The rise of Jewish Power and its drive toward globalism has had a devastating effect on all peoples of the world. But, because Jewish elites, correctly (in this author's opinion), identify White men as the greatest impediment to achieving their goal of world domination, no group has been more adversely effected than Whites. Jew-created -- and funded -- Cultural Marxism (aka "Liberalism" or "Progressivism") has stripped Whites of their identity, robbed them of their traditions, denigrated their heritage, misrepresented their history, and destroyed their culture and way of life. Jew-dominated Trotskyism (aka "Capitalism" or "Corporatism" or "Neo-Conservatism") has stolen most of the wealth of White nations (via fundamentally corrupt "banking" practices), off-shored most of their jobs, and flooded their countries and communities with non-Whites to do the jobs that can't be shipped overseas to non-White countries.

There is a wealth of information around the web, explaining what has happened and outlining a plan to help Whites reclaim their identities, communities, and culture. (Praxis' Source Feed currently has more than 70 source websites and we'll be adding more as we find them.) But that information is so scattered and hard to find that most people never see it. This leads to frustration on the part of the authors producing it, and eventually they stop publishing.

This website was created to provide a central repository of pro-White writings so that those interested in learning the truth about what is happening to White nations, can easily find this information and those interested in publishing such information, can more easily find their audience.


  1. 14/88 https://sites.google.com/site/twkofficialnationalsite/

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