Jul 18, 2014

The Path to Power

For more than a century, British nationalists have believed themselves to be the vanguard of a resurgent national spirit that had somehow become dulled and dormant through comfort and complacency, but which remained latent, still potent, and ready to be revived once the clarion call was sounded, heralding a new ‘golden age’.

During the early part of the last century there was cause to believe . . . Read more

Laying the Foundations for Success

Some people may feel that it is an act of consummate vanity and conceit that I am writing in all seriousness of our rise to power, for our Movement of National Salvation is as yet still a very small organisation and the acquisition of political power must seem for many a fanciful dream. Indeed when I am criticised by others outside of our organisation, usually . . . Read more

America: Imagine a World Without Her

There’s no easier way to make a living than as a non-white activist in the American conservative movement. Simply offer well-meaning whites the nectar of racial absolution and say you care about their country, and they will throw money at you no matter what else you tell them.

The recognized master of this unique form of hucksterism is Dinesh D’Souza, who . . . Read more

Smile for the Aliens

Last week’s post, with its uncompromising portrayal of what descent into a dark age looks like, fielded the usual quota of voices insisting that it’s different this time. It’s a familiar chorus, and I confess to a certain wry amusement in watching so many changes get rung on what, after all, is ultimately a non sequitur. Grant that it’s different this time: so? It’s different . . . Read more

A Walk in the Park

It was a tranquil Sunday afternoon, the thunder and rain had newly cleared from the morning while leaving a hint that they may return. As the elements remained undecided, a compatriot and I risked the journey outside. The neighborhood in which we found ourselves belonged to Middle America, and as such the lawns were tidy, the houses maintained and the people reserved. Here was a . . . Read more

The Dark Art of Being FAIR

A “national media watch group . . . offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship” is a great idea. And that is how Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) describes itself, which, on the face of that, makes it a welcome initiative.

According to their website, they “work to invigorate the First Amendment by greater diversity in the press and scrutinizing media practices that marginalize public . . . Read more

At Least 50 Eighth Graders, When Asked to Independently Examine the 'Holocaust,' Determine that it Never Happened

An eighth-grade English assignment that was meant to develop students’ critical thinking skills has, instead, created some 50 new Holocaust deniers.

In May, Rialto Unified School District leaders came under intense criticism after it was revealed the district’s roughly 2,000 eighth-grade students were given an in-class essay assignment in which they were asked to consider if the Holocaust was “an actual . . . Read more

Study Reinforces the Importance of Genetics: Close Friends Often Share High Percentage of Genes


More than any other species, humans form social ties to individuals who are neither kin nor mates, and these ties tend to be with similar people. Here, we show that this similarity extends to genotypes. Across the whole genome, friends’ genotypes at the single nucleotide polymorphism level tend to be positively correlated (homophilic). In fact, the increase in similarity relative to strangers is at the level of fourth cousins. However, certain genotypes are also negatively correlated (heterophilic) in friends. And the degree of correlation in genotypes can be used to create a “friendship score” that predicts the existence of friendship ties in a hold-out sample. A focused gene-set analysis indicates that some of the overall correlation in genotypes can be explained by specific systems; for example, an olfactory gene set is homophilic and an immune system gene set is heterophilic, suggesting that these systems may play a role in the formation or maintenance of friendship ties. Friends may be a kind of “functional kin.” Finally, homophilic genotypes exhibit significantly higher measures of positive selection, suggesting that, on average, they may yield a synergistic fitness advantage that has been helping to drive recent human evolution.

Number of Americans Calling Illegal Immigration the ‘Most Important Problem’ in the U.S. Grows Six-Fold Since May

The number of Americans who see illegal immigration as the nation’s most pressing problem has spiked from 3 per cent to 17 per cent since May, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

That percentage now tops government corruption, the U.S. economy, jobs, health care and every other hot-button issue, driven by a flood of tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children pouring across . . . Read more

The Ghettoization of Birmingham, UK

Birmingham is steadily dividing into ghettos along racial and religious lines. The first sign, of course, was the white flight that has made Brummie accents so common everywhere from mid-Wales to the Costa Brava. Now the much vaunted ‘multi-racial experiment’ is unravelling even faster as other ethnic groups consolidate their presence in different suburbs.

It’s been going on for years, of course. The deadly rioting . . . Read more

The Third Reich, the Jewish Question, and the Future of Nationalism

[Carolyn Yeager asks MajorityRights.com:]
Without respectful recognition of the uniquely remarkable role played by Hitler and the Germans in the seemingly insurmountable struggle against Jewish world domination, you lose considerable substance and credibility.
I never said that Hitler and the Germans were not unique and remarkable, nor that their focus on the J.Q. did not merit assimilation - particularly in the sense of prioritizing Jews as a concern and seeing . . . Read more

An Insane Death for an Insane Leftist

It’s not every day you see a leftist go up in flames—literally!

In an act that would make a great scene in a right-wing comedy film, lifelong “social justice” pastor Charles Moore decided to go out in a blaze of un-glory as he took his life with a gallon of gasoline and a trusted match in front of a Texas shopping mall.

What was the . . . Read more

Orwell's Quad and the New World Order

George Orwell, in 1984, described a chaotic world of perpetual warfare: a large part of the planet was forever fought over and constantly changing hands, with the lives of the inhabitants assigned minimal value.
“Between the frontiers of the super-states, and not permanently in the possession of any of them, there lies a rough quadrilateral with its corners at Tangier, Brazzaville, Darwin, and Hong . . . Read more

Immigration Opposed In Oregon

The illegal alien became an “undocumented immigrant”. Then they became “asylum seekers”. And now they have become the “refugee”. No matter what one calls it – illegal immigration is illegal immigration.

Many believe that the primary reason for this unchecked border crossing is to displace and replace European-Americans, the majority population. It adversely affects the African American population as well!

In Portland, one can find . . . Read more

Emptying the World Cup

A recent spate of articles celebrating multiculturalism and FIFA’s World Cup argue that more diverse football squads do better. But one has to ask: Better for whom and for what?

The World Cup offers people from competing nations a chance to display their national pride with minimal bloodshed. It is a safe substitute for war. As Cormac McCarthy’s diabolical character Judge Holden says: . . . Read more