Mar 23, 2016

Why the "Left" Hates Trump

via The Audacious Epigone

They've always preferred ¡Jabe!
Why is Trump getting so deeply under the left's skin while True Conservative Republicans like Cruz and Kasich barely register?

The answer is complex, but allow me to take a stab at the heart of it.

Kasich and Cruz, like the rest of Conservative, Inc are propositionalists. They believe that with the correct incentives in place, the correct laws enforced, and the best military on the planet, America prospers. America doesn't need to become great again because it has always been and always will be great.

We have magic dirt. As long as they're in awe of its power, we want as many people as possible to be able to hold that dirt in their hands and let its powers flow through them. We'll even bring the dirt to those who don't have it. Not the fake dirt that Obama and Hillary brought to Libya (and that Dubya accidentally packed on his trips to Iraq and Afghanistan), mind you. No, no, this time we will bring them the real stuff!
The US is great because we're a nation of immigrants who love freedom and democracy.

The left isn't threatened by this nonsense. They know time is on their side, and while they still have to battle it out with the Cruzes and Kasichs of the world for electoral power now, with each passing day the ground shifts in their favor. This Conservative, Inc propositionalism has an expiration date.

Trump--even though he checks off fewer of the Conservative, Inc. boxes that the left allegedly hates (boo IRS, reform Medicare, etc) than other Republican candidates do--understands at least subconsciously that it's not the dirt that matters, it's the people standing on that dirt that do.

"Make America Great Again" doesn't take American exceptionalism as a given. To the contrary, we have to kick out the scofflaws from Mexico and the Middle East who are here and make sure those who are allowed to come stand on our dirt in the future are worth having around. He talks about how "walls work (ask Israel)", "good genes", "great people", how "Merkel has destroyed Germany", how "Paris doesn't look like Paris anymore". He even employs a metaphor about poisonous snakes left out in the cold to describe the Syrian et al invaders refugees:

He parades his numerous, well-bred progeny around every chance he gets. It's the people, and the genetic makeup of those people, that make the country what it is. 

The US is great because we're comprised of northwestern Europeans (and a manageable minority of mulattoes) inhabiting an expansive, resource-rich plot of land with no serious neighborly competitors and a vast ocean that has insulated us from the civil wars that crippled the rest of the Western world. The dirt is just decoration. 
The left correctly views this as a mortal threat to its objectives.

In short, Kasich, Cruz, and all the other Conservative, Inc marionettes who campaign on masturbatory values are merely trying to turn the radio station to music the left doesn't like as the car heads towards the left's promised land.

Trump, in contrast, notices that someone else has wormed his way into the driver's seat. He's going to throw that guy out onto the highway and get the old chauffeur out of the trunk so he can get back in driver's seat and turn the car around.

If the left wants to pick the radio station through the next commercial break to seal the deal, fine.

Teaching Sexual Morality

via Kevin Alfred Strom

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When a child is born to decent White parents, even in today’s corrupt society, he or she is usually given a fairly good start in understanding where he or she came from — and why. Your mother and father had a great love for each other, we tell the child, and out of that love we made you. All the love that we possess for each other, and for the future of which you will be an important part, is expressed in our love for you. Many White parents still have sound natural instincts and their spontaneous loving words to their offspring reflect this.

In the best homes, parents teach their sons and daughters about the sacred nature of their sexual identity and its link to the infinite future — perhaps not in these exact words, but in essence: One day, you, too, will find the love of your life in a member of our race of the opposite sex, and your love will also make a child, many children, and the link between the mysterious beginning of life and its ultimate future will be yours to make anew — and make greater than ever before. This is your honor. This is your joy. This is your responsibility. That’s a very good beginning. But it is only a beginning.

In their early years, many if not most of our children are given the basics of morality, including sexual morality, by their family’s church. Before they reach six years of age, most are sent to public schools — by parents who spend too much time chasing the greasy dollar to do the job themselves — where they receive what is called “sex education.” And all throughout their lives our children are subjected to an endless barrage of sexual images, attitudes, and values by the mass media. And by all of these institutions they are failed. They are failed so completely and so utterly that the word “failed” is impossibly weak: “Betrayed” is better. Calling what these institutions do “attempted murder” is not far from the mark.

Many of the churches, it is true, do try to teach some sense of the sacredness of marriage, family, and children, but often portray our sexuality with a strong veneer of sin, filth, and a sense of forbidden evil. And there is little taught to our children of the reasons for forbidding certain kinds of sexual behavior, except “God says so” — God as defined by Jewish scriptures, of course. Young people inevitably discover that sexuality brings joy, yet they are told it’s “dirty.” Is it any wonder that many of them end up believing that sex is “dirty fun” and go on to pursue as much “dirty fun” as they think they can get away with? Is it any wonder that they have, like the Jews, a schizophrenic attitude toward sex, loving it and hating it at the same time, and deep down regarding it as something “low” and animalistic, though impossible to resist? Is it any wonder that the clergy, and not just the celibate clergy, are renowned for sexual perversions and excesses and hypocrisy?

We rightly tell our children you will find the love of your life in a member of our race of the opposite sex, but those values are subverted by the churches. Mainstream denominations have abandoned Nature’s “opposite sex” command and openly endorse homosexuality. And even the more conservative churches now preach that choosing a member of another race as a sexual partner is perfectly all right with Jesus and Yahweh. These churches are filled with military men and missionaries with Oriental or Mestizo or Filipino wives, and Black male – White female pairings are now “celebrated” in even the most conservative churches in ever-increasing numbers. The churches are, with minuscule exceptions, now fully on board with the genocide of the White race via the bedroom (and in every other way, too, such as promoting open borders, “sanctuary cities,” replacement migration, and all the rest of it).

So what of value is left for our children in the teachings of the churches? Very little indeed.

The public schools go even further. There our children are taught most subjects from a perspective in which Whites are portrayed as “evil,” where White guilt and self-hatred are mandatory, and in which racial mixture and the tolerance of every possible kind of sexual perversion are viewed as moral absolutes which can never be questioned.

But aside from all the open anti-White propagandizing, the primary value taught to our young people in their “sex education” classes is avoidance of pregnancy. The very purpose for which Nature brought sexual love into existence is to be thwarted at all costs, our children are told. And they are given detailed instructions in how this is to be done, and stern warnings as to the terrible consequences if contraception is not used. They are taught that, possibly second only to death, pregnancy is a disaster and a tragedy. If, by some terrible accident, a child does happen to be conceived, by all means kill it promptly.

And these self-styled teachers are not just advocating for the prevention of the conception of — or abortion of — defective children by those with genetic abnormalities: That would be quite another matter. No, they — with intentional malice — have as their target the healthy White child, whose extermination they avidly desire.

With these kinds of “values” being taught to our youth, is it any wonder that mental derangement, self-harm, depression, and suicide stalk the land?

After the evils of death and pregnancy (at least the kind of pregnancy that leads to White children) comes the evil of early marriage, which, as we all know, leads to the oppression of women, a lessened ability to go into student loan debt and collect worthless degrees, and the slowing of our “forward progress” on the hamster-wheel of today’s economy.

In short, almost everything our young people are taught about their sexuality, by nearly all the authority figures in their lives, goes against Nature and the natural feelings that have dwelt in our souls for thousands of years.

This anti-Life value system is carried over long past the teen years, as social pressures to “complete one’s degrees” and “advance one’s career” take precedence over having children long into the 20s, 30s, and beyond. This is a disaster for our race: White women are never taught the familial, personal, and emotional consequences of cheating Nature until a few years before menopause, remaining barren (and more or less promiscuous) almost their entire natural reproductive lives; to say nothing of telling them that, by doing this, they are making it mathematically impossible for our people to avoid extinction.

Is it any wonder that young people of both sexes are confused and depressed? It is any wonder that sexual relationships are brief and unhappy and empty? Is it any wonder that our race is dying? Die it will — unless something is done soon to reverse this madness.

The National Alliance is an organization of men and women who are working every day of our lives to reverse the madness. We work to bring a new order and a new morality to our people. We are different — vastly different — from other groups which profess a concern with White survival. We understand that the values and beliefs of the past were wrong and must be replaced — totally replaced — if we are to survive.

The men and women of the National Alliance are building a church — and, ultimately, a whole society — that will teach our children that we and they are part of a unique and highly evolved race, the White race, possessed of a creative intelligence that has the power to remake this world, control and accelerate its own evolution, and become the founders of a new civilization that will break the bonds of Earth and seed the stars with our kind.

Our church — the Cosmotheist Church — teaches that the survival of our uniquely beautiful race and its advancement to higher and higher levels of wisdom, creativity, and understanding is the real meaning of Life and of God. Everything that we do, everything that we believe, every law we live by, and everything we teach our children must be made subordinate to that purpose.

Dr. William Pierce expressed the Cosmotheist understanding of sexual morality when he wrote:

The primary consideration in our sexual ethics is that sexual intercourse is the means by which we create the next generation of our race. It is, in this era of the development of the Whole, the Creator’s most important mechanism for self-evolution, for ascending the Path of self-realization.

Thus, it is the result of the sex act that is all important. It is, primarily and essentially, an act of creation. What it is that we create must be the primary criterion for the value and desirability of the act.

The ultimate sexual crime, then, is interracial sex. And akin to this is sex which will, or is likely to, create a deformed, ugly, diseased, or otherwise deficient child of our own race.

Sexual reproduction, the creation of the next generation, is the highest personal responsibility with which each man and woman of our race is charged. The most grievous dereliction of our duty is to shirk or abuse this responsibility. And the way in which we fulfill our responsibility is to exercise the greatest possible care in the selection of a sexual partner — care based on considerations not so much of compatibility as of genetic quality.

As a corollary, to recognize our own shortcomings and, in many cases, to refrain from reproducing at all is the way in which we may most completely fulfill our responsibility.

Note that we have not said that sex in which conception is not the immediate object is necessarily sinful. Nor is the use of contraceptives necessarily sinful. It is obvious from the preceding paragraph that, in many cases, failure to use contraception is the sin. For men and women will copulate. There is no denying, no halting this. After all, it is not part of our purpose to attempt to contravene Nature, but live in harmony with it. Thus, when a man and woman who, because of genetic shortcomings of one or both, should not create a child are living together, then they are morally obliged to use some effective form of contraception.

Contraception only becomes a sin when, for reasons of personal selfishness or personal convenience, it is used by persons of healthy, superior genetic endowment to avoid their responsibility to pass that endowment on to the next generation.

In summary, the primary sin, or category of sins, in the sexual realm is to defile the most precious treasure in the universe — our genetic pool, the genetic heritage of our race. A related sin, a sin of omission, is to willfully fail to enhance that heritage.
After the sin of actual defilement must be ranked sins of symbolic defilement. Sexual intercourse with a Negro or a Jew in which contraception is used is among these. Sexual intercourse with an animal, in which conception is impossible, is a sin of the same rank. As is rape. And homosexuality.

We must teach our people that their sexuality is a part of a never-ending chain of Life that leads to a Divinity — a God — so great that it is beyond the present understanding of even the best minds of our race; and that, as such, our sexual feelings are the most beautiful, honorable, and sacred things conceivable — and we should act accordingly.

The men and women of the National Alliance work for the day when the sexes will be partners, not adversaries, and work together in this great racial and spiritual task, each taking the role for which he or she is best fitted.

We work for the day when the health of the race, the bringing of the new White souls we need into this world, takes precedence over money, over degrees, over material possessions, and over convenience. We work for the day when the woman pregnant with a healthy White child is given very high status, and her educational needs and cultural aspirations are provided for — whether by distance learning, or university courses after her children are born — without in any way limiting or suppressing her natural desires and purpose in life.

The men and women of the National Alliance work for the day when families will be rewarded more for bringing high-quality White children into this world than they are for inventing a way to make a useless gadget or processed food ten cents cheaper than the next guy.

We work for the day when the best minds of the younger generation can be educated without crippling debt that destroys their ability to start a family.
We work for the day when we say goodbye forever to the racial parasites — both the brown parasites of the underclass and the super-rich parasites of the self-Chosen class — who live off the wealth stolen from us and who bleed us until we are too poor to provide for our own children.

The men and women of the National Alliance work for that day — and that day is coming.

Join us now — today — in this, the greatest task of this or any other age.

Christianity & Western Man

via Alternative Right

In his thought-provoking article “The Rise of Anti-Western Christianity,” Matthew Roberts boldly tackles a subject which has become a source of vexing, contentious, and at times bitter debate among the various factions which make up the contemporary alternative Right.

Indeed, the discussion which played out in the comment section accompanying Roberts’ piece at AltRight is illustrative, in that it reflects the typical trajectory of the rancorous back-and-forth one commonly overhears among those who, while sharing a common sense of disgust with the Zeitgeist’s relentless ideological war on whiteness, have differing outlooks regarding the Christian religion and its supposed culpability in this course of events.

Unfortunately, as all too often happens in the heat of a fierce debate, subtlety of argument and nuance of thought tend to go by the wayside for favor of flailing rhetorical broadstrokes and ill-conceived strawman assertions. Self-styled “race realists” have long been at the receiving end of such logically fallacious ripostes, most of which boil down to some variation on the following: “You believe in inherent genetic racial differences? Then you’re no better than HITLER!

It need hardly be pointed out that recognizing divergent levels of intelligence among racial groups has no necessary correlation with advocating tyranny and genocide. Yet this fact never seems to sway those who fling such accusations at dissenters from the Zeitgeist’s enshrined and requisite doctrine of racial egalitarianism. This glaring nonsequitur is, in fact, formulated almost automatically, in breathtaking defiance of common sense. And one can sympathize with race-realists in this regard (who are outrageously saddled with the moral baggage of historical mass murder)… if not for the unfortunate fact that many of them have a proclivity to be just as incautious in their dismissal of the Christian faith.

Indeed, it is often said that Christianity’s universalist creed is somehow an inherent impediment to a Westerner’s healthy drive to embrace and take pride in his own heritage. In fact, if looked at properly, it is precisely the catholic (with a small “c”) orientation of the Church that lends moral legitimacy to the appropriate ethno-racial perspective. Absent the anchor of faith, and the accompanying notions of natural law and justice, one founders on nihilism, an outlook which in no time leads into the maelstrom of terror and chaos.


First off, however, it must be admitted that Phillip Jenkins, author of The Next Christendom, is very much a product of his age, in that he takes racial indifferentism as a matter of course. There are no really notable or significant differences between the white man, the black man, the yellow man, the red man, and the brown man, he seems to think—all races are perfectly interchangeable, one with the other.

Interchangeable with Europe?
Roberts does not misrepresent Jenkins’ rather glib and flippant indifference to the crisis of faith in the West. He correctly notes, in fact, that Jenkins pretty much shrugs at the Third World-ization of Christianity and the ongoing demographic and religious collapse of the West. In this sense, Jenkins has much in common with both “liberal” and ostensibly “conservative” wings of contemporary Western Christendom, both of which have enthusiastically embraced the race-neutral perspective in every regard (since to do otherwise would mean to be “just like Hitler”; see above).

But even if such a perspective is ubiquitous in our age, it ought not be concluded that the origin of this mindset is the universalistic creed of Christianity. After all, the Christian faith has existed for nearly two millennia, and only in the last half-century has its creed been construed in such a manner. In truth, while Christian doctrine does, indeed, believe in the equal spiritual status of all races (all men having been fashioned in the image and likeness of God), it in no sense maintains the interchangeability of one race with another, or the desirability of different races dwelling together, that is, multiculturalism. Just as the Church has always maintained that men and women, while each loved by God, are different, and ideally designed to play different roles, so there is nothing in the Christian creed which insists that, as ├╝ber-douche Bono once warbled, “all the colors will bleed into one.” Indeed, while “people are people” (as the somewhat less douche-y but still annoying Depeche Mode singer informed us), common sense and simple observation helps one to see that differences between us are at least as notable and significant as our similarities.

What is more, it is only through a transcendentalist creed like Christianity that one is enabled to advocate for justice for one’s own people, because only a transcendent, universalist perspective gives one the obligation to stand up for what is right, good, and proper. Racial advocacy in the absence of such clear-cut moral precepts inevitably becomes arbitrary notions that undermine themselves.

White knight: German poster from 1938.
Let us return to our oft-cited friend Hitler here to discuss the perfect example of this short-sighted ideological tactic…

In Mein Kampf, the mustachioed one thunders against the “November criminals” whom, he believed, betrayed his country at the end of World War I. He also inveighs against the harsh and vindictive terms of the Versailles treaty, which seemed to be designed specially to humiliate Germans. And, of course, he rails against the Jews, calling them (among other things) wanton, cruel, deceitful, and untrustworthy.

Let us leave behind the question of whether Hitler’s claims about the November criminals, the Versailles treaty, and the perfidious nature of the Jews were true or false; let’s assume for argument’s sake, in fact, that they are, in fact, all true. Hitler seems to be making the point that his people have been treated unfairly, and deserve redress. This is well and good… but then Hitler’s patently atheistic and social Darwinist views seem to undermine whatever moral case could have been made against the legitimate grievances he expressed previously. Germany needs to crush its enemies, and show no mercy—weakness must not be tolerated, ever, at any juncture—Might Makes Right—the strong dominate the weak—such is the way of nature.

Well, if these things are so, one might ask the angry Austrian autobiographer, then why should anyone care that Germany was humiliated? Why be angry with the Jew for allegedly seeking the German’s destruction, when the German would just as soon do the same thing to the Jew if their situations were reversed?

In other words, where is the claim to justice? And indeed, in the wake of the devastation of World War II, why are we supposed to shed crocodile tears for battered, bombed-out Dresden, for the victims of merciless Allied aerial raids on civilian centers in Hamburg and Berlin and elsewhere? How can we, why should we feel the least bit sorry for Germany, following Hitler’s own Nietzschian-Darwinian-derived worship of ruthless strength? After all, the stronger force always wins out in the end anyway, or else it couldn’t very well be called “stronger,” could it?

The Christian conception of things is quite different. It insists, not that might makes right, but that a just cause is a just cause, whether it be temporally triumphant or not. If a nation or a race is oppressed, then it has valid grounds to seek redress. Just as individuals possess the inherent dignity of being children of God, so does a particular subset of humanity. Thus, Whites, like any other race of men, are not enjoined to suffer being humiliated, run down, insulted, or be forced into dispossession of their inheritance.

The notion that Christianity makes white Westerners into meek little lambs fit for racial dilution, if not slaughter, is thus a crass and ill-informed misconception. For it is in the context of Christianity—or some other universal vision of humanity and human justice—that white advocates can be sure of the worthiness of their cause.

Of course, Christian doctrine also warns us not to mistreat other peoples, just as we would demand not to be mistreated ourselves. If some would chafe against this restraint as somehow weak and unmanly, let us remember that the alternative (“might makes right”) has much more potential to backfire badly if our side suffers a temporal setback. Christianity enjoins all people and all races to be mindful of justice, regardless of who is strong and who is weak. One need not jettison racial pride or preference for one’s own ethnic particularity to comprehend the wisdom of precisely such a universalist perspective.

Theology East & West

via Soul of the East

Fr. Chris Moody is a Greek Orthodox Chaplain for the Army whose scholarly focus is the works of St. Gregory Palamas and the Eastern teaching of the divine energies and the Triads, being fluent in koine Greek. In this conversation we discuss the different conceptions of epistemology (including the Nous) in Eastern theology as contrasted with both Roman Catholic and Protestant/evangelical theology in the West.  We also cover the history of these differences, as well as Thomistic scholasticism and the filioque in contrast to the debate of Palamas and Barlaam the Augustinian, with the trek of the West fulfilling Palamas’ prophetic statement about absolute divine simplicity and created grace ending in atheism. To hear the full interview, subscribe here for 4.95 a month with access to the archives. Note: There was a technical issue in terms of sound for the first 20 minutes, but this gets corrected.

Non-White Liberals vs. White Liberals

via The Occidental Observer

Lots of White faces at a Bernie rally
With all the attention on Donald Trump, there has been little discussion of the astonishing rift between Black and Hispanic Democrats on one hand and White liberal Democrats on the other.

Hillary Clinton has shut Bernie Sanders out of the Black and Brown voters. She is their candidate. She is catering to them to an astonishing degree. She has endorsed all the fantasies and lies about White cops killing Black males. She has hauled the mother of Travon Martin around, putting her on the stage to endorse her candidacy, and talking about how Lil’ Travon was murdered by George Zimmerman but there was no justice. She has extolled the Gentle Giant. She made statements about a breaking story about three Black coeds who claimed they were attacked by Whites on a bus who called them “nigger.” When a surveillance video from the bus revealed that the whole story was concocted, Hillary refused to retract her statements or to apologize for joining in false accusations against innocent people.

There is no limit in race-betrayal that Clinton will not go to.

Clinton is now virtually the captive of the Blacks and Browns. They cast about half the votes in the Democratic Party. They are the ones who have given her the nomination.

The White Democrats — even the wimmin — have deserted her and flocked to Sanders in droves.

Sanders has gotten nowhere in his efforts to chip non-White voters away from Clinton.

He is the candidate of the White wing of the Democratic Party.

What does this mean for White Nationalists like us who are thinking in long range terms (like Jews) instead of next weeks primary vote?

A lot.

For many years I have predicted that there would come a point at which White liberals would realize that their Black and Brown friends don’t have the slightest interest in issues that excite White liberals: gay rights, environmentalism, funding for the arts, conservation, public parks.

No. The Blacks and the Browns are only interested in “The Gimme.”

And increasingly Blacks and Browns will control and dominate the Democratic Party. Already, they are sending the White liberal Democrats to the back of the bus.

The alliance between White liberals and the racist minorities is breaking up. They are splitting.

Add in the fact that there are a lot of White liberals at the local level who have caught on that the Jews are running their own racist ethnostate and that their posturings about fighting racism and their deep, deep concern about the plight of Blacks and the need for open borders are utterly insincere.

At some point our White liberal racial brothers and sisters are going to be up for grabs.

The shizoid nature of Democratic voter behavior along racial lines shows that this is coming.

How can we reach out to them and help raise the consciousness?

Sweden: Migrants Attack "60 Minutes" Crew

via Majority Rights

Police decline to go into the Somali area with reporters. Who are then greeted by assault.

“I’ve Got Mine, Buddy!”: Non-Whites against Immigration

via Counter-Currents

Aside from his forceful personality, one possible reason Donald Trump polls better than any other Republican among black and Latino voters — i.e., citizens, not illegal aliens — is that they believe Trump really will build a wall on the Mexican border and deport millions of illegal immigrants, most of them mestizos from Latin America.

Blacks may be dumb, but they aren’t stupid. They see illegal aliens from Latin America taking work and welfare from them. Even Latinos, especially legal immigrants, know that illegal immigration is creating a generalized backlash against all immigrants, a backlash from which they are already suffering due to the widespread assumption that every Latino is here illegally. Moreover, Latinos realize that further immigration undermines their wages and benefits, just as their arrival harmed the economic interests of the Americans who were here before them.

Aside from his forceful personality, one possible reason Donald Trump polls better than any other Republican among black and Latino voters — i.e., citizens, not illegal aliens — is that they believe Trump really will build a wall on the Mexican border and deport millions of illegal immigrants, most of them mestizos from Latin America.

Blacks may be dumb, but they aren’t stupid. They see illegal aliens from Latin America taking work and welfare from them. Even Latinos, especially legal immigrants, know that illegal immigration is creating a generalized backlash against all immigrants, a backlash from which they are already suffering due to the widespread assumption that every Latino is here illegally. Moreover, Latinos realize that further immigration undermines their wages and benefits, just as their arrival harmed the economic interests of the Americans who were here before them.

The anti-white Left hopes — and the pro-white Right fears — that non-whites will support more non-white immigration out of racial solidarity and will vote together in an anti-white bloc. But this ignores two factors.

First, the solidarity of non-whites with any and all other non-whites is weaker than their solidarity with their own ethnic groups. For instance, most blacks regard Hispanics as concrete threats to their economic interests rather than potential allies against Whitey. Hispanics also resent the status of blacks as the privileged totemic minority group of white liberals.

Second, the vast majority of immigrants come for economic reasons, and economic migrants share a common profile: they are more rootless, less ethnocentric, and more motivated by material prosperity than those who remain at home. This is one explanation for the low ethnocentrism and racial solidarity of American whites, and the same selection process is at work with non-white immigrants.  Thus many immigrants are likely to put their own pocketbooks above racial solidarity if they see immediate, personal benefits to cutting off illegal immigration.

Of course the selection process described above does not apply to blacks, most of whose ancestors came involuntarily, or to Indian tribes indigenous to the United States. But both of these groups still have economic interests in excluding new immigrants. Moreover, Black Americans may feel solidarity with recent black immigrants, but they are a small percentage of immigrants, legal or illegal, and genuinely American Indians are a politically negligible population.

This means there is a basis for creating an “I’ve got mine, buddy” anti-immigration bloc among non-whites, both long-established and recently arrived. Trump can woo these voters precisely because he is an American civic nationalist, not a White Nationalist. If Trump were a White Nationalist, he would encourage non-whites to unite across ethnic and national lines against him. This is probably one reason Trump’s opponents are trying to smear him as a racist. It is not just Jewish neurotics having fits of the Zyklon vapors. There may be a method to their madness.

Although Trump is not a White Nationalist, he can still help our cause. By building a wall and deporting millions of illegal aliens, Trump might be able to postpone for decades white America’s decline into minority status. That would give White Nationalists more time to get our act together, which makes it more likely that we will have a White Republic in North America some day. If Donald Trump can persuade non-whites to help that happen, well, that would be just one of the ironies from which history is made.

Congress Debated US Policy on National Self-Determination & Secessionist Movements

via American Freedom Party

The US Congress’ Foreign Affairs House Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats discussed the US policy on the recognition of self-determination movements.

Dana Rohrabacher, Chairman of the Subcommittee, opened the debate with a rather practical approach to the issue an inviting everyone to debate it with an open mind “Over time, it is natural for populations of people to move and change, just as the characteristics of governments change. We should, and must, expect this. Yet, U.S. foreign policy thinking too often acts as if the borders of a nation-state are set in stone. As circumstances change, the United States must be open to the possibility that peacefully changing borders makes sense and promotes stability. Around the world today, the existing borders have been set by empires and flukes of history just as much as by the will of the people. If self-determination movements seek to change their political situation, we should consider the possibility that addressing those grievances will improve, not harm, peace and stability.”

Jason Sorens, author of several books on self-determination and with whom we have already had the pleasure to cooperate on several occasions, including conferences in Brussels and Barcelona organised jointly with Fundaci├│ Josep Irla, delivered a witness testimony.

He advocates for the constitutionalisation of the right to self-determination and the establishment of clear rules for independence referendums. He claims, “A legal path to independence can promote peace by constraining secessionists and central governments to pursue their aims through electoral and legislative means.”

On the question of whether the US should recognise newly independent states, he believes: “The U.S. government might wish to consider not only the interests of the host state, but also the interests of the seceding state and the effect of secession on regional stability. On average, replacing a state-to-nation relationship with a state-to-state relationship reduces violence.”

You can read his full testimony here.

Jason Sorens (SUNY) on the constitutionalisation of the right to self-determination from Centre Maurits Coppieters on Vimeo.

Professor Paul Williams also delivered a testimonial speech. He referred to the specific case of Scotland and Catalonia and its relationship with the EU. He argued that “Without a coherent and cohesive approach to these movements, the EU has placed itself in an impossible and precarious position. If the EU were to consider recognizing Catalonia, this action could encourage further referenda in Belgium, Cyprus, Slovakia, Romania, and possibly Italy, which are all grappling with their own self-determination movements, raising opposition from these members.

However, if the EU denies recognition to Catalonia, this may generate a frozen economic conflict in the core of Europe that would drain political capital and economic resources from an economically fragile Spain. This frozen economic conflict will also create a “state,” with the Euro as its currency and seven million Catalonians that could retain their EU citizenship while living outside the EU. Furthermore,in many European states, non-recognition would be perceived as anti-democratic. Such a move would be extremely difficult to justify, given that nearly three-dozen states have achieved recognition by EU member states in the past twenty-five years.”

You can read his full testimony here.

Finally, Ivan Vejvoda, from the German Marshall Fund of the United States, worries about the uncertainty linked to self-determination processes in Europe, questioning “If it does secede […] will the EU accept it as a new member and under what rules of the road. Many open questions.” You can read his full testimony here.

To conclude the debate, the Subcommittee Chairman showed an open view towards the creation of new states and acknowledged the need to tackle the debate, not to postpone it.

Taking the Narrow View

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Han Kang’s 2007 novella (originally conceived as three separate short stories), “The Vegetarian”, which has now been translated into English and longlisted for the 2016 Man Booker International Prize, tells the story of a woman who, after having a violent dream, resolves to become a vegetarian. Apparently, vegetarianism is far more abnormal in Korea than it is here because everyone around her is stupefied by her decision. Yeong-hye (the vegetarian) makes little effort to explain herself, and her family, despite their anger, annoyance, and concern, do not much push the issue; this combination no doubt adds to their incomprehension.

Thankfully, the situation is much less confusing to the reader (the other characters can not read Yeong-hye’s thoughts, for instance). After a normal person sees an especially disturbing horror movie, she might have a nightmare that a psychopathic killer is after her. Another type of person might go home from the theater and have a nightmare that she is a psychopathic killer. Yeong-hye is the latter, but instead of getting over it, she just gets worse. Life must destroy other life to survive, and this realization is too much for Yeong-hye to bear. So she does not stop at vegetarianism; eventually, she refuses to eat anything. Trees do not hurt anyone, so she wants to leave the murderous human race and become a tree. (By this point, she is in a mental institution, sometimes standing on her head because that is how trees grow, with their “arms” in the ground.)

The fact that humans must take life in order to survive does not drive normal people to insanity and martyrdom, but we are not completely unaffected by it either. Obviously, the West’s racial demise owes something to this general feeling. (I know; I’m pulling a Ta-Nehisi Coates here, and letting my personal preoccupations color whatever I’m reading at the moment.) It is easy to rouse a nation to defend itself against military invasion. The danger is immediate and personal. When the invaders are economic migrants or refugees of war, the life or death of the nation becomes more distant and theoretical. How many Europeans, even ethnonationalist Europeans, are willing to shoot-to-kill some border-jumper, who maybe just wants to live in a safe country where he can sell his falafels? Europeans understand that mass migration will change the racial character of their countries, and probably bring other changes too. All things being equal, many, perhaps most, would rather avoid these changes, but all things are not equal.

People, generally, will defend what is theirs, and also attempt to increase their share, even at the expense of others, but there is a limit to what they are willing to do for this end, and right now ethnonationalism falls on the wrong side of that divide. Whites are especially hesitant to defend their ethnonationalist privileges.

Why Whites?

“Whites have no right to keep other races out of America because we stole it in the first place.” “The West has exploited the Third World for centuries, so Western countries are obligated to accept immigrants from the rest of the world.” The universalist Left has been reciting these “white guilt” chants for generations. And it does leave a mark, but truthfully, the West is not so gullible/”pathologically altruistic” as to be swayed by third-rate sophistry. The West’s slackening will to survive is the result, not the cause.

The real problem is that these shallow Left-wing talking-points spring from a place deep in the Western intellectual soul. The desire for unity is universal among humanity, but only the West achieved the technological and moral sophistication to make it a human reality. We acquired the technological mastery to conquer the world. With great power comes great responsibility, and the world became our responsibility. Meanwhile, the West’s superiority in moral philosophy—mostly universalist—is possibly even greater than its technological advantage.

The real problem, in short, is ideological. We can not undo the history that brought us to this ideological point, but we can undo the ideology. Racial loyalty and ethnonationalist sentiment may be instinctive, but whether and how to act on this instinct is a moral value judgment, a moral value judgment founded on abstract first principles. Ultimately, the superiority of the ethnonationalist vision is an abstract ideological proposition, and it will succeed or fail on those terms.†

Most individuals will never consider demographic displacement a threat their immediate survival. No matter how much you spam your friends’ inboxes with crime statistics, it will not change this. Whites are not going to expel/exclude millions of innocent people on the basis of guilt-by-genetic-association. And even if we did, it would just be one more thing for us to feel guilty about a few generations later.

The Autistic Right

Should a doctor kill one healthy person, if he can use the organs to save five dying people? When the philosophy teacher asks this question, he assumes those in his audience have normal human minds, capable of understanding things that do not have to be spelled-out, and they will understand many of these things intuitively. He does not have to explain that, for the purposes of the question, the doctor does not have the option to go poking around for organs in the morgue. He also assumes his students understand that all six people are exactly the same (in everything except their health), and if the doctor saves the five people, each of them will go on lead lives exactly as worthwhile as the life that the healthy man would have enjoyed. If only he had not gone in for his check-up. He assumes his audience knows that if the doctor does save the five people, no one else will ever know about it. Patients are not going to die of preventable illnesses because they are too afraid to see their doctors. And the doctor himself will never be charged for murder. And the doctor somehow knows all of this beforehand.

In short, the philosophy teacher assumes that his audience understands the nature of the question. The doctor has only two options: kill one to save five, or let the five die. Even though the scenario is completely abstract, and impossible in the real world, how we answer the question, and on what grounds, gets at the root of what obligations we believe man owes to society. Actually, in this case, the question is (mostly) a shock device to scare-you-straight into thinking seriously about serious things, and you are supposed to think past the question, but again, normal human minds should understand this without any explanation.

In other (more concise and abstract) words, the art of abstraction is not all “autistic.” “Autistic” has become a buzzword that too many people on the Alt Right throw around as an insult. Whenever they encounter an abstraction that their minds are not nimble enough to follow, they dismiss it as “autistic.” In part, this is a simple case of Right-wing man disease; they would rather not have to think, and so they invent a rationale for why thinking is not necessary. Others of them exhibit autistic-ish symptoms themselves and are perhaps protesting too much. For instance, they might assume that if something has not been spelled-out, then it has been ruled out.†† Or not ruled out!

For many, I think this impulse is a post-Libertarian overcorrection. Apparently, many arrived atthe Alt Right after going through a Libertarian phase, which may have poisoned the abstract well for them. Libertarians are fairly unique in that their abstract moral ideology is pretty much the same thing as their blueprint for society which is pretty much the same thing as their theory of human nature. Most people pass through Libertarianism at a young age, so it was probably the first time they had thought seriously in abstract terms. They eventually find that Libertarianism is an ideological hamster wheel, or just unrealistic, and they get soured on the whole abstraction business.

Which is unfortunate, because leading a normal human life requires adequate abstract reasoning skills. And making the ethnonationalist argument requires these skills too.
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†A year or two ago (before Trump), the Alt Right critique of mainstream Conservatism was that it was an ideological hodgepodge, a collection of positions without much logical linkage to each other. The new party-line on the Alt Right is that Conservatism has failed to conserve anything because it is an abstract ideology that does not represent anything real. I think we had it right the first time. At least I did:
Contemporary Conservatism as a whole may not be a coherent ideology, but it does contain a coherent political core value—namely, “freedom.” Tellingly, mainstream Conservatism’s more literal understanding of freedom (relative to Leftist ideas) has attracted more able defenders and stood-up over time a lot better than has their social agenda. Their battle against expanding government in general may be a Sisyphean struggle, but in many significant areas—welfare, tax rates, gun control, school choice, specific business regulations—the political tide moves back and forth. Where the Right Went Wrong
So they have conserved something. (Even if that something is not that exciting to people like us.) Meanwhile, the intellectual rationales for American Conservatism’s social agenda never transcended its gut-level origins, and that agenda has gone down in flames. The lessen here is not that an ideal can not be based on something concrete, but that the ideal must be supported by a compelling abstract first principle.

††For example, the “Why Whites” section makes no mention of the West’s famous individualism. This is not because I do not think it is a contributing factor, but because it is not immediately relevant here.

Merkel: Her Cops, Her Migrants, and a German Family

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One German family's experience with brutish immigrants and Merkel's traitorous police.

She sowed the wind.

Who will reap the whirlwind?

Winter Camp – A Great Success!

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The fourth and arguably the most successful Legion MAC Camp event, in association with Western Spring, took place last weekend, starting on the evening of Friday18th March and running through to the afternoon of Sunday 20th.
The 2-3 day residential camp took place at a surprisingly sunny Midlands location, and almost forty young and not-so-young physically active nationalists took part in a variety of activities designed to promote good health, physical fitness and personal advancement, as well as the self-defence capability of the participants.

As always, the participants found the activities challenging but enjoyable and in some cases exhilarating. One participant, Francis Soulie a young Canadian now living in Britain, and returning after attending an earlier camp, made a speech on the Saturday morning extolling the value of that earlier event, which he claimed had a life-changing impact upon him. A transcript of that speech follows:
“Hello everyone.

“So I’d just like to say a few words about me experience of this camp and how important it was for my own personal development and how important it can be for you.

“Now, my first experience here was a real eye-opener and my only regret was that I didn’t experience it earlier.

“So, I was in Merther Tidville for the first time, this was in Wales a few summers back and we were camping in the Brecon Beacon district, and Matt had brought over a special guest instructor form Russia. He was a professional MMA fighter and all round thug! He was so strong and fearless that they called him the Czar.
“Now apart from his strength and courage, what really struck me was his honesty, he wasn’t stingy with the compliments, he would tell you if you were doing something right, but the same time, if you did something wrong, he would come down hard on you.

“Now in order to accept this and truly benefit from an experience like this, your ego has to take a back seat, and in place of your ego you have to put something else, the concept of absolute truth. This is truth with a capital ‘T’, not just perspective, not just opinion, what IS!

“You have to accept that you may never get to know it, you may never reach the ideal, but it doesn’t mean you should stop striving for it and to keep encouraging your friends to do the same.

“The thing about truth is that it should never be jealously guarded. Some people grow to call this concept ‘God’, and others have a different relationship, but either way, if you embrace it you’ll become more focused, and results orientated.

“So I was about to get an experience that I’d never forget, the Czar rounded us up and he led us to an open field, and he divided us up into two teams, sending us to the opposite ends of the field.

“Now, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on at this point, but when he told us to put in our mouth guards and started handing out boxing gloves, I started getting an idea.

“He said that when he blew the whistle, we were going to fight until there was one man left standing.

“Now, I’ve been in one or two scrapes before, but nothing like this. Immediately I felt the fear — I started doubting – I thought that I don’t belong here. Part of me wanted to get out. But I started thinking about my Grandfather, and what he went through in World War Two. He wasn’t facing fists in his battles, he was facing fifty-calibre bullets, he was facing bombs, he was facing the Luftwaffe, but he fought anyway and he did it all with a glad heart.

“He did this for me, he did it for you. Your grandfathers did the same, regardless of where you came from today. And I thought if he could do that for me, I could at least stay and see what happens.

“Now, when you’re in a situation like this, you often hear people say, try to block fear out, try to pretend you’re not really there, pretend you’re not afraid, but don’t do this. You mustn’t ignore fear, fear is there to keep you alive. What you have to do is to recognise it as a signal rather than a master.

“You should feel the tightness in your guts, feel your mouth go dry, feel the blood drain away from your face, feel the adrenalin pump up your heart whatever it is, embrace it. Feel its texture, then it will become familiar and it will become a signal rather than a barrier.

“Now it’s true what they say, heroes and cowards do feel the same thing, but it’s what they choose to do that matters. So, I took a deep breath, the whistle blew, I charged forward and I started swinging.

“I landed some heavy hits, I took some heavy hits. I was fighting this guy when all of a sudden a huge fist swung out and just took him out. He was knocked into the bushes and just disappeared. This was someone from my team that had done this. We both looked at each other, we nodded and we got back to the fight.

“Now, the numbers were in our favour, and the only thing to do was to gang-up on someone else from the other team. Now, I felt bad about this, because I was just talking to them all a moment before, we got along well, and now I was about to attack them – I was about to hit a friend. So I hesitated before I landed my first punch. Soon after that the whistle blew and that part of the fight was over, and the Czar asked me why I hesitated. He said, why would I hesitate when there’s people on my team fighting and dying for me?

“And I didn’t have an answer other than I lost focus, and I let my emotions get the better of me. This highlights something important for me: the importance of being in control of emotions. To be able to turn on or off your aggression like a light switch. But the object here, you must remember, is not to become an emotionally dead sociopath, it’s simply to be in control.

“Don’t harden your hearts. Be capable of great violence, but also be capable of great mercy, even gentleness and lean towards the latter if you can. It’s always better to convince than to force. Force is a last resort.

“So, I took this on-board, and the next fight I got into, I got stuck in right as soon as the odds changed, and after that as I was nursing a hell of a head-ache, I thought, what was the lesson here? Why were we fighting each other? Why were we putting each other through this?

“I started thinking and then I realised, if you can fight a friend, you can fight an enemy, and if you can hit a friend, you can hit an enemy harder!

“By fighting one-another as friends, you suffer together, you go through pain together – mentally, physically, emotionally – and you find that at this point, you cease to be friends and you become comrades. Camaraderie is beyond class, it’s beyond ideology – you’ll be comrades to the end!”
Which Way 3Francis is a fine looking young man, strong, alert and intelligent and he delivered his speech to a packed room of similarly fine young men, who listened in silence and then erupted in cheers as he finished. To a man, he had expressed in words the sentiments that we all felt.

Legion MAC is more than just a martial arts club, it is a lifestyle club and self-improvement club and during each event the participants swear public oaths declaring the goals they have and what they aim to achieve before the next camp.

The next camp will take place in August this year, it will be our third Summer Camp and promises to be the best ever as we have lined up a number of celebrity guests who will be attending to help us train and to give those attending the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

We plan to host one-hundred participants and to make this the largest event of its kind ever staged in the British Isles, and if our previous events have been ‘life-changing’, the forthcoming Summer Camp will be an epoch marking event that will be talked about for years to come and which future generations will possibly look back upon as the point in time at which we began to turn the tide, heralding the eventual salvation of our people.

Congratulations to Matt in particular for his organisation of the event and to the others who took part, particularly our martial arts instructors; Jimmy; Peter; and Shaun.

Anyone wishing to register early should submit their details via the Legion MAC website:

Wid-Ar Rising

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One thing in particular that I find remarkably hypocritical about the illiberal elite is their defence of the alien religion and culture of islam which they have had a hand in transplanting from the deserts of the east into our sacred European lands, no doubt in order to create instability and the destruction of western society and the white race. This instability they first brought about in the homelands of islam through phoney wars against terror after the extremist islamist armed groups that they helped to set up and fund began to turn against the hand that fed them. No doubt this reaction too was foreseen and planned by these very same illiberal elities.

The white traitors who govern our European and western lands through their destructive wars against islamic countries and their butchering of many innocent men, women and children have created a chaotic situation where many people are fleeing for their lives but no doubt accompanied by an even larger number of spongers and opportunists who are breaking into our continent solely for the purpose of free money, clothing, food and accommodation. This is crystal clear except for the most blinkered liberal observer. These very same spongers (and genuine refugees) will be granted free housing by local authorities whilst many of our own native English people are either homeless or have to live for months on end in hostels or boarding houses despite this being THEIR country! These young fit men if they are genuinely from a war torn country should have the balls to take up arms and defend their homelands like real men not flee like sissies and cowards to Europe. However we know that their real motive is financial gain and what they perceive as a life of ease at our expense. Most people know this but once again the illiberal elites are in denial.

The biggest traitor of them all is Angela Merkel who literally opened the borders of Germany for countless flotsam and jetsam to invade Germania and molest and rape German women, all initially covered up by the Police and authorities
I found this particularly irksome as many of my readers will be aware that I am half German. However this situation is not confined to Germany: Scandinavia is suffering the same fate as well:

A backlash is coming. The Wid-Ar avataric force is arising in Europa and will become unstoppable. The very presence, indeed the very ubiquitous presence of the Wolfsangel rune as a symbol of not only English but Germanic and pan-European resistance is an indication of the arising of this force and should come as a warning signal (and symbol) to the corrupt elite that govern and exploit the European peoples that their time is over. The Old World Order is finished: the time of the Aryan God-Man has come! The irony is that the worse the situation gets with our lands being flooded by eastern invaders the stronger the Wid-Ar God force becomes! Therefore as Woden-born initiates we must not fear the times in which we live but come to the dawning realisation that we were born into a place and a time that we have chosen as Einheriar in the halls of Walhalla prior to our physical rebirths. It is our task to REMEMBER!