm, even if they might want to. Others are entirely ignorant of what their leaders are doing. But one category is conspicuous by its near absence: righteous Jews, i.e., Jews who know white genocide is taking place, who understand their people’s role in it, and who have warned whites and worked to stop it. That relative silence is actually more damning than the never-ending din of anti-white hatred emanating from the Jewish community.

In short, we know that white genocide is happening, because Jews in high places, with the power to promote or prevent white genocide, cannot be unaware of what is happening, yet they do nothing to stop it and everything to stop us from stopping it.

The third and most compelling piece of evidence for white genocide is that people actually say that they support it. The only people who say outright that whites should be exterminated are marginal cranks, like Dr. Kamau Kambon, a sometime Black Studies professor and the owner of Blacknificent Books, who declared, “We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet.”

The subtler advocates of white genocide, like Noel Ignatiev, a Jewish Harvard Ph.D. and the editor of the journal Race Traitor (subtitled Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity), speak of “deconstructing” the “concept” of whiteness, which sounds like a harmless language game until you grasp that they think race just is a social construct.


But the most common advocates of white genocide simply promote race-mixing (see picture) as a solution to racism. They tacitly agree with White Nationalists that racial diversity within the same system leads to strife, so to eliminate strife, they promote miscegenation to create a homogeneous mongrel race. The most influential advocate of what I call “miscegenationalism” was European unity pioneer Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, who was himself of mixed race (his father was white, his mother Japanese). In his bookPractical Idealism, he declared:

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

Interestingly enough, Coudenhove-Kalergi did not envision the disappearance of the Jewish people but instead expected them to be the ruling elite of a miscegenated world. (He himself was not Jewish.)

Why is it important to establish that white extinction is actually white genocide? It is easy to understand why people might shy away from such a truth, for it implies that whites are not just the victims of a ghastly mistake, or an impersonal sociopolitical “system,” or an inhuman cosmic or historical destiny, but of knowing malice—of principled enmity—of diabolical evil. It is hard to accept that such evil exists, much less that it wills our annihilation.

But if we are to save ourselves, we have to understand the forces that are arrayed against us. We need to know that our attempts to raise people’s consciousness and win their allegiance will eventually come up against not just ignorance and indifference but diamond hard malice. Eventually we will make all the friends that we can make, persuade all the people we can persuade, and only enemies will remain—enemies that cannot be converted but must simply be defeated.

Drop Your Ego & Do What Is Necessary

via Counter-Currents

I intended to write about the recent shooting in Philadelphia, but my train of thought took me to an unexpected destination. The specifics of this shooting were especially important to me because the shooter, who was a Black Muslim, openly admitted to shooting a white man, a police officer who was just sitting in his car at the time of the incident. The Black Muslim not only admitted to the shooting, he boldly and proudly claimed the shooting was in support of Islam and ISIS.

As soon as the Mayor of Philadelphia became aware of the attempted murder of one of our civil servants, he immediately spoke to the media and said: “It is terrible, and it does not represent the religion [Islam] in any way, shape, or form.” Most might agree with the new Mayor of Philadelphia, but I do not.

Recent events in Europe have taught me one thing: Islam is completely incompatible with Western values, culture, and tradition. This is not about terrorism, although it must not be downplayed in order to maintain a non-discriminatory attitude towards Muslims.

Since its inception the West has experienced, and will continue to experience, internal conflict. Before the introduction of mass immigration, these internal conflicts have been the result of ethnic tension and religious, political, ideological, and even philosophical differences. But they are our conflicts. They are our responsibility to resolve, and our responsibility alone.

Europe is like one big family, and every big family has turmoil that can only be resolved internally. I am sure everyone can identify with family dysfunction on some level. I am sure that everyone has experienced an outsider who has offered an unwelcome opinion on family matters. Regardless of how correct the outsider’s assessment may be, the most common reaction is to defend your family, no matter how dysfunctional. This is a natural reaction. There is a primordial urge to defend your family from outsiders, even if it is just from petty slander.

This primordial urge to defend what is ours is woven into our DNA. It is as natural and automatic as a heartbeat. Doing what is necessary to maintain our heartbeat is instinctual. It is beyond good and evil. This is not uniquely Western. The survival instinct is not even uniquely human. It is a necessity for life in general. But what is uniquely human is our ability to attach morality to necessity, sometimes confusing the two with our unique capacity to love and empathize.

Out of this capacity to love and empathize, liberalism was born, and well-intentioned as it may be, it is an ideology as flawed as the humans who gave birth to it. Liberalism is pure ego personified. Modern liberalism can conflate what is necessary with what is immoral. For example, taking your family’s side when an outsider is criticizing what is uniquely yours is a sign of honor and loyalty. But liberalism criticizes such motives. Liberalism has invented a morality that begins and ends with the individual and his choices, which leaves out our blood ties and instinctual love of our own.

Individual freedom is valuable. But the survival of a people is more important. And when they conflict, collective survival should come first. That said, the current immigration trends in Europe and America threaten the survival of our people. Therefore, it is both necessary and good to end immigration. It is simply a matter of Western survival. (Western civilization is the only civilization endangered by immigration.)

Liberalism itself will not survive mass Third World immigration. Liberalism is the political expression of Enlightenment Philosophy. Liberalism is an expression of Western people, and can only be maintained by Western people. When the West dies, liberalism will die with it.


Personally, I do not want to maintain liberalism, with its fetishization of individualism and equality. But I view this as a family quarrel. My ego is in check. I would not side with ISIS out of anti-liberalism. I would gladly go to war in defense of my dysfunctional family members. I would defend them until my last breath before taking the side of any non-Western outsider, especially if the future of our folk — our family as a whole — depended on it.

Europe is in our hearts, it is in our souls. We are Europe, and our political differences are a direct manifestation of European diversity. This is a call to re-awaken our survival instinct. This is an attempt to appeal to my leftist European brothers and sisters, as dysfunctional as I may find you. Are you willing to risk all of your political progress? Are you willing to risk religious tolerance? Are you willing to risk equal, women’s, and gay rights? Are you willing to risk all that you have done for your ideology, by taking the side of an outsider who holds you and your family — no matter how dysfunctional you may find us — in contempt?

We might not get along, but are we willing to destroy your entire bloodline for the sake of your own ego?

Islam is not just another politically correct victim group to signal about and coddle. It is an existential threat to whatever remains of Western civilization. Only we can make our future, but to do so, we have to make survival paramount, and we have to do it together.

Anti-White Jew-Tool and Genocidist Extraordinaire

via Koinen's Corner

Richard Nikolaus von
This man -- Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi was, by any rational definition that comes to mind, one of the most evil and despicable anti-White-European race haters I have ever heard of.

Coudenhove-Kalergi is widely recognized as one of the founders of the European Union.  And he is, with ample justification, credited with laying the foundation for last year's invasion of Europe by more than a million non-White, Middle Eastern and African so-called 'migrants.'

The problem is, very few of our people know anything about him, his writings, or the destructive ideas he espoused.  As far as I have been able to determine, our children are taught little if anything about him in school; one would be hard-pressed to find a truthful, factual description of the man's thinking and goals in any public-school textbook.

If you can find the time, please do read one or more (preferably, all) of the articles linked below:

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan -- The genocide of the Peoples of Europe

Europe's "refugee" crisis and the Kalergi plan for white genocide

The Illuminati Jewish Plan for European Genocide

Kalergi Plan for the extinction of the white race with a world wide Jewish Zionist government

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan/Frankfurt School schemes for a Final Solution to the "Christian European Problem"

That Robocall

via Radix

When I first heard there was a pro-Trump “robocall” that was paid for by William Johnson (of the American Freedom Party) and that featured Jared Taylor, my question was Why? More specifically: What was Johnson trying to accomplish? (I assume Jared Taylor took the opportunity that was given to him by Johnson to speak his mind.) 

Before delving in, it's worth pointing out the oddness of the robocall’s content. It begins with the voice of one Ronald Tan, a Filipino minister who speaks with an accent that most would perceive as Mexican. (The Reverend urges the congregation to vote for Trump by citing a Biblical non sequitur.)

Iowa is over 90 percent White—making the Republican caucuses effectively 100 percent White. Was featuring Tan in the call an attempt at being PC, or perhaps an attempt at race-less “God and Country” patriotism?

Jared Taylor then enters and says eminently reasonable things about how immigration should be good for Americans—as opposed to being good for immigrants—and that we don’t need Muslims.

So let’s return to the question, what was Bill Johnson trying to accomplish? Here are the possibilities, as I see them.

Option 1: Help Trump Get Elected in Iowa

This is the most obvious answer . . . but also the least likely.

The very first question one should ask before writing an article, delivering a speech, or creating propaganda is, Who is the audience?
Rev. Tan's nonsense aside, could we expect Jared's message to resonate with Iowa Republican voters (that is, older White people)? Would it persuade them to vote for Trump?

I think not. The message might have worked with their parents and grandparents, but it’s clearly not a good one for Baby Boomers, who’ve deeply imbibed hegemonic liberal discourse.

For the robocall to make sense as propaganda, one would have to assume that Iowa Republicans are racially conscious (maybe even dyed-in-the-wool White nationalists) and that they are strangely ignorant of the mainstream media's constant criticism of Donald Trump as a crypto-racist.

Who are Iowa Baby Boomers and what do they believe? The fact that Ben Carson led in the state for some time says a lot about them . . .

It’s true that the vast majority of White Baby Boomers (in Iowa and elsewhere) are unconsciously “racist” (that is, they want to be around other White people, send their children to all-White schools, etc.). This doesn’t mean, however, that they are consciously “racist” in private. The vast majority are consciously “colorblind.” Among themselves, they talk about how they just want to “judge people as individuals” and how they were once friends with this “articulate, intelligent” Black man, etc. We’ve heard it all before.

Trump’s campaign has been successful because he’s been able to tap into Whites’ unconscious or implicit racial feelings. But the moment these become conscious or explicit—the moment Trump says, “I’m the White man’s candidate!” or “I’m a White Nationalist!”—is the moment his campaign collapses. Baby Boomer Whites—most all Whites—are not ready or willing to vote for identitarianism. They are, in fact, afraid of our ideas.

I do not say this as a nay-sayer or pessimist. I say it as a realist. Politics is the “art of the possible.” At the moment, political identitarianism is not even close to being possible in the United States. Implicit identitarianism, on the other hand, is quite possible—and Trump has proven how potent it can be strategically.

Put bluntly, Johnson and Taylor are not helping Trump by endorsing him; and they aren’t helping him by producing an ad that many will perceive as being issued or approved by Trump’s campaign. Arguably, Trump would benefit more from being denounced by nationalists and identitarians than endorsed by them.

Option 2: Publicize White Nationalism By Creating a Media Stir

If this was the goal, then—mission accomplished.

In this scenario, Johnson is using the political system to bring attention, and potentially money, to a cause. It’s a “cart before the horse” strategy, but perhaps it’s just crazy enough to work.

The drawback, of course, is that something like this is likely to be viewed negatively—indeed, as a destructive and unsound political move—by people who support Trump's campaign, that is, by Republicans who are the most sympathetic to an identitarian message.

Thus far, Trump has largely avoided denouncing Shitlords who support him on Twitter and the like, to his great credit. But this robocall could force him to distance himself from the American Freedom Party and American Renaissance, which wouldn’t be good.

Option 3: Leeching, Coattail-Riding, Me-too-ing, etc.

This third option is probably closest to the truth.

Johnson is trying to gain popularity by associating himself with Donald Trump. In turn, he’s taking the opportunity to present himself as a mover-and-shaker among Republicans, or at least among White Nationalists.

Perhaps there’s something to be said—or maybe a lot to be said—for acting bigger than one is. But my sense is that seeking out negative publicity never ends well.

Moreover, would we not seem even bigger and more powerful if we demonstrated a better grasp of political strategy and communications?

Is There a Future for Independent Small States?

via Traditional Britain Group

Summary: Traditional Britain Group Vice-President Gregory Lauder-Frost discusses the dilemmas of small nation-states in a multi-polar world.

Whereas empires could have vast resources available to all within their boundaries, small states can never be really independent unless they contain a majority of what they need for essential survival and minimum dependence on others. It goes without saying that they cannot raise the standard of living of their peoples, especially large populations, without foreign imports, and cannot pay for those unless they have access to the markets of the greater states. Small states cannot improve their agriculture or develop industry without foreign aid, usually in the form of financial aid or by throwing open what factories they have to foreign ownership, meaning, effectively a loss of national prestige and effectively a loss of a national product and the profits it brought into the state. It should be noted that multi-national globalist companies and corporations have no national sympathies whatsoever; their only loyalty is to profit.

Given that financial aid, whether it be from other countries or by loans (usually one and the same) is the normal route governments, at least, take, one of the main sources of danger to political independence of small states is therefore economic development at the price of political subjection. Nor, indeed, has the introduction of foreign capital invariably brought economic advantages without cost (especially hidden cost). In Eastern and South-Eastern Europe since 1992 any possible surplus has been soaked up by foreign creditors; or corrupt native bureaucrats. Much foreign investment moreover is directed by political rather than economic considerations.

This kind of economic blackmail is common and could be seen as far back as before The Great War when the French, with their forward planning for war with Germany, and wanting Russian support, provided Russia with vast loans on conditions which were at least as favourable to France’s military preparations (new railways to the German borders, new armaments and subsidiary factories) as they could be to Russia. Such financial support and conditions to small states by overbearing ones, such as the massive loans and “grants” provided to Ukraine, mainly by the USA and its proxy bodies such as the so-called “World Bank”, means a very obvious loss of independence for a very long time. It must be patently obvious that the United States of America has no natural interests whatsoever in Ukraine, a country thousands of miles away, and that, like pre-1914 Russia and France, the USA is using Ukraine almost blatantly for political purposes. There is now virtually no way out for Ukraine.

This naturally applies to countless other small states, notably in the poorer regions of the world, once fairly content and well-managed by great European empire, now at the mercy of poverty, knowledge, corruption, and powers such as the USA and Red China who want whatever they can squeeze out of the ex-colonies whilst offering nothing in return other than scant payments in real terms and massive “generous” loans which such states will never in a thousand years be able to even pay the interest on.

Small nations in eastern Europe and the Balkans (as well as the Third World), should have come to fear rather than to welcome foreign aid, and to attempt to drag themselves up, if they can, slowly and painfully by their own efforts. But because of the foregoing, this will, because of debt, always be one step forward and two steps back, as we have seen with Greece, which continued to borrow until it reached a situation of financial collapse and ruination, saved only by tourism.

Many of the European small states have joined the European Union. It is a fallacy that they have done this to “secure peace” as, to date, the EU cannot guarantee peace to anyone. So the obvious answer is that they have joined this evil bureaucratic and ultra-corrupt octopus for financial rewards and economic stability, failing to grasp what is so obvious to all nationalists, at least, that by doing this they have sacrificed themselves to government by foreigners, their national parliaments emasculated. Likewise by joining NATO, their independence is illusory and in thrall to the USA.

One answer may be smaller dependent populations in Europe, and this naturally means requesting millions of aliens in Europe and the UK to depart as soon as possible to their natural homelands as a first and fundamental step. We should also expect to have to lower, or at least stabilise, our current standards of living. And we must all become as self-sufficient as we can without vast borrowing in the hope that our great-grandchildren will be able to repay the debts. We must say no to globalism and to foreign ownership of our industries and commerce. Like charity, profits should begin – and end - at home. If small states are hopeless economically they should consider some kind of happy union with an adjoining state, which would be beneficial to all concerned but retaining some kind of real autonomy for the tiny state.

Schacht taught economists world-wide between the two world wars that unless a nation has full control of its own economy it is not sovereign. This remains the case.

State of the Union: Turn Down the Volume, Shitlords

via TradYouth

Institutional inertia can roll on for a long time after the institution’s doomed. The Soviet regime lumbered on for decades after its Marxist raison d’etre ceased to animate it. In America, the Southern approach to racial relations carried on for a few decades after the collective mythic narrative which emerged from WWII sealed its fate. A similar historical process is occurring now.

The neocon vision of a Jewish and global capitalist dominion over a nominally democratized, borderless, and cultureless world is discredited and decrepit; yet the proxy battles for that stillborn global empire rage on. The fantastical dream that all of humanity can gather together to overcome their racial, religious, and cultural differences has given way to increasingly tribalist sentiments and even violence on all sides, yet the institution’s steady drumbeat of diversity and multiculturalism drones on.

It’s all bullshit, but we all smile and clap along for the guards. For now.
We all expected Barack Obama’s speech to be a Barack Obama speech. While I grant that the man’s relatively intelligent, he’s essentially been giving the same speech since the oligarchs unveiled him at the 2004 DNC Convention. Not only did we fail to cure cancer during his administration like he promised, even race relations have managed to degenerate under his leadership. That’s hardly surprising, as his shtick of raising minority expectations while blaming Whitey for their ongoing failure to meet those expectations is a perfect recipe for arousing suspicion and contempt all around.

The strange new twist came directly after the Barack Obama speech, when the GOP establishment leveraged its traditional time allotted for rebutting the President to pretty much agree with and repeat the Barack Obama speech. She then unleashed a direct attack on the presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump. Nikki Haley looked the GOP voters directly in the eyes, cucksplaining to them that immigrants like herself are more American than native-born Americans, and that they are to “turn down the volume” on their demand for immigration enforcement.

Ann Coulter’s response said it best…

We’ll probably never know whether it was by accident or whether it was a mastermind’s calculation, but Trump’s credible threat to enforce existing immigration laws and defend our existing borders has burst the illusion of a multi-party democracy wide open. The monolithic and singular party has shown its face tonight and delivered its message. You will not have border enforcement. You will not have a humble foreign policy. This is not up for debate or a vote. The oligarchs have spoken.