Mar 9, 2016

Pegida-UK: Smoke, Mirrors, and Zionism

via The Occidental Observer

PEGIDA-UK antifa, anti-Islam poster
I was expelled from UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, during my candidacy as a prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire for my audacity to question the loyalty to Britain of a local Jewish Labour MP.
My forthright decision to call Luciana Berger out for blatant treachery resulted in my being removed from the party just one week prior to the 2015 General Election.

In fact, my dastardly Tweet was so egregious an abuse that UKIP’s leader, Mr Farage himself, felt compelled to hold a live nationally televised press conference on ITV to tell Britain how sorry he was that such a racist individual had slipped through the cracks of his party’s most stringent vetting process.

Not only was I an embarrassment to the party and the fine people that had dedicated their time to the cause, I was to be removed effective immediately for daring to tell the truth to the people I was genuinely fighting to represent in Parliament.

I was then catapulted into the British National Party, for whom I would serve as the party’s main spokesman for several months, hosting a programme on the BNP’s (now nearly defunct) online television channel entitled ‘Sen on the Streets.’ In the bi-weekly programme I’d wander about Merseyside asking Brits whether or not they were happy with the country being overrun by Third World migrants, inhumanely butchered Halal and Kosher meat being successfully being passed off as British meat in neighbourhood restaurants, our government spending more on foreign aid, illegal wars and the EU than on our own elderly population, and other issues I felt negatively impacted my former constituents.

After a few weeks of referring to invaders as ‘invaders’, paedophiles as ‘paedophiles’, and Zionist Supremacists as ‘Zionist Supremacists’ I was once again relieved of my duties, my BNP membership was terminated, and I was forced to move on.

However, just prior to my departure from the BNP I received a very curious Facebook message from an “Admin” from “PEGIDA-UK.”

The founder of the German organisation’s British Facebook page — that’s all PEGIDA-UK was at this point — “liked my style, presentation and oratory skills,” said he, and thought I’d make a fine PEGIDA-UK spokesman.

He’d read about my UKIP adventures in the Daily Mirror and Guardian, had seen my interview on Channel 4, read an article I’d written on Rotherham and the joys of Cultural Marxism — where I’d mentioned the Ashkenazi role in the ruin of our societies and wanted my help.

For those of you who have not heard of PEGIDA:

The organisation’s moniker is a German-language acronym for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West” (“Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes”) and thus is not restricted to Germany, though it started there. It organizes anti-Islamic demonstrations in cities across the nation, the largest of which has been in Dresden, PEGIDA’s home base since October 2014, where tens of thousands of people have taken part.

PEGIDA protesters call for more restrictive immigration policies, in addition to the preservation of (here it comes) “Judeo-Christian” culture. That should give their intentions away.

Until recently, the German organisation has been irrelevant in Britain.
In the article “Why are German Jews supporting a German right wing organisation?,” Jewish journalist Yermi Brenner, writes,
“According to Rabbi Walter Rothschild, Pegida is raising important questions that mainstream politics has avoided. Rothschild, who is chief rabbi of Schleswig-Holstein, a federal state in northern Germany, said that there was a need in German society to discuss to what extent a minority should be allowed to maintain cultural norms that override core principles of Western civilization. Within the Muslim minority — which amounts to 5% of Germany’s population of 82 million [incidentally, “five percent” would seem a ludicrous underestimate to any German who lives in the cities or suburbs that dot the country] — there are some communities, Rothschild said, that disregard Western values like women’s rights or freedom of speech and preach anti-Semitism.”
“If you are going to have a mosque, then don’t teach hatred in it,” he said. “Yes, you can have a school, but don’t teach people to be terrorists. Yes, you can have your own political opinion about the Middle East, but don’t walk up and down [in street demonstrations] saying, ‘Kill the Jews!’ — which is what they did in Berlin.”
Rothschild was referring to pro-Palestinian protests that took place in the German capital during Israel’s military offensive against Hamas in Gaza last summer.
“This is a cultural issue,” Rothschild concluded. “Jews in Europe are mostly on the side of modern Western values. There are some Muslims who are against modern Western values. Why should I support the right of Muslims to be against what I believe in?”

It was at this point I was informed that PEGIDA-UK had been without a leader since their former spokesman had been removed for “irrational behaviour” and they wanted me to captain the ship moving forward. It would also feature a fellow named Timothy Scott I had never heard of,  a seemingly genuine former soldier they quite obviously exploited.

I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but the opportunity to reach the young men whom most nationalists recognise we will need if we’re going to change the nation’s political culture was staring me in the face. So I pounced — as anyone dedicated to disseminating truth would.

Over the next week or so I got to know the crew. “Larson,” the bloke who had reached out to me, turned out to be a Swedish gas-station attendant living somewhere near Malmö.

His second-in-“command” was one “Harshad,” an Indian graduate student who by day attended courses in computer science at one of India’s many polytechnics, and by night moonlighted as a de facto Asia-based European Nationalist.

There were a few other people based in the US and Canada, but quite remarkably, next to no one in PEGIDA-UK actually lived in Britain.

Odd, I thought.

In spite of the fact that the whole thing was a tad comical, I was flattered by Larson’s overtures, saw an opportunity and, most importantly, genuinely believed I could help.

I also saw a chance to bring Kosher Nationalists and other misguided civic Nationalists back to the slightly relaxed form of the state and ethnic nationalism to which I subscribe. I would also have a new platform from which to share my work.

PEGIDA-UK’s Facebook page did in fact have some 22,000 “likes” as well as a “reach” of well over one million people per week. At this juncture I ask that readers make a mental note of these lofty figures, and the value they obviously hold to people and organisations in the business of moulding public opinion.

Still, in spite of recognising that I now had a major new audience to propagandise and hopefully radicalise, I had to make sure that Larson, whose native language was not English, understood that I was a British Nationalist first, pro-Western second, and most of all, far from the sort of well-meaning but highly malleable patriot whom the PEGIDA brand generally attracted.

He was not bothered. In spite of the Facebook page’s success, Larson had been having an arduous time generating any interest in PEGIDA in the UK, and had fallen out with the group’s previous spokesman, as well as with Tommy Robinson (former EDL — English Defence League — and current PEGIDA-UK leader) with whom he had been loosely involved during his Quilliam days.

(Quilliam is a London think-tank named after a wealthy nineteenth-century Englishman, William Quilliam, who converted to Islam back in 1889, set up a mosque in Liverpool, and changed his first name to Abdullah. Today, “Quilliam” portrays Islam to both Muslims and gullible Westerners as a democratic, tolerant, harmless, peaceful and apolitical faith, which some find quite at odds with the Koran itself.)

This Larson just wanted to have someone he thought could generate some media interest. If there’s one thing I have been successful at since my suspensions, it’s been my ability to court controversy — and more importantly, provoke the mainstream media into discussing Jewish issues.

Larson admitted that a few of his fellow Admins would be worried by the perception that my Weltanschauung might be a tad extreme, due both to my ties with the BNP and my overtly anti-Zionist message, but as he was “in charge of the page” and desperate to generate any interest in PEGIDA-UK’s work, he was willing to take the risk. After all, “none of them were able to accomplish much of anything” to that point.

(I’d like to state for the record that I am not anti-Semitic. I have no issue with Jews loyal to Britain and the countries in which they reside. I’d like to believe that people like this exist. A very close friend of mine in London, who arrived in Britain via the visa process, is both Polish, and Jewish. He is anti-immigration, highly critical of Talmudic teaching, loves England and generally thinks as most of us do. I’d like to think that he is not an anomaly.)

When I asked Larson if PEGIDA had an official headquarters in Germany, he informed me that although “here wasn’t an office or anything like that,” he had “a contact who sometimes wrote to them from somewhere near Cologne.”

Over the next few weeks I communicated on a daily basis with Larson and his assistant, Harshad.

Asian-inspired graphics produced for me by PEDIDA-UK's Admin during my time in the organisation.
Asian-inspired graphics produced for me by PEDIDA-UK’s Admin during my time in the organisation.

Harshad, a genuinely well-intentioned fellow, was so pleased with the fact that someone of a quarter-Indian origin was running PEGIDA-UK that he proceeded to produce videos, logos and graphics for my other projects free of charge. Here is the logo for British Resistance:

British Resistance party logo

Harshad would ring me on SKYPE in the wee hours of the night to regale me with tales of Islamic incursion into his native Rajasthan, literally begging me to come to India to inspire Hindus as I had supposedly rallied the Brits.

The Indian tech wizard, over the next month, would produce several videos for me promoting my work with the BNP and my Youtube channel. I’d communicate with Harshad and Larson several times a day about the work, and about the dangers posed by both Islamism and Zionism, as things progressed.

A few short articles emailed by me to Rajasthan on the Rothschild’s involvement in the British Empire and subsequent subjugation of the Indian people, and to Larson’s petrol station in Malmö, discussing the infamous Barbara Spectre’s role in Sweden’s ruin, successfully did the job.

As long as I wasn’t fixated on the Jews — which I am most definitely not — the pair were fine with my mentioning them when appropriate. It was a fair deal and worked well for several more weeks.

I gave them ideas, introduced them to actual Nationalists, and assured them that I’d appear at an event if they were successfully able to arrange one.

We also discussed things of a personal nature, such as how we ended up in “the movement.”

When asked how PEGIDA-UK originated, Larson informed me that he’d “set it up online on Facebook, posted some articles and waited as the likes took off.” He said that, although he had no real connection to the original group, as there was nothing in Britain, German PEGIDA welcomed his efforts with open arms. He informed me that within weeks of setting up the page he was contacted by the German PEGIDA, asked to build a website to try to generate interest in Britain, and the rest was history.

PEGIDA under German law is just a voluntary club. It is not a registered company, trademark, or corporation run by one or more individuals. It lacks an office and a manifesto. It is not registered as a political party.

PEGIDA was organized for the purpose of preventing Muslim cultural domination of Germany (e.g., establishment of Sharia law), but it apparently has no problem with keeping them there as long as society is trapped in a state of perpetual strife. Their official position is to advocate assimilation, a sort of house-broken, domesticated form of Islam. In fact, recently, there have even been talks of literally creating a Europeanised version of the religion. Of course, given that Muslim assimilation has not, and will never, occur, their presence can be expected to increase societal discord while at the same time further engendering our support for the Jewish state of Israel, the Yinon plan, and the illegal wars we find ourselves deeply embroiled in. PEGIDA has in fact come out in support of Israel. All the while, Jews and other groups that pose a risk to our individual national sovereignty remain off-limits.

In spite of the documentaries produced by the mainstream media covering PEGIDA’s rise to prominence, make no mistake: PEGIDA is little more than a false flag, an “op” (-eration) designed to harm the nations it claims to be aiding.

One part smoke, a second part mirrors, then toss in a bit of genuine Nationalism and  a large dollop of Zionism, and out pops PEGIDA, Liberty GB, the EDL, and the dozens of other plastic patriotic organisations parading about our streets with strips of bacon taped to their steel-toed boots.

Although these groups are less likely to behead you for wearing lipstick than ISIS, they are just as dangerous. Remember that the immigration lawyers, human-rights organisations, media moguls controlling our airwaves, and ringleaders of almost every last group pushing for mass immigration, promoting cultural Marxism and political correctness in Europe and the US are not Islamic.

This is something I successfully drummed into both Larson’s and Harshad’s crania, thus hoping to ensure they would not cut me off once accusations of my being an extremist inevitably cropped up.

So I commenced helping PEGIDA-UK. I helped them create banners, helped organise one or two street protests in London, and shared their work in my networks. We reached a lot of people, and generated several thousand more likes in a few short weeks.

All was well until….the call.

About two months into my tenure with PEGIDA Larson contacted me via SKYPE.

He told me excitedly, “Jack, an American has written to us. He is really interested in building PEGIDA-UK. He says we can be huge.”

Recall, PEGIDA still only existed online at this point.

Larson proceeded to tell me that the American chap suggested we communicate with a relatively unknown former BNP activist and his partner. The problem was that neither man was a British Nationalist in the traditional sense of the word.

Jack Buckby  was a Jewish nationalist living in Britain, and he and his non-Jewish British accomplice, Paul Weston, were to take a leading role in PEGIDA-UK’s counter-jihad in Britain. Both Buckby and Weston spoke at the recent CPAC-2016 conference in Washington, DC on a panel organized by neocon Frank Gaffney.

Jack Buckby and friend. Larson believed that Weston and Buckby would be able to take PEGIDA mainstream. They might even “be able to bring Pamela Geller to an event.”

I was stunned: not only because I knew who both of these quislings were, but also that Larson had in fact received a call from the exact same sort of infiltrators that had built up the EDL, hijacked UKIP, and now had their paws all over the BNP.

Paul Weston’s Canadian Zionist Promo flyer.

Buckby and Weston with Zionist Brigitte Gabriel at CPAC-2016
Buckby (right) and Weston with Zionist Brigitte Gabriel at CPAC-2016

Neocon Frank Gaffney interviews Paul Weston and Jack Buckby
Neocon Frank Gaffney interviews Paul Weston and Jack Buckby at CPAC-2016

It was at this point that I sensed Larson’s resolve and commitment to exposing both Zionism and the jihadists was wavering.

“Barbara Spectre — recall Barbara Spectre? Alan Shatter?” I asked him. “This is not the direction you want to take. Remember, the Muslims aren’t coming here on their own,” I told him.

But I could tell by the tone of his voice he was spellbound.

To be perfectly honest, if I had had full administrative capabilities on the Facebook page, I would have deleted every last one of them at that precise moment for the good of the country, but they had cleverly left me only on “editor” status, so I had no decision-making power on the PEGIDA-UK Facebook page, which remained entirely at their disposal.

Although Larson initially seemed perturbed by the idea that traitors might be trying to hijack this Facebook page for their own gain, he quickly changed his tune once said traitors asked him for his Paypal account. He did not see the light; he saw the green (as in US dollars).

I tried one last time to explain to him that his little page, which, again, had no actual ties to PEGIDA in Germany, was being infiltrated and that these vile men of influence were in fact buying the now 25K “likes” that he, and I, to a certain extent, had amassed on Facebook.

As they controlled ISIS, Al Qaeda, the EDL, Liberty GB and other Zionist operations, they would soon own PEGIDA-UK’s brand as well, and manipulate it to further their malevolent aims.

It was at this point that Larson’s manner towards me changed. You know that feeling you get when a woman you still want no longer wants you? That’s how it felt. Things went cold, and fast.

Larson informed me that he was being inundated with requests from other PEGIDA members — members of a Facebook page that had not existed days earlier, but who had found their Zionist wings and overnight become aghast at my “hatred.” They demanded I be removed as spokesman.

I was blocked from accessing the page that same day.

Although I could no longer log onto the PEGIDA-UK Facebook page I immediately noticed how they had started adjusting the page, adding new symbols, and doubling down on their love-Israel/hate-Muslims hysteria.

They were suddenly conspicuously promoting Jewish virtues, expressing unwavering support for the State of Israel, and denigrating everything about Muslims.

Both Harshad and Larson had transformed from Hindu and European Nationalists to Zionists, and seemingly overnight.

Still, I thought nothing of it. The enemy had bought a page I was using to radicalise the troops. Small investment, small return — not much of a loss on my end.
What could they possibly do with it, anyway? It was only a measly Facebook page after all.

Smoke and mirrors

How wrong I was….

Over the next few weeks I watched as PEGIDA-UK was paraded all over British television.

I witnessed first-hand how an organisation that did not really exist, based around a Facebook page run by admins in Malmö, Sweden and Rajasthan, India, became the newest far-right group to take to the streets of the once Great Britain.

They procured a documentary on Britain’s second most-watched television station, Channel Four, featuring some fellow I had never heard of a seemingly genuine former soldier they quite obviously exploited — as well as prime-time coverage on the powerful BBC, on ITV and all across the British media.

Anti-Fascists and the “anti-racist” group “Hope Not Hate” even started talking about them as if they were a “threat to multicultural Britain.”

Immediately, there were articles in the big papers, the Mirror, Guardian and Daily Mail as well as talks of rallies with crowds numbering in the tens of thousands. The rallies would bring together the indigenous Britons, the Blacks and the Jews, who would unite with the homosexuals, the women, Nigel Farage’s UKIP, the “new” anti-Zionist BNP led by union leader and reformed nationalist, Pat Harrington, the EDL, and Liberty GB to overthrow the Islamic caliphate that had overrun Britain. The Jews had saved Britain.

Interestingly, during my time in PEGIDA-UK we could hardly find ten people to speak in a room, never mind tens of thousands of Jewish-friendly hooligans to march around Britain calling for counter-jihad. Apparently, Coke — the white, powdery stuff — and a few sacks of free hot chips and curry sauce will fill a coach fast!

Anti-Semitism in Old Mexico: Experiments in Nationalism South of the Border

via Aryan Skynet

Benito Mussolini, seen here on the occasion of
the March on Rome, was named after Mexican
modernizer Benito Juarez. The influence would
come full circle when Fascism found its way
to Mexico.
Mussolini’s March on Rome in October 1922 produced an echo of lockstep boots that resounded around the entire world. Hitler most famously took inspiration in building the National Socialist German Workers Party and organizing the failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923. A less notable impact of Mussolini’s coup was the formation, in November 1922, of the short-lived Partido Fascista Mexicano, led by film producer and director Gustavo Saenz de Sicilia. The group, which at its peak claimed 150,000 followers, is described as follows in Mallett and Sorensen’s International Fascism, 1919-45:
The programme of the new party made reference to the middle classes as victims of capital and the labor movement. It also advocated freedom within the workplace, and promoted the idea of small land holdings against an official tendency to create ejidos (collective ownership along socialist lines), within a broadly “liberal” programme. […] The party’s official periodical was appropriately titled “El Fascista”.
It is significant that the PFM regarded the middle-class as the basis of the movement, as opposed to unionised workers. In rural areas, they were landowners, whether great or small, that were attracted to the party as a means of opposing the “agraristas”, who were in favour of a collective property system along the lines of the ejido. This resemblance with Italian Fascism, nevertheless, was attenuated by two completely divergent elements: the PFM was not a violent movement and was openly Catholic. The government and the labour unions suspected that behind the PFM were Catholics and conservatives hostile to the revolution.
An American journalist described the PFM as “an amateurish movement” with “no meaningful social program”, while the Italian ambassador to Mexico dismissed the failed party as “not anything else than a bad imitation of ours”. Saenz de Sicilia’s group, like Mussolini’s, does not appear to have had any particular animus toward the Jews, but later Mexican nationalist groups would be different.

Camisas Otras 1937
Gustavo Saenz de Sicilia made the papers again when arrested in 1937 for dissemination of Fascist propaganda.

Camisas Doradas 3

Nicolas Rodriguez, a general who had served with Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution, was inspired by Italy’s Blackshirts and Germany’s Brownshirts to found an equivalent Mexican group, the ill-fated Green Shirts, which were outlawed in 1932. Rodriguez next formed the Camisas Doradas – Gold Shirts – which proved to be much more influential. The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, waxing droll in 1934, had this to say about the new kids on the fascist bloc:
It was thought that every known colour had been exhausted by now for the shirt business. Black shirts in England and in Italy, brown shirts in Germany, blue shirts in Canada and in Ireland with green shirts in Hungary and silver shirts in the United States, had about run the gamut of hues, when hey presto! news comes from Mexico that the golden shirt has made its appearance. What delayed the debut of this most alluring colour it is difficult to say, unless it is because the world in general has gone off the gold standard.
Speaking in the parlance of the textile industry, the “staples” have been pretty well grabbed by the various beshirted brigades. It will now devolve upon specially-trained artists to evolve new colour schemes which might appeal to the youth of those countries who are still shirtless.
Camisas Doradas 4
Members of the Camisas Doradas raise the Aztec salute.

An American article published that same year gave further details on the Gold Shirts’ philosophy and aims:
Mexico City, Mexico – A semi-military “gold shirt” organization, whose immediate aim is to drive out of Mexico all Jews, Chinese, Arabs, Turks, Armenians and other “undesirable foreigners” under the slogan “Mexico for Mexicans,” is being developed here by former army officers as the “A.R.M.”
Those are the initials of the Spanish words for “Mexican Revolutionary Action.” It is a mere coincidence that they spell the English word “arm.”
Beyond this first objective, leaders of the movement say, the purpose is to “organize the people of Mexico so that they may achieve their social and economic independence,” by directing forces of public opinion.
Members are divided into uniformed groups and taught military maneuvers. “Not,” it is explained, “because we are militaristic but because military training is the best way to teach discipline and unity.”
The idea of the golden shirts was taken from Pancho Villa’s favorite corps, the “Camisas Doradas.” The hat is a “huichol” straw which looks something like a Texas sombrero.
The coat of arms is an Aztec shield and club decorated with symbols of the Indian war god. The salute – right arm upraised with fist clenched – is the old Aztec victory salute.
Camisas Doradas Nicolas Rodriguez y Lamberto Chavez
Nicolas Rodriguez with comrade Lamberto Chavez

It is interesting to note that Rodriguez’s party, like the National Socialist intellectuals of the Third Reich, emphasized the pagan heritage of the indigenous culture in the group’s political iconography. Like Hitler, too, Rodriguez was preoccupied with “the Red menace”, these being the years when Mexico granted asylum to the exiled Lev Davidovich Bronstein, alias Leon Trotsky. “We are Mexicanistas,” the party leader nevertheless insisted, “and we have nothing in common with the Fascists or any other organization.”

Writes John W. Sherman in The Mexican Right: The End of Revolutionary Reform, 1929-1940:
Their hatred of Jews prompted them to advocate the seizure of all Jewish-owned businesses in Mexico […] and some Gold Shirts even suggested a Mexican-Nordic racial link. Their founder, Nicolas Rodriguez, quoted a letter from a German sympathizer which contended that “serious studies by ethnologists … prove the racial equality of Mexicans and Nordics, and this can be shown today even by blood tests.”
Camisas Doradas 2

Extreme as their calls for the expulsion and dispossession of Jews and other ethnic aliens might appear to those accustomed to breathing today’s Zionist-poisoned political atmosphere, these sentiments of the Camisas Doradas reflected a widespread resentment that cut across class divisions. In 1931, a national businessmen’s association had lobbied for the deportation of Mexico’s Jews – an appeal rejected by the Mexican government on the grounds that there was “no legal foundation” for such an initiative – and in 1938 the country’s largest workers’ organization, the Confederacion de Trabajadores de Mexico, would urge a similar course of action, as UPI reported in American papers:
Rising anti-Semitic feeling throughout Mexico was climaxed Friday night with a demand by the Mexican confederation, strongest labor group in the country, for the deportation of Jewish owners of small silk and rayon establishments.
Confederation leaders asked the department of interior to take action against the Jews under Article 33 of the constitution, which permits the executive to order any undesirable foreigner to leave Mexico.
The confederation’s demand accused the Jews of “being responsible for the crisis prevailing” in the strikebound silk and rayon industry.
Camisas Rojas

Tomas Garrido Canabal, leader of the left-wing Camisas Rojas, or Red Shirts, a color with whom the Gold Shirts clashed

Camisas Doradas
“Many Undesirables Enter the Country” – a claim made by the Gold Shirts

“The growing urban discontent of these years offered an ideal opportunity for Rodriguez to expand his following from rural to urban areas,” Friedrich Schuler writes in Mexico Between Hitler and Roosevelt, adding that “the Camisas Doradas soon gained increasing popular support among alienated small shop owners and small property farmers.” Businessmen supported Rodriguez’s group until it became clear that their efforts to curb union activity were failing. The Camisas Doradas repeatedly clashed in street fighting with communists and unionized labor, who continued to engage in general strikes. After a massive brawl on the Zocalo, Mexico City’s main square, the Cardenas administration finally banned the party. From exile in the United States, Rodriguez continued to plot against the established Mexican order, and orchestrated unproductive attacks from across the Texas border, including a Matamoros raid that killed four in 1938.

In 1941 the Gold Shirts paraded together in Mexico City with a similar group, the Union Nacional Sinarquista, or National Synarchist Union, which had been founded in 1937. Whereas Rodriguez’s group’s activities were centered in urban areas of the northern states, the Sinarquistas were more provincial and found support among the Mexican peasantry in the center-western portion of the country. Also unlike the Camisas Doradas, the Sinarquistas were militant Catholics, political successors to the cause of the Cristeros.

Sinarquistas 2

A bemused profile of the group that was syndicated through the Newspaper Enterprise Association service described the Sinarquistas as “strange” and “mysterious”.
Sinarquistas Salvador Abascal 3

Some critics say the Sinarquista movement may be the forerunner of totalitarian rule. Its leaders say it will be the salvation of faction-torn Mexico.
President Manuel Avila Camacho of Mexico recently warned the Sinarquistas to watch their step.
The word Sinarquista means “without anarchy,” an end to rightists and leftists and in-between factions and a “united front” of the “Mexican family.” In other words: One party – and one leader. […]
The union has its fuehrer, a lawyer named Salvador Abascal; who demands and apparently receives blind obedience. […]
The Sinarquistas refuse to carry arms; they believe in nonviolence – and even court martyrdom. “Hate an easy and comfortable life,” says one of their “Rules of Synarchist Life.” “We have no right to it as long as Mexico is unhappy. Love discomfort, danger and death.” […]
“We refuse all symbols foreign to our nationality. The Nazi swastika, the Communist Red Star are not ours […]
Synarchism condemns race hatreds. We urge close collaboration between labor and capital.”
Despite what the “Rules of Synarchist Life” might say about rejection of racial hatreds, the group’s weekly newspaper struck a different note, as labor historian Zaragosa Vargas reveals:
El Sinarquista constantly touted the glories of colonial Mexico and pointed out to its readers that the destruction of Spanish power in Mexico was the result of an American Masonic-Protestant conspiracy. The Sinarquistas presented the fantasy of a new Spanish empire, El Gran Imperio Sinarquistas, whose capital city, “Sinacropolis,” was to be built on the plains of west Texas. The newspaper’s other themes struck a familiar and shrill fascist and anti-Semitic tone: Jews, Bolshevists, Masons, and international bankers centered in Washington controlled “Democracy.” It is especially interesting in this connection that the Sinarquistas warned that this cabal was attempting to dominate the Western Hemisphere without regard to Latin Americans. To put an anti-Anglo agenda in motion, the movement alleged that the Anglo world was corrupt, godless, and immoral and that it granted rights only to the moneyed class.
Sinarquistas Salvador Abascal 2
Sinarquistas on the move

The Mexican government, notwithstanding the naysayers’ accusations that the Sinarquistas intended to build a base of operations for a Nazi-Fascist putsch, granted the party permission to try its hand at establishing an agricultural colony in Baja California.
Four hundred colonists equipped with Bibles and a little farm machinery set out to apply the Sinarquista doctrine of prayer and hard work. To cope with drought they prayed for rain and dug a big well which they named “Holy Cross.” A cross was pressed into each brick made in the community kiln.
The Baja California project foundered – historian Michael J. Ard observing that the colonies “were poorly conceived and lacked such necessities as water to make the settlements a success” – and the 800,000-strong party organization was rent by internal friction between Salvador Abascal and rival Manuel Torres Bueno. Whatever its failures, however, the Sinarquista movement’s power was greatly feared during these years. Jack Starr-Hunt of The Milwaukee Journal, citing “Bloody Facts”, characterized the wartime activities of this “most sinister fifth column movement in the Americas” as follows in 1943:
Sinarquistas Salvador Abascal
Salvador Abascal, “appointed by God”

Sinarquism’s following consists of a half million gaunt, underfed Mexican peasants, whose eyes burn with the fanaticism of Torquemada, and whose benightedness makes them easy dupes of master propagandists beyond the ocean. More than a political party it is a crusade. […]
It has taken the Sinarquistas less than five years to grow into one of the most powerfully organized bodies in Mexico. […]
They are against capitalism, but preach the doctrine of “joyful poverty.” They would make every man an independent land owner, but have assassinated hundreds of peasants who dared accept a plot of land from the government. They have sought out the vulnerable point of Mexican democracy – the corruption of its politicians and the racketeering of its labor leaders – and turned their knife in that wound with diabolic cunning.
They have avoided the error of putting their members into colored shirts – the tattered serape of the peasant is more effective propaganda. Their only uniform is a red arm band in which a white circle encloses a green map of Mexico. […]
Their leader, they claim, is appointed by God. […]
Since Mexico’s entry into the war, the Sinarquistas have back watered; they deny all connection with the Axis. But declarations of their national leaders serve largely the purpose of camouflage. More important is the insidious agitation conducted in the villages. There the Mexican army has been attacked as godless because of the absence of Catholic chaplains; the rumor has been sedulously spread that conscripts will be sent overseas to fight a war in the interests of Jewish capital.
Starr-Hunt noted that fifth-columnist attempts to derail trains were “being reported” – a vague assertion typical of the conflicting accounts of the Sinarquistas’ attitude toward militarism. United Press International in 1942 cited “reports” of a quelled “uprising” by the Sinarquistas involving “bloody street fighting” in multiple towns, but then went on to add that “government officials declined to verify these reports, or to offer any comment.” One politician even accused the Sinarquistas of having “had a hand in the recent ‘zoot-suit’ trouble in Los Angeles.”


Other accounts of the group depict them as the victims of organized violence. Ard, for instance, claims that the party’s “nonviolent approach, however, failed to prevent violence from being perpetrated against the movement” and notes that “confrontations during the Cardenas years resulted in the deaths of several sinarquista members.” Alistair Hennessy, in his essay “Fascism and Populism in Latin America”, even suggests that, “unlike the cristeros, the sinarquistas lived more by a non-violent ethic, which in the context of Mexican politics and combined with their lack of grasp and perhaps even of interest in the realities of power and their absence of any economic programme, accounts for the gradual decline of their influence.”

The colorful, arm-thrusting species of Mexican anti-Semites might, perhaps, have drifted beyond the recesses of the collective memory and faded into the mists of historical obscurity, but leaders are advised not to make the mistake of assuming that such irrational hatred of the Jews has finally been eradicated like the virulent disease of the mestizo mind that it is. The Associated Press implicated Mexico in the “worldwide wave of anti-Semitism” sweeping the planet in January of 1960. “The first swastikas appeared in Latin America, painted on the gateposts of a Mexico City synagogue and the building housing the Zionist Federation of Mexico.”

Can there be any doubt, furthermore, that the rabid reception with which the celebrated Judeo-Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s film Fando y Lis was met at the 1968 Acapulco Film Festival was nothing more than a manifestation of the most depraved and animalistic pogrom-impulses?
Director Alejandro Jodorowsky had to leave the theatre by sneaking outside to a waiting limousine. When the crowd outside the theatre recognized him, the car was pelted with rocks. The following week, the film opened to sell-out crowds in Mexico City, but fights broke out in the audiences and the film was banned by the Mexican government. Jodorowsky himself was nearly deported and the scandal provided a lot of fodder for the Mexican newspapers.
Even worse, Mexico voted to approve a 1975 United Nations resolution equating Zionism with racism – a fascist faux pas that resulted in Jewish tourists boycotting south-of-the-border vacation destinations, with Mexico becoming “the first nation to receive an economic blow dealt by the Jews in the international side-taking in the Mideast.”

Camisas UFW
Esta sucediendo.

In the closing moments of South of the Border, Oliver Stone’s documentary on the Pink Tide that swept Latin America, social critic Tariq Ali gives voice to the following musings:
The size of the Hispanic population in the United States is now larger than it’s ever been. The new migrants act as a bridge with South America. The interesting question, which in my more utopian moods I sometimes ponder is whether the changes in South America might travel across this bridge via the Hispanic populations in the United States and produce something which none of us can foresee.
Ali is thinking here of some progressive upheaval effecting a new egalitarian democracy; but is he correct to allow for such optimism concerning the future contributions of Latin American immigrants? Is the American Jewish Committee, to cite only one of many examples of Jewish organizations, well-advised to continue to in its commitment to the flow of Mexican bodies into the United States? Or ought its Elders, rather, to exercise a cautious wisdom – lest they serve as the midwives of un Cuarto Reich?

Trump's Strong Support among Current and Former Military

via The Audacious Epigone

A guest on Tom Woods' podcast, who worked in intelligence in the state department leading up to and during the Iraq war, mentioned she didn't think Trump's comments in South Carolina about Bush lying hurt him. To the contrary, she said that while current and former military show strong, patriotic faces in public, there is a lot of regret and resentment behind closed doors in families where soldiers were sent off to be permanently damaged or die on a fool's errand.

 The data seems to validate her assertion. In eight states were exit polling has been conducted, Trump has done better with current and former military than he has done with civilians in all but one of them. His support in each state among those who are current or former military and those who aren't:

South Carolina35%31%

Trump is the least bellicose of the remaining Republican presidential candidates, especially towards other states--to my knowledge he hasn't even hinted at military action against any other country, only the obligatory pledge to destroy ISIS--and veteran affairs make a fairly regular appearance in his stump speeches.

Turns out America's warriors aren't gunning for a guy like Kasich to send them against Russia if the bear does something the US government deems unacceptable to Finland. Good for them.

Karl Wolff and the 'Knights of the Circle of Thor'

via Aryan Myth and Metahistory

As reported in my article we know that Heinrich Himmler along with many other National Socialists honoured the old Gods of the North. Over the years there have been many reports, some based on fact, others more of a sensationalist nature which reveal the existence of secret occultic orders in the Third Reich, many of which have their origins in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with the völkisch awakening in the Blood Memory of the German people. The music dramas of Wilhelm Richard Wagner (1813-1883) were a part of this awakening which culminated in his magnificent tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen and finally in Parsifal.

It could very well be that the Mjolnir worn by Himmler was not only a sacred amulet in the sense that we wear this symbol today but indicative that of the various secret orders which Himmler was connected to, it reveals to us that he may have been the Grand Master of one devoted to the honouring of Donar.

According to Power, Politics and Social Change in National Socialist Germany: A Process of Escalation into Mass Destruction (1968 ) by John M. Steiner:

"the former chief of Himmler's personal staff, Karl Wolff, is still wearing around his neck a silver hammer ( Mjöllnir) of the God Thor, later named Donar. This fact was revealed during an interview with Wolff in Stadelheim prison, in Munich, on December 7th, 1964."
Colonel Howard A. Buechner and Captain Wilhelm Bernhart writing in Adolf Hitler and the Secrets of the Holy Lance (1988, revised 2nd edition 1989) states:
"There is growing evidence that there was another society within the higher echelons of the SS which was even more secret than the Thirteen Knights of the Holy Lance. Almost nothing is known about this group and its purpose, except that the members wore the hammer of the ancient Germanic deity as their emblem. Himmler's chief of staff, General Karl Wolff, is believed to have been a member. The society may still exist at the present time." (p. 100) 
I don't know what evidence Colonel Buechner and Captain Bernhart based their evidence on and whether they have read the earlier work by Steiner. They refer to this extremely secret group as the Knights of the Circle of Thor. This may or may not have been the actual name.

Apparently General Wolff abandoned his childhood protestant xtian faith in 1936 and had his first son who was his third child named Thorisman and a name giving ceremony was conducted on 4th January 1937 by SS-Brigadier General Weisthor (Karl Maria Wiligut) in the presence of Heinrich Himmler. The text of this ceremony was published as Appendix C of Stephen E. Flowers' Secret King. Karl Maria Wiligut. Himmler's Lord of the Runes (2001), republished and expanded as The Secret King. The Myth and Reality of Nazi Occultism (2007). This would certainly indicate an allegiance to Donar, Thor, Thunor or Thunar. So it should not surprise us that 27 years later he still wore Donar's symbol whilst unjustly incarcerated by the zionist dominated Federal German Republic. Apparently General Wolff's family crest (probably created during the 1930s) includes a Wolfsangel rune.

Trumpery Squared

via Kevin Alfred Strom

Listen Now

Usually the quadrennial circus of presidential politics here in the US is corny, scripted, banal, and deadly boring. The “battle” between smiling liar number 1 and smiling liar number 2 is a bore because almost everyone knows, if only instinctively, that all the smilers have been pre-approved by the money-men behind the scenes and that nothing significant is going to change. The more astute have even figured out that the money-men are all Jews, but that just makes the election more of a nullity than ever. 

Something Unusual is Happening

But this time, even one as jaded as I am has to admit that there is a real contest going on. In this case a money-man who is not a Jew, Donald Trump, is running against the Jews’ hand-picked candidates, and the Jews hate it. He’s hated because he’s his own man and not only doesn’t read from their script, but goes wildly off-narrative at unpredictable times — especially when it comes to slowing down immigration and putting some restrictions on “free trade.” The Jews have a loose 600mm mortar on deck right now, and they don’t like it.

I detailed my objections to Trump last week. Despite a great deal of evidence that he is fully on board with Zionism, multiracialism — and torturing and executing those who oppose the blood-soaked federal monster in Washington — there are quite a few racially conscious Whites who are enthusiastic about him. (Okay, even I admit I like the way he’s shaking up the status quo and thumbing his nose at the power brokers.) I continue to see some really crazy pro-Trump rhetoric out there: when Trump ascends to his throne of power; the Age of the Jew has ended, now we enter the Age of Kings; Jews enter panic mode over rise of Glorious Leader. It’s pretty damned hilarious, and probably intended to be. But the enthusiasm is real. The engagement is real. It’s almost everywhere I look.

(By the way, want proof that the Jews aren’t supermen? Look at their face-palm move of rolling out sad old Mitt Romney to try and derail the Trump train. At the end of January, the Romney organization even quietly amended their filing for the presidential race at the Federal Election Commission. Shades of Bob Dole and American Motors. Romney is about as likely to be elected as an AMC Gremlin is to become the new presidential limo.)

Of course, it isn’t just the fully racially conscious who are jumping on board with Trump. His frankness and confidence and independence and willingness to articulate the anger of the dispossessed has energized a huge swathe of White working Americans who are tired of being used and abused. In fact, what the Trump phenomenon shows us is that literally millions of our people are ready for a White man on horseback, right now; a strongman who will use political power without restraint against those he deems enemies — and the proprieties and taboos and existing pecking order be damned. That’s a good sign. Trump is not the strongman we hope for, but the fact that millions think he is — and like it — is a very hopeful sign.

Disappointment: Inevitable and Good

Now Trump is going to disappoint those millions. He’s already backpedaling on his opposition to the so-called H1-B visa program, which has gotten many, many White American technicians and engineers fired (after some of them were forced to train their Indian or Pakistani or Middle Eastern replacements). Trump originally opposed the visa program, but couched his opposition in terms of helping Blacks, Mestizos, and other “indigenous” minorities get and keep high-tech jobs. But at the last Republican debate, Trump has done a 180-degree turn — he calls it “softening” his position — and now says we need these well-educated non-White aliens to make America great again. In fact, he announced his new position using almost exactly the same phraseology as the statements made by Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson, and Warren Buffett two years ago when they were lobbying for even more replacement migration.

Trump’s words of last week: “One of the biggest problems we have is people go to the best colleges … as soon as they’re finished, they get shoved out. They want to stay in this country. They want to stay here desperately. They’re not able to stay here. For that purpose, we absolutely have to be able to keep the brainpower in this country.”

Adelson and Co.’s words of 2014: “We believe it borders on insanity to train intelligent and motivated people in our universities — often subsidizing their education — and then to deport them when they graduate.”

Someone’s been talking to somebody. Maybe when casino billionaire Trump met with much bigger casino billionaire Adelson back in December, certain “understandings” were reached, and not all of them were connected to Israel.

I think Trump was probably only being himself on that reality television show where he fired so many people with relish and gusto. He admires “winners” who “produce results” and possess power. He has disdain for people who put other things besides winning higher on their scale of values. As National Vanguard writer John I. Johnson put it:
“How long before the Jews demand that Trump explicitly condemn his White (‘racist, anti-Semitic’) supporters, as they demand of all candidates Whites speak well of or even associate with in the most marginal way? That’s how they run things. Jewish hate, genocidal hate is okay — in fact, it’s admirable! — but the slightest hint that White interests even exist must be renounced, condemned, and repudiated. What will Trump’s reaction be? Listen: To Trump, Jews are tough. They are ‘winners.’ Whites are weak. They are ‘losers.’ That’s the way his mind works. Of course, he also likes to fight. But Jews know his personality intimately. And they have the power. He doesn’t. The only reason for him to fight in this case is that he doesn’t like to be dictated to. But there is no principle involved. He doesn’t care about White survival, or even the borders, frankly. He merely had the chutzpah to make immigration a political issue when no one else would.”
Trump, if he manages to get elected, and barring a miraculous and perfectly hidden agenda which I find it impossible to believe in, is going to disappoint his constituency greatly on many fronts. Not only is Trump a true believer in the current System who wants to augment its power and destroy its opponents; not only is he a true-believing Zionist and multiracialist; but as president he would be at the mercy of a business-as-usual Congress which would support him only to the degree that he danced to the Jewish tune, mass media with the same agenda as ever, an entrenched bureaucracy that would stubbornly oppose even the limited changes he might want, a banking elite with utter freedom to do what it will with the economy and the wealth of the nation, and a veritable half a continent with their right hands out and their left hands on the voting buttons. Trump, on the other hand, would only be president — and that by itself really isn’t very much.

In fact there is going to be a very great disappointment in the political system no matter which way this election goes. If Trump is denied the nomination there will be massive alienation and anger. If Trump is nominated but not elected — the same. If Trump is elected and immediately shows his fans that he is definitely not the Great White Hope they imagine he is — even more alienation and anger. If Trump is elected and quickly folds or otherwise fails to come through even on the limited promises he has made — then there will be alienation and anger beyond anything we’ve experienced. And at least one of those things is going to happen.

Herding, Finessing, and the Secret Tape

There’s been open talk from Trump’s bought-and-paid-for rivals that a “secret tape” of Trump’s off-the-record remarks to a New York Times reporter exists, and that in it Trump repudiates a lot of his own rhetoric on immigration. Some in the we-must-stop-Trump camp are demanding that the tape be released now, but the Times claims to be standing on principle and won’t release it unless Trump agrees. Well, the New York Times standing on principle should be regarded like Yellow Kid Weil offering you half the money in the wallet he just found. There’s a trick in there somewhere. Some have suggested that the tape will be strategically leaked at just the right psychological moment to tip the convention or the election, whichever is deemed better timing by its owners.

And that just points up the essential nature of mass democracy. The whole problem is that the mob of half-dumb voters is easily swayed from moment to moment, and the fickle allegiance of this ignorant, stupid mob — at just exactly the right moment, election day — is needed to win. So politics devolves into boob-herding and boob-fooling and boob-finessing in every mass democracy. And those who are skilled at doing that, and have the money and media infrastructure to do that, hold the real power. I even expect them to groom and fund and control their own “strongman” candidates in the future. Count on it.

The boobs need to be disenfranchised for any real change to take place. And that’s never going to be allowed to happen through the ballot box. We need a Whites-only government and Whites-only elections — and even among just Whites, one-man-one-vote is a very bad way to run things. If mass democratic voting is a bad way to decide how to find dry land, or how to assemble a watch from raw materials — and it is — then it is a bad way to decide what the State should be and do.

If we accept for the sake of argument, though, that some decisions will be made by voting, then a rather severe qualification system should be implemented to eliminate ignoramuses, idiots, and subversives and deny them the right to vote.

There’s Only One Way

Deciding things by voting, of course, would be an order of magnitude less suicidal if we also had our own White media, owned and controlled by our own people — with our own people being led and bound together by an entirely new belief system and by sacred laws which made the highest values and highest purposes of our society the survival and upward progress of our race. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we must aim for. That — not the outcome of another presidential popularity contest — is the vision that should fill our minds and our dreams for every second of every day. That is the goal to which we must dedicate our lives and our energy, our money and our time, our blood and our sacrifices, giving our all until we can’t give any more.

The unstable political situation in the United States is fraught with justified anger and unjustified hope. That is a most potent combination for bringing new minds and new hearts to the National Alliance’s radical, revolutionary, and necessary vision of the future.

Scandinavia: Examining a Liberal Dystopia

via Faith & Heritage

Self-described “democratic socialist” presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has stated his admiration for the “Nordic model” of egalitarian socialism practiced by the Scandinavian nations of Europe. Sanders believes that the nations of northern Europe have achieved success through their system of comprehensive welfare. In a recent Democratic debate Sanders stated, “I think we should look to countries like Denmark, like Sweden and Norway, and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people.” Sanders is not alone. Many in the liberal establishment esteem the egalitarian policies of Scandinavia as something to be emulated. Ann Jones of The Nation also lauds her recent experience living in Norway. Jones praises the Nordic model for its welfare state, egalitarian attitudes towards gender roles, and liberal social and cultural values. The picture that she paints of Scandinavia is certainly idyllic and alluring. Scandinavia in many ways is the model society for postmodern leftist values. In reading Jones one would think that the people of Scandinavia live in constant happiness without any problems to disturb them whatsoever. But the reality is something far different. Scandinavia is in the midst of economic decline and far worse social and cultural upheaval. An examination of Scandinavia allows us to see firsthand the fruits of the liberal worldview given its esteem in the contemporary liberal mindset.

Evaluating the Leftist Narrative

While leftists such as Bernie Sanders often extol the success of socialism in Scandinavia, they seldom draw attention to the demographics of the countries they are praising. To wit, the countries that are praised for their leftist policies are countries that are still, much to the chagrin of the left, demographically white. The graphic in the Ann Jones article above bears this out. The happiest countries in the world are in Europe, while the most miserable countries in the world are in Africa, with the rest of the world somewhere in between. The leftist establishment in the media, academia, and politics is convinced that the happiness of Scandinavians is due to their socialized society oriented towards equality and social democracy. The problem with this narrative is that leftist economic and social policies have been enacted outside of Europe. In fact Asia, Latin America, and Africa have all embraced leftist policies enthusiastically in the twentieth century to some extent. Equality and socialism haven’t produced the happiness that one would expect given the leftist narrative. Could it be that there is something about Scandinavia that the left-wing establishment is missing?

Indeed there is. Much of the happiness of Scandinavia and Europe in general owes itself to the fact that Europe has historically been peopled by…Europeans. The homogeneous populations of these countries provided a source of social and cultural stability and security. Sound economics demands the social trust that accompanies ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and religious similarity. This fact, along with the failure of egalitarian socialism throughout the world, is conveniently ignored (or often violently opposed) by the left.

What of the claim that Scandinavia has built a successful welfare state? The truth is that socialism has proven a failure in these countries and elsewhere. The supposed economic success of the welfare state in Scandinavia has proven to be another example of leftist historical myopia. The economic success of northern Europe predates the expansion of the welfare state, and the transition to socialism has brought about steady economic decline. Sweden and other Nordic countries became wealthy prior to the implementation of the welfare society in the 1960s. The welfare state had to be rolled back with a market-based reform in the 1990s, and many of the problems of socialism continue to hamper the economies of Scandinavian countries to this day.1

The left praises the enthusiasm with which Nordic countries have attacked the nuclear family, implying that a working father and a homemaker mother results in inauthentic relationships with children. In her article praising Norway, Jones calls the traditional family arrangement “undemocratic” and claims that Norway’s system of public schooling and child-rearing produces happier and healthier families. In addition to the massive and unsustainably high costs that such a system requires, family life isn’t flourishing the way that the left would have us believe. Scandinavia has experienced soaring divorce rates in recent decades, and sociologist Glenn Sandström attributes this to the creation and expansion of the welfare state. By paying for domestic work that traditionally fell to wives and mothers, the welfare state promotes women working outside the home to achieve financial independence from men. This means that divorce is a plausible option for women who are no longer dependent upon husbands for financial support. The end result of the state’s intrusion into domestic life is that divorce is perceived as a more viable option than it would be in more traditional societies. This of course leads to the social problems that always accompany divorce.

Studies indicate that divorce harms family life in many ways. Divorce unravels the fabric of society by undermining the family as the fundamental unit of civilization. As divorce rates rise, the motivation to marry concomitantly declines. Predictably, birth rates decline as children raised in broken families lose motivation to reproduce. The decline in white birthrates in Europe and North America promises to bring about an impending demographic winter if these trends continue unchecked. The left places a great deal of emphasis on the happiness reported by the countries of Scandinavia and Europe in general, and they attribute this to these countries liberal and egalitarian values. Indeed Europe has been a happy place for a long time. It is natural to be happy in a place surrounded by beautiful, peace-loving people in a land filled with the fruits of high culture as manifest in Europe’s magnificent tradition of literature, art, and music; monuments to architectural genius such as castles, palaces, and cathedrals; and the many unique folk traditions extending millennia into the past. But the happiness which western Europeans have experienced in the recent past is steadily eroding, leftist assurances to the contrary notwithstanding. In reality, Scandinavia, as well as the rest of Europe, stands at the brink of utter annihilation.

Between Christ and the Abyss

Scandinavia affords us an excellent (and certainly frightening) glimpse into the liberal psyche. Modern Scandinavia is a vivid example of the consequences of God’s righteous judgment of apostasy. We are told that all who hate Christ love death (Prov. 8:36), and much of the West has fervently embraced death and suicide by rejecting Christ. Scandinavia formerly adhered to a very robust Christianity and was ruled by heroic kings such as Gustavus Adolphus. Now Christianity has become all but extinct in this once fair and happy land. The people of Scandinavia are rapidly abandoning the Christian faith of their ancestors. The formerly Christian state churches have enthusiastically embraced apostasy in ways that would have been unimaginable even a few decades ago. Recently a lesbian “bishop” of Stockholm has argued that churches should remove Christian symbols and accommodate Muslims by placing directions for prayer towards Mecca. Not to be outdone by the flamboyant apostasy of Sweden, Norway’s “child welfare” has seized (kidnapped) five children from a Christian family for “Christian indoctrination.” Of course, the “Christian” church of Norway could not be troubled to defend an actual Christian family.

This apostasy is not without consequence. The high rate of happiness reported by Scandinavians appears to be mostly superficial without any substantial foundation in lasting fulfillment and joy. This is manifested in the high suicide rates in Scandinavia and throughout Western Europe. Why are Scandinavians so miserable? Perhaps part of the problem is the recent rape epidemic that has accompanied the influx of Muslim “rapefugees” into their once-peaceful homelands. The rape and murder of European women, as in the case of Elin Krantz, are becoming increasingly common with the influx of Muslims and other non-whites into Europe. Europe has become the subject of the covenant curses, such as the influx of hostile foreigners mentioned in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, with a vengeance! Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this trend is that Europeans have not learned their lesson at all. As some European men have undertaken the task of defending their women from rapists and murderers, egalitarian feminists have turned against them. Many warped women in Europe would rather be raped than protected from rape! This is the wages of the liberal egalitarian fantasy that Europe has embraced. It goes without saying that much of Europe in general and Scandinavia in particular is quickly transforming into a miserable dystopia.

Scandinavians are facing the harsh realities that naturally accompany the choices that they’ve made. The happiness enjoyed by prior generations is being swept away by an egalitarian liberalism which rejects the very foundation upon which human happiness is based. Ethnic and religious homogeneity serve as glue that facilitates social cohesion. Consequently, homogeneous societies tend to exhibit social trust and a sense of belonging which forms the basis for a well-functioning society. People feel comfortable around others who are like themselves, and societies that are built upon a united ethnic and religious identity are healthier than societies that exalt “diversity.”2 The nations of post-modern Europe and North America have betrayed the very people that they are supposed to represent by slating them for extermination.

The good news is that the enforced displacement of native Scandinavians and Christians in Europe in favor of hostile foreigners can only bring about the collapse of the current paradigm. The liberalism prevalent today is premised upon fundamentally flawed principles no more likely to succeed than the boy who thinks he can fly by vigorously flapping his arms. An example of the failure of liberalism to produce its desired ends is the allowance of generous state-sponsored maternity and paternity leave for Scandinavian families after children are born. The goal is to create an environment in which men and women equally share the responsibilities of bread-winning and domestic work. Yet what has happened is that women work outside of the home more than they would otherwise, but still perform 80% of domestic work traditionally associated with being a wife and mother.3 This simply reaffirms that men and women are innately different and that our traditional roles are more hard-wired into us than liberals are willing to acknowledge. All the liberal social engineering in the world cannot change who we intrinsically are by nature. Just as egalitarianism is bound to fail, Christ is sure to reign victorious. What remains is for tradition-minded European and North American Christians to emerge from the ruins and rebuild civilization. We sons of Charlemagne will one day emerge triumphant in the once and future Christendom that is our beloved Europe. 

  1. These are a few decent articles summarizing the effects of socialism on the Scandinavian economy. “No, Bernie Sanders, Scandinavia Is Not a Socialist Utopia” by Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe, “The ‘Swedish Model’ Bernie Sanders Cites is a Myth” by Taylor Millard, and “Why Socialists Shouldn’t Cite Sweden as a Success” by Rich Lowry of the National Review. They are from an establishment neo-con perspective which leaves much to be desired, but they are useful for the purposes of critiquing the over-generalizations of leftist praise for the welfare state.
  2. For more information on this subject see “Diversity, Unhappiness, and Distrust” and “The Diversity Gospel” by Nathanael Strickland
  3. The same study affirms that this is true in spite of men taking more paid paternity leave over the same period. This essentially means that the state is paying men to not work. Obviously this cannot be sustained in the long term.