Mar 3, 2016

Family and the Land: The Case of Paulina Forslund

via Omaimon Paradosis

Editor's Note: This commentary was written by someone who clearly speaks English as a second language. They did a great job, but we made some small editorial changes for the purpose of making it clearer.

What's the model of a white woman that is promoted today? To put in short, its the "sex and the city" type of woman. A large number of White females today are turned into miserable creatures who think that they are "free" and "independent" because they change sex partners every night, can get as drunk and "high" as they want, spend entire days in shopping malls and can pair-up with Muslim and Africans apes just because they want to follow their music or fashion idols.

Sad but true.

On the other side there are women like Paulina Forslund. A Swedish woman, who is wife and mother of a large (and growing) family of eight children and a National Socialist activist married to a man with the same ideas and way of living. That's a "fatal error" for the preachers of cosmopolitanism that dominate European nations today. Because of their 24/7 propaganda for the opposite way of life, Paulina Forslund is seen as giving a "bad example".  She chose the hard way of life that features dignity and pride of the "Family and The Land" instead of crawling in the mud of "sex and the city" and other similar degenerate ways.

Because they chose to live this honorable life, her husband has been arrested for "hate speech." The video that follows will give you more details. Support this woman by your donation or at least spread this around to more people. Keep in mind that by doing nothing, its like leaving our women alone to the claws of the enemies of Europe.

Nationalist Unity: A Report

via Western Spring

Recently, five Nationalists from three groups met in Portsmouth with a view to co-operating in the advancement of the Nationalist Cause. The three groups were Western Spring, Pie and Mash Squad, and the New British Union (NBU).
It was immediately evident that the Pie and Mash Squad are a close-knit group consisting of long-standing friendships (it is clear they have each other’s backs), and so it was especially heartening for myself and the NBU lad to be welcomed with such trust and hospitality. It was refreshing also to see and speak with the NBU lad –a well-spoken and well turned out youngster from leafy North Hampshire whose great uncle was an active member of the Mosley’s British Union. (It’s becoming increasingly evident that the inane narrative of “knuckle-dragging, drunken, far-Right skinheads” –regurgitated by the controlled media and Establishment’s Red lackeys– is now untenable, especially in light of Nationalist youth with their fashy haircuts, well-cut smart clothes, university education, fresh perspectives, and admirable dedication.

Putting aside our slight ideological variants and different perceptions of strategy and tactics, we were all from the offset in agreement that Nationalist unity is possible and should be encouraged. However, we jokingly acknowledged that it is impossible to expect everyone to conform to subjective ideological purity and resolved to admit the folly of expecting such. Ultimately, people are different, and this difference manifests in the many variants of Nationalism –a truism that ought to be recognised and worked with. It was agreed there is no problem with groups working together if all persons are working for the same end goal: the survival, proliferation, and development of the natives of our land here and across Europe. To further this point, I strongly urge you revisit The Twin Principles of Racial Nationalism.

We have no time for spats, sideshows, and pantomimes. We all know what needs to be done –but we all have different perspectives on how to do it. However, this divergence of ideas does not justify our not working together on common goals and for the Cause. The survival of the White race is paramount; everything else is secondary. The White Army and the Freikorps were collectives consisting of many entities that unified to fight communism –and we must follow that example against our common enemy if we are not to be left atomised and in disarray.

Power of UnityThe Pie and Mash Squad are autonomous Nationalists: a group without a leader, but a sizeable force of lads who know the problem, feel they have a solution, and consistently act without the need of being told to. They should be an inspiration to all who are left floundering without the direction of the Dear Leader. That is not to say that a strong, charismatic leader does not motivate; however, as our circumstances have necessitated a change of tactics –a metapolitical extra-parliamentary plan B– the fuhrerprinzip (while to many not redundant) was mostly evident in, and perhaps best-suited to, the party system and another age. And if motivation is thus so reliant –contingent upon being told what to do and how to do it– then in the absence of such a figure, demotivation is unfortunately the natural consequence.

A topic of particular interest was the standard-demonstration-versus-flash-demonstration debate. We were all of the mind that flash demonstrations are more effective and successful –and this has been, and will remain, the strategy of Pie and Mash Squad. Indeed, they spoke highly of a recent article on the Dover demonstration, at which a large number of the Squad was present as a security contingent.

After much political discussion we turned to the metapolitical, extra-parliamentary, social half of Nationalism. It was suggested that all but two seniors of the sizeable Squad, and others, would be interested in attending Legion’s summer camp. I reassured them that much-more senior gentlemen often attend Legion’s camps; that exercise and physical activities are optional; that there is no obligation to do anything; and that at Legion’s camps there is something for everyone –an important point of the weekend being networking, and the promotion of camaraderie and bonds of kinship within the tribe.

In closing, I thank all four lads for taking the time and effort to network and build unity. I look forward to meeting the many others in the area and working with you all in the coming weeks of our future collective struggle.

Step it up, White man, and be your own leader. Seek out and contact others in your area, and further afield, and get involved. Share along with me the morale boost that results from the assurance that you have many other like-minded kinsmen in your immediate area and are not alone and isolated.

Institutionalized Theft

via The Thinking Housewife

• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 21 May 2013

• Speaker: Godfrey Bloom MEP, UKIP (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group -

• Joint Debate: Banking union - single supervisory mechanism

1. Specific tasks for the European Central Bank concerning policies relating to the prudential supervision of credit institutions
Report: Marianne Thyssen (A7-0392/2012)
- Report on the proposal for a Council regulation conferring specific tasks on the European Central Bank concerning policies relating to the prudential supervision of credit institutions
[COM(2012)0511 - - 2012/0242(CNS)]
Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

2. European Banking Authority and prudential supervision of credit institutions
Report: Sven Giegold (A7-0393/2012)
- Report on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EU) No 1093/2010 establishing a European Supervisory Authority (European Banking Authority) as regards its interaction with Council Regulation (EU) No.../... conferring specific tasks on the European Central Bank concerning policies relating to the prudential supervision of credit institutions
[COM(2012)0512 - C7-0289/2012 - 2012/0244(COD)]
Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

• Video: EbS (European Parliament)

• EU Member States:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom

Nordicism Today

via Counter-Currents

In general, northwest European nations and nations of predominantly northwest European descent (such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), have in the modern era been more prosperous, cohesive, dynamic, and civil than other European nations. There is a downright boring regularity with which international organizations and think-tanks report, year after year, that the “nicest” places to live are Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, and Canada. The most economically prosperous and dynamic Western countries consistently include the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Germany (the latter despite absorbing an economically deformed and damaged East Germany).

The relationship between northwest Europeans and other Europeans in some respects parallels that between Europeans and non-Europeans: There is often pronounced envy for the Northwest Europeans’ perceived success, often seesawing between imperfect imitation and nativist self-assertion.

There are something like concentric circles of self-confidence and envy as one goes from the northwest European core outwards. This is particularly evident in the politics of the European Union, in which tensions and crises often reflect heterogeneity between European nations.

Thus France, despite being a fairly strong performer generally, looks longingly upon German economic competitiveness. French elites have also been jealous of German economic discipline in avoiding recourse to inflation and monetary devaluations. French elites’ push to create the euro common currency was in part motivated by a desire to lock France into a Germany-style monetary system in which devaluations and inflation would be materially impossible, thus, they thought, forcing Teutonic discipline and virtue upon the country.

Italy, with a prosperous northern part of the country and an underperforming south, is much the same. The Italians adhere to the European Union as a way of achieving a northern European quality of life and civility. Italian participation in the Eurozone was, quite explicitly, predicated on a desire to abandon the undisciplined chaos of Italian parliamentary politics and its associated inflation and deficits. Italian elites quite self-consciously chose, instead, to subject their country to a semi-authoritarian European macroeconomic regime, in the hope of acquiring German-style monetary and budgetary disciplines.

One could say the same thing of Spain, Portugal, Greece, and indeed most of the Balkans, such as Romania and Bulgaria. In each case, the nation’s economics are mediocre and her politics and society are variably corrupt, and each longs to live like northern Europeans by associating with them through the European Union. The same is true for some prospective nations seeking to join the Union such as Ukraine, Serbia, and Moldova. They all hope northwest European virtue will rub off on them as a result of socialization in a joint polity.

One can enlarge the circle further still: Russia has long been torn between Westernizing and nativist tendencies. No doubt Nikolai Trubetzkoy has written most eloquently on the Sisyphean futility of aping northwest Europeans (whom he called “Romano-Germans”):

Europeanized [i.e. Westernizing] nations, finding it impossible to keep pace with the Romano-Germans and so gradually falling behind, try to catch up from time to time by attempting long leaps. Such leaps distort the entire course of historical development. A nation must cover very quickly a distance that the Romano-Germans covered gradually and over a much longer period of time. It must skip several historical rungs and create overnight, ex abrupto, what arose in Romano-Germanic nations as a result of a “series of historical changes”. The consequences of such “leaping” evolution are terrible. Every leap is followed by a period of apparent (from the European standpoint) stagnation, when it is necessary to bring order to the culture, to coordinate the results achieved by a leap in a particular area with other elements of the culture. During this period of “stagnation”, the nation again falls even farther behind. The histories of Europeanized nations are always characterized by brief periods of apparent “progress”, alternating with more or less protracted periods of “stagnation”. In destroying the wholeness and the unbroken incrementalism of the historical process, such historical leaps also disrupt tradition, which is already fragile in a Europeanized nation.
Let us emphasize: unbroken tradition is a prerequisite for normal evolution. Leaps and jumps create a temporary illusion that the “common European level of civilization” has been achieved, but they cannot advance a nation in the true sense of the word. Leaping evolution wastes national energies, which are already overburdened owing to the very existence of Europeanization. Just as a person who, in trying to keep pace with a speedier companion, will become exhausted and collapse after resorting to long jumps to catch up, so a Europeanized nation will perish after choosing such an evolutionary path and squandering there its national energies. And all of this will happen while faith in oneself is lost, and without the sustaining sense of national unity which was destroyed long before by the fact of Europeanization.

No doubt, trying to acquire northwest European habits through socialization is not an entirely futile idea. But personally, I tend to side with Trubetzkoy and Mircea Eliade in thinking that each European nation should embrace its own personality, rather than lose self-confidence in setting up (northwestern) “Europe” as the ultimate ideal and wasting energies in crudely imitating this imagined model. Nothing is possible, for either a man or a nation, without self-knowledge and self-esteem.

Finally, beyond Europe, Turkey under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk made a strategic decision to shed her imperial, Islamic, and Middle Eastern heritage in favor “joining Europe” with the creation of a secular French-style nation-state. This ambition has failed, Turkey remaining what Samuel Huntington called a “cleft country” torn between civilizations, perpetually kept out of the European Union, and increasingly returning to its Islamic and Middle Eastern roots under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This is visible, not least, in the Turks’ partial abandonment of secularism and their almost Semitic attachment to Turkish immigrants and their descendants in the West. Erdoğan explicitly considers ethnic Turks in the West, regardless of whether they are first generation immigrants or born there, to be an extension of his nation (in this, the Turkish attitude is identical to that of North African Arab governemnts).

Conversely, northwest European countries are often the most skeptical of the EU project. Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland have all opted out of parts of the European Union. These countries, being prosperous and civil on their own, do not feel the need for association with other Europeans to improve their lot and are more likely to have the self-confidence to believe they can get by just fine on their own.

There is another aspect of northwest Europeans which is worth consideration: Their nations are consistently the most “pozzed.” Those nations which are the most fanatical and authoritarian in pursuing the imperatives of liberal-egalitarian and multiculturalist ideology, are typically of northwest European stock. Sweden’s notorious excesses are roundly mocked. Canada’s baby-faced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a caricature of an effeminate liberal, almost every day performing a new emasculating profession of Potemkin equality, of literally crying to disown his ancestors in the hope of appeasing Amerindians, and of justifying feminist policies on the utterly mindless grounds that “it’s [the current year]!” (Trudeau’s profession of egalitarianism is suspect by the fact that, like Hillary Clinton, he is only a senior politician by being the heir of a political family. His egalitarianism is shown to be an outright fraud by his attack on the BDS movement, which argues for relatively minor economic sanctions on Israel until the Jewish state lives up to the West’s supposed democratic ideals and ceases to oppress the Palestinians. Hence Trudeau has no interest in applying egalitarianism on the world’s most ethnocentric and most privileged ethnic group.) Germany has been the most enthusiastic major European nation in welcoming millions of uneducated, often illiterate, low-IQ military-age African and Islamic males. Great Britain and the United States are in general not far behind in proudly advertising their embrace of the suicide cult.

Correlation does not always imply causation. The roots of northwest Europeans performance and degeneracy are no doubt very complex and difficult to disentangle. I have no interest in resurrecting crude Nordicist theories, extremist interpretation of which have, no doubt, been the among the most important causes for European fratricide and collapse in the twentieth century.

But I also believe that the truth should never fear investigation. It seems too much to think all these correlations are mere coincidences. The speculation of many human biodiversity scholars about the so-called “Hajnal line” often smacks as a euphemism, conscious or not, of Nordicism. Speaking of which, the quite obvious genetic cluster formed by northwest European nations just happens to largely coincide with the outlines of the Hajnal line.

All this fits rather neatly with the traditional thesis that northwest Europeans — having evolved during the Ice Age in a harsh environment with low population density — would have been selected from relatively lower ethnocentrism, and possibly for moralistic cooperation, defined by cultural group norms rather than ethnocentric boundaries. It would certainly predict lower corruption among northwest European nations and higher ethnocentrism and relatively intractable corruption everywhere else. No doubt northwest Europeans’ relative success in creating prosperous and comfortable societies, also tends to reduce the ethnocentric instinct and lower their guard to the threats posed by multiculturalism.

In any event, all this should be freely investigated.

As an addendum, I would stress that I have no interest in advocating “Nordic superiority.” Firstly, parochialism and the narcissism of small differences dividing our nations has been disastrous in the past and will be equally disastrous if maintained in the future. Genetic differences among Europeans remain absolutely minuscule compared to differences between continents, and most pointedly between us and rising China or the exploding populations of Africa and the Ummah.

Secondly, no doubt there are unique desirable adaptations among each European group, which should be preserved, identified, and cultivated. What’s more, what is evolutionarily adaptive is highly contextual, depending on often fluctuating environment. Northwest Europeans may have traits which fostered their dynamism and success in the past, but today these same traits seem to make them uniquely vulnerable to egalitarian and multiculturalist propaganda, and are making them wreck their own nations with the greatest enthusiasm. On current trends, we can safely say that within a hundred years America, Anglo-Canada, Quebec, Germany, Great Britain, France, the Benelux countries, and the Nordic countries will simply cease to exist as nations. The existential prospects for eastern and southern European nations, not forgetting Argentina, are infinitely brighter.

Céline believed that the White race’s fate was sealed with Germany’s defeat at Stalingrad. Adolf Hitler failed perhaps above all because of his contempt for the Slavs, a catastrophic error of doctrine for which he, his Germany, and all of Europe paid then and are paying still an incalculable price. And yet — what irony! — today these same Slavs seem to be those most likely to survive this century and carry on the torch of European civilization.

Michael Sheuer on the Shabbos Goy Problem

via The End of Zion

In response to a comment about Jewish control of the U.S. Government on his website, author and ex-CIA intelligence officer Michael Scheuer wrote:
It is true that disloyal, Israel-First Jewish-Americans are an important problem, as well as the main driver of the derangement of U.S. foreign policy into one that results in our involvement in unending and almost always unnecessary wars. They are the engine of corruption on foreign policy issues in the United States. But though they will always be disloyal, they would be absolutely impotent — and, indeed, comical — if their campaign contributions, media power, and threats of political retribution, did not have a seemingly unending supply of prominent and avaricious U.S. citizens who will take their money and do their bidding. And the graft takers, as far as I can tell, are overwhelmingly non-Jewish. The core of the problem is not that there are rich Jewish-American corrupters but that there are many, many, many more prominent non-Jewish Americans who will take the corrupting money and betray their country and the electorate, and this latter group constitutes the core of the Republican and Democratic parties. MFS

So What?

via Radix

Donald Trump won big last night. But the path to victory, our victory has only just begun. For those of us on the Alt-Right, a Trump victory has never been an end in itself, but merely the beginning of a cultural and political counter-attack. And it’s working like a dream.

Michael Brendan Dougherty over at The Week implores his readers not to vote for Trump, even if they want to see “the system” implode, because Trump is a fraud. Well, so what? Even if Trump gets elected and doesn’t implement any meaningful changes, he has already changed the conversation. Questions about immigration, nationhood, and Europe have moved sharply rightwards in a way none of us on the alt-right could have predicted over a year ago.

Over at Conservatism, Inc. the now morose mandarins over at National Review, The Weekly Standard and whatever Erik Erikson is calling his website these days are having a meltdown. Their ideological ground is being pulled from underneath them, and they know it. Now is the time for us to seize the initiative.

Their movement has never been about anything more than securing an existence for their pundits and a future for their inanities. Sam Francis had it right when he said:
All it can do is worry over who is and who is not a "real conservative," which merely means who does and who does not let the self-appointed swamis of the Right do his thinking for him. Depending on the personal strength and success of the particular swamis that lead them, the cults of "movement conservatism" may flourish indefinitely, continue to publish their endless series of unreadable tracts and sermons to their own choirs, and actually meet the payrolls of their staffs, but no one—least of all the swamis in charge—ever expects to gain substantial power or take charge of the rudders of history.
This is almost verbatim as to what is going on in countless beltway “conservative” offices in regards to Donald Trump. He’s a Nazi! a liberal!(or if you’re Jonah Goldberg, both). Which brings us to Dougherty’s attack, ‘he’s a fraud!’. Well again, so what?
The conservative movement has been nothing but a fraud from its very founding. It has conserved nothing and purged any original thinker. Today, it exists as nothing more than a b-squad for the managerial elite consensus in America. The most effective way to think about the “movement” today is as a class conduit for lower middle-class lumpen-intelligentsia to LARP as elites, and maybe, someday be quoted by The New York Times.

For those of us interested in actually shaping history(rather than standing athwart it), the conservative movement is itself a fraud. It has failed to conserve the very basic foundation of this country, it’s historic European majority. It has grown rich while those it claims to speak for have grown poorer and are dying off in ever greater numbers. They want to be ‘on the right side of history’, well good, history is where they belong. The future belongs to us!

Will the Donald solve all of our problems? No, but he has opened up space for us to air them. So here’s to us, the new opposition!

A Primer of Jewish "Holocaust" Perfidy vs. Reality

via Koinen's Corner

Some recent postings on other websites have provided us with a great package of articles concerning the Jewish so-called 'holocaust' that we should pass on to relatives, friends, and co-workers.

First up -- a good source of 'holocaust' reality: Why Do People Still Believe in the "Holocaust?" via Carolyn Yeager, courtesy of Praxis Mag.

Next -- there are 'Holocausts,' and then, there are Holocausts:  The Unmentionable Holocaust by Mike Walsh, courtesy of Renegade Tribune.

More interesting 'holocaust' articles from 2015-2016 courtesy of  Renegade Tribune.

A Jew's brief recounting of 'holocaust' truth vs. falsehoods:  How To Survive The Holocaust  from 'Brother Nathanael' Kapner's Real Jew News.

Last but not least -- the timeless truthmongering of Dr. William Pierce, courtesy of the National Vanguard: The Significance of the Holocaust.

Remember -- the more people we can get to read these kinds of 'holocaust' truth articles, the more we can bring about their awakening to the horrible Jewish lies about this World War II non-event and Jewish perfidy in general.  It is critically important work -- please do whatever you can.

Regarding the Trump Rally in Louisville and Black Lives Matter

via TradYouth

Black Lives Matter began with George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin in self-defense, snowballing from there. With each real and imagined media-hyped instance of violence against a Black person, the movement has grown progressively more aggressive and obnoxious. Statistically speaking, the myth of Blacks being targeted by law enforcement is untenable. In fact, if there’s a reckless disregard for human life and culture of violence to be found, it’s to be found in America’s Black community.

Thanks to the Ferguson Effect, the police have largely left the streets to the criminals in order to avoid additional incidents. The nationwide law enforcement stand-down has proven effective in limiting the number of ambiguous incidents for the media and the movement to feed off of, …though the resulting lawlessness has ironically resulted in a spike in innocent Black lives being lost.

Robbed of their initial raison d’etre, BLM has become a general purpose angry mob which is becoming less a pro-Black thing than a broadly Leftist and anti-White thing. Whenever a major political event is in town, they dive in to bully the crowd, instigate violence, and even in Bernie Sanders’ notorious case, steal the microphone and hijack the entire event.

Trump’s Super Tuesday event in Louisville, a city with a large and restless Black population, was their most recent target, and some friends and I happened to be in attendance. We didn’t go to disrupt the event, pitch our own political goals, or pick fights with the protesters. We attended because we wanted to witness a historic political event, Trump’s campaign on the eve of his Super Tuesday string of victories which have all but sealed his nomination.

Myself and other comrades from the Traditionalist Worker Party braved standing in the pouring rain along with other Trump supporters for several hours before we were able to get into the rally site. The crowd was a mix of young and old, working class and well-off and all had an excitement about them.

When we got into the convention center after passing through metal detectors and even more lines of excited Trump supporters, we settled in a spot near the front of the room. Around us were a collection of mostly older folks, senior citizens who were here to listen to Donald Trump. Within about fifteen minutes however, the situation around us changed dramatically.

I heard a cry of “Fuck you, you piece of shit” and out of the corner of my eye I saw an old White man get shoved forward, drenched in the soda he had been carrying. A large Black woman had just shoved him after she and her crew of Black Lives Matter protesters had shoved through the solid crowd to get closer to the stage. At least one man was knocked to the ground as they charged forward.

The Black woman then went on a screaming tirade of obscenities and threats. The White folks asked her to calm down and that only made her more livid. Trump’s supporters were trying to mind their own business and hear the man speak, talking with one another about his policies or just making small talk with new found friends. A growing crowd of BLM supporters swelled behind us and in several spots around the room.

When Donald Trump finally arrived to speak, almost instantly the BLM crowd started screaming and chanting. We responded to their chants with chants of our own to attempt to drown them out and did so successfully several times. But they ratcheted up their aggression. Honestly, I had planned to merely attend as an idle spectator, but the protesters were as hostile as anything I’ve seen at actual nationalist events. They’ve actually convinced themselves that these rank-and-file Trump supporters and even Trump himself are synonymous with the klan, or at least with outright nationalists like myself.

For some reason, there was virtually no police presence or crowd control, and the disruptors were free to swing around shouting and barking and pushing the crowd around until the crowd finally took matters into their own hands. Multiple situations grew volcanic throughout the event. Police were not seen in the crowd until almost all of the protesters had already been removed by Trump supporters. Evidently, the Ferguson Effect applies to political rallies as well as the streets.

Multiple BLM protesters had engaged in shoving and screaming at whoever was in their way, …females, juveniles, and the elderly alike. The majority of the protesters who were directly behind us were removed after an especially egregious outburst, but several remained peppered throughout the crowd, taking their turns disrupting the speech.

Now there’s some viral footage of several heated moments in Louisville. One features yours truly helping the crowd drive out one of the women who had been pushing, shoving, barking, and screaming at the attendees for the better part of an hour. I’ll avoid any additional Trump events to ensure that I don’t become a distraction, but the entire point of the BLM’s tactics is to push people until they push back. It won’t be me next time, but White Americans are getting fed up and they’re learning that they must either push back or be pushed down.

Taken out of context, the elderly veteran, several others in the crowd, and I appear to be roughing up the woman because she’s Black. There were several Blacks in attendance who were supportive of Trump, and some of the BLM and anti-Trump protesters distanced themselves from the hostile mob, protesting in a civil manner. Trump, for his part, found a Hispanic supporter in the crowd and showcased him and his pro-Trump sign. There were no racial epithets or racial provocations from either the rest of the audience or from our group. There was nothing racial about the event until BLM stormed in and made it racial.

#BlackLivesMatter Protester "Assaulting" Heimbach
#BlackLivesMatter Protester “Assaulting” Heimbach

They crashed the party, as they’ve crashed numerous previous ones and will crash the next one. True to both the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown incidents which kicked off BLM, they escalated the situation; they were the ones who started the violence; and then they conspire with the sensationalist and anti-White media to frame themselves as hapless victims. In their perfect world, they would be permitted to barge in and shove everybody around, then pull the microphone away from the politician without anybody daring to push back.

That might fly in Bernie’s anemic campaign and in the Left’s bizarro “progressive stack,” but it didn’t work in Louisville yesterday. They picked a fight, then lost the fight. They can try to weave together whatever story they want, but there were dozens of cameras swiveling about and there’s a wealth of footage of them being aggressive, disruptive, violent, and threatening before the crowd shoved them out without throwing a single punch or harming a single one of them.

Update (2016/03/02):

Shaun King originated a viral rumor that I stabbed her with a medical syringe. Closer examination of the footage confirms that what’s supposedly a syringe plunging into her chest is actually her medical finger being waved in my face. It’s now taken on a life of its own, like so much other misinformation in their community.

Just thought I’d post the video stills in case anybody was concerned that I might be some kind of diabolical mad scientist.

Eddy Morrison Statement

via Nationalist Sentinel

Many of my close Comrades will know that as I am getting older and my health sadly deteriorating, I can no longer put as much into The Struggle as I have over the last 48 years.

(Has it been THAT long?)

With a potentially problematic health problem I have had to seriously limit my activities ("Hooray" shout the morons as Hope Not Hate).

I have however been able to produce and also rescue from the archives quite a lot of both old and new pro-WN fims.

I know you can watch similar and a lot more on Youtube but despite what you hear, the demand for the physical ownership of a DVD which can be watched comfortably in the front room is still very high.

I am tracking down as many NF/BNP/Spearhead Group and WNP-BPP films as I can and they are going out through eBay and Amazon. Being of historical value I am crossed fingers not finding many being disallowed (but you never know). I have also produced my own line of films - through Valkyrie Films - with titles such as "The Vikings - their story"; "Being Evita" on the life of Eva Peron (which is a bit of a best seller) - Blackshirt!; Panzer; Stuka; and others.....

They will be joined soon by "Mosley!" - a 90 minute film on Oswald Mosley and the BUF and Union Movement, which is still on the production table. I am planning too after that to produce "The Holocaust: History or Propaganda?" - hopefully we can get that into general distribution.

I also have a film site which has a lot of films on as well as RetroMedia which is a Blog I am slowly building on which every film will be available.

  I have one film on Youtube where I have an account. Thi is the freely downloadable "National Front Policies" film It is also available to buy on DVD.

I would urge White Nationalists to popularise this Policy Film and get as many to watch it as possible......

So that's my own contribution to pushing our beloved Cause at a time when the whole of Euroipe looks set to go down in a welter of blood and flame as millions upon millions of non-Whites hammmer at its fragile doors.

White Power Forever!

The Riddle of Rotherham: “Mad Ash,” the Hostile Elite, and the Muslim Rape-Gang Problem

via The Occidental Observer

The Yorkshire town of Rotherham, that hotspot of vibrancy, is back in the news. A gang of Pakistani Muslims (and two White women) have just been jailed for what the judge described as an “appalling catalogue” of sex-crimes against under-aged White girls. The ringleader, Arshid “Mad Ash” Hussain, received 35 years; his brothers Basharat and Bannaras received 25 and 19 years respectively. According to their victims, the gang seemed to “rule Rotherham,” committing brazen crimes “with impunity” for two decades. And there are lots more like them. A lawyer has said: “This trial is just the first of many and it is the tip of a very big iceberg.”

The Rotherham Triangle

And there you see one of the deep mysteries about the vibrant rape-gangs of modern Britain. In smarmy liberal terminology, the Rotherham criminals are of “Pakistani heritage.” Pakistan was once part of the British Raj, an empire created when India was conquered by relatively small numbers of Whites from vast numbers of non-Whites. Whatever your opinion of British imperialism, this was an impressive military and strategic achievement. The higher intelligence, technology and organization of Whites gave them a decisive advantage over less intelligent and less organized non-Whites.

“Tip of a very big iceberg”: Mad Ash & Co.

But in modern Britain that situation is reversed: a minority of non-Whites are behaving as though they rule Whites. The latest vibro-trial from Rotherham has provided stories like these:
One girl was locked up in a room above a restaurant in Blackpool for weeks and forced to have sex with a succession of men to “pay her way”. A 12-year-old was forced to perform sex acts with a group of men in a car after she was picked up from a children’s home. The main victim in the trial was abused by Arshid Hussain almost on a daily basis in churchyards, garages, above a pub. …
Some of the girls suffered horrific violence, one had cigarettes stubbed out on her body, another was blindfolded and had petrol poured on her feet. When one of the victims tried to find a safe house to escape, her abuser threatened to kill her brother. He also told her he had a policeman on the inside so he would always know how to find her. … The horrendous abuse mirrors cases elsewhere in the country and is part of a suspected wider pattern of abuse in the town whose reputation was shattered in August 2014 when Prof Alexis Jay concluded in a report that as many as 1,400 children were exploited in Rotherham over a 16-year period. (How a Rotherham gang with history of criminality abused vulnerable girls, The Guardian, 25th February 2016)
Recall the behaviour of Mohammed Karrar, a Black African Muslim who turned Oxford into another hotspot of vibrancy: “Karrar was brazen in his exploitation of Girl D and acted in the belief that the authorities would never challenge him — something that for years proved to be true.”

Why were Whites unable to organize against and defeat a tiny minority of non-White criminals on British soil? Why is this still happening up and down the country? It’s very puzzling.

Champions of the Proletariat

And it gets even more puzzling when you consider that Rotherham is a stronghold of the Labour party, which was founded, as its very name proclaims, as a passionate champion of the working-class. This is a second deep mystery about the rape-gangs. The girls who were abused in Rotherham are what the snobbish bourgeoisie would call “chavs” or “white trash,” precisely the kind of vulnerable people the Labour party should have been protecting. A phrase like “white trash” would certainly never cross the lips of that dedicated socialist Denis “The Slug” MacShane. But although Denis was Labour MP for Rotherham for nearly twenty years, he failed to notice that large numbers of his young female constituents were being raped, prostituted and threatened with incineration.

Myopic mollusc: Denis MacShane
Myopic mollusc: Denis MacShane

Denis has claimed that “police kept the abuse secret from politicians.” But the politician Nick Griffin, then leader of the British National Party, knew about the abuse long ago. He made a speech condemning it in 2004 and was prosecuted by the New Labour government of which Denis formed such a shining ornament. Denis subsequently went one better than Griffin: in 2013 he was not just prosecuted but jailed for fraud committed on behalf of the Jewish community, which he served far better than he ever served his White working-class supporters.

Cherchez la Féministe

Denis is also a committed campaigner for women’s rights, which raises a third deep mystery surrounding the crimes in Rotherham. Where were the feminists? The behaviour of Arshid Hussain and his brothers represented patriarchal oppression at its foulest and rape culture at its most brazen. Year after year, feminists in the Labour council and social-work departments of Rotherham knew what was going on. But it seems that they were never able to pick up a phone, write a letter or dispatch an email to alert the wider Sisterhood.

It was the Times, the snobbish centre-right newspaper, that exposed the horrors being committed against “white trash” girls in Rotherham, not the staunchly feminist Guardian or the BBC, which broadcasts a daily Woman’s Hour overseen by the part-Jewish matriarch Jenni Murray and the Jewish producer Alice Feinstein. The Guardian and BBC also turned away the lesbian feminist Julie Bindel, who had been trying to alert her comrades to the “grooming gangs” for years. Instead, Bindel had to publish an exposé in a neo-conservative magazine called Standpoint.

For decades, abused women and girls throughout England have been in desperate need of feminist help against violent non-White rapists and pimps. They have never received that help. Instead, feminists have thrown their abundant energies into witch-hunts against elderly White scientists and the promotion of blatantly ridiculous rape-hoaxes. They’ve also campaigned for a tiny minority of mentally unbalanced men who claim that, while they might look like lumberjacks on the outside, they’re actually ladies on the inside. In the same week that Arshid Hussain and his rape-gang were in the news, so was this heart-warming tale of trans-positive feminism:

Lesbian lumberjack: “queer trans disabled” Anna Lee
Lesbian lumberjack: “queer trans disabled” Anna Lee
The first “queer trans disabled lesbian woman” to run for women’s officer at the National Union of Students (NUS), Anna Lee, celebrated her birthday on Tuesday by giving herself a rest from interacting with online abusers, trolls and transphobes. … Lee says that campaigning on women’s rights issues, which she has done for the past two years, has “gone beyond a passion” and taken over her life. She has worked on campaigns to improve sex and consent education in schools; bring greater gender diversity to the curriculum; tackle stigma around periods; get rid of the tampon tax; and stamp out sexual harassment at universities. …
This isn’t the first time that Lee has had to deal with transphobia. When she came out during her first year of university, she lost almost all of her friends — they didn’t want to hang out with a trans person because it was too embarrassing, she says. … This stigma made Lee afraid to run for women’s officer last year. “No one like me has run for a role like this in the past. I’ve never seen it before and that creates a barrier and makes it feel like it is something that you can’t do.”
But, encouraged by young women in the women’s movement, she changed her mind this year. “I’ve had a huge amount of support from women, and people in the women’s campaign. I felt confident putting myself forward for the role because they rallied round and supported me.”
Jo Gowers, women’s officer for the Union of Students in Ireland, has already publically supported Lee, saying: “Anna recognises the gravity of the challenges facing Northern Ireland and Scotland in relation to abortion legislation and, importantly, how this challenge will cascade to Wales and England. I’m proudly backing Anna for NUS UK women’s officer.” (First trans student to run for women’s officer stands up to backlash, The Guardian, 27th February 2016)

Resolving the Riddles

So we have a series of riddles about Rotherham and other hotspots of vibrancy: the impunity of non-Whites, the impotence of Whites, the indifference of feminists and the Labour party. What is the key to unlocking these riddles? I would suggest that it lies in the “community” for which Rotherham’s Labour MP Denis MacShane did work successfully: British Jews.

The ideology presently dominant in the UK might be described as minority worship, or the sacralization of any group whose interests are antagonistic to those of the White majority. The martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence, as overseen by the Jewish “anti-racist” Dr Richard Stone, has bullied the police force into giving non-Whites ever more latitude for misbehaviour. From the Jewish perspective, this is a Good Thing. If British Whites are tolerating active harm by non-Whites, is this not a further guarantee that British Jews are safe from another inexplicable outbreak of irrational anti-Semitism?

However, the pathology induced by minority worship has gone beyond passive tolerance of non-White crime to active collaboration with it. When the father of one of the many victims in Rotherham attempted to rescue his daughter, the police arrested the father for “racial harassment,” not the non-White criminals who were abusing her. But when “three adult [Pakistani] men” were discovered “at 12.45am in the bedroom of a girl in a care home,” guess what? The men were “not arrested.” That’s why it has been impossible for ordinary Whites to organize against the rape-gangs: the authorities are on the side of the criminals, not of their White victims. After all, as Richard Stone and his fellow anti-racists have told us for so long, the so-called criminals are from saintly minorities who are constantly attacked by hate-filled White racists.

“Not a Jewish place…”

The same pro-minority Jewish attitudes are apparent in feminism, which supports mass immigration from deeply misogynist Third-World nations while hysterically insisting that White males are the source of all patriarchal evil. As Labour MP for Rotherham, Denis MacShane combined feminism with pro-Jewish activism while ignoring what was happening to the White working-class in his constituency. To understand his behaviour, examine an article published by the Jewish Chronicle about another New Labour politician: “How Jewish is Jack Straw?” The Chronicle noted that Straw has Jewish ancestry and “looks like a shul warden,” but concluded that “Straw’s father is from Barnsley — not a Jewish place.”

Rotherham isn’t a Jewish place either. Like Barnsley, it’s a benighted goyish town in Yorkshire, many miles from the comfortable Judaeo-centric world of London-based socialists like David Aaronovitch. Denis MacShane, Friend of Israel and connoisseur of haute cuisine, chose to stand for election in Rotherham because it is a safe Labour seat, not because he wanted to help the White working-class there. White votes merely provided his entrée to parliament, where he could pursue his real interests: fighting “anti-Semitism,” curbing free speech, and collaborating in Europe with Jews like Moshe Kantor.

Ultimate Responsibility

In short, the horrors in Rotherham are an example of what happens when Whites allow themselves to be manipulated and dispossessed by a hostile Jewish elite. Remember the words of the lawyer after Arshid Hussain was jailed: “This trial is just the first of many and it is the tip of a very big iceberg.” And that’s just in Rotherham, which even now most British people couldn’t find on a map.

But the non-White rape-gangs are only here because the hostile elite imported them. The ultimate responsibility for these crimes rests with liars, tricksters and propagandists like Tony Blair, Denis MacShane, Sue Berelowitz, Richard Stone and David Aaronovitch. And I don’t think life in jail is a strong enough punishment for what they’ve inflicted on British Whites for so long.

UKIP, Brexit, and Which Out-Group to Back

via Traditional Britain Group

The other day I was talking to two friends, one asked if “anyone else had noticed that the hype around Nigel Farage Farage had in a way ‘fizzled out’, and that he had been covered a lot less in the media, which upon reflection would reflect upon Brexit.” The other agreed, suggesting that “UKIP had peaked”. Well people were saying "UKIP had peaked" before their outright victory in the EU elections of 2014 so we should be careful about counting our eggs…

The reason why it might appear that UKIP has peaked is because they are no longer getting attacked in the media, which was in accordance with the aim of the media in the run up to the election last year i.e. to discredit UKIP and make them look like a bunch of bigots and racists - it clearly worked! However let us not be downhearted about this, UKIP was never the best organisation as it was not as strong on certain points as we would have liked and to be fair one of the criticisms of the party, that it only focuses on one or two policies is largely true.

Look at UKIP as the organisation that brought the immigration debate into the mainstream and triggered this referendum on the EU, and in that regard both Nigel Farage and the party have been extremely successful. Furthermore, the fact that UKIP and Nigel Farage are not in the spotlight at the moment are a huge boon for us, this means that it is less easy for the Out campaign to be smeared with affiliations of racism and bigotry along with xenophobia. I am not saying that it won't happen, because it is, but because of Nigel Farage's focus on the grassroots campaigning and keeping a lower profile, it will have less of an impact.

In my opinion we need to back Leave.EU funded by Aaron Banks (funder of UKIP) and Grassroots Out over Vote Leave who have stated that they will not enact Article 50 immediately upon a successful out vote. I say this because getting the public involved, showing that there is a presence at the bottom and connecting with real people rather than appearing distant, aloof and connected with the Westminster elite, will give a much better chance come 23rd June. I also say this concerning a warning by the managing editor of Breitbart London Raheem Kassam, who in a recent Facebook post said;


“I have WARNED and warned and warned that Vote Leave is NOT campaigning for #Brexit. This is the Twitter account of its campaign director Dominic Cummings who today admitted when we vote to leave he does NOT want to invoke article 50 to actually leave, but rather to hold "informal talks" on our membership with the EU. Make sure everyone knows about this. Grassroots Out is the only way out.”

A final point is that all of the 'Out' groups only impact upon policy in that the Tories (as the current government) choose to accept their suggestions. It will be up to Cameron (or possibly Osborne) after a 'Leave' vote to negotiate. So he can choose to accept any deal that his poor negotiating skills allows. Also means the 'Out' camp can push various options though, even if a mirage.

Food for thought.

Super Trumpsday

via Alternative Right

The big day has come and gone.

In the run up to this plethora of primaries, the mainstream media pulled out all the stops to derail the Trump Train – we had pointed questions about retweeting quotes from Il Duce, attempts to link Trump to another Duke, and the ubiquitous Hitler comparisons, speaking of which, some Leftists even resorted to disease metaphors reminiscent of Nazi propaganda in their flailing attempts to do the Donald down.

But the MSM isn't what it used to be. Super Tuesday has played out rather well for Der Trumpenfuhrer, with victories in seven states and opposition to him in the Republican field still nicely split between ultimate lightweights Cruz and Rubio.

Even Trump's main disappointment – failing to take Texas from Ted Cruz – can be seen as a good thing. Marco Rubio is clearly the preferred candidate of the GOP establishment and the big bucks are now behind him in the same way they were behind "that loser" Jeb Bush, so Cruz clearly needed something substantial from the results to keep him in the game. Losing his "home" state of Texas could have pushed him down towards Carson and Kasich territory, and made Rubio the only viable anti-Trump candidate. Instead Cruz won Texas and so he remains in the game, a game that increasingly favours Donald.

Even if a lot of Cruz support subsequently goes to Trump, as many analysts suppose, Cruz dropping out at this stage would not have been ideal. This is because the GOP establishment, the Left, and the mainstream media could then have concentrated their fire solely on Trump before he could get a numerical lock-down on the nomination. Thanks to Cruz's two wins, the anti-Trump vote will continue to be split in the next few vital weeks, making it easier for Trump to build and consolidate his lead.

In fact, Cruz winning Texas is so advantageous to Trump that one could even speculate that he threw the state on purpose. Nah! Donald wouldn't do that would he? 

But Cruz's continued candidacy also has other benefits for Trump. It helps to promote the idea that Trump may not be all that bad after all in the minds of GOP establishment types, especially compared to the prospect of a Cruz candidacy. Cruz is just as hard-line on illegal immigration as Trump is – some have said more so – but he is obviously much less of a pragmatist than Trump and not as flexible.

Furthermore, a Trump candidacy actually gives the GOP a much better chance to win the White House, because, unlike all the other GOP candidates, Trump has the potential to turn blue states red, including some major ones like Ohio.

Despite the obvious evidence to the contrary, the GOP establishment like to think of themselves as canny operators and masters of political intrigue. It would doubtless give them great satisfaction to think that they might somehow use a Trump candidacy to achieve their own ends, namely by mobilizing their increasingly alienated voter base, stealing a few blue states, and then stumping Trump. They probably imagine that they could pull off this last feat either by doing a deal with him – many viewing him as a simple charlatan and ego-maniac who would be happy just to be Prez – or, if Trump turns out to be sincere, by preventing his campaign promises in other ways, such as  procedural means and selective opposition in the legislature.

Whether Trump will ultimately dump on the voters who are elevating him to these unprecedented heights or be stumped by cunning political insiders remains to be seen. Both outcomes are not impossible, but the exciting thing about this campaign is that much more positive outcomes are also possible. This is what democracy should feel like, but seldom has.