Mar 24, 2016

You’re Either a Globalist or a Nationalist

via Return of Kings

The charade of the left-right political spectrum is being fully revealed as American and European “conservative” politicians and media pundits continue to be outed as sellouts who serve liberal interests above conservative interests. In the political arena, left versus right is an artificial theater constructed to trick the public that opposing forces are battling it out or compromising for the good of the nation. In reality, both sides are controlled by the same group of elites.

Should you vote for this puppet or that puppet?


If you voted for a Democrat slate, thinking the Democrats were looking out for you, or if you voted a Republican slate, thinking that Republicans were looking out for you, you were tricked. You voted for the same puppet masters who stand behind both parties and ensure that their globalist and collectivist vision of the world is achieved. Their aims are to maximize their power and wealth while satisfying whatever sinister agenda they may have in the name of “world order,” which includes depopulation.

Even though my views have become more traditionally conservative over the years, I never saw Republicans as the party that represented them. How could I when they support homosexual marriage, feminism, and even open-borders immigration? On the big issues—the ones that determine the fate of a country—the Democrats and Republicans match almost exactly. This is because they are sponsored by corporations and billionaires with similar agendas and cravings for globalization, hedging their bets between the sponsored candidate in blue or the sponsored candidate in red. Every US Presidential election has had sponsored candidates on both sides, meaning that to those with real power, it barely matters who wins.

Establishment candidates believe in the globalist platform:
  • Open-borders
  • Consumerism
  • Feminism and matriarchy
  • Multiculturalism, diversity, and egalitarianism
  • Paganism or atheism
  • Global solutions for local problems
  • Empire building
  • Centralization
  • Collectivization
  • Unarmed populace
All the while, we are not allowed to select a candidate with a nationalist platform:
  • Closed borders
  • Protectionism
  • Patriarchy
  • Homogeneous population and closed borders
  • Monotheism
  • Local solutions for local problems
  • War as self-defense
  • Decentralization
  • Individual rights
  • Armed populace

Let them eat blue or red cake


It’s very possible to put a conservative and liberal in the room but have them completely agree on multiculturalism, immigration, democracy, and transgenderism, though disagree on more hot-button topics like abortion and gun rights. They can agree at least half of the time because they both share a primarily globalist belief system, even when they may see each other as enemies. On the other hand, if you get a globalist and nationalist in the same room, they will disagree on more than 80% of issues, even including the basics such as the proper system of government.
While mainstream liberals tend to lean globalist, and mainstream conservatives tend to lean nationalist, the dividing line between them is becoming more narrow as nationalist views are prevented from being properly discussed in the public sphere. Soon, it will be impossible to tell liberals and “conservatives” apart. The only true dividing line left is globalism versus nationalism, especially since nationalism has not yet been co-opted by the elite, and is seen by them as the only real threat that could sever their heads.

I’m firmly in the nationalist camp, even though I am a man of mixed race who does not have an ancestral nation he can call home (I’m half Persian and half Armenian). If you’re wondering how the product of the Immigration And Nationality Act of 1965 can become nationalist, I’ll tell you: globalism greatly harms heterosexual native-born men such as myself. Before I even knew what globalism was, I empirically identified all of its tentacles and how they greatly inhibit a man’s masculinity, life purpose, and pursuit of happiness. Therefore I firmly believe that a heterosexual man who is a minority, like myself, will fare better in a nationalist country than in a globalist one, where he will definitely be swept up by degenerate winds that either make him a social justice zombie or get him persecuted for merely behaving as a man.

My nearly three years of living in a mostly nationalist country, Poland, confirmed to me that nationalism is the most natural state for man. I saw firsthand how a country that leans towards globalism becomes a more toxic environment for men and women, encouraging them to effectively destroy themselves for short-term pleasure and material gain. Nationalism, not to be confused with ultra-nationalism, promotes a more meaningful human existence by using morality, virtue, and genetic identity as building blocks for society, and so therefore serves as a more compatible operating system for human beings.

The mainstream media never threatens the ruling agenda


The American media will go off on left versus right controversies all day long, and make a big show of various battles between them, because the open discussion of these issues do not harm globalist platforms. Once you understand that conservative outlets like Fox News and National Review are globalist, not nationalist, you can realize how an entire belief system has been concealed from you. Whenever a nationalist idea is shared in the media, there is a quick and vicious condemnation of it as “far right,” “extreme right,” or “radical right.” Anything that is not labeled these three terms is a safe idea that does not harm globalist concerns.

When I mentioned late last year that the narrative is collapsing, I was referring to the globalist narrative. The only belief system that can fill that vacuum is nationalism, and the question that remains is how fascist the new nationalism will become. Neomasculinity, a model of patriarchy that is compatible with nationalism (if not outright essential for its success), is a vehicle that can serve men of various backgrounds, as long as minority men such as myself understand that they must follow the rules of any homogeneous population they find themselves in. I did that in Poland and can continue to do that in the future, because I know that if you believe in masculinity and the traditional ideas that are compatible with a life of meaning, nationalism is a better outcome for you that the globalist nightmare that many Western men find themselves trapped in today.

Atheistic Traditionalism

via Radish

Lovecraft is “an absolute sceptic and materialist” (II.41), it’s true. On the other hand, if “nothing really matters,” then logically “the only thing for a person to do is to take the artificial and traditional values he finds around him and pretend they are real; in order to retain that illusion of significance in life which gives to human events their apparent motivation and semblance of interest.” Call him an absolute relativist (II.356):

In a cosmos without absolute values, we have to rely on the relative values affecting our daily sense of comfort, pleasure, & emotional satisfaction. What gives us relative painlessness & contentment we may arbitrarily call “good,” & vice versa. This local nomenclature is necessary to give us that benign illusion of placement, direction, & stable background on which the still more important illusions of “worthwhileness,” dramatic significance in events, & interest in life depend. Now what gives one person or race or age relative painlessness & contentment often disagrees sharply on the psychological side from what gives these same boons to another person or race or age. Therefore “good” is a relative & variable quality, depending on ancestry, chronology, geography, nationality, & individual temperament. Amidst this variability there is only one anchor of fixity which we can seize upon as the working pseudo-standard of “values” which we need in order to feel settled & contented — & that anchor is tradition, the potent emotional legacy bequeathed to us by the massed experience of our ancestors, individual or national, biological or cultural. Tradition means nothing cosmically, but it means everything locally & pragmatically because we have nothing else to shield us from a devastating sense of “lostness” in endless time & space.

To attack tradition as arbitrary or artificial would be missing the point (I.262):

All the life we can ever imagine is the artificial and arbitrary network of illusions with which we may happen to surround ourselves. We know that all are the mere result of accident and perspective, but we gain nothing by tearing them down. ’Tis indeed uncommon senseless to tear down with a rusty dung-fork a mirage which never really existed. I think it best becomes a man of sense to chuse whatever sort of agreeable fancies best amuse him, and thenceforward to revel innocently in them; sensible that they are not real, but equally aware that since reality does not exist, he can gain nothing and lose much by brushing them away.

From a cosmic perspective, Lovecraft’s traditionalism makes a lot of sense (II.125):

It is because I am a complete sceptic & cynic, recognising no such qualities as good or evil, beauty or ugliness, in the ultimate structure of the universe, that I insist on the artificial & traditional values of each particular cultural stream — proximate values which grew out of the special instincts, associations, environment, & experiences of the race in question, & which are the sole available criteria for the members of that race & culture, though of course having no validity outside it. These backgrounds of tradition against which to scale the objects & events of experience are all that lend such objects & events the illusion of meaning, value, or dramatic interest in an ultimately purposeless cosmos — hence I preach & practice an extreme conservatism in art forms, society, & politics, as the only means of averting the ennui, despair, & confusion of a guideless & standardless struggle with unveiled chaos.

You see, “there is nothing anti-ethical or anti-social” in his cosmicism (V.241):

Although meaning nothing in the cosmos as a whole, mankind obviously means a good deal to itself. Therefore it must be regulated by customs which shall ensure, for its own benefit, the full development of its various accidental potentialities.

This is, quite simply, Lovecraft’s definition of civilization: “the state of development and organisation which is capable of gratifying” our “complex mental-emotional-aesthetic needs” (II.290); for “the greater our philosophic & aesthetic expansion, the more sources of contentment we shall generally be able to find in life” (IV.417).

Remember: to Lovecraft, “the paramount end, aim, and object of life is contentment or tranquil pleasure” (I.215). This, he believes, “can be gained only by the worship and creation of beauty, and by the adoption of an imaginative and detached life which may enable us to appreciate the world as a beautiful object […] without feeling too keenly the pain which inevitably results from reflecting on its relation to ourselves.” And so:

We advocate the preservation of conditions favourable to the growth of beautiful things — imposing palaces, beautiful cities, elegant literature, reposeful art and music, and a physically select human type. [I.207]

Lovecraft is ready to go way beyond conservatism to achieve these things. “We are proud to be definitely reactionary, since only by a bold repudiation of the ‘liberal’ pose and the ‘progress’ illusion can we get the sort of authoritative social and political control which alone produces things which make life worth living” — not this “modern worship of empty ideals,” like the “false idol” of democracy. “Ludicrous,” says Lovecraft:

What is more important, is to perpetuate those things of beauty which are of real value because involving actual sense-impressions rather than vapid theories. “Equality” is a joke — but a great abbey or cathedral, covered with moss, is a poignant reality. It is for us to safeguard and preserve the conditions which produce great abbeys, and palaces, and picturesque walled towns, and vivid sky-lines of steeples and domes, and luxurious tapestries, and fascinating books, paintings, and statuary, and colossal organs and noble music, and dramatic deeds on embattled fields… these are all there is of life; take them away and we have nothing which a man of taste or spirit would care to live for. Take them away and our poets have nothing to sing — our dreamers have nothing to dream about. […]

What we must do is to shake off our encumbering illusions and false values — banishing sonorous platitudes in a civilised realisation that the only things of value in the world are those which promote beauty, colour, interest, and heightened sensation. The one great crusade worthy of an enlightened man is that directed against whatever impoverishes imagination, wonder, sensation, dramatic life, and the appreciation of beauty. Nothing else matters. And not even this really matters in the great void, but it is amusing to play a little in the sun before the blind universe dispassionately pulverises us again into that primordial nothingness from whence it moulded us for a second’s sport.

The Last Judgement by Michelangelo

Now, Lovecraft is certainly an atheistic traditionalist (I.17):

I am not an orthodox disciple of religion, but I deem it dangerous to tamper with any system so manifestly beneficial to morality. Whatever may be the faults of the church, it has never yet been surpassed or nearly equalled as an agent for the promotion of virtue. And the same thing applies to our present social system. It has its defects, but is evidently a natural growth, and better fitted to preserve an approximate civilization than any Utopian scheme conjured up over night by some artificially thinking radical.

And so, while “the younger generation cannot regard the old theistic teaching as anything but out-and-out mythology” given “the enormous strides of contemporary science,” Lovecraft “cannot sympathise with the violent anti-Christian agitators and ‘debunkers,’” for apart from its “excellent sociological value,” religion “will always have a retrospective beauty which no impersonal aesthete can fail to respect” (II.227).

Lovecraft, self-identifying as “an atheist of Protestant ancestry,” singles out Catholicism in particular as “really an admirable faith,” especially for artists (II.104):

It is the inheritor of ancient and beautiful rhythms of thought, cadence, and gesture which thousands of years of human feeling have woven symbolically and expressively around the various significant points of mortal experience; and as such it cannot help having a profound and genuine artistic importance and satisfyingness. It is the oldest continuously surviving poem of life that the races of Western Europe possess, and as such has an authority — which no other one system of symbolic expression can claim.

It seems to me that if one is to have anything so extra-rational as religion of any sort the Catholic and Episcopal systems are the only two sects with enough roots and anchors in the past to make them worthy of the affiliation of an artist. The life which they express is the natural, simple life of elder times, before the spread of industrialism and scientific discovery began its present transformation and destruction of society. No religion could express more, because all religion is a traditional art form dependent on a simple and continuous heritage.

Unfortunately, “the future civilisation of mechanical invention, urban concentration, and scientific standardisation of life and thought is a monstrous and artificial thing which can never find embodiment either in art or in religion.” Tradition is in decline (II.228):

Spengler is right, I feel sure, in classifying the present phase of Western civilisation as a decadent one; for racial-cultural stamina shines more brightly in art, war, and prideful magnificence than in the arid intellectualism, engulfing commercialism, and pointless material luxury of an age of standardisation and mechanical invention like the one now well on its course.

It would be better if we could still be naive, beauty-loving, and ignorant — yet we cannot turn the clock back. Memphis and Nineveh, Babylon and Persepolis, Carthage and Ctesiphon, Athens and Lacedaemon, Rome and Alexandria, Antioch and Tyre — all these have had their day and their sunset; their grandeur and their fall. In the face of such a pageant of history it would be folly to expect anything else of the existing civilisation. This age in America corresponds quite startlingly to the luxurious and disillusioned age of Antonines in the Roman Empire — when Rome, Alexandria, Antioch, Athens and New Carthage blazed in the sunset that was to mark the death of the ancient world. A gradual death, of course, which took many centuries in dragging itself out.

If I were at all a mundane person — at all disposed to identify myself with one age any more than with any other — I would probably be greatly depressed by the existing phase of European culture; since I have no respect whatever for the hectic mechanical world which is supplanting the simpler, tradition-anchored world into which I was born. Fortunately for me, though, I am not greatly engrossed in external reality; so that my imagination is as free to live in another age as in this. It is only these broad, historic sweeps of life which interest me.

Multiculturalism in Europe: Who's behind It?

via Darkmoon

Listen to David Duke expose the hypocrisy of organized Jewry which promotes multiculturalism and mass immigration to the US and Europe but avoids them like the plague in Israel.

The Battle of Liverpool

via National Action

On the 27th of February a unity demonstration called by the North West Infidels (NWI) inflicted a humiliating defeat against the communists, this follows a run of bad luck which saw them bloodied and cowering at Dover. The anti-fascist media is running overtime on laughable ‘propaganda’ damage control that one would usually associate with the right wing. The truth is undeniable – 130 nationalists, among them 30 members of National Action took to the steps of St Georges hall outside Lime Street Station Liverpool where 6 months before we faced crushing opposition that cancelled the last official ‘White Man March’. Here we freely held speeches where we denounced race traitors and the City’s mayor Joe Anderson in front of an impotent number of disorganised communists. Not only did we achieve everything that we could possibly hope to do but it went off perfectly.


How did we do this? All the organisations worked and planned in secret using new/experimental methods that relied heavily on our opposition underestimating us. You will recall the planned demonstration in Manchester in our February review? This had been a ruse from the beginning and by cleverly rerouteing the counter-demonstration and announcing the venue at 24 hours notice it sowed chaos in the ranks of the antifa, soured their plans, and significantly delayed them. It also ensured that their forces would be split and those organising violence would have to improvise with materials on-hand (favourites of the antifascists are elaborate devices such as razor blades in potatoes – too impractical and risky to travel with). The formal/respectable face of the counter demo Hope Not Hate was committed to keeping their part of the demonstration in Manchester, 100+ people who could otherwise have caused us problems – indeed it is their own claim that they are the ‘command centre’ for antifascist violence and that their ‘intelligence operatives’ are there on the ground to direct these assaults (why the CTU are not kicking in their front doors remains a mystery). We published the RV as the Quayside and had guys take pictures of themselves there in the morning so also succeed in putting the opposition on a wild goose chase within the city itself.

10 Socialist worker manchester

A review of the photos from that day clearly show that the number of the opposition in masks (ie those from organisations such as AFA that mask up because they are intent on carrying out organised violence) were only in the double digits. The vast majority of the counter demonstrators were students (thousands of which were housed above lime street station, the one kid that was ripping up stones from the war monument without a mask for instance, clearly didn’t have a clue what he was doing) and a bunch of junkies from the smackhead camp who had nothing better to do.

Tactical Reflections

1. Our strategy is working perfectly. Patriots come to peacefully demonstrate in a city and they are attacked by a red mob who everyone associates with the politicians and the labour party. Because we had the numbers, the strength, and the organisation – the counter demonstration was prolonged into a full blown riot which shut down everything in the city except the demonstration itself. The media and politicians place the entire blame on us and it backfires; the public see through the smokescreen – they see can see with their own eyes who is responsible for the violence, so they sympathise with out cause – and because we are the only forces capable of doing this, they are sympathising with National Socialism.

The enemy has no recourse to this, we are not breaking any laws and they can do nothing more against us than they are already doing. Mayor Joe’s calls for executive powers to ban marches are an empty threat and nothing more than a political tantrum. The issue cannot be raised because the only practical assessment would conclude that it is that the state backed antifascists need reeling in – take them out of the equation there is no violence, no police, and no £60,000 clean-up bill. Our flash demonstration in Liverpool last November proved that much; the Mayor knows it, the police know it, the reds know it, the media know it, but they lie through their teeth – don’t you just love your ‘free press’?

Nationalists who continue to criticise our actions in Liverpool are oblivious to the fact that institutional and left wing violence is the most important problem affects the right wing. It is a problem that was totally unaddressed by nationalists during the ‘glorious’ Griffin era – they did nothing to resist their enemy so neither did the police. Any group that is not working to actively combat these thugs is a non starter because the group either gets suppressed, or they must self marginalise their own activities to places where they have no effect.

2. In Hope Not Hate’s ‘The State of Hate 2015’ report they referred to National Action as the most ‘organisationally sophisticated (Far-Right) group’ but in truth all our partners have been picking up on the new method of things as well. For this to have worked, all parties had to have been in full co-operation and enforcing standards across their whole membership. The antifascists still refuse to believe that Liverpool was always the intended target as if we would throw our own demonstration into the same chaos intended for our enemies, and would risk Liverpool of all places! This march was a success because of the rigorous new standards for secrecy the participating organisations employed and ultimately judgement of Shane Calvert (knowing which groups to contact and how to contact them, who to trust and who not to trust, etc) and he pulled it off with the best possible outcome. Yet because of class arrogance and prejudice the opposition simply cannot accept that an organisation like the NWI was capable of this. They will learn soon enough to fear weaponised psyche warfare cyber chavs, because that is what we are building in this country, and it is only the beginning.

There was an exception to this was the amount of people that managed to get themselves trapped in other parts of the city, including a pub of all places. The plan was to not hit Liverpool until as close to 2 as possible yet many people arrived hours beforehand. 130 of us made it to the RV on time (apart from the Poles, but no problem, they bombed their way through) This was how it should have been done by everyone. If everybody had stuck to the original plan we would have had easily another 60 nationalists on the steps and we could have done with them.

Gentlemen, these marches are no longer a pub crawl, it’s fucking war and if we can’t get these simple tactics right we’re never going to win.

3. We have overcome the setback of the last White Man March much sooner than expected. The breakthrough of being able to plan mass unity demonstrations in partial secrecy with 100-200 attendees cannot possibly be understated, and after this we can expect that to increase. Before we can hold pre-advertised respectable marches we must first break the red terror which is a weapon employed by the system – it has it’s weaknesses and we can destroy them over time. Since it’s inception National Action have been pioneering the flash mob approach and it has been very successful, none of our flash demonstrations has ever led to violence or illegal incidents. Whenever nationalists plan a march with police it gets leaked to the politicians, the politicians raise an army, and there is violence and disorder. Flash demonstrations are our legally protected right and by holding them we are ensuring the safety of our own men, police officers, and the general public.

4. Those who still wish to take the fight to us will increasingly meet nationalists equal terms. Man to man we are enormously superior – among the ranks of the antifa are pasty students and drug addicts, but everyone on the steps of St. Georges hall was a Soldier. Until now anti-fascist activism has been a ‘safe’ activity and that is why their numbers are usually larger than ours on a big call out. The more those who intend to conduct legally sanctioned political violence return home with scars and smashed faces, the less inclined universities and other institutions will be to put them in danger, they will gravitate towards more sensible low risk events instead of pathetic childish LARPing. Now that we are mounting an effective resistance to the red terror Policing in the UK will inevitably have to respond in dealing with planned violence on the leftist side – we are not going to let it come to a Swedish situation where we wait until they are hunting us like rats in a cage, we are the ones who knock.

5. The leftists are playing right into our hands. Our activities and our provocative style cause them to chimp out on a scale that nobody has ever seen outside the anti-austerity riots. everybody has observed the change in the attitudes of police over the past few years, despite the mercenary nature of their work they are increasingly sympathetic because of events like this and it is a matter of time before this becomes institutional. Many of the officers we remember from lime street and they knew who not to turn their backs to.

Cobble stones torn up by communists
Cobble stones torn up by communists

6. Our communication networks are secure – if there had been a thousand antifa blockading the station entrance like last time then this would be a very different story and to suffer another Lime Street would have been a disastrous setback. The authorities also had only an indication of the intended place of the march with no confirmation – when authorities lack intelligence they are more likely to be co-operative as a matter of caution.

7. There are those who still object to the wearing of facemasks. At demonstrations such as these police film all protesters, and then cross check the footage with records of students and possibly all kinds of other databases. There are also media cameras with high resolution lenses that are well within their right to release such images to those who would identify us and wish to do us harm. If our dress code was not institutionalised then many would feel pressured to take liberties with their personal security – preserving the anonymity of our activists is paramount and days like Liverpool re-enforce that.

8. Despite all of the above people will still ask ‘what was achieved’? What we pulled off in Liverpool was a total work of art, not just a riot, but a thing of beauty – to a propagandist the imagery is a dream come true. Not only were the NA activists on point, but so were all of the other groups in both their presentation, organisation, and message. When one considers that many of these organisations were literally the EDL until recently it is impressive to see how quickly the these new standards have been adopted and followed through. The best part is that we did not have to organise this, others took the initiative.

Note: the ‘Poles’ under the banner of ‘Hooligans Poland’ are no relation to the NOP (Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski/National Rebirth of Poland) who are one of a number of Polish expat organisations in the UK. That day the NOP readers are familiar with were attending a separate unity demonstration in London outside the German Embassy protesting on behalf of heroes such as Horst Mahler.

The North West Infidels put our a call to National Action, Scottish Defence League, Right Wing Resistance, South East Alliance, Polish Hooligans, and all other European Nationalists to attend a demonstration on the 27th of February 2016 in Liverpool (and to those outside of the loop Manchester City centre). It was to be a static demonstration for freedom of speech, opposition to mass invasion of racial aliens, and an all out rejection of the pig System and the effeminate, obese, low energy Major Joe ‘King-Cuck’ Anderson’s plans to turn Liverpool’s 91% European populace into a decadent and debased mass of raw material to be processed by System.

As pre arranged National Action mobbed up at the rendezvous so we could all come in together. There was absolutely no drinking before the event, we needed cool clear heads – and knowing the hell we were walking into it was unlikely any of us would have rest until the evening.

When we got off the train we were greeted by liaison officers who “Right, where are you going lads?” and kindly walked us to the RV. By law police must facilitate peaceful demonstrations and we had gathered in such numbers that protocol advises collaboration.

Just as planned we arrived at the same time as the NWI, SDL(Scottish Defence league) amassing across the whole steps of St. Georges hall. We all unfurled banners, ours stating “Britain is ours! The rest must go!” and advertising to “Join the White gang!”

The feeling was amazing, we had done it! Greeting us was a dispersed crowd observing what was occurring, for the first hour we would hold the entire steps of the hall where we were free to assemble, hold speeches, and demonstrate – a single antifa with the antifascistce Aktion flag strutted back and forth in front of the thin police line. When members of the SEA (South East Alliance) walked past soon after one communist pushed a woman from behind, a scuffle broke out but they pulled back when they saw a hundred nationalists charge down the steps. As it hit the 20 minute mark a relatively large crowd of observers had amassed along with a growing police presence.

It turned out that there were a group of antifa in the city and they had blockaded 30 nationalists drinking in a pub – not the plan guys. Half an hour after we arrived the counter protest had moved into the road facing St. Georges Hall. An NA speaker took the microphone and delivered a scathing speech to the crowd

“We have a dream we are not just going to return this country to it’s rightful owners, we are going to free them! We are going to end poverty, feed the homeless, cure the sick, and kill the banks. My generation was raised in a fatherless home, NO MORE, There are going to be white families and white children with a future, a future free from the dangers faced by our youth today. And that is why we fight, I don’t care how bad they make me look, my name in the paper and the Name of National Action, because we are fighting for a good cause – and we fight! That is what sets us apart from The right wing, the weaklings, and the cowards, they blabber – But when we speak PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION!”

Mayor Joe and Luciana Berger were denounced and the ways they would be punished discussed – this succeeded in enraging the communist mob which began surging forward. They started throwing various missiles including glass bottles which caused big brothers pigs to then ‘kettle’ the static demonstration instead of run down the internationalist agitators. However the leftists had been delayed too long and there were enough officers to establish an exclusion zone that put most of us out of throwing range.

Merseyside’s finest, like most British police are low energy and incapable. The poles remarked that had this been any country in Eastern Europe there would have been 600 arrests of the communists – instead they were free to endanger the lives of our men and police officers. This was especially true when they started ripping up flagstones from the base of the war memorial and throwing scaffolding clips. These were large slabs that made a loud thud when they landed and could be held with both hands – because they were slow they were easy to dodge so luckily none of our people were hit. Much has been made of the young cunt who was stuck with one of these slabs which is claimed to have ‘returned’ from us, I never saw any of our lads throw anything more than water bottles, and when bricks landed they were turned over to the nearest officer.

A brick from the crowd put a policeman in hospital
A brick from the crowd put a policeman in hospital

The police were very much on our side but their protocols that prevented them from discriminating between us and the red mob put us in a dangerous predicament. The police tactics of making a small target for missile fire caused one of their own officers to be hit in the face with a brick thrown by the antifascist protesters. The unorganised police did not have medical personnel on scene and so had to rely on a pro-European protester to leave the demonstration and take care of the injured man until they got their own medics in.

The kettle also caused confusion. At one point there was a false alarm that we were about to be moved so everyone started moving down the steps and a fight with the police broke out when they reacted violently.
Polish entrance

The Polish arrived. Never in my life have I witnessed an entrance like that. We were stood on the steps and saw a black mass from the left hand side running round a corner, they were letting off smoke bombs to cover their advance. I looked at someone and said “That’s the fucking Polish lads” Next thing I know the reds are running at them whilst we was pinned up on the steps. The Poles threw 2 flash bangs and then 2 flares and then just charged at the reds. About 50 Polish steaming into and splitting easily 250 reds like skittles will stick with me forever. It was beautiful.

The poles had brought a couple of trophies, the ‘antifasciste aktion’ flag and a prisoner – he was very shaken and very frightened – not such a tough guy now. They kept him for a while without police knowing and then released him after a while as an act of kindness. We felt very good about ourselves.

18 side of hall
The black clad police ‘heavies’ (aka the ‘Space Marines’) from Manchester arrived and were cheered – though this wouldn’t be for long.
25 refugees not welcome

The effeminate antifascist protesters literally fled away from the flank the Poles broke through and into the centre crowd. This caused a ruckus and the missiles resumed, which were swiftly picked up and returned in kind. We stood on the balcony overlooking the protesters and we mocked and jeered them – around 50 of us got our cameras out and started taking selfies while pieces of fruit rained in. others took out signs saying ‘Rapefugees not welcome’ to remind everyone this was still a protest and nothing had changed.

Communists broke through the right flank of police guarding the steps and poured up the top. The Riot police responded by attempting to surround us, crushing us like sardines. It was at this point the demonstration turned on police and we charged the lines forcing the space marines to fall back. They brought in three dogs to hold the line instead, an ideal weapon to use against a National Socialist knowing our love for animals, none of us would ever hurt a doggo.

At about ten minutes to six, the riot police gave the go ahead for the move.
With Nationalists and police holding one side of St. Georges hall and Communists holding the other there emerged an epic stand off. For hours we chanted, sang songs, and taunted the opposition. Our men in turn started climbing on top of the plinths and jeered at the red mob who were powerless to stop them dancing above their eyes. Defiant chants of “SIEG HEIL SIEG HEIL!” united the demonstration.

We were escorted – rocks started to come in but they mostly bounced off the big police shields. The sheer number of officers involved in this was mind boggling, there must have been hundreds we snaked our way to our destination. I thought thank fuck they didn’t have time to prepare. At one point I saw a tied bin bag filled with paper roll over us, I wondered what they were trying to achieve with this, people were laughing.

walk out

As we were about to enter the back of the station we passed the contingents that had been held in other parts of the city mostly consisting of Right Wing Resistance, Misanthropic Division, and more Polish Hooligans – we cheered each other “SIEG HEIL!” there was an immense feeling of elation in the air.

The polish started singing in unison “Zawsze i wszedzie policja jebana bedzie” (everytime and everywhere, fuck police) this went on for a while and when they finished they received an ovation from the rest of the entire demo.

There have been false rumours circulated by Left wing backchatters that the Poles were upset by the ‘Sieg Heil’ salutes and are ‘officially’ no longer supporting ‘us’ in future. These rumours are complete horse shit, two of our guys who were there speak polish and have neither heard nor read any complaints, and hung out with the based poles who were by all accounts complete and total bros who loved every minute of the day. They also gave our boys Combat 18 stickers which we are very grateful for – take a wild guess what the 18 stands for. If the people at Hope Not Hate had done their research they would know that the event graphic released by the poles was “Polish people for British white country”, but then is their cointelpro was any good this demonstration would never have happened.

Polish Hooligans posing with 'evil nazis'
Polish Hooligans posing with ‘evil nazis’

As we were walking along a young female activist of the SDL turned to me laughing, she was showing us an apparent bruise from a missile on her side, the area was black it was bleeding slightly. It actually turned out she had been stabbed by someone from the crowd – police refused her medical treatment for nearly an hour until she was gushing blood, after which she was taken to hospital. Because she will face persecution for revealing her identity she was unable to get any co-operation from the news media.

The police had shut down the rail networks and commandeered a train – we had been here before. The aim was to disperse us by taking us on a ride to Manchester and putting us on different rides.


Those at the back who did not stick with the group were held in the station itself and interviewed three at a time in the holding area, the authorities probably wanting to know what the hell just happened.

Despite being separated and having most of our evening wasted wasted half of NA successfully made it back to the RV point for a post-event social, where we were able to reflect on and toast a successful evening.

Shirley Temple on the Jewish Casting Couch

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The so-called “casting couch,” where predatory Jews sexually defile White women while promising to make them “big stars,” has been a well-known staple of the Jew-ridden cesspit known as Hollywood virtually since its inception.

This includes pedophilia, which is so rampant in Hollywood today it is considered “An Open Secret” that all child stars – including boys – are molested by these sickening Jews.

Beloved child star Shirley Temple is no exception (except thankfully she made it out relatively unharmed). She writes in her book Child Star: An Autobiography of multiple incidents in which Jews tried to rape or force sex on her.

When she was only 11 years old, her and her mother went to MGM Studios to discuss the possibility of having Shirley star as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Left alone with the Jewish producer, Arthur Freed, he immediately whipped his schlong out:
“I have something made for just you,” he continued, fumbling in his lap. “You’ll be my new star!” That phrase had last been used when I was three years old in Kid in Hollywood.
Obviously, Freed did not believe in preliminaries. With his face gaped in a smile, he stood up abruptly and executed a bizarre flourish of clothing. Having thought of him as a producer rather than exhibitor, I sat bolt upright. Guarded personal exposure by both brothers and Father had maintained me in relatively pristine innocence. Not twelve years old, I still had little appreciation for masculine versatility and so dramatic was the leap between schoolgirl speculation and Freed’s bedazzling exposure that I reacted with nervous laughter.
Disdain or terror he might have expected, but not the insult of humor.
“Get out!” he shouted, unmindful of his disarray, imperiously pointing to the closed door. “Go on, get out!”

0/5 would not allow around children.
At the same time, her mother was getting a similar treatment from Jewish MGM Studios head Louis B. Mayer in the other room:
Mother and I were en route home before I spilled my executive-suite saga. Expecting her to be startled or angry on my behalf, I was surprised when she had her own tale to tell. Not only had Freed cut a figure, so had Mayer.
Ushering Mother to an overstuffed couch, Mayer returned behind his desk and mounted a long-legged chair, a vanity which gave him increased stature while seated. Wiping his eyeglasses on a silk handkerchief, he recounted how admiringly he regarded her. Every child should be so lucky to have such a mother, he purred, a real mother, yet someone sexy and refined. Usually solemn, his eyes glinted. Surely she could recognize real sincerity when she saw it. Never forget, he continued, at MGM we are a family. We take care of our own.
Slipping down off his chair, he approached the sofa and sank down beside her, uttering a contented sigh.
Surely she was the most unique mother in the world, he said. Someone who should be a star in her own right. He grasped her hand, pulling her toward him.
Mayer’s opinion of his personal prowess was rumored to be overblown, but not the power of his office. Reluctant to test either, Mother picked up her purse and retreated out the door, walking backwards.
Shirley Temple, fortunately enough, did not star in Wizard of Oz, and thus got away from these rotten kikes. Judy Garland, on the other hand, was not so lucky: she was reportedly abused and molested relentlessly by Mayer during filming, ruining her entire life.


There is very good reason we kept people who look like this locked into ghettos for hundreds of years.
When she was 15 she met with Jewish producer David O. Selznick of Gone With the Wind fame to try out for the role of Bridget “Brig” Hilton in his movie Since you Went Away:
“Please sit there, Shirley,” he said, his mouth held in a wide smile, lips parted. Doing as instructed, I watched as his eyes moved over me slowly, from hair to feet and back again.
“Let me move to see you.” He got up, and crouched down behind a potted palm. Adjusting his glasses, he peered out through the fronds. Moving slightly right, then left, for several minutes he continued this silent, furtive inspection.
Realizing he was engaged in some peculiar visual test, I remained motionless, letting him do the moving. After what seemed an eternity, he came around from behind the palm.
“You’ll do. You’re Brig.”
A bit creepy, no?

Shortly after that, Selznick’s artistic director, Anita Colby, advised Shirley to be careful if she “found him in stockings,” causing her to “[gather] the impression that casual sex could be a condition of employment” with Selznick.

Later, while in his office,
pulling up a high-back leather chair, he talked aimlessly about movies, and then marriage. Tipping back, he eased his shoes off and rested both feet on his desktop. In a flash I recalled Anita Colby’s early warning: beware of stocking feet!
Her prophecy wasted little time coming true.
“Circling first left, then right, around a chair,” Shirley escaped the perverted Jew – for the time being.

He would soon call her back to his office and try again, even more aggressively:
Coming around my side of the desk . . . he reached and took my hand in his. Glancing down, I saw the telltale stocking feet.
Pulling free, I turned for the door, but even more quickly he reached back over the edge of his desk and flicked a switch I had learned from Colby was a remote door-locking device. I was trapped.
Like the cartoon of wolf and piglet, once again we circled and reversed directions around his furniture. Blessed with the agility of a young dancer and confronted by an amorous but overweight producer, I had little difficulty avoiding passionate clumsiness.
“It’s just the grease that oils Hollywood’s wheels,” he laughed, feinting ineffectively.

Run Shirley, run!!
On another occasion, Shirley had a run-in on a train with the producer of the movie Mr. Belvedere Goes to College, whom she identifies only as “the Wizard” (hint: the producer of that movie was the Jew Samuel G. Engel):
Hardly the mogul he aspired to be or sometimes chose to pose, Wizard shoveled compliments in my direction, covering everything from appealing looks to yet-unrealized dramatic potential. Toward midnight the group thinned out and he offered to walk me to my own compartment. Only two ways to go on this train, he laughed, and I’m going yours.
As I turned in my opened doorway to say good night, he roughly shoved me back inside and slammed the door shut. In one hulking maneuver he toppled me onto the bunk previously made up by the car porter. The swiftness of his attack shocked me from my head to my high-heeled pumps, one of which fell off. his breath was heavy with a sickly aroma of whiskey, and with his free hand he was fumbling at his clothing.
Good God! I thought. I’m going to be raped!
After phoning her agent to demand the Wizard be “called off” or she would “quit the picture,” the Jew showed up at her hotel door with a bouquet of roses and began rationalizing his rapey behavior:
“Look, I’m going to be a big executive,” he said. “We’re going to have to get along.” He held up both palms in a gesture of inevitability. “What I had in mind was just a workplace formality.”
“It may be in your contract, but not mine.”
“Sex is like a glass of water,” he went on, using the clinical tones of a doctor diagnosing an affliction. “You get thirsty, you drink. You want sex, you have it.”
After avoiding the Wizard as best as possible on set, when the film wrapped, her and her husband Jack went to the Wizard’s house to have dinner with him and his wife:
After dinner, as we prepared to depart, I went upstairs alone to retrieve my coat from his wife’s bedroom. The Wizard followed, stepping softly. Just as I was lifting my wrap from her bed, he suddenly seized me from behind. With a quick twist, he spun me around and backwards on top of the piled fur coats.
For a second time I found myself an unwilling entry in a wrestling match. Exasperating and abusive though it was to me, his actions disgraced his charming wife, only steps away with her guests, and was a gross effrontery to my husband. Yelling “Murder” would have further inflamed a dangerous situation. Pushing up on his chin with both hands, I flexed a knee and struck with all my might, a blow which proved that microsecond lust can be switched off as quickly as on.
A short time later, famous Jew actor, singer/songwriter and movie producer George Jessel asked her to his office to “discuss a key role” in his upcoming film.
He wasted no time in revealing what he really wanted from her:
We were standing a pace apart, eyeball to eyeball. In one swift movement he opened his trousers and, with a sudden reach, encircled me with one arm, his face, droopy and baggy-eyed, looming directly into mine. I could feel his other hand groping to lift my shirt. Hard on the heels of the Wizard, this new assault seemed unreal, but little could I do but thrust my right knee upward into his groin. A blow enthusiastically pointed for his chin, it effectively knocked us apart. Pain, disgust, and hate flickered across his face, but I felt no mercy. More and more the adult movie business seemed populated with a bunch of copulating tomcats.

Jews = bad news.
The bottom line of all this is: don’t ever allow your women and children around Jews and God forbid, don’t allow Jews to take control of your media.

In fact, don’t even allow Jews in your country, period.

This just seems like basic common sense.

Vote LEAVE on Thursday 23rd June 2016!

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Contact the
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Diversity Is Strength! It’s also . . . Degraded Hiring Standards


This trooper graduated with the most diverse,
least background-checked class in the history
of the New Jersey State Troopers
The New Jersey State Police was once one of the outstanding law enforcement organizations in the USA. But now it reflects the decay that inevitably accompanies forced diversity in microcosm.

Two separate cases, both linked to diversity, have damaged the NJ State Troopers’ tough-but-fair law enforcement reputation:
  • A whistleblower case in which a female trooper and a male colleague had to file suit, alleging that they were disciplined for failing to pass black applicants on to boot camp despite failing background checks.
They're part of the "most diverse cllass in history" for the NJ State Police.The State Police was once reluctant to hire female officers. It was reasoned that troopers cover large distances on their own and encounter physical and psychological challenges further from backup than their municipal colleagues. Troopers lived in barracks, away from their families at times. To the state’s credit, the first female state troopers were not coddled but held to a very high standard. They earned the respect of fellow troopers.

That makes the current suit all the more distasteful. Why should a female trooper be degraded for uncompromisingly doing her job?

According to NJ Advance Media:
Acting Sgt. Jaclyn Jiras, who spent five months working as a background investigator at a time the division was being scrutinized for its lack of black of black cadets, claims she was reassigned and denied promotion when she fluffed applicants with troubled histories and criminal backgrounds.
Jiras claims in her suit that her superiors, under pressure from the state Attorney General’s Office to boost recruit class diversity on short notice approved candidates who had been automatically disqualified for having suspended licenses, criminal affiliations and active warrants.
State Police boosted academy diversity by ignoring background checks, suit says, By Anna Merriman and S.P. Sullivan,, February 29, 2016
Suits like this usually end the careers of plaintiffs. Every cop knows this. Jiras has no reason to make this sort of thing up. On the contrary, she had every inducement to go along with the diversity nonsense. For that reason alone, this is a very believable allegation. See also N.J. State Police graduate 91 new troopers in most diverse class in history, By Christopher Baxter,, October 4, 2013
(This is just one more reason we should be glad that Chris Christie didn’t make the grade last month. That’s his attorney General who looks to be turning a blind eye to gangbangers in the State Police Academy.) To see what similar practices led to in Los Angeles, see  Christopher Dorner, The Rampart Scandal, And The Real Problem With The LAPD.
  • An Indian immigrant lab technician named Kamalkant Shah was quietly separated from service on December 10th for faking test results.
A memo from a Deputy Public Defender states that “Basically he was observed writing ‘test results’ for suspected marijuana that was never tested.” Shah was immediately removed from lab work and it is believed that he is now retired.

He was not charged with a crime
(I’ve written before about immigrant “professional ethics”—see here and here.)

What will be the impact of this? Shah was with the State Police for ten years. He worked on a total of 7,827 cases statewide covering four counties.

Municipal courts have been alerted as some cases are still pending. But since this calls into question cases going back ten years, the possible damage to the course of justice is hard to foresee. It is likely that old plea deals in the drug cases will not be affected.

According to Peter Aseltine, spokesman for the Attorney General:
“….in an abundance of caution we have identified every case that Shah worked on since he began working in the North Regional Lab Drug Unit in 2005, and we have notified the county prosecutors advising them to alert defense counsel in those cases.” [Lab tech allegedly faked result in drug case; 7,827 criminal cases now in question, By Justin Zaremba,  NJ Advance Media, March 02, 2016]
The taxpayers of New Jersey can count on paying for the many motions to suppress and appeals this scandal will surely generate. Defense attorneys and public defenders would be foolish not to use this affair to full effect. Where the outcome will be in doubt, a lot of cases will result in time served, get-out-of-jail free results. For earlier cases like this, see Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Forensic Science Scandals, by Nicholas Stix.

Kamalkant Shah’s Linkedin page disappeared shortly after the news broke. But I managed to print it out before. He lists his employment as “Forensic Scientist” for 27 years. Most of this was in one capacity or another with the State of New Jersey and most of that with the State Police.

“Forensic Scientist” may be a stretch as he only has a Master’s Degree. Civil Service titles frequently inflate the actual level of responsibility. Routine chemical analysis was his job wherever he went. In some cases, he tested horse urine at the racetrack, in others, he tested for Marijuana from under car seats. This is not exactly research science. There are standard laboratory tests for all of these procedures.

Shah has a Master’s Degree graduate from Sardar Patel University and, yes you guessed it, that’s in India. I can’t judge the possible grandeur of that establishment but I must note that in order to qualify as a “scientist” for the State Police he had to get a “Mini” degree in Chemical Physiology from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. I’m guessing that doesn’t amount to Mini-PhD. [New Jersey Crime Lab Tech Suspended For Falsifying Test Results, Blows 7,800+ Cases, by Rusty Davis, Photography Is Not A Crime, March 2, 2016]

One oddity in the NJcom report: the State Police credit Shah with ten years service, but his Linked in Page lists various positions over a long spread of time, all connected to the State Police.

I imagine the New Jersey State government finds it more comfortable to pretend that his latest gig was his only one. They certainly wouldn’t want addition questions raised about past test results would they?

On the other hand, why jump around? Why did Shah leave his previous labs within the Criminal justice system in NJ?

In any event, this appears to be his total service with the State Police.
  • 9 years 6 months State Police Lab 1989 – 1999
  • 6 years 4 months State police testing horse urine 1999 – 2005
  • 10 years 8 months State police from 2005- present
So this is another example of the State Police stumbling all over itself to embrace diversity at the expense of Americans. Even working as a glorified lab tech, Shah was paid $101,039.00 per year. Was this really a job Americans wouldn’t do?

Le Mépris

via Radix

Today, Europe, the birthplace of the most magnificent civilizations to have graced this Earth, inspires only contempt. A prominent recent example was that of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama in a lengthy interview with Jeffrey Goldberg[1] of The Atlantic. In it, Obama blames European leaders for the chaos that followed his launching a war against Libya:
“Free riders aggravate me,” he told me [Goldberg]. Recently, Obama warned that Great Britain would no longer be able to claim a “special relationship” with the United States if it did not commit to spending at least 2 percent of its GDP on defense. “You have to pay your fair share,” Obama told David Cameron, who subsequently met the 2 percent threshold.
“When I go back and I ask myself what went wrong,” Obama said, “there’s room for criticism, because I had more faith in the Europeans, given Libya’s proximity, being invested in the follow-up,” he said. He noted that Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, lost his job the following year. And he said that British Prime Minister David Cameron soon stopped paying attention, becoming “distracted by a range of other things.”
Obama is of course not the first American president to have expressed frustration with the soft, war-averse, welfare-addled, nagging, and comfort-addicted smugly “post-historical” Eloi the Europeans have become since the Second World War. But his annoyance at Great Britain and France is striking insofar as these two are the last Western European nations to make any pretense of being even middle powers. The rest – Germany, Italy, Spain, et al – don’t even try.

From an Imperial-American perspective like Obama’s, that makes dealing with Europeans useless, frustrating, and downright boring. This was evident in Obama’s first term when he decided to skip a soporific European Union summit in Madrid and decided to cancel the established practice of yearly EU-U.S. summits. Obama is bored by Europe. And who could blame him? He can see that European leaders – a contemptible bunch – saw him mainly as an opportunity for a photo-op to appear fashionable in their respective media.

And Obama does not have the same ties of blood and civilization which bound previous American presidents to Europe. He is a self-described half-African “mutt” raised in Muslim Indonesia and minority-majority Hawaii. Obama is in a sense the first post-American, nay, the first “cosmic” President of the United States.[2] He is the first president whose wife could use the aura of the presidency in favor of an African rap video to promote college education, even as that bubble appears close to bursting under the sheer weight of student debt, again and always in the name of the lie of equality and the absurdity of universal upward social mobility.

Obama is also the first non-white president, the first “post-European” president. He writes in his autobiography of having dumped his white girlfriend on racial grounds and of being alienated during a trip to Europe: “And by the end of the first week or so, I realized that I’d made a mistake. It wasn’t that Europe wasn’t beautiful; everything was just as I’d imagined it. It just wasn’t mine.” No surprise then that Obama gets along better with Jay-Z and Beyoncé than he does with European leaders. Contrast Obama’s repeated snubs of British leader Gordon Brown with the, admittedly mostly sentimental, rapport between fellows Anglos Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

But Imperial-American distaste for Europe goes beyond Obama’s personal preferences. Francis Fukuyama commented on Europe’s decadence with a fine line in his famous “end of history” article: “the countries of postwar Western Europe . . . those flabby, prosperous, self-satisfied, inward-looking, weak-willed states whose grandest project was nothing more heroic than the creation of the Common Market.”[3] Well said.

Fukuyama seems to imply that it is precisely the fact of democracy – or at least of consumer, bourgeois, welfare, death-fearing comfort-craving democracies – which is the source of European weakness. Comfort and self-indulgence lead mechanically to Europe’s decline: The fall of the colonial empires, the collapse of the birthrate to sub-replacement levels, the end of conscription, and the decline of military spending to almost negligible levels. Europe is today irrelevant and European leaders, while conscious of Europeans’ catastrophic demographic decline in the world and therefore of political power, have no other plan than to cling ever-more-strongly, like a security blanket, to the European Union and its universalist ideology. As though a superpower could be made of a confederacy of weaklings. Mark my words: France will be an Islamic Republic long before the European Union becomes a Weltmacht.

But this begs the question: Why has Europe grown so weak whereas the American Empire, also a kind of democracy, remains so strong? Contrary to some, I am rather bullish on the prospects of the American Empire, at least in the medium term.

Individualism, egalitarianism, and the multiculturalizing of America have of course led to problems for the power structure: American capitalism and the welfare state are addicted to debt; the myth of equality promotes unsustainable student and mortgage debt (especially the imperative of lending to minorities regardless of their income, for to discriminate would be “racist”); average educational performance is declining; and finally, patriotism has become so weak that the military is unable to find recruits, while those that do volunteer are increasingly, as a special report of drafted by U.S. generals solemnly reported, “too fat to fight” or indeed too stupid to fight.

Despite all this, the ability of the American Empire to absorb shocks and adapt to these trends is remarkable. Partly, this is due to the fact that America is more plutocratic than Europe’s democratic little nation-states. Americans, until Donald Trump, at least, had basically no effective say in their political process and acquiesced to things like collapsing wages. The U.S. Army no longer has soldiers, but these were passé anyway, and can be more than made up for, at least concerning the Islamic World, with drone terror and assassination bombers.

The American Empire’s power, I believe, is a reflection of two powerful trends: 1) The power of cognitive elitism. 2) The debilitating effects of individualist-egalitarianism in other countries, carefully promoted by the American Empire in, at the risk of sounding too fancy, an anarcho-tyrannical foreign policy.

Sure, America is getting dumber and dumber. But the country, or, at least, its globalist hubs on the west and east coasts, are attracting the “best and brightest” from across the world too in a world-wide brain drain. If a nation’s innovation is determined, not by the middling, but by the “smart fractions,” then this gives America a decisive edge, even as the American average slides to Mexican levels of cognitive ability, socio-ethnic cohesion, and civic virtue.

The power of the United States in the world and I do not just mean the government, is then truly remarkable. (Judeo-)American power is measurable in the numerous industries and power networks the United States possesses which are really in a class of their own:

• Aerospace and military power with the Military-Industrial Complex and the U.S. Armed Forces.
• Cultural power with Hollywood, pop music, prestigious print media (The New York Times), and the Ivy Leagues (U.S. academic societies setting the trends across the Western world).
• Cultural and espionage power with Silicon Valley, notably Facebook and Google, the latter enjoying a very close symbiotic relationship with the U.S. military and ruling class (e.g. former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is working for Hillary Clinton and the Pentagon).
• Economic power through the sheer size of the economy, Wall Street, and the dollar’s role as a global reserve currency.

These attributes, along with being one of the top two economies in the world, give the American Empire incredible power in the world, of which European nations are merely cultural and political satellites. The European democracies, when they are not obsessed with filling their bellies, are distorted by multiculturalist ideology and Imperial-American power. European societies are as much victims of brainwashing by the Hollywood-Ivy League establishment as Texans or Virginians are. Craven European governments, usually satisfied with the mere appearance of power in the media limelight, also enjoy a quick taste of power through collaboration with the American Empire, whether this is through NATO conference calls or participation in the Five Eyes, a global surveillance network which puts the Stasi to shame.

In fact, one should not think of the American Empire as simply an American phenomenon, but rather the reflection of the power of globalist oligarchs who have, for all intents and purposes, captured the American political process (e.g. George Soros, Carlos Slim, Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Rupert Murdoch) and use the American state as a vector for that power. These oligarchs have no loyalty to America. Their holdings typically go beyond America. Indeed, the Empire’s power nodes to some extent also go beyond America (e.g. London’s The Economist enjoys a niche of a certain influence and is incidentally owned by the multinationals Cadbury and Schroders, and the Rothschilds).

To know who rules America, look at who owns the media and who finances the politicians, particularly their favored candidate, Hillary, who while largely-financed this year by decidedly-privileged Middle Easterners, demanded that white Americans “recognize our [sic] privilege.” You can bet she will never tell those bankrolling her campaign who just happen to be of Middle-Eastern extraction to “recognize their Jewish privilege.”

Notice that Hillary, in terms of industries, has largely been financed by feminists, banks, Hollywood and other media, and universities, that is to say, by the very illusion-making cultural industries who have made it their duty to brainwash Americans with the lie of equality and induce self-hatred in European-Americans. As though the ideological power of egalitarianism has metastasized and has taken on a life of its own, reinforcing itself still further by seizing the political process itself. This is rather symbolic, just as the Democratic Party’s success reflects the strength of the lie of equality in the minds of Americans, so their leading candidate is actually materially financed by the purveyors of that lie.

The power of the historic American nation-state is founded upon a divine alignment of fortuitous factors: America’s isolation and therefore security from the rest of the world, with (mostly) harmless Canadian and Mexican neighbors; the sheer size and wealth of the North American continent; the fact of having been founded by representatives of European civilization, the most dynamic in the world, and more specifically by Englishmen, the most dynamic people of that civilization, with their particular laws and customs.

The rest is history. After the founding, America grew in wealth and power at an astonishing exponential rate. Americans were democratic, individualist, self-starters, but they were, unlike postwar Europeans, not faithless and depressed.

The oligarchs have hijacked the American state and core European-American nation, and harness their power to its own ends, creating the American Empire.

America is also weakened by individualist-egalitarianism, but she is just big enough to dominate the world, at least until China really makes her appearance (hence the importance of the Chan Zuckerberg Project). There is much talk of the “BRICS,” but really, for the most part, these are not credible rivals. Russia, while sovereign and influential in her regional sphere of influence under President Vladimir Putin, is experiencing a typical slow European demographic decline. India is overrated geopolitically. Brazil’s future “will always be bright,” as General Charles de Gaulle said. Meanwhile, South Africa is obviously an affirmative-action BRIC.

The American Empire is just big enough to be hegemonic if it systematically corrupts other nations with the individualist-egalitarian poison, through a powerful strategy of, in Gregory Hood’s inspired expression, “geopolitical dysgenics.” This can be considered a kind of very sophisticated “divide and rule” strategy, dividing societies even within themselves, and thus rendering them harmless. Europe’s weakness is no accident, but the fruit of the consistent policies – sometimes conscious, sometimes not – of the American Empire, aimed at destroying or subverting all potential rivals.

This began with Woodrow Wilson, who famously conditioned German surrender in the First World War on the destruction of the Prussian military and autocratic monarchy in the name of “democracy.” (Of course, German “democracy” was not extended to allowing the Germans to choose their own system of government, or rejecting unjust debt obligations under the Treaty of Versailles, or allowing Austrian or Sudeten German self-determination, or . . .) Prussiandom, like the Samurai ethos, is odious to the bourgeois, as is all martial spirit of honor and sacrifice.

A nation whose people does not recognize even the notion of “betters,” who put individual caprice before common good, who praise comfort above all, and whose politics can be summed as “belly-worship,” is harmless. Hence, why the American Empire has been so assiduous in promoting this: Through a relentless barrage of fashionable media and academic propaganda, through economic incentives, and when all else fails – as in Germany and Japan – by “equalizing” these too-proud nations through live incineration, atomic explosions, or hordes of communists rapists. After the Second World War, the United States consciously handed over Eastern Europeans over to communist tyranny, conveniently reducing the Western Europeans to American imperial dependents. In the case of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, or Syria, wrecking the nation by fomenting ethnic civil war is another tried-and-tested technique.

Thus, America is disintegrating through egalitarianism and individualism. But the Empire remains hegemonic because these forces are paralyzing all potential rivals even more. Fukuyama hinted at this too, after noting the impotence of Europeans remarking we were “likely to see the ‘Common Marketization’ of world politics [. . .]. Indeed, as our experiences in dealing with Europe on matters such as terrorism or Libya prove, they are much further gone then we down the road that denies the legitimacy of the use of force in international politics, even in self-defense.”

The American Empire has acquired sufficient momentum, one could even say “escape velocity,” by achieving just enough scale to be qualitatively superior to rivals and sucking up the best and brightest of the world into globalist industries and power networks. In this, a European nation-state – that “masterpiece of history” – is but a small fry. Of course, China is just around the corner. If that super-nation of 1.4 billion achieves even modest South Korean economic performance, her economy would already be twice the size of America’s. And the Chinese, healthily ethnocentric and controlling their own media, are not displacing themselves through African or Islamic colonization and are open to notions of improving the race.

I am greatly enjoying the Trump phenomenon. But I do have one fear: That actually his policies – of pausing Muslim immigration, stopping (obviously dysgenic) illegal Mexican immigration, and a pro-American foreign policy – would merely put the American Empire on a more sustainable footing. But I don’t want to be a killjoy: We’re riding this wave and if we win in America, I’ve no doubt Europe too would soon be free. And central to that must be an explicit rejection of individualist-egalitarianism.

A new set of values must become hegemonic: One which rejects our slow decline and gradual extinction, in favor of the systematic promotion of the growth and flourishing of our nations, one which praises quality over quantity, public good over private interest.

[1]Jeffrey Goldberg is a well­ known Zionist and Israel­-firster, notable for having served in the Israeli Defense Forces. Obama previously gave a lengthy “policy” interview with the Jewish liberal “explainer” Ezra Klein of Vox. Obama certainly knows the spectrum of respectable opinion in America well.
[2]For this reason, I assert: The cosmic actor Obama will be much more fondly commemorated by the globalist media­ masters than, say, the hapless, white, ostensively Christian cuckservative George W. Bush, who after he had done their dirty work in destroying anti­-Zionist Iraq, was soon dropped like a hot potato. This was embodied in his humiliation by Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner, an indignity Obama has never been subject to.
[3]I am struck by the similarity between Fukuyama’s contemptuous expression on postwar Europeans and that of Belgian Rexist leader and SS-­Standartenführer Léon Degrelle: “The small, miserable Europe of today, of this impoverished Common Market, cannot give happiness to men.”