Apr 5, 2016

Review of “Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country”

via The Occidental Observer

Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country
by Greg Johnson

The picture on the cover and the title of Johnson’s latest collection of essays may seem at first glance to offer something of a bromide view of White nationalism: “A nice White country” it reads above a somewhat saccharine image representing healthy White demographics from yesteryear. This sets up a current of wistful yearning, which, given our predicament — heading for minority status in our traditional homelands within decades — is discomforting.

But the vision presented by the artful simplicity of the title and cover image is central to Johnson’s whole approach, which I characterize as stating his point as unambiguously as possible, then deploying his considerable powers of reason and evidence to drive it home.

This volume brings together 38 essays, all of which appeared on Johnson’s Counter-Currents site between 2011 and 2015, and cover a wide variety of topics. Most were written in response to the events and controversies of the day, so you might expect them to vary considerably in tone and message, but, once again, as with his previous collection “New Right versus Old Right,” the book has a remarkable consistency. The essays are organized thematically instead of chronologically.

The first section, “The Problem” (9 essays) focuses on the imminent breakdown of the present system, with chapters like “White Extinction” (2014), “The Republican Party Must Perish” (2012), and “Irreconcilable Differences: The Case for Racial Divorce” (2015). The intent seems to be to paint a grim picture of our present condition, with Whites, beset by hostile groups, gradually losing the means to survive, and with nothing but a broken political system to resort to. All this drives home the point that continuing as we are is simply not an option.

However, it is interesting to read “The Republican Party Must Perish” in the light of the Trump phenomenon, which was only looming into view when the book was being prepared last year, but Johnson’s essay explains why party outsiders like Trump and Cruz have had such buoyant appeal:
“The Democrats have no problem making explicit appeals to the identity and interests of their constituencies: Jews, non-whites, environmentalists, gays, feminists, etc. But Republicans refuse to make explicit appeals to the identity and interests of whites, even while they pander to Jews and other groups that overwhelmingly vote against them. Nor will Republicans take the necessary steps to preserve the white majority — stopping non-white immigration, addressing higher non-white birthrates — even under the guise of race-neutral programs.” (p. 44)
Johnson’s explanation for the Party’s behaviour is that it has been hijacked by elites – especially rich Jews – with their own agenda that is completely at odds with that of America’s (still) majority White population. As usual following the money tells us most of what we need to know:
“To determine who maintains this suicidal ideological consensus and why, follow the money trail. Half the money raised by Republicans comes from Jews (75% for Democrats) and a large percentage of the rest comes from wealthy non-Jews (an even higher percentage for the Democrats).
Capitalist elites, however, do not care about nationalism. They profit from importing non-whites and shipping American jobs to non-white nations […] Both Jews and the plutocracy are threatened by American nationalism and seek to suppress it. Both groups are well aware that that present demographic trends doom the white race in North America and the Republican Party. But both groups do not care.” (p. 44-45)
This grim scenario is the starting the point of the book. The rest of the book can then be read as a quest in search of the ultimate solution, namely greater racial awareness and nationalism.

One way to view the book is as a voyage in search of this, as Johnson navigates the various issues and controversies of White nationalism, while tacking ahead in the face of challenging headwinds and disruptive squalls. This certainly explains the book’s structure and destination, its hopeful-sounding final section, “Vanguard Strategies” (6 essays).

The first Scylla and Charybdis navigated is perhaps the most challenging “Nationalism: Petty and Grandiose” (3 essays) as this opens up one of the fundamental disagreements between White Nationalists, that between two forms of Nationalism. Grandiose Nationalism refers to an internationalized form of White Nationalism that seeks to transcend ethnicity, while Petty Nationalism recognizes the fact that White nationalism is most potent when combined with an ethnic component, and seeks to work with this despite certain negatives.

This polarizing debate was brought to the fore in White nationalist and Alt-Right circles in 2014 by two events – the referendum on Scottish Independence and the revolution in Kiev. The third section of the book – “Ukraine & Russia” (4 essays) – therefore represents a continuation on this theme.

Johnson rejects the Grandiose version of Nationalism as too abstract and liable to cooption, preferring to embrace Petty Nationalism with qualifications. For this reason he supports Scottish independence – even under the helm of left-wing civic nationalists like the SNP – and the nationalists in the Ukraine despite their alliances of convenience with more globalist elements.

In Johnson’s view, Grandiose Nationalism – and transnational entities like the USA, the EU, Eurasianist Russia, and even the UK – impose a false unity that leads to “diversity” in a single state, invariably the cause of much unhappiness. In “Why I Support Scottish Independence” (2014) he describes the basic mechanism:
“Ethnic and racial diversity always lead to conflict, resentment, and violence. Diversity is not a strength, but a weakness. Therefore, the best way to insure peace and progress is to break up diverse societies into ethnically and racially homogeneous ones.” (p. 67)
As a Scot who has seen how the protracted existence of the UK has pushed Scots to the left as a defence mechanism and protest against the centralization of power in London, I side with Johnson, and believe that before we can have greater White unity, we must first have greater disunity and a proper framework for addressing our very real and potent ethnic divisions.

With the debris from Brussels still bobbing on the media tide, the next section in the book “The Muslim Problem” (2 essays) is disappointingly brief, although here too there are valid and useful sights, with Johnson making the case that anti-Islam is a way of venting our need for identity politics in a non-identitarian way, and therefore a mechanism for displacing and diffusing our natural nationalist tendencies. In his essay “The Muslim Problem” (2015), he lays this trick at the door of the one group that Johnson identifies as the chief enemy.
“Attacking Islam allows Christians to frame European identity politics as a clash between two universalist religions, Christianity and Islam. But we are not fighting for Christendom, which is now more non-white than white. We are fighting for the white race, regardless of religion. Attacking Islam plays into the hands of the principal enemy, the organized Jewish community, which is happy to reroute white anti-Muslim sentiment into fighting Israel’s enemies abroad, rather than fighting Islam in the streets of Europe. Indeed, when Israel destroys strong Muslim regimes in its neighborhood, this sends new waves of Muslim refugees to destroy white countries, killing two birds with one stone (a stone that we ourselves provide).” (p. 111)
One wonders what would happen if the West disengaged from the Middle East. Would we stop defining ourselves by our sense of civilizational distance from “primitive” Islam and the ridiculous repressive tolerance that we occasionally try to impose on it with guns, bombs, drones, and other sinister methods? Would we start to see ourselves in more nationalistic terms? If we could only turn off the distraction of Middle Eastern chaos for a few years, we might find out.

As if to mock the West’s attempts to impose its degenerate values where they are not wanted, Johnson follows the brief section on Islam with a larger section on “Sexual Politics” (6 essays). This deals with the gay marriage controversy that was so topical a couple of years ago, but which now seems somewhat passé. In addition to gay marriage, Johnson also takes aim at transsexuals, the Left’s new pet cause.

The point for the Left is not actual concern for this or that marginalized group, but simply a psychological, dopamine-fed addiction to signalling some kind of edgy morality. As Johnson points out in “Further Confessions of a Transphobic” (2015), helping transsexuals mutilate themselves in a forlorn quest to achieve their “true gender” leads to dangerous consequences:
“The fact that transsexuals are the latest politically-correct totem group is further proof that liberalism really is a mental disease. Lunatics know their own. And unfortunately the lunatics are running the asylum. My hypothesis is that Leftists are physiologically addicted to righteous indignation, which they arouse by adopting simple and absolute values as the focus of moral fanaticism. The fact that one-dimensional moralism is destructive of other values actually counts in its favor to the addict’s mind, just as sacrificing babies to Baal underscored and elevated the god’s sanctity. And just as drug addicts require ever higher doses to achieve the same effect, Leftists always require new, more extreme and radical crusades. This is how the history of liberalism has been reduced to a long, glorious march from the tyranny of dashing dictators and divinely-anointed monarchs to the tyranny of sniveling neurotics.” (p.140)
Most nationalists and Alt-Righters agree that gay marriage and transsexual issues are relative trivialities that affect only a tiny section of the population, and serve mainly as distractions from more important issues. However, attitudes to the manosphere have proven more divisive, with a large controversy earlier this year principally between Johnson and Roosh V of the Return of Kings site.

While none of the content from that disagreement makes it into this volume, Johnson’s “Be Yourself” (2012) deals skilfully some of the same issues. The essay is a commentary on a debate between my Alternative Right colleague Andy Nowicki and Matt Forney, then operating under the pen name of Ferdinand Bardamu.

Forney had made the case for the manosphere mantra of self improvement through exercise, confidence building, and game, while Nowicki had rejected this in favour of an ethic of authenticity and a refusal to pretend. Johnson offers a suitable compromise through the Aristotelian concept of self-actualization with reference to Schopenhauer:
“To adapt an example from Schopenhauer, imagine two men, one brawny but not bright, the other brainy and weak. The brawny man would be most satisfied with a physically active life, say being a lumberjack. The brainy man would be most satisfied with an intellectually active life, such as being a math professor. Now switch the two men’s professions. Send the math professor out to cut down trees, and put the lumberjack in the classroom. Both men would be miserable, because they would be required to live in a way that conflicts with their natures. And even if, through a massive act of will, it were possible for both men eventually to perform the other’s job competently, they would still be miserable, because they would be constantly going against rather than with the grain of who they really are.” (p. 152)
This essay reminds us that Johnson is often adept at charting a subtle and sensible middle course between positions that elicit visceral emotions that lead to pointless divisions. The one issue, however, where he takes a hard-line position is that of malevolent Jewish influence on the West. In “White Genocide” (2015) he pushes the question from “Are they really guilty?” to “Are they really not guilty?” also placing politicians and non-Jewish elites in the dock.
“First, the burden of proof needs to be shifted. For is it really plausible that the leaders of dozens of white nations have adopted similar policies antithetical to the long-term survival of their own peoples, yet none of them knew what they are doing? Yes, it is fashionable to deride politicians for thinking only in terms of the next election. But that is not really true. Politicians are, for instance, rather far-sighted when it comes to their personal career ambitions and plans.” (p. 18)
The degree to which Jewish influence is responsible for the trajectory of Western decline is a major question for all of us on the Alt-Right, but I think it is fair to say that our decline cannot hinge solely on the malevolence of one group no matter how powerful they are culturally or financially – even with their allies. Much of what is happening also stems from the inherent nature of modernity and general socio-economic patterns – after all, non-Jewed Japan and China also have below-replacement birth rates.

Because of the importance of the bigger economic picture, it is encouraging to see a substantial section in the book tackling economic issues, as this is an area where the Alt-Right is often criticized as being weak. “White economics” (8 essays) covers a lot of ground, and although I got the impression that this is not Johnson’s favourite area, there were plenty of good ideas and interesting insights – such as the one about printing expiration dates on money to prevent hoarding and promote economic stimulus.

One of the gateways to Johnson’s interest in economics was the American historian and critic of capitalism, Brooks Adams. His essay “Brooks Adams on the Romans” (2011) is particularly interesting for the way it highlights the perennial patterns of socio-economic decline, several of which resonate with our own age. Thanks to their worldly success the Romans too faced the challenge of a kind of globalism, with cheap foreign labour leading to a process of economic hollowing out that prepared the way for Rome’s subsequent collapse:
“Rome’s victories led to the enslavement of entire nations. These slaves provided cheap labor, which allowed large landowners to undercut the prices of small farmers. When Egypt was added to the Empire in 30 BC, its impossibly fertile land tilled by wretched fellaheen spelled doom for the Roman farmer. Adams describes how entire districts of Italy were depopulated. Farmers starved to death, abandoned their lands and drifted to the cities as paupers and proletarians, or simply failed to reproduce themselves.” (p.178)
With blind economic forces pushing us to our destruction and making us easy prey for more predatory groups, it is clearly vital for White Nationalists to develop a keener understanding of economics. Without that, whatever other narratives we develop, we are simply sleepwalking – or to return to our nautical analogy, sailing without a compass and sextant. Only by understanding economics can we hope to dethrone them from the sovereignty and dominion they currently enjoy over us and replace that with the interests of the people. Johnson has a vivid sense of this dichotomy:
“In ancient Rome, as in modern America, the economic system and its imperatives are treated as absolute and fixed, whereas the people are treated as liquid and fungible. Nationalism represents a complete reversal of these priorities. For the nationalist, a people and its interests are absolute and non-negotiable. The economic system must be subservient. Thus for nationalists there are no economic absolutes.” (p.179)
In essence, Nationalism is a human consciousness-raising exercise. If we can achieve that then we’ll have some chance of staving off the blind forces and invisible hands that are conjuring our doom. To do this we will need writers like Johnson who can take readings and chart our course through stormy seas and treacherous shoals with as much precision as the best navigators of our seafaring past.

Aryan Narrations: The Uprising by Colin Jordan Part 2

via Radio Aryan

The second part of the series based on Colin Jordan’s book starts with the queers getting their come-uppance at the hands of the British Freedom Force. When this was written, homosexuality was not yet being taught to children in schools and gay marriage was not even a word. Yet Jordan was insightful enough to see that the whole scale promotion of sodomy was just around the corner. At the time, just being identified as queer would have silenced most faggots, unlike today, when they think they have a right to parade down the street half-naked waving their dildoes around.

The next chapter deals with the logistics of taking out the television, so the regime can no loner beam depravity into people’s homes. The BFF carry this out by blowing up the TV transmitters and then replacing the mind-numbing soap operas with the nationalist pirate radio station mentioned in an earlier chapter. All the information on where the TV transmitters were and how they could be disabled was taken from the television companies’ own literature. Finally the power stations themselves are sabotaged, again retrieving the information on how to do this from the official guide to the British power grid.

The Tower of Untruth, a huge holohoax memorial is rigged to blow also, but not before the world has seen it unveiled and are surprised to read about how millions of White people were holocausted by the Jews in world war two, rather than the other way around. The Jewish Prime Minister manages to flee the idol before it blows, only to then be shot out of the sky in his private jet by a rocket launcher stolen from NATO.

The last place to be attacked are the Houses of Parliament themselves when the BFF finally finish what Guy Fawkes started, but not before first stealing the mace, the symbol of the government’s authority. 

The whole operation was carried out by just 510 freedom fighters, showing that quality really is more important than quantity as Britain finally awakes, free from the occupying Jewish junta. . . Listen to the podcasts at Radio Aryan

How to Argue with Neocons (aka "Trotskyites" or "Corporatists")

via The Right Stuff

There are three kinds of people that an alt-righter will argue with: neoconservatives, blue-pills and leftists. Each kind requires a different argumentation style.

The first kind, the neoconservative, is probably the easiest kind to debate even though a typical neoconservative has by far the highest verbal IQ of the three. It is not difficult to argue with the neoconservative because the neoconservative already accepts that Jewish identity is real, important and worth preserving. All an alt-righter need do in an argument with a neoconservative is point out to him that it is hypocritical for him to support a Jewish identity and ethnostate but not a White identity or White ethnostate, at least in principle. Given the high verbal IQ of the neoconservative, a barrage of factoids and technicalities will be thrown at you in an attempt to wriggle out of the hypocrisy.

The first technicality the neocon is likely to throw at you is that Jewishness is not racial, so therefore a comparison between White identity and Jewish identity cannot be made. He is wrong. Judaism has three components: a theological component, a cultural component and a racial component. Given that roughly 40% of Israeli Jews are secular, the theological component is irrelevant. So now we are left with a cultural and racial component. According to the law of return, one need be of sufficient Jewish ancestry to qualify for preferential treatment in obtaining Israeli citizenship. The law makes no reference to culture. Race, then, is fundamental to Jewish identity, and hence the analogy proposed earlier is valid. By the way, a particularly high-verbal-IQ neocon might prod you further on this by stating that ancestry is not race. He is wrong. Ancestry and race are the same thing. If you don’t understand why ancestry and race are the same thing, then you need to read up on HBD. Read Sailer.

Once the validity of the analogy has been established, the neocon will likely go into “agree and amplify mode”. He will say that Israel’s law of return is no different to Germany’s law of return, which he argues gives preferential treatment to people whose ancestors are German. His reasoning is thus: “If Germany has a right-of-return law, why can’t we?” The problem with his argument is that Germany’s right of return is not based on race, whereas Israel’s is. Germany’s law of return states that someone whose ancestors lived in Germany may receive preferential treatment in obtaining German citizenship. There is no requirement for said ancestors to be of the German race. To drive the point home, point out that under Germany’s law of return, the Palestinians who lived within the borders of modern day Israel before 1948 would qualify for preferential treatment in obtaining Israeli citizenship.

The neocon is very likely to be enraged at this point. “Annuddah shoah” and “oy vey” are not uncommon utterances. Once his Semitic mutterings have ceased, he will assume one of two states. The first state will take the form of the neocon going on a tirade against “the goyim” and the atrocities committed by them in the Second World War. The basic point being made in his rant is that the Shoah entitles Jews to a state of their own. The stupid alt-righter will say, “well, the Shoah didn’t happen”. Please, there is no need to invoke Holocaust revisionism here. The neocon is raving mad. Most spectators to the argument will deem you the clear winner. At this point, either walk away the winner or go in for the kill-punch. Basically, the kill-punch is this: “I have clearly shown that Israel is a racialist state. That you deny White people the right to a racialist state is rank hypocrisy. The Shoah does not entitle you to a racialist state because racism is always wrong.”

The second state the neocon might assume is one of smugness and glibness. He will say, “Well, go ahead, White people. Have a state of your own. I won’t stop you. It’s not my fault that white women have few children or that white people support the mass immigration of non-whites.” There is no need to invoke KMAC here. Simply state this: “If you believe that Jewish identity and a Jewish ethnostate are good for the Jews, it implies that not having those things would be bad for Jews. Similarly, White people not having those (equivalently White) things would be bad for whites. Should it not be incumbent on us to prevent bad things? Should not the White governments of the world be doing everything they can to prevent the coming demographic collapse of the white race?” Clearly glibness and smugness are not appropriate reactions to bad things, unless you are psychopath or unless you don’t really think that the thing in question is bad, which would make you a hypocrite–and that takes us back to what we were initially trying to prove, that neocons are hypocrites.

For completeness and because walls are topical of late, I will mention Israel’s wall and the hypocrisy of neocons supporting it but not Trump’s. The typical neocon will say that Israel’s wall cannot be compared to Trump’s because Israel is in a war zone. This argument only applies to the wall that Israel built on its border with Gaza and on its border with the West Bank. It does not apply to the wall that Israel built on its Egyptian border. Israel is not at war with Egypt.

The argumentation style that is to be used against neocons is the easiest of the three because it requires little use or knowledge of HBD. It is primarily an argument based on making analogies and pointing out hypocrisy. The argumentation style for blue-pills is the hardest because it requires a strong knowledge of HBD. This is due to the fact that blue-pills do not accept racial identity or ethnostates in any form. Sarcuck of Akkhad is a typical example of a blue-pill. The leftist is similar to the neocon, only they support Black identity (and perhaps Black ethnostates).

In another article, I will describe the two other kinds of people an alt-righter will encounter.

Light 'Em up - It's Autism Awareness Day

via Compulsory Diversity News

In keeping with Diversity's goal to make every day a celebration of impurity, perversity, inferiority, deformity, or infirmity, let us take time out to recognize that today is Autism Awareness Day! Quoting:
Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on April second and with it, many supporters and experts are explaining the world the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment. A major and worldwide campaign is spreading to create awareness for patients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), with the slogan of “Light up Blue” the organization Autism Speaks seeks to create a better understanding of what the disease is and how it should be treated. [...]

The “Light up Blue” campaign has spread across the globe, places such as the Israeli Parliament, The Panama Canal, The Orlando eye, Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer, The great Buddha of Japan and several iconic retailers in New York City have light a blue light on them for the cause.
So you are suggesting that we recognize these special people with some sort of blue light. A Blue Light Special, if you will... HAHAHAHAHA!

The anti-vaxxers who think Jewish doctors are responsible for the autism epidemic are just going to love the color you chose for your Awareness campaign. Israeli parliament indeed. Again - HAHAHAHAHA!

Honestly, I am exhausted by the effort of living in a world that is rapidly filling up with both diagnosed and undiagnosed retards. And that is what autistic kids are, they are retarded. That's what we called them when I was a kid in the 1980's. Now we call them autistic and blame vaccines. We make a special distinction between hand-flappers and head-slappers where one previously did not exist because neither could function in society without significant supervision. We start making a social distinction between the two, and then everyone panics because it appears as if there has been an explosion in the number of autistic kids. Well of course there has. If you have the choice between labeling your retard as a "retard" or "autistic", which do you choose?

The possibility that the increase in autism is attributable to reclassifying retards as autistic is called "diagnostic substitution" by scholars. I call it label creep. Long ago, people who couldn't communicate properly or function in society were simply called idiots. When they displayed a remarkable talent in addition to their idiocy, we called them idiot savants. Clinicians wanted a label that wasn't as harsh as idiot, so it crept to retarded, which crept to handicapped, which crept to mentally challenged, which crept to special needs. And what about the idiot savants of yesteryear? We now call them autistic. They have always been there, we just call them something different now. Do you get it? If you are an anti-vaxxer, the answer is: "DDDUUUURRRRPPPPP!!!! Muh autism epidemic!"

Well, certainly we have never had such a high savant to idiot ratio, right? So something must be increasing the number of autists vs. retards, right? Must be vaccines! Perhaps. I don't know. One complicating factor is human nature. It couldn't simply be that political correctness is making us treat each defective snowflake as if it has more going for it than it actually does, right? It couldn't possibly be that a century of dysgenic breeding and keeping alive the unfit, coupled with those unfit people having kids later in life, has led to a decrease in the quality of offspring?

I think my questions are just as valid as those of the anti-vaxxers, but as usual I am out of both the mainstream and the counter-culture. How so? Because I am not going to encourage you to vaccinate your children if you don't want to, but I am also not going to condemn the utility of centuries old science. A plague on all your houses. The world is filled with people unworthy of life, and I hope daily for some catastrophe that will bring the population back down to B.C. levels. I believe vaccines control epidemics. I believe it is possible that vaccines have other harmful effects. Therefore, roll the dice I say. Let's see what happens.

Of course, if this was a sane society that had use for people like me, I would be willing to conduct the experiments that could settle the dispute once and for all. In a society where such research was legal, it would only take a few hundred test subjects to settle the issue that might save millions of people the misfortune of being autistic or having autistic children as a potential side effect of vaccines. The mainstream and the counter-culture are willing to gamble with the lives of millions or even billions based on their contrary beliefs. The matter could be settled with just a few hundred test subjects handed over to a legally-empowered technical professional. Who's the real monster here?

The question is rhetorical. I know it is still me.

ADL Fearful Trump Is Mainstreaming “Hate” & “Racism”

via The Realist Report

The Anti-Defamation League is once again injecting itself into Donald Trump’s campaign for president, demanding that the Republican front-runner stop using “xenophobic” and “racist” language, and “to decisively distance himself and his campaign from white supremacist and other radical supporters,” according to a recent article published by The Times of Israel.

In an interview with the popular Israeli daily, Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO and national director of the ADL, revealed why the organized Jewish community cannot stand the maverick American populist: his campaign is allowing formerly marginalized and demonized points of view, such as deporting illegal aliens, building a wall on the southern border, and placing a moratorium on Middle Eastern “refugees,” to become mainstream, entirely legitimate ideas and proposals. Donald Trump has fundamentally transformed the political discourse in America, which the organized Jewish community has maintained a stranglehold over, in a profound manner.

Trump’s candidacy has also generated tremendous interest in the White nationalist community, something the ADL also fears.

In an interview with The Times of Israel, the ADL’s CEO and national director Jonathan Greenblatt charged that Trump is “pushing buttons that have been pushed before” and that “the outcome is a mainstreaming of bias and this kind of wink and nod toward a xenophobic, Islamophobic kind of racism.”
It was “deeply troubling,” Greenblatt elaborated, “that a candidate would be introducing these things into the political conversation, to the national debate: Suggesting that all the people coming, let’s say from a particular country, are rapists or murderers. Or suggesting that we would check people at our gates simply on the basis of what they believe. Or that certain endorsements of certain people, or support from certain people or groups, would be the kind of things that would merit further exploration rather than outright objection. These are very worrying ideas. And they have a scent that rings familiar, a sound that rings familiar to many of us. We as Jews know what it means when they say that people coming from another country are all a problem. We know what it means (when they say) we have to check you at the door on the basis of what you believe.” […]
“I don’t know what’s in his head or in his heart,” said Greenblatt of Trump. “But I do know that he’s certainly pushing buttons that have been pushed before — whether he’s doing it with deliberate intention, or kind of slouching toward those things. Either way, the outcome is the same.”
Among those outcomes, said Greenblatt, was the sight of “white supremacists coming out of the cracks in ways that are really quite frightening.” He said the ADL was monitoring the phenomenon and could “see an uptick in the (extremist) rhetoric, and again, a mainstreaming of really nasty, noxious ideas.” And some of these extremists, he said, are emphatically hostile to Jews.
He showed The Times of Israel his Twitter feed and a list of people he had blocked because of their extremist sentiments, with names including White Resister and National Socialist. “It just goes on and it goes on and it goes on. It’s scary. These people — it’s not that they weren’t there before, but I am certainly seeing, and the ADL is seeing, a surge in these kinds of posts that we hadn’t seen before. And it helps when Donald Trump is re-tweeting your stuff, which we saw happening.”
These people are incredible. They are quickly losing control of the narrative and political discourse in this country, and they don’t like it. Through political correctness and the weaponization of our political language, the Jewish controlled mass media has been able to discredit entirely legitimate political perspectives and public policy proposals. Trump has changed that simply by pledging to enforce American immigration law and deal rationally with our immigration crisis. There is nothing “racist” or “xenophobic” about Trump’s stance on immigration; his proposals amount to simply enforcing the law and protecting America.

Rest assured, they will continue to fight, as Greenblatt pledges to do (apparently using Trump’s own donations to the subversive, anti-American organization over the past decade):
Greenblatt said he believes Trump is “tapping a nerve” in an America that is anxious about its economic prospects and long-term status and where many in so-called middle America “don’t know where they fit” amid an increasingly globalized, technology-driven economy. “Donald Trump is speaking to those impulses,” he said, “but not with serious policy prescriptions. Not with serious ideas. That’s the issue.”
Added Greenblatt: “His rise reflects the same kind of anxiety that you see in Europe right now — with migrants coming in, these refugees, people being unsure, ISIS’s violence and the kind of nihilism (of Islamist terrorism)… It’s in the Middle East, it’s in Europe, it’s here in Israel, and it’s in North America. There is a great deal of unease and I believe that is creating conditions in which someone like Trump can rise.”
The best answer to bias and to bad ideas, he went on, “is better ideas.”
And that was why the ADL recently announced that a sum equivalent to the $56,000 Trump has contributed to the ADL over the past decade would be directed to educational programs. Specifically, as Greenblatt noted in recent Time magazine article, the funds will go to “anti-bias education programs that address exactly the kind of stereotyping and scapegoating he has injected into this political season.”
This entire struggle we are engaged in revolves around information, ideas, and perspectives, and the organized Jewish community has maintained a monopoly on information, ideas, and perspectives for a very, very long time. The Jews correctly view Trump and the people supporting him as a major threat to their control of the political discourse in this country.

Ingwe & the English Folk-Nation

via Inglinga

'When hemp is spun - England's done!' This was an old prophecy which I believe stems back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I. It was fulfilled some years ago when Paul McCartney used the cannabis plant (hemp) for making handbags. Let us be very clear here, England is done and finished! This should seem obvious to anyone, and there is no point whatever in trying to revive a corpse. Whilst this should be made clear, the English Folk is an Eternal Being, and lives on so long as there is English Blood in our veins. 

Our lands are occupied by an alien elite whose policies are hell-bent upon the destruction of the English Folk altogether. This is just a part of the plan now known as White Genocide which is aimed at all of the Nations of Europe and the White World. We are not the only ones who face the problems created by mass immigration, and we should not isolate ourselves from the other European Peoples, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the other White Nations who share our struggle for survival. 

If the English Folk are to survive then we need to define who we are, and we need to recognise our roots in Germania. So let us now define who the English really are, something that few can seem to do. The English are, as their name implies, the Sons of Ingwe, the Seven Tribes of the Ingas who came together in these islands into a people that eventually formed the English Nation. Ingwe is the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk, known to the Norse as Ingvi-Frey and to the Germans as Fro-Ingui. The name means 'Lord Ing' since Frey or Fro is a title meaning 'Lord'.

The Seven Tribes of Ingwe come from Germania and Scandinavia, and the English (as history records) are made up of Swedes, Norwegians, Saxons (Germans), Danes and a mixture of Germanic Tribes who occupied these lands in very ancient times, whose tribal names may have differed somewhat. In Wodenic Lore we use the term Seven Swords of Wayland for these Seven Tribes of Ingwe, with the Seventh Sword as the 'Sword of the Wolsungas', a sword which unites these tribes into the English Nation. This is also named Albion which is a very ancient name for England. Albion was the name used by the ancient Germanic Tribes that occupied these islands in ancient times. 

It is important to understand the meaning of the name Albion, because it can mean 'White Island' and it can also mean 'Island of the Elves'. Both are important meanings, but when we consider that Ingwe is the High Lord of the Elves then we can understand why England was called 'Albion' in the ancient past. (This is rooted in the word alb which is a Germanic term for 'elf'.) Those English who have been critical of our use of the name 'Albion' do so because they don't seem to recognise how far back into the ancient past the proto-English go back in these islands. 

I believe that one obstacle that we face in awakening the English lies in those who still hold to the Judaeo-Christian Religion, simply because this is not only an alien religion originating in the Middle East, but also because the English cannot recognise their roots in a Heathen God or Heathen Divine Being if they reject Heathenism. Ingwe is a very ancient Germanic God - the Divine Hero, and the Divine Ancestor of the Ingvaeones (Ingwines = Friends of Ing). He figures in the Royal Line of the Ynglings of Sweden, and also the most ancient kingship of Norway. In fact, if we trace the areas where Ingwe seems to have been linked to we can see that there is a clear hint that he was the ruler of the lost continent of At-al-land. 
The importance of the White Stone of Ing has not as yet been realised amongst the English Community; indeed, so far I have seen no-one else take up this theme. This stone, found in the porch of a church in Steyning, West Sussex, has the message 'Gift of Ing' upon it, with the meaning of this as the Ken-Rune which is the rune associated with fire, the serpent, the dragon and also the Fire-Serpent. The Ing-Rune is also the glyph of the DNA Spiral, hence this is the rune representing the genetic code and our own unique destiny within that genetic code. This too is the 'Gift of Ing'. Since the church is dedicated to 'Cuthman' whose name really means 'land-man', suggesting that he is connected to the Land and to the Folk through Blood & Soil ('Kith and Kin'), and his legend is the Legend of Ingwe as found in the Old English Rune-Poem, the importance of this Holy Stone cannot be overestimated. 
If Ingwe is Sceaf, and we have no reason to doubt this, then he was the one who came to Scandi ('Shining Island') in very ancient times, maybe at the end of the Golden Age, to become the Sacral King of the English. He was what we term an avatar and also an archetype who incarnated in order to aid the English Folk at a critical time. He appears in a boat, he comes over the waters, which has always been symbolic of the Waters of Chaos which refers to a period when everything dissolves into the Primordial Chaos in order to effect a new creation and a New Order. He brings agriculture to his people, and he also brings fire which (as we have seen) he is connected to directly as a God of Fire. 
And yet Ingwe is not even known to most of the English Community, let alone given the due honour that he deserves. Indeed, how can the English be awakened without knowing who they are are where they come from? That Ingwe (Ing) is connected to fire can be found in the idea of the inglenook which stands at the side of the hearth-fire; his is the Fire of the Hearth, which is the central focus of the house. Fire is expansive, ever-moving, bringing light and warmth, and above all is a symbol of the Eternal Flame of Life. The Eternal Flame had to be kept alight or it symbolised death. In our knowledge of Ingwe we have kept alight the Eternal Flame which must not go out if the English are to survive this onslaught. 
Ingwe is a phallic god and here the phallus represents more that merely fertility and virility, for it represents creation and the will to recreate. This is of extreme importance since when we do recognise that England and the English Nation is dead, then it is just a step to recognising that such a concept cannot be revived - it has to be re-created! To do this it is necessary to go backwards in time, a regression of time, back to the point of Creation; at this time, a time when this land has been plunged into the Primordial Chaos, the next phase can only be a new creation and a New Man. As I have stated over and over again, this entails a change in ourselves. We have to move away from the bonds of this oppressive regime, move away from the Old Order, discard everything that holds back our re-awakening and which has been a hindrance to our destiny. This also entails rejecting the oppressive slave-religion of Christianity and its roots in Judaism and the Old Testament. 
We can see the dangers of a Christian revival in the creation of organisations designed to create conflict between Christians and Muslims - organisations such as the English Defence League and Britain First. But this can work for us in that such a conflict should destroy the power of both sides - and so long as a strong force - a Third Force - is built that will fill the void this would end in our Final Victory. The 'War on Terror' has been used as a means to inflict upon us the most oppressive measures seen in Europe since the 'Witch Hunts' and the vicious Christian attacks upon the Heathen World. This has been an excuse to bring in more and more oppressive laws, just as the street-action that creates conflict between 'Right' and 'Left' will also be used to do the same. When your enemy is far larger you do not face them head-on, what you do is to use guerilla warfare. In which case it is futile to meet a thousand-strong force with a very much smaller number. Since the British Police are doing everything to hinder street-action, and are on the side of the multi-racial society, then the only way to do anything positive is through 'flash-demos' which do not need police permission, and cannot give the enemy a chance to muster large forces. This has been taken up by the more forward-thinking people and should be an example to everyone else now. (Of course, if this type of action does show signs of achieving anything The System will just move the 'goalposts' - bring in new laws to stop this.)
Two of the most bloody World Wars have been created in order to destroy the peoples of Europe. World War I entailed the killing of soldiers in the main, whilst World War II extended this to the mass destruction of civilians (we cannot put the whole blame on Germany and it would be a good thing for people to study what really did happen). The 'War on Terror' today entails terror against ordinary people caught up in bombings and mass-killings, as well as the mass-killings by the Anglo-American alliance aimed at Muslim countries. It is these that have resulted in the movement of hundreds of thousands of 'refugees' that have totally destabilised the whole of Europe. This has been no 'accident'. 
Europe has been thrown into chaos, we are going through a period of dissolution and of total destruction. At such a point we need to take stock and to recognise what exactly is happening. The old nations of Europe are collapsing, are being destroyed, but when we consider this in perspective this is the chance we need to recreate the true and original organic nations of Europe, whilst the artificial constructs are dying. The time has come to recreate the Tribe of Ingwe under the divine guidance of Ingwe. In a sense I see Ingwe as Woden, as one of the guises of the All-Father. We have seen before how Ingwe (or rather certain figures named like him) is shown as a One-Eyed figure, just like Woden. Ingwe may also be linked to Ygg, a very old name of Woden. This is not out of the question since the alternative spelling of 'Ygg' is 'Igg', and that in the Greek Tongue 'gg' is pronounced 'ng'. Indeed, the Gothic spelling of Ingwe is Yggws, as seen in the Gothic Runes. We have proof that the Goths knew of Ingwe from a bracteate found with his name on it. This states a clear link between the Goths and Ingwe. 
The British State is itself an artificial construct, indeed created by a Scottish King who ruled over England - James I. We have suggested an alternative and that is the unity of all of the Germanic Folk in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, all of those people who can claim a Germanic descent. This can only be done through dropping the false divide of 'German' and 'Celt' and realising - through the Call of the Blood, that these islands have a far better claim to a Germanic past than historians would have us believe. This cannot be done through sticking to the false history of the English, but only through the recognition that we have to go back to the most ancient time before the sinking of At-al-land when Ingwe ruled this area of Europe. 
Before the great attack upon the English Awakening it became the norm to use the term 'Britain' and 'Brit'. Now, those who are a little older will remember a time when to be 'British' and to raise a 'British Flag' was to be called a fascist. How times change. But this was a deliberate change that only happened when there was a danger of a true English Awakening, as the White Dragon began to rise again after 500 years. When this started to happen The System quickly revived the idea that we are 'British', and this has stuck ever since. Indeed, after the problems within the English Community a move to being 'British' followed, which was no doubt deliberate. I have also noticed a move away from the use of the White Dragon Flag in some circles, no bad thing really since we do not wish to have it seen as a 'British' symbol - it is an English symbol. 
The symbolism of the Eternal Conflict between the White Dragon and the Red Dragon needs to be fully appreciated. The Red Dragon, at this time, represents the New World Order (Old Order) whilst the White Dragon represents its opposition from the Sons of Ingwe (Germania). The promotion of the White Dragon Flag is essential to this struggle. The Sacred Centre of the White Dragon is at Banbury Cross in England. This is the place where the Power of the White Dragon dwells; this is where the Power of Ingwe dwells. 
That the White Stone of Ing(we) was discovered in our time (as prophesied in Revelation) is no coincidence. In legend the Black Stone of Mecca was a White Stone originally, but through corruption it turned black. This tells us that the White Stone represents a New Creation and a New Beginning a 'resurrection' or 'rebirth'. Here we can see that this applies to the English Folk-Nation which is the dead English Nation 'reborn into new form'. This is the Destiny of the English Folk.

Race & IQ: Mixed Populations, Part 2

via Alternative Right

In the previous article we looked at IQ studies of populations and samples of mixed-race people compared to monoracial subjects within a similar environment. Degrees of similarity of environment vary. For example, comparing identified racial groups in Brazil, or comparing identified racial groups within an adoption study.

In this article, we’re going to look at finer gradients of admixture and how that impacts on IQ and other standardized test scores.

Admixture in Mexican Districts

Using admixture data from Francisco Mauro Salzano and Andrés Moreno-Estrada, we know the racial admixture of 32 districts in Mexico.

We also have PISA scores for those same 32 districts, and Raven’s Progressive Matrices scores for 15 districts, and we can look at the average scores compared to the racial admixture of the districts.

You can look at the data for all 32 districts here, including the 15 that have Progressive Matrices scores and you can read Chuck from HumanVarieties’ full analysis for more in-depth anaylsis.

Progressive Matrices in Mexico

The Progressive Matrice data is available in 15 districts. Here I divided the districts into thirds and looked at the scores that way. You can look at the full data and divide it however you want though. No district was over 64% European. The African percentages in each district didn’t appear variable enough that it would throw off the results too much.

% European# of districtsRPM 2002RPM 2005Avg.

PISA Scores in Mexico

PISA scores are available for 32 districts most of the time. Some of the years some districts are missing. Since I go down the list of districts in order of European admixture, and look at the averages of each of the four groups of 8, when a district was missing, I just averaged the remaining 7. There was never more than one missing district from each group each year. You can see my ordering here

Districts by European %
Average European Percent
“Heredetarian Genetic IQ”
2003 PISA
2006 PISA
2009 PISA
2012 PISA
Top 8
9 to 16
17 to 24
Bottom 8

The most European districts were below the middle districts the first year of the PISA tests, but quickly took the top spots in the next 3 tests. The least European districts were at the bottom for all 4 tests.

The less European of the middle districts did better than the more European middle districts in 2009 and 2012, but it was very close.

The “Heredetarian Genetic IQ” is simply the European admixture times 100, and everything else times 88. This is a bit rough but I couldn’t be arsed to tabulate the effects of the African proportions of each group, and honestly it’s not going to change the results much.

This is not post-hoc. The “genetic IQ” of Africans being 84, Europeans 100 and Amerindians 90 is a very common estimate.

It’s visually striking how closely the scores line up with the “heredetarian predicted IQ”, even though the expectations for the differences in admixture are rather small.

Admixture in Colombian Districts

Each year Colombia gives 11th graders an exit exam, called the SABER test. These results are available by district.

We also have admixture data by district. And so we can compare racial admixture of districts in Colombia with each district's SABER scores.

There are 33 districts in Colombia, one of which is Bogota, the capital. I first listed each district by European admixture, then lumped them into groups of 8 in order of European admixture, except Bogota which is presented separately.

Not only is Bogota a conspicuous result, but it makes the number of districts in Columbia odd. The analysis on which this is based is from Chuck at HumanVarieties, which presented the scores of each district in terms of distance in standard deviations from the mean (d).

I simply found the raw means and standard deviations from the 2014 and 2012 SABER scores and converted the (d) values back into real scores. You can see Chuck’s excel file and what my excel file looked like when I finished working with Chuck’s file and the raw SABER scores.

Admixture data was found by combining data from Salzano-Sans (2014)Ruiz-Linares (2014) and Rodriguez-Palau (2007) as described by the original humanvarieties post.

Districts by
Admixture/ Bogota
Average Score
of Districts
Genetic IQ”
European %
Top 846.5193.65547.125
9 to 1645.5893.44545.375
17 to 2445.0391.94532.875
Bottom 844.0590.98524.875

This is another example of racial admixture in regions within a country predicting variation within a country. In Latin America, the population is so heavily admixed that we’re not necessarily dealing with “47% whites” and “45% amerinds”. We’re dealing with a bunch of light brown people who have varying degrees of European, Amerindian and some African admixture within each person.

Like with Mexico, the genetic differences that should produce very small differences in IQ, produce corresponding differences in scores on standardized tests. The “Genetic IQ” difference of the top 8 and the bottom 8 is 2.67, while the difference in SABER score is 2.46 between those groups.

This is a higher level of precision than I would have expected in terms of racial admixture predicting relative standardized test scores within a country.

Bogota, the capitol city, is an outlier. If it were treated normally it would fit in the most European group of countries and would actually widen the gap between the most European districts and everyone else.

Admixture in Brazil

For Brazil, we can look at PISA scores by region, and compare that to the admixture of the regions.

PISA scores are available for each state here, and the admixture for each region is here, and the states in each region is available here, just so you know I didn’t find the data and then group the states in such a way as to confirm a heredetarian theory. The states and regions were pre-defined.

I have not been able to find any admixture data for each state. If I did I would have grouped the states by European % like I did with Mexico and Colombia. You can see what my excel file looked like when I was finished here.

Region% Euro% Amerindian% African“Genetic IQ
Average of state PISA scores

“Genetic IQ prediction” is assuming that the European admixture should be 100, Amerindian should be 90, African should be 84. Don’t take this too seriously, as this is just a rough idea of what the scores should be relative to each other.

Perhaps my estimate of 90 for the Amerindian portion is too high for the “Genetic IQ Prediction”, as the North underperforms the Northeast on PISA when my prediction is that it should be slightly higher; or perhaps it is a matter of an environmental disparity in the North, which seems intuitively plausible since the North is literally the Amazon rainforest.

But it’s not a big deal, as the heredetarian prediction is mostly upheld; if anything the exceptionalism of whiteness may be more important than perhaps even I(!) suspected, as it really is the white percentage driving the PISA scores.

Admixture and Average IQ of Latin American Countries

Using admixture data from HumanVarieties and IQ data from table 2.1 of Lynn 2012, we can compare the European admixture of 29 countries in the Americas and their correlation with IQ:

I don’t think this is as compelling as the admixture data within Mexico and Colombia, as there are obvious plausible environmental explanations for between-country differences in IQ. But it still complicates any environmental explanation.

Even when considering the inconsistency of the tests that will introduce noise and thus dampen any correlation, the huge economic disparities between countries, there is still a correlation of 0.4146.

Skin Color

Skin color is a fairly reliable way of determining admixture in a person, especially when we know things already about a specific group, like blacks in the United States.

And so we can look at how dark a Black person is in the United States as a rough indication of their admixture. Obviously some light-skinned blacks have more African admixture than some darker-skinned blacks, but there will also be times when the light-skinned-blacks are even less African than their already light skin would suggest.

Which is why we take groups of people – a lighter group of 20 blacks will probably have more European admixture than a darker group of 20 blacks – and the bigger the groups, the more confident we can be of this. And so we can use skin color as a “rough and ready” proxy for European admixture in blacks in the US.

GSS 2012 PVT Scores

The General Social Survey includes a picture vocabulary test and the examiner would write down the skin color of the person they were examining. These were the results of that:

ColorPVT ScoreNumber
All Blacks5.13191

The light Black group, which with 69 people is enough to say that they are certainly more European by admixture on average, scored higher than all Blacks and dark Blacks.

NLSY 1997 PVT Scores

The 1997 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth included a picture-vocabulary test and score. Examiners also rated the respondent by skin color sometimes. I’m not sure how often or in what circumstances this was asked, since apparently whites were only asked it 3 times in each wave.

These were the results of that:

ColorWave III PVTNumberWave I PVTNumber
Dark Brown88.9224992.09287
Medium Brown96.0529495.56287
Light Brown98.3110997.47111

The results are inline with the previous analysis.

GSS 1982

A PVT and skin-color question combination also existed in the 1982 General Social Survey, but in this one the examiner asked the subject what the color of his skin was. This was the result of that:

ColorAverage PVT scoreNumber
Very Dark4.4342
Very Light514
No Answer5.0714

Odd result is that the very dark scored higher than dark. One possibility is that the very dark are African immigrants and possibly more intelligent than US Blacks of the same skin color.

Skin Color by Country

Templer and Arikawa looked at skin color ratings and average IQ of 55 countries. These are their results aggregated from Table 2 in their paper:

Skin Color RatingAverage IQNumber of Countries
0 to 1.9998.418
2 to 3.9995.415
4 to 5.9984.98

Correlation between national IQ and skin color was -0.90. By comparison, real GDP per capita correlated with IQ at 0.74.

Which means that the negative relation between skin color and national IQ was STRONGER than the positive relation between real GDP per capita and IQ.

And this is true even when you consider that Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan all have a skin color rating of 2.00 and have IQs above 100. I.e. East Asians are (according to this data) slightly darker than Europeans but have higher IQs.

Admixture and Socioeconomic Status

This review found that across 14 studies that measured African ancestry 13 found that the more African a person’s genome was the lower their socioeconomic status tended to be. The 14th study found no association.

Across 13 studies that measured European ancestry 11 found a positive association between how European a person’s genome was and how high their socioeconomic status was. The other two studies found no association.

There was only 1 study which looked at East Asian ancestry and it was found to be positively associated with how educated someone is.

There were also 15 studies which looked at how Native American ancestry correlated with success among Hispanics. 13 found a negative association. The other 2 found no association.

Shuey Studies

The purpose of presenting the “Shuey studies” here is not that they will be particularly persuasive. It is simply to provide a view to the past, and show that there really is nothing new under the sun. They also show just how long-going and consistent this admixture data has been.

A.C. Strong 1913

Color% Retarded% AdvancedNumber

Strong’s results suggest that the mean intelligence of darker blacks is higher than that of lighter blacks.

Ferguson 1919

4 studies looking at samples of the Army Alpha and Beta tests used to screen troops prior to WW1. The tests were conducted in 1917.

1st Study – 657 subjects, specific subject breakdown not available.

ColorMedian Score

2nd Study – 667 subjects, specific subject breakdown not available.

ColorMedian Score

3rd Study – 344 subjects, specific subject breakdown not available, score breakdown not available. Description reads “Dark scored 60% of Light”.

4th Study – 727 subjects, illiterates, specific subject breakdown not available, score breakdown not available. Description reads “Dark scored 80% of Light”.

Koch 1926

Sample from Austin, El Paso and San Antonio Texas. Number of subjects available for each test, no skin color breakdown. Says, “Judgments made on faces with use of color card.”

MMM = Myers Mental Measure

NIT = National Intelligence Test


Author notes “No consistency in ranking of dark and intermediate”

Herskovits 1926

Herskovits took correlates of negroid features with scores on the Thorndike College Entrance Exam, 115 subjects.

CriteriaCorrelation w/ test score
Nose width0.01
Lip thickness-0.2
Black element (pigmentation)-0.14
White element (pigmentation)0.17

Author notes, “Lighter Negroes given preferment within race, making dark show up to ‘ill advantage on tests”. It seems like Herskovits presumed an environmental / discrimination hypothesis.

Davenport 1928

Davenport gives qualitative descriptions of scores on 5 tests. Says of method “Attempted to select whites, browns and blacks from same social stratum. All 3 groups from several towns in Jamaica. Some whites in addition from Grand Cayman Island.”

Subjects were all adults.

Cube – Whites best, browns intermediate

Know – Whites best, browns intermediate

Manikin – Whites best, browns intermediate but more failure than blacks

Aplha – Whites best, browns intermediate

Draw-a-man – Whites best, others same

Author comments “Browns perhaps were more highly selected than others. Browns more variable and generally made somewhat better scores than blacks.”

Klineberg 1928 – West Virginia

Correlation of negroid features with scores on the Pintner-Paterson test. 139 Subjects gathered by “House-to-house canvass of villages. Skin color measured by Milton-Bradley color top.” Tests done in northeastern West Virginia.

FeatureCorrelation with test score
Nose width-0.06
Lip thickness-0.1
Black pigment-0.12

Author notes, “On whole, no definite evidence for inverse relation between test scores and degree of Negro blood indicated”.

In my opinion Klineberg is misinterpreting his own data.

Klineberg 1928 – New York City

Subjects were 200 black “boys from PS 139, divided into 4 groups using Ferguson’s technique”.

Less Negroid99
Most Negroid97

Klineberg misinterprets his results again saying, “No correspondence between Negro blood, as judged by inspection and general Negro appearance and test results.”

Young 1929

Subjects were from Baton Rouge and Lake Charles Louisiana, “all 9 and 10 year olds in 3rdgrade and above. With aid of teachers and principals, subjects were divided into darker and lighter.”

Obvious methodological problem already is that it doesn’t count students held back, which may be darker or lighter (probably darker) than those on track.

9 year oldsMedianMean
10 year olds


Peterson 1929 – New York City

Peterson looked at 75 boys from an elementary and a junior high school in New York City. It was an another correlation between IQ (Yerkes Pre-Adolescent Point Scale) and Negroid features:

TraitCorrelation with test score
Nose width-0.11
Lip thickness0.07
Ear height-0.15
Interpupillary Span0.01

The author notes, “Only slight evidence that these Negro traits correlate negatively with intelligence. Possibly skin color may be best criterion of degree of Negro blood.”

Peterson 1929 – Nashville Tennessee, Chicago Illinois

Peterson describes the subject selection methods:

Nashville – “All 12 year olds in 2 elementary schools and 9 from a junior high school.” N = 83.

Chicago – “From parks and playgrounds in the summer” N = 75.

Results are combined. Two tests were used: Stanford-Binet 1916, Myers Mental Measure.

Skin ColorStanford-BinetMMM

Correlations with lightness:

Myers Mental Measure0.3

Jenkins 1936 comparison to Herskovits’

Jenkins was an analysis of 63 gifted students in Chicago. Results are reported as percentage with IQs above 125. This was compared to 1,551 cases reported by Herskovits.

Jenkins % above IQ 125Herskovits % above IQ 125
Full Negro22.228.3
3/4 Negro46.131.7
Half Negro15.925.2
1/4 Negro15.914.8

Jenkins notes “Chicago percentages strikingly similar to those of Herskovits for general population. These superior children are not atypical in racial composition.”

Tanser 1939 – Kent County, Ontario

Method described as “Identification on basis of information given by teachers and local residents. Some of them colored.” Test used was Pintner-Cunningham, 54 subjects tested.


Bruce 1940

Study from rural Virginia. Used Kuhlmann-Anderson and Stanford-Binet 1916 tests. Selection method states “Representative sample from original 432 by taking every 5th in IQ order. Examiner rated each subject according to skin color.”


Author notes “41% of dark equals or surpasses median of light Negroes.”

Tanser 1941

Same methods as in 1939, also in Kent County, Ontario.

GroupNITPintner Non-LanguagePintner-Paterson
Full Negro8794.587.8

Codwell 1947

Subject selection described as “480 of 680 boys in P. Wheatley High School. Age range of the 480 was 11-18. Test used was Otis. Done in Houston, Texas.

GroupIQ AverageNumber
Strong Evidence of White91.994
Dominantly Negroid87176

Author notes, “Except for capacity to learn new motor skills (where SEW’s were superior to DN’s) DN’s excelled in most factors of motor function and were most inferior in intelligence.”

Grinder – 1964

Test used was the draw-a-man test in Jamaica.

“Subjects drawn from approximate 50 schools throughout island after schools had been rated on basis of social class milieu. In the main, every child “who was in middle child-hood” was used as a subject, except in large schools where children tested was about 35. Color rating assigned to each subject based on observation of skin color, hair texture and nose breadth.”

All SubjectsLow ScoreHigh ScoreTotal
Light29 (27.35%)77 (72.64%)106
Mixed89 (45.18%)108 (54.82%)197
Dark387 (60.66%)251 (39.34%)638
Middle Class

Light23 (26.44%)64 (73.56%)87
Mixed53 (41.09%)76 (58.91%)129
Dark208 (56.83%)158 (43.17%)366


The totality of evidence is most easily explained by a heredetarian standpoint on race and IQ. Certainly one could come up with a string of environmental hypothesis and theories to explain admixture data, but what I find with the average person is that when they see this data, and a seasoned environmentalist starts putting forth all sorts of exotic environmental explanations for things like this, the layman thinks “I didn’t sign up for this”.

And it’s true. The layman has no clue just how much information there is on this topic, and just how complicated environmental explanations have to become to account for it.

Of course you can always create a web of environmental effects that accounts for all of the observed data. You can “control for” all sorts of things and see that IQ differences all vanish. Sure, we could also control for how confident they are while taking the IQ test and see a few points from the gap vanish as well.

Normally we would obviously argue for allowing both genetics and environment to explain varying parts of racial disparities, depending on where and when we’re talking about. There is no “genetic determinism” to speak of, and as far as I know never was. It’s a battle between one view of the world that allows genetics, and another that doesn’t allow genetics – either in certain instances or sometimes in total.

One view says that environment and genetics explains racial disparities in IQ and IQ-like things, and another says only environment can explain race gaps. Normally these very same people allow for genetics to distinguish individuals or even groups of people so long as those groups don’t correspond to races.

And once you recognize this, the denial of hereditarianism is revealed as baldly political.