Feb 25, 2016

Ten Everyday Things You Can Do to Help the War in Europe

via Counter-Currents

A couple days ago the Daily Mail presented the case of another young British girl, this one thirteen years old, who was “groomed,” beaten, and forced into sex with a Muslim teenager, and then pimped out and virtually enslaved for months in a small room with a couch, to a group of at least 12 Muslim men, who would rape her — sometimes one at a time, sometimes in groups of up to six– for hours on end every day.

In reading such reports; in seeing the laughing faces of these Muslim men at trial; in hearing the traitorous leaders of many European countries excuse and enable such crimes, our hearts can easily (and rightfully) become filled with an almost overwhelming rage.

Beyond this, however, what compounds this wrath is a distinct feeling of not being able to impact the situation. For those of us in America, our great distance from the problem can engender a sense of helplessness. And even for Europeans themselves, what can seem like a complete lack of outlets for fighting back against such forces can cause a similar feeling of impotence. The unbearable combination of this stifling sense of ineffectualness, and this overwhelming rage, burns in the hearts of many.

For that reason it is helpful to lay out proactive steps that can be taken to start fighting back against our enemies and on the behalf of our people and our future. To that end I offer this catalogue of ten everyday actions that will in various ways serve this purpose. Some of the first few items on the list may seem pedestrian, but they are all important building blocks of what must be a foundation for action.

1. Get control of your finances.
Our lifestyles in the modern West are defined by rampant materialism and outrageous amounts of debt. Many people mired in these forces do not understand their full significance however. Debt and consumer spending are the veritable glue that hold our corporatist system together. It does not have to be like this, but it is. And for the powers in our system, there is nothing better than for our people to be distracted, riddled with debt and anxiety, and thinking only of the next shiny plastic bauble, the next car or vacation, the next college degree they can get through increasing indebtedness.

To reject such a lifestyle and such a system is, therefore, a revolutionary act. Furthermore, it is imperative if one is to reject the forces arrayed against us and do one’s utmost to protect our folk. Therefore we should not rest merely with rejecting debt. One should fully master financial literacy to the point where he or she is also able to 1) build wealth and passive income, and 2) become self-employed or otherwise free of the “rat race.” Lest any reader feel I am getting off topic, consider the evidence: How many traditionalists and opponents of anti-European racial and multicultural utopianism have lost their jobs when their views were outed? How many more are forced to keep silent for fear of the same? If each person who shares our views could get out of debt, build passive income equal to their monthly expenses, and then quit their job to focus more of their time on our struggle, how much more could be done on our people’s behalf? What if only 20% achieved this? Surely the outcome is worth the struggle. Furthermore, if one is working for a large multinational corporation, or for the government of one of these corrupt nations, then that is reason alone to cultivate such an exit strategy.

Recommendations: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! by Robert Kiyosaki

2. Get control of your time.
This is a very similar point to #1, but bears highlighting separately. For just as the vested interests in our societies wish to keep us in debt and terrified of unemployment, they also knowingly benefit from the countless distractions that modern life throws at us.

If we could curb our broader race of addictions to Facebook, video games, pornography, reality television, and all the other vices of our world, the results would be tremendous. For that reason it is important to take stock each day and catalog just how we are spending our time and what we are creating vs. what we are consuming. Even as relates to our struggle, there is certainly a difference between re-tweeting endless rounds of rape stories versus actively building up our ability to combat them.

Recommendations: Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety by Charlie Hoehn and The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) by Hal Elrod

3. Become a “feeder.”
This follows from item #2 and is partially related to it. It is an idea which is tangentially, if not directly, related to the theories of Col. John Boyd and the OODA Loop. Namely, it is the question of whether one, within a conflict, is a “feeder” or a “receiver” of action/violence/input. “Feeders” are far more likely to be victorious, as they define the progression of battle. In the language of the OODA Loop, they “re-orient” themselves far faster, keeping their opponent off his footing and reactive. Within our conflict, we have been the “receivers” for far too long; sitting back, subdued, while our opponents happen to us, instead of us happening to them. Indeed one could argue that the entire history of multicultural Europe has been defined by proactive action on the part of the ethno-suicidalists, while the great “silent majority” holds back, afraid of being called racist, and distracted by the day-to-day concerns of life. Similarly, the behavior of the Muslim immigrants in the West over the last 25 years fits squarely within the same category, as they purposefully chip away more and more at their host societies, inflict countless wounds upon our racial and cultural body, and build greater and greater power within our lands.

Recommendation: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/09/15/ooda-loop/

4. Donate money to European-preservationist groups and causes.
The success of revolutionary movements is directly related to their finances. While the level of this correlation may vary, it is an undeniable fact of history. Our movement is currently in an extra-difficult position because there are few governments or groups of very wealthy individuals whose goals are in line with our cause. I believe this may change as anarchy begins to spread in Europe, and that governments that are now taking more pro-active steps to avoid massive immigration, such as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia (and hopefully soon Denmark and Finland), will eventually give money to preservationist-groups in other European countries, in an attempt to halt the spread of destabilization. In the meantime however, funding is of crucial importance.

It is easy to say “give money” but harder to quantify exactly how that is done. Giving even 10% of one’s income is an extremely difficult feat for most individuals, especially young people, as many European-Preservationists are. The solution of greatest efficacy that I know of is that of slowly building one’s “giving muscles.” If you or your family is doing a monthly zero-based budget (point #1 above), the best bet is to begin parceling out just 1% of your monthly income, even a half of a percent, to causes you wish to help. From there you can slowly increase it each month, going up by another one percent or half a percent, until you eventually reach a figure you feel good about. If each of us built up to 10%, imagine the impact it would have.

5. Lift weights.
This is more of a metaphysical or philosophical response to our existential threats than a practical one. Nevertheless it should be deemed valuable. It is also very much related to the threats we face. These threats have arisen because Western man has rejected strength, rejected masculinity, and rejected his responsibilities. We must re-embrace these qualities and these roles, and use our strength to save Europe and save our people. Strength has been an implicit and defining feature of manhood since the dawn of human history. Our ancestors had to use their physical strength to ward off dangers to their tribes and families, so that we could one day be born. If we are physically weak now, when the greatest of existential threats that has ever befallen our people has arisen, do we not dishonor our ancestors’ memories?

Recommendations: 5X5 Powerlifts (stronglifts.com), Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training by Mark Rippetoe

6. Learn self-defense.
This item does have a practical application. This side of its importance need not be elaborated upon. Its study can take two forms:
  1. Martial Arts and hand-to-hand combat. The rise of MMA has brought mixed-martial arts clubs to almost every town in America and Europe. There are numerous choices for any man in terms of gyms, schools, etc. While it is easy to dismiss the rise of MMA-fandom and culture as a “fad” it is also the case that these are extremely valuable skills to have.
  2. Paramilitary/survivalist and firearms training. This strikes a bit of a nerve, as we are well aware that the media would have us all believe that anyone who thinks in terms of culture and race is a potential mass-murdering Nazi, but on the contrary, were the current situation in Europe placed within any other historical lens, who wouldn’t be learning how to defend one’s family if necessary? We have done a thorough job of outlining the foolishness of individuals such as Anders Behring Breivik and Dylan Roof, whose actions can be considered neither ethical, honorable, nor strategically valid within a 4GW paradigm, but it does not follow from that that any knowledge or discussion of guns should be dismissed. Indeed I would argue that even within the most well-structured and safest societies, it is important for men to know how to use guns, and how to defend their families. In a modern Europe that is neither well-structured nor safe, such knowledge becomes even more imperative.
7. Create art and information.
It is easy to declare that there are “too many writers” and “too many websites” and that only more “real action is needed,” but I disagree. The journey to full consciousness for Europeans and European-Americans is often a slow one. In my case I was lead to Counter-Currents, for instance, through my interest in Jack Donovan. I was lead to Jack Donovan through my interest in Art of Manliness. I was lead to Art of Manliness by a forum I often frequented. By the time I arrived here I already shared many of the views of this community, but this still illustrates a fair reading of how “moderns” (to steal some of the Islamists’ vocabulary), or “normies” leave the regular world behind and become conscious. Each new thing we create is one more sticky point that can catch someone’s attention. Therefore the more art, the more websites, and the more writings we create, the faster we catalyze the awareness that is needed.

8. Cultivate real-life friendships.
Jack Donovan has written about the degree to which modern men lack real male friendships, and the problems associated with this. Greg Johnson has written about the virulence of ideas and the exponential nature of awareness. To paraphrase his words, what if you could convert one person to our way of thinking each year, and they converted one other person as well? The nature of such compound growth is overwhelming. It is certain that one of the defining features of Western modernity is man’s isolation from man, but as we build more real-life friendships and real-life brotherhoods, our power becomes magnified, and greater potential to fight back against our enemies is realized.

9. Decide where to make your stand.
If one wants to contribute to the preservation of Europe, a logical question is where this can best be done. If you live in North Dakota, or New Zealand, you’ll be limited to writing, organizing, fundraising, and the like, at least as it relates to Europe. If one lives in Europe, or relocates to Europe, more direct avenues open up. Each of us will have to decide what course best suits our own purposes and abilities. If one has control of one’s finances and one’s time, and has the skills that are needed in an on-the-ground conflict, then it should be more than possible to move to Europe and fight tooth and nail for its future.  That brings us to item #10.

10. Join a resistance group.
All around Europe we see groups trying to fight back against the murder/suicide of their nations. There are small groups like the Sons of Odin in Finland. There are large movements such as PEGIDA. There are more formal groups such as Britain First. There are political parties such as the Sweden Democrats. If you are in Europe, or once you get to Europe (item #9), find a group to become a part of. I have no doubt each is flawed in its way, as revolutionary action is messy and difficult. But they are all doing the noble work of attempting to preserve our lands and cultures. Whether one sees themselves as a politician, a writer, a protester, or a fighter, there will no doubt be need of each and every person’s help in the years to come.

The Jessica Chambers Murder: Mississippi Authorities Have a Suspect!


[See also: Was Jessica Chambers a Hate Crime Victim?]

There’s good news and bad news, regarding the Jessica Chambers murder case. The good news: the authorities have a suspect! The bad news: because they don’t have enough evidence to make a case stick in court, they haven’t arrested him.

On December 6th, 2014, white 19-year-old, Jessica Chambers was murdered in one of the most horrific ways known to man: Someone burned her alive, as she sat in her car on a rural road in Panola County, Mississippi. Ninety-eight percent of her body suffered second and third-degree burns. As her father, Ben Chambers Sr. said, the killer or killers burned everything but the soles of her feet. She was medevacked to hospital, but nothing could be done and she died at 2:37 a.m. on December 7.

VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow sicced me on the story, and I burned up the telephone lines between New York City’s Rockaways and Panola County, but no one knew anything.

This was not the Knoxville Horror, where local authorities knew plenty, but stonewalled me for months on end, while misrepresenting the atrocity as having nothing to do with race. In Panola County, the authorities—local, county, state and federal—really seemed to have nothing. In recent months they’ve been saying that there’s not even any street chatter, or at least nothing credible, about the Chambers murder. And this in a rural area where everybody, black and white alike, knows each other.

Despite its sensational nature, the Jessica Chambers case has been plagued by national Main Stream Media silence. Clearly, the MSM were afraid that the Chambers murder would be another one of those “non-existent” black-on-white hate crimes.

And yet, the story grew legs. A grassroots movement spread word of the short, unhappy life of Jessica Chambers, via Facebook, VDARE.com, The Last Refuge, and others.

peopleThen, after more than a year, People Magazine devoted its January 4, 2016 issue to the case, putting Chambers’ photo on the cover where it was seen by millions of people across the country. People’s team of three included crack crime reporter Christine Pelisek [Who Killed Jessica? [teaser] By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, Alexandra Rockey Fleming, and Christine Pelisek, People, January 4, 2015.]

People still follows the anti-social practice of not putting its content online for free (unlike VDARE.com—donate here!) so I had to buy the treezine. The most notable aspects of its coverage: coming up with a timeline which aims to show where Jessica Chambers was up until practically the moment of her murder; and interviewing three different people who spoke for attribution, all of whom said that Chambers was consorting with drug dealers such as Travis “Travo” Sanford.[Pictured below] (Sanford was in prison at the time of Chambers’ murder).


Chambers’ earlier black ex-boyfriend, Bryan Rudd also emphasized the drug dealers: “Jessica wasn’t a one-guy type of female, and I think she was making friends with the wrong people, with drug dealers. But she did nothing that bad to get herself burnt alive.”

(People did not report Chambers’ own stay in a drug-testing-mandatory “women’s restoration home”—Jessica Chambers’ mother: teen working to improve herself before her death, by Caitlin Alexander, WREG-TV, January 15, 2015).

Family friend Jordan Bryant told People: “She hung out with the wrong dogs.”

Since the drug dealers were black, People’s scenario implied Chambers’ killer was black.

(Which may not have been what People expected to find when it started its investigation—there had been some speculation Chambers had been murdered by “white supremacists” for sleeping with blacks).

On December 15—presumably after People went to press—news broke of 17 arrests (not all on the same day), apparently all of black men, in the Panola County area, in Operation Bite Back.

(I could only find the five mug shots above.)

Not one of the arrests was for the murder of Jessica Chambers, yet they were all offshoots of the Chambers investigation [Seventeen Panola Residents Indicted, Nine Arrested in Operation Bite Back, FBI Press Release, December 15, 2015.]<

My hunch: law enforcement had also been looking for a pretext to light a fire under local black gangs, without having to brave a storm of racial sabotage from the likes of AG Loretta Lynch and the national MSM. They shook the trees, and lots of low-hanging fruit fell down:
JACKSON, Miss. — An investigation into the death of a teenager burned alive last year has resulted in the arrests of 17 men — but none has been charged with killing Jessica Chambers, the FBI said Tuesday….
Since the killing, authorities interviewed more than 150 people and sorted through more than 20,000 phone records trying to find her assailant, Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby said. That’s when investigators turned up evidence of other suspected illegal activity ranging from narcotics sales, possession of stolen firearms and possession of counterfeit currency.
FBI agents targeted suspected members of the Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and Sipp Mob street gangs and began arrests at around 4 a.m. CT in Oxford, Miss. The men arrested ranged in age from 18 to 40 and have been indicted on for federal and state crimes….
A team of investigators from the Panola County Sheriff’s Department, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office still are digging into Chambers’ death. A lack of street chatter has made the case a tough one to crack, authorities have said, causing much of the investigation to hinge on data collection.
Case of burned-alive teen results in 17 arrests, By Therese Apel, December 15, 2015, USA Today /The (Jackson, Miss.) Clarion-Ledger
Note that the Clarion-Ledger’s Therese Apel reported in her lede that none of the new arrests was for the Chambers murder. But, weirdly, MSM outlets, left and right, have conjured up a soft hoax, whereby the arrests were “linked” to the Jessica Chambers case
While big-name outlets, left and right, hyped stories they didn’t have, a little mom-and-pop (literally) newspaper in Panola County outdid everyone. After the arrests, The Panolian (Batesville MS) reported accurately:
Batesville Assistant Police Chief Jimmy McCloud said Tuesday afternoon the morning’s FBI operation, “Bite Back,” began as a small narcotics investigation by BPD department’s Special Operations unit and morphed into a major operation once investigators working on the Jessica Chambers case began connecting dots.
Although connected with the Jessica Chambers investigation, investigators say the operation is not connected to her murder.
[Joint investigation leads to 17 arrests by Rupert Howell, The Panolian, December 18, 2015. Emphasis added.]
John H. Howell Sr., the publisher of The Panolian, graciously agreed to speak with me. Howell underscored the importance of the timeline that People’s reporters had reconstructed. No one had previously been able to map the last interactions in the life of Jessica Chambers, before her killer immolated her.
Howell: “They did the best job with the timeline of anybody I’ve seen. And to us here that was the first indication we had that they knew who Jessica was with from 6:30-7:32. We haven’t any more than that, but it took People magazine to find that out for us.”
VDARE.com: So you think that’s from law enforcement that they got that information?
Howell: Yes.
hentzJohn Howell and many other observers had believed that the suspect was a man by the name of Roger Lynn Hentz (right). According to Howell, Roger Lynn Hentz was “hardcore,” a lifelong junkie, probably drug dealer, and “petty criminal” who had spent much of his life in and out of prison. Jessica Chambers apparently sold him fake drugs.

But Hentz died last fall, at 54 years of age—online, you’ll only find rumors that his death was due to liver cancer; Hentz’ family reportedly requested that there be no obituary in The Panolian—and authorities determined that he was not the mysterious passenger in Jessica’s car from 6:30 until 7:32 p.m.

Nevertheless, Howell told me the authorities believe they do know who that passenger was—and hence who Jessica Chambers’ killer is:
Howell: I know that they’re looking at a guy. I don’t know white or black. And I’m assuming the person they’re talking about in that last time window is the same person they’re talking about as a suspect…. I’m assuming that but nobody’s given me that confirmation.
VDARE.com: So, they definitely have a name.
Howell: Yeah.
However, the authorities don’t think they have enough evidence yet to make a case stick. They’ve said nothing about his race, ethnicity, age, size, or where he’s from. All they’ve said is that her killer was a man.

Life is hard; it’s harder, when you’re stupid. When I was young, I was plenty stupid. Maybe I still am.

But when you’re stupid, you need luck, and maybe divine intervention on your side. Jessica Chambers had neither.

Let’s hope the investigators working her case will be luckier than she was. [Michael Slager Declared Indigent, by WCIV-ABC, December 24, 2015. Emphases added.]

Jewish Mega-Donors, the Koch Brothers, Move Toward Rubio Support

via TMA_SierraHills

Surely this isn’t shocking news for most of you, but since we featured the Republican establishment donors, Charles and David Koch the other day, this update is in order. The Kochs, like all of the large ruling class donors, want a candidate they can control…. Koch man, Marc Short, implanted in Rubio campaign—a sure sign of where the Republican big donor money is headed.

Unless something very dramatic happens for Ted Cruz, it looks like a massive battle is in the offing for the Republican Party between Marco Rubio, rapidly becoming the establishment elites’ favorite, and Donald Trump as the champion of those who want to throw the bums out.

Koch man, Marc Short, implanted
in Rubio campaign—a sure sign of
where the Republican big donor
money is headed
And, just a reminder, Donald Trump was the man most feared by the wealthy globalists at Davos this year!

As we have said on many previous occasions (on facebook, on twitter and at RRW), Senator Marco Rubio went from being the Tea Party darling of 2010 to the water-carrier for the Open Borders Republicans (Gang of Eight in 2013!) and the Chamber of Commerce always looking for a ready supply of cheap immigrant labor. [BTW, I would respect them more if they all just said that the amnesty agenda is about labor for big business, and stopped pretending they are humanitarians!]

So here is the story yesterday from Politico. You will see that the Kochs aren’t going to make their final move into Rubio’s ranks unless/until Ted Cruz is out because many of the vaunted grassroots that the Kochs think they control are still Cruz fans.
Marc Short, the Koch brothers’ top political adviser in Washington and a trusted member of their inner circle for five years, is making a surprise move to the Marco Rubio campaign as a senior adviser as the Republican establishment ramps up efforts to stop Donald Trump.

Short — president of Freedom Partners, the Kochs’ umbrella political organization — will join the campaign in about a week and brings deep connections to the donor and grass-roots worlds. [Freedom Partners is more like a Chamber of Commerce, see here. LOL! they all just love using buzz words like ‘freedom,’ ‘patriot,’ ‘grassroots,’ etc.—ed] ...

Antarian Hate Groups -- the ACLU and the Gremlin Gang -- Defend Black Criminality Over White Police Captain's Call for Law and Order

via Stuff Black People Don't Like

There's no going back now. 

It's coming. 


SBPDL is the ultimate racial seismograph for understanding what's upon us, and minor tremors on the racial Richter Scale are going off nationwide.

We've been told for years the big one is coming, and there's nothing we can do to stop it. 

All we can do is survive it. 

A lot of mixed metaphors here, but you get the picture. 

Most of us will never quite comprehend how many are actually on our side. They just can't fathom a society utterly dominated by those bent on our destruction and subjugation producing individuals able to withstand relentless, unceasing propaganda. 

And as the racial Richter Scale continues to notice tremors across the nation, the fault lines emerge. [ACLU blasts St. Landry’s law and order sheriff’s captain over comments on latest viral video, The Advocate, 2-19-16]:
St. Landry Parish’s law and order sheriff’s Capt. Clay Higgins, known for promising criminals they will be caught and punished, has drawn the ire of the American Civil Liberties Union over the latest televised segment of Crime Stoppers. 
“You will be hunted. You will be trapped. And if you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fire with superior fire,” Higgins said in the segment that aired on KATC-TV on Wednesday. 
Higgins directed the message at the seven alleged Gremlins street gang members who remain at large. The Gremlins gang hails from Vermilion Parish, namely Abbeville, but Higgins used the highly watched St. Landry Crime Stoppers to publicize the law enforcement effort. 
As in past Crime Stoppers segments, Higgins employs his stern drill sergeant voice, mocking and belittling the fugitives, even sometimes cajoling them to turn themselves in. 
Marjorie Esman, executive director of the ACLU of Louisiana, penned a statement that chastised Higgins’ message for what she said was stepping over a constitutional line. She said the use of the phrase “bounty on their heads” was an archaic term that recalled a less civilized law and order period.
But it gets better. ['Gremlins Gang' family members respond to Cpt. Higgins, KATC.com, 2-22-16]:
Family and friends of accused members of the "Gremlins gang" disapprove of things being said about their loved ones.  
A meeting was held today in Abbeville to discuss Cpt. Clay Higgins' comments made in segment that aired on KATC last week. 
In the video viewed millions of times Higgins said, "If you raise your weapon to a man like me, we will return fire." It was one of the many comments that has both sides talking.  
"My son is a human being not an animal," said Coretta Williams, the mother of one of the accused gang members. "Just as Mr. Higgins' mother feels that he's a human being and not an animal. It was uncalled for. It disgusts me, because someone that serves the public...someone with that magnitude to have such negative feelings towards the community that he is obligated to protect and serve did an injustice. " 
Community activist Raymond Brown headed the meeting, and he said they did not leave with derogatory attacks planned on anyone. He feels Higgins did more harm than good with his Crime Stoppers video.  
"He is laughing at this thing and enjoying himself with all the publicity he has generated, but this is no fun and game," Brown said.  
Some left the meeting emotional, because they said the criminal justice process has been damaged in this case.  
"Maybe they're on the run maybe because they're in fear, because the way this man [sic] spoke," Carolyn Boudreaux, a mother and grandmother to members of the accused gang members, said. "I probably would feel the same way...trying to find me, I would be scared you're trying to kill me." 
Brown said he plans to send a letter to the justice department and ask for an investigation. 
There is no unseen hand guiding history. Those in power, the oligarchs, can attempt to manipulate the present to ensure they stay in power in the future, but they can't control human nature. The past can be rewritten, but humanity can't.

Despite decades of social engineering, the pressure of nature is building across not just America, but the world.

We were never supposed to save anything; on the contrary, our job was always to survive.

The ACLU’s Girl Warrior

via The Thinking Housewife

The Jewish-run and Jewish-funded ACLU, whose mission it is to de-Christianize America under the camouflage of “separation of church and state,” has no qualms about using the young and confused as proxy warriors to obtain its own form of theocratic rule.

A case in point is that of Taylor Victor, 16, a Manteca, California high school student who “came out” as a lesbian at the tender age of 15. Victor came to school one day last August wearing a T-shirt that said, “Nobody knows I’m a lesbian.” Both a teacher and an assistant principle took offense and told her to go home and change.

The ACLU filed suit on Victor’s behalf, converting her instantly into one of its most effective weapons — a tender adolescent who may be psychologically scarred if not given free expression. Those authorities — parents, teachers, principals — who try to defend the moral law, they are the real target of this suit. They must be disempowered. The project of preparing the young for a life of serfdom by enchaining them to their passions is otherwise not assured.

The case was quickly settled out of court. The school has agreed to change its dress code so that it no longer discriminates against those who express their
perversion“orientation.” It also will pay $63,000 to the ACLU in attorney’s fees and other legal costs, and provide regular training in
censorship “free expression” to  high school administrators. What’s most shocking is the absence of any backlash at all from parents in Manteca. If there was one speck of decency left in that town there would be a riot and those ACLU hotshots would be arrested and charged with corruption of minors.

In a few years, the ACLU will have forgotten Victor, I mean, Taylor. She will be left to pick up the pieces of her life, a veteran of a war that she didn’t even remotely understand.

I feel very sorry for this girl.

Review of “The Return of Odysseus” by Michael Walker

via The Occidental Observer

This is a well-written and highly readable play, and I got through it in a couple of normal working days. It tells the famous Homeric tale of the prolonged absence and final return of the eponymous Greek hero to his home island, and the resulting revenge he exacts on the unruly suitors of his wife, Penelope.

Author Michael Walker is well known in nationalist circles as the editor of Scorpion magazine, a publication which first began the not particularly easy task of introducing the ideas of the European New Right to an English-speaking audience back in the 1990s.

For this reason it a may be difficult to read this play as it should be read, namely as a purely “metapolitical” work, that is one in which the message is an indistinguishable part of the art. Instead, like me, you may feel a tendency to read it politically, and to interpret certain lines as referring to specific contemporary nationalist issues.

But while political consciousness and an awareness of the writer’s sympathies may detract from a perfect metapolitical reading, I have to say I rather enjoyed these “political flashes,” and many here will also enjoy them, I am sure.

For example, in Act Two, Scene Two, Mentor, a member of the Assembly of Ithaca, describes the sorry state that the island kingdom has fallen into since the monarch’s absence:
There is not one palace which is plundered, but the entire land. Ithaca is growing sick while the tapeworms of the market grow fat on a land for which they never fought, which they never tend and never loved. The homeland has almost as many immigrants as natives. No one respects the Ithacan customs. The children are hardened and use the lowest language of the streets. The public coffers are plundered by parasites and aliens. Money is made by distortion and usury. Honest work is badly paid. The richest men are middlemen and speculators. The labourer is poor. (p. 128)
Reading these words, it is not ancient Ithaca that rises before your mental eye, but modern Britain, or some other “enriched” part of the West. One is almost surprised not to find a reference to Muslim grooming gangs! But, then, a piece of rhetorical eloquence or a classical reference snaps you back to the ancient story world in which this is set, and, from a thinly disguised satire on our diseased modern times, the story assumes once again the elegance of timeless tragedy.

This alternation between the sublimity of heroic tragedy and the incisiveness of a satire on modern times weaves its way through the entire play. Besides Odysseus himself, who mainly stays on the heroic and classical side of things, the important characters are Telemachus, Odysseus’s son, and Antinous, the leader of the suitors. These two exist much more as modern types.

Telemachus has much of the “cuckservative” about him, being weak and morally imposed upon by the arrogant sophistry and chutzpah of the incomers and their supporters, of whom Antinous represents the type.

Many of Antinous’s lines would be at home in the mouth of the contemporary SJW you might encounter on social media, someone who dresses up his arguments with a distortion of the “founding principles,” while resorting to stigmatizing labels to stifle the concerns and arguments of his opponents.

“Thank the Gods that this indeed is a free country,” he says at one point to Halisthernes, a remnant of the old ruling class. “The overwhelming majority of free men find you, Halisthernes, and your little group of bigoted friends, repugnant and absurd. Repugnant because offensive to decent persons, absurd because [Odysseus] is not coming home, never. I say there will be no return. The old times are finished forever! There can be no second coming of the king.” (p.132)

You could almost throw a line in there about it being “the current year” — even if the current year, in this case, would be sometime in the twelfth century BC!

This synergy between current events and eternal issues also makes you wonder about the stylistic models of Walker’s play. Did the ancient Athenian playwrights, like Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, write lines that referenced their own city’s contemporary issues? No doubt they did, but in a suitably metapolitical way that now reads like poetry.

Walker has clearly been reading these writers, and his lines have a similar feel, sharing the short punchy sentences, pulsing rhythms, and repetition of ideas, clearly expressed, needed to drive the message home to a large and unruly audience. For this reason, there are clear affinities between drama and political speaking, and it seems that the rise of Greek drama certainly provided a spur to the rise and development of schools of rhetoric aimed at swaying the democratic mob in places like Athens.

But ultimately this play is about the sophistry and deceptiveness of words, and how they facilitate injustices and corruption that can only be corrected by radical action.

The central motif implicit in the story is that of presumption — first in presuming Odysseus’s death, and secondly in the presumption of the weak and unworthy on the prerogatives of those whom they arrogantly and unjustly seek to replace.
Walker skilfully shows us how this presumption is dressed up in plausible sounding words, and how injustice prolonged in this way leads to dramatic violence in the same way that the longer a bow is drawn back the greater the force is that it finally unleashes.

It is these themes of presumption and punishment, eternal in their relevance, that also resonate strongly with our own times, with events like Cologne, where arrogant and ungrateful newcomers have treated European women in a worse way than the suitors of Penelope were hoping to treat her.

The presumption of the suitors is brought to a hubristic pitch by Walker in the last scene. Here they are hoping to finally break down Penelope’s resistance, only to be met with her enraged husband in a scene of violent “uncucking.” The arrogant Antinous’s fatal and ironic final words on being warned of danger are:
“I shall be careful. I’m supposed to be marrying soon. This is my stag night.” (p.193)
After which he is immediately shot by Odysseus with a bow and arrow, just like the animal he unwittingly claimed to be.

In the cultural and political battle to preserve White European civilization, we will ultimately be forced to dig very deep into our collective myths and history for the strength and wisdom to survive. It is good to see that in Michael Walker’s play, this process has already begun.

12 Ways to Increase Your Anonymity and Security Online

via Return of Kings

The events of recent weeks have proven that it’s not a safe world for masculine men out there. Now more than ever men should be looking into increasing their personal security. As an IT guy I have been thinking for a solution to the problems men face. Below are measures I can recommend one take to increase his security.

Disclaimer: this guide caters to Windows users, but others can still find value.

1. Install a VPN


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. To understand what a VPN does, first you must understand what an IP is. IP is something like a computer passport number. Each electronic device has it’s own IP address. Websites register your IP when you use them—this makes it easy to find your location, your device, and therefore your identity. A VPN makes it so when you connect to a website you first go through the VPN server. So when you connect to a website instead of seeing your computer IP it shows the IP the VPN provides you. Roosh recently wrote on VPNs.

Example (manually changing IP):

manual proxy

The problem here relies on the credibility of the VPN provider. Many VPN providers register your activity and can then hand it to a government organization if they so demand. Even VPNs that promised not to do this, broke their promise. There is an agreement between the Anglo-speaking countries that affects VPN users. The government can ask the provider for your data, and there is nothing your provider can do to not give it to them.

These countries are referred to as 5 eyes. Currently, similar agreements are being done with other countries, referred to as the 14 eyes: United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden

Definitely get a paid VPN. Free VPNs are not an answer, they most likely register some info on you and are slow. After some research on VPN providers I have found some VPN proviers that are outside the 14 eyes, use encryption, accept Bitcoin, support OpenVPN and have a no logging policy and an overall good reputation.

Here are my findings: blackVPN (Hong Kong, 25 servers, 100 dollars a year), Cryptostorm (Iceland, 13 servers, 52 dollars a year), HIDEme (Malaysia, 85 servers, 65 dollars a year), NordVPN (Panama, 52 servers, 48 dollars a year), Perfect Privacy (Panama, 40 servers, 150 dollars a year), Privatoria (Czech Republic, 12 servers, 23 dollars a year).

One VPN provider attracted my attention particularily, that being BolehVPN, since it is one of the only two providers that offers Tor to VPN alongside VPN to Tor (the other one being AirVPN, which is based in Italy, therefore part of 14 eyes), so if you want that particular set-up, check it out.

Make sure to check the VPN provider’s canary. It is a document that confirms that the VPN provider was not touched by the government. It should be updated every month, if it isn’t unsubscribe. Example.

How to increase VPN security


1) Pay with untraceable money
Sign up for an anonymous e-mail account using Tor and use a Bitcoin Mixer to send Bitcoins to a newly generated address in your local wallet. Alternatively, use the Bitcoin-OTC to purchase Bitcoins ‘over the counter’ from a person, rather than an exchange. Then, use a patched Bitcoin client, such as coderrr’s anonymity patch to avoid linking the newly generated address to any of your pre-existing Bitcoin addresses. —Andrew, Private Internet Access.
2) Make sure you don’t disconnect from VPN and prevent DNS leaks
Use the pro version of VPNCheck to automatically disconnect from internet when losing connection to VPN and to prevent DNS leaks. Or search for the manual way of doing it.

3) Use multiple VPNs
Another measure to consider is using two or more VPNs. Basically activate one VPN first, then another one, done.

4) Resolve the PPTP IPv6 VPN flaw
Not likely to affect everyone. PPTP is the weakest VPN protocol and if you use one of the VPNs I mentioned before you will likely use a better protocol, but for those who do, there is a possible flaw that you can correct like this—for Windows Vista and above: Open cmd prompt and type: netsh interface teredo set state disabled.

5) Secure your router
Here’s a guide.

2. Install an antivirus



There are three tiers of antiviruses: antivirus sofwtare, internet suite and premium security suites. Read about them here. At minimum use Microsoft Security Essentials (free software from Microsoft), though paid antiviruses (such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky, etc.) are better.

3. Use Tor and TailsOS for safe web browsing

Many popular browsers are not highest ranked in regards to keeping your anonymity. For example, while Chrome is theoretically secure from spyware and adware, their stance on privacy can be summarized as follows:
He went on, speaking about the future of search. With your permission you give us more information about you, about your friends, and we can improve the quality of our searches. We don’t need you to type at all. We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.
There are factors one must be careful of: cookies, encryption (https), tracking ads, javascript exploits, canvas fingerprinting and others. A writeup on these would take a long time so research them on your own if you wish. I will just mention browsers that avoids these issues.

Use safe search engine
Instead of using the google search engine use disconnect.me installed into Tor (or install as extension into Firefox)

Tor Browser
Tor Browser is an internet browser designed for online anonymity. It is a modified version of Firefox with add-ons pre-installed. Tor works somewhat similar to the VPN concept. Before connecting to a website you go through “nodes”. Which are private stations, each with its own IP. So instead of showing your IP, it will show the IP of the last node you traveled through.


The downside of Tor is that it is slow, due to the fact that it works thanks to enthusiastic individuals. Tor is not for casual usage, but specifically for privacy needs, particularly posting online or searching the deep web.

Tor has some weaknesses you must be aware of:

Oftentimes when you are using a network, the network provider can’t see what you are browsing, but they can see that you are using Tor. You can use things like a bridge obfuscator, obfsproxy, or setting VPN to Tor. This is a complex issue, here is a guide on hiding tor usage from ISP (internet service provider).

The trustworthiness of exit relays. When the government found out about the popularity of Tor they created their own exit nodes, that acted as honey traps. To fight this, use a TailsOS (or booted off a flash stick, DVD or SD card in a public wifi spot, like a coffee shop). That way even if the final node was a trap, it would only lead to your TailsOS profile, not your general one. Check so the public wifi spot you are using has no cameras around, so they will not be able to check camera footage of who used a laptop in that particular time frame. Don’t forget to log off when finished. Alternatively, use Tor to VPN.

Often many programs, like torrents, will ignore Tor, even if you manually force them and just connect straight away, thus giving you away. The answer is to not use torrents with Tor. I REPEAT, NO FILE SHARING ON TOR.

There are of course other various vulnerabilities out there. And as a reminder, Silk Road, a large black market was cracked in the past.
Combining Tor with a VPN
Tor is good on its own but even better when combined with a VPN. There are 2 methods : Tor to VPN, VPN to Tor. Both have their weaknesses. First one allows ISPs to see you use Tor, the second does not protect from malicious end relays . VPN to Tor masks your Tor usage, Tor to VPN protects from malicious exit nodes.

I have thought of using VPN to Tor to VPN, which should theoretically accomplish both. For VPN to Tor use a secure VPN provider and add non-Tor traffic to mask usage. For Tor to VPN, pay with anonymized bitcoins and never connect to your VPN without connecting to Tor first.

VPN to Tor:  The Harvard bomb hoaxer was de-anonymized because he was the only one in college using Tor. If he went through a VPN first, he would have been harder to track (assuming his VPN provider did not keep logs).

Tor to VPN: Protects from malicious exit nodes, on the other hand. TailsOS with public wifi accomplishes the same. Of course, either is better than nothing. Which you choose depends on your needs. The only two providers that offer Tor to VPN are AirVPN (based in Italy, so part of 14 eyes, but not the 5 eyes) and BolihVPN.

If you don’t want to use Tor
While using Tor is advisable, for casual usage you can set Firefox to be very secure with the help of add-ons and custom settings. Here is a guide.

Websites that ban VPN and Tor
Certain websites ban Tor (e.g. Imgur). Use an alternative then (e.g. Anonmgur). Otherwise use VPN to Tor. There are VPN providers that cycle IPs, so that helps with VPN IP range bans.

Windows is not very safe. There have been rumors of NSA backdoors on Windows devices. Supposedly NSA can store almost everything you do online (including Facebook, popular mail providers, and possibly things offline).

There are some good alternatives out there, TailsOs being one of them. TailOS is an operating system specifically designed for security and is Linux based. It can be ran off a USB stick. For those extra paranoid, use Tor in a public space on a laptop with TailsOS loaded of a flash drive.

Of course TailsOS is not very suitable for day to day needs, so use it for shitlord purposes. For your day to day purposes you might have to use Windows, but for the love of god, DO NOT use Windows 10, it is absolutely awful for security.

I prefer Windows 7. If you are more advanced, you can use alternative platforms like Debian or some distro of Linux or whatever. Just beware, many programs for Windows do not have alternatives on Linux based systems. If you are a casual, moving to another platform can be difficult. And if you really are a nerd, then you can look into some exotic setup like Qubes + Whonix or whatever other myriad of OS and Virtual Machines there are around.

4. Other darknet browsers


I2P network: While Tor is designed to anonymously browse the normal web and onion sites, I2P is a web of it’s own. Preferably to be browsed through Tor. It allows (slow) torrenting and great for messaging, IRC, file sharing, secret websites (.i2p)
FreenetFreenet is a peer-to-peer platform for censorship-resistant communication.

5. Look into bitcoin and online currency


Bitcoin is virtual currency that has taken the world by storm in recent years. There are other online currencies competing against it, but Bitcoin is the most established online currency. It is the default virtual currency. Bitcoin is not for daily usage, rather online purposes. There are VPN services that accept payment with bitcoin. There are even services that will store physical gold in exchange for bitcoin.

Truly a financial revolution. Unfortunately, it’s also a big headache for tax services. Bitcoin is also infamous for being used to purchase illegal stuff on the internet black market. But you wouldn’t use it for that, would you?

To start using bitcoins just register a bitcoin wallet and you are good to go.

How to increase bitcoin anonymity
Bitcoins are not anonymous by default. They must be washed and anonymized. Buying through Tor + Coin mixing + anonymity patched bitcoin client. Over the counter (OTC) bitcoins are an option as well.

6. Use proper password protection


Never use the same password twice. Try to make it long and contain both characters and numerals, etc. Hint : use L33t, P@ssVV0r|)333. If you can, add non English characters even better, PåSsWøRд0, but you can’t always do it.

If you are unsure, use a safe password generator, such as Master Password To manage passwords use a password manager, such as KeePassX.

7. Use proper mail protection


Use throwaway email to register in most places. Never use your public e-mail to register anywhere controversial like Neomasculintiy affiliated websites.
Safe Mail Providers
For general mail needs, use a mail provider that is focused on security. I found two outside 14 eyes, in Switzerland: ProtonMail (free), NeoMailBox (50$/year, custom domain option ex : george@funny.com, george@customName.com)

Remember to still use personal safety measures, like additional encryption. Never trust 2nd parties with your protection completely.

Become an email provider yourself
Another interesting move is to become a provider yourself, in essence create your personal Gmail by turning your PC into a mail server. To do this, use Mail-in-a-box. They have good guide on their site https://mailinabox.email/.

Use a safe mail client
A mail client is a program that allows you to manage mail from the cloud by saving it locally, by connecting to the email host, such as Gmail. The default mail client in Windows is Microsoft Outlook (which sucks). I will focus on my preffered mail client setup.
1) Download Thunderbird
2) Install the Enigmail add-on, to allow encryption
3) Install the TorBirdy add-on, to make Thunderbird run through Tor
Beware the law
Beware of a law that allows government officials to read any mail hosted online older than 6 months without a warrant. Use an external email client like Thunderbird or Enigmail, download your emails and store them locally. Never leave them on the server.

Email alternatives
Look into email alternatives such as : Bitmessage, I2P-Bote, Retroshare

8. Use encryption for messaging


Encryption is the process of making a message unreadable to third parties. Some programs do it for you, manually you can use a program like GPG4win or similar which uses PGP encryption.

The way it works is this :

1) You create your public key.
2) You digitally sign the information with your private key, so when the other side verifies it with their own public key, they can confirm that it is indeed YOUR public key. (WebOfTrust)
3) When someone wants to write to you he encrypts it using the public key you provided, or the other way around.
4) You then use your PRIVATE key to decrypt the message he sent you.
Here is a tutorial:

Mobile encryption
There are encryption possibilities for your phone as well. First, set encryption on your Android device. Second, use an app called Signal

9. Scrub EXIF data of photos you post online


When you take a photo with a particular device, often it registers what device you used to take the photo, when and where it was taken. To avoid this problem, before posting online use an EXIF scrubber. It is a piece of software that deletes all information that might incriminate you.

Some examples are BatchPurifier Lite and Exif Pilot. Also, careful with what photos you post of course, nothing that could indirectly lead to you.

10. Torrent and stream safely


Torrenting can be useful for file transferring. If you plan to torrent anything or share something with friends, look into safer peer to peer torrenting. P2P is good for small files. Generic torrent services are good for larger files.

One advice I have is avoid torrent programs known for their untrustworthiness, such as BitVomit (BitComet) and uTorrent (closed source + adBloat). qBit, Deluge, Tribler (this one’s interesting) are good options (open source and lightweight).

Beware of laws in certain countries that forbid downloading stuff online. Germany is particularly infamous for this. There are ways to combat this issues through VPNs. But DO NOT USE TOR, I REPEAT, DO NOT USE TOR FOR FILE SHARING. For even more secure anonymous file sharing look into I2P (beware avg speed: 30 kbs per sec)

As for streaming, Popcorn Time and other analogous services (such as PornTime) are used to stream new movies (and porn) respectively. They are based on BitTorrent technology. They are relatively safe services, as long as you use a VPN.

11. Encrypt the files on your PC

Use VeraCript, a piece of software designed to encrypt disk partitions or whole USB drives. It is the successor of TrueCrypt (which stopped development after feds asked them to include vulnerabilities).

Hide files in images
Also, another interesting technique is to hide text, videos and other stuff in pictures, it’s called Steganography.

12. Look into this promising new technology for your online needs

The 3 pieces of software I am about to recommend are TOX , RetroShare and diaspora.

TOX is a Skype clone with focus on privacy.

Retroshare is a private network service. You can use it for private mailing and other purposes. Here is a demonstration video:

diaspora is a social network designed for privacy and decentralization https://diasporafoundation.org/

Another  interesting possibility for ROK people is to use a .onion or .i2p domain or freenet for a sort of “secret” webpage, unavailable to casuals out there.

To summarize

I think this advice will benefit the ROK community for protecting their anonymity and using secret backup channels for future purposes. Here is a quick cheat sheet:

Casuals: VPN paid with shuffled bitcoin + VPNcheck Pro, Signal on Android, Firefox with add-ons for casual use, Tor for shitlordery, Encrypted mail and hard disk, password manager, ProtonMail for daily use, throwaway mail—everything else, Thunderbird with add-ons, EXIF scrubber. Download email on PC then delete off server.

Advanced: Same as above + Tor combined with VPN, I2P and Freenet, (TBitmessage I2P-Bote Retroshare) instead of mail, becoming mail provider, diaspora*

Super advanced: Same as above + Multiple VPNs, Using Tor off of TailsOS in a public space where cameras cannot film you. Alternative OS and Virtual machines. Secure you router.

Here’s a good collection of security resources.

Always remember, there is no way to remain completely anonymous, just ways to make it harder to be detected.

Why Do They Do it?: Our Criminal Leaders Murder Millions, Including the Best of Our Own People

via Darkmoon

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

President Barack Obama is fond of telephoning mediocre homosexual athletes and making a big deal of congratulating them for their “courage” at “coming out of the closet”, but when it comes to a true American hero, someone who stands up for individual freedom, “for liberty and justice for all” like Lavoy Finicum, who was shot to death in the Oregon snow by smelly government hit men, Obama is nowhere to be found. He probably was out playing golf, or sneaking into some gay bath house in Chicago.

More recently, he might have killed his own Supreme Court justice. We know he has ordered the deaths of many other Americans who had stories to tell that he didn’t want told. We live in a system that allows the powerful to commit crimes while imprisoning those of lesser status who have committed no crime at all.

But that’s just the prerogatives of power, the perquisites of presidents, in a “civilized” society that has always been foul, rank and unjust.

American scumbags have taken over the country. Everyone in America is at risk, not just from the government but by those who are paid by the government to keep their mouths shut, like those Harney County employees who couldn’t say what they really saw or they would have lost their jobs.

American scumbags? No, I’m not talking about our presidential candidates, although I could be. Every one of them is passionate about killing innocent people all over the world, about perpetuating the fiction that the USA is a global force for good (as the Navy ad tries to tell us) when it is really a malevolent menace to all life.

All these so-called candidates, sincerely or not, have swallowed the lies that Arab terrorists in Afghanistan blew up the middle of New York City and that was why it was OK to bomb Iraq back to the Stone Age, even though Iraq had nothing to do with it. And now all of these rich liars, when they can tear themselves away from castigating their opponents, are ready, willing and able to bomb the next country the Jews order them to destroy. “Vote for me,” they say. “I’ll kill people.”

And no, I’m not necessarily talking about our past presidents, either, because every one of them already has been an accessory to mass murder (to put it mildly), and all of them have proven they didn’t work for the people who elected them. They devoted their corrupt efforts to the people who put them in power, the Jewish financiers who have bought and sold America over and over again and will continue to until they are rounded up and put in a safe place where they can’t harm anybody else.

The safest place, of course, would be a graveyard, but these misanthropes will deserve no markers for their bones when that happens, for the damage they have done and are doing to the world is incalculable.

And alas, we know by now that we will never free ourselves from these pathological parasites as long as Jewish shysters run the White House, Jewish bankers control what’s left of our currency, and Jewish perverts hypnotize our defective population with feculence from our TV networks, movie studios and universities.

American presidents are on a par with TV anchorpersons. They can be removed at will by one imprudent innuendo about the Jews who control the world, removed by some shameful scandal or sudden death by heart attack machine.

And you can no longer appeal to the better natures of public officials because, like the cops, they are all owned by Jews and are not in the business of helping you, they only help the cops and the judges and lawyers who are perpetually poised to take your property and your life on the flimsiest pretext, or no pretext at all.

But there is one category of American that you are mostly likely to overlook as the real reason for the disintegration of our “greatest country on Earth”, and that reason would be because it’s a category you are in.

The people most responsible for the destruction of the USA are the ones who paid their taxes, waved their flags and supported the criminals who have served as our public officials over the last century, the people who supported that covert criminality that has led us to this preposterous situation of our jobs being sent overseas, our money being worthless, and our public officials lying about everything as they work for those who enslave us instead of we ignorant citizens who elected them.

Today we are a nation of reality deniers. Standing out in the street because our homes and our property have been stolen from us, we shrug our shoulders and accede to defeat, whining “there’s nothing we can so why worry about it”. Many of these pathetic people (who are just like us) will one day lie down in the street and die, whimpering.

As long we continue to take our cues from mainstream media, we are lost. As long as we continue to employ electronic vote counting, we will never have leaders we can trust. As long as we insist on public officials who take their orders from Jewish bankers, unless we turn to crime, we will become penniless, our health will radically deteriorate, and our lives will be drastically shortened.

So far, all we hear from the American masses is one ethnic group blaming another, and the kosher government fanning the flames of this discord in the hope that it will become violent enough to send in the police and the mercenaries, all suitably trained in Israel, to riddle the populace with hollow point bullets and poison gas.

Don’t tell me that these things are not your responsibility. It will make me scream at you, “You stupid son of a bitch. You have killed our country.”

But then, almost everybody is screaming that nowadays as scapegoating — blaming all our problems on someone else when often we are just as responsible for them as they are — has atomized the population into violently argumentative ethnic groups.

Muslims are our enemies

I am in complete agreement with the bombastic presidential candidate Donald Trump that all Muslims should be banned from entry into the United States. The justification is simple and obvious.

Muslims believe that anybody who does not believe that Allah is the Supreme Being and that Muhammad is his prophet, deserves instant death, preferably by way of a righteous beheading.

This instruction automatically disqualifies Muslims from American citizenship, because they can never adhere to America’s finest rule, the very first thing mentioned the U.S. Constitution, which is the guarantee of freedom of religion.

I am an ardent believer in freedom of religion, with the caveat that Judaism is not a real religion, but only the twisted crime scheme of homicidal parasites that has warped and wrecked practically every nation on the planet with its false psychotic pronouncements, which are obviously insane to anyone with a functioning brain.

Islam and Judaism share that xenophobic attitude of murdering all those who refuse to accept their warped disquisitions. Both creeds believe that nonbelievers are not really human and should be killed with all possible speed.

All Muslims now living in America are in violation of that Constitutional protection, and consequently should either be arrested for treason, prosecuted, convicted and executed (treason in time of war is automatically subject to the death penalty, something that applies to Obama and the other presidents, which I shall discuss at a later date) or summarily deported to their pathetic country of origin — their choice.

First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
The fact that our Founding Fathers stipulated that freedom of religion was the first and most important plank of the document that would govern their new country was largely due to the profusion of religious sects that had settled in their new country toward the end of the 18th century.

(The frequent and continuing abridgments of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the government’s murder of the Freedom of Information Act shall be discussed in a later article.)

Of course, Muslims were not part of the American equation in 1776. The religious spectrum was primarily composed of sundry Christian variations, although a large percentage of the politicians at the time were Deists, who endorsed the idea of a supreme being but not of a divine offspring.

Furthermore, and despite the hypocritical handwringing of politicians and media aspiring to be politically correct, prohibitive presidential favorite Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim remarks have already been vindicated by the revelation that a mostly forgotten law prohibits Islamic immigration to the United States.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, Section 212, chapter 2, prohibits entry into the U.S. by aliens belonging to an organization seeking the unlawful overthrow of the federal government by force, violence or other unconstitutional means.

Islamic immigration is illegal under this law. Why? the Qu’ran, Sharia law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam. For Muslims, this command supersedes allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and as a consequence, makes them ineligible for U.S. citizenship.

Unfortunately, we have a president who has seized the office illegally and very much approves of and is assisting the Islamic overthrow of the U.S. government.

The law states that those applying for entry into the U.S. who are affiliated with any organization that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited. <http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=3dd_1449612435#DC20eKGsiWs3qj5i.99>
The Muslim religion is utterly incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and Muslims simply should not be allowed to live in the USA. At least then, the Jew-owned government that constantly conducts all these false flag terror attacks against American citizens could no longer blame these deceptive masquerades on Islamic terrorists.

The grisly example of what is happening today in Europe should serve as an adequate warning that allowing Muslims into the United States will result in total chaos, mass rapes and the destruction of our country.

If Muslims should go, what about the Jews?

Actually, the idea of repatriation of undesirable immigrants has been mostly discussed by whites concerning the blacks and Latinos who have overrun America’s social systems and deprived whites of the opportunities and benefits that were rightfully theirs before Jew-controlled politicians open the floodgates to Third World immigration in 1965.

The proof of this theory is aptly demonstrated by the landmark video “Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs” by Roy Beck that can be found at https://www.numbersusa.org and clicking under Immigration Videos.

Regardless of how Vice President Joe Biden rhapsodized about the Jews’ positive effect on American life, if you really wanted to kick somebody out of the country that would instantly improve America’s health, that group would be the Jews, who like vampires have sucked the blood from the United States and turned it into a near cadaver on life support.

Unfortunately today we have a Jew-run presidential administration working to sabotage the American population, to water it down with African savages and Latin American peasants to create a nation of beggars cravenly dependent on government handouts and devoid of the resourceful gumption necessary to achieving genuine independence and self-sufficiency.

I have always believed that all of the nasty, perverted pronouncements of the so-called Jewish holy book known as the Talmud should be reversed, and that all the terrible sadistic penalties the Jews wish to inflict on non Jews be reversed, and that non-Jews should be encouraged and empowered to inflict on the Jews.

With that in mind I would commend you to consider the rabbi’s remarks in this bone chilling tale, titled “Israeli rabbi calls for the execution of all Palestinians” <>

A senior Israeli rabbi says Tel Aviv should execute Palestinians instead of arresting them and “leave no one alive” in order to establish safety in the occupied Palestinian territories, Palestinian media report.

“Israeli army has to stop arresting Palestinians,” Shmuel Eliyahu said in a message posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday, adding, “but, it must execute them and leave no one alive,” Palestine News Network reported.

I enthusiastically propose the good rabbi’s recommendation be totally reversed and all the non Jews of the world should carry out the rabbi’s wish and leave no Jew alive in order to establish a liberating safety throughout the whole world.

Perhaps then Americans could return to the time when they were concerned about their neighbors instead of the Jewish ethic that has been imposed on the population to either rob or rape their neighbors.

Fact is, Jews have turned America into a savage nation utterly without honor whose word cannot be trusted and whose citizens are at grave risk from the pathological criminals who run their so-called government. In all fairness, perhaps the word of America never could be trusted, if its sordid dealings with the native Americans are any indication.

The Jews need to be locked up in one place where they can’t be parasites on unsuspecting non Jewish victims and they can prey on themselves until they go extinct.

And what about all these wailing blacks who bite the hand that liberated them, then burn down their own neighborhoods while protesting the deaths of known drug dealers who are shot by the police?

Their claim that “black lives matter” clearly implies that white lives don’t, and this widening chasm threatens to destroy America, particularly as more Third Worlders pour into the country at the behest of America’s first Negro president.

Blacks want to turn America into Africa

Of course the Jews would like that. In fact, Jews championed all this unrestrained immigration for the very purpose of weakening all the white countries of the world, seeking to replace self-reliant, functioning citizens with mindless drecks totally dependent on a central authority, something blacks have largely been willing to do, judging by generations of them who never have seemed able to escape the welfare rolls.

The Jews want an undereducated barely functioning population that can’t perceive the scams exploiting them, and blacks seem ready made for this role.

One thing I’ve noticed about these righteous black protesters, particularly the uppity rabble rousers on college campuses, is that they are never particularly concerned with the overall welfare of the nation, but only with the free things they can get from the government. They are demanding advantages on top of all the affirmative action benefits they have already received at the expense of increasingly poor white people.

Since America elected a half black president, white people have noticed with extreme resentment at the intrinsic unfairness of the egregiously generous benefits that have been offered to new residents from south of the border and other poor areas of the world. In addition, white people have also noticed that disgruntled blacks seem to really enjoy burning down their own neighborhoods when participating in legitimate social protests. These acts of arson are seldom observed in the social protests of white people.

Then there is the matter of cultures of previous generations. White people came to America from relatively cultured European countries, some of which had gigantic intellectual and material legacies that helped create an American society which the entire world has chosen to emulate.

What cultural traditions did Black people bring to America’s melting pot? Blacks came from African jungles on a continent that, with the sole exception of Libya, has yet to produce a productive country that is not controlled by exploitative white financiers, and therefore have not, in recorded history, created a viable culture of their own.

Yet advocates of the “black lives matter” shtick proudly want to impose their retarded culture and rituals on a white country, America, which prospered when white culture and rituals were followed with integrity, and now founders as black nihilism and sloth are promoted by cynical Jewish promoters always seeking to degrade stable societies by drugs, sex and self-destructive anarchy.

Jewish culture promoters encourage jungle behavior as a main method of destabilizing staid but stable white society, in which individual initiative is promoted over a parasitic dependence on social welfare systems.

The discussion about repatriating blacks to their original homelands took place during the time of Abraham Lincoln but never gained wide acceptance, probably because too few rich folks, especially in the North, wanted to give up their slaves. <http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/feb/9/book-lincoln-sought-to-deport-freed-slaves/?page=all>

But this current emphasis on turning America into a multicolored nation is probably the worst thing that ever happened to a republic that when white was idolized by the world, and since adding knife wielding demons from Somalia and God knows who from Syria, it has been profoundly soiled by demonic Jewish influence, it has become the pariah of the world, known today as the killer robots who do the Jews’ dirty work all over the globe.

The rest of the world has had enough of whites

Go ask an Indian. He’ll tell you white man speak with forked tongue. You can’t trust a single thing he says. From Adam in the Garden of Eden to Hillary in the halls of Congress  . . . nothing but tall tales . . . and self-serving lies. The white man broke every treaty he ever made with the red man, as America has broken every agreement it ever made with the rest of the world.

According to 90+ percent of the world’s population — which is not white — white nationalism is a fool’s mission.

And according to all whites who do not espouse white nationalism, they believe Thomas Jefferson’s words that all men are created equal.

It is, after all, the white man that paved paradise and put up a parking lot, invented a technological world that kills 200 species per day, that burns the forests and fouls the sky, and then claims he is the pinnacle of civilization, which he built on the corpses of millions of native Americans and millions of buffalo.

Of course the Jews have taken this to mean it’s OK to destroy the white race, because they want to be the white race themselves and rule the world from the top of the pecking order. The two groups are very much alike, and it’s hard to tell them apart, particularly now with Jews controlling the American money supply, and Americans sucking up very hard to keep the Jews paying them for the crimes they commit.

The big problem with white nationalists — or all those who thing they have any chance of returning to a lily white world, or worse, that they can carve out some sort of white enclave for themselves — is that they don’t realize three things.

1. Whites who believe they can still create a whites-only society for themselves are utterly unable to comprehend the damage they have done to the countries they have plundered and the people they have murdered in search of the perfect profit, in search of progress through an exploitative process they came to call colonialism. They have morphed the survival instinct into a social sadism that recognizes only themselves as legitimate citizens of the world.

Whites have taught the colored races of the world to be swindlers and cheaters, rather than responsible citizens. There is no limit to the blowback from this behavior. It pollutes the entire world. Nobody can trust what anybody else is saying.

Everybody who wins wars thinks they’re the greatest group that ever lived, until they lose a war, like the Greeks and the Romans. Then they disappear into history, forgotten by time and men’s minds. The societies they have built eventually sink into blood-soaked sand.

What was utterly lacking in the whites’ process in winning wars, vividly demonstrated by the extermination of the American Indian, was a legitimate understanding of their own moral and religious codes, in which the command to “do unto others” was totally superseded by “steal what you can” and “kill whom you must”.

The main requirement to accomplish this ugly task is to believe the enemy is not fully human, and we have always had holy men who for the right price are willing to point out who is evil and needs to be destroyed.

But the hypocrisy eventually comes flying back at us in the form of blowback, as the evils of sadistic exploitation are returned tenfold by those who have nurtured their resentment for generations.

2. Over 90 percent of the world is nonwhite. For whites to create a whites only bastion for themselves would mean they would be constantly under attack by those seeking the creature comforts white have created for themselves. We see that now in spades all across Europe with unrealistic Middle Easterners and starving Africans expecting to find a free lunch in Europe, and because of the addled attitudes of Communist leaders betraying their own citizens, often find it in places like Sweden and the United States (much to the dismay of the native white inhabitants).

3. There is no problem carving out a black enclave because mostly no other color wants to go there because it’s so primitive, backward, and devoid of creature comforts. Whites have themselves to blame for creating such attractive living environments.

But rather than absorbing immigrants who wish to emulate white cultural behavior, it would have been a lot smarter to have taught them to create their own white-like cultures in their own original countries, and that remains the best recommendation for everyone’s future, if any of us legitimately possesses a real future.

The Indians couldn’t defend themselves against technology

There are those who attempt to say that the noble savage lived the ideal life, in synch with nature, praying to their holy spirits to forgive them for the game they killed to survive. Yet they couldn’t survive the germs the white killers brought from Europe, or defend themselves against the technological superiority of the invaders. And if there ever was an ethnic group that inflicted constant violence upon their neighbors, it was the majority of American indians.

Thomas Goodrich wrote a hair raising account (“Hellstorm”) of what happened to innocent Germans after their country was obliterated, but equally disturbing is his earlier book (“Scalp Dance”) that chronicles the grisly details of what Western indian tribes did to the first white American settlers who journeyed into their territories.

Yet on the balance scales of history dwells the image of the Puritan Pilgrims, who first colonized the northeast quadrant what later became the USA, once before it was ruined by the Jews was touted as the greatest country every. (And it still is that in a few remote places that have not been scalded and sterilized by the robotic Jewish corporate mentality.

These Pilgrims would have died were they not shown how to grow corn and other crops by the considerate Indian tribes of southeastern Massachusetts. To repay them for their kindness, the white settles slaughtered the Pequot Indians of southeastern Connecticut, poisoned many other tribes with smallpox blankets, slaughtered and burned their women and children, and then bragged about what they had done to their insane god.

This orgy of violence continued across North America for 300 years and since has spilled over throughout the world, where it continues to this very day.

So these are the American scumbags who have taken to whining among themselves about who is better than whom. Their bickering plays right into the hands of those who plan to kill off most of the contenders and capture the world, with a much smaller population, for themselves.

The scales of justice

Today is sure looks like the white race are the new Indians, rapidly being extinguished by colored birthrates that far exceed the size of white families, who have voluntarily reduced their reproductive rates because the Jews scammed them into believing the world was overpopulated.

If you want to disqualify Muslims from living in America, then you sure as hell should ban Americans from living in any Muslim county. Just compare the damage each has done to the other.

The Americans, British, French and Australians, and other assorted white countries have absolutely annihilated nearly all the Islamic countries of the world. What have Muslims done to America, Britain, France and Australia? Stolen a few neighborhoods in Detroit, Minneapolis, Malmo and Marseilles?

So who got the short end of the stick? The thousands of white people inconvenienced in dysfunctional Western cities, or the millions murdered by Jew controlled white bombers attacking innocent people for reasons that were clearly whole-cloth lies?

Walk a mile in the other man’s shoes and the answer becomes clear. The only way to peace is to maintain a respectful separateness, which doesn’t exclude visiting other countries for the purposes of travel or trade, but doesn’t encourage large scale immigration to strange places, because that, as we have seen, only creates large scale disruptions and insoluble animosities.

This entire “strength in diversity” mantra has been nothing but a Jewish scam and is wrecking both Europe and America.

All this clambering all over the world in something people ought to be able to find at home flies in the face of what Ralph Waldo Emerson called the failure of our educational system. We have not been taught how to live functional and rewarding lives, so we travel the world in order to find them, but seldom do. In this way the world has been torn apart, by raiders destroying other countries, and by those seeking refuge in faraway places trying in vain to re-create the homes they left behind.

The identity of the criminals, the enemy, the killers all depend on who you are. Who has done the exterminating and who has been exterminated. It all depends on where you’re from. And a better understanding of this is the only way the world will ever find peace.

At the end of his famous essay “Self-reliance”, Emerson wrote
Rather than admiring property, the cultivated man is ashamed of it, especially of property that is not acquired by honest work. Respect for property leads to a distortion of political life: Society is corrupted by people who regard government as primarily a protector of property rather than of persons.
Most of us paying attention have figured out by now that presidents don’t work for the American people, they serve the invisible ghouls who allow them to run for president because they won’t blow the cover of the people nobody knows but who run the world.

I filled out a questionnaire tonight for the Florida Republican Party, and I told them the last five presidents should all be tried for treason. I think you could add all the current presidential candidates, too, even Trump, certainly Mrs. Clinton, and all the other sycophants, agreeing to pretend that lies are truth and America had a right to destroy all those other countries and station uniformed killers all over the world to protect “democracy”.

Of course what they all have done to other countries pales in the minds of Americans to what they’ve done to America, Holder selling guns to Mexican drug gangs so they can run rampant over Arizona ranchers, the CIA smuggling drugs into ghettoes so the Israeli-trained cops can bust the fools who use drugs and keep the prisons populated.

Go home. Be among yourselves, your friends, your kinsmen, your family. There is no stronger or safer place to be on Earth, no safer place to be than with those who understand you. Seek not to lord it over those less advantaged then yourselves. Rather seek to pull those below you up to your level, and respectfully ask those above you to pull you up to theirs. In this way peace will come, not by conquest, but by gratitude.

But we need a government to protect us, and we don’t have one. We need to deal with that, before it deals with us. But if we’re all scumbags like the leaders we have now, we may justifiably count on never finding a decent government, and that will be the end of us.