Jun 11, 2014

Stopping Bigotry and Hatred (of Whites)

“This article about a cop being put on leave because he refused to work a gay pride event in Salt Lake City got me thinking, man,” said Homeless Jack. “And, as a result, I’ve decided to come out of the closet and not just quietly accept hate and bigotry aimed at those like me.

I’m White and I’m proud.

I’m tired of hiding the real . . . Read more

A Review of 'Edge of Tomorrow'

One cannot be faulted for suspecting that Hollywood has of late been exhausted of its creativity when it comes to science fiction films. We have been subjected to an endless stream of remakes and reboots, with little in the way of compelling or original stories. It is perhaps for this reason that Hollywood has turned to Japan to bring us the science fiction film Edge . . . Read more

The Fourth Estate: The History and Meaning of the Middle Class

Science and Ideology: A Problem of Method

None of the words we use in the course of social and political discussions and analyses is ideologically neutral. Outside of ideology entirely, such words lose their meaning. And it is not possible to determine one’s attitude toward them unambiguously, since the content of any expression is shaped by context and semantic structures, a kind of operational system. . . . Read more

Jesus Camp: The Last Gasp of Evangelical America

It is amazing how strong the Religious Right once appeared in American politics. In the late 1990′s and early 2,000′s, politicians were taking a stronger stand on moral issues, more Christians were voting in elections, and it seemed to the country that America was going to turn the corner on the hippie generation and turn back the clock. This dream come true to some and . . . Read more

Friends and Enemies, Part 2

Because race is quintessentially tied to the sensual world – rural, resource-based – creative outsiders are also tied to that world. The aforementioned Harlan Ellison, R. Crumb, KT Tunstall, Tanita Tikaram (sci-fi fantasist, cartoonist, folk-rockers) in their disparate ways fantastically creative, originating works tangled-up in the fecundity of a natural cornucopia – erotic, psychedelic, mythopoeic. These types are for sure not enemies. For the reason . . . Read more

Rainbow Coalition Fractures in Schools on Both Coasts

It has long been politically encouraged for minority groups to rail against the injustices, real or perceived, of White America. They’re still more than happy to do that in a city like Detroit, even though it has been a primarily Black city for decades. Just last month, we heard the appropriate wailing and gnashing of teeth when it was discovered that American schools have been . . . Read more

Nordish Hellenes: The Aristocracy of Ancient Greece

Nordicism has come to refer the recognition that some parts of Europe have undergone significantly more mongrelization than others. It is just that simple. But white nationalists, still under the firm grip of egalitarianism despite claims to the contrary, freak out before such no-brainer.

Below, a section that I forgot to translate last year into the article “Were the Greeks blond and blue-eyed?” . . . Read more

Why Don't White Rights Activists Use 'The Mantra'

HD has done a lot of thinking about why our pro-white leaders refuse to use “Bob Whitaker’s Mantra.”

He has also not merely PROPOSED, but WRITTEN, a complete, coherent article.

Any editor will explain to you that there is a world of difference between a proposal and an actual DRAFT.

HD says: Old school pro-Whites who proselytize at a personal level believe that what they . . . Read more

Who Needs Whitey to Get to Space?: NASA's Minority University Research and Education Project

Ever see the movie October Sky?

The true story about four white boys from West Virginia, who take up an interest in rocketry after the Russians successfully launch Sputnik, October Sky is a modern classic.

Set in a coal mining town, the main character, Homer Hickam,  is portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal. His father is the mine superintendent. 

Easily, the most poignant scene is after Hickam's . . . Read more

America in 2034: The Narrative Will Hold Firm

● Demography. We shall of course be much more multiracial in 20 years’ time, with a huge indio-mestizo component, more East and South Asians and Austronesians, and big localized populations of Africans. The old 90-10 white-black U.S.A. of the mid-20th century will be fondly remembered only by white octogenarians expiring in retirement homes where non-white orderlies pick their pockets.

The result need not . . . Read more

The Right to Bear Arms: Securing the Tribe

In a multicultural society bound by submission to political correctness and “welfare,” a man must choose between living in a pack or living in a herd. Those who decide to join a herd have made the last decision of their lives, because they have decided to give the shepherd full control over their fates and minds. Those who decide to join a pack should know . . . Read more

The Ukrainian Conflict: A Ukrainian Nationalist View, Part 3: The Conflict with Russia

The Conflict with Russia

From the point of view of global oligarchy and all forces spreading cultural decay throughout the world, the Russian Federation could not have picked a better moment to start a conflict with Ukraine. To be quite honest, it is hard to think of something that would more effectively transfer the target of most people’s hate away from them and completely save . . . Read more

Boxers, Bones, & Bone Clones

I have always found it ironic that journalists often end up as specialist feature writers for subjects that they have no real knowledge of or qualifications in, and I was reminded of this again this morning when I saw popular science articles on most of the newspaper websites today quoting Dr David Carrier of the University of Utah, who has done much research into vertebrate . . . Read more

Eurozone Crisis

EU politicians and bankers have shown how completely inept and useless they are, just as both the Cameron-Clegg and Mark Carney shambles are in the UK.

There has been a collapse in the EU's economic recovery (better termed perhaps as "economic misery") in the first 3 months of 2014.

The European Central Bank, just like the Bank of England, is hamstrung by its corrupt . . . Read more

When Will Being 'White British' Become a Crime in the UK?

Amid all the furore about Islamist infiltration of schools in Birmingham, another story involving the education watchdog Ofsted has received rather less attention.

Inspectors have criticised a rural school in Devon for being insufficiently ‘diverse’. Although they concede that Payhembury Primary is a ‘happy place’, it has been denied an ‘outstanding’ rating because all 68 pupils are of ‘white British heritage’.

Well, they would be. . . . Read more