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The Praxis Book Shop has been merged with The Colchester Collection of Nationalist Books please click on the previous link to browse the complete catalog of patriotic books.

Buying books through our Amazon affiliated book shop, helps fund the important work being done at the Colchester Collection -- at no additional cost to you! Simply click on any of the site's links and buy that book (or anything else on and the Colchester Collection receives a small percentage (generally 4-6.5%) of the book's sales price from Amazon.

As of Wednesday, January 25, 2016, we have a total of 1,375 titles in The Collection, all linked to their Amazon hardcopy pages, plus any Kindle, PDF, or HTML versions available on the web.

We completed stage 3A on Friday, December 30, 2016. We're going to take a couple of weeks to catch-up on some general "house-keeping" and then start Stage 3B on Monday, January 16, which will be to add all the relevant books from every author currently in the Collection. We think this will be approximately 400-500 additional titles -- for a total of roughly 1,800 titles.

To learn more about our plans for The Collection see our "road map."

To stay up-to-date on our progress, please see The Foremost Problem, a blog where we post weekly updates every Saturday morning.