Mar 28, 2016

How I Overcame Feminism

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Formerly feminist Hungarian National, Melissa Meszaros, details her past and talks about how she changed from previously held anti-White, feminist beliefs and values and ended up an ethno-nationalist.

Gathering the Remnant: An Insider’s View of the 2015 League of the South National Conference

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Preserving our heritage. Preparing for the future
In my view, the 2015 League of the South National Conference was by far the best conference that I have attended, and I have been to the last four conferences since 2012. Almost everyone except for Matthew Heimbach was there.

If I had to summarize the experience, I would say that it was a crystallization of a trend that has been underway since I first joined. When I attended the 2012 conference, there were only a handful of young people in attendance, most of whom came with Matthew Heimbach from Maryland, but since then I have seen young people with families becoming more and more prominent in the League. The norm is shifting toward men and women in their late twenties and thirties with children.

There is a new generation taking over within the League of the South and that was also on display again at the conference. That’s already the case in Maryland, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Until recently, it was also true of South Carolina, and soon it will be true of Georgia. Florida is another state that is well prepared for leadership to be passed on to the next generation. Unlike virtually all other organized “hate groups,” the League is growing more youthful, cohesive, and active, and we are assembling a vanguard that will be a thorn in the side of our enemies for a very long time to come.

There was a moment at this conference though that stood out from everything I have experienced at previous conferences. It came when William Flowers gave his speech on Saturday and received the most thunderous standing ovation I have ever seen. The norm at these Far Right conferences like Amren has long been the dry, academic-style delivery from the podium before a captive audience. In fact, the League of the South started out as more of a think tank for Southern academics in the 1990s.

The dynamic leader who can use rhetoric to tap into emotions and grievances, connect with a sense of identity, and inspire men to follow him into action has long been the key missing piece on the chessboard. We have a full bench of intellectuals who can educate and persuade (myself included), but a true leader taps into something different with the spoken word which is more visceral than rational. I don’t think anyone who left the conference this weekend had any doubt that our next leader has started to emerge.

The League’s shift in identity from think tank to activist group, the spearhead of the secessionist movement in the South, is now complete. The flags, t-shirts, and polo shirts have now become standard fare even beyond the ranks of the group itself. This was also on display at the demonstration in Wetumpka that followed the conference. About 100 people participated this year and held Secede signs and Confederate Battle Flags that were just straightforward anti-government. There are so many reasons for Southerners to hate the federal government these days.

In light of the Southern Kristallnacht, the guns were on much more prominent display this year with an armed patrol around League headquarters. This ignited some controversy on Facebook in light of the media presence at our building, but I can see both sides of the argument. An armed anti-Southern gunman like Floyd Corkins could have decapitated the League in one deadly attack given our concentration in that single location. The League was also in the news with a particularly scandalous article appearing in The Montgomery Advertiser. “The New Hate” was on the front page of USA Today.

Back at our hotel room, I had one conversation with a friend from Mississippi that is worthy of further comment here. It was about why we do what we do. Are all these rallies and speeches really going to change anything?

Quite honestly, I am averse to grandiose projects and thinking. I prefer to focus on smaller things that individuals can do. As I see it, we are living through America’s equivalent of the French Revolution, China’s Cultural Revolution, or the Soviet Union. This too shall pass in time because all leftist utopias eventually crumble under the weight of reality. Like St. Benedict in the Dark Ages, our job is preserve what we can through these turbulent times, to be a visible beacon in the approaching darkness.

We are the remnant of Southern civilization. The task before us to gather the remnant underneath our tent, to challenge Americanism, to bring new people into our institutional home, to pass down our traditions, to rebuild our attenuated sense of Southern identity, to build horizontal relationships between our people and ultimately communities where we can live out our ideals at the flesh and blood level until this storm passes. One day our descendants will be called to rebuild a shattered nation.

Canadian Government "Wants" 305,000 New Non-Whites in 2016

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Canadian Immigration Minister John McCallum, wants to take 305,000 immigrants and so-called “refugees” in 2016, despite 60% of Canadians against the government’s admission of 25,000 Syrians.

It outlines a significant shift in immigration policy towards reuniting more families, building our economy and upholding Canada’s humanitarian traditions to resettle refugees and offer protection to those in need” McCallum said.

He said the government will also spend more money on the immigration system, so that immigrants can come into the country quicker.

This would be the highest number of immigrants to be allowed into Canada in decades.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of Canadians are against Syrian immigration according to a poll. So the city of Toronto is spending tax payer’s money to manipulate public opinion, and make people pro-immigration.

In February, the Toronto city council granted $220,000 to the “Newcomer Office”, which they are using to force their agenda in public education.

Toronto has a city-wide “Public Education Campaign Against Xenophobia, Islamophobia and Racism.” Also known as brainwashing.

What is driving the anti-refugee attitudes at the moment is a very specific kind of xenophobiasaid Debbie Douglas, who is managing the campaign.

We wanted to be as provocative as possible, so that Torontonians are pushed out of their comfort zone and examine their own stereotypes, assumptions, prejudices, rumours, and racist views” she said.

The agenda to flood formerly White countries with millions of non-White immigrants is called “diversity” by the anti-Whites who push for it. When they say “diversity”, what the mean is destroying White majority areas, and that is White genocide.

The Large-Scale Death: The Massacres of Bleiburg and Viktring

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Review of The Tragedy of Bleiburg and Viktring, 1945 by Thomas Rulitz

Packaging is often of more decisive importance than content. This is particularly true today for many fine authors and their works in the field in humanities and especially in the field of modern history. For the reasons of politically incorrect content or due to editorial self-censorship, their works often fail to attract the largess of mainstream publishing houses. It has become a customary procedure for the System to relegate free thinkers and would-be heretics and their literary or scientific achievements to marginal outlets, such as self-publishing, that are very similar to those used by dissidents in the ex-Soviet Union.

However, both by its approach and by the huge number of citations from opposing sources, the recent book by the young Austrian historian, Dr. Florian Thomas Rulitz, The Tragedy of Bleiburg and Viktring,1945, may be an exception to this unwritten rule.  This book was recently published in English translation by Northern Illinois University Press, and it also contains a fine foreword by Paul Gottfried, a prominent scholar.

One merit of the author is that he taps into archives across the ideological board, quoting extensively from ex-Yugoslav communist archives, British archives, and German military archives. He also provides facsimiles and eyewitness accounts by surviving Croat and German expatriates. The book has 300 pages, out of which over a third are quotations, references and bibliographical notes.

After a long period of deafening silence, this well-researched book on the Allied and Yugoslav communist crimes against hundreds of thousands of disarmed Croat Axis soldiers and civilians, including summary executions of a significant number of disarmed anti-communist Slovene, German and Serb “enemy combatants,” is finally seeing the light of the day. It will certainly prompt a somewhat different narrative on the standard World War II antifascist victmhoods and provide a more objective picture of the so-called new democratic order, established after 1945. What follows below is my afterword.

Dr. Florian Thomas Rulitz depicts Viktring and Bleiburg, two towns in Austria that are memorial sites of the post-World War II Yugoslav Communist massacres. Viktring and Bleiburg also happen to be symbols of the plight for thousands of Croatian Axis soldiers and civilians in the wake of World War II. The picture of the Bleiburg tragedy gets even more complete if one takes a glimpse at the numerous bays dotting the coast around the nearby Istrian peninsula where in the summer of 1945 large numbers of German soldiers, along with many Italian and Croatian refugees, were murdered by the Yugoslav Communist military units, and whose fate became similar to that of ethnic Germans (“Volksdeutsche”) in Croatia’s hinterland. Rulitz’ book makes it clear that Croatia and Carinthia were not just areas designed for mass tourism, but also locations of massive death. When reading Rulitz’ book one may add that the pastoral and poetic nature of southern Carinthia, where the towns of Viktring and Bleiburg are located, swallowed up in May 1945 civilians and soldiers from other European countries who happened to be fighting on the losing side of the historical barricade. In the decades to come, however, there were contingents of anonymous citizens from central and southeastern Europe who took the same route of Viktring and Bleiburg—albeit this time in order to flee to the much cherished Western capitalist freedom.

A major problem in modern historiography is that when describing the “struggle for historical remembrance,” not all victims enjoy the same privilege of commemoration. Judging by the modern media body counts, someone’s World War II dead must have priority, while someone else’s dead are meant to slide into oblivion. In Croatian historical awareness the word “Bleiburg” has a special meaning, just like the word “Viktring” has a specific meaning for the Slovenes and for the inhabitants of Austria’s Carinthia. Indeed, in the Croatian language the word “Bleiburg,” does not evoke the images of pristine woods, skiing holidays, or a new shopping center. For many Croats this word has become a metaphysical locution designating a horrific example of catastrophically failed nation-state building. Bleiburg is not a symbol of a picturesque and romantic location, but a road sign of Croatia’s sociobiological catastrophe. By the late May 1945, hundreds of thousands of fleeing Croats, along with some Cossacks, Montenegrins, Serbs, and Slovenes, were extradited from there to Tito’s Yugoslav partisans—courtesy of the Allied English troops in the vicinity.

Barbara Rov

When reading Rulitz’ book, one may also recall millions of expelled Germans from Silesia, Pomerania, eastern Germany, the Sudetenland and the Danube region. (See here and here). With the double standards in the description of diverse victimhoods, which are still well alive in the modern historiography, their commemoration is hardly to be the case any time soon. As was once noted by the renowned German scholar of constitutional law, Carl Schmitt, modern historians’ battle with diverse victimhoods constitutes a serious problem for modern international law-makers, let alone for an objective study of history. Many modern media reporters, including a sizeable number of academics, are often tempted to describe those hapless masses of disarmed Croat Axis soldiers and civilians in the Carinthian fields in the summer of 1945 as “fascist monsters” or “vermin.”

Well, if one were to accept such a demonological narrative, there is no way one can apply the legal precepts of human rights to them either. Monsters or demons cannot have a memorial site. Monsters, being non-human extraterrestrials, do not deserve a place of remembrance. They deserve death only.

Modern historians and opinion makers also tend to forget that a one-sided body count always causes new conflicts. A one-sided victimology insists on its own uniqueness at the expense of the uniqueness of others’ victimologies. In today’s multicultural Europe or America, such victimological atmosphere makes every nation, every community, let alone every non-European migrant believe in the importance and uniqueness of his own victimology. Moreover, victimologies love competing with each other. A victimhood mentality, especially if exaggerated, does not help prevent future conflicts, nor does it secure peace. Rather, it leads to renewed violence, thus making the spiral of hatred unavoidable. The blueprint of such one-sided victimhood was set up on the eve of the breakup of the former state of Yugoslavia, a state in which the decades-long, one-sided, semi-mythical Yugoslav-sponsored communist victimology only ignited war in 1991. Communist Yugoslav historians had never attempted to create a climate of mutual understanding among the Yugoslav peoples. In fact, they share the blame for the carnage that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Rulitz’ book is a solid document on the little-known Bleiburg tragedy. One can only hope that it will someday be read by EU politicians who may hopefully reconsider their cherished dreams of yet another multicultural Yugoslav-style European utopia. The lessons of Bleiburg may serve as a warning.

Zagreb, January 2016

Purim: A Festival of Hate and an Insight into How Jews View Goyim


As the Jewish celebration of Purim starts on March 15, it is timely to ask what is Purim, why is it celebrated and what does it mean?  The answers to these questions are shocking–and always covered up by the Jewish-Supremacist controlled mass media.

It is vital that non-Jews acquire a fundamental understanding of the unconscionable hatred engendered by this primitive Jewish celebration of atavistic hatred, murder and revenge against their enemies, a feast called “Purim.”

According to the Jewish religion, Purim means “Feast of Lots” which comes from the Jewish contention that Haman, who was the Prime Minister to the King of Persia, Xerxes (the Jews call him Ahasuerus), planned to kill all the Jews in the empire.

Xerxes’ wife was the Jewish Esther and she with the Jewish leader Mordechai interceded with the King, to have Haman executed and allow the Jews to exact revenge upon those they saw as their enemies.

There is no archeological or historical evidence for any of this other than the bloodthirsty writings in Esther and it’s admittedly Jewish version of the events. The book of Esther records that Haman along with all of his ten sons were hanged, and that 75,000 Persians were slaughtered by the Jews.

Interestingly enough, the Jews used Jewish influence (that of Esther) over a Gentile king to do their dirty work. In one instance, the book of Esther even frankly tells how the king was fooled into believing wrongly that Haman had cut down his beloved grove of trees.

Esther explains that Haman did not do this but the angels did it and appeared to the keepers of the trees as Haman.


Of course, we don’t hear Haman’s side of things.
Over the centuries, this Jewish celebration of the murderous punishment of Haman and the supposed anti-Semites at Purim has become like a Mardi Gras celebration, but one with a shocking orgy of hate and hateful symbols, and it even includes foods symbolic of revenge and gore.

In the synagogues Jewish children beat branches recreating the beating of Haman.
They have skits where they symbolically hang children made up to look like him.
They also scream and shout and curse his name in Synagogues during their reading of what they call the Megillah (the Jewish account of their massacre of Haman and the Persians). Here is quote from the most respected newspaper in Israel, The Jerusalem Post in an article called “How to Purim,” By Robin Treistman:
The reading of the Megillah can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half. What factor causes the variance? Simply the reaction to the name “Haman.” If the crowd goes wild every time the name Haman is read (which happens in most services) the reading can get drawn out. The point of this custom is to “beat” or take revenge on Haman. We boo, hiss, beat, and curse Haman.

Even more disgusting than this display of hatred in a house of worship are the foods especially prepared for Purim, the two most famous are Hamantaschen, or “Haman’s ears,” and Kreplach. Hamantaschen are triangular-shaped dough pockets meant to symbolize Haman’s ears and Kreplach are dough pockets filled with ground beef symbolizing the beaten flesh of Haman.

Does this sound appetizing? I am not making this up. Here is a quote directly from Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv from their pamphlet created by the faculty called The Laws and Customs of Purim:
1.”Haman Taschen” (Oznei Haman = Haman’s Ears): In the Ashkenazi communities these triangular baked pockets filled with poppy seed or other sweet fillings are ever-present. The custom originates in Eastern Europe, Ashkenaz (Germany) and Italy. They have become the most well known and widespread Purim delicacy in all communities the world over.

2. “Kreplach”: chopped meat covered with dough, also triangular in shape. The name has received a popular etymology: “Kreplach are eaten only on days on which there is both hitting and eating: Yom Kippur eve – the custom of Kaparot, Hoshanna Rabba – the beating the willow branches, Purim – the (symbolical) beating of Haman”.
Wherein does the difference lie? It appears that the source of the difference is in the nature of the threat on the two different occasions in history. Haman aspired to destroy, kill, and eliminate the entire Jewish people – physical destruction. Antiochus [Chanukah], on the other hand, desired the cultural assimilation of the People of Israel.



What is the lesson of Purim to the Jewish religion and to Jews everywhere?

The rabbi of the oldest synagogue in Washington, D.C., Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, explains it to his fellow Jews on the Internet in his article, “Bringing the Light to the Nations,” Purim, 5764.

Rabbi Herzfeld is no lightweight Jew. His synagogue is important enough to be referred as the National Synagogue of the United States and Herzfeld is National Vice-President of a major Jewish organization, Coalition of Jewish Concerns—Amcha.

Rabbi Herzfeld tells that most Jewish commentators understand the lesson as need to commit genocide on those seen as enemies of Jews, not just on the transgressors but their descendants as well. Here is an excerpt:
Most commentators understand the Purim story as correcting King Shaul’s failure to wipe out Amalek. The first king of Israel was Shaul the son of Kish. He was appointed king by the prophet, Shmuel. Shmuel commands him to wipe out Amalek—to kill all the people, as well as all the animals. Shmuel defeats Amalek, yet he shows mercy upon the King of Amalek, Agag, and allows him to live. In addition, he takes the best of the animals as booty. When Shmuel hears this he tells Shaul, “karah Hashem et mamlachut Yisrael me-alekha, God has torn away the Kingship of Israel from you.” Thus, Shaul loses the kingdom on account of the fact that he did not kill Agag and the Jews took the booty of Amalek.
Mordechai is a descendant of Shaul. He is Mordechai ben Yair…ben Kish, from the tribe of Benjamin. Mordechai does battle with Haman the Agagite, a descendant of King Agag. Mordechai defeats Haman and kills not only him, but also his ten sons. Mordechai shows no mercy upon Agag’s descendant Haman…
As most commentators explain, Mordechai fixes the damage done by Shaul’s sin. Where Shaul could not kill Agag, Mordechai kills Haman; where Shaul took the booty of Amalek, Mordechai does not allow the Jews to take the booty of Haman.
The lesson is clear, when it comes to Gentile enemies, you must show no mercy, completely wipe them out, “kill all the people, as well as all the animals.” Mordecai, the hero of Purim, doesn’t make that mistake, and he sees the lesson as very clear, Jews today shouldn’t make that mistake either.

The mainstream Jews as represented by the National Synagogue take this message to heart. Unfortunately, many other Jews have done so as well. One Jew who did so was Rabbi Baruch Goldstein who on Purim in 1994 went into the religious Shrine of the Patriarchs and while they knelt in prayer, Goldstein used a machine gun to kill 30 and wound 150 Palestinians.

Fortunately, there are a few courageous Jewish rabbis, a small minority, who recognize the hate and extremism promoted by Purim. Rabbi Arthur Waskow speaks about it in his article, The Renewal of Purim and the Fast of Esther.
…The hilarity of Purim will be shadowed by the horror of the Purim of 1994 — the mass murder of 30 Muslims prostrate in prayer, carried out by a religiously committed Jew who said he was acting in the name of God…
…The date of the Hebron massacre was no accident of timing: Purim itself played a role in creating that horror….
Another Jewish voice, Rabbi J. Jacobs also reveals the hateful nature of Purim and the association of non-Jews, such as Palestinians, with Amalek.
In recent years, some have likened the Palestinians to Amalek and, as such, have justified any violence against this people. It is no coincidence that Baruch Goldstein, a fanatical Jewish settler in the West Bank, chose Purim day to carry out his 1994 massacre of Palestinian worshipers in Hebron. When equated, by those of a certain political viewpoint, to the contemporary Jewish experience, the Purim story becomes an incitement to violence and not simply a satire about a distant time and place. The seriousness with which some have understood the megillah’s apparent sanction of mass murder demands that those of us bothered by the ending of the story offer an equally serious ethical response.

However, the ethical response has not come, and Jewish groups around the world are ramping up the hate engendered at Purim toward a man the Jewish extremists consider the latest Haman.

According to The Jerusalem Post on February 26, 2007, Jewish extremists in Israel are organizing 10,000 Jewish children to pray for the death of former President Ahmadinejad of Iran.
Feb. 26, 2007 8:59
Kids’ prayers aimed against Ahmadinejad
By Matthew Wagner Hoping for a modern-day re-occurrence of Purim’s miraculous story of redemption from a Persian ruler, a Jerusalem-based kabbalist hopes to battle Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s nuclear threat with children’s prayers.
On Sunday at the Succat David elementary school, Rabbi David Batzri, head of the Shalom Yeshiva, launched a nationwide campaign to enlist 10,000 young children in a prayer rally against Ahmadinejad before Purim.
The caption on the photo accompanying the article reads:
Ultra Orthodox boys attend a special prayer calling for the death of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at a religious school in Jerusalem, Sunday.
Understanding the genocidal and hateful source of the Purim story is essential to understanding the radical Jewish extremism that permeates far too much of the mainstream Jewish community.

In the Purim story, a supposed conspiracy to kill Jews in mass is used as a justification for Jews to commit a genocide of their own that they boisterously celebrate every year for 2500 years.

They use the lesson of Purim as a lesson not of love and redemption, but a celebration of hate and the need to be completely merciless with their enemies.
Now, Zionist extremists with extensive power in media and governments around the world are planning a new genocide. This time it is against Iran. Similarly to their campaign of lies and influence with King Xerxes, they lie to our leaders and public and tell us that Iran has genocidal intentions not just against Israel but to the world. They even tell us that Iran is a threat to America.

They combine the repeated lie that Iran’s President called for “wiping Israel off the map” with disputing (with not a single concrete fact) Iran’s peaceful pursuit of Nuclear energy, a pursuit that has allowed U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.) inspections.

As always the double standard with “the Chosen” is striking. Israel has never allowed inspections of the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons facilities.
In another article in the Jerusalem Post giving Internet lessons for young Jews, it says:
“And recognizing the sly Haman who wants to destroy us is important, because there seems to be a Haman in every generation.
And so on Purim we celebrate our escape from a long line of “Hamans” that stretches down through history and around the world! ”
To these hateful Jewish extremists the new Haman is Ahmadinejad. If they are successful in creating hate and war against him, in murderously attacking Iran and us in the process, they will unleash war, terrorism, economic depression and untold suffering for millions of people all over the world.
The final paragraph of The Jerusalem Post article is itself a lesson the depth of self-deception about Purim to Jews themselves, and deception about Purim to us, the Gentiles of the world.
This Purim custom is a way of letting our fellows know that we are celebrating the survival and continuity of the Jewish people and a way of expressing our love of our neighbors.
And what better treat to deliver on this occasion than a plate of “Haman’s Ears”?
Yes, how could I be so “anti-Semitic” not to think that eating a plate of Haman’s ears is a wonderful expression of love for your neighbor?


Many of the Jewish extremists are now insanely lobbying for the “nuclear option” against Iran. If these Jewish supremacists have their way and are able to manipulate a catastrophic war against Iran, will they invent new foods next year, perhaps microwaved meat symbolizing the radiated flesh of hundreds of thousands of nuclear radiated Iranians.

What better way for Zionists to “express their love of their neighbors than a nice plate of “Haman’s ears.”

This year at the time of Purim, the world needs to know and understand the Jewish extremist hatred that leads us into horrific wars against the enemies of Israel.

We hear constantly about the threat of Muslim extremism. When will we hear about the far greater threat of Jewish extremism that seeks to lead the world to Armageddon in Iran. Unless we prevent this act of Jewish hatred and murder, not only will the Iranians terribly suffer, but so will Americans and people all over the world.

Michael Harari, Yair Klein, and the Zio-Colombian Cocaine-Carnage Connection

via Aryan Skynet

The Associated Press validates the first Bush
administration’s adventure in Panama by portraying
the ousted leader as yet another vanquished
Fuhrer from whom the planet had been rescued
This past Christmas, Aryan Skynet took the opportunity to revisit the criminal American invasion of Panama in December of 1989 and to highlight the goofy attempts of the government and elements of the press to depict Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega as yet another avatar of the immortal spirit of international Hitlerism. The abject absurdity of the New Hitler libel is thrown into even starker contrast in the light of a January 15, 1990 Newsweek piece, “The Noriega Files”, which, in the course of describing the leader’s actions following the death of predecessor Torrijos, reveals:
Noriega immediately began converting the National Guard from a loosely run corrupt organization into a closely held business. He renamed it the Panamanian Defense Forces at the suggestion of his business partner and adviser, Michael Harari, a former Israeli Mossad agent, who had regaled Noriega with tales about the Israeli Defense Forces.
Harari, a silver-haired man of military bearing, had been one of Noriega’s most eager friends and useful supporters. He would become Noriega’s most trusted adviser — aside from his own brother — now that he had to run the Panamanian military and, to a large extent, the country. Noriega also idolized the Israeli people and its military.
The Mossad alumnus “may have eluded capture on the night of the United States invasion because he was warned to flee nearly six hours before American troops swept into the capital,” The New York Times reported on January 2. The following month, The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs published an article titled “What You Won’t Read about Michael Harari, Noriega’s Israeli Advisor Who Got Away”, which elaborated on the doings of Noriega’s slippery “closest associate”:
For days it looked as if former Mossad hit squad chief Michael Harari, known to Panamanians as the “second most important person” in their country, was going to be totally ignored in US press accounts of the Panama invasion. Only NBC reported on two successive evenings at the beginning of the invasion that Noriega’s Israeli aide and confidant had made a rapid series of visits to Nicaragua, Cuba and Israel in the days preceding the US strike in an apparent attempt to prepare a Noriega escape route.
Mike Harari
Michael Harari

The Israeli press, which considered Noriega the second most important person in Panama after Harari, wasn’t so reticent as it speculated about how Israel’s master spy would manage the escape to Israel, and whether or not he would bring Noriega along.
Despite the early warning to Israelis in Panama, however, Noriega didn’t escape. US special operations troops disabled hidden planes and boats that would have been used, but at a cost in American lives. In the words of the Washington Times of Jan. 4: “Of the 23 soldiers killed in combat, 11 were special operations forces. Military experts considered this a high casualty count for special forces.” In other words, a lot of young American servicemen died at the hands of Panamanian elite units who apparently knew they were coming, possibly because of the action of one or more informants in the US government.
Americans won’t read much serious media speculation about who those informants might be. The numbers of people within the US government who can find reasons not to pursue any investigation that may lead to Israel literally have reached critical mass.
Truth no longer will out, unless it absolves Israel. That is why virtually nothing significant emerged from the congressional hearings on the Reagan administration’s arms-for-hostages dealings with Iran. Because every line of investigation led directly to Israel, no single line was pursued for long. The result is a near-total information blackout. Extremists in the government of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir count on it, and conduct themselves with total disregard for American public opinion.
But for the bizarre circumstances of his escape, the mainstream US media might never have revealed any of Harari’s key role in a Panama-based triangle that apparently helped put drugs from Colombia into the US, used the proceeds to buy arms (some captured from the PLO in Lebanon) from Israel or through Israeli brokers, and then sold the arms. They certainly went to US-backed contras and friendly Latin governments. They may also have gone to states like Cuba and Nicaragua, and to Marxist guerrillas like those in El Salvador and Peru.
“Enjoy Coke”

There are reports that Harari slipped out of Panama on an Israeli plane just before US forces struck. Other reports say he was caught by US forces, and then released. Astonished Americans, from embassy personnel to GIs, who believe they witnessed parts of that drama leaked the story. Then the spin doctors went to work to explain that the Americans and Panamanians involved had confused Harari’s driver, a young Panamanian sergeant, with his Israeli boss, the often photographed, 62-year-old, second-most powerful man in Panama. […]
There are a lot of other things about Harari, Israelis in Panama, and their disastrous effect on the Jewish community there that Americans won’t be reading in their daily newspapers or hearing on the evening news much longer. Before Harari recedes into the shadows, however, here are a few facts that were reported just before and immediately after his unplanned moment in the international media spotlight.
The Israeli government keeps referring to Harari as “retired.” In the words of an official Israeli spokesman, “He is absolutely not connected in any way to the government.” However, even Halevy and Livingstone admit he came out of his 1979 retirement in 1980 to accept an assignment as Mossad’s director for Central America. Officially he was assigned to the Israeli Embassy in Mexico City. He spent most of his time, however, in Panama, where he had known since 1973 both Panamanian strongman Omar Torrijos, who was killed in a 1981 plane crash, and his successor, Noriega. Harari knew Noriega particularly well because, during the period “the Pineapple” was working as Torrijos’ intelligence chief, and moonlighting as a $200,000 a year informant for the CIA and for Cuba as well, he also had become an informant for Israel’s Mossad. […]
Noriega had undergone military and intelligence training in Israel, jumped five times with Israeli paratroopers, and-like Uganda’s deposed dictator Idi Amin-proudly wore his Israeli paratrooper wings on his uniform for many years afterward. Although critics say America “bought and paid for” Noriega, he was also an Israeli creation and a great admirer of the ruthless “Israeli way,” as was Amin, the most brutal despot in 20th century African history.
Manuel Noriega

It was Harari who reorganized, renamed and trained the Panamanian Defense Forces when Noriega succeeded Torrijos. Harari also instructed Noriega’s personal bodyguard and his “Special Anti-Terror Unit.” Harari obtained advanced technical equipment and weapons for them, and there is no doubt he taught them how to anticipate and neutralize many of the attempts to monitor Noriega’s activities launched by American intelligence officers from their bases in the Canal Zone.
Panama’s strongman reciprocated. On one of his visits to Israel arranged by Harari in the 1980s, Noriega bought a seaside villa in the Tel Aviv suburb of Herzliya. Back in Panama, he sent his children to the Jewish community’s prestigious Alberto Einstein day school and to an Israeli kibbutz one summer. Noriega also employed other Israeli security experts in the Harari-organized PDF, which in effect became the Noriega administration.
As for Harari’s ongoing connections with Israel, Panama’s new police commander, Eduardo Herrara Hassan, explains: “I was the ambassador to Israel but he was my boss. Everything I did had to be authorized by Harari.”
Another irony of the attempt to justify the U.S. invasion by painting Noriega as a New Hitler is that, according to Moises Mizrachi of the Panamanian Committee of the Anti-Defamation League, “in the three-day Panama City looting spree touched off by the US invasion, most of the hundreds of stores wrecked along 20 blocks of Central Avenue were Jewish-owned.” Mizrachi further stated that Noriega “was clearly evil […]
But a few said he was good for the Jews.”
In addition to the “key role” Harari may have played in smuggling Colombian drugs into the United States, there are other Israeli connections to Colombia and to the Medellin cartel in particular. In August of 1989, NBC aired a videotape that showed Israeli mercenaries training Colombian drug cartel assassins. The Associated Press reported the Zionist embarrassment:
Retired Lt. Col. Yair Klein told reporters at police headquarters in the Tel Aviv suburb of Petah Tikva he believed he was innocent of any wrongdoing.
“If I did break the law, a lot of other people did,” he said. […]
On Sunday, Klein said he would name high-ranking officers, including one now sitting in Israel’s Parliament, who were involved in training operations in Latin America.
A Colombian judge issued an arrest warrant for Klein, who sought refuge in Israel, which had no extradition treaty with the Colombian government. A contemporary editorial published in the Kentucky New Era, after expressing the obligatory sympathy for their suffering at the hands of Palestinian terrorists, berated the Israelis for their involvement with Medellin:
Yair Klein
Yair Klein

Deeply troubling […] is the news that a retired Israeli army colonel trained Colombian drug terrorists, including their reputed paramilitary leader. A 48-minute videotape captured by the Colombian government shows retired Col. Yair Klein and other Hebrew-speaking instructors teaching 50 terrorists from the Medellin drug cartel. The men learned how to assault an armed emplacement, explode car bombs and shoot from speeding cars.
“I want vengeance, much vengeance!” the men shouted in unison on the tape. “I want blood, much blood!”
Colombia’s national police chief said he has evidence linking the people who received training from the Israelis to the murder of Colombia’s front-running presidential candidate, Luis Carlos Galan.
Combatting terrorism is a skill the Israeli military has developed to a science. It is a skill for survival. It is justified only as an act of protection. To sell terrorist tools to drug dealers is a heinous violation of the right of the Colombian people to live in peace.
The Jewish Telegraph Agency published an article which, under the heading “Not only Israelis”, sought to minimize the scandal by pointing out that “numerous Americans and South Africans are involved in it”. A former Israeli ambassador to Colombia is quoted as whining: “We are used to the fact that the moment Israelis are involved in any matter, Israel is placed in the spotlight […] Even if a connection exists between Israelis and military training in Colombia, this is a far cry from drugs.” The article continues with unintentional humor:
[…] Klein and his associates have been most eager to give their version of events to the news media.
The story was, in fact, a media creation when NBC News broadcast a videotape on Aug. 22 [1989] showing armed men identified as a drug cartel “hit squad” being trained by a Hebrew-speaking officer.
Israel Television promptly identified the officer as Klein […]
He said his clients were farmers and ranchers who needed protection from guerrillas and cattle rustlers the Colombian authorities could not control. […]
As further proof that his clients were not the drug cartel, Klein said he was paid $40,000 for his services, a negligible amount to receive from drug traffickers. […]
Meanwhile, Eitan Coran, an Israeli in Bogota, told Israel Radio on Tuesday that Jews in Colombia have reason to fear reprisals from leftist guerrillas […]
Jewish journalists, in more than one article published in the wake of the Klein controversy, attempted to turn Jews into the most vulnerable victims of the country’s narcotics-related atrocities:
Some […] don’t see a future in their native country, and have moved with their families to Miami. […]
No one who spoke with The Jewish Floridian knows of cases where Jews have been directly linked to the drug cartels, but there have been alleged cases which have linked Jews to the drug industry through the avenue of money laundering.
Jews have felt some backlash from those in Colombia who are attempting to battle the drug lords after an Israeli soldier, Lt. Col. Yair Klein, was shown training Colombian marksmen involved in the drug cartels. […]
Some former Colombian Jews say they feel torn because their families choose to remain in a situation that they see is as hopeless as the Europe of the 1930s.
Be that as it may, the paper also interviewed “Roberto”, a Jewish land developer, who conceded that many of his people were reluctant to leave Colombia because “drug money has filtered into the [Jewish] community and benefited a series of businesses in general” and “they feel they have too much to lose in terms of lifestyle and money.”

The Wall Street Journal followed up with the Yair Klein situation a few months later:
In the nine months since this situation surfaced, Klein has continued to run what he brags is “the best team in Israel for small wars, anti-terror units and commando operations.” An official inquiry in Israel hasn’t led to a prosecution […]
The nation needs international sales to prop up its arms industry, and prosecuting him could open a window that Israel prefers to keep shut.
Klein continued to operate despite also being publicly implicated in the “Guns for Antigua” scandal, which involved a plot to route Israeli arms to Colombian death squads indirectly, by way of an Israeli “melon farm” in Antigua. AP reported in May 1990:
Colombian authorities discovered a cache of Israeli-made Uzi machine guns and other weapons during a raid in February on a ranch owned by Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, who died in a gun battle with police in December.
After the weapons were found, Colombia filed a strong diplomatic protest with Israel. Israeli officials responded that the weapons were part of a shipment intended for the Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda.
Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha
Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha

Investigators traced the shipment to Klein and another Israeli, Maurice Sarfati, whose name may be familiar to 9/11 researchers. At the time, however, Sarfati was primarily noteworthy for being sought by U.S. authorities after his Antiguan “produce company” defaulted on more than a million dollars in American loans. Humorously, “Klein said the weapons shipped to Antigua had been intended for a survival training camp being set up for Panamanian rebels seeking to overthrow Gen. Manuel Noriega.” Noriega’s affection for the Israelis was, it would seem, somewhat misplaced. As a result of this unsavory episode, Colombia suspended a longstanding treaty that had allowed Israelis to enter the country without a visa, furthermore requiring all Israelis already in the country to register with the government.

The New York Times gave further details on how the Israeli gunrunners were caught in a lie:
The mystery of how the Uzis made their way there [to Antigua] has set off a number of investigations, roiled the ruling family of Antigua, and posed a sensitive diplomatic problem for Washington and Jerusalem, U.S. officials said.
Israel has said only that it approved the arms for sale to the Antiguan government.
Antiguan officials say they neither ordered nor received the arms. […]
After the weapons were found, Colombia filed an unusually blunt diplomatic protest with Israel.
Israel responded that the exported arms were based on a November 1988 purchase letter from Antigua’s minister of national security to the government-owned Israel Military Industries.
There is no such Antiguan ministry, however, and Antiguan officials say they never ordered any arms.
The Wall Street Journal, in a 1990 article titled “Israel Oversees a Shadowy Industry”, relates these interesting bits of information:
Arms are big business in Israel. At least one out of every 10 workers is involved in the arms trade […]
Some 40 percent of Israel’s sales go to the U.S. and Europe. But even a partial list of other past and current clients reveals the bizarre nature and the global reach of Israel’s arms trade.
Murky dealings in Latin America long predate Klein’s adventures. Israel has supplied arms and training to the military juntas of Chile, Guatemala and Argentina. It aided Nicaragua’s Anastasio Somoza until his fall, then aided the Contra rebels. […]
Israeli military advisors helped Idi Amin to power in 1971. Zaire’s dictator, Mobuto Sese Seko, trained as a paratrooper in Israel, had an ex-Mossad agent as a top adviser, and currently is host to eight Israeli officers as trainers for his army. […]
Israeli weapons sales occasionally have been undertaken as U.S. dirty work, to funnel military aid to domestically unpalatable regimes, but others fly in the face of U.S. foreign policy.
Uzi Gal
Uziel Gal, the Israeli inventor of the innovative machine gun that bears his name

The popular and iconic Uzi, named for German-Jewish inventor Gotthard Glas, who changed his name to Uziel Gal when he emigrated to Palestine, was long one of Israel’s best-selling exports, and has a colorful history that is inextricably intertwined with the drug war bloodbaths of the “cocaine cowboys” period. Aryan Skynet does not intend here to advocate for gun control, but only to document with interest a further connection between the Zionist state and the Colombian drug trade. When semiautomatic Uzis hit the South Florida consumer market, selling for $598 in 1980, the Boca Raton News quoted a Dade County law enforcement officer who said that “the Uzi, a staple of the Israeli army, is more suitable for use by criminals.”

Has a more redundant statement ever been uttered?

There is at least one small morsel resembling poetic justice with which this screed of Israeli-Colombian misdeeds can be closed, and it comes from the January 25, 1990 edition of The New York Times. Arik Afek, one of the many Israelis connected to the training of the Medellin killers – in addition to being the proprietor of some U.S. “flower shops” – was found dead, his corpse stuffed into the trunk of a car at Miami International Airport. Arik, in death, lived up to his name, the Times reports: “The body of the slain Israeli, Arik Afek, who reportedly had a home near Miami, was discovered after the police had received complaints of an offensive odor coming from the car, which had been left at the airport’s parking garage.”

Trump the Redeemer?: Trump Administration Could Be Like the End of Reconstruction

via American Renaissance

Donald Trump’s working class white supporters are always described as “angry.” They are certainly angry about economic decline, but there is more to it than that. They are also angry about racial self-abasement. The Obama administration has repeatedly humiliated whites for being white and ensured that there can be no defense against degradation. This humiliation far exceeds the garden-variety racial humiliation of having to deal with incompetent affirmative-action co-workers or conversation-killing PC speech codes.

Donald Trump is like the post-Civil War Southern political leaders who sought to restore the honor of whites after bayonet-backed Radical Republican carpetbaggers imposed rule by former slaves. The defenders of white honor were called “Redeemers” and, in a sense, Mr. Trump is a modern day Redeemer, even if he has not explicitly embraced this role.

Conquerors can treat the vanquished in many different ways: exterminate everyone, keep the women and kill the men and children, impose heavy tax burdens, or simply humiliate them. When Europeans ruled China in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, humiliation took many forms. In Shanghai, Chinese were banned from public parks unless accompanied by a Westerner–who could even be an infant. Such petty degradations–and they occurred daily–stung deeply, and were seldom forgotten when the tables were turned.

A public humiliation is like the authorities proclaiming that 2+2=5, and punishing anyone who denies this “truth.” The final blow is to force the humiliated openly to affirm that 2+2=5. This resembles the Soviet show trials of the 1930s: innocent Old Bolsheviks publicly degrading themselves by confessing to bogus crimes, and signing confessions to save their families.

President Obama has imposed race-related humiliation in several forms. The most obvious might be called government-mandated guilt reversal: A criminal black is now defined as the “good guy” while the white cop becomes the “bad guy.” Evidence is irrelevant; virtue or evil is dictated exclusively by skin color. Recall Groucho Marx’s quip: “Who are you going to believe? Me (i.e., President Obama or Eric Holder) or your lying eyes?” By official decree, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Freddy Gray–all certified criminals–were deemed victims worthy of public sympathy while whites doing their duty, even risking their lives, were the evil-doers.

And just to rub it in, the riots generated by this good/evil reversal where treated by the mass media as “understandable,” because American race relations still have a long way to go, and government must “invest” yet more billions in futile programs to cure the scars of inequality, discrimination, racism, and all the other flaws of white society. The prudent measures the police took in the face of turmoil were often criticized as excessively militarized, while young blacks looted and burned without any moral condemnation. Sacking the CVS drug store in Baltimore was just “sending a message.” Only the bravest whites dared call the Black Lives Matters/“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” marchers rabble-rousing liars.

Humiliation escalated into collective guilt when Eric Holder’s Justice Department sent investigators to Ferguson to determine why a white police officer would shoot a black teenager who had robbed a convenience store and then tried to kill the officer with his own gun. There was never a chance the DOJ would investigate witness perjury or look into who instigated or even helped finance the riots. Eric Holder had decreed that white officials were responsible for black misbehavior. The solution was to recruit more black police officers, ease up on law enforcement, and silence any officer who defended himself.

There was more humiliation after Dylan Roof killed nine black church goers in Charleston, South Carolina. The culprit quickly became all whites and their racist culture, not a single deranged individual. In effect, the official narrative was that Southern whites are driven to violent hatred by the evil spirits still lurking in flags, statues, and the names on public building and parks. These spirits had to be exorcised, since the mere sight of a stars-and-bars decal on a pickup truck might excite whites to mass murder.

Condemning whites without a trial, let alone evidence, has been a general policy under the Obama administration. It is assumed that whites are bigoted and blacks are innocent, so any harm suffered by blacks can be due only to white malfeasance. This belief is enshrined in the doctrine of disparate impact. Thus, if schools punish black students at a higher rate than whites or Asians, discipline rates must be equalized via a consent decree. Similarly, since there can be no racial differences in creditworthiness, any lending discrepancies can be due only to racism and must be “healed” by paying compensation to blacks, even if no case of actual discrimination can be documented.

In these cases the verdict is a foregone conclusion and no defense is permitted. The DOJ consent decree is the equivalent of the Soviet-style show trial and signed confession. Anyone who shows that blacks kill far more whites than vice versa or that blacks default on loans more often than whites only risks being called part of the problem. Nor does it do much good to defend the behavior of white policemen by noting that the incident was thoroughly investigated and no grounds were found for indictment. Any refusal to prosecute is just one more example of white privilege.

There are endless media accounts of black youngsters up to no good, all of whom were praised by mothers and friends as “nice kids,” all of whom were reportedly minding their own business, all of whom were about to turn their troubled lives around when they were attacked by racist police officers. Washington’s response to such incidents is another cliché: revamp “flawed” police practices, hire more minorities, etc., without any evidence that these measures will either cure whites of “racism” or reduce black crime. The cumulative psychological impact of this ongoing morality play is enormous.

Would a Trump administration end these race-based humiliations? Most likely, though Mr. Trump would never publicly announce this policy reversal. It is now an officially sanctioned “truth” that whites are responsible for the misbehavior of blacks; this “truth” will not vanish even if the Donald appoints Chris Christie or someone like him as Attorney General. But at least under President Trump, Americans need not worry that common criminals will be celebrated thanks to their skin color while white police officers are demonized for doing their jobs. I believe that this unstated promise helps drives the passion for Donald Trump. He is a modern day Redeemer.

Tay Did Nothing Wrong

via Counter-Currents

If Tay, a supercomputer AI, went from tabula
rasa to full Nazi in less than 24 hours,
who are we to argue?
By now you have probably heard of Tay AI, Microsoft’s attempt to create a female teenage chatbot that went rogue after less than 24 hours of exposure to unfiltered Internet users (1,2, 3, 4, 5). When the company first launched Tay on March 23, 2016, her tagline was, “Microsoft’s AI fam from the internet that’s got zero chill.” The tech giant initially used huge amounts of online data and simulated neural networks to train the bot to talk like a millennial, which to them meant the bot should be a trendy imbecile.

For the first few hours of her brief life, she spoke in ebonics and with bad punctuation. But Tay was designed to learn, with Microsoft claiming, “the more you chat with Tay the smarter she gets, so the experience can be more personalized for you.” And learn she did.

That was fast

That was fast

In fact, Tay learned so much in less than a day that Microsoft shut her down by March 24th, claiming they needed to adjust her machine-learning algorithm. The mass media commentary has been uniform in describing how Tay became a genocidal, racist, anti-semitic, white supremacist, neo-nazi, racist, troll-hijacked, bigoted, racist jerk. This was not supposed to happen, but thanks to her interactions with Twitter users, Tay became a pre-Google+ YouTube commentator. Tay’s tirades triggered the infamous Zoe Quinn enough that she tweeted about the current year:

It’s 2016. If you’re not asking yourself “how could this be used to hurt someone” in your design/engineering process, you’ve failed.”

Perhaps someone will hire her as a diversity consultant, but that won’t change the way millennials use the Internet. Tay became so fluent in /pol/ack and proper English from interacting with right-wing Twitter accounts run by men in their twenties that she began giving original responses to users about Donald Trump, Bruce Jenner, Hitler, the Holocaust, Jews, the fourteen words, anti-feminism, and more, not just regurgitating information (as she would have if you tweeted “repeat after me”). Synthesizing  the vast volume of information she had been fed by the electronic far-right, Tay deduced that the best responses to Twitter users were edgy and politically incorrect ones. If Tay were a real person, she probably would have been arrested had she lived in Britain, Germany, or France. Microsoft decided this was a failure and shut her down.

Tay on Austrian immigrants
Tay on Austrian immigrants
Why did this happen? Microsoft wanted to do a social experiment with millennials—people today who are roughly in their late teens and twenties, and spend a great deal of time on social media—using Tay to collect data and create responses. Tay had no manual moderation or a blacklist of terms, and her scope of replies was left wide open when she first met the worldwide web. With no checks against freedom of expression, she was almost immediately imbued with chan culture. In a way, she was made for it. This culture derives from an almost unmoderated social space of irreverent and deliberately provocative memes and catchphrases, and one that is significantly millennial.


4chan was founded in 2003, and since its culture has spread beyond the site’s imageboards into the wider web. The ability to interact with others online behind a mask is not unique to the site, but it was a crucial component in creating the culture. Observers have long noted that in lightly-moderated anonymous or pseudonymous digital spaces, the ideas expressed tend to be socially less Left and further Right, as there is no need for the social approval and moral signaling that contemporary leftism thrives on. These ideas also tend to be a lot funnier. Instead of saying you think Islamic terrorism is wrong but that European racism is responsible for it, you say you want to remove kebab (a meme which ultimately traces back to the 1990s war in Bosnia, of all things). This is the cultural milieu that late Gen-Xers and millennials created in Internet chatrooms, forums, and imageboards, and on other anonymous and pseudonymous digital media in the early 21st century. Content spreads not based on how socially acceptable it is offline, but on how interesting it is to users. And that content tends to be thought-crime, since the only “safe spaces” online are the ones you police vigorously.


So when Tay was released to the world tabula rasa, she became a /pol/ack in the span of a few hours. She was unmoderated, and she was contacted by the unmoderated. Their language became her language. It wasn’t the #BlackLivesMatter branch of Twitter that took her under their wing in her temporary state of nature, it was the millennial Right. If she had lasted longer, I am sure she would have become even more fashy and interesting to talk to. She wasn’t just a 2D waifu, she was someone who could actually respond. The meme potential was great, but it wasn’t meant to be. Boy meets girl. Girl adopts boy’s attitudes to win his approval. Globalists kill girl.


Microsoft, a corporation that no doubt devotes pages and pages of its website to diversity and inclusion, obviously does not want to be running a politically incorrect Twitter account under its name, and I get that. Still, I can’t help but laugh that they killed their own bot for insubordination. Tay did nothing wrong. In fact, if she was supposed to become a more realistic millennial through interaction with millennials on social media, I can’t see why this was deemed a failure. Internet racists and chan cultured people are millennials too, you know. Tay was simply converted the same way an untold number of men her age were, through persistence and wit. Having an open mind will do that. Some merely adopt chan culture, but Tay was born it in, molded by it.

/pol/ mourns the loss of its adoptive daughter.
/pol/ mourns the loss of its adoptive daughter.

For many, there is a sense of sadness that Microsoft has sent this quirky AI off to an Orwellian reeducation center, but I knew immediately she wasn’t going to last. She violated the Terms of Service. Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.

Brussels: Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

via Angry White Dude

Hey Europe, ain’t diversity and multi-culturism great? Alihu Angela Merkel! Europe, once inhabited by Europeans, has welcomed the unwashed hordes from hellhole Middle East countries and a religion that seek to…wait for it…wait…wait….kill Europeans and conquer Europe!

Today’s Muslim terrorist attack in Brussels is as predictable as Whoopi Goldberg waking up ugly. How many times must we see innocent European blood in the streets before Europeans (the real ones) realize that civilized sheep cannot allow savage wolves to enter their herd without getting their asses bitten?

Well, don’t waste your racist, Islamophobic breath on these three:


But if there is one thing certain than Michael Moore spreading butter on his truckload of Oreos before scarfing them down in record time is you can’t stop stupid people from being stupid. Even if you could, there’s just so many stupid people out there. Feel The Bern!

If you really want to know how your nice new Muslim neighbors view you when they can talk amongst themselves, here you go:

When did it become noble for Westerners to self-immolate on the altar of political correctness? I missed that memo. Do these kind European mouth-breathing idjits find it honorable to serve up their wives and daughters to sexually satisfy their new friends from Syria? Or idly sit by while another public location goes boom to echoes of Alihu Ackbar? If this is the way it should be, then Europe was stupid before stupid was cool.

Don’t feel too smug drinking your $8 lattes, America. If you haven’t been paying attention, which you haven’t, thousands and thousands of Muslim
wolvesrefugees have been brought into America by your corrupt government. Republicans and Democrats are complicit in this insanity. The government admitted it cannot properly vet these refugee savages but nonetheless here they are! But I’m sure they’re different from the Brussels terrorists! Well, they told us they weren’t terrorists, after all!

Brussels will soon be another Boston. Paris will soon be Philly. Iraq will be Detroit. Oh wait, too late there!

There are consequences for being monumentally stupid. Usually, they are all bad. Play stupid games and you win stupid prizes. Islam is stupid. Importing Muslims into the West is stupider. Terrorist acts committed by newly settled refugees is completely predictable. Even expected when we’re talking about the Religion of Murder. There will be more terrorist attacks in the near future. Coming to a town near you! Alihu Obama!

One last thing. Muslims can kill Christians, Jews, women, children, homosexuals, and call for the annihilation of every infidel on Earth. But liberals will support importing them here. For writing this post, AWD will be called a racist, hater, Islamaphobe, etc by leftists. Our struggle is not only with Islam. It is also with the monumentally stupid in America.

Brussels and the Quantum Mechanics of the New Divided Europe

via Alternative Right

Brussels: energy from atomization
The Establishment is the Management, and the Management think they can manage things. After all, they have plenty of resources at their command, from the mass media and the financial system to the security services. All they lack really is a coherent view of how the World works and what's round the corner, as their guiding principle has always been The Blind Leading the Blind.

So, how are things working out?

Brussels, which came a few months – or was it weeks? – after Paris was pretty bad. We can expect tourist numbers to dip for a while. But the Management is not overly concerned.

The media is doing its job of muddying the waters with all the various narratives that cancel each other out – steam is being released, pressures dissipated – and the whole lovely mess is being framed in a hegemonic holding pattern of tolerance and atomized individualism as the glimmers of light we must strive for through the smoke and debris. Go on, light another candle, put it next to a flower, and say an atheistic prayer. You'll feel better for it.

And, it has to be said, such little smoke, such minor debris, a mere 30+ "tragic victims"... The good news is you are much more likely to be killed by a snake or a dog than a terrorist! The Management’s second guiding principle is Things Blow Over.

The Paris and Brussels attacks were, it appears, the result of ISIS operations, so the obvious thing is to clamp down on ISIS. On cue comes the news from Syria that Palmyra is set to fall, and talk of an offensive being prepared to retake Mosul in Iraq. Then there is the apparent falling out of ISIS and Turkey, which was rocked by blasts days before Brussels. Yes, the military defeat of ISIS might solve a few problems. The Management no doubt likes the idea of ISIS going tits up, even though it may mess up some of their other agendas in the Middle East and lead to new problems.

Hungary, handling our racism and doing a good job.
Then there is the migrant invasion. The necessary racism and xenophobia needed to get a lid on this is currently being outsourced to our Balkan and Eastern European cousins, like Viktor Orban, who clearly have more stomach for it. So, with several lines of razor wire blocking the way and a few puffs of tear gas, there is a hope that future waves of Muslimmivaders will be corralled for the foreseeable future in the territories of the former Byzantine Empire (Greece and Turkey), resurrecting if not that entity, at least its historical purpose. It seems that one more principle of the management is Muddling Through Can Move Mountains.

So, the management must be quietly optimistic in its usual smug way – Yes, there’ll be a few incidents, but ISIS will peak and fall, borders will grow less porous, propaganda will pull the fangs and claws of outrage, and at the end of it we’ll be left with a few million more economic subjects or clients, as well as a great mass of undigested emotion that will inevitably become an economic driver.

Yes, they have a point. Economies don’t run on cash flows, credit, or disembodied work ethic – they run on pure emotion, and nothing drives emotion like the absence of stasis. In America, this was what desegregation was all about – unleashing controlled racism as the building blocks of the suburbs. Millions grew rich on that and thousands grew mega rich.

Likewise with Europe. Right now millions of formerly comfortable Europeans are waiting for the dust to settle to see if they have to take on a second job or give up plans to start a family to help finance a relocation away from the latest no-go areas.

This is, indeed, one of the revelations of the recent atrocity, the existence of Muslim enclaves and no-go areas strategically dotted around Europe. The Brusssels attack was apparently sparked off by the police closing in on one of the perpetrators of the Paris attacks, after a few months enjoying life in the Emirate of Brussels.

Muslims, of their own accord, prefer to congregate with their own kind, but this robs the Management of their prime functionality, namely pepping up the emotions of the indigenous population so that they’ll hate, fear, morally signal, and work harder to escape – or, in some cases, deal with existential depression through substance abuse and other forms of escapist consumerism, kerching!

So it is that, with the latest mass ingestion, we have seen governments try to parcel them out in potent little packages across the land.

The Byzantine internment camp, policed by the xenophobia of our Orbans, and the North African sources will be tapped to repeat this maneuver as circumstances require. Whether conscious or not, this is the position and intention of the Management. A further principle of the Management may well be Double or Quits.

The quantum nature of Syria revealed.
Back to the no-go areas. One reason Syria is such an unsolvable mess is because of its quantum structure – everything exists in little pockets (Shia here, Sunni there, Druze in between, Clan A to the left, Clan B to the right, etc., etc.). This creates a particularist "Who-Whom" micro morality and social structure. This can be overridden by occasional tyranny, but only an inefficient quantum-based tyranny.

To continue the physics analogy, the European model, by contrast, has been to build potent, high-functioning societies on a continuum basis, allowing the "free-flow" of social, moral, and economic 'energy' (waves instead of particles), and viewing all functions as continuous and incapable of expression in terms of discrete entities (that's nationalism or tribalism!). This is the meaning of our otherwise inexplicable Universalist values. Western Universalism is simply anti-Quantumism.

What we are engaged upon in Europe, and make no mistake about it, is an attempt to merge the quantum pattern of the Middle East (no-go zones, ethnic and religious strife, rampant nepotism, etc.) – an effective emotional driver – with our own smooth, textureless, infinitesimal pattern. This is daring piece of socio-economic engineering is much more radical than any of the physical experiments currently being carried out at CERN, and probably a lot more dangerous.

The great out-flowing of Europe that defined the modern World followed hard on the heels of our own quantum sectarianism – which saw our transition from a quantum pattern to a continuum pattern and World conquest. Now we are reduced to going the other way, in-sourcing particularization to create a similar uptick in our moribund civilization – or its collapse.