Jun 12, 2014

Where Is America's Sense of Self-Preservation?

Many Western nations are restricting immigration because of popular anger at the unwelcome changes brought about by mass immigration.  America seems to be the rare country with the misfortune of having politicians who won’t stand up for citizens. 

How many nations around the world have to be thrown into crisis and division for us to learn that mass immigration is not always a positive?  Israel . . . Read more

Anti-Geography and Historical Choke Points

At an essential level, Russians lack a sense of geography. That’s why they live in Russia, one of the least ‘geographical’ places on the face of the Earth. Anti-geography flows from those flat, ill-defined spaces the same way that water flows into a swamp. Let me expand on this theme because it is unclear, which is exactly what Russia did in its history: expanded . . . Read more

The Ukrainian Conflict: A Ukrainian Nationalist View, Part 4: Russia as a Globalist, Liberal, Anti-Ethnic Nationalist Power

Why does the Russian Federation push and defend Western liberalism so much in Ukraine? The answer can be found by looking at modern Russia as a country.

The Russian Federation is, in essence, itself a liberal state. It is a typical liberal democracy that, in many ways, differs little from Western European countries. It is a country that attacks the culture of its founding people . . . Read more

The Truth Exists Independently of What Lies Our Rulers Tell

Attorney Sam Dickson brings the 2014 American Renaissance conference to a close with his corollary to "the truth will make you free." He concludes: "the truth exists independently of whatever lies our rulers tell."

America in 2034: A Real Break from the Leftist Revolution

Any discussion of how race relations may develop in the US in the next 20 years must focus on a number of variables. The two that I intend to stress here are the demographically still-dominant white race and the Cultural Marxist alliance of which non-whites are now an integral part. If whites continue to act as they generally have since the 1960s, and . . . Read more

Jewish News Outlets Openly Promote 'Anti-Semitic' Stereotypes

The organized Jewish community, led by the extremely well-funded and highly influential Anti-Defamation League, is constantly warning the world about "rising anti-Semitism", hysterically raging against and decrying the promotion of "anti-Semitic stereotypes" (no matter how factual or obviously observable those "anti-Semitic stereotypes" actually are). The ADL recently conducted a world-wide survey in an effort to gauge "anti-Semitic attitudes" on a global scale, asking . . . Read more

'Whites Not Welcome' Scrawled on Sidewalk of Prince of Wales Primary School

Anti-White graffiti reading “Whites not welcome” was found on June 4th, outside the Prince of Wales primary school (elementary school) in Enfield.

In addition, the word “Islamabad” was also spray-painted nearby and had an arrow pointing towards the school, which implies that the school now belongs to Muslims – like writing your name on the label of your shirt. The “Whites not welcome” graffiti . . . Read more

Black 'Empowerment' in South Africa Has Backfired

South Africa's policy of race-based affirmative action is "killing babies" and must be scrapped, the country's Institute of Race Relations said Friday.

The institute, which spoke out against racial discrimination under apartheid, said black empowerment policies had seen unqualified people appointed to positions where their incompetence hit poor and vulnerable communities.

It pointed to the deaths of three babies aged between seven and 13 . . . Read more

Jesus Camp and the Failure of the Evangelical Movement, Part 2

The film Jesus Camp shows the cheap imitation that modern American Evangelical churches attempt to do of Sacred Tradition and the Sacraments. In one especially memorable part of the film, the female pastor uses a bottle of store bought water to wash the children in a weird version of a baptism and simultaneous confession.

Children are told to call out their sins in front of . . . Read more

Eric Cantor's Defeat: No Real Victory for White America

In what might constitute the greatest political upset in modern American history, poorly funded challenger Dave Brat soundly defeated Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor in an election that was entirely centered on amnesty.

It’s hard not to be swept up by the enthusiasm conjured by Brat’s unprecedented victory over Cantor as the Majority Leader is a perfect symbol for our odious political class and his . . . Read more

Eric Cantor's Defeat: Are Americans Fed-Up with Israel-First Sycophancy?

One of the most prominent Israel-firsters in the U.S. Congress, Jewish Republican Eric Cantor (R-VA, 7th Congressional District) has long been outspoken in measures to disenfranchise Palestinians and transfer the dollars of American taxpayers and the blood of their sons to supporting the State of Israel. In the past, such an individual would have been untouchable, all the more so because he is House . . . Read more

Is a Rising Awareness of Jewish Influence behind Eric Cantor's Defeat?

The “shock” defeat of (now) former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in his Virginia Primary has left “Jewish organizations in both parties reeling,” according to Politico magazine—but the reality is that rising awareness of the pernicious influence of Jewish  Supremacist power politics has played a major part in the “upset.”

According to an article in Politico magazine, suitably titled “For Jewish Republicans: Oy veh” . . . Read more

Organized Jewry & the 'Perdition' Affair

Stage plays are not often banned, censored, or otherwise suppressed in modern Britain, but when they are it’s usually something to do with ethnic group sensitivities. When in 2004 a play called Behzti (Dishonour) by Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti concerning the issue of rape within the Sikh community was about to be performed at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, local Sikhs reacted with sufficient fury to have . . . Read more

Interview with Afrikaaner Artist Anton Kannemeyer

In 2010 I interviewed "controversial" South African artist Anton Kannemeyer by email. Kannemeyer is a cartoonist and printmaker. His art is very "racial" and political, dealing with the tensions, contradictions, and stereotypes of post-Apartheid South Africa. A couple of weeks after the main interview, Eugene Terre'blanche, the leader of the White separatist AWB party was murdered, so I sent Kannemeyer some additional questions.

I assume . . . Read more

The Power of Goy-Hatred

Not long ago, French pundit and Zionist activist Alain Finkielkraut argued that the only thing that might keep multicultural France united was anti-Semitism: “This great multicultural France that we wanted to see as an alternative to the old France, well, if it exists and when it exists, beyond communitarianism, it is cemented precisely by anti-Semitism.” This was not, one presumes, a call to stoke Jew-hatred . . . Read more