May 9, 2014

Why You've Never Heard about the Black Team Owner Who Banned Whites from His House Party


Jay-Z openly supports one of the most radical white hating organization[s] in world. It is called “5%er Nation” and they claim they are preparing for a race war to exterminate all white people. The group says that white people are biological devils.

Jay-Z is also rapper with lyrics attacking white people. Jay-Z also co-owned the Brooklyn Nets from 2003 until April of last year. In 2010 he . . . Read more

The Black Baseline


Sub-Saharan Africans are the fastest-growing demographic on the planet. With a fertility rate over three times as high as European women (5.2 children per woman to 1.6) that shows few signs of decreasing, the population of Sub-Saharan Africa is projected to more than double, rising from 1.1 billion to 2.4 billion by mid-century.

With so many Africans coming into the world, it is vital to . . . Read more

The 'War on Racism' Is a Deliberate Wave of Political Terror


“According to them, terrorism and crime are imaginary crises. Racism is the real threat. We have been fighting the War on Racism for over a century and even though the United States is less racist and more tolerant than most of the world, including Latin America, Asia and Africa, they are determined to keep the war going. Denunciations and purges polarize a society, destroy dissent . . . Read more

The Secret Back Story to Russia and Ukraine that Americans Don't Know


Preface: We believe that Soviet communism was an abomination. Stalin was certainly a tyrant: he killed countless political enemies or threw them into insane asylums. We also have littler (sic) tolerance for useful idiots who defend communism as a force for good. In short, we hate Soviet era communism.

And Putin also runs Russia like it’s plaything, with little regard for the desires of his people.

But U.S. warmongers have also been hyping the . . . Read more

'Hitler's Table Talk' Study Hour, Episode 9


Ray Goodwin and Carolyn Yeager read and comment on the October 14-19, 1941 dinner table conversation and monologues by the German Leader, taken down in shorthand by trusted aide Heinrich Heim. Included in this episode:
  • Suggestions for improvement of meteorological forecasts;
  • Hitler describes the challenges involved in his party's conquest of power;
  • Lesson in economics and the cause of inflation;
  • The progress made under Antonescu . . . Read more

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Government Waste: Where Has All The Money Gone?


Most people, perhaps even the super-wealthy, who are usually accountable to auditors, want to know where their money goes. This is especially true when they detect money for which they can’t account. Not so with the federal government.

Some recent headlines reflect a disturbing pattern that has contributed to our $17 trillion debt and to a growing cynicism among the public, which increasingly regards . . . Read more

The Real History Movement and the Promotion of Peace


During the last forty years or so, revisionism has become a fighting term. To so-called revisionists, it implies an honest search for historical truth and the discrediting of misleading myths that are a barrier to peace and goodwill among nations. In the minds of anti-revisionists, the term savors of malice, vindictiveness, and an unholy desire to smear the saviors of mankind.

Actually, revisionism means . . . Read more

Jew-Dominated 'Mainstream' Media Censors Gov't Report that Reveals the Massive Extent of Israeli Spying in the US


Revelations made in the latest issue of Newsweek magazine that Israel engages in massive spying against America are “anti-Semitic,” one of Israel’s leading newspapers has said—while their fellow tribalists who control the US mass media have blacked out coverage of the story.

A report of the nature which Newsweek broke would—had it involved another other racial group apart from Jews—be headline news . . . Read more

New Vistas for American Renaissance?


For more than 20 years, American Renaissance and Jared Taylor have set the standard for a White consciousness movement. Others have undertaken this mission: William Pierce, Revilo Oliver, Willis Carto, among them. But Jared has been most successful in adhering to the norms of modern political organization. AmRen has, for two decades, focused on a few key issues that are (or should be) harmonious with . . . Read more

The Parrott/Heimbach Affair: Damn, it Feels Good to Be a Christian


. . . Yes, it’s true, my friends Matt Parrott and Matthew Heimbach of are walking around with Orthodox boot prints on their bottoms, but that’s nothing in the scheme of things.  And it’s the scheme of things I want to briefly address. (The Matts are now apparently under threat of excommunication from their bishop due to their allegedly "heretical" activism on behalf of the white nationalist . . . Read more

Reflections on Some Aspects of Jewish Self-Deception: Introduction


A persistent theme at TOO, and in the works of anyone objectively dealing with Jewish historiography, culture and politics, is that of self-deception. A couple of hours spent reviewing the TOO archive reveals more than thirty articles which deal directly with the subject, in addition to countless more which touch upon the obvious and undeniably . . . Read more

Heyr Himna Smiður (Hear, Smith of the Heavens)


“Heyr Himna Smiður” is an Icelandic poem written in or just before 1208 AD. It was written by Kolbeinn Tumason who was a chieftain in one of the Icelandic family clans at the beginning of the most violent and turbulent time in Icelandic history. The poem is a prayer to God for strength, peace, and guidance in the face of the prospect of open inter-clan . . . Read more

A Look at Horshoes: What the Games We Play Say About Us


What’s your favorite sport, and do you know the history behind it?

Those of us who aren’t so athletically inclined to play basketball, football, . . . lacrosse, rugby, or any other variety active or contact sports don’t get as excited about organized sports as the rest of the world. At least we’re not getting so excited about participating, but lord knows we’re all good spectators.

Most of . . . Read more

Scotland: Secession Vs Pan-Secession


A lot of people interested in the concept of pan-secessionism have been excited about the growing wave of secessionist movements in Europe.  However the bad news is I would suggest that those secession movements, while positive developments, do not really represent an adoption of pan secessionist values.  An independent Scotland would have a population of seven million people.  Holding one seven millionth of political power . . . Read more

The Law of Unintended Consequences, Part 2: Reshaping British Politics


Politics never stands still. The fortunes of all parties ebb from time to time, but provided the faithful show a bit of grit and keep plugging away, the tide always flows back.

The blatant promotion of Ukip by huge sections of the controlled media now looks set to produce a massive Ukip vote on May 22nd.

It isn’t deserved, and Tory Ukip will not deliver . . . Read more