May 30, 2014

Maya Angelou: Creation of White Liberals Using Guilt as a Weapon

Maya Angelou died yesterday. For those of us who lived through the Clinton years, she served as a symbol for white guilt.

Her poems, which resembled the visual art of Thomas Kinkade or many dime-store greeting cards translated into broken paragraphs, were mediocre. But like most things modern, they had the appearance of importance. This appearance was aided if not created by the public perception . . . Read more

Contra Faustian Man

The unique characteristics of Faustian civilization, as Spengler described it, are now leading Europe to destruction. The Faustian is characterized by a drive towards the infinite, a will to break through the boundaries that limit man, whether they be intellectual or physical. Spengler calls the prime symbol of the Faustian soul “limitless space.”[1] Like Goethe’s Faust, Faustian civilization seeks infinite knowledge.

However, as this civilization . . . Read more

Friends and Enemies

If you check the reference in Competitive-Edge to J-L Godard, to him the erotic is a thing in itself, and which signifies value. To Freud the opposite is true, value signifies the erotic - Freudian-capital (libido applied to products). However, both of these guys are to a lesser or greater extent talking about capital, and Godard is rabidly anti-capital. Why not literally leave capital . . . Read more

The Neoconservative Obsession with Iran

Americans could be enjoying cultural and commercial relations with Iranians were it not for U.S. “leaders,” who are more aptly described as misleaders. Because of institutional, geopolitical, and economic reasons, Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton were not about to let that happen. They thought America needed an enemy, and Iran filled the bill.

President George W. Bush appeared . . . Read more

Identity Defies the Global Marketplace

I am here today to “celebrate diversity.” I’m all for it. I think the world needs a lot more of it: Ethnic diversity, religious diversity, cultural diversity. Authentic diversity that is alive and thriving in the present. Not stagnant, recycled, sterilized artifacts of the past. Other people say they want to “celebrate diversity,” but too often they’re just repeating slogans that make them feel good . . . Read more

Antifascist Demonology vs. Nationalist Victimology: The Case of Croatia

The following is the English translation of a video of my speech at the conference at the prestigious Jesuit center in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, on May 22. The conference was held on the occasion of the recently published book, Titov Jasenovac (2014) by a Croat historian Mladen Ivezic. Jasenovac is a location in Croatia that is frequently associated by antifascists and procommunist scholars . . . Read more

The Nation State Versus Global Government: Politics for the 21st Century

The bitter irony of this weekend’s election results is that the bravery and sacrifice of Nick Griffin and the unstinting effort of the members of the British National Party over decades has given the electorate permission to vote for Nigel Farage and his UKIP candidates.

But I guess that’s politics.

The good news is that the tectonic plates of world opinion are finally shifting back . . . Read more

Media Deem Hollywood Psycho Boy Evil White Killer

Spree killer psycho boy, Elliot Rodger, who’s father Peter Rodger is probably an Ashkenazi crypto-Jew and his mother, Li Chin, a Malaysian Chinese, has been specifically described as “White” by the traitorous media in the continuous PC efforts to demonize European White Gentiles – while still vigorously suppressing the spectacular failings of the most insane, most destructive social engineering effort of all history called “diversity.” . . . Read more

Media Distortions Around the Half-Asian Elliot Rodger Shooting

. . . Hear Dr. David Duke and James Edwards from the Political Cesspool discuss the Jewish racist media portrayal of the half Asian, half-White Elliot Rodger as a “White motivated by racism against minorities.”

In truth, Dr. Duke points out that President Obama is actually more “white” than Rodger, and James Edwards shows how the Jewish dominated media is actually promoting racial hatred and animosity. . . . Read more

Santa Barbara Rampage Was Motivated by a Hatred of White Women

“I will slaughter every stuck up, blonde slut I see inside there … You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one, the true alpha male” – Santa Barbara spree killer Elliot Rodger before slaughtering six people.

The suspect is a twenty two year old half-Chinese student from a wealthy family. He drove a BMW during the murder spree. His father is a . . . Read more

Neither Progressive nor Conservative: The Anti-Modernism of G. K. Chesterton

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) bears the distinction of being a writer who resisted virtually all of the dominant trends of his era. He lived during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, precisely the time that modernity was fully consolidating itself within Western civilization more than a century after the apex of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Chesterton began his writing career as a young . . . Read more

A Review of Daniel Hannan’s 'Inventing Freedom'

One of the most frustrating experiences in being right wing is when one encounters a thinker who knows what is going on yet fails to put the whole picture together. Today, that would be Daniel Hannan and his recent book Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World. Hannan, an MEP from southeast England and a charismatic alpha, is a brilliant scholar . . . Read more

Contra Cosmic American Traditionalism

Nearly a century ago, Mexican politician José Vasconcelos penned "La Raza Cosmica" ("The Cosmic Race"), an essay describing the physical, spiritual, and political development of a new hybrid identity comprised of Latin America’s Amerindian, African, and European stock. Over the past century, physical and culture admixture has reached the extent in North America where this proposition has become a reality here, as well.

Like it . . . Read more

Front National, #1 Party in France

It is with great pleasure that I report to you that the Front National is the #1 Party in France with 25% voting to send them to the EU Parliament. The system has been shocked awake by this enormously important development. A weekly news magazine similar to Time Magazine wrote:
. . . one can’t read 25% for the Front National without shining a light on mass immigration, which has transformed a population which has not been consulted on the subject . . . if neither the Left nor the Right propose anything to be done about this problem, if the Left and the Right pretend the problem does not exist, or worse, if they accuse anyone who says there is a problem of . . . Read more

UKIP's Domination at the Polls -- What Next

Despite the euphoria that has accompanied UKIP’s dramatic advances during the recent local and European elections, we must not allow ourselves to be carried away by thoughts that Nigel Farage and his party are about to lead us to salvation.

UKIP is a party of the political establishment. It’s members do not regard the party as such, but Farage has tailored the party’s policies so . . . Read more