May 30, 2014

Maya Angelou: Creation of White Liberals Using Guilt as a Weapon

Maya Angelou died yesterday. For those of us who lived through the Clinton years, she served as a symbol for white guilt.

Her poems, which resembled the visual art of Thomas Kinkade or many dime-store greeting cards translated into broken paragraphs, were mediocre. But like most things modern, they had the appearance of importance. This appearance was aided if not created by the public perception . . . Read more

Contra Faustian Man

The unique characteristics of Faustian civilization, as Spengler described it, are now leading Europe to destruction. The Faustian is characterized by a drive towards the infinite, a will to break through the boundaries that limit man, whether they be intellectual or physical. Spengler calls the prime symbol of the Faustian soul “limitless space.”[1] Like Goethe’s Faust, Faustian civilization seeks infinite knowledge.

However, as this civilization . . . Read more

Friends and Enemies

If you check the reference in Competitive-Edge to J-L Godard, to him the erotic is a thing in itself, and which signifies value. To Freud the opposite is true, value signifies the erotic - Freudian-capital (libido applied to products). However, both of these guys are to a lesser or greater extent talking about capital, and Godard is rabidly anti-capital. Why not literally leave capital . . . Read more

The Neoconservative Obsession with Iran

Americans could be enjoying cultural and commercial relations with Iranians were it not for U.S. “leaders,” who are more aptly described as misleaders. Because of institutional, geopolitical, and economic reasons, Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton were not about to let that happen. They thought America needed an enemy, and Iran filled the bill.

President George W. Bush appeared . . . Read more

Identity Defies the Global Marketplace

I am here today to “celebrate diversity.” I’m all for it. I think the world needs a lot more of it: Ethnic diversity, religious diversity, cultural diversity. Authentic diversity that is alive and thriving in the present. Not stagnant, recycled, sterilized artifacts of the past. Other people say they want to “celebrate diversity,” but too often they’re just repeating slogans that make them feel good . . . Read more

Antifascist Demonology vs. Nationalist Victimology: The Case of Croatia

The following is the English translation of a video of my speech at the conference at the prestigious Jesuit center in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, on May 22. The conference was held on the occasion of the recently published book, Titov Jasenovac (2014) by a Croat historian Mladen Ivezic. Jasenovac is a location in Croatia that is frequently associated by antifascists and procommunist scholars . . . Read more

The Nation State Versus Global Government: Politics for the 21st Century

The bitter irony of this weekend’s election results is that the bravery and sacrifice of Nick Griffin and the unstinting effort of the members of the British National Party over decades has given the electorate permission to vote for Nigel Farage and his UKIP candidates.

But I guess that’s politics.

The good news is that the tectonic plates of world opinion are finally shifting back . . . Read more

Media Deem Hollywood Psycho Boy Evil White Killer

Spree killer psycho boy, Elliot Rodger, who’s father Peter Rodger is probably an Ashkenazi crypto-Jew and his mother, Li Chin, a Malaysian Chinese, has been specifically described as “White” by the traitorous media in the continuous PC efforts to demonize European White Gentiles – while still vigorously suppressing the spectacular failings of the most insane, most destructive social engineering effort of all history called “diversity.” . . . Read more

Media Distortions Around the Half-Asian Elliot Rodger Shooting

. . . Hear Dr. David Duke and James Edwards from the Political Cesspool discuss the Jewish racist media portrayal of the half Asian, half-White Elliot Rodger as a “White motivated by racism against minorities.”

In truth, Dr. Duke points out that President Obama is actually more “white” than Rodger, and James Edwards shows how the Jewish dominated media is actually promoting racial hatred and animosity. . . . Read more

Santa Barbara Rampage Was Motivated by a Hatred of White Women

“I will slaughter every stuck up, blonde slut I see inside there … You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one, the true alpha male” – Santa Barbara spree killer Elliot Rodger before slaughtering six people.

The suspect is a twenty two year old half-Chinese student from a wealthy family. He drove a BMW during the murder spree. His father is a . . . Read more

Neither Progressive nor Conservative: The Anti-Modernism of G. K. Chesterton

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) bears the distinction of being a writer who resisted virtually all of the dominant trends of his era. He lived during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, precisely the time that modernity was fully consolidating itself within Western civilization more than a century after the apex of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Chesterton began his writing career as a young . . . Read more

A Review of Daniel Hannan’s 'Inventing Freedom'

One of the most frustrating experiences in being right wing is when one encounters a thinker who knows what is going on yet fails to put the whole picture together. Today, that would be Daniel Hannan and his recent book Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World. Hannan, an MEP from southeast England and a charismatic alpha, is a brilliant scholar . . . Read more

Contra Cosmic American Traditionalism

Nearly a century ago, Mexican politician José Vasconcelos penned "La Raza Cosmica" ("The Cosmic Race"), an essay describing the physical, spiritual, and political development of a new hybrid identity comprised of Latin America’s Amerindian, African, and European stock. Over the past century, physical and culture admixture has reached the extent in North America where this proposition has become a reality here, as well.

Like it . . . Read more

Front National, #1 Party in France

It is with great pleasure that I report to you that the Front National is the #1 Party in France with 25% voting to send them to the EU Parliament. The system has been shocked awake by this enormously important development. A weekly news magazine similar to Time Magazine wrote:
. . . one can’t read 25% for the Front National without shining a light on mass immigration, which has transformed a population which has not been consulted on the subject . . . if neither the Left nor the Right propose anything to be done about this problem, if the Left and the Right pretend the problem does not exist, or worse, if they accuse anyone who says there is a problem of . . . Read more

UKIP's Domination at the Polls -- What Next

Despite the euphoria that has accompanied UKIP’s dramatic advances during the recent local and European elections, we must not allow ourselves to be carried away by thoughts that Nigel Farage and his party are about to lead us to salvation.

UKIP is a party of the political establishment. It’s members do not regard the party as such, but Farage has tailored the party’s policies so . . . Read more

May 29, 2014

Tomorrow Belongs to Us -- And So Does Europe

This is a salute from the Swedish youth to our European brothers and sisters...Europe belongs to us...
So begins this potent video from the Sverigedemokratisk Ungdom, the youth organization of the Swedish Democrats, the Swedish nationalist party that made impressive gains at the recent European elections. The message of trans-European identity and resistance is driven home in a message that uses English, Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, and Icelandic, reminding the world that the whole continent belongs to us and no one else but us. A welcome change from Swebola.


Fox News Forced to Address 'White Privilege'

Fox News and other mainstream fake conservative outlets are now being forced to address race. They are attempting to do it half-way, as you see here, but the fact that they are addressing it at all shows that we are having an influence on the mainstream narrative.

The people are waking up to the race problem, and the talking heads have no choice but to comment.

Nothing of importance is said in this clip, but the concept itself is so important that it doesn’t matter that their comments are benign.

Any step in the right direction is a step in the right direction. Don’t be so pessimistic, White Man. We can still save the world if we keep our heads up and keep on trucking.


US Dept. of Education to Schools: Ignore Students’ Lack of Documents or Else

Last week, the bureaucrats at Barack Obama’s Departments of Justice and Education (DOJ, ED) issued “new guidance reminding schools and districts they have a legal obligation to enroll every student regardless of immigration status”.

According to the linked AP report, these friendly reminders from the diversicrats we all know and love include suggestions that “schools should be flexible in deciding which documents they will accept . . . Read more

Geriontion: A Poem by T. S. Eliot

HERE I am, an old man in a dry month,
Being read to by a boy, waiting for rain.
I was neither at the hot gates
Nor fought in the warm rain
Nor knee deep in the salt marsh, heaving a cutlass,        5
Bitten by flies, fought.
My house is a decayed house,
And the jew squats on the window sill, the owner,
Spawned in some estaminet of Antwerp,
Blistered in Brussels, patched and peeled in London.        10
The goat coughs at night in the field overhead;
Rocks, moss, stonecrop, iron, merds.
The woman keeps the kitchen, makes tea,
Sneezes at evening, poking the peevish gutter.
                    I an old man,        15
A dull head among windy spaces.
Signs are taken for wonders. “We would see a sign”:
The word within a word, unable to speak a word,
Swaddled with darkness. In the juvescence of the year
Came Christ the tiger        20
In depraved May, dogwood and chestnut, flowering judas,
To be eaten, to be divided, to be drunk
Among whispers; by Mr. Silvero
With caressing hands, at Limoges
Who walked all night in the next room;        25
By Hakagawa, bowing among the Titians;
By Madame de Tornquist, in the dark room
Shifting the candles; Fraulein von Kulp
Who turned in the hall, one hand on the door. Vacant shuttles
Weave the wind. I have no ghosts,        30
An old man in a draughty house
Under a windy knob.
After such knowledge, what forgiveness? Think now
History has many cunning passages, contrived corridors
And issues, deceives with whispering ambitions,        35
Guides us by vanities. Think now
She gives when our attention is distracted
And what she gives, gives with such supple confusions
That the giving famishes the craving. Gives too late
What’s not believed in, or if still believed,        40
In memory only, reconsidered passion. Gives too soon
Into weak hands, what’s thought can be dispensed with
Till the refusal propagates a fear. Think
Neither fear nor courage saves us. Unnatural vices
Are fathered by our heroism. Virtues        45
Are forced upon us by our impudent crimes.
These tears are shaken from the wrath-bearing tree.
The tiger springs in the new year. Us he devours. Think at last
We have not reached conclusion, when I
Stiffen in a rented house. Think at last        50
I have not made this show purposelessly
And it is not by any concitation
Of the backward devils
I would meet you upon this honestly.
I that was near your heart was removed therefrom        55
To lose beauty in terror, terror in inquisition.
I have lost my passion: why should I need to keep it
Since what is kept must be adulterated?
I have lost my sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch:
How should I use it for your closer contact?        60
These with a thousand small deliberations
Protract the profit of their chilled delirium,
Excite the membrane, when the sense has cooled,
With pungent sauces, multiply variety
In a wilderness of mirrors. What will the spider do,        65
Suspend its operations, will the weevil
Delay? De Bailhache, Fresca, Mrs. Cammel, whirled
Beyond the circuit of the shuddering Bear
In fractured atoms. Gull against the wind, in the windy straits
Of Belle Isle, or running on the Horn,        70
White feathers in the snow, the Gulf claims,
And an old man driven by the Trades
To a a sleepy corner.
                    Tenants of the house,
Thoughts of a dry brain in a dry season.        75

Dr. Strangeways Meets the Messenger

It was a time of great confusion and frustration, but the Sun shone, bunting fluttered in the breeze, banners flew and music played creating an atmosphere of hope resurgent. Then, accompanied by a shrill fanfare, Dr Strangeways mounted the dais before the assembled mass of those who seek life everlasting.

“Good morning my friends”, he called to the people.

“Good morning!” they all replied.

“This . . . Read more

Gods in the Gym

The failures of the modern gymnasium are many, the paramount one being the worship of “keeping fit” and “staying healthy” as opposed to “mastering the self” or “dominating” a chosen sport. The modern gym is a place the ancient creators of the concept would be very confused by. The leisure centre in particular often contains a variety of apparatus and services which the Mediterranean inventors . . . Read more

ADL Brags that it Trains/Indoctrinates US Law Enforcement Agencies

I subscribe to the ADL's newsletter via email, and this promotional message [which the ADL calls "Take A Stand Against Hate"] came into my mailbox the other day:
The role of a properly trained law enforcement community is a critical element for a healthy democracy. I wonder if you are aware how much effort and initiative ADL takes to help make that community well-trained?

Did you know the FBI requires all its new agents to participate in "Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust," a training program created by ADL in . . . Read more

Nearly Half of Swedes Want Less Immigration: New Law Will Criminalize Their Views

A survey conducted by the Swedish TV station, Sifo, shows that an increasing number of Swedes think that Sweden accepts too many immigrants.

According to the survey, 44% of Swedes think Sweden has too many immigrants, which rose from a survey last year, that found 37% agreed there were too many immigrants.

This year’s survey found that 36% did not feel strongly about immigration, and . . . Read more

Is My Race My Nation?: Doubts Concerning White Nationalism

Dear Matt Parrott,

I have decided, in light of your recent “Tribe vs. Tradition” article to express my views on race in America. This article is not being written for the purpose of defaming, or even debating you brother Matthew. I consider it a privilege and honor to know you in person and consider you a friend. I should warn that the majority of those . . . Read more

Elliot Rodger: Omega Male Massacre

Before he fatally stabbed three roommates, fatally shot three strangers, then put a fatal bullet through his own head last Friday night in Santa Barbara, California, 22-year old Elliot Rodger recorded several videos in which he bitterly complained, with singular and disconcerting intensity, about his perennial inability to get laid.

These video segments, now posted on Youtube, make for a surreal viewing experience, since . . . Read more

Jewish Responses to the European Elections

It’s no secret that Jewish organizations have been strongly in favor of the EU and its policies promoting immigration and multiculturalism. So it’s no surprise that they are quite negative about the results of the elections for the European Parliament. A Jerusalem Post article gives some reactions (“Far-right’s election success worries European Jewry“). Hungary’s Jobbik and Greece’s Golden Dawn are seen as the most . . . Read more

God Has Become Cancer: Damien Hirst, Religion, & Death

For the radical Right the issue of contemporary art is something of a non-starter. The past century or so of developments in the fine arts have been dominated by American (and often Jewish) theoreticians who have fashioned a sensibility wherein anything that smacks of European tradition is automatically verboten, unless it can be refracted through a distorting lens of ironic detachment or disinheritance.

Given this . . . Read more

Udo Voight: 'Europe is the continent of White People and it should remain that way'

It’s good to see European nationalists using the term White People.

The anti-whites always say that it’s OK for us to celebrate being Irish or Italian or British, but NOT WHITE, OMG, that’s soooo evil. The lefties say White Identity is Evil, therefore, we know exactly what ideological ground we want to occupy — Whites have a Right to Exist.

New meme — the Biological European Union . . . Read more

The European Elections: A Promising Shift to the Right

The results of elections to the so-called European Parliament show that the peoples of our mother continent are at long last showing signs of resistance to–indeed, incipient revolt against–the cosmopolitan elites that have for so long misruled them.

Across the European Union, populist, rightist and anti-establishment parties have scored remarkably well, though the outcomes vary significantly from country to country. The EU . . . Read more

Europe Votes and Cracks Appear in the EU’s Foundation

The European Union had its eighth round of elections for the EU Parliament, starting on May 22 and running through May 25. Overall the election was a great step forward for European nationalism, with euroskeptic and nationalist parties making breakthroughs in multiple western European countries and significant gains in many others.

To define some terms: “nationalist” refers to a party which supports a national identity . . . Read more

May 28, 2014

German President Calls for More White Genocide

The 74 year-old German President, Joachim Gauck, has called on Germany to accept more of the policies that are causing White people to become a minority.
Our country needs immigration,” Gauck said at Bellevue Palace, according to “We do not lose if we accept diversity.” [...] “a great distance has already been covered.” [...] “[however] all the side effects of immigration do not please everyone. . . . Read more

The Broken Whip of Our Masters

The recent European elections are not the way that civilizations are saved, and the promising results for a number of slightly more realistic parties may in fact be outliers before the anti-democratic system reasserts itself using its usual tricks. We have been here before. When the BNP threatened the political consensus in the UK a few years ago, there was a sudden clanking of gears . . . Read more

Fourth-Generation Warfare and the Return of Social Banditry

In his book Bandits, the Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm defines and describes what he considers to be a categorically distinct type of outlaw: the “social bandit.” Not motivated by wanton criminality or political ends, the social bandit, according to Hobsbawm, should be understood as a product of exploitative class relationships.

The main distinction of the social bandit is his identification with—and acceptance by—the . . . Read more

Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, Addresses the Navy: More Mush from Our 'Leaders'

Yesterday, Secretary of Defense “Chuck” Hagel gave the commencement address at the Naval Academy. I wasn’t there, but I heard it on the radio and found the text on the Internet. It was miserable, effeminate mush—a pep talk for social workers in uniforms rather than a call to arms for future Marine Corps and Navy officers.

First of all, Mr. Hagel hardly mentioned the . . . Read more


There is a Trappist monastery in South Carolina. It is famous down here in such a Bible Belt state.

That Trappist monastery has been here for generations.

It is located in Monck’s Corner, South Carolina.

This has always caused a certain confusion. Monck’s Corner is not named for the monks at the Monastery. On the contrary, General/Admiral Monck was a fanatical Cromwellian, anti-Catholic to . . . Read more


The history of the drive for compulsory schooling is not guided by altruism, but by a desire to coerce the population into a mold desired by the Establishment. Western governments should not be permitted to remove children forcibly from their homes, with or without the parents’ consent. Nietzsche wrote: “There are no educators. As a thinker, one should speak only of self-education.” In other . . . Read more

Capitol Hill Overrun with Israeli Spies

Israel has always been snooping on the US government and Capitol Hill is overrun with Israeli spies, an American columnist says. To date US counter-intelligence has not been “allowed” to take down Israeli networks because of the political figures who would be exposed.

The current news that CIA releasing a report that Israel is the third most aggressive espionage threat against the US is really kind . . . Read more


On Jewish Deception

Andrew Joyce’s thought-provoking series of articles, “Reflections on Some Aspects of Jewish Self-Deception”, is posted at The Occidental Observer in five parts: . . .

Joyce notes that jewish self-deception is a common theme at TOO and “a major component of [Kevin] MacDonald’s analysis of Jews”. He hopes “to widen its application as an analytical tool to different historical and contemporary contexts”.

He begins . . . Read more

Elliot Rodger: A Case Study in How Jewish Supremacism Has Poisoned Society

The tragic Elliot Rodger shooting which played itself last week in Santa Barbara, California, serves as a case study on how Jewish Supremacism has poisoned society through its pernicious influence in Hollywood, the “entertainment” industry, the mass media, politics and the encouragement of value systems which have degraded morals, standards and norms.

The version of events put out by the Jewish Supremacist controlled media is . . . Read more

Review of Hitler’s Mentor: Dietrich Eckart, His Life, Times, & Milieu

This is an incredibly detailed account of the life and works of Dietrich Eckhart, arguably indeed “Hitler’s mentor.” You can almost follow him from day to day, which is quite an accomplishment for a guy whose bohemianism (drink, drugs, living off girlfriends, scribbling in cafes, eschewing gainful employment, scrounging off friends – no less than Kaiser Wilhelm called his begging letters “masterpiece[s] of the pump art . . . Read more

America Will Stand Alone

In a recent article, I dismissed President Obama’s claim that Russia supposedly “stands alone“. Last week’s sweeping victory across the board for Europe’s nationalist parties portends the exact opposite. As austerity and demographic pressure steadily discredit Anglo-American social and economic models abroad, the American regime will be the one which dwells alone. America, with its vast financial infrastructure undergirded by its gargantuan military-industrial complex . . . Read more

The American Question

America has become harder to define the longer she has existed. Massachusetts claims to be the “Spirit of America”, while others say you can’t get more American than Kansas. Who’s correct? Etymology won’t give us any clues: the name derives from that of the Florentine explorer who first distinguished it from Asia, and it was first used to refer to the New World in general. . . . Read more

Savagery as Sainthood?

This wonderful little gem has been finding its way around Being Liberal, Occupy Wall Street, and other such useless congregations of drooling buffoonery on Facebook, and other media outlets. It has come to my attention that this post isn't really new, but for those who have yet to see it, here is the original post in all of its post-enlightenment glory:
In this African . . . Read more

It’s all in the Delivery

Over the past few years I’ve pondered my communication technique. My style. It seems dated, or maybe just a product of the wrong time. But it’s important to talk, to engage with potentially like-minded people around who are looking for something else besides forced group-think unhappiness. They’re out there, and we need to find them. So talking is important.

And I’ve made it . . . Read more

BNP Losses to UKIP Were Not Unexpected

So we got beat? We knew it was going to happen.

The UKIP bubble is still ever growing with, soon to be disappointed, anti-immigration voters!

When that bubble bursts, we will pick up those voters.

Plastic patriots - just another obstacle in the road of genuine nationalism! 

See Video

May 27, 2014

European Elections: A Small Step Forward to Saving the World from Jewish Supremacism

The results of European Parliament elections held last week have at last shown that in many parts of Europe, resistance to the ideologies enforced by Jewish Supremacists—mass immigration and globalization—are being decisively rejected. does not endorse any particular political party, or seek to express an opinion one way or another on any party, so any mention of an organization in the review . . . Read more

European Parliamentary Elections: Post-Democracy in Action

The results of the European Parliamentary Elections are rolling in, and the pundits are scrambling around for a narrative to fit the facts. There have been a number of eye-catching shocks. Both in the UK and France, once-minor parties—UKIP and Front National—have polled the largest figures. Elsewhere, the main established parties have also done badly.

What has driven these surprising results? . . . Read more

The Death Morality of the Left

One of the chief characteristics of modernity is a departure from conventional morality, but deviating from such morality does not mean the abnegation of that morality. Rather it is a form of negative affirmation.

Therefore we should not be surprised that such deviation creates a strong sense of moral inferiority that impels a desperate need to offset it and reset the balance. This simple . . . Read more

Posthuman Prospects: Artificial Intelligence, Fifth Generation Warfare, & Archeofuturism

The speed of technological development can be dizzying, and it has become natural for us to expect a never-ending stream of faster, more powerful devices. The future development of such technologies promises increasingly sophisticated machines that will challenge the very notion of man’s supremacy. The dystopian future of intelligent machines endowed with astonishing capabilities, whose very existence might cause them to supersede humanity, is . . . Read more

Some Aspects of Political Correctness in Reviews of Nicholas Wade’s 'A Troublesome Inheritance'

There are a wide range of reviews of Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance, but some difficult implications are downplayed.

1. With few exceptions (e.g., Jared Taylor, “Nicholas Wade takes on the regime” and Bo and Ben Winegard, “Darwin’s dual with Descartes“), a common tactic is to acknowledge that race exists but then claim that evidence for a genetic basis for race differences is completely speculative. . . . Read more

'Hitler's Table Talk' Study Hour, Episode 11

Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin read and comment on the October 24-30th, 1941 dinner table conversation and monologues by the German Leader, taken down in shorthand by trusted aide, attorney Heinrich Heim. Topics included in this episode:
  • Religion and the Church versus science;
  • The beauties of the Ancient World and the destruction of antiquity and the past;
  • The fate of Europe's Jews for their responsibility . . . Read more
Listen Now

Modernity’s Lost Boys

We can expect the “manosphere” and MRA communities to come under fire in the wake of Elliot Rodger’s heinous mass murder. He was, after all, the quintessential “Average Frustrated Chump” and his motives appear, at this point, to be the same sort of sexual and emotional frustration that propels much of the Manosphere and MRA community. My prayers are with the families who’ve lost loved . . . Read more

Liberals, the Jews, and Israel

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in 1975 as part of the book The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard. Speaking to the genius of Dr. Pierce, everything in it, is still valid today.

The current Jewish power play in the Middle East poses the gravest imaginable dangers to America. Yet, in the midst of these dangers is a development which offers the promise of great good to the American people. That good is the disruption of the American liberal establishment and the extensive undermining of the traditional alliance between Jews and Gentile liberals.

Neo-Liberal Stalwarts

The Palestine crisis . . . Read more

Destroying Policy Mic's '7 Facts White Privilege Exists'

A nonsensical article is being circulated at and it promotes the anti-White canard "White Privilege." We will briefly obliterate the myths they are promoting. The article consists of "7 Actual Facts White Privilege Exists in America."

Their #1: You are less likely to be arrested.

Our rebuttal: Because Whites are less likely to commit crimes, particularly violent ones. Why is it that White . . . Read more

The Black Plague

Life is good in the old Western films of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. The heroes are the white men who follow the code and keep the bad whites who do not follow the code and the colored barbarians who hate the code of the white man in line. Because the code is bred in the bone of the white cowboy heroes, they don’t . . . Read more

'Rape Culture Isn't About Sex, It's About Power'

Our forefathers understood the truth about women.

The truth is that women actually like sex. Without the coercive discipline of patriarchs, women would have sex all the time--like the frisky matriarchs of the Bonobo world.

Men have always known that women like to feel good, too.

As Nietzsche observed, man is only a means for women and the end is always a child. . . . Read more

Check Your Pretense

Leftists frequently tell other people to "check your privilege."

This implies the assumption that the person has no value of their own, but is only in their position by virtue of this privilege and are therefore not competent to comment.

This ties into the fundamental mysticism of the left, which is that poverty in individuals and nations is caused by some great . . . Read more

The Rise of UKIP a Cause for Joy?

As most of us will have anticipated, last night’s local elections have seen the annihilation of genuine nationalist candidates as media promoted UKIP sweep up the bulk of our previous supporters, and many more in addition that they will have won from the other parties.

I describe UKIP as media promoted, because despite the last couple of weeks in which the knives have been out . . . Read more

Butler University to Exclude White Men from Receiving Scholarships

How liberal has higher education become?

Butler University in Indiana is now excluding white students from receiving scholarships.

The school’s $2.4 million endowment now excludes applications from Caucasians, especially males.

Butler will now only award scholarships to African-American students, “female student[s] of Hispanic descent,” and “women of Indian descent,” the school announced. “Preference will be given to Caucasian undergraduates enrolled in the College of . . . Read more

Is UKIP the Answer?


Britain has gone to the polls for the European Parliamentary elections, and UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, can expect a strong showing when official results come in on Sunday. Polls suggest it could win more seats than any other party, and take just over one third of the British contingent. With a similar portion of the vote in a British general election UKIP . . . Read more

May 23, 2014

Sweden Fights Back Against African Invasion


The Swedish Parliament has seen the first "far-right" member elected of which is a strong nationalist.

Now, Sweden's media and the rest of their anti-White government is protesting in the form of using constant multiracial propaganda.

Recall: 1-in-4 White Swedish women will be raped by a savage immigrant, most of whom are predominantly Muslim.

The report below claims that White Swedes are beginning to fight back.

Notes on the Institution of Marriage


In today’s rapidly disintegrating, “do-your-own-thing” culture, our pundits, professors, and judges are in desperate need of some powerful doses of rationality. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the conflict over the institution of marriage and what its definition is to be. What follows are several insights that hopefully will clear up some egregiously warped notions being bandied about by America’s “intelligentsia.” . . . Read more

Cultural-Marxists Want to Raise Your Children


I’ve recently come across a unique piece of conservative political activism. What is it? Let me back up a little bit, and explain how I came across it. See, one of the best things about hosting The Political Cesspool is getting to meet some of the most fascinating and independent people in the world. Men and women who aren’t afraid to think for themselves, who . . . Read more

Black-Run School Has a Culture of Cheating


The culture of cheating was so blatant at Cayuga Elementary, authorities said, that the principal broadcast orders to tamper with tests over the loudspeaker.

Five educators were arrested Thursday and accused of tampering with public records, forgery, conspiracy and other crimes - the first such charges brought in a Pennsylvania cheating investigation expected to yield more arrests.

Charged Thursday were Evelyn Cortez, 59, Cayuga's principal until . . . Read more

Start a New TradYouth Chapter at Your College or University


Chapter presidents have a heavy burden of responsibility to lead semi-guided reading discussions, safe activism and organization techniques on campus, a necessity for a public presence in the form of a blog, and then also take time to study for your classes.  This is a demanding job, you don’t get paid, it involves a significant amount of individual activism, but your potential employers might not . . . Read more

Philly.Com Censors Pro-White Comments on Anti-White Hit Piece they Published


Typical! The newspaper website creeps run a hit piece article blatantly attacking this one local White guy for his modest efforts to organize fellow Whites, by quoting big money Jew race-hustling operations like the SPLC and the ADL to say he’s a big “hater” boy. When reader’s comments on the article clearly showed how much support the guy had, deleted them all (including . . . Read more

Straight Out of the Protocols: Fmr Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser Exposes Zio Power


The former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (who is said by many to be actually Jewish) has joined the growing list of prominent public personalities to “take the plunge” and publicly identify the Jewish Lobby as a pernicious influence in public affairs.

The former Australian Prime Minister joins the recent revelations of the former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr in exposing the role of Jewish influence . . . Read more

Gene Appears to Increase IQ and Memory


A study led by Dena Dubal of the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) found that a gene variant called KL-VS, already known for its anti-aging effects, may increase IQ by up to six points. Having one copy of KL-VS “boosts brain skills such as thinking, learning and memory.” Dubal, a professor of neurodegeneration at UCSF, sees this discovery as a possible remedy . . . Read more

X-Men: Magneto -- A Different Kind of Holocaust Commemoration


In the early 1980s a young German Jew arrived at the Auschwitz concentration camp. His name was Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (or perhaps Max Eisenhardt), and he would eventually become, after his escape from Auschwitz, the most powerful Holocaust survivor in history. As leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, as well as an occasional nazi-hunter for the Israeli government, this profoundly unusual Holocaust survivor . . . Read more

Michelle Obama Asks White Children to 'Denounce' Their Politically Incorrect Family Members


The story of Pavlik Morozov . . . is one we should recall in these increasingly troubling times. 

He was a 13-year-old boy, a shining example of a Soviet Communist, when in 1932 it is said he denounced his father to the authorities. He would subsequently be murdered by family members (his father was executed after being turned in to the authorities by his young son . . . Read more

Remembering Dominique Venner: One Year Later


On May 21st, 2013, Dominique Venner entered the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and took his life in a statement of defiance towards the malignant spirit of his age--turning the final act of his existence into a call for all people with the blood of Europe to arise from their stupor and reclaim their heritage.

The anniversary of his voluntary death reminds us to . . . Read more

2014 European Parliament Election in Britain – What to Look out for


The polls are open. Today, the electorates of all the member states of the EU will elect their 751 members of the talking-shop which is the European Parliament. The performance of Front National, Golden Dawn, Jobbik, Vlaams Belang, and Gert Wilders’ Freedom Party, among others, will create much interest for nationalists. In Britain, too, the politics of dissent is the chief talking point of . . . Read more

The Bogus High-Tech Worker Shortage


The idea that we need to allow in more workers with (H1B) science, technology, engineering, and math (“STEM”) background is an article of faith among American business and political elite.

But in a new report, a Center for Immigration Studies analyzed the latest government data and found what other researchers have found: The country has well more than twice as many workers with STEM degrees . . . Read more

White Family Celebrates Their 17th Child


Baby bumps are nothing new in the Radford household.

But even though they are Britain’s biggest family, the sight of two together is a first.

When Sue Radford, 39, heard her eldest daughter Sophie, 20, was giving her a second grandchild she was thrilled.

Just a month later, the excitement was doubled when Mrs Radford discovered she was expecting her 17th baby – so now mother and . . . Read more

The People Versus the Elite


Party Chairman and North West Member of European Parliament, Nick Griffin, when invited to a debate in the North West constituency speaks about various issues such as the BNP's stance on Europe, energy and immigration.

Watch the full video below:

May 22, 2014

There Is No STEM Worker Shortage


Editor's Note: It appears to be another anti-White scam to bring in more non-Whites.

While employers argue that there are not enough workers with technical skills, most prior research has found little evidence that such workers are in short supply. This report uses the latest Census Bureau data available to examine the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Consistent with other research, the findings show that the country has more than twice as many workers with STEM degrees . . . Read more

The Nihilism of "Now"-ism


The monstrous predominance of default agnosticism—the reflexive mindset of our era—reinforces a terrible gloominess in the sensitive soul.

Those of a more obtuse psychic composition are able to avoid the snares inherent in such a circumstance, since—being frivolous by nature or by habit-- they can slough off such rhetoric with the sort of automatically-generated aplomb supplied by their carelessly-cultivated shallowness. . . . Read more

A Sense of Life: Ayn Rand and White Nationalism


The story is clichéd. A teenager discovers a book. It challenges his religion. It rips apart his morality. He radically changes his behavior within days. The path of his life is forever altered. As Jerome Tuccille titled his book about the libertarian movement, It Usually Begins with Ayn Rand.

Even a casual glance at the American scene shows Rand’s influence is growing. Sales of Atlas . . . Read more

Pat Sajak Calls Global Warmers 'Unpatriotic Racists'


I am not going to pretend I exactly understand what Pat Sajak meant when he Tweeted “I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.”

I do believe it is a hilarious statement, whatever it means.

If I had to guess, I would say he had probably been drinking, and was just trolling.

He later Tweeted “Sometimes . . . Read more

ADL to the World: The Truth Is 'Anti-Semitic'


According to the results of a recently released global survey conducted by the Anti-Defamation League, over 25% of the world's population is "anti-Semitic".

"A lot of people around the world hate the Jews," the Jewish Telegraph Agency ominously reported. "That's the main finding of the Anti-Defamation League's largest-ever worldwide survey of anti-Semitic attitudes."

The article continues:
The survey, released Tuesday, found that 26 percent . . . Read more

America’s Disappointing New Elite


Steve Sailer recently posted a couple pieces about Skull & Bones, the secret society at Yale, which got me to thinking about the 2009 exposé at Gawker.  While the popular imagination envisions what Skull & Bones once was — well-dressed, well-mannered WASP males — the reality of Skull & Bones today is entirely different.   After all, in recent years, Skull & Bones has become co-ed . . . Read more

Making a First Impression


In prior comments discussing France’s Front National I wondered whether they are the cynical analogue of Republicans simply using and discarding their constituency for power until they can feasibly pivot to one more fecund; or whether they are the equally cynical analogue of democrats who draped a gauzy ghillie-suit of false racial harmony over their actual program of anti-white hatred and disembowelment.
As for Front . . . Read more

Can any Place Be 'too White?'


Imagine for a second that “diversity” didn’t simply mean a White minority in every White country, making it a ‘codeword’, if you will, for White Genocide.

Now imagine that in the 1600′s “diversity” meant an American Indian minority everywhere.

Any place that was “too Indian” must be chased down and forced to accept “diversity”.

If any American Indians tried to escape – ‘Indian flight’ – White people . . . Read more

Always Blame the Goyim


“Gentiles are always to blame”—this is perhaps one of the single most overriding characteristics of the Jewish Supremacist psychological make-up, as demonstrated once again by a leading Zionist journalist’s reaction to the recent ADL Report on “worldwide anti-Semitism.”

Noah Klieger, a veteran Zionist who claims to have organized the mass immigration of many Jews to Palestine on the ship “Exodus” and who also . . . Read more

Burn Down the Colleges


The purpose of a college education, Joe Sobran opined, is to give you the correct view of minorities, and the means to live as far away from them as possible. Today, of course, you don’t get the means to move anywhere – you just get the debt that forces you to move back in with your parents.

Prior generations of students were at least expected to . . . Read more

It’s Not About Dugin


Over at The Occidental Observer, Domitius Corbulo warns us that “Alexander Dugin’s 4th Political Theory is for the Russian Empire, not for European Ethno-Nationalists.” Narrowly, Corbulo’s thesis is true. Professor Dugin is a staunch Russian patriot with a proudly weaponized ideology. The framework he presents in 4PT is a political effort to draw myriad philosophies and factions at odds with NATO into a broad coalition. . . . Read more

Remembering Dominique Venner: April 16, 1935–May 21, 2013


It was one year ago today that French historian and European patriot Dominique Venner ended his life with a bullet on the altar of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Venner wished to draw attention to the demographic decline of European man and to indicate what we must be prepared to give to save our people: everything. But his death will be in vain . . . Read more

A Place in the Country


So lovely was this evening that I couldn’t bear to stay in, and a walk in the country beckoned. As I wandered along paths deep sunk amid blossoming hawthorn and cow parsley and amid every shade of green – and all this within fifteen miles of Charing Cross – I reflected for the ten thousandth time how near to a paradise most of England still is. That . . . Read more

No Hate Speech!


How would you like to fight the new secret war, taking on the enemies of the new multicultural, borderless Britain one social media website at a time?

Here's your chance to join the Britain's most well-funded secret army as a professional left-wing troller!

Such is the message - effectively -  in this job advert for a Clapham based NGO called International Alert which styles itself . . . Read more

The Anti-White Shills Are Alive


As Prince Charles moves on from global warming scaremongering to join those pushing for war against Russia, Nick Griffin explains how the warmongers use the web as part of their campaign to manipulate public opinion.

When the first rounds of the new propaganda offensive against Russia started to be fired in the controlled media, the public response on the newspaper comments forums was 100% critical . . . Read more

May 21, 2014

Our Struggle Too: Propaganda & Organization


I find it astonishing that many of today’s younger White Nationalists have read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals but not Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. I do not wish to denigrate Alinsky’s book, which should be required reading for all political activists and organizers. But Hitler was a formidable political organizer as well, and he recorded the insights he gained from his first four-and-a . . . Read more

Kerry Bolton’s New Yockey Biography Project


Some good news: distinguished writer Kerry Bolton is writing a new biography of Francis Parker Yockey, from a pro-Yockey perspective, which will delve into issues of political philosophy and race.

A new Yockey biography is needed. While Coogan’s Dreamer of the Day has some good points, it is a book written by someone essentially hostile to Yockey’s worldview (albeit Coogan is reasonably objective), and has . . . Read more

Diversity Is a Code Word for White Genocide


A series of short encounters with anti-Whites at University of Oregon.

Notice the attitudes of tolerance they exude as they throw things at me for expressing disbelief in their religion of political correctness.

The Magic Clock


Some time ago a big advertising magazine had a lead article, “Objections to intermarriage in 2014?”

Like any magazine editor, it expressed shock that mere consumers would dare object to a Quaker Oats? ad featuring a mulatto child going from his white mother to his black dad.

The first irony here is what ADVERTISING is all about.

Advertising is supposed to be the science of . . . Read more

The Tragedy Unfolding in Sweden


Reference the preceding post having to do with national nuttiness and the demise of White America.

It truly saddens me to learn that Sweden is now more of a national basketcase than the U.S. It's really disheartening. You can read about the sorry state of affairs in that rapidly deteriorating, ostensibly 'Nordic' country, once the homeland of the Vikings, here, here, and here.

The Swedes . . . Read more

The Theological Declaration of Barmen


Faith and Heritage has generally avoided discussing German National Socialism, as there is simply no need to do so. You’re reading this in English, over 90% of our readership is in Anglo countries (if you include South Africa), and the tradition with which we identify derives from the British Isles. Even the majority of German Americans arrived in America before 1930 and bear no responsibility . . . Read more

Political Correctness Makes Race and Genetics Taboo in the West, Which Is Why China Is Winning


Most scientists will tell you that race has no biological basis–it is, in academic-speak, a “social construct.” But a new book by distinguished journalist Nicholas Wade challenges that assumption, concluding that race is real and human social behaviour is subject to natural selection just like everything else.

As the New York Review of Books put it, in its coverage of Wade’s A Troublesome . . . Read more

Fight For 15: Fast Food Wage Strikes Revisited


The fast food workers’ wage strikes are picking up steam, and they’re demanding no less than $15.00/hr pay rate for their work. The only problem is that capitalism is capitalism no matter what it pays.

Fight For 15 looks to be a leader in the fast food wage strikes making their debut on Facebook as early as November, 2012. I didn’t hear about the . . . Read more

21st-Century School Segregation


Sixty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the segregation of schools was illegal. Over course of the following generation, schools were racially integrated. But now things have been turning back. The Civil Rights Project at UCLA released a report Thursday that revealed some interesting facts—facts that are bound to be surprising if you’re a progressive. For example, it is not the South . . . Read more

Nationalism and Idiocy


One of the things that has captured my attention recently has been the events in the Ukraine. The reasons why all this has happened are readily evident, of course: the European Union and the USA have joined forces (despite the public facade of mutual animosity) to destabilise the democratically elected Ukrainian government under President Viktor Yanukovych for two main reasons.

The first is to install . . . Read more

The Problem With 'Marriageability'


“There’s just nobody I ever met that I feel is worthy of being my soul mate.”

You might hear this from any random twenty-something, typically female, trying to explain why their marriage prospects look so grim.

It’s the problem of “marriageability.” This is a concept that is only brought up to explain why there aren’t enough good potential mating partners for single individuals—more . . . Read more

The Rhetoric of Violence


At least nine people were killed and at least 35 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday police announced that a man had been arrested on charges of firing on a number of motorists recently, wounding three of them, on Kansas City-area highways. On April 13 three people, including a child, were murdered at two Jewish . . . Read more

Review of Greg Johnson's 'New Right vs Old Right'


At the micro level it is still possible to call America a democratic country — with various local officials being elected by a citizenry fortified by the right to bear arms and express their opinions.  But at the macro level — that of cities, states, and the nation itself — the level at which people need to be represented in order to implement real change (or stop it . . . Read more

Ruling Class (Including Congressional GOP) Now Openly Seceding From Historic American Nation


They aren’t even pretending to care about the country anymore:
WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Rep. David Valadao says he’s not worried that Congress’ failure to pass immigration legislation will hurt his prospects for re-election to a district in California’s agricultural heartland. Same goes for GOP Rep. Jeff Denham, who represents a neighboring district in the state’s San Joaquin Valley.
Still, the California congressmen are making sure voters know they support an immigration overhaul. They’re aware that . . .
Translation from Main Stream Mediaspeak:
  • “Immigration legislation” = Amnesty/ Immigration Surge.
  • “Immigration overhaul” = Amnesty/ Immigration Surge
  • “Congressional gridlock” = democratic debate preventing bad legislation
  • “Sweeping Immigration bill” = Gang of Eight’s version of Amnesty/ Immigration Surge
America’s entire political elite—Republican, Democrat, and the Democrats’ MSM auxiliary—is openly bragging about its alliance against the historic American nation. Republican . . . Read more

Why Is This not Treason?


While UKIP seemed poised to sweep all before them in this week's European Parliamentary elections, it is good to see that a few genuine British nationalists are also standing, like Liberty GB leader Paul Weston. Here he speaks on the treason of Tony Blair and the Labour Party in importing a new alien electorate into the UK.

May 20, 2014

1972: The Year NASA's Mandate Changed from Exploring the Stars to Promoting 'Diversity' and 'Equality'


The NASA Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity (ODEO) represents the great impediment to the next step in human evolution. 

It hinders our adventures in space exploration and scientific advancement, precisely because this office works to handicap NASA with color-conscious hiring instead of merit-based hiring. 

Man's dreams of reaching the stars are grounded, until man can understand racial differences in intelligence explain the . . . Read more

Kim Kardashian Vows to Fight 'Racism': By that She Means to Promote the Anti-White Agenda


Kim Kardashian has vowed to use her celebrity status to tackle discrimination after she was on the receiving end of racial abuse. The reality TV star, who is due to marry rapper Kanye West this month, feels a duty to battle prejudice following the birth of her daughter North in June. She has been on the receiving end of racist remarks over her relationship with . . . Read more

The True Right: Julius Evola, Sovereignty, & Tradition


Evola’s theories concerning the role of the Kṣatriya varna (caste) in antiquity are both a progression on and a refutation of Rene Guénon’s work. Despite their sharing of the same foundational source in perennial philosophy, there are a number of points on which they differ, the most obvious point of contention being the role of the Kṣatriya in relation to a hierarchical model of civilization . . . Read more

Police State America: The People’s Republic of Columbus, Georgia


Are Americans a free people or are they not? — that is the question. Do Americans still have the right to petition their government for redress of grievances, or do they not?

These questions were answered on the morning of March 10 when this writer received a knock on his door. Outside stood two men, one clad in civilian attire, the other in the uniform of . . . Read more

ADL's Skewed Questions in Global 'Anti-Semitism' Poll


Any poll that is fair and accurately reflects its respondents' opinions must ask questions that allow free and truthful responses. If the questions are phrased in a way that distorts reality and forces the respondent to distort the truth, the poll is skewed. It does not provide accurate information to the public about people's true beliefs and the real world.

Take, for example, the question . . . Read more

Whitewashing Donald Sterling


Whenever the racist attitudes or actions of high-profile Jews towards “people of color” are exposed, the Jewish media engages in a practice that I call “white-washing.” That is to say, when the racism cannot be defended, then the racist Jew puts on a magic white yarmulke and disappears in a puff of white smoke. The media then portrays the actions of the racist . . . Read more

Tribe vs. Tradition


The TradYouth project is absurdly ambitious, an attempt to build a coalition of every religious tradition and identity group into a united front against secular humanism and multicultural globalism. A popular misconception is that the project is a specifically pro-White and Orthodox Christian project. This is understandable, given the prominence of our White Advocates and Orthodox Christians. It’s not the case, though. We proudly support and . . . Read more

A Brief Interview with Nicholas Wade


Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History has been on bookshelves for a few weeks now, meaning a couple of weeks worth of reactions. From the accepting to borderline hysterical, Wade’s new book is certainly having an impact in the fields it discusses. Theden staff sent Wade a few questions:

Theden: Could you revisit your motivations/intentions in writing A Troublesome Inheritance . . . Read more

Bonfire of the Vanities


In the local and European elections later this month, it is estimated that nationalist and patriotic parties will field a total of 2,570 candidates; 289 in the European elections; and 2,281 in local elections. In many of these elections, these candidates are standing unopposed by any other nationalist or patriotic candidates, but all too often, particularly in the European elections and also in local elections . . . Read more

Remembering Julius Evola: May 19, 1898–June 11, 1974


Baron Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola was born on May 19, 1898 in Rome. Along with René Guénon, Evola is one of the writers who has most influenced the metapolitical outlook and project of Counter-Currents, which is reflected in the fact that Evola is one of the most-tagged writers on this website. In commemoration of his birthday, I wish to draw your attention to . . . Read more

The Fanaticism of Jewish Harvard Professor Ruth Wisse


Ruth Wisse, a prime exemplar of a Jewish academic ethnic activist, is retiring from Harvard (“The Remarkable Career of Ruth Wisse, Yiddish Scholar and Political Firebrand; Harvard Prof’s Neo-Con Views Often Stirred Controversy“). In honor of her “remarkable career” I am posting a slightly revised version of an article I wrote on her before TOO was established.

All you really need to know is that . . . Read more

Electile Dysfunction


In recent days Alternative Right has been working hard to highlight the deficiencies of our modern democracy.

Siryako Akda's "ARE MASS MOVEMENTS OBSOLETE?" contends that politics is going the way of warfare – i.e. something fought by special ops or guerrilla forces rather than the mass armies of the past. Mike Newland's "MANCUR OLSON AND THE DECLINE OF NATIONS" makes similar points, referring in particular to . . . Read more

Identitarian Youth March in Vienna


This is the first entry in a similar series to "So this is how it ends" that aims to cover positive events in the world, rather than signs of the Kali-Yuga. The name comes from this Oswald Spengler quote:
We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold . . . Read more

Golden Dawn's Unprecedented Victory Under Hostile Circumstances


The hardships and hostility of the double municipal and regional elections were numerous. Not only was there constant propaganda by all the politicians and Media against us, but also for the conspiracy of silence that barred Golden Dawn's representatives from public and open conversations. There was an issue of politicization of the elections, that were won, but not to their fullest potential. This will be . . . Read more

BBC's Jewish CEO Engaging in Overt Discrimination Against White Employees


The BBC's Jewish CEO, James Harding, the son of a Jewish immigrant, undoubtedly having fled from an imaginary holow-hoax, has gone on the offensive against the English folk and all Europeans, utilizing his position to defile the image and sound of the BBC, in order to belittle, undermine and assault Europeans by systematically discriminating against ‘White’ candidates in admissions to the BBC staff and establishing . . . Read more

May 19, 2014

Race at Universities


Why young whites have no racial consciousness.

As a college senior, I see the real “institutional racism” in this country: the blatant anti-white prejudice at public universities. Here are some observations about race on campus.

I have attended two universities in Texas. At both, I noticed that some people go to college to get an education and some go to play sports. As expected, Asians . . . Read more

The Persecution of Patriots


Liberal Democracy has been transformed into a police state, like Stalin's Russia or Mao's China, to manage immigration or the importation of cheap labour for the elites. The persecution has been going on for over 50 years and did not begin with Political Correctness but is part of the multi-racialists' outlook. It got much worse from the 1960s when the new elites formed an "Ideological . . . Read more

Alexander Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory Is for the Russian Empire, not for European Ethno-Nationalists


Only a rare few in the alternative right knew Alexander Dugin before the publication and translation of his book, The Fourth Political Theory, in 2012. Suddenly, the contents of this book became the subject of lively discussion and he was hailed as “arguably the most prominent New Right thinker in the world.”  With the exception of Michael O’Meara at Counter Currents, most of the reviews . . . Read more

Back to Basics: Strength, Courage, & the Fist

The most spiritual men, as the strongest, find their happiness where others would find their destruction: in the labyrinth, in hardness against themselves and others, in experiments. Their joy is self-conquest: asceticism becomes in them nature, need, and instinct. Difficult tasks are a privilege to them; to play with burdens that crush others, a recreation. Knowledge-a form of asceticism. They are the most venerable kind of man: that does not preclude their being the most cheerful and the kindliest. --Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist
The modern world has lost touch with what strength and fighting ability are for. Both only serve the individual insofar as they make him a better warrior. A warrior defending his wife, children, community, property etc. would be superior to his peers if he was stronger, he would be able to do more in battle, his endurance would be higher, his will power and his . . . Read more

The Colonial Origins of White Guilt


My people have a right to exist. My people have a right to celebrate our heritage and identity. My people have a right to ensure our future existence. For positively any other identity aside from those of White Americans, our colonial sister nations, and our cousins in Western Europe, this assertion would be uncontroversial. And yet, for our people, it’s intuitively scandalous. Some even contend . . . Read more

The Liberals’ Kingdom of Malice

Still, it is the primary right of men to die and kill for the land they live in, and to punish with exceptional severity all members of their own race who have warmed their hands at the invaders’ hearth. -- Winston Churchill
When Shylock refuses Bassanio’s offer of ten times the original amount of his loan, Bassanio says, “If this will not suffice, it must appear, That malice bears down truth.” And of course that is what is ultimately decided:
For it appears, by manifest proceedings,
That indirectly and directly too,
Thou has contriv’d against the very life
Of the defendant; and thou has incurr’d
The danger formerly by me rehears’d.
Down therefore and beg mercy of the Duke.
We can and must say the same thing to the liberals and the colored barbarians which Portia said to Shylock. It is obvious by manifest proceeding, that . . . Read more

Brendan Eich vs. Hollywood: How Media Witch-Hunts Benefit the Rich


It has become increasingly obvious that progressivism has become weaponized—not just by progressives themselves, but also by powerful groups without any political agenda. This is unsurprising, in a sense: both groups are populated mainly by those who seek only advantage for themselves and their factions.

Why do predominantly White progressive groups push so strongly the meme that organizations that have not reached certain race . . . Read more

The Donald Sterling Scandal: Morality and Hypocrisy in Post-Christian America


By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the scandal surrounding disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. In case you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown: Sterling was tape-recorded by his mistress, Vivian Stiviano, after he confronted her about a picture that she posted on Instagram with former Lakers star Ervin “Magic” Johnson. Sterling told Stiviano, “It bothers me a lot that you want to . . . Read more

Three Observations about So-Called 'White Privilege'


When I overhear something interesting, or know someone that I detect this from, I “interview” them in a way, as factual sources for an antidote to this so called “White privilege”.

Let me preface this: All of these are people of good character and integrity. This is just life! Structure, work, self-improvement are some of the many qualities and experiences that shape who we are. . . . Read more

Essential Truths: The Ethics of Funding Nationalism


In the articles I have so far published in this Essential Truths series, I have outlined a radical new strategy for British nationalism, which will overcome the limitations that have crippled our movement to date, through the acquisition of what I term the ‘Six Prerequisites’.

In the most recent article, I have argued the necessity for a fund raising programme capable of providing the funds . . . Read more

The Jewish Council of Presidents Reveals Racist Jewish Motivations in Rejecting J-Street


The Jewish Council of Presidents (of Major Jewish  Organizations) recently refused membership to the leftist-Zionist “J Street” lobby. That organization’s official reaction, serves as a case-book study on how Jewish Supremacists arrange matters so that both sides of any public debate on Israel and Jewish affairs is controlled by racist, tribalist Jews who are first and foremost devoted to Jewish supremacy.

At the . . . Read more

Empathy Without Sympathy


Jews have many unique psychological characteristics that render them radically unlike non-Jews. One quality Jews possess in one-on-one situations, and even group situations, is a keen sensitivity to the subtleties, nuances, desires, thoughts, and emotions of non-Jews. They can size up people of all races and interact with them extremely well. This is no doubt one reason for their prominent role as mediators . . . Read more

Idiot of the Month: Nick Clegg


This is a video of Nick Clegg, leader of Britain's most Europhile political party the LibDems making yet another pointless speech. This time he's praising some Jewish initiative, but it could just as easily have been sucking up to some other non-White group or privileged minority, like gays or feminists, because the platitudes resorted to are almost entirely interchangeable. The only real point of . . . Read more