Apr 24, 2014

Rape Culture Revisited: There’s Enough Shame for Everyone


If you are unaware of what the slut walk is, the President of Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana University, Thomas Buhls, has already elaborated on that. Our group, the Traditionalist Youth Network, has plans to picket the event. Although chapter president elaborated on the issue, I would like to extend on some of the reasons why we, or at least, myself, oppose the so-called . . . Read more

The Beginning of a New Geopolitical Era (An Interview with Manuel Ochsenreiter)


An honest journalist is an increasingly rare thing. None are more honest than Germany’s Manuel Ochsenreiter. Forget VICE, here’s a truly independent firsthand viewpoint on Crimea, Ukraine and much more.

Manuel you’ve recently traveled and stayed in Crimea just in time for the referendum concerning reuniting with Russia. First, we’re curious how was your reception in Crimea as a German journalist?

Ochsenreiter: It is the . . . Read more

What Is Identitarian Religion?


A long-standing “Trad Catholic” I know told recently me that he had left the Church. He, in essence, said that his “conservative” priest had become obsessed with promoting mass Third World immigration, peddling interracial adoption, speaking incessantly about various forms of “social justice” such as opposition to non-White abortions, and, of course, denouncing evolution because it’s “racist”. Contemporary Western Christianity, even in its so-called . . . Read more

The Ocean of Blood


The dominant entitlement culture today – designed to always present MINOs* in favorable light – is also based on perpetual debasement of Men in general and the lesser category of “males.”

It is what White Males once did to Injuns, coloreds and females. It works; that’s why it was/is done. Hittites did it to Egyptians, Greeks to Persians, Romans to Gauls, Redcoats to Colonials and Uncle . . . Read more

Penny Wise or Pound Foolish?


If a day of global pro-white activism becomes an unexpected internet sensation, and if enough journalists bother to scribble columns about how the event in question never really took place, then the event apparently didn’t take place. Last Month’s White Man March seems to have given birth to this strange new law of physics, and with it a brand-new genre of increasingly nervous anti-white . . . Read more

Refusing the Call: A Tale Rewritten


I have been wondering for some time now how to talk about the weirdly autumnal note that sounds so often and so clearly in America these days. Through the babble and clatter, the seven or eight television screens yelling from the walls of every restaurant you pass and all the rest of it, there comes a tone and a mood that reminds me of wind . . . Read more

'Multiculturalism' Has Rendered London Unrecognizable to the English People


Everyone who has not been to our capital city for fifteen or twenty years is horrified when they take a bus anywhere in the chaos that is now London. You are crammed in seats with people from all over the world gabbling in every tongue imaginable.

Africans sit cheek by jowl with Phillipinos, Chinese push you and Pakistanis gawp oggling the girls. Somali women sprawl . . . Read more

If Jews Are 'Just a Religion,' Why Does an Atheist Want to Be the 'First Jewish Prime Minister of Britain'?


The announcement by Ed Miliband, the leader of the UK’s Labour Party that he wishes to be the “first Jewish Prime Minister of Britain”—even though he is a self-declared atheist—has once again highlighted the reality that Judaism is not “just a religion” but has a deep-rooted ethnic, and even racial basis.

Miliband’s announcement—made, of course, in Israel while on a recent . . . Read more

Will Republicans Ever Understand?


Jared Taylor asks GOP candidates for Virginia's 10th Congressional District a good question, gets stupid answers.

This Saturday, Republicans will hold a primary to choose the party’s candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. On April 13, five of the candidates were at a town-hall meeting where they spent an hour and a half bragging about how conservative they were. When it was finally question time, Jared Taylor asked about immigration.

The answers were such rubbish that one frustrated member of the audience shouted that 70 percent of non-whites vote Democrat, so it is “crazy” to keep letting them in. He got a gratifying round of applause, but the candidates carried on like lemmings.

This is why the great Sam Francis called the Republicans “the stupid party.”

The Politics of Culture, Part 3


“Cultural outsider” might apply to anyone outside the Establishment from Christ on. The Establishment is now entrenched and intent on remaking everyone in their digital image. Image isn’t exactly the word, though. During an interview film-making outsider Jean-Luc Godard demonstrated his antipathy toward some Jewish film-makers (particularly Spielberg) by classifying their films as “text” not “image”. To the nouvelle vague (1960s), impro . . . Read more

Part 1
Part 2

The Religious Roots of the Elite Liberal Agenda


Three years ago, I posted a quote from an Eastern Orthodox official postulating that the real divide in Christendom is increasingly between liberals and traditionalists rather than between the individual branches of the Faith.
All current versions of Christianity can be very conditionally divided into two major groups – traditional and liberal.  The abyss that exists today divides not so much the Orthodox from the Catholics . . . Read more

Dostoevsky and the State


As a great empire, Russia is an organism larger than the Russian people. However, the Russian people are the most important factor of the Russian Empire, and the basic features of the people’s spirit determine the character of its sovereignty to a significant degree. Therefore Dostoevsky’s thought on the attributes of Russia as a state are closely tied with the views he expounded on the . . . Read more

National Revolution: Turn-on, Tune-in, Take-over


The time is here to stop apologizing for who you are. This inspiring speech by Finnish patriot and European nationalist Kai Murros sets the right tone of defiant rhetoric for all Europeans who care about their civilization and thede. Despise your enemies for they are despicable.
“In order for Europe to survive we will take the great leap beyond good and evil. Our conduct cannot be judged by the ethics of the day. Our actions will not be guided by the moral code of a weak and suicidal civilization. In order for Europe to survive we will plunge into the unknown. We will sail uncharted waters, wrestle with alien gods, and shake the foundations of the earth. Europe’s answer to external threats is not defense but outrageous expansion. We will not sit idly by and wait to be overridden by barbarians. We will carry the war into enemy territory.”

Off-Balanced Empire


A Review of Balance: The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America

Having a vested interest in the demise of the existing dispensation I was first drawn to Balance in the hope of finding some good news about the present system’s vulnerabilities. What I found was a neo-conservative take on what ails us, and what it would take to set things right.

The authors are . . . Read more

Black Debate Team Awarded Trophy because of 'White Privilege'


Debate clubs at several colleges have decided the traditional tournament rules such as time limits promote white privilege and are unfair to minorities. They have responded by refusing to play by the official rules, ignoring time limits and rebutting their opponents with rap and spoken-word poetry.

Several fawning, sympathetic, liberal judges have rewarded these antics.

The most recent example of this “politically correct” propaganda came from the . . . Read more