Sep 24, 2014

Your White Genes Speak Out!

via Western Spring

How many of you have been extremely curious to see the photos or hear stories of your ancestors, wondering if you looked or thought like them, how many have seen the uncanny resemblance of people going back generations?

It is the same fundamental and most powerful human need/drive that adopted children have, into their adulthood. They need to know who their blood is, who they are. Irish-Americans come to Ireland all gooey-eyed, we used to find it amusing and refer to them in a condescending manner, I realised some time ago we were wrong, their visit to Ireland renders them as innocent children looking for their parents. They are in awe of seeing a country, (pre-mass immigration) Ireland, being filled with only white Irish people, more to the point, being filled with the people that share the same blood as them. To them it is as some kind of Nirvana, visiting the place where their ancestors came from – wide-eyed, looking at all the white Irish people, faced with living ancient history that anyone of us could be their relation, or what their great great grandparents looked like. For once in their lives, having left the multicultural rootless, anchorless psychological ground zero and cultural wasteland that is modern America, and setting foot in Ireland, the land of their ancestors, they felt grounded, they felt they belonged, they felt they had found who they were, why they were, and their place in the universe, they found their roots, their ancestors, their blood, what makes them tick – why they are. They felt good, they felt secure, they felt fulfilled or as if they had filled some perceived void in their sense of being. They found home, there were home.

This human ancestral connection is so important, without it we become psychological flotsam and jetsam, without an anchoring point, we are at a loss in the sea, open to any wind or current’s whim. Without knowing our blood or having that racial ethnic ancestral heritage from a common ethnicity, we are pieces of floating dust in the universe. If our past is destroyed, our future is never within our control. Or at least our present and possible futures are open to the control of groups more ethnically connected and cohesive. We are merely their cattle, human commodities to be used and objectified as single entity units. The great news for those Whites who were adopted, and who still do not know their biological parents, is that in a society of ethno-centrism White natives, their family is us and specifically one of the unique European ethnicities, they can lay claim to a unique and rare family from one of Europa’s children nations.

History is not a rubbish tip of redundant past actions or quaint curios, it is the wisest and most accurate telescope into our future.

Of course in Christianity the idea is that we in and of ourselves are a community with and in God, but even God or other karmic spiritualities took into account race and the goodness for the individual of having ones own kin. That as stated before does not mean hate or non-help toward others.

Gene Uprising

Taking a look at the BBC programme, “Who do you think you are?” which explores the family trees of some TV personalities and celebrities etc, even the most rabid leftist lunatic displays a gushing admiration, curiosity, idolisation and defence of their own blood, looking for who they are, the similarities to themselves, especially physical similarities. For leftists it is surprising that looks seem to be even more important.

It is instructive to politely say to a person who is “sporting” a mixed race child (as it is like a fashion accessory for these people) : “Oh, baby-sitting, I see.”

The reaction, if you pay attention to the micro mannerisms of the face which betray the thoughts and feelings that cut to their core, reveals how they are stunned.

Klum & childInitially they display a sour smile, a grimace, whilst being polite back trying to correct your mistaking their brown jewel as not theirs. Then comes the deeper shock and intense realisation of something that had never even dawned on them, something they never considered. The penny begins to drop, wait for it, an avalanche is about to unfold in that person’s mind, and a lightening flash of regret and loss is displayed for a fraction of a second, as a whole reaction of realisation sweeps across their face.

With that, then comes the sheer weight of something … it is upon them. It is as if their own genes acquire a bit of consciousness (which theories suggest there is a sort of gene memory), and in tormented chorus, scream out in rage at them.

Their own genes rebuke them for being under the spell of a corrupting multicultural virus that has smothered their real instinct for survival and not ensured or secured the continuance of their own genes and what their own genes know to be a tried and trusted group, something like them, something right, someone White. They are in uprising mode at their owner for not implementing to the full, the continuance of the racial genetic blueprint from which they came and which they know is the world leader. In fact their own genes know they are the best of the lot. Even non-white genes know this, it is why they come and seek us out. You are looking at gene-instinct in action.

Yes, there are a tiny amount of genuine asylum cases and economic migrants, but 99% are bogus, and even here, genuine or not, we see how their own genes seek out the west and those that don’t most wish to be here. The reason the bogus migrants come, is because their genes are drawn to the place where they know the best genes are, which also happened to have made the best civilisation and best conditions. The best genes have made the best society, their non-white genes know this and are looking for an upgrade.

White Gene Fury

So for these white miscegenators or “genocidalists” (killers of genes), their own genes know they are onboard a deranged serial killer, a genocidalist, because they understand the generations and scores of Whites who will never now exist, they feel short-changed, more than that, they know they have just been stabbed in the back. For that split second, their genes let fly, they rise up in boiling anger screaming at their own dumb conscious owner in control at the helm, for not having acted in their own best interest. Instead the person in control just allowed an artificially constructed, sly, socially invasive psychological virus take hold of the heart and head, they let it bypass the natural racial instinctive defences. The person suppressed their own immune system – the instinct of their genes (their spirit in natural terms) and they allowed themselves to take on a downgrade in genes.

One can see all that reaction happen in a micro-second, all the above gene-story flashes across their face, across their whole being in an instant. It takes a keen eye or a bit of practice to discern peoples micro mannerisms, but it is readable, and I have read and seen that reaction many times.

They explain to me it is their child, however it is clear they are now trying to comfort, convince and console themselves, trying to get back to the state of calm which came because they were ignorant, or more to the point, they smothered their real awake-and-alive instinctual drive. They do not want to be awake, it is too hard and too painful and want to find their way back to sleepytown, drugs and drink will probably be on the shopping list, anything to get back to living in denial – football, xbox, x-factor, where they can see more mixed-race parents like themselves and their fantastic-ness on stage being cheered by thousands, will also help.

Inevitably they continue describing how the mother or father is Nigerian, (or usually there is no African father around any longer). I simply nod and smile, saying: “Oh sorry, I thought you were perhaps baby-sitting someone else’s child.”

The implications of the baby not having any similarity and looking like a stranger, is starkly clear.

Mary Louise Parker and childIt is not a hate or cruelty to remark upon this, because it is a fact. It is a physical and psychological truth, and because it is a truth that dismantles the ‘multi-cult’, it is therefore a weapon – truth usually is, to philosophies of darkness. This weapon of truth is merely one observational comment, exchanged as a pleasantry in conversation. It’s power highlights how their “baby” looks nothing like them. No colour blue, grey, green eyes, no variety of brown, blondes, red hair, or the finer variety of white bones structures, and greater and finer varieties of long straight smooth and fine hair (whites also have black and brown eyes, as well as hazel). One will always wonder if they do not resemble them physically, what other ways are they different. No ability to see herself/himself, Granny or Grandad, or to see the more ancient ancestors in photos trotted out by the BBC program exploring the ancestors of Jews, who like to take pride in such. When they see other mother’s or father’s adoringly telling of the phsycial similarities between them, their grandparents and even greater grandparents, they will not be able to join in, but will sit silently and realise a massive part of parentage. Of course there is no subsitute for simple care and real love, which is independent of blood bonds, but ancestral racial bonds are one issue to consider, and they are a natural consequence of simply being with one’s own people, a natural and lovely component that is easily had when one partners with one’s own kin.

If you see a white mother, with a race-mixed child, especially of African input, there is practically no resemblance to the white person, there may be a tiny, miniscule structural resemblance, but by no means every time. From the cases I have seen, this occurs in only a small minority. We say there is no need sometimes to always tell people the truth, and sometimes this is true, it is sometimes the better thing and depends on the situation. But in this case, truth is doing these people a favour and more importantly it is crucial because it is messages like these that help our race. It helps our people value and thus defend themselves, it helps whites see themselves as worthy and as the people most desireable, that in itself would have helped all those girls who were savagely groomed and raped by Muslim gangs and many single mothers of mixed-race children. Of course white men are also guilty of their own degeneracy, but it is prevalent among African males.

This is why such day to day interactions are important, over the long term they all add up to have a wider impact. Although it must be said how modern society and male lad-mag culture has a hand in pushing women into the arms of waiting charmers to use as anchor wombs. Again that is another issue for another day.

Instead, the smug and image-conscious, or low self-esteem parents or single mother is now faced for the first time in their multicult indoctrinated lives that their jewel, may as well be someone else’s child. Or may as well be another part of the increasingly common non-white majority mass which globally is 90-92% while we are the rare and precious physically more diverse 8-10%. Our race has been proven to be the most balanced race in terms of attributes, in terms of IQ, emotional intelligence, stability, humour, imagination, physical prowess, martial skill and strategic intellect, there is nothing in any field we cannot excel in. I have a sneaking suspicion the fields where other races excel, are those where we have vacated, in the numbers which would allow our kind to outcompete the best of other races, who populate those said fields now, in greater numbers. And ironically out of all the races, she has opted to opt out of the one thing the multicults laud and applaud her for, the very reason she opted for a mixed-race child: for the approval of society, for the gushing comments of how cute her baby is, for the resounding back slapping that she lives up to her “green-peace” commitments by backing it up with having an earth child…..she opts out of having a child from the race who are the most compassionate race on the planet, so much so, that we have allowed that strength become our weakness, and it may end up killing us and humanity, ironic and tragic.

Above all I find it a very sad thing to behold, and while such a comment must be made, it is hard to do and hard for them to receive. I have more sympathy for the overweight council estate mother who perhaps was shunned or made fun of all her life by smart-arse white males, helping to push some white women to look and seek validation elsewhere and was duped by the snake-words of an Arab or African who know what the score is and how vulnerable or susceptible these women or girls are. I reserve such comments for the more capable and multicult-self-aware, smug-class, usually out and about parading their brown jewel when doing their shopping at the local organic markets. I have nothing but contempt for these image-conscious pious-parading smuggites. And after, I am left with the heavy feelings of care and compassion, one of the hallmarks of our race, towards my race and a sadness as I contemplate the possible fate that awaits us . . .

. . . this feeling leaves and is replaced by another hallmark of our race, a righteous rage and fury, galvanised by a fierce determination!

Liberalism Has Ruined Black Communities: An Interview with James Golden

via The Daily Caller

Rush Limbaugh's Call Screener, James Golden
James Golden considers his 26 years working with Rush Limbaugh to be the greatest professional blessing he could ever imagine. Originally from Queens, New York, James met Rush while working for a major media network and hasn’t looked back since.

Most Rush listeners know James as either “Snerdley,” the call screener, or the “Official Obama Criticizer.” Golden was in Washington recently for a CURE meeting . . . Read more

'New World Order' Promised to World Jews by Members of British Government in 1940

via Ur-Fascist Analytics

Ur-Fascist Analytics Editor's Note: British politicians others than Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain have offered statements reflecting the influence of organized Jewry on the United States and elements in the British government before and during World War II. One such figure was Arthur Greenwood, an influential and high-ranking figure in Churchill's government. Addressing the Jews of the United States, he vowed that Britain would consume her treasures and energies in order to produce a world conducive to the interests of world Jewry.

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain would himself relate to Joseph Kennedy, US Ambassador to Britain, that Britain had been pushed into war with Germany by "America and the world Jews". This was recounted by James Forrestal in his journals, published as The Forrestal Diaries. Arthur Greenwood, who had been appointed Minister without Portfolio in the British War Cabinet, would directly reassure the Jews of America that Britain was waging its war on Germany on behalf of their interests. In an article of the New York Times, dated 6 October, 1940, his statements were published. After the war, a "New World Order" would assert Jewish interests.

Greenwood's remarks were relayed through Rabbi M.L. Perlzweig to a Rabbi Wise; Perlzweig reassured the US and the world that Greenwood "speaks for Britain".

A coupe of things are particularly noteworthy: 1) This reassurance was given to Jews and organized Jewish groups in the United States, and not simply all Jews or even to the Jews of Europe, and 2) the particulars of this "New World Order" was nonetheless focused on the interests of Jews worldwide, remarking that "the conscience of civilized humanity would demand that the wrongs suffered by the Jewish people in so many countries should be righted" and that world Jewry would make a "distinctive and constructive contribution" to building this "New World Order".

The fact that Greenwood addressed "the Jews of the United States" reflects the distinctive pressure on Britain emanating from that segment of the global Jewish community.

Furthermore, if world Jewry was to play a decisive role in the postwar order, in what would this distinctive "contribution" consist? The article in question here alludes to the role that Jews would fulfill after the war, in adding that the "freedom and emancipation of the Jewish people are tied up with the emancipation and freedom of people everywhere." In other words, an "emancipated" world Jewry would contribute to the postwar "New World Order" by elevating the interests of non-European peoples. History has born this out, with Jewish activism a force in decolonization, liberal immigration, multiculturalism, and the decline of people of European descent.

Jeffrey Goldberg’s Fantasy World

via Occidental Observer

In his review of Hilaire Belloc’s The Jews, Andrew Joyce writes:
Belloc pours scorn on this falsehood [i.e., falsifying history to always portray Jews exclusively as victims] not only because it “corrodes the souls of those who indulge in it (134),” but also because it “produces in the Jew a false sense of security and a completely distorted phantasm of the way in which he is really received in our society (134).” The more this falsehood is pursued, “the more the surprise which follows upon its discovery and the more legitimate the bitterness and hatred which that surprise occasions [among Jews] (134).”
This is a good point. Studying Jewish reactions to the rising tide of inter-ethnic friction in Central Europe at the start of the twentieth century, one is indeed struck by the “profound shock, the utter disbelief, among the Jews.” ( Y. M. Bodemann, Jews, Germans, Memory: Reconstructions of Jewish Life in Germany (University of Michigan Press, 1996), p. 266.)
A recent rather egregious case of refusing to come to grips with Jewish behavior as part of the phenomenon of anti-Semitism  is Jeffrey Goldberg’s comment in The Atlantic on reactions to the Gaza war in Europe:
A few days ago, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, tweeted the following statement: “Germans rally against anti-Semitism that flared in Europe in response to Israel’s conduct in Gaza war. Merkel joins.” Roth provided a link to a New York Times article about the rally, which took place in Berlin.
Roth’s framing of this issue is very odd and obtuse. Anti-Semitism in Europe did not flare “in response to Israel’s conduct in Gaza,” or anywhere else. Anti-Semitic violence and invective are not responses to events in the Middle East, just as anti-Semitism does not erupt  “in response” to the policies of banks owned by Jews, or in response to editorial positions taken by The New York Times. This is for the simple reason that Jews do not cause anti-Semitism.
It is a universal and immutable rule that the targets of  prejudice are not the cause of prejudice. Just as Jews (or Jewish organizations, or the Jewish state) do not cause anti-Semitism to flare, or intensify, or even to exist, neither do black people cause racism, nor gay people homophobia, nor Muslims Islamophobia. Like all prejudices, anti-Semitism is not a rational response to observable events; it is a manifestation of irrational hatred. Its proponents justify their anti-Semitism by pointing to the (putatively offensive or repulsive) behavior of their targets, but this does not mean that major figures in the world of human rights advocacy should accept these pathetic excuses as legitimate.
This is a rather stunning example of completely removing behavior from having any role in attitudes toward ethnic or religious outgroups (no mention that the behavior of Whites is irrelevant to anti-White attitudes).

There is no question that negative attitudes toward ethnic outgroups can be exaggerated or even completely removed from reality. But to generalize that behavior is always completely irrelevant is pure ideology — nothing more than an example of extreme ethnocentrism itself  completely removed from reality.

Another example: Israel’s foreign minister Avigdor Liberman recently claimed that Arab hostility toward Israel has nothing to do with the Arab-Palestinian conflict:
Liberman characterized the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as “a marginal problem” which he said is a way for Arab leaders to avoid their own domestic problems. The real problem he said is domestic tensions in Arab society.
Liberman went so far as to say that he does not see any linkage in the dispute between Israel and the Arab world and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and charged that its use is simply an attempt to avoid reality.
Who’s avoiding reality?

Goldberg then makes a concession.
There are, of course, non-anti-Semitic ways to protest Israeli policy and decision-making, and many in Europe walked this path: Demonstrations denouncing Israeli behavior were staged outside Israeli embassies; other anti-Israel activists called for arms embargoes, and so on. Many hundreds of opinion pieces critical of Israel were published in Europe over the summer, and I’ve only seen a handful that resorted to anti-Semitic tropes in order to make their case.
But it’s not really much of a concession. The idea is to promote the theory that the behavior of Israel has nothing to do with the behavior of diaspora Jews supporting Israel — a prominent theme of Jewish discourse in the wake of the Gaza conflict.

But this flies in the face of common sense. Unconditional military (U.S.-made weapons, such as the Hellfire missile, were on prominent display in Gaza) and diplomatic support for Israel by the world’s most powerful country enables Israel to essentially do what it wants to the Palestinians, even when Israeli behavior is in sharp conflict with contemporary liberal American values.  A recent example from a long list: U.S. support for Israel was not affected when the Israeli Supreme Court upheld a law allowing housing discrimination against Palestinians that would be anathema to elites in the U.S. (It’s probably relevant here that, as far as I can see, this ruling was unmentioned in the mainstream U.S. media.)

Goldberg’s implicit logic (I think it’s obvious why he doesn’t spell it out) is something like this:
Diaspora Jews have no influence on foreign policy of Western governments;
Israel would behave exactly the way it does absent the support of Western governments;
Therefore, the behavior and influence of diaspora Jews is completely irrelevant to the behavior of Israel.

As Belloc and Joyce note, false perceptions on either side can have disastrous consequences. Ex cathedra pronouncements by people like Goldberg — ethnic activists with access to the elite media — benefit Jews in the short term because they remove the behavior and influence of the Israel Lobby from public discussion of incidents like the Gaza war. But in the long run, when uncomfortable reality becomes too patently obvious to deny, it may have explosive results.

Extermination, Part 1

via The West's Darkest Hour

I was serious last July when I wrote that I would not add more posts to this page until the financial accident happens. But another sort of accident happened to me that ruined my plans (see below), and instead of making a living overseas I find myself writing again.

In the July message I also said that I would “be busy explaining my minority report.” Well, I have started that autobiographical book in my native language. Its first translated pages are precisely the ones that appear below: 

On August 4, 2014 I arrived to London in the hope of moving to a small town in the United Kingdom in order to save my life once Mexico City catches fire after the looming collapse of the dollar.

One of the smartest commenters on my blog, whom I will call “the Brazilian,” had promised, through his contacts, fake work permit so I could look for a job in England. Throughout the two years I interacted with him in the blog and then thru personal communications, this guy reiterated that he wanted to help me to move there, and when in early 2014 he indeed moved to England I thought his plans were sincere.

The man is the result of a mixture between the races of his homeland, Brazil. He himself confessed publicly that his ancestors were Iberians, blacks and mestizos. Thus in order he did not feel self-conscious with me, I told him that I was not properly white.

Later in this chapter I will talk about some “Creole nationalists”—Mexicans that show off their Iberian roots and claim to have no drop of Indian blood—with whom I interacted in Mexico. The Brazilian’s intelligence had so impressed me that I told these Creole nationalists that my Brazilian, “mulatto friend has an IQ of 140.” Moreover, in my intimate soliloquies I said, more than once, that the level of penetration of the Brazilian on important issues to understand the darkest hour in Occident amazed me. I even told to myself that an “upward quantum leap” was crystal-clear when comparing the Brazilian to the vast majority of Aryan commenters visiting my site. No one like him had captured perfectly the disaster that represented Christianity for the white race, to the extent that—like me—the Brazilian considered it a more serious problem that the Jewish problem itself. Even his derogatory remarks about the philosophers sounded to my ears far above the intellectual masturbation we read in some sophisticated pro-white sites in the internet.

The Brazilian’s intellectual acumen, along with my huge need to escape Mexico, made my defenses down and I trusted him to the extent of deferring to his judgment my first steps to immigrate. I refer not only to the steps to obtain fake documents but also to roommate concerns. (London is so expensive that almost everyone shares their departments and the poorest even their rooms.) Although, as we shall see later in Extermination, thirty-two years before I had a horrible experience in London at a time when I also wanted to escape from Mexico, this time I thought that with such smart colleague our plans could not fail. The Brazilian even offered to pick me up at Heathrow Airport outside London; by telephone he informed me that he would not go to work the Monday I arrived to pick me up.

I thanked him and my flight arrived on time. After exiting from the immigration line, where obviously I hid the British woman who interrogated me that the purpose of my trip was to immigrate, I was surprised that the Brazilian was not there. I waited about twenty minutes at Terminal 4, the specific spot of international arrivals I had mentioned to the colleague, but no sign of him. After half hour he hadn’t come. Nor forty or fifty minutes after arriving at the terminal… I had virtually not slept due to my inability to sleep sitting on the plane and I badly needed to leave the soulless airport lounge and go to the hotel I had booked and even paid from Mexico. But the Brazilian did not appear. With the heavy suitcase I carried—suitcase to emigrate, not for tourism—I could not even move at ease in the terminal. I made a change in coins from a fiver to call the Brazilian’s mobile phone. What was my surprise that he wasn’t at the airport; just on his way, and he claimed he was “about to arrive.” I stopped worrying. But time continued to pass, and more than an hour-and-a-half after my arrival at the agreed terminal, he did not appear. I was hesitant to make extra phone calls because the airport’s phone had swallowed one or two of my pound coins but tried calling. This second time his tone was less friendly, “I’m almost there!” It must have been about two to three hours after the plane landed that the Brazilian finally appeared, without apologizing for the delay.

I wish to stop now and don’t recount the misadventure of that day because it makes me mad that I trusted someone whom I had never met in the real world, but I shall keep writing . . .

Having been so much delayed would be only the first lack of consideration by the Brazilian to a man more than twenty years his elder, who had arrived sleepless from a transatlantic voyage. After greeting each other, the Brazilian convinced me that the taxi would be very expensive and that we better take the subway to my hotel. Once in the tube, as it is called the narrow subway in London, we had to transship over more than once the various lines en route to the hotel, always carrying my heavy suitcase up awful stairs during the transfers. When we got off from a train among the London crowd for one of these transfers, the Brazilian asked me to wait because he wanted to buy something in the store just across the tracks. He climbed the stairs, walked into the shop, came out and smiled at me before… getting out into the street.

I was completely flabbergasted! If such a thing happened to me in my right mind, not in the confused state I was, I would have acted differently. But I was at the mercy of a bloke that—allegedly—would solve my migration problems. He was the only contact I knew in London for a (crooked) work permit. As he had already been delayed at the airport without a good reason or having apologized, had I been in my right mind when he went off the street I would have told him to get lost; fled by taxi to my hotel, and would have sought a more reliable contact the following days (say, through Spanish-speaking restaurants). But without sleep as I was, with great anxiety I remained on the tube station watching the largest racial melting pot of Europe (nowadays London has white minority).

The Brazilian should have taken about thirty-five minutes to arrive, or more, since he left and only then I realized that he had not found what he wanted at the front shop; that’s why he looked it out on the street. Hours later I discovered it were beers what the miscreant had bought, who had cared a damn that his fellow blogger (the Brazilian used to maintain a blog about “racial realism” in Portuguese) remained stranded with his heavy suitcase wondering what the hell had happened.

As I said, it makes me mad to tell this because I did not react as I should. The fact that I did not possess work permit and that the Brazilian had the handle for the grill not only for it, but to get me affordable accommodation—according to him he already had reserved one—played a psychological role in my indecision to make a clean break after the second or third discourtesy. Anyway, when he came laughing and said, “What did you think: that this crazy Brazilian had abandoned you?” I hid my feelings and continued the underground journey to the hotel.

It was during another transfer, now closer to the hotel and where we had to go outside to take another train (I think it was the street where he showed me the tallest building in Europe) that the Brazilian asked me something. He said that instead of going to my hotel, why not accompanying him to the slum hostel where he was living these days. They only charged £60 per week and although his roommates were black—that is, three blacks slept in a single room, beside the Brazilian—, it was only for a week while the better place he had reserved for us would be vacating. The Brazilian had a small back suitcase containing his laptop. He dared not leave it in the hostel with such hosts and carried it every time he went out.

Go figure my dear readers… All of my travel strategy had been based on a bloke that, now I realized, was on the verge of homelessness as he had to carry his belongings in the street for fear of loosing them in a “hostel” without lockers. Had I not been so obfuscated by the turn of events I would have stopped dry the adventure that very instant. But cognitively I was not well. In fact, I was completely alienated. True: I had prepared with extreme meticulousness everything left in Mexico—my library, my manuscripts in ring-binders and envelopes sealed against moisture (I thought I wouldn’t be back in years), the taking care of my pet and even a big farewell party for all believed I would leave for good—, but about my stay in England I had deferred all planning to “the mulatto of 140 of IQ.”

What a mistake. It was not until my return to Mexico, when I told the details of my misadventure to my old friend Paulina, that I noticed things that a man usually cannot see. Pau listened carefully and explained that men tend to admire intelligence at the expense of the other facet of the human psyche: empathy. I knew that in the white nationalist movement there were people with terrible character flaws. But the fact that the Brazilian seemed a hybrid between mestizo and mulatto was no reason to distrust him, as he believes in the “fourteen words” to the extent of having promised not to leave offspring. (Remember the first lesson to the Hitler Youth of Faith and Action by Helmut Stellrecht: “But if your blood has traits that will make your children unhappy and burdens to the state, then you have the heroic duty to be the last.”)

Unfortunately, character flaws can be hidden over the internet. And as in Mexico I only had considered the intellectual aspect of this bloke—a “hemiplegia” of mine, so to speak instead of having delved into the two facets of the person—, in a state of complete cognitive alienation to what was happening I agreed to his idea to abort the journey to my hotel and go to his hostel.

I would lie if I lay the blame at the Brazilian. Now that I’m out of the UK I find it obvious that the planning of my trip was grotesque, to say the least. “The drowning will grab at straws,” and the urgency of leaving a Neanderthalesque Mexico and survive the dollar collapse was such that I put aside from my consciousness basic matters I should have contemplated at my age, before venturing on another continent.

The journey to the hostel was not underground but from the outside, traveling in one of those red double-decker Routemaster buses so showy in London. And still there came the miscreant character of he whom I had placed my most cherished hopes. Throughout the journey in the underground and on the outside of the biggest city in Europe—a crossing that, due to change of plans, had already lasted more than two hours after leaving the airport—the Brazilian had never been solicitous in helping me with my heavy suitcase. Now, in the red double-decker bus, he swiftly climbed to the second floor and asked me repeatedly to go upstairs with him! It was then for the first time, that I showed some self-respect by refusing to come up with my heavy suitcase. During that second-long journey—remember that by aborting the way to the hotel we now were going to a very different address—we still had to make another transfer, but this time from bus to bus. We descended into a densely populated and very noisy area of London; streets swarmed with lots of blacks. To my surprise, the Brazilian told me to wait because he was going to find a toilet.
Lo and behold I was once again alone among human swarms with my heavy suitcase and no sleep! (Later, when I learned that the first time he left he had gone to buy beer, I connected the dots and realized that it was urgent for him to urinate the ingested alcohol.) In that hideous swarthy-filled street, and carrying something less than £2,000 in cash along with my credit cards, a black approached me. I didn’t understand a word. Scared and carrying the heavy suitcase I entered a grocery store but the attendants were not white either. My anxiety was very obvious until the Brazilian reappeared and we boarded the final bus that would take us to our destination.

Unlike the noisy subway, on the red bus it was possible to talk. At last we initiated conversation on topics that fascinate me. I told him that I had seen some mixed couples in London and was greatly surprised that there were so many blacks. He replied that it was a punishment to the English for having waged war against Germany, and added that Nazi Germany was by far the noblest creature that European history had produced. Then he said he did not understand how Americans like Matt Parrott insist on mixing the unmixable: Christianity with white nationalism.
It was not until we reached his quarters that I received the biggest shock of the trip. It’s true that in 1982 I had spent a night in London in a spacious room of a Youth Hostel; a room with many beds. But back then they were all European Aryans; I, the only foreigner. I was twenty-four and, coming from Mexico, was amazed at how good looking some of those English were (in the country where I was born almost all seemed Neanderthals to me). But now I was in 2014, and the all-encompassing social engineering of the British elites in recent decades, that is, replacement of the native race by imported race, had been a success. The Brazilian’s room was not spacious as the hostel I had slept decades ago. It was of regular size with the most miserable niggers you might think of. In fact, in no way it resembled a hostel but one of those trash-people rooms subsidized by charities for the homeless in large metropolis. But they were not homeless: they were blacks surviving, I suppose, from the same type of underemployment of the Brazilian.

I barely saw the spectacle and wanted to run away. On the street the Brazilian insisted that I should pay the £60 for the week. It was already night and he claimed he was tired and that we should think things over the next day. I didn’t know what to do. I had to cancel the hotel reservation so that it was not charged to my American Express, but there were no public telephones in the neighborhood. I tried to get information in a grocery store that opened at night, but they were immigrants who hardly knew English and were unaware of the dynamics of the big city. Not even the Brazilian could tell me what was, in England, the telephone equivalent to 911 so that, through his cell phone, I could make a call. The Brazilian kept insisting me to pay the £60, as the “hostel” never receives one-night payment, only a full week; and said I should forget my worries until the next day. (Take into account that with those £60 I could have spent a single night in a modest hotel, even after losing my reservation.) Still arguing in the street, the Brazilian, speaking in a serious tone, argued that he was tired; ignoring that it was me who had not slept the night before, and insisted to forget the matter of seeking hotel or making emergency phone calls.

As there was no one to help me, not even a taxi to get on in those streets, and as I was worried that in that colored neighborhood I could be assaulted and my money taken away (for my heavy suitcase I was an obvious target), I agreed. I reentered the “hostel,” paid the administrator of the slum the £60 he demanded, and walked into to the room of blacks and the mulatto Brazilian.

But I could not sleep… Although I had not slept the night before I was in a state of extreme anxiety.

I went out to the hostel’s terrace and finally I saw a white man. He was also an immigrant. He didn’t have fluent English and told me he was from Romania. As it had happened to me decades ago in the same city, as I newly arrived from Neanderthalesque lands I was pleasantly surprised by the looks of the blond Romanian. I spoke with him in the fresh night but not for long. He was not very smart and I also felt a little cold in the outdoors terrace. (I had left the plane with my jacket, shirt and dress pants but had not changed my clothes; one of the blacks that tried to sleep in the dirty room, where my cloths were, had warned me not turn the light on.) Apparently the Brazilian also failed to reconcile sleep and after sighting me in the terrace he went to the kitchen to talk at length with a muscular black returning from the gym. The Brazilian informed me that to survive in such place—go figure, myself in formalwear with the downtrodden—, one had to learn to converse amiably with the dark-skinned. The long conversation of the Brazilian with the huge black gave the lie to the claim that he was too tired to help me make an urgent phone-call.

I don’t remember the exact moment when the Brazilian told me that the police had arrested his contact—the very contact that was supposed to get me the papers. He did not say whether he had been arrested the day before or the day I arrived at Heathrow. But I doubt that, if the story is true, it was such a recent event. Chances are that the arrest had occurred long before—which means that the Brazilian had not warned me on time, when I was in Mexico. Had I been informed on time I would have aborted any plan to cross the Atlantic!

The events yelled at me that the trip had been in vain. By not having warned me in time of the arrest the Brazilian had committed a trick of confidence. However, even though that day the Brazilian confessed that he was desperately seeking a decent roommate, I failed to suspect that behind his convincing me to come to London a sinister motive was hiding. The crux of his confession was that his old roommate was a black homosexual whose conduct had caused the Brazilian to flee from there and move to the seedy hostel (where we were now).

I am ashamed to say that even with all this novel information I was slow to connect the dots that such insistence that I go London had not been motivated to help me, the word he used several times but to help himself in his problems with blacks. The underlying motivation of Brazilian seemed to be: “Unlike this nigger, blogger César, who comes from an educated family and whose parents have three pianos at home and five servants, will be my personal savior.”

Such naiveté!: In Mexico I had only imagined a Brazilian full of honor, insofar he vehemently insisted he did not plan to reproduce even after finding a woman in England (remember the wise counsel of Helmut Stellrecht for non-whites). But in London he told me that even before his “racial awakening”—something unheard of in a man of color—he had come to the firm conclusion that he would not leave descendants in Brazil. It was not until I assimilated even more painful confessions than that of the “gay nigger”—for example, that the day prior to my arrival the Brazilian had been wandering at London’s downtown because he could not remember where he lived, and that he drank alcohol to cope with his pathetic life—that I began to glimpse who he really was.

The trip had been a fraud. My purpose had never been crossing the ocean to help a mulatoid fellow to find a roommate—but looking sanctuary for me in a small English village with no coloreds to survive the dollar collapse! He who so much boasted to know something of human psychology had been duped like a child…! Nothing had I suspected of the motives of Brazilian: trying to use me to solve his problem and, therefore, the understandable lack to timely notify me about the “arrest.”

But back to my sleepless night.

My mattress had no sheets. I had no choice but to put my white skin in contact with a mattress that must have suffered a thousand sweats from blacks. Even in such conditions I tried to sleep with the four darks of the room. My anxieties and a disagreeable negress snoring inches from me on the top bunk—the pseudohostel was so abhorrent that not only races mixed, but the very sexes too—didn’t let me sleep . . .

But with the dawn I regained my senses. In the morning, with several guests already waking up on the terrace, including some I had not seen the previous evening, the Brazilian insisted I opened a bank account and said that another of his contacts worked in a bank (by law, tourists cannot open accounts in the UK). Perhaps that employee even knew, the Brazilian told me, another person to obtain work permit.

But I had lost confidence in him. The second night of consecutive sleeplessness I had talked to another night bird, Stuart, who lived there in another room and used to talk to the Romanian during the evenings on the terrace. His accent was not British. Stuart was born in Scotland and raised in New Orleans. As the Brazilian, Stuart had been so badly beaten by life that he had fallen to the pseudohostel. We spoke of my racial ideas and this young man conceded that in New Orleans blacks had behaved very poorly during hurricane Katrina. He was not bothered, though somewhat surprised, about my overtly racist worldview and I asked him what was the whitest city in Scotland. He said that Perth and his hometown, Dundee. He added that the beautiful town of Perth was ideal for retirees (i.e., for people like me had I arrived with the proper funds to buy a modest house).

I made my decision. That morning I was not going to endure a single minute of a “hostel” which did not even have showers for bathing. The blacks woke up and put their filthy music we all heard over the terrace. I told the Brazilian that I would go to Scotland. He was surprised but, by seeing my resolution, walked along with me to the outskirts of the metro station. We said goodbye and never met again.

I still struggled that day to reach Perth. It was not the Victoria Station that the Brazilian had suggested but the famous King’s Cross the one which would take me to the far north: the very one where they had filmed the movies of the magical station in Harry Potter. My flight had been so hurried that already going on my train to Scotland I had to ask one of the uniformed train attendants if Perth was large enough to house hotels. By fleeing multiracial London and the nightmarish underworld of the Brazilian I hadn’t had time to make the most basic inquiries! (the hostel didn’t have Wifi access). Although nearly all uniformed workers in train stations were black, I approached an Anglo-Saxon woman who informed me that there were hotels there. However, still dying of tiredness I was unable to sleep sitting up and had to wait six more hours to reach my destination.

When I arrived to Perth the tourist information center was closed, but the taxi driver of the terminal, a typical Scot, was extremely helpful in taking me to the cheapest places he knew. We went to Dunkeld Road not far from the station, and the Scot awaited me several times while I knocked the doors of various guesthouses. As it was midsummer the signs were saying “No vacancy” but in one of the houses, Connie, the Irish woman who received guests in Clark Kimberly Guest House, admitted me gladly. Having no reservation I had to rent an expensive room with double bed.

But it didn’t matter. That night I slept placidly after so long. At last I encountered myself in the hands of the white man . . .

Ask a Eugenicist: Fear of a Brighter Future

via Counter-Currents

1. Lately, the issue of over-population has pretty much gotten drowned out by other problems in the world. But wouldn’t well-educated people be more likely to know about it, and take it seriously, than poorly-educated people? And wouldn’t this have a dysgenic effect?

Absolutely. People who have no children, or fewer children, as a result of concern about over-population would most likely be smart, well-educated, and altruistic, with a sense of social responsibility, and these are all traits we need more of, not less.

Around 1970 (back when I was just a “fledgling eugenicist”) I had a friend, a retired professor, who was the leader of Zero Population Growth for the San Francisco Bay Area. I told him about my concerns about ZPG, and he was interested. He invited me to give a little presentation at the meeting of all the regional leaders held yearly in Northern California. Looking back on it today, it’s almost funny to recall that I honestly expected that they would all welcome my talk with enthusiasm. I was quite naïve (21-years-old), but I really should have had enough common sense to realize that some of them had been working on ZPG for a long time, and they were all “rah rah” about the cause, yet there I was, telling them that actually, all their hard work was doing more harm than good! But they listened politely until the end, when a middle-aged physician became positively livid. “What you’re talking about is exactly the reason we fought World War II!” he declared angrily. I really had no idea how to respond to that, so I just stared at him for a long, awkward moment, and then sat down. Interestingly enough, three regional leaders came up to me later to thank me, saying they had the very same misgivings.

2. Maybe there are valid reasons why many people are ignorant about sociobiology and eugenics – i.e., because they are scared of their implications.

But is it ever a good strategy to stick our heads in the sand like an ostrich? The scientific facts are basically the same things people have believed since the beginning of time – that individuals and races differ genetically. Now science has confirmed what common sense told people for millennia, so there’s no reason to think these beliefs will somehow bring about the end of the world. The belief that everyone is born exactly equal on everything that matters is totally fabricated, and has only empty assertions to back it up, nothing in the way of evidence. Before Marx and Freud and political correctness, it would have been scoffed at, and it will be scoffed at again in the future, because a gigantic falsehood – especially one this blatantly obvious – can’t sustain itself indefinitely.

3. There are good reasons to reject eugenics, even if it’s scientifically valid. One is that the world is not ready to handle this research. It’s true the media have a kind of filter that is heavily biased in favor of equality, so pro-eugenics views are hardly ever heard. However, there’s a reason this filter exists: it’s more important for the majority of people to have a good life than it is for them to consider dangerous or volatile ideas.

Ahh, now you’ve hit on something! You very aptly describe the suppression of these ideas as a “filter.” I agree absolutely that this belief – that the public should be protected from radical ideas, particularly ones the media themselves find distasteful – is a major reason journalists and others have lied to the public about IQ. But as reasons go, this one is not nearly good enough! Don’t journalists have an ethical obligation to report the facts? In The IQ Controversy, Snyderman and Rothman showed that in this debate, the ultra-liberal media have actually kept expert opinion from the public.

Are you suggesting that the public is too stupid and too unstable to be trusted with the truth? What a handy rationalization for journalists and others who are simply too cowardly to express an unpopular truth! They don’t even have to admit it to themselves. Instead, they can congratulate themselves on being “real humanitarians.”

To me, the attitude you express conveys a chilling arrogance, and utter contempt for the humanity of the public. It indicates they (you?) don’t value truth, or freedom, very much. Because you “care” about them, you want to decide what’s best for them to believe?! Would you want people to “care” about you that way? Who are you – who is anyone – to decide what truths the masses can, and cannot, be told? Do you believe in freedom of speech? Or is it only for certain people? Who is the fascist here?

Time to Resist

via Darkmoon

Darkmoon Editor's Note: In this eloquent attack against organized Jewry and the moral poisons they dispense in the form of pornography and perverted sex, renegade Rothschild Ellie Katsnelson tells us it is time to make a stand and resist — for it is now either resistance or death.

No question is oftener asked, and no observation is more frequently made, than the manner, the method and the means wherewith the Jews arrive at power.

And yet, a detached and honest analysis of this question invariably leads one to conclude that real power actually rests with the people, and all that the Jews have to do to arrive at and to hold that power is simply first to seize it, by whatever means possible, and then to re-direct it to whatever aims seem desirable.

In so far as servitude is concerned, there is no man on earth who has gone through life and who has not at least once marveled at the stoutness and liberty of the Romans, and the faith and contentedness of the Byzantines; and yet, so wretched was Rome in the time of Nero, and so depraved was Byzantium in the time of Theodora, that no man on earth today, knowing what he does, would ever claim that those peoples did not deserve their tyrants, particularly since knowing that it was in their power to do something about their unhappy state and yet choosing to do nothing, there is nothing that could stop those infernal creatures from seizing and re-directing that power, and, by extension, prevent them also from setting the world ablaze, as we in our own days very clearly see the Jews doing.

Of slaves, such as the good Americans have now become of the Jews, it is reasonably said by Aristotle that they are more wretched than the despots are hateful, especially since the enslavement that has subtly and incrementally taken place in the United States of America is actually voluntary and not involuntary, and voluntary slavery, of all types of slaveries, is the worst; for, having come about by our own volition, means that we could have done something about it, but, electing to do nothing and satisfy ourselves now with this excuse, now with that explanation, we have actually chosen to accept just such a voluntary servitude, and thus, in effect, hourly bear witness to that which every human being concerned for his own welfare would strive hardest to prevent: his own destruction.

‘I see no good in having a lord, let me alone be the master, me alone be the king.’

Listening to the eternal Homer speak, one is quickly constrained from attempting to refute this heartfelt wish, since we know only too well that though Americans, too, may see no good in having a lord reigning over them, in wanting alone to be their own masters and their own kings, they have in fact just such a lord and just such a king — and the name of their lord and master and king is actually the Jewish race as a whole.

One of the commonest duties of every decent citizen, whatever be his relationship between him and his country, is to be grateful for the freedom he has inherited, to be vigilant in the maintaining of it, and quickly and decisively to destroy anything and anyone who so much as thinks of endangering that freedom which he so dearly enjoys.

And yet, what a strange, strange spectacle does the American race, and, by extension, the white race itself, present to the world!
What examples shall we cite to prove that the United States of America is but a cadaverous entity? Whose deeds shall we invoke, whether Judaic or gentile, to illustrate that America is no longer the free and democratic country it once was? And what other proofs do we need to bring forward to demonstrate a shocking truth that few in the mainstream dare to acknowledge: that just as it was the Jews yesterday who brought down Germany, so it is the Jews who today are bringing down America.
Let us see, though the place where we shall begin our inquiry may come as a surprise to some, since nature has not spread equally her invaluable gift of common sense to all humanity, and accidental knowledge, such as is gained by hearsay, is but poor recompense for good common sense. A pity, I say.

Because the symptoms of a man’s gravest maladies almost always first appear in his moral sphere, I think it were best if we began our analysis of the death of the American man in that very sphere, for it being the place, as it were, where the real mischiefs always begin, one inevitably must begin there first, and slowly and gradually work one’s way up, until one reaches those limits beyond which one simply cannot go.

”Place the lure of the flesh before a man,”the evil Jews say, ” and just sit back and let nature do the rest.”

A man naturally, immediately and for ever severs his own veins the moment he begins to find pleasure in that Judaic filth that we call Pornography, that very moral disease and that very lure of the flesh which the sons and daughters of the Devil have for so long now been dangling before the Americans.

It is difficult to write about something as unpleasant as this without at least once uttering an imprecation or an invective, but as a good friend of mine, who is a scholar abroad, recently said to me, ”I mean, what more do they” (the Anglo-Saxons) ”want? Does not the world today screw in their language?”

What precisely did he mean, I asked? And as the otherwise ordinary conversation turned a corner and took on a slightly steeper and more psychological and philosophical bent, the good old friend began to expand, like all thinkers tend to do, and reminded me that, because everything has its origin in the mind, if a man wished to bring about his own subjection, the last thing he would want to do is to open wide the dangerous valve of bodily pleasure, since by doing so, said he, he would not only be unable to close it back again, but he would, more than that, be his own witness of his own downfall and servitude.

But why exactly “Judaic”, I asked him impatiently. “You are not telling me that the Jews have actually embedded those images in our brain, are you?”
“No,” he said, ”but history and experience have unfailingly shown that, whenever the Jews slate a country for destruction, pornography is the very, very first weapon they use against that doomed race, since pornography acts not only as a softener and decayer of the will, but also as its own natural, debilitating and enervating agent.”
I urged him to fully explain his argument to me and to the end, and for the next forty-five minutes he proceeded to inform me of the most monstrous and demonic absurdities which the Jews had once visited upon Weimar Germany.
”You know,” he said, ”Hotel Adlon in Berlin was once such a fine hotel, that people’s eyes would sparkle if they knew they were soon going to spend a night there. To achieve what they had long planned, the Jews, having long before softened the minds of the good Germans with lewd and awful pictures of nudity, it so came to pass that the Germans,” — yes, you heard correctly, the Germans — ‘‘the impoverished Germans, used to actually bring their naked little children right outside the doors of that plush hotel, just so that the well-clothed Jews could come out and inspect them, give some cheap money to their famished parents, and take their little offspring up into their dark rooms above.”
At the time of his recounting this, I simply could not but express my utter disbelief at his words, though I tried hard not to offend him, since his whole speech reeked of some terrible, terrible joke, and I am not one who is easily taken in. But no, he said, it was not a joke, and promising to give me hard proof of his dark claim, we continued talking about other ways and methods wherewith the Jews ruin countries and impoverish nations.

Lo and behold, when soon after I returned home, I found in my mailbox a large yellow envelope, containing just what I had been promised to be sent by the friend, and what I saw simply defied belief.
Indeed, there they were, in photographs, black and white, stark naked, German children, as young as five, the natural strength and valour of their German parents having been completely extinguished, standing timidly in front of a small group of five well-clothed adult Jews, inspecting carefully their innocent genitals, just as a cattle buyer would inspect the testicles of a bull at a cattle auction before deciding if the beast would make a good match for his cow on heat back in the farm.
WEIMAR DECADENCE. Germany, under Jewish dominance after WW1, became a moral sewer  where even children were on sale to rich Jews.

Germany, under Jewish dominance after WW1, became a moral sewer
where even children were on sale to rich Jews.

“10-year-old children turned tricks in the railway stations. A group of 14-year-old Russian girls, refugees from the Red Terror in Stalin’s Communist slaughter house, managed to make a lucrative living in Berlin as dominatrices. Little girls were freely available for sex not only in child brothels and pharmacies but could be ordered by telephone and delivered to clients by taxi, like takeaway meals.” —  Lasha Darkmoon, The Sexual Decadence of Weimar Germany

Poor wretched people! thought I. But no, I quickly changed my mind and said, stupid, utterly stupid people! Where were their senses? Where their memory? How could such a fine race as the Germans have forgotten the true diabolic nature of the Jews?

Why would they not remember that if one thing is yielded to that evil race, quickly will they demand another, and yet another, and yet another, and yet another, until their demands, no longer capable of being met, they will openly and unashamedly demand their appeasement by being presented LITERALLY with the flesh of their children, as young as five, and this without any violence or threats on their part too!
Outright filth, outright Judaic filth, has always been the chief weapon the Jews have used against other races. If we wish to confirm this claim for ourselves, simply let us take a look at how badly they have ravaged and mauled the American race! See what unspeakable things they make young American sons and daughters do! and we shall see that, though such depravities are currently confined to the safety of some wretched film studio, or the soulless basement of some wretched home, it is only a matter of time before such depravities appear openly on the streets of America, just as once they appeared openly on the beautiful and tree-lined boulevards of Berlin, and horrify any and all who witness such disgusting spectacles.
With all the genuine and profound respect that I have for the American people, it must be remembered that the German race, my race, is racially much more unified than the American race is, and so it stands to reason that if it could happen to the Germans, it most certainly can and will happen to the Americans.

This is a grave truth, and if you miss it, you may never recover.
The depraved, monstrous, diabolic Jew today stands like a great Colossus in your lands, O unhappy, good, American people! He indulges his stark demonic delight by purveying the bodies of your race, of your sons, of your daughters, of your friends and of your cousins.
The Jew is not a beast that easily goes away and of its own volition. His is a hard will, a hard, hard will, a will in fact so hard and unbreakable, that soon you will reach that point in your existence in which all the guns of America combined will not be able not only to deliver you of them, but even to dislodge them one little bit.
And this is simply so because millions of Americans have willingly made themselves, in this way or that, victims to their filthy ideas, to their awful wares, to their hideous productions, wares and ideas and productions which are absolutely nothing but means wherewith the sons and daughters of the Devil seek to wreak demonic vengeance on your bodies, on your minds, on your hearts and on your souls.
Admit it. Be at least half manly: the Jew is. He simply is. And you yourselves are hourly ceasing to be.
What indignities does not the Jew daily heap upon you! How easily, quickly and mercilessly he breaks you to pieces!

ANTI-SEMITIC CARTOON, 1930s The stereotypical Jew corrupting children with candy.

The stereotypical Jew
corrupting children with candy.

“What indignities does not the Jew daily heap upon you!
How easily, quickly and mercilessly he breaks you to pieces!”

You know, so as to fortify my arguments before presenting them here to you this evening, and thus avoid any declamatory charges of injustice and wanton Jew-hatred, recently and willingly so I might add, though not without much pain and even more embarrassment, I brought some heavy, heavy misfortune upon myself, and briefly ventured into that very, very dark world that is Jewish pornography, the very world which here I so passionately censure and abhor.

And, once there, what did I see?
I saw something which no words in any language can describe! I saw one fully grown-up American man MILKING openly another fully grown-up American woman, and that in the full and unobstructed view of rather many unhappy American shoppers in some unhappy American shopping mall!
And yes, the whole wretched diabolic Jewish spectacle was conducted in the language of Shakespeare, the gorgeously beautiful English, the language of Poets, and Thinkers, and Philosophers and Writers!
One human being milking another human being!
And as awful injury upon awful injury was being heaped upon me by my own very good self, I asked myself this most pertinent question: this milking business, do cows do this? No, better still: can cows actually do this, milk one another, that is? No, of course they cannot, and even if they could, I am certain they would not exhibit such demonic pleasure as those two infernal white, Anglo-Saxon, thoroughly Jewified  Americans did.

Every single movement they made in that horrible video showed unmistakable signs of the vehemence of their inner death! Every devilish moan and groan bore openly the hallmarks of soul injury! And whatever words they uttered from their toothless and withered mouths were actually not words at all, but clear and unmistakable evidence of psychological and biological atavism, of deep, deep character and personality regression, of spiritual, corporeal and mental degeneration so profound and so incapable of ever being improved, that even the almighty God, were he to descend to earth and attempt a cure, would instantaneously be repelled at the sight of the creatures he had helped to form.

And the next few questions I asked myself before moving my eyes away from this scene most heavy, were these: those two Americans, are they actually human? I mean, their action, is it actually meant to please? And if it did mean to please, whom would it please: a man? a woman? both men and women? in what special, arcane, recondite way would it please them?

Unanswered questions!
But, alas, as the encroaching black night slowly began to erase the heavy memory of that soul-destroying unhappy evening, the answers came to me, one by one, involuntarily and without any prompting on my part, as profound answers often come, and I realized that what I had actually witnessed earlier was not at all some specific American carnal engagement, but rather a fragment of the Jewish psyche, an infernal  fragment which rages against its own self, hoisted and embedded on delicate and vulnerable but utterly, utterly dumb minds of two little Americans, a fragment which, moreover, being Judaic and thus indelible in nature, simply took hold of those two little American monsters, convinced them of the perfect rightness and inviolability of their action, and, despite the maturity of their years and even graver seriousness of their countenance, caused them to produce such visual, moral and spiritual abominations . . .  abominations so unbelievably profound, that I felt that what I had actually witnessed was nothing other than visual proof of a fallen man.

Fallen man! What a heavy word! ”Man shall fall,” Jews say secretly to each other, ”he shall not so much break as he shall fall.” Well, well, well, how the mighty are falling, indeed, how they are!
No, friends, the Jews have sown their crop. They have fertilized and watered and ploughed their American soil, and all that remains for them to accomplish their final aim, is some nasty little ”accident” or another, you know, the likes of which tend to happen from time to time, before they actually begin to uproot and cut down and burn and melt that which they have sown.
You know, when that glorious handmaiden of God, namely, nature, rejects a race, it must be clear and obvious to everyone that that race is simply not fit for living, that that race has no brothers, no sisters, no friends and no lovers. It must mean that nature herself has refused to endow it with those qualities that make one a brother, a sister, a lover and a neighbour. It must mean also that nature has denied such a race a spirit, a soul, a heart, and even a body, however corporeally the Jews may appear to us.

A body, a heart and a soul such as one has, is used to help the poor Palestinians and the poor Americans, and not to bring them death, and filth, and disease, and poverty, and ten-thousand other infernal Judaic calamities. And yet, there he is, the seemingly eternal Jew, despite nature’s forbidding injunction never to be, standing cock sure of himself, like a hyena, who alone of all the animals does not fear the deadly claws of the lion, but instead, and for all its inferior size and ugly looks, oftentimes not only stands its ground without so much as blinking an eyelid but even chases away him whom nature alone has equipped to do the chasing away of all the others, just as America frightens to death any and every nation in the world by merely coughing and yet, when it comes to the Devil’s headquarters that is Israel, it must first ask permission from the Judaic Effendi if it can clear its throat in its presence, lest the mighty Sultan interprets it as discomfort and is thus offended. Oh, how the mighty are falling, and how they are fallen!

You are not gone, not yet anyway, for just as nature has cursed you with the demonic Jews, so she has bestowed the rest of the world with the power of speech, and the power of writing, and yes, the power of the index finger, the most useful of all fingers, means wherewith we extend to one another our friendship and love and help.
It is said somewhere in the Bhagavad-Gita, that when the helpless Arjuna pleaded for God’s help, God, while wanting to help him, first asked the good soul to furnish him proof of the means and the ways which he had first attempted to help himself. When such proof could not be produced, because it did not exist, God patted him on the shoulder, wished him luck, and quickly turned his back on him and left him alone.
I believe this to be no more than an allegory, however, wherewith the Hindus in their deep wisdom attempt to show man the consequences of his own inaction.

In my painful experience with the Jews, I have always found that the worse thing one can do when confronted with a bully, is to sit back and do nothing, thus allowing him freely to continue with his torments.
Once you make it known to him however that you have physical force in mind, and that you are willing to use such force against him in your own defense, and that you are confident of succeeding, you will not only overcome the torments he seeks to inflict upon you but you will also see those same torments recoil upon his head.
What he seeks to do to you will be done to him.
In attempting to demoralize and destroy you, he will succeed only in demoralizing and destroying himself.
And should he ever again think of repeating his vile actions against you, you must whip up  your own fury with the memory of the many torments he has inflicted on you from time immemorial, you and your entire race. The humiliations you have had to swallow at his hands, the depths of misery to which this Ancient Enemy has so often brought you and your children— never forget them! never, never!
Let no evil in the world ever frighten you in reckoning your deadly account with the Jew, your implacable Enemy who seeks your servitude and slow destruction. Payback time has come. Just do it!
From unhappy exile, soon to end,

Good evening,

Ellie K.

ELLIE KATSNELSON (pen name):  Born in February of the year 1970, of a good family on my mother’s side, I come from an old German family of the branch of Kleists, who hail from Dresden, though the earliest ancestor of ours to whom I was able to trace our connection was in fact from Bonn. My mother was the daughter of Kristian Kleist, who was the owner of quite a few estates, which later passed first to my mother and then to me.
My mother’s bequest made a huge accession to my small fortune, and ever since I have supported my life entirely by this. By marriage my mother became immensely wealthy, judging by any standard, though her sobriety and goodness were never once impaired by her newly gained astonishing wealth.
In 1989, in a manner most callous, my mother was taken away from me in a mountain in Europe in what appeared to be an accident, but which was soon discovered to have been a carefully devised and executed plot to remove her from life. As I have often found my emotional life without her to be insupportable, and as my grief for her remains unabated, I have decided to steadily pursue those who were responsible for her death, and hope that one day will bear witness to the downfall of those who have made it their life’s duty to bring about and bear witness to the downfall of the world.
I live in Europe, chiefly in a small country house in France, where I have spent by far the most agreeable part of my life, though I often go over to London, where I first learned to speak English, and where I have few friends and some insubstantial real estate. I am not a globe trotting businesswoman, and I do not owe my wealth to my talents. With this last, I have not been equipped. I am, however, independent, determined, and not at all inclined to smile or view with favour those who have tried to make my life unbearable. I hope that my possible future appearance here [on this website] is met with a slightly warmer reception than it once was when I first appeared, for we should all really strive to make more friends than enemies in life.
Certain legal restrictions prohibit me from divulging at this stage more information about myself and my mother, much as I would like to, and so I hope this suffices.
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Ellie K

New Israeli Spy Scandal Reveals Disgusting Nature of Zio-Fanatics -- And America’s Subservience to Them


Headquarters of Unit 8200, in the Negev desert
A new Israeli spy scandal—involving the personal blackmail of Palestinians based on raw intelligence provided to the Zionist state by the American National Security Agency (NSA)—has revealed the full disgusting levels to which the Zionist Supremacists stoop.

The scandal has also revealed how heavily subservient the American establishment is to this criminal conspiracy.

According to the NPR, the existence of the blackmailing campaign was revealed by a group of 43 Israeli army veterans for whom the scandal was too outrageous—even for them.

The veterans, from the Israeli army’s secretive spy organization, Unit 8200, claimed they’d been directed to spy on Palestinians for coercion purposes.

The group signed an open letter of protest to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to the head of the Israeli army, accusing the spy agency of targeting innocent Palestinians and collecting data for political purposes, not national security.

Dubbed the “refusniks,” the veterans declared that they had a “moral duty” to no longer “take part in the state’s actions against Palestinians.”

The source of much of the Israeli data has been identified as the U.S. National Security Agency. Author and journalist James Bamford interviewed NSA leaker Edward Snowden in Moscow this summer, and reported that Snowden was eager to discuss documents that show a U.S. agreement to routinely share information with Israel and Unit 8200.

The information includes the content and metadata of phone calls and emails from Palestinian-Americans living in the U.S., in an agreement reached in 2009.

The agreement calls for the material to be “raw” or unredacted, meaning names and personal information have not been taken out — “which is extremely unusual,” Bamford says. “They don’t even do that with their closest partners, like the British.”

Unit 8200 veterans say Israeli spies search intelligence for sexual orientation, infidelity and other indiscretions that could be used against Palestinians living in the Mideast.

Unit 8200 is “using that to blackmail, basically, to coerce innocent Palestinians into working for Israel,” Bamford says.

According to the veterans’ letter, “A lot of it was simply being used for political reasons. It was given to politicians for their individual use. They felt that they were involved in political operations as opposed to defense operations.”

Israeli backlash against the 43 veterans has been sharp. The defense minister has called their actions “criminal,” and Israeli Prime MInsiter Benjamin Netanyahu accused them of “baseless slander” which “should be condemned.” Two hundred other members of Unit 8200 signed a counter-letter defending the agency.

Bamford says the NSA is untrustworthy and that Americans should be concerned about its activities. Bamford, who used to work for the NSA, is the author of many books about U.S. intelligence, including The Shadow Factory.

“You have a lot of Palestinian-Americans who happen to live in the United States, and if their private communications with relatives in Israel and occupied Palestine, then that puts them at great risk, puts their relatives at great risk,” he says.

“If they talk about confidential things in an email, or in a telephone call, what right does the U.S. government have to give that information to a government that’s basically hostile to them?”

The Bright Future of Secession in the West

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Catalonian secessionists are gaining more and
more support both at home and abroad
For many nationalists, the defeat of the SNP and the Scottish referendum comes as a mighty blow to those who want to “crush the system.” However, despite the debate over whether the SNP was a legitimate nationalist movement or not is now no longer the concern. Despite the result and fall out after the vote, there is still much to be optimistic about the future of secessionist movements.

Regardless of Scotland’s loss, the referendum can still be called a success as it has now given even more momentum to other secessionists groups in Belgium, Italy, Ukraine and Spain. By no means have we seen the end of secessionism, if anything we are witnessing a beginning.

Already, in the wake of Scotland’s no vote, Catalonia is still planning an independence referendum this December.

Pat Buchanan recently pointed out that , “Europe’s secessionists have waxed ever stronger since the last decade of the 20th century when the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia splintered into 22 nations and Czechoslovakia broke in two.”

But what is most important to note is that the elites are tired. Secessionism represents first, the end of the old order power structures and secondly, an end to the old order of civic, non-ethnic nationalism. Though many elites would prefer to have peoples chopped up into smaller units thereby easier to control, ultimately it will be like herding scorpions. Small but deadly creatures with confidence in themselves. Even though Scotland, Catalonia, the Basque, and South Tyrol are all dominated by left-wing nationalist groups, they nonetheless, represent a reassertion of European tribalism, against the bland, cosmopolitan and anti-traditional civic nation states that currently rule over the West. They are the path to bring down the power structure though the most legitimate and peaceful means.

Secession in Europe

The Top Two

Despite the SNP setback, secessionist trends are still strong. The SNP still holds a majority in Scotland, while there are at least eight strong and well organized secessionist movements throughout Europe and several in North America. Despite Scotland’s setback, Crimea, Donetsk, and Venice are still carrying the momentum to break up old style European nation states and defy the system. Hence, the Scottish setback is simply that in the big picture– a minor setback.

Though Scotland has been hogging all of the airtime on secession and now with the defeat of the SNP, new prospects arise on the horizon in Western Europe; The Flemish nationalists and Padania/northern Italy.

Flanders has without a doubt been the most stubborn and aggressive of all nationalist movements on the European continent. Given the abject failure of Belgium as a country on so many levels, it is surprising that the nation has not yet broken apart.

Flemish nationalism is on the rise.
Flemish nationalism is on the rise
 Flemish nationalism is united by varying factions of the left, center, center-right and far-right. All of the groups disagreeing on exactly what Flanders should look like, yet all agreeing that Flanders should be independent. With Scotland out of the way, Flemish nationalists dominating both the Belgian and Flemish parliaments, and coupled with the next wave of economic crises Flanders could be the next center point in the secessionist movements.

Undoubtedly this is the most important secessionist movement in Europe. Not only for the salvation of the Flemish nation but with Brussels being the capitol of the European Union, the break up of Belgium would be the greatest repudiation of modern liberalism and its institutions.

The second most significant secessionist movement is in Northern Italy. The main movement/party is Lega Nord which envisions the northern region of Italy to break away and create “Padania” based on its Catholic, conservative and Celtic heritage.

Though Lega Nord enjoys smaller political success as a second rate and in some cases third rate party, but it is nonetheless at the forefront of a cultural transformation.  The “Veneto Si” movement conducted a non-binding referendum where 89 percent of Venetians voted for independence, and the online success of the Veneto movement (a branch of Lega Nord) was telling. Their goal now is to get a formal and binding referendum on independence conducted in Venice.

With Italy failing economically and looking ever more bleak inside the Euro-straightjacket, northern Italy (which produces two-thirds of Italy’s GDP) will ever look more towards independence or at least partial separation. If Padania can become real it would also repudiate the false notion of the civic-state. Northern Italians have always enjoyed the larger share of power and wealth on the European boot, but with immigrants piling into southern Italy and the Nepalese and Sicilian economies dragging the rest of the peninsula down the industrial north with its legacy of wealth and power will work harder to preserve it rather than squander it on a false dream of the “Italian state.”

To make matters even more complex in northern Italy is the situation of South Tyrol. South Tyrol is the German-speaking region of northern Italy that the Italians took from the Austro-Hungarian Empire after World War I. With no hint of Italian identity, the South Tyrol independence movement is just waiting for the right moment to strike and go back home to Austria. The good news for them is that the majority of Austrians want South Tyrol back.

Though Lega Nord and the South Tyrolians do not always see eye to eye, the dual power they pose will only be further amplified as the socio-econonomic conditions in Europe worsen.

Other than these two strong movements, European secessionist movements still have a long ways to go. In Spain, Catalonia and the Basque Country are pushing for full independence, yet with no leeway from the Spanish government whatsoever. Catalonia will attempt to have a referendum in December, however the Spanish government will not recognize it regardless of the outcome. Spain, much like Italy, will see these secessionist movements come to greater fruition as the European economic crisis worsens.

Secession in North America


The question of Quebec is not an easy one to answer and in many ways it has just as many problems as the SNP and Scotland did. The independence movement is driving by a linguistic nationalism that is left-wing and multiculturalists to its core.

Jared Taylor accurately described the problem of Quebec nationalism saying:

“Quebec has never managed to vote itself free from Canada, but since 1978, it has had its own immigration policy. It foolishly decided that the essence of Quebec was the French language, and the province let in thousands of Haitians and Moroccans. The Quebecois eventually discovered what a mistake that was, and immigration has slowed, but the damage cannot be undone.”

As of late, the future status of Quebec nationalism is in jeopardy. First, given that Quebec is importing as many non-whites as possible, and second, English speaking Canada is importing more and more English speakers from other Anglosphere nations reducing Quebec’s overall power in Canada. Parti Quebecois failed to get a successful referendum in 1995 and there has been little effort since then and probably will not be, given the high level of welfare dependency upon Ottawa and the other commercial interests Quebec has with the rest of the English speaking world.

Nonetheless, Quebec’s nationalist movement does not appear to be disappearing anytime soon and can continue to serve as a lightening rod to other potential secessionist movements in the New World.


Despite the surface appearance of America remaining solidly whole, a 19 Sep. Reuters report after the Scottish vote showed that 1 in 4 Americans are open to secession.

According to Reuters, “The urge to sever ties with Washington cuts across party lines and regions, though Republicans and residents of rural Western states are generally warmer to the idea than Democrats and Northeasterners, according to the poll.”

Hence the simmering cultural and economic tensions between the rulers and ruled is growing and as the economic crisis worsens, coupled with the federal government’s increasing facilitation of mass immigration, will most likely increase this dynamic. It is not surprising the growing support of secession is coming from rural, white and Christian Americans who are increasingly coming to understand that this government no longer  represents their values or interests.

The good news is that Americans are more open to breaking up the union that first appears. For the moment, the American system is being held together by a combination of economic incentives, apathy and fear. Not to mention the various secessionist movements around the USA are under funded, lacking in membership, disorganized and ill equipped to handle the modern question of secession.

Yet, in the United States, there is still a long way to go before a realistic secessionist movement becomes possible, especially given the level of financial dependency that states and citizens have on the federal government. This is a major problem the SNP encountered and in part why the independence referendum failed.

The Others

Other than the above movements, there are still other fringe secessionist movements that are more of a cultural expression, rather than a legitimate political movement.  Bavaria,  Faroe Islands, Aaland, Wales, Cornwall, Silesia, Frisia, Birttany, Hungarian Transylvania, Corsica, Dixie, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are all unlikely to enjoy any immediate success. Yet, given the momentum in Ukraine, Scotland, Flanders, and Northern Italy, it is not unlikely that within the next 20 years one or more of these regions will have broken away.

The Western world is currently teetering on the edge of radical geographical changes. The status quo of the current civic states is only resting upon the current economic-financial matrix upheld by the Federal Reserve, the ECB and the American military-industrial complex. This leads to massive printing of money to keep the welfare states alive and the people loyal to their civic governments. This is one reason why Scotland lost its independence referendum. Just plain too many Scots were on the dole that comes from Westminster. Simple as that. The same story can be told for many of the American states such as Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Once the fabric of this economic matrix becomes further unraveled it will be overtly clear that the modern nation-state system will collapse and be replaced by smaller and more close-knit communities that reflect local values, customs, beliefs, traditions, and economic interests. It is an ideology aptly expressed in the motto of Vlaams Bleang “Onze volk eerst!”

As Buchanan said recently, “The decomposition of the nations of Old Europe is the triumph of tribalism over transnationalism. The heart has reasons that the mind knows not, said Pascal. And the wild heart is winning. The call of blood, history, faith, culture and memory is winning the struggle against Economism, the Western materialist ideology that holds that the desire for money and things is what ultimately motivates mankind.”