Oct 15, 2014

The Holohoax and the Phony Six Million

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I know that the official version of the holohoax™ regarding the alleged systematic extermination of six million jews via homicidal gas chambers is complete bullshit, do you?

This post is not going to feature links to any of the numerous documentaries online that deal with the scientific aspects (i.e. the technical, archaeological, etc.) concerning why the official holohoax™ narrative is not only an impossibility, but is also, upon closer examination, blatantly preposterous. Some good names to search for in order to find such documentaries are Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolph, Frederick Toben, and Eric Hunt. There are others I have not mentioned. This post will instead demonstrate why without even looking into the cold hard facts one can easily recognize the official version of the shoah as fraudulent and the six million number to be the occult jewish religious myth that it is.

The jews have been claiming that exactly six million jews are in danger, facing starvation or extermination, or are already dead/murdered literally dozens of times since at least the late 19th century in their jewish rags (newspapers). Watch this:

The following two links confirm the authenticity of the newspapers contained in the above video and provide many more examples. The first link is to the jew York Time’s very own online archives. The second one is to the section of the U.S. government’s Library of Congress website titled “Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers”:

The jew York Time’s online archives

Library of Congress’ website section: Chronicling America’s Newspapers

Here is another relevant link: 140 Occurrences Of The Word Holocaust & The Number 6,000,000 Before The Nuremberg Trials Began

Here, Zander C. Fuerza, aka ZCF (Zion Crime Factory), lays out the Talmudic origins of the mythical six million number thereby revealing the number’s religious significance: The Six Million Myth

Regarding the falsified German intent to exterminate all of jewry, it is ironic that I can here easily produce indisputable proof of a jew talking about doing that very thing via sterilization methods. The first portion of the following video contains excerpts from the jew Theodore Kaufman’s 1941 work “Germany Must Perish!“:

Ricardo Duchesne on Canadian Identity

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Ricardo Duchesne (whose work has been discussed several times on TOO) recently dissected an interview with Adrienne Clarkson, a former Governor General of Canada who is of Chinese descent (“Adrienne Clarkson: The Greatest Mind of our Times,” posted at the website of the Council of European Canadians).  All the comments excerpted are from Prof. Duchesne.
This usage of the word “we” is common in liberal elite circles. They believe that their thoughts, feelings, and experiences embody or represent the view of most Canadians, not as Canadians are, but as they should be, and as they are being made to be, as members of a universal country belonging to humanity, devoid of nationalism, ethnic ancestry, religious identity, historic pride and greatness. Adrienne projects the “we” of this universal belonging. She is Canada in her highest moral aspirations. Ordinary Canadians don’t have a full grasp of the ethics and goals of this “we”. She stands for the “we” humanity has always longed for. Ordinary Canadians need to enlarge their “circle” of “belonging” by including the whole world inside Canada.
Canadians often ask this question. The reason they can’t define what it means to be Canadian is that their elites have prohibited them from expressing their true ancestral feelings. The elites of Canada have been committed to the complete alteration of Canada’s national heritage from an Anglo-French-European nation to a multicultural and multiracial immigrant nation. This effort to destroy Canada’s European identity has been going on for some five decades, and it is in this context that we should address this question and appreciate why Canadians are having such difficulties answering it. 
Not long ago Canadians knew they were British. Stephen Leacock’s identification of Canada as British, in opposition to central, southern, and eastern European and Oriental immigration, was typical of intellectuals in Canada during the first decades of the 20th century. The French were extremely self-conscious of their identity as “Quebecois” until some years ago when the “ethnic vote” defeated their nationalist aspirations and their nationalist leaders watered down the meaning of “Quebecois” by equating this identity with the French language alone. Welcome Haitians and French Africans. Why did Canada come to be viewed officially as a nation founded by the British and the French if not because of the strong identification of Canadians with these nationalities? Gradually, as Europeans immigrants came, and willingly assimilated to this nation, immigration restrictions policies were instituted identifying the country as “White”. Prime Minister William Mackenzie King, Canada’s longest serving prime minister at 21 years, had the full support of the Canadian population when he announced in 1947 that:
  • Canada is perfectly within her rights in selecting the persons whom we regard as desirable future citizens [...] There will, I am sure, be general agreement with the view that the people of Canada do not wish, as a result of mass immigration, to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population. Large-scale immigration from the Orient would  change the fundamental composition of the Canadian population.
He knew, and so did the majority of Canadians, that Canada was an Anglo-French nation, overwhelmingly populated by Whites, over 96 percent of the population, when he confidently made this announcement. He knew what to answer to the question what is a Canadian. … 
All nations have country-making myths, so why is Canada lacking one? For a leftist the foundational stories of nations are myths in the bad sense of the word; as she adds, Canadians have not “made up” any artificial stories about their origins.  The unsaid or hidden awareness behind Adrienne’s words (there is no further elaboration in the interview) is that Canadians no longer have an over-arching story because the traditional foundational story was thoroughly discredited by liberal elites as a history of expropriation of native lands, Anglo “conformity” and immigration restrictionists. Canadians are simply not allowed to celebrate the making of Canada as Europeans. They can only define themselves as “immigrants,” no different from newly arriving immigrants, everyone equally important in the making of the nation. … 
Any Canadian today who asserts with pride that the country was created by Europeans will be accused of making up a story; never mind that, as of 1971, when multiculturalism was introduced, the population of Canada was 96 percent ethnically European and the country had already been created from east to west. We are all immigrants! It does not matter what the truth is: that i) 90 per cent of all immigrants who came to Canada before 1961 were from Britain, ii) at the time of Confederation in 1867, despite the large numbers of European immigrants in the preceding decades, 79 percent of the European population had been born in Canada, iii) the French-speaking population numbered about 70,000 in the 1760s, and thereafter, until the 1950s, the population expanded rapidly, not through immigration but through the high fertility rates of the French natives. …
Newly arrived immigrants have a keener sense of what it is to be Canadian than Canadians with centuries-old ancestries in this land. And they do, since the whole institutional network of the country, media, government, schools, churches continually promotes the idea that Canada = immigrant. European Canadians, the actual makers of the nation, born in the country, are prohibited from saying anything other than “I am an immigrant”, and since they are not immigrants, they are perforce unable to answer this question.

The Inner Crusade: Becoming a Legionary

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The Captain: Corneliu Codreanu
The Legion is an organization founded on order and discipline.
The Legion is guided by pure nationalism which stems from an unbounded love of Nation and Country.
The Legion aims to awaken all the creative energies of the Nation to the struggle.
The Legion defends the alters of the Church which the enemy is trying to destroy.
The Legion kneels before the crosses of the heroes and martyrs of the Nation.
The Legion stands firmly on the ground before the Throne from which Princes and Kings have fought and died to defend and glorify the Fatherland.
The Legion aims to build a powerful Country. a new Romania, by strength of soul and valor of man.
-The Nest Leaders Manual by Corneliu Codreanu

The struggle facing the Western world is not a simple one. Falling birth rates, unchecked immigration from the Third World, the rise of globalism, increased domination of capital in our economic systems, a destroyed organized labor movement, the breakup of the Traditional family, abortion, and so much more are dismantling Western Civilization. In the span of only a few decades, the ancient foundations of our civilization have been attacked and torn to pieces in mainstream culture, our schools, and even our homes. Before there can be any forward motion in the war against Modernity, we must first identify why it is happening and what we must do in order to defeat our enemies. We must stop being conservatives, Right-Wingers, or Reactionaries, and we must become the only thing that can save our souls and identities: Legionaries.

There are many who view the problem of Modernity in limited terms, if we solve the immigration crisis, the Western world will be saved. Others say that if the forces of International Jewry are brought to heel, the day will be saved and the credits will roll on a European utopia. A third group says that by abandoning Christianity, the European people can put worship of the State or ourselves above all else, and that will give us the fighting spirit to defeat our foes. I must categorically disagree with all of these groups and present the real solution to all of the problems that I listed, in order to fix ourselves we must undertake a crusade of the soul.

The 20th century was filled with ideologies that attempted to advance Western civilization and promote European culture. While the National Socialist economic model was overwhelmingly successful and many elements of the Third Reich society are admirable, the pure worship of biology was missing a key piece in the total revival of the German folk, the spirit. Fascism in Italy taught the people to worship the natio-state and culture, but forgot both folk and God. Out of all of the nationalist movements of the 20th century, only Legionarism under Corneliu Codreanu presented a complete solution.

Corneliu Codreanu said about the varied political doctrines of nationalists in the 20th century, “Fascism is preoccupied by the clothing (namely the forms of state organization), National-Socialism by the body (namely the racial eugenics), whereas Legionarism is preoccupied by something much deeper: by the soul (namely by its strengthening through the cultivation of Christian virtues and its preparation with final salvation in mind, salvation dealt with by the Christian Church in the most perfect fashion).”

To undertake the crusade of the soul is to become a Legionary, a man dedicated to his God, his Church, and his folk who is not distracted by the fleeting passions and pleasures of life this side of the grave. To become a Legionary is to reject all the trappings that modern nationalists think we need to succeed, catchy mantras, cool clothing, slick talking points, and money, and instead of relying upon the limited nature of the physical realm, we turn towards the power of the supernatural and put our Faith in the only power that can actually save our nations and our people, that of Christ.

While globalist bankers, the forces of International Jewry, and traitors within our own ranks concoct the poison of selfishness and greed and hand us the syringe to inject modernity into our veins, we are the ones who gleefully shoot it up into our nations, our communities, our families, and ourselves. This is perhaps less about “White Genocide” than “White Assisted Suicide”. At the end of the day, just as the Devil can only tempt us, it is we are choose to fall into temptation and to sin, our own cultural and demographic destruction starts and ends with us and our lack of personal responsibility.

The only way that we can save our nations and to save ourselves is to undertake a process of totally tearing down and rebuilding the Western man and woman. The clothes of modernity we have worn for decades must not simply be taken off, they must be burned in a pyre so that they may never find themselves again on the backs of the European folk. These clothes and trinkets of cheap plastic from China and chasing “happiness” from one high to the next are chains that we have bound ourselves in, and to once again be a free and noble people among the nations and tribes of the Earth, we must tear away these chains and recenter ourselves on what matters, Christ, His Church, and our families.

The most important thing for European nationalists to understand is that we are not waging a war of flesh and blood as we so commonly think. The battle is not between political ideologies or people groups, it is the age old conflict between the forces of good and the forces of darkness.

Scripture tells us of patterns that flow through generations of a family and a people, so during times of Christian devotion, our people exhibit the outward and inward beauty that comes with humble and loving devotion to Christ and his Church. When generations begin to fall away from Tradition and from Christ, this evil behavior snowballs from one generation to the next and leads down the road to the acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, and the eventual abandonment of the natural and organic love of one’s tribe and traditions.

Hillaire Belloc famously said “Europe is the Church and the Church is Europe.” When we abandon the Church we do not only abandon God, we abandon what makes the Western civilization that we love. To be able to save Western civilization, we must remember what Western civilization is founded on. A lack of awareness and identity is causing the slide towards destruction, thus a revival of identity and Faith could reawaken the fighting spirit of the Western people.

Corneliu Codreanu wrote that “A people becomes aware of its existence when it becomes aware of its entirety, not only of its component parts and their individual interests” and with that mindset we must reject the radical individualism that poisons Europe and her daughter colonies, and instead revitalize a communal worldview that encompasses the European nations and the diaspora, under the banner of Christ and Tradition.

Like a car with an empty gas tank, the European people without Faith in God is left sitting by the roadside, slowly decaying into nothingness.

Modernity embodies everything that the White Right calls “White Genocide.” The destruction of culture, the demographic displacement, the apathy of the masses, the degenerate behavior of our youth, and the rabid defense of liberal and globalist principles are all side effects of the same disease, a loss of organic Christianity within the community. Christianity promotes healthy families, healthy bodies, and healthy culture that has a love of one’s folk and of the entire world, the opposite of the nihilistic and suicidal drive of modernity.

The crusade of the soul is the path of those who wish to live as a warrior ascetic, one of the many forms of being an Orthodox Christian. Prayer, faithfulness, fasting, good works, alms giving, humility, and an internal struggle against sinful desires is the mark of a true man, not the modern “bro” culture that celebrates degenerate behavior, deception, fornication, drunkenness, and atheism. To truly rebel against the modern world you should not turn towards the luxuries of this world, but instead turn towards living a true Christian life, that is the definition of revolting against Modernity.

Our combined foes of communists, the forces of International Jewry, and globalists are emboldened by our weakness and failures. The enemy is only allowed to advance as far as we allow them, which as Corneliu Codreanu said “A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins.” To defeat the enemy we must only defeat our own sinful desires and the stranglehold that the passions have over our lives.

Saint Seraphim of Sarov said “Acquire a peaceful spirit, and around you thousands will be saved.” The salvation of one soul and the righteous living of a Godly man or woman has a tremendous impact on his or her family, and on his entire community. To begin the process of working out our own salvation with fear and trembling, we begin the process of saving those around us who we love and changing the overall culture towards Christ, instead of towards Modernity and the Devil.

The role of a Legionary is to become a shining example of Orthodox Christianity to the surrounding community, in order to promote a revival of both the religious and national spirit of your people. Corneliu Codreanu, the founder of the Legion of Saint Michael, told supporters that we must abide by honesty, integrity, and Christian principles in our political struggle by saying “The law of honor: Go along only on the paths of honor. Fight, and never be a coward. Leave the path of infamy to others. Better to fall in an honorable fight than win by infamy.

For generations now, those who fought for Western Civilization have attempted to outsmart our foes, compromise with our enemies, or sit out the battle and wait for a collapse. Instead of this we should organize our personal lives and our politics around the principles of honor, duty, and service to others. We must always be on guard to be constantly demonstrating the proper way to live, worship, work, and fight.

The ultimate victory of the Legionary is inside himself, to conquer the desire for worldly glory, for honor, for material possessions, and for praise and instead to live selflessly for the three things that matter; Faith, family, and folk.

Skidding into Totalitarianism

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In terms of fashion and customs, a kind of lockstep conformity has always existed in the U.S. We wear what the media tell us to wear, do what the celebrities tell us to do — from women smoking to achieve liberation in the 1920s to everyone disappearing into an electronic trance of computerized alienation through meaningless text messaging in the early part of the 21st century.

Always this conformity has been controlled by the stylemakers, who are the owners of media. And always the purpose of this control has been to degrade and destabilize, to subvert structures that keep the lid on people’s passions, to make society more pliable, to liberate it from the constrictions of the past — which at the same time disintegrates the social glue that has kept society together and coherent, that has maintained the ritual adhesions and correspondences that give structure and meaning to hopefully healthy lives.

Like oscillating hemlines that bounce up and down, the cognitive dissonance of this arbitrary style switching renders us powerless prey to the fashion police, because we want to be part of the herd, we don’t want to be left out, we don’t want our friends whispering behind our backs that we “just don’t get it”. When you’re young and addicted to your peers, that can be one of the worst things ever. In fact it causes a lot of fragile teens to commit suicide.

The latest of these frivolous social manipulations has been to declare that men should no longer shave, that they should run around with a five day growth of stubble on their faces. Some stylemaker somewhere determined that this would make men more masculine, sexier, more primitive, and in fact this is the peacock’s purpose of style, to facilitate the process of mating through visual sexual attraction, and women ever love the hairy brute, even if they find out later that spouse abuse is not so great.

This symbolic social stampede into mawkish seediness, however, has an ulterior motive, which is to not only to wreck existing traditions of what constitutes beauty and formality, but moreso to cast social traditions into doubt whereby men will no longer be certain of what constitutes dressing nicely or thinking rightly. You could call it the perversion of the citizenry, because it is.

This is how the Jewish destabilization template works, as it has worked in art, with the Guggenheimization of classical painting resulting in Picasso-like fantasies of the workings of the inside of the Jewish mind that render art incomprehensible and unfathomable to ordinary common sense. Then when Jewish critics pronounce it as genius, the cognitive dissonance necessary to realign the normal mind into something as perverse as these kosher misrepresentations of logic spread like a stain throughout the land, and the otherwise intelligent populace begins to praise mediocrity as sentient genius, not realizing how this practice has been entirely caused by public relations, or as they call it now, brain entrainment.

Less than a century ago, society required women to be virgins before marriage. A majority of Americans laugh at the idea today, which probably is why the divorce rate is so high and the family structure has become so fractured. Numerous writers have noted that the primary way Jews destabilize societies is through promiscuity, which now dominates Western culture.

Except for doctrinaire religious communities that still maintain some control over sensible ways to create durable families, sexual gratification without any thought about its procreative aspects and social consequences now rules popular thought, and excessive prurience, especially combined with mind altering drugs and hypnotic music, is the surest way to conceal political corruption from the rutting lemmings.

We have as a collective society failed to take seriously the encroachments and deceptions of that mysterious group we sometimes call the puppetmasters, or the Illuminati, or the powers that be. A cursory investigation reveals that these groups are principally composed of Jews, but since the media that rule our lives and govern our intellects are also all owned and controlled by Jews, the panorama of social influences that has been created in our brains, generation after generation, seems to skip over the Jews. They remain invisible, unspoken of, even as our society disintegrates and our people starve and waste their lives fighting each other over inconsequential trivialities misleadingly presented to us by the Jews as the really important issues.

For unfortunate people coming out of an educational system created and run by the same people who create the mindless entertainment and conduct the ruthless wars, the influences that poison our lives remain mostly invisible except for the pain they cause to people who mostly never understand why such bad things should happen to them. Their frustration and rage is fragmented in a thousand directions by media that mostly obscure while pretending to enlighten.

This is why so many people babble on about extraterrestrials, which really is the same phenomenon as religious messiahs, who are implanted in people’s minds to explain what cannot be properly explained, and give rise to the eternal hope that someone will ride in at the last minute to save us from ourselves, obscuring the real reality that if we don’t save ourselves, no one else will.

The essence of religion over time has been about the same as the technique of “executive sessions” that government often uses to talk about crimes their representatives are about to commit, but which they want to conceal from the public. The Christians pinned Mary Magdalene as the only witness to Christ’s resurrection because it was felt the public wouldn’t challenge the testimony of a woman. It is the same phenomenon as “national security” being the operative phase when one government wants to steal something valuable from another.

Unfortunately for the world, the use of that phrase “national security” today means the government has fabricated foreign villains (and even pays them handsomely) to provide justification for dropping more bombs on the Middle East, which Israel prefers to keep in constant turmoil no matter how many American (or Muslim) lives it costs.

There are many facets to reflect upon as our once supposedly free nation skids into totalitarianism, but the one that bugs me most for its sheer delusional windmill-tilting are the people who insist that it was once a white world, and must be again for things to be right. There’s about as much chance of that happening as there is for a leopard to lose its spots.

True, the blacks and the Jews are mostly concentrated in either the ghettos or the gated communities of the major American metropolises, and the vast majority of the American hinterlands are peopled by folks whose ancestors were mostly European, and they desperately — but futilely — want to keep it that way.

Nothing, you must realize by now, ever stays the same forever.

So rather than stockpile weapons for the government oppression that is sure to assail us in very short order, I think it’s time for white people to take a long look at why their own historical behavior has made such a bad impression on the rest of the world, the non-white part, and why an opportunity that was missed then had better be accomplished now, or none of us will have any future at all.

What opportunity was missed, you ask?

It seems to me that most of the world has never practiced the very customs its claims to espouse, and exploitation of the lesser lights has been the rule practiced by the brightest bulbs. This is in direct violation of not only the creeds everyone professes to honor but also the dictates of common sense, because the shortest, most effective route to happiness in this world is not how much you can steal from everyone else, but how much, and how fast, you can make everyone you meet love you, or at least get along with you.

This was the great failure of the white colonization of the world, particularly of Britain, which imposed its will on India and very nearly erased that time-honored culture. In addition, it cast the fog of drugs over China at cannon point, and these scumsucking Brits then pretended to be the pinnacle of civilized behavior. The United States, later on, assumed this mantle of hypocrisy, and today are busy deploying deadly viruses among the unwanted populations of Africa while claiming to be the greatest example of human civilization (and poisoning its own citizens, as well) that the world has ever known.

Today, as the Jews have blackmailed and bribed the corrupt leaders of all the nations it controls, and begun their program of culling five-sixths of the world’s human population, I’m guessing it’s probably a practical idea for all the world’s races and ethnic groups to unite against these kosher killers if the rest of us wish to entertain any notion that they we going to survive any distance into the future.

And for the white race, which now bemoans its miscegenated fate created by the Jewish controlled mass immigration of the “mud races” into white enclaves which has precipitated an epidemic of half breed fatherless babies in the United States and black on white rapes all across Europe, it’s time for the Caucasians to find a way to do the duty they forgot to do when they were stealing minerals — and slaves! — from Africa and fleecing the locals everywhere with their clever schemes.

Namely, treat other people like human beings rather than entries in a ledger book to be exploited and exterminated when necessary. Even though America is now being run by the savage Jews, it is white people who take the blame for their racist attitude toward the entire world, because it is the whites who are still doing the heavy killing of the darker skinned peoples. The Jews pay the killers, but seldom do the actual killing.

The big problem for whites now is that they have created a mammoth undereducated underclass throughout Western civilization which is either unwilling or unable to behave according to the so-called civilized norms that most white people wish they exhibited. This underclass cannot be reached through logical argument because the United States they have witnessed is no bastion of justice or fairness. They see no reason to emulate white people, even though in many cases, white welfare enables blacks and browns to survive. Because what they see and have experienced is a colossally corrupt system in which the rich can get away with anything, so they try to get away with anything, too.

It’s a tall order to try to talk logically to a drug dealer in Camden, New Jersey, but the majority of people of color merely want to fit in, to prosper among their own loved ones, and if they come out slashing in their own cities, it’s only because whites never taught them that part of living, the part that once upon a time made America a great place, before it was turned into a carnal charnel house by Jews selling drugs (with the help of the CIA) and peddling flesh (with the help of little boy loving politicians in Washington, D.C.).

Difficult though it may be, we must treat the world as we treat our own family, and if the way we do that turns out to be abusive, then there is no hope for any of us.

If we don’t do this, we can expect everything to be destroyed and the Jews to finally succeed in creating their beloved prison planet in which their savage hostility to every noble thought will come to be known as the peace that united the world.

I’m pretty sure that we can get along with everybody else, if we practice mutual respect, thoughtful understanding, and realize that as humans with limited lifespans, we are all in the same boat. This bold assessment excludes the Jews, whose historical mission has always been to see that we don’t.

If we continue to be constantly at war with each other, we won’t last much longer. Some unforeseen accident will be the end of us, and that may well have already occurred, and we just haven’t yet reaped the result of the event.

No matter who you are or where you live, there was never any chance you could make it on your own. Only fools and the Jews ever thought they could.

The Pied Piper of Washington

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The last decisive show of intent on the part of a U.S. president to defend America’s southern border was under Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback.” That was in the 1950s.

Since then, the story of American border enforcement has, in spite of overwhelming popular sentiment and unending resolutions in both houses of Congress, been one long, sad tale of dissolution. Even the unending budgetary allocations for the construction of a secure border fence have mysteriously evaporated without having produced even a quarter of said fence; and who can forget that the federal government actually hired illegal Mexicans to build the very fence which was meant in theory to keep them out? The ever-expanding budget of ICE and Border Control have been routed not only away from any effective means of defense, but into inflating infrastructures which by their bureaucracy and opacity only render enforcement that much more difficult – and what’s more, into various black projects in which our personnel collude with the cartels in the smuggling of illegal narcotics, arms, and people.

But none can deny the fact that all the little streams of illegals have, under the present regime, swelled their banks to become a flood. It can be characterized as nothing less than full-scale invasion now. Yet the media would suggest anyone who connected this reality with things like Holder’s Operation Fast and Furious or Obama’s DREAM Act must be a “far-right” “conspiracy theorist,” and therefore beyond the bounds of respectability. Moreover, if you connect such programs on the part of the regime with the Cloward-Piven Strategy, you might just be, as Harry Reid called Cliven Bundy, a “domestic terrorist.”

But come on. There is simply no other way to view these policies other than calculated endeavors to break the country and finish its translation into a thoroughgoing socialist internationale. Not because I say so, or because so many others do, but because there’s no other apparent or likely outcome of such policies. Woe betide those who still cannot see this.

In any event, the propaganda angle on the whole thing is a parody of itself. Honestly, what fare is left for the likes of SNL and the Onion if the MSM narrate the paramilitary invasion under the cartels as a desperate march of “refugees” and “unattended children”? They actually want us to believe there is an uninterrupted convoy of latchkey toddlers marching unattended, not just internationally, but intercontinentally, from the reaches of the South American rain forests, through the desert wastes, over the Rio Grande, to your neighborhood schools.

The truth is, they aren’t children. What is crossing the border by and large, are hardened products of Azteca paganism and narco-cultura. They aren’t here seeking a better life. “These people are coming here to do horrible things.”

The Differentiated Man

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In the days when I used to post on white nationalist websites one of the most recurring themes that people would argue about is the declining levels of Aryans vis a vis other races. I argued then as I argue now ratios are not relevant. Lower animals and races of men will breed at a faster rate than higher species or races. Often the reason for this is the higher mortality rate in such species and races. This fact may also be observed amongst the soci-economic classes which are a bastardised and commercialised version of the ancient traditional Aryan caste system (the two are not to be confused or even compared!).  Individuals of lesser education (not merely formal education but general awareness and ability) tend to breed without restraint and with no consideration as to whether they (or the tax payer) can afford such indiscriminate coupling!

Of course I am not here referring to that tiny and select minority of individuals who are spiritually and racially aware who may breed in large numbers with suitable mates for the right reasons. The people I am referring to in the previous paragraph are those who live entirely by instinct and whose days are spent gratifying their every bodily need or desire. Such people are little better than the beasts of the field and I would not expect them to read blogs such as this so forgive me for lecturing to the converted! These belong to von Liebenfels' Affenmenschen (apelings) referred to in his Theozoology. The move from the rural economies of the past to the Industrial Revolution which began in the 18th century in England caused a migration of part of the rural population to the emerging industrial towns and cities to become nothing more than factory wage slaves. The new capitalist bougeoisie needed as many men (and women) as they could find to work in their sweat shops. The same impulse that drove forward the Industrial Revolution was also responsible for the creation of the British Empire which benefitted no one apart from the wealthy (and certainly not the conquered natives!).

The populations of the industrial towns and cities bred like rats but they needed to as the infant mortality rate was extremely high. Their poorly paid labour was needed by the capitalists of the day (nothing much has changed). The problem with having an expanding proletariat is that the individual monetary worth of the worker is reduced proportionately. This is why countries like Britain welcome immigrant labour because their expectations are low and this creates economic competition for British workers. Employers can pick and choose and pay a pittance for a person's toil. For this reason despite the government's protestations they have done abolutely nothing to stem the flow of immigration (legal and otherwise) and indeed the problem has got worse over the last 4 years (if such a thing were possible). Low paid workers and cannon fodder for illegal wars will always be in demand by this corrupt system.

Thus a capitalist economy relies for the production of ever increasing wealth for the 1% on a large mass of labour. Capitalism encourages and fuels population explosions. Babies are born destined to become unimportant cogs in this monstrous and inhuman machine. This and only this is the value of the 'family', much lauded by the government's MPs as women become nothing but battery hens for future workers. Nothing else is of importance. With these thoughts in mind we come to the writings of Julius Evola:
"The differentiated man cannot feel part of a 'society' like the present one, which is formless and has sunk to the level of purely material, economic, 'physical' values, and moreover lives at this level and follows its insane course under the sign of the absurd. Therefore, apoliteia requires the most decided resistance to any social myth. Here it is not just a matter of its extreme, openly collectivist forms, in which the person is not recognised as significant except as a fragment of a class or party or, as in the Marxist-Soviet area, is denied any existence of his own outside the society, so that personal destiny and happiness distinct from those of the collective do not even exist. We must equally reject the more general and bland idea of 'sociability' that today often functions as a slogan even in the so-called free world, after the decline of the ideal of the true state. The differentiated man feels absolutely outside of society, he recognises no moral claim that requires his inclusion in an absurd system; he can understand not only those who are outside, but even those who are against 'society'-meaning against this society." (Ride the Tiger. A Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul)


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On September 2, 2014 reports went out the world over. Another American reporter was beheaded by the Islamic State in the Levant. The very next day The Leader of The Free World professed that “Justice will be done for American Reporters.” Yet, I am the only one who asks two obvious basic questions. What the hell are American reporters doing in the Levant and what the hell are Al-Jazeera reporters doing in Ferguson, MO? Somehow, we are the only ones losing our heads over this.

Mommy Professor explicitly states that certain things are divinely untouchable. Right at the top of her list is her beloved and sacred religion, Political Correctness. The upper echelon of self-proclaimed “omnipotent demigods and professors of truth” whom fit into the untouchable Priest class (Judges, Professors, Priests and Reporters – and in that order) fall right underneath.

We know that they take themselves painfully serious because they have vested in each other the power to interpret words for us and take punitive action against those who use “the wrong words”.Then they don special costumes so we can see them in the flock. In fact, the higher the Egyptian thread count on your black robe, the more serious we must take you.

Should our eyesight fail us, we are implored to “remain SILENT!”, “stop laughing!” and take the Priest Class “seriously” because they are dead-serious about supporting the anti-white establishment and its de facto national religion.

These Benevolent and Venerable Judges and their thought police not only interpret, but also enforce, the policy that Mommy Professor’s Priesthood has written. Their underlings, Progressive Liberal reporters, work tirelessly with the SPLC thugs and screamers to hunt down, silence and report on Whites who won’t submit to quote Diversity unquote.

Recently, Bob wrote about how the government threw $1 million #TruthyDollars at BUGS in hopes we’ll leave “Diversity” alone and go away.

Sorry Charlie. Attacking and silencing the simple truth ain’t that simple.

In Praise of the Soldiers of the New Aeon: In Laudem Milites Novum Aevum

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In laudem milites novum aevum: A 21st Century Reimagining of St Bernard of Clairvaux's Exhortation to Knighthood


A NEW KNIGHTHOOD recently appeared on the earth, and precisely in that part of it which the Avatar from above visited in the flesh. As he then troubled the servants of darkness in the strength of his mighty hand, so there he attempted to wipe out their followers, the children of decadence, scattering them by the hands of his mighty ones. Even now he brings about the redemption of his people raising up again a horn of salvation for us in the house of his sons.

This is, I say, a new kind of knighthood and one unknown to the ages gone by. It ceaselessly wages a twofold war both against flesh and blood and against a spiritual army of corruption on the earth. When someone strongly resists a foe in the flesh, relying solely on the strength of the flesh, I would hardly remark it, since this is common enough. And when war is waged by spiritual strength against vice or decadence, this, too, is nothing remarkable, praiseworthy as it is, for the world is full of the vainglorious. But when one sees a man powerfully girding himself with both gun and flak vest, who would not consider it worthy of all wonder, the more so since it has been hitherto unknown? He is truly a fearless soldier and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armour of honour just as his body is protected by armour of steel. He is thus doubly armed and need fear neither gods nor men. Not that he fears death--no, he desires it. Why should he fear to live or fear to die when for him to live is victory, and to die is gain? Gladly and faithfully he stands for the ultimate victory, but he would prefer to be dissolved and to be with those fallen in honour, by far the better thing.

Go forth confidently then, you knights, and repel the foes of Europe with a stalwart heart. Know that neither death nor life can separate you from the love of the gods which are manifested in European woman, and in every peril repeat, "Whether we live or whether we die, we are European." What a glory to return in victory from such a battle! How blessed to die there as a martyr! Rejoice, brave athlete, if you live and conquer in the Lord of War; but glory and exult even more if you die and join your Lord. Life indeed is a fruitful thing and victory is glorious, but a holy death is more important than either. If they are blessed who die in battle, how much more are they who die for the Lord of Battle!

2. To be sure, precious in the eyes of the Lord of battle is the death of his sons, death in battle is the most precious gift as it is the more glorious. How secure is life when the conscience is unsullied! How secure, I say, is life when death is anticipated without fear; or rather when it is desired with feeling and embraced with reverence! How honoured and secure this knighthood and how entirely free of the double risk run by those men who fight not for the Unnamed One! Whenever you go forth, O worldly warrior, you must fear lest the bodily death of your foe should mean your own spiritual death, or lest perhaps your body and soul together should be slain by him.

Indeed, danger or victory for a noble man depends on the dispositions of his heart and not on the fortunes of war. If he fights for a good reason, the issue of his fight can never be evil; and likewise the results can never be considered good if the reason were evil and the intentions perverse. If you happen to be killed while you are seeking only to kill another for enjoyment, you die a murderer. If you succeed, and by your will to overcome and to conquer you perchance kill a man, you live a murderer. Now it will not do to be a murderer for no reason, living or dead, victorious or vanquished. What an unhappy victory--to have conquered a man while yielding to vice, and to indulge in an empty glory at his fall when wrath and pride have gotten the better of you!

But what of those who kill neither in the heat of revenge nor in the swelling of pride, but simply in order to save themselves? Even this sort of victory I would not call good, since bodily death is really a lesser evil than spiritual death. The soul need not die when the body does. No, it is the soul which sins against its people that shall truly die, for that soul shall be remembered in infamy.


WHAT, THEN IS THE END OR FRUIT of this worldly knighthood? What if not the weakness of the victor and the eternal victory of the vanquished who rise up ever stronger? Well then, let me borrow a word from Nietzsche and exhort him who wars, to war for the sake of Will and Power.
What then, O knights, is this monstrous error and what this unbearable urge which bids you fight with such pomp and labour, and all to no purpose except death and vice? You cover your tanks with flags and sigils, on your armour with I know not what sort of rags; you paint your guns and your helmets; you adorn your gloves and boots with all manner of trinket, and then in all this glory you rush to your ruin with fearful wrath and fearless folly. Are these the trappings of a warrior or are they not rather the trinkets of a woman? Do you think the bullets of your foes will be turned back by your vanity, spare your jewels or be unable to pierce your expensive arms?

As you yourselves have often certainly experienced, a warrior especially needs these three things--he must guard his person with strength, shrewdness and care; he must be free in his movements, and he must be quick to draw his knife. Then why do you blind yourselves with effeminate locks and trip yourselves up with loose trousers, burying your feminine, delicate hands in the robes of manliness? Above all, there is that terrible insecurity of conscience, in spite of all your armour, since you have dared to undertake such a dangerous business on such slight and frivolous grounds. What else is the cause of wars and the root of disputes among you, except unreasonable flashes of anger, the thirst for empty glory, or the hankering after some earthly possessions? It certainly is not safe to kill or to be killed for such causes as these.


BUT THE KNIGHTS OF THE LORD OF BATTLE may safely fight the battles of their LORD, fearing neither punishment if they smite the enemy, nor danger at their own death; since to inflict death or to die in battle is an abundant claim to glory. The Lord of War freely accepts the death of the foe needn’t offend him, and yet more freely gives himself for the consolation of his fallen soldier.

The soldier of Europe, I say, may strike with confidence and die yet more confidently, for he serves Europe when he strikes, and serves himself when he falls. Neither does he bear the bullet or bomb in vain, for he is the minister of death, for the punishment of evildoers and for the praise of honour. If he kills an enemy of the European woman, he is not a murderer, but, if I may so put it, a killer of evil. He is evidently the avenger of Europe towards evildoers and he is rightly considered a defender of Europeans. Should he be killed himself, we know that he has not perished, but has come safely into the eternal castle. When he inflicts death it is to Europe’s profit, and when he suffers death, it is for his own gain. The noble man glories in the death of the enemy of Europe, because Europe is glorified; while the death of the noble soldier gives occasion for the King to show his liberality in the rewarding of his soldiering. In the one case the just shall rejoice when he sees justice done, and in the other man shall say, truly there is a reward for the just; truly it is the King who judges the earth.

I do not mean to say that the foes of Europe are to be slaughtered when there is any other way to prevent them from harassing and persecuting us, but only that it seems better to destroy them sooner rather than later.

5. What then? If it is never permissible for a noble man to strike with the sword, why did our ancestors, the greatest and noblest of men do all with the sword? But if it is permitted to all those so destined by the Lord of Battle, as is indeed the case, to whom, I ask, may it be allowed more rightly than to those whose hands and hearts hold for us Rome, the city of our strength?

Thus when the transgressors of divine law have been expelled, the righteous nation that keeps the truth may enter in security. Certainly it is proper that the nations who love war should be exalted, that those who trouble us should be cut off, and that all the workers of vice should be dispersed from the cities of Europe. They busy themselves to carry away the incalculable riches placed in Europe by the European peoples, to profane the holy places and to possess the sanctuary of our ancestors as their heritage. Let both swords of the faithful fall upon the necks of the foe, in order to destroy every high thing exalting itself against the knowledge of Europe, which is the faith in war, lest the gutter rats should then say, "Where is their Honour?"

6. Once they have been cast out, he shall return to his heritage and to his home, which aroused his anger in the before time, "Behold," he said, "your house is full of rats." He had complained through the Prophet Nietzsche: "Ye are all weak," and he will fulfil that other prophecy: "Might is Right."

Rejoice Europa! And recognize now the time in which you are visited! Be glad and give praise together, wastes of the North, for the Lord of War will comfort his people. The Lord has bared his iron arm in the sight of all peoples. O virgins of Europe, you were fallen and there was none to raise you up. Arise now and shake off the dust, O daughters of Europe. Arise, I say, and stand on high. See the happiness which comes to you from your God. You will no longer be referred to as the forsaken one, nor your land any more termed a palace of whores; for the Lord of Battle takes his delight in you, and your land shall be peopled with warriors. Raise your eyes, look about you and see; all these vermin are gathered together and come to you with begging bowls. Here is the war cry sent to you from the Holy One! “Might is Right!

Do you not see how frequently these ancient warriors foreshadowed the new knighthood? Truly, as we have heard, so we have now seen in the city of the Lord of Armies. Of course we must not let these mundane battles blind us to the spiritual meaning of war for the noble man. Otherwise the tangible would supplant the intangible, material poverty would threaten spiritual wealth and present possessions would forestall future fulfilment. Furthermore, the temporal glory of the earthly battle does not eclipse the glory of its heavenly counterpart, but rather prepares for it, at least so long as we remember that the one is the figure of the other, and that it is the heavenly one which is our ultimate and final battle.


AND NOW AS A MODEL, or at least for the shame of those soldiers of ours who fight for money rather than for their people, we will briefly set forth the life and virtues of these cavaliers of Europe. Let us see how they conduct themselves at home as well as in battle, how they appear in public, and in what way the knight of nobility differs from the knight of the coin.

In the first place, discipline is in no way lacking and obedience is never despised. As history testifies, the undisciplined man shall perish and rebellion is as the crime of murder, to refuse obedience is like the crime of fratricide. Therefore they come and go at the bidding of their superior. They wear what he gives them, and do not presume to wear or to eat anything from another source. Thus they shun every excess in clothing and food and content themselves with what is necessary. They live as brothers in joyful and sober company, with wives and children. So that their physical perfection will lack nothing, they dwell united in one community with no hubris whatsoever, careful to keep the unity of the people. You may say that the whole multitude has but one heart and one soul to the point that nobody follows his own will, but rather seeks to follow the commander.

They never sit in idleness or wander about aimlessly, but on the rare occasions when they are not on duty, they are always careful to earn their pay by cleaning their guns and mending torn clothing, or simply by setting things to order. For the rest, they are guided by the common needs and by the orders of their officers.

There is no distinction of persons among them, and deference is shown to merit rather than to noble blood. They rival one another in mutual consideration, and they carry one another's burdens, thus fulfilling the law of brotherhood. No inappropriate word, idle deed, unrestrained laugh, not even the slightest whisper or murmur is left uncorrected once it has been detected. They foreswear whores and gambling, and abhor the drunken; they take no delight in the ridiculousness of drug abuse. As for whores, brothels, strip clubs, night clubs and drug dealers, they despise and reject them as so many vanities and unsound deceptions. Their hair is worn short, in conformity with the noble custom. They wash daily and comb their hair--content only to appear clean and smart, bearing the marks of the sun and of their Lord.

8. When the battle is at hand, they arm themselves interiorly with love of combat and exteriorly with steel rather than decorate themselves with gold, since their business is to strike fear in the enemy rather than to incite his cupidity. They seek out the duties which are dangerous and violent, rather than those which are far behind the line or easy, they set their minds on fighting to win rather than on parading for show. They think not of glory and seek to be formidable rather than flamboyant. At the same time, they are not quarrelsome, rash, or unduly hasty, but soberly, prudently and providently drawn up into orderly ranks, as we read of the Roman Legions. Indeed, the true Roman is a man of violence, especially when he goes forth to battle.

Once he finds himself in the thick of battle, the noble soldier sets aside his previous gentleness, as if to say, "Might is Right!" These men at once fall violently upon the foe, regarding them as so many sheep. No matter how outnumbered they are, they never regard these as fierce barbarians or as awe-inspiring hordes. Nor do they presume on their own strength, but trust in the Lord of armies to grant them the victory. On numerous occasions they had seen one man pursue a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight.

Thus in a wondrous and unique manner they appear harder than steel and fiercer than lions. I do not know if it would be more appropriate to refer to them as butchers or as soldiers, unless perhaps it would be better to recognize them as being both. Indeed they lack neither political devotion nor military might. What can we say of this, except that this has been done by the Lord of War, and it is marvellous in our eyes. These are the picked troops of God, whom he has recruited from the ends of the earth; the valiant men of Europe chosen to guard well and faithfully that tomb which is the bed of the true Holy Roman Emperor, each man gun in hand, and superbly trained to war.


THEIR QUARTERS indeed are in the very temple of Wotan, which is not as vast as the ancient masterpiece of Jupiter, but is no less glorious. Truly all the magnificence of the first pillar of the Irmunsil lay in the untouched wilderness of Germania; whereas all the beauty and gracious charming adornment of its present counterpart is the religious fervour of its occupants and by their well-disciplined behaviour. In the former, one could contemplate all sorts of beautiful spirits, while in the latter one is able to venerate all sorts of virtues and good works. Indeed bloodied corpses are the fitting ornament for the war god’s house. One is able to delight there in rows of bodies rather than in shining marble, and to be captivated by heaps of skulls rather than by gilded panelling.

Of course the facade of this temple is adorned, but with weapons rather than with jewels, and in place of the ancient golden crowns, its walls are hung round about with flak vests. In place of candlesticks, censers and ewers, this house is well furnished with rucksacks, ammo boxes and guns.

Once Europe’s devoted soldiers have installed themselves in this holy house with their tanks and their weapons, cleansed it and the other holy places of every un-European stain, and cast out the tyrannical horde, they occupy themselves day and night in both physical exercises and political training. They are especially careful to honour the temple of the war gods with zealous and sincere reverence, offering by their devout service, not the flesh of animals, but according to the ancient rites true sacrifice in the mound of skulls.

10. These events in Europe have shaken the world. The islands hearken, and the people from afar demand asylum. They swarm forth from East and South, as a flood stream bringing filth to the northern nations and a rushing river of death. What could be more terrible and horrifying to behold than seeing such a multitude coming to trample our heritage? What, if not the twofold terror of seeing the conversion of former slaves, thieves, murderers, drug dealers and bandits to Islam? A twofold terror and a twofold woe, since their countrymen are as glad to be rid of them as their new comrades are to receive them. Both sides have profited from this exchange, since the latter are strengthened and the former are now left in peace. Thus all the devils of the world rejoice that the daughters of Europe are raped.

Behold the revenge which our god contrives against his enemies, to triumph powerfully and gloriously over them by the force of combat. Indeed, it is both a happy and fitting thing that those who have so long fought against us will one day soon be annihilated. Thus he recruits his soldiers among his most devout sons, just as he once turned Jerusalem into a charnel ground, so again he will trample the whole girdle of the earth. Therefore I am not surprised that, as our King himself has affirmed, the god of war takes more joy in the butchering of one traitor than in the children of many noble European women.

11. Hail then, Holy Roman Empire, sanctified by the Most Terrible for his own castle in order that such a generation might be saved in and through you! Hail, city of the great King, source of so many joyous and unheard-of marvels! Hail mistress of nations and queen of provinces, heritage of patriarchs, mother of soldiers and warlords, source of the blood and glory of the European people! If the God of Battle has permitted you to be so often besieged, it has only been to furnish brave men an occasion for valour and immortality.

Hail Europe, source of our blood and our honour, for your ancient inhabitants now become the source of wrath and devastation for the whole earth! Yes, I say, you are that great and excellent soil which received into its fruitful depths the heavenly seed from the heart of the eternal gods. What a rich harvest of heroes you have produced from that heavenly seed! Your fertile soil has not failed to furnish splendid examples of every noble virtue for the whole earth--some bearing fruit thirtyfold, some sixty, and some a hundredfold. Therefore those who have seen you are most happily filled with the great abundance of your sweetness and are well nourished on your munificent bounty. Everywhere they go they publish the fame of your great goodness and relate the splendours of your glory to those who have never seen it, proclaiming the marvels accomplished in you even to the ends of the earth.

Indeed, glorious things are told of you, city of Rome! Now then we will set forth to war in the name of the power in which you abide, for the praise and glory of your name.

The Peoples’ Purple Army

via Western Spring

We’ve all seen it coming, the rise and rise (so far) of UKIP. How should we as Racial Nationalists react? We know that as a civic patriotic organisation, UKIP is very far short of what our country needs. As it moves closer to the possibility of power so the draw of the liberal centre will become irresistible; UKIP’s latest star, Carswell, – already tipped as likely leader after the general election – has made many statements in favour of immigration and has denounced what he calls “angry nativism” , although “angry nativism”, it might have been supposed, is why people vote for UKIP! Farage has said that he wants to recruit skilled engineers from India rather than from continental Europe while Carswell (again) speaks of UKIP being for “first and second generation Brits as much as for those whose ancestors came over before the Norman conquest” – in other words, UKIP too wants to pander to the minorities.

Yet we do take pleasure, do we not, in the rise of UKIP? In part this is surely due to the sight of the rotten old parties which have so betrayed and abused our country at last beginning to get their come-uppance. But it is also because those who support UKIP repeat again and again that “we want our country back” – just as we do. Well, UKIP is not going to get our country back for us but it could still render one great service if it can frighten the other Parties into bringing about a genuine slowing down of immigration because, if immigration is not slowed, our displacement as the majority population in our own country is certain and in pretty short order – it has been forecast that at the present rate of decline White British pupils will be a minority in schools in England by 2037, just 23 years from now.

In other words, UKIP can buy us time; however immigration friendly some UKIP bigwigs may appear to be, they have aroused expectations that something very substantial will be done about immigration if they are ever in a position to do it – if they do not, there are others willing to oblige an electorate increasingly detached from traditional political allegiances. And outside electoral politics altogether we will have more time to build that survival capsule which our race and nation are going to need for their long term survival and eventual recovery, a capsule built from a coherent and attractive philosophy and a strong and cohesive organisation.

The Enemy of My Enemy

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There is an odd syllogism that is, sadly, not altogether uncommon among alternative and New Right circles. It works something like this:

-Major Premise: Globalism is bad.

-Minor Premise: Islam fights against globalism.

-Conclusion: Therefore Islam is praiseworthy and an ally against globalism.

I was reminded of this syllogism after recently encountering the transcript of a speech given by the Russian Eurasianist theorist Alexander Dugin, in which he declared, “In today’s world, Islam is the world religion most actively resisting globalism’s force. It makes the Islamic factor extremely important for the front of traditionalism.” That is to say that Islam is an ally against globalism. Dugin speaks of Shi’ites (a minority Islamic sect mostly found in Iran and Iraq) and the Salafists (centered in Saudi Arabia, but now spread across much of the Arab world and increasingly in Western countries), indicating he prefers the former.

In another recent piece relating to the relationship between Western traditionalists and Islam, activist Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Youth Network wrote that Christians should form a common resistance front (presumably armed) against Zionism with militant Muslim groups. He specifically singles the Lebanese Shi’ite militia Hezbollah out for praise.

“We are not separate peoples fighting alone,” Heimbach wrote. “We are all comrades in the struggle against International Jewry and the Zionist State. All comrades united fighting the same enemy, on the same barricades.”

(Oddly enough, while calling for an alliance with militant Muslim groups against Israel, Heimbach also wants a crusade against Muslim militants in Syria.)

A final example comes from Gabor Vona of the Hungarian nationalist party Jobbik, “I declare that today [that] mankind’s last remaining bastion of traditional culture is the Islamic world…if Islam fails the lights will completely go out. There will be no [enemy] against the darkness of globalism.”

With all due respect to Mr. Vona, if Islam is our only hope against globalism, then we should throw in the towel because Islam can’t and won’t save us.

Now I will mostly avoid the usual tropes that would seek to demonstrate that Islam is an inherently violent and intolerant religion, ala Robert Spencer of “Jihad Watch”. Rather, I think it more prudent to ask where is this Islam that is supposedly standing athwart globalism yelling “stop!”

Indeed a survey of the happenings among Muslims is quite revealing as to their alleged “struggle against globalism”. Rotherham revealed that numerous Pakistani Muslims had been involved in kidnapping white British girls in their early teens and, after raping them, forcing them into prostitution. (It should be noted, all of this was done with the utter indifference of the globalists.)

In Iraq and Syria the world has witnessed the rise of the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has asserted its recently obtained power (made possible with Western backing of the Syrian rebellion) by mass executions, beheadings of journalists, and the violent purging of ancient Christian and Yazidi communities.

One could easily pull up countless more examples of a similar nature from Nigeria to Pakistan of violent Muslim resistance to “globalism” which consists of massacres, rapes, kidnappings, and bombing of Christian churches. In the West we routinely see Muslim clerics inciting violent hostility against their host countries, with Muslims bombing a marathon and beheading an off-duty soldier in the street. Indeed, contra Vona, one gets the distinct impression that if Islam were to succeed, rather than fail, the lights in the West and many other places would go out.

Now I’m sure Dugin, Heimbach, Vona, and David Duke would strongly deny these are the sort of Muslims they support or wish to ally with, but if not them, then who? Who are these Muslim defenders of traditionalism against globalism? Where are they to be found?

Iran, perhaps? Except that Iran has been quite willing to aid “globalism” (America) against its regional opponents Iraq and Afghanistan. Shariah states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are closely allied with America and, other than not wanting to allow women to drive, have little problem with the globalist project. Most Muslim countries are willing to borrow money from globalist banking institutions and participate in globalist political institutions like the United Nations. And some like Kazakhstan seem to manufacture a seamless blending of a Muslim identity and bizarre Illuminati-inspired architecture.

The notion of plucky Islam standing up to globalism, after everyone else fell by the wayside, is most certainly a fairytale—and a dangerous one at that. Islam since its inception has been hostile and aggressive towards the West, long before globalism ever existed. The Muslim colonization, as Guillaume Faye correctly identifies it, of Europe and North America continues apace and is being done not with the aim of undermining globalism, but strengthening it, and we must not be tempted into succumbing to a short sighted “alliance” with groups that have a historical animosity toward the West, nor valorizing them as some sort of models that make of them something they’re not. 

Go Straight to Nazi; Do not Pass Go

via Alternative Right

In defense the way to win is to get your enemies to attack you at your strongest point. In offense the way to win is to attack your enemies at their weakest point.

Now, just supposing you were a White-hating, globalist shill – or a slap-headed moron who just acted like a White-hating, globalist shill – and wanted to sidetrack nationalism for as long as possible, then you would want to trick nationalists into attacking by the most bloody, dangerous, and fruitless route possible, the one where their efforts would reap the lowest possible return, and which would lead to their destruction.

In fact, you might even set up something like The Daily Stormer, a populist mix of 4chan Nazi porn, monster truck machismo, and juvenile racist trolling that serves to repel normal people from nationalism, while ghettoizing existing nationalists ever further from the mainstream.

Following Greg Johnson’s thoughtful and precise article against such self-destructive Vantardism, which merely referred to The Daily Stormer in passing, that sites’s publisher Andrew Anglin was stung into writing a long, rambling, defensive, and idiotic article – Fortress Defense Saga: Greg Johnson Joins the Assault on Our Base – which, predictably, failed to address any of the pertinent criticisms made.

But, better than this, Anglin was flushed out by Johnson’s article into revealing his secret plan and the simplistic mechanism of his anti-nationalism. Halfway through his outpouring of butthurt flummery, there is a moment of unwitting clarity when he reveals his formula in a direct address to Johnson:
"You cannot preserve the White race without addressing the Jews.
You cannot address the Jews without addressing their hoax.
You cannot address their hoax without addressing Adolf Hitler."
This is the article’s eureka moment – the cockroach caught in the kitchen light, so to speak – so, go back and have a good look at it again, and think deeply about what Anglin is actually saying.

What Anglin is unequivocally saying here is that before you can do anything at all about preserving and protecting the White race – stopping mass immigration, say, or encouraging White women to have at least 2.1 babies – you must first get everyone to love Hitler and hate the Jews, and if you can't accomplish these supposed preconditions then you had best forget the whole shebang, So what he is really saying is simply:
"You cannot preserve the White race." 
This negative linkage is, in essence, no different from that used by Leftists as they attempt – thankfully with diminishing returns over the years – to demonize any ethnonationalist stirring as the first step towards Hitler and six million lampshades.

For both Anglin and Leftists the essential thing is linkage between the two. Leftists say that whatever you do to protect and preserve the White race ultimately leads to Hitler, while Anglin says before you protect and preserve the White race, you must first get everyone to love Hitler.

That’s placing a mighty big condition on the preservation of the White race, in fact, an impossible one, and clearly reveals a man who, in his innermost heart, clearly hates the White race as much as any diseased Leftist – or is such a dimwit that he acts in exactly this way.

Let me give you another analogy, as these analogies of mine seem to cause Anglin such distress.
Imagine, if you will, a fortress that has two approaches. One is from the West, over easy terrain, over which you can move your cannon easily, towards a point where the walls are quite low and weak. It is the obvious place to attack.

On the East, however, the approach is rather more difficult. Lets say it passes over a weak rope bridge, surrounded by enormous towers packed with enemy archers. Underneath a moat full of man-eating crocodiles awaits. Once across the bridge, it is a sheer climb up slippery rocks with the approach enfiladed on three sides by the enemy’s artillery, until you reach the gate of death, where any survivors can easily be drowned in boiling oil.
Now which way would you attack? Led by a sane, honest, and wise leader, you would of course attack from the West. But led by the likes of Anglin, you would be conned into attacking by the narrow tortuous route of certain death, the Hitler route.

No matter how long you persist, the great mass of the population is never going to start seeing Hitler through the same rose-tinted spectacles that Anglin pretends to wear; and even though there are plenty of flaws in the story of the Holocaust, most people are going to keep on seeing it in the way that the mainstream media present it. Harnessing ethnonationalism to that  dead weight is the political equivalent of sinking its body in the lake.

It took hundreds of years for the equally mythic construct of Christianity to be partially overturned – and that was with most of the forces of modernity working in tandem towards that end. With that in mind, do really think that Anglin, from the depths of his internet hole, can persuade the world that Hitler was a saint and the Holocaust was a jolly good thing and didn’t happen?

The fact is he doesn’t want to persuade the world, he just want to persuade nationalists and convince them that this is the main issue so that they will join him in the bunker of political suicide. Vantardism is nothing more than a death cult for a dissatisfied underclass that hates the modern world.

Hitler and the holocaust are no more relevant than any other part of history, and should not act as a choke point on ethnonationalism. But even if you do care about the Austrian Corporal and what may or may not have happen to a certain group of people in the care of the Third Reich, the best way to amend the historical record would to leave it off the political agenda altogether. In a world where White nationalism was on the ascendant, people would be more prepared to revise the faulty historical record anyway. By making historical revisionism the precondition of nationalism, you destroy the likelihood of either ever happening.

PS: Don't forget to check the validity of Anglin's approach by comparing the number of votes Robert Randsell gets in the Kentucky senate race with the number of votes cast for the average European nationalist party that avoids Nazi Vantardism.

More Than 90% of those Arrested for Weapons Offenses in St. Louis Are Black

via Stuff Black People Don't Like

Vonderrit Myers, bottom right, and friends
So there have been five fatal shootings of civilians combined in the city of St. Louis and county in 2014 by police.

All five involved black males. [St. Louis Area Police Now Have Five Fatal Officer Shootings Under Investigation for 2014, RiverFront Times, 10-9-14]:
The fatal shooting of eighteen-year-old Vonderrit Myers by an off-duty St. Louis Metropolitan police officer Wednesday night has brought the number of fatal police shootings in 2014 that are currently under investigation in St. Louis city and county to five.
All five of the deceased are black men under the age of 31. Two are accused of having a gun. One had a knife, as video evidence shows. And two were unarmed.
The most attention has been focused on the shooting of Michael Brown, the unarmed eighteen-year-old shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on August 9. A St. Louis County grand jury is considering whether to indict Wilson.

Three had weapons; two had their fists. 

None had sandwiches (sorry apologists for Vonderritt Myers). [Vonderrit Myers, Jr. showed off his guns before shooting, Fox2Now.com, 10-13-14]
During the Ferguson October marches, a rally was held with one area black 'reverend' unleashing on a system she believes is "guilty as hell." [Religious leaders call for continued Michael Brown protest, Fox2Now.com, 10-12-14]:
One area pastor said many disenfranchised youth are tired of losing loved ones.
“They are tired of lost opportunities and tired of lost hope,” said Rev. Renita Lamkin, St. John AME Church in St. Charles.   “They are sick of poor schools and bad policing policies and economic oppression.  They are sick, and the whole damn system is guilty as hell.”
But what is the system guilty of? Executing black males with extreme prejudice? We already know the homicide rate in St. Louis is entirely due to the black population of the city.Blacks are executing other blacks with extreme prejudice in St. Louis. [Mother of murder victim calls for focus on black on black crime, Fox2Now, 9-1-14]

Remember, out of 318,000 people, St. Louis is 49.2 percent black 43.9 percent white (as of 2010 US Census). 

Each year, the City of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, releases an Annual Report to the Community. This report breaks down violent crime and the overall percentage of the racial group arrested for each offense (note because of lack of trust with police, many violent crimes/homicides lack suspects. The black community would rather have criminals among them than in jail).

And one of those crimes City of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department tracks by race for is weapons arrests.
Signs from Ferguson October: The only people shooting St. Louis citizens and ensuring black lives don't matter are fellow black citizens (unless you believe the sandwich excuse put forth by defenders of Vonderritt Myers). 

Yes, the Annual Report to the Community of St. Louis by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department details just who has been primarily responsible for keeping gun crime alive in the city. 

Let's take a look at the data:

1999 – 1109 total Weapons arrests

white: 12.44%

Black: 87.47%

2000 – 967 total Weapons arrests

white: 10.55%

black: 89.14%

2002 - 844
total Weapons arrests
white: 9.83% black: 89.93%

2003 - 766 total Weapons arrests
white: 10.7%
black: 89.16%

2004 - 655 total Weapons arrests 
white: 12.75%
black: 86.94%

2005 - 711 total Weapons arrests

white: 7.37%
black: 92.47%

2006 - 496 total Weapons arrests 
white: 8.3%
black: 91.3%

2007 - 648
total Weapons arrests 

white: 9.1%
black: 90.6%

2008 - 753 total Weapons arrests 
white: 6.5%
black: 93.3%

2009 - 844 total Weapons arrests 

white: 10.4%
black: 89.1 %

2010 - 821 total Weapons arrests 
white: 7.7%
black: 92.3%

2011 - 857 total Weapons arrests 
white: 8.6%
black: 91.2%

2012 – 817 total Weapons arrests

white: 9.9%

black: 89.7%

This data should sufficiently show the St. Louis Police Department is primarily encountering only dangerous, armed black males when they engage in community relations that end in a weapons arrest.

"The whole damn system is guilty as hell," for a reason Rev. Lamkin would never, ever admit: dangerous black males threaten to destabilize the civilization whites built in St. Louis and simply outlawing their ability to legally carry a firearm would immediately make the city infinitely safer. 

Those blacks who carry illegal or stolen guns, like the late lover of sandwiches Vonderritt Myers, will immediately be thrown on death row: for blacks with illegal guns represent a menace to their community and a civilizational threat to the communities whites build (see: Detroit, Memphis, Newark, Baltimore, Camden, ect.).

The system is guilty as hell for damning cops to a similar fate as Officer Darren Wilson; for daring to disarm a dangerous black male or simply ask them to walk on the sidewalk instead of the middle of the street can become the fodder for massive black agitation/riots/looting/violence. 

Statistics don't lie; in the case of the black community defending blacks toting around stolen guns sandwiches, well, the latter group has no problem lying to keep dangerous criminals out of jails and walking the streets.