Oct 20, 2014

International Finance: America’s Most Deadly Poison

via American Freedom Party

The present affliction of America’s economic system and its detrimental performance in our economy is closely related to the international banking cartel. The well-known effects; high unemployment, falling middle class income, lower then 2008, private sector falling employment, rising consumer prices, and loss of manufacturing are all related to the policies of the FRS, BIS, IMF, WB, ECB, open immigration, and Free Trade policies enacted by the Republocrats under the Cartels direction. The principal economic and political direction for the banking cartel over the last 100 years has been a single world currency and the elimination of nation states and their borders. The American Freedom Party is diametrically opposed to all of this.

A European Historic Perspective

The first act of the Rothschild banking enterprise was to be the middleman for the King of England in the purchase of soldiers from the Margrave of Hesse for the American revolutionary war. The House of Rothschild earned billions in that deal. The Margrave is often called the Elector, and is related to the royal houses of England, Greece, Denmark, and Sweden. In the second act at the close of the Napoleonic wars in Europe, the Rothschild’s family London based bank, which had the best and quickest communications system in Europe, announced in London after the battle of Waterloo that Napoleon had been defeated the Anglo-Prussian alliance. This caused the London stock and commodities markets to collapse. The Rothschild banks began an expansive purchasing program and by the end of the day when the truth came out they owned 80% of England. Their third act was after WWI when England was bankrupt Rothschild offered to bail out the Bank of England under two conditions, 1) Rothschild would from there forward control to the Bank of England and 2) The Crown would provide an instrument to allow Jews to take over the Levant, which condition was met by the Balfour Declaration. It made the Rothschild Bank the largest financial institution in the world. Lord Rothschild was the president of the World Zionist Federation.

Banking in America

The concept of an American banking cartel has been a fact of history since the early 1700’s. The control of that system by European interests dates to the early 1800’s. The first bank of the United States actually begun as Bank of the United States operated from 1700 to 1799. The Biddle family ran the Second Bank of the United State from Philadelphia 1800 to 1811. It was the second attempt to create a federally controlled national banking system mirroring that of England. The banks primary opponent was Andrew Jackson who proved that with a $30 million investment the bankers had absconded with many millions. In Jackson’s second term he succeeded in closing the bank. America then developed strong individual state banking systems that prevailed until 1913.

The creation of the Federal Reserve System (FRS)

In 1910 the major American bankers and their political allies had a meeting on Jekyll Island Georgia to establish a fourth attempt by the Bankers to establish a central bank like the banks in Europe. The noteworthy participants were: Paul M. Warburg (Partner in Kuhn Loeb & Co. agent for the Rothschild groups and author of the Federal Reserve Act); Nelson W. Aldrich (B) Republican Whip in the Senate, Chairman of the National Monetary Fund, & father-in-law of John D. Rockefeller (B); Henry P Davidson Sr. (B) Partner J.P. Morgan & Co.; A. Piatt Andrew, Assist. Sec. of the Treasury; Charles D. Norton Pres. 1st Nat Bank of NY; Frank Vanderlip Pres. Nat. City Bank of NY agent of William Rockefeller (B); and Benjamin Strong Director of J. P. Morgan, Bankers Trust Co. These men combined in 1910 controlled over 75% of the world’s entire value. They jointly created the 16th amendment the 17th amendment and the subsequent Federal Reserve Act.

What this meant

The 16th amendment established the FRS and the Federal Reserve Act. It transferred the power to tax, set interest, collect taxes, issue money, change hard asset backed money to 1) debt based asset 2) petrodollar based asset 3) totally ‘backed by nothing’ fiat money, from congress to the FRS. With the 17th Amendment they transferred the right of states to appoint senators to a popular election thereby eliminating the power of states to control banking within their borders and eliminating their prime completion of state banks.

What was promised and what was delivered?

The culprits who did all this at Jekyll Island in congressional testimony before congress and committees promised the establishment of their FRS would for all time end the destructive market fluctuations. It would stabilize the currency, and stop inflation. They lied.
  1. The dollar has fallen every single year since 1913.
  2. Inflation has been beginning in 1913 9.9% to a total combined 1913 to 2014, 232.957% in the last 100 years.
  3. As for market fluctuations (Industrial activity) 1913-14 -19.8%; 1918-19 -14.1%; 1920-21. 32.7%; 1923-24, -22.7%; 1926-27. -10,0% 1929-1933, -26.7%; 1937-38, -18.2%; 1945, -12.7% 1949, -1.7%; 1953, -2.6%; 1958, -3.7%; 1960-61, -1.6%; and you know what’s going on now. They lied.

AFP Rises to the Challenge

AFP considers the existing banking enterprise a criminal one, established by congress when they surrendered the people’s right to control their currency by enacting the 16th and 17th amendment in 1913. We believe that the established monopoly stands in violation of our laws. We believe that the most pressing issue is the reestablishment of a legitimate hard asset based currency and to restore power to the individual states, and to rid America of the predatory fiat money based usury banking system. This Jeffersonian idea will be enacted when we take power. We further will repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution. By these actions we will return the powers to tax, set interest rates, and all monetary policy back to the people and the states. Only with sound money policies can America as a nation survive.

Deleterious effects of the existing system

The system established in 1913, which is an internationals monopoly consortium of people whose only interests lie in self-enrichment, has virtually destroyed the middle class. In the last ten years America has suffered with; a 9.7% increase in healthcare due to Obamacare, 6.5% fall in private sector employment, 107% of inflation, 47 million Americans on food stamps, 7.8% increase in federal employees, 24 million illegal immigrants, dollar value fall of ½, 11% approval rating for Congress, 37% approval rating for the president, 2014 produced the worst congress in American history with the exception of 2013, more debt in the last ten years than the previous 42 presidents, a fall of 22% in economic activity worldwide by America, 63,000 small manufacturing companies closed, 11.7 million lost manufacturing jobs, a drop in employment from 1950 to 2013 of total population employment from 80% to 65%, not a single private sector employed citizen on the executive advisory team, private homeownership at an 18 year low, 49% of Americans now live in a home in which at least one person is on government payola, the government now runs 83 different welfare programs and 35% of Americans are participants, Projected Social Security debt is facing a $75 trillion shortfall in the coming 75 years, AFP want to reverse all of that.

The Beast has many names

What we call it is basically irrelevant, The New World Order, 1000 points of light, the bankers, The Order, or the Illuminati. The fact of the matter being is, that they control banking, the media, and most politicians through campaign contributions. The 87+% of incumbent re-elections testifies to that. Patriots and nationalists like Henry Ford ?, K. Chesterton ?, Ezra Pound ?, Dr. A. H. Krieg, Congressman Larry McDonald ?, Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, and Eustace Mullins ?, can all testify to that. This international banking monopoly is the organization responsible for most of the wars and economic problems of the world. Money (Greed) is the root of all-evil. The principal solution to this is twofold: 1) a mandatory national balanced budget and 2) a monetary system based on hard assets not fiat species. AFP is the only political party that supports all those reforms.

Prosperity is not an illusion, it is attainable

The greatest economic expansion and era of prosperity in America was from 1900 to 1914. The Federal Reserve act and 16th & 17th amendment brought that to an end. In that period everything in America boomed. There was no EPA, CIA, NSA, NIOSH, OSHA or any other of the alphabet soup of federal agencies. Contrary to present belief the air was cleaner, industrial accidents by percentage of employed we about the same, and global warming, AKA climate change due to man was as non-existent then as it is now. The greatest difference was that the government was not in the business of indoctrinating the public with false propaganda. America had no troops overseas we were at peace. Business was self-financing expansion and not dependent upon the predatory banks with their usury compound interest. In 1914 the average house cost $6,156. The average income for labor in 1914 was $60 per week. That indicates that the average worker earned $3,120 per year or ½ of the total cost of a home. In 2012 the average American worker made $44,321 and the average home costs $347,900 or 3/4 of the average workers income. Inflation over the last ten years as noted above is over 100%. AFP does not believe that we are headed in the right direction. America is over taxed, over policed, and over regulated on the state as well as federal level.

What is the cause of this?

In the 1880’s the British Fabian socialist Society came to be, it met regularly at the Webb house where the symbol of Fabian socialism, a wolf dressing in a sheepskin is located on a stained glass window on the landing between the first and second floor. The Fabian went on to take over the British Labor party, and eventually to infiltrate the American Democrat party. The present Democrat parties that can be considered aligned with the Fabians who in America are called Progressives. Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are all progressives. The CT 3rd district congresswoman Rosa DeLauro was chairman of the Democrat Progressive Caucus (CPC) it has 69 members. They represent the political part of the N.W.O. The social media and banking part is centered in The Order, whose members (Bonesmen) are active in those fields. To make this clear, the two presidential candidates in the 2008 election John Kerry and W. Bush were both (B). The head of J.P. Morgan Chase is Rockefeller a (B); the largest American private bank is Brown Bros Harriman & Co. it has been run by (B) since its foundation in 1818. The merger of the London based Brown Bros. Harriman bank Averill Harriman (B) George W. Bush (B) George Herbert (Bret) Walker (B) had been instrumental in merging W. A. Harriman & Co. with British Brown Bros. in 1931. All were closely related to Fritz Thyssen who had set up Union Banking Corp. in NY in 1923 to fund Hitler. This is no different than a century before when in June of 1815 at the battle of Waterloo the Rothschild’s had funded all, the British the French, and the Prussians.

What of Today?

With the continual centralization of Banking and the elimination of smaller banks and in America State banks, capital has centralized in a very small number of billionaires, and meg-banks that rule the roost. The relationship between government and banking became much more prevalent, with well over half political financing through this source. Certain people (George Soros; Georgy Schwarz real name) became billionaires and with those funds wreaked havoc on nations and people. Soros, who with his Jew father together turned Hungarian Jews over to the SS for a percentage of the take, is a left wing nut ideologue. His Open Society Institute has financed with $7 billion, to date; La Raza, SPLC, ACORN, the Apollo Alliance, The Huffington Post, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, and worst of all The Tides Foundation. Soros would not be welcome in Hungary where he was born, he is not wanted in England, Thailand or any of the Balkans, AFP when elected will demand his deportation to any nation foolish enough to accept him. His agenda is: Control of American elections, end of American sovereignty, elimination of the 2nd amendment, legalization of drugs, massive green indicatives, $110 billion in Obama’s budget, taxing churches, $20 million to groups opposed to Republicans, the list is endless, look it up on the Internet. AFP is determined to brake up large mega banks and remove people whose ideology is contrary to American interests; the FRS and the media monopoly that is now controlled by less than ten corporations.

Who we are, what we want, how we propose to move us in the right direction

We are the American Freedom Party. Our party was established in 2010 and as the youngest political party facing unbelievable opposition from government was successful in running a 2012 presidential campaign against all odds. Our candidate was blacklisted, refused attendance at debates, the FEC refused to qualify the party even though we had meet all their requirements, several states in which we had attained ballot access petitions state attorney generals refused to accept large numbers of qualified petitions claiming signers were not by them qualified, they refused to provide lists of accepted residents. We are a party that is inclusive of all European Americans, we are not opposed to any others, but prefer to support our own group. If Hispanics can have La Raza, Blacks can have NAACP, Jews have over 100 organizations, we can have the American Freedom Party.

What We Stand For

Smaller government, less regulations, ending Obamacare, support of the 2nd amendment, a dollar backed by silver and gold, no more wars for Israel, no more foreign entanglements, controlled borders, an end to illegal immigration, immediate deportation of all illegal felons, a path to citizenship for illegals including getting at the back of the line, paying all due taxes and fines, and taking English American history and civics exams, English as the national language, repeal of the 16th and 17th amendments, a balanced budget amendment, disbanding of the IRS and replacing it with a 14% national sales tax, , cancellation of the Federal Reserve Act, closing the NSA Utah operation, reinstatement of the rule prohibiting the CIA and NSA from domestic action, a total moratorium on drones inside American borders, breaking up the baking and media cartels, Disbanding the Departments of Education, Energy, Housing and Urban development, and Labor, making the US Coast Guard, Secret Service and FBI separate and totally independent organizations, removing the appointing authority from the Executive for the head of the Department of Justice making the office elected by the house and senate in a joint vote., returning the draft and reducing the professional military size, all able bodied males must server two years in the military, immediately terminate all foreign wars. Recall all troops from Japan, Germany, Italy, and the Balkans. – Walk softly but carry a big stick!

In Banking and Government

The elimination of interest taxes on savings accounts, ending capital gains taxes, ending inheritance taxes, a 14% national sales tax on all goods with the exception of the primary home and one car per family, stopping the ability of banks to trade on the capital markets, Eliminate the WB, disband the IMF, grant all corporations 30 days tax holiday for any funds held by them overseas brought back to America, eliminate all free trade deals with the exception of Canada, Chile and S. Korea. Implement strict usury laws restricting the charges of interest to 2% above that paid by government bonds. Welfare and food stamp payments will be terminated. The government will pay people on welfare and a salary for learning a trade the government shall pay for the cost of this education so long as the student maintains a grade average above C+ this subsidy will continue for the duration of the learning cycle it will terminate 30 days after graduation.

A new banking system

The government shall open a post office based banking system wherein depositors will be paid 2% interest on deposits quarterly. There will be no fees or taxes on these accounts. Depositors will be able to draw checks on the balances. The system shall be national. Loans to qualified citizens shall charge interest rate of 4% quarterly. Interest rates shall not be compounded.


FRS—Federal Reserve System
BIS—Bank of International Settlements
IMF—International Monetary Fund
WB—World Bank
ECB—European Central Bank (EU)
EU— European Union
N.W.O. New World Order
(B) Bonesman

Extraodinary Synods and Cheap Grace

via Alternative Right

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There is at present a good deal of "Chicken Little-ing" going on amongst conservative Catholics with regard to the Extraordinary Synod of the Family now convening in Rome, under the questionable leadership of glib, grinning mountebank extraordinaire Pope Francis, nee "Father Bergoglio," as he apparently still likes to call himself when dispensing exceedingly dubious pearls of "wisdom" to members of his flock.

But while the concerned coterie of Cath Chicklittles are essentially correct in their grim assessment of the metaphorically falling sky, they mostly misjudge the source of the trouble. What they fear is that the flamboyantly humble pontiff with the impish moon-face and the endless supply of coy little bon mot asides to the press ("If a priest is gay, who am I to judge?" being among his greatest hits) will, with the assistance of his hand-picked company men, change the age-old rules of the faith on certain key issues, particularly regarding sexuality, perhaps to even include a blessing of same-sex unions.

Such a nefarious plot, however, is hardly in the offing. Indeed, even the puke-inducing document released on Monday affirms that sacramental marriage can only take place between a man and a woman. If you have a strong stomach and a healthy constitution, check out the unctuous pastoral drivel below collected by the "Midterm Report" scribe summing up the subjects still under discussion (one commentator has amusingly titled the style "bafflegab"), and try not to gag overmuch:
Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community: are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our communities? Often they wish to encounter a Church that offers them a welcoming home. Are our communities capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony?
Supposedly the bit about "valuing" the creamy, delicious queeriness of queers is lost in translation – the original Italian apparently reads more neutral and less-joyously affirming,  suggesting something more like "acknowledging" rather than "valuing"  but even with all of the egregious homophilia intact, the core of the message is "We should be nice to homos and affirm them for their inherent wonderfulness in every way imaginably possible, but...so sorry.... homo 'marriage' is still a no-go." (By the way, I don't know what the hell a gay "fraternal space" is supposed to be, but I picture it featuring togas, candles and some weird Bohemian Grove-style chanting, and I know I'd really rather not be anywhere such a "space" once "fraternal" festivities really start kicking into high gear.) 

There are a few other odds and sods in the
already-notorious interim document which imply that the red-mitered lot in attendance are mulling a "kinder, gentler" Church attitude towards the divorced and the cohabiting  suggesting that, through a process called gradualism, these wayward church members might not be denied access to the sacrament of communion as long as they're assessed to be generally on their way towards correcting their sinful habits and in the process of twisting themselves back into accord with what's Catholically kosher. 

Again, though, we must recognize where things stand. Divorce, cohabitation, and fornication are still held, at least officially, to be mortal sins. In the sea of unbelief that is the contemporary West, the Catholic faith is not 
homoousios with mainline Protestantism or feckless modernist Anglicanism, wherein doctrines are jettisoned once they're considered "outmoded." For RCs, doctrine may "develop" at times, but it doesn't dramatically change.

This does not, however, make the standard-issue Catholic any more morally rigorous than his differently-faithed counterpart. Indeed, the "cafeteria" Catholic is as fickle and as faithless as anyone else. He completely ignores Church dogma when it doesn't suit his whims. And here is where, I believe, the real scandal lies with the upshot of this synod: when all is said and done, it will signal an even greater degree of tolerance of certain types of transgressions – sexual ones, natch!  to the point where no errant, perverted, or improper carnal deed will be a big deal; all will be pardoned instantly, because "God is merciful" and all that.

Gradualism is obviously a concept ripe for abuse, and, in the minds of the more cunning liberal churchmen, that may in fact be the point; the setup is likely designed to normalize the indulgence of sins that they don't really take to be sins at all. "Mercy" is invoked in a manner that was first assailed by St. Paul, who wrote, "Should we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid!" Dietrich Bonhoeffer called this abominable practice "cheap grace, the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance."

Which is to say, "cheap grace" in fact comes at a great cost: to the individual, to the family, to the culture, and to the future. Given the extent to which the concept seems to dominate the mindset of so much of the contemporary hierarchy, and given the fact that the "Midterm Report" has touched off such a fierce reaction from conservatives, one begins to wonder to what extent a coming split within the Church  be it a formal schism or an informal separation  is inevitable, and may even be a sign of health and hope, indicating that Traditionalism, though long held down, is in fact still alive and kicking.

At the Poetical Core of the White Man’s Soul is the Cure for Ebola

via Cambria Will Not Yield

Prithee, go in thyself; seek thine own ease.
This tempest will not give me leave to ponder
On things would hurt me more. But I’ll go in.
In, boy, go first. You houseless poverty,–
Nay, get thee in. I’ll pray, and then I’ll sleep.
Poor naked wretches, whereso’er you are,
That bide the pelting of this pitiless storm,
How shall your houseless heads and unfed sides,
Your loop’d and window’d raggedness, defend you
From seasons such as these? O, I have ta’en
Too little care of this! Take physic, pomp;
Expose thyself to feel what wretches feel,
That thou mayst shake the superflux to them,
And show the heavens more just.

On a television news panel this week I heard a member of the panel, during a “what’s to be done” discussion of the Ebola crisis, ask why we didn’t just ban all Africans from entering the country. The practical panelist’s suggestion was honored with stony silence from the other members of the panel, and the discussion moved on to what could be done to limit the spread of the disease once the Ebola infected Africans had come into the country.

Of course, what the naïve panelist suggested is the only solution to the Ebola crisis. But we know that such a policy, the policy of refusing black Africans’ entry into our country, will not be adopted by our government. And we will not adapt such a sane policy for the same reason that the gay bath houses were not closed down when the AIDs epidemic broke out: it goes against the liberals’ religion. In the case of the AIDs epidemic the idea of closing down the gay bath houses to prevent the spread of AIDs was viewed as a direct challenge to the liberals’ belief that sexual license is good and repression is bad. And in the case of the Ebola crisis, a proposed ban on African immigration strikes at the heart of liberalism, because it threatens the very pillar of liberal society, the liberals’ fervent belief in the sacred negro. How can any society that worships the black barbarian permit the exclusion of black barbarians from their nation? They can’t do so and still be true to their faith. Before this Ebola epidemic is over, there will be some liberal hypocrites who will secretly yearn for a ban on African travel to the United States, just as there are many negro-worshipping liberals who send their children to private, all-white schools in order to avoid the sacred negroes whom they are supposed to love and revere. But all religions have slackers and hypocrites in their ranks; the true believers will just have to work all that much harder to ensure that negro worship remains the supreme faith of the Western world.

The Ebola “crisis” is not a new crisis; it is part and parcel of the liberals’ assault on the white race. Just as whites are forbidden to protect themselves against the deadly assaults of black barbarians roaming the nations of Europe, so are whites forbidden to protect themselves from the deadly black Ebola virus. This assault on the white race, the Christ-bearing race, is wrong from the standpoint of the Christian faith, but it also goes against the liberals’ stated faith, which is to love the negro with their whole heart, mind, and soul. If they truly loved the negro they would have taken the trouble to know him. And then they would have kept him in captivity and not left him to his own devices. “Because of slavery,” the CNN reporter said. Yes, because of slavery the black man actually had a longer life expectancy than the white coalminers in the North, and he was made to stay with his family instead of roaming the streets, killing and raping white people and forming umpteen polygamous families.

What has Africa become since the liberals of the West “gave Africa back to the blacks”? In Africa: A Political Travelogue, Thomas Molnar points out that the most poorly developed, diseased-ridden, poverty-stricken nations in Africa were the ones that were outside white control and white influence. Independence? What is independence for the blacks? It is the absence of white restraint, which means blacks are free to destroy themselves and whites through murder, mayhem, and hideous diseases, which are the result of their desire for unbridled murder, mayhem, sexual depravities, and bestiality. If the white man does not control the blacks, they will destroy themselves and the white race. That is the reality that goes against the liberals’ faith. It is their utopian belief that once the black man is free from white restraint, he will “astound the world.” So said the late John Paul II who was not the first nor the last negro worshipper to occupy the chair of St. Peter. Shouldn’t a “Christian” whose Lord said, “I am the truth, and the truth shall set you free,” be interested in the truth? Yes, a Christian should be interested in the truth, but a utopian needn’t be interested in the truth at all. He sees everything in the light of his utopian vision. Hence the great divide between the anti-Christian Christian clergymen and the Christian Europeans. The former have exchanged Christ for the negro, and the latter are still connected, through their people, to the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

The Ebola crisis in Africa and its spread to the West is simply another hideous manifestation of the liberals’ revolt against the God of Christian Europe. In old Europe men and women suffered and died as they do today, as they have always done since Adam and Eve disobeyed God. But the men and women of old Europe, of Christian Europe, did not suffer and die without hope and without experiencing genuine moments of joy in between the suffering and dying. Because they had faith in Christ’s resurrection from the dead, they had hope that the joyous white moments here on earth were a prefiguration of an eternal life where there are only white moments and no more suffering and death.

The liberals’, in their desire to create a kingdom of god on earth, the negro god, have created a world without white moments. There is no joy amidst the pain and suffering, because there is no hope that there is a Savior who will redeem our pain and suffering and turn our white moments on earth into eternal white moments in heaven. A liberal cannot have white moments, because he has lost all contact with the God who lives in and through His people. The liberal can sneer at everything decent and honorable, which gives him a certain perverse pleasure, but it is nothing akin to joy. And the liberal can sing hymns of praise to his black gods who will rule over a new Babylon consisting of midnight trysts under the palms and endless wine and cheese parties. Is that not paradise? No, it is not. There is a certain unhallowed thrill in tasting previously forbidden fruits, but we have already seen how quickly forbidden fruits become bitter ones. The liberal has written his own death sentence, and like his devilish master, who also wrote his own death sentence, he is bereft of all joy here on earth; he’ll never have white moments of grace, and he is without any hope for the next world. Was Dickens so wrong for feeling that a Christ-centered non-utopian Europe was still better than Satan’s brave new world of sneering death heads?
Let us leave our old friend in one of those moments of unmixed happiness, of which, if we seek them, there are ever some, to cheer our transitory existence here. There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast. Some men, like bats or owls, have better eyes for the darkness than for the light. We, who have no such optical powers, are better pleased to take our last parting look at the visionary companions of many solitary hours, when the brief sunshine of the world is blazing full upon them.  –The Pickwick Papers
Life is nothing but dark shadows unless there are visionary moments of white light when we see the Europe that Dickens saw, an infinitude of provincial European hearth fires presided over by the Creator of those moments of unmixed happiness. Outside of those hearth fires is the black night of negrophile Liberaldom. It is an aggressive, malevolent force – the Ebola virus is just one of its many tentacles – that will, if whites abandon provincial, racist Europe, envelope Europe and her people in a death-in-life embrace. The future and the past will appear before the white man as one horrific vision of eternal night. The liberals tell us that if we embrace the negro, unmixed happiness will be ours. The Christian vision of our European ancestors tells us the exact opposite. Who would be married to hell? The liberals would. But do we have to follow them to hell?

The conservative reaction in Church and state to negrophile liberalism has been a non-reaction. This is because the conservatives of the 20th century were not conservatives, they were managerial bureaucrats who had an intellectual preference for the older governments, rituals, and documents but no feeling for their own people, without whom there can be no governments, rituals, or documents. The conservatism of Burke and Anthony Jacob, which was grounded in their love for their people, is the only type of conservatism that inspires us to love and protect our people instead of our systems. White people, my people, are not cogs in a managerial expert’s infernal system, whether it be a secular or a religious-based system. The devil, as Macbeth discovers, can tell us small managerial truths to win us over to the deeper lie. I’ve seen the devilish, sneering hatred of the European people on the face of the “conservative” theologian just as often as I’ve seen it on the face of the secular liberal. Did God dwell amongst the European people or did he not? If He did, then a trip to the Holy Land is unnecessary. We walk on sacred ground when we approach a European hearth fire where His people, the one’s who love much, dwell.

The Ebola virus is the result of a spiritual virus in the European people that has rendered them incapable of taking arms against a sea of negro-worshipping liberals and colored barbarians. The mystic flame, which consists of a burning love for the European hearth consecrated to Him, must be revived before Ebola and negrophile liberalism can be purged from the earth. Poor, bare, unaccommodated men? Yes, that is, and was the antique Europeans. But such men! They saw beauty in the cross and made the cross a reason for joy. If we feel as one with the antique Europeans at the deepest level, the poetical core of our soul, we will not be mesmerized by the sneering negrophile experts in church and state, nor beaten down by the multitudinous hordes of colored barbarians. It is not a little thing to see Christ’s blood upon the European rose. It is everything.

'Israel is the Most Racist State in the World' and Diaspora Jews 'Dominate' Their Host Nations, Says Jewish Defector

via DavidDuke.com

Well-known Jewish dissident Professor Shlomo Sand has admitted that Israel is the “most racist state in the world”—and that Jews in the rest of the world all work to “dominate” and “control” their home nations’ policies to support the racist Zionist state.

The astonishing outburst by Professor Sand—who first gained fame for propagating the . . . Khazar-origin theory of Ashkenazi Jews—is contained in his new book How I stopped being a Jew.

In his new book, Sand, who was raised in Israel, discusses what he called the “negative effects of the Israeli exploitation of the chosen people myth” and what he calls its “holocaust industry.”

He also rejects the Jewish religion for its “genocidal Yahwestic tradition,”—a reference to that religion’s “holy books” which contain direct instructions to Jews from God which justify, quite literally, the murder and dispossession of Gentiles.

I am aware of living in one of the most racist societies in the western world. Racism is present to some degree everywhere, but in Israel it exists deep within the spirit of the laws. It is taught in schools and colleges, spread in the media, and above all and most dreadful, in Israel the racists do not know what they are doing and, because of this, feel in no way obliged to apologise.

I am often even ashamed of Israel, particularly when I witness evidence of its cruel military colonisation, with its weak and defenceless victims who are not part of the “chosen people”.

Deeper inside his book itself, Sand makes the following observation on how Jews in the Diaspora now use their position to “dominate” and “control” their host nations:

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, there is no longer a country in the world where the descendants of the chosen people are prevented from emigrating to the state of the Jews. Zionism has shifted the objective that originally constituted its raison d’être and acquired a second youth through a reinvigorating initiative.

Now more than ever, those who aspire to identify themselves with the seed of Abraham are asked to gather funds in support of a land of the Jews that is in full territorial expansion and, above all, to activate all their networks of influence on their country’s foreign policy and public opinion.

The results of the latter objective have been remarkable.

At a time when communitarianism enjoys growing legitimacy — particularly in an age of reverence for ‘Judeo-Christian’ civilization, underpinning the ‘clash of civilizations’ — it is more possible than ever to harbour pride at being a Jew and finding oneself on the side of the powerful who dominate history.

While Sand is approaching the entire topic from what would traditionally be regarded as a “far leftist” position—and his demonstrably false belief that there is no genetic basis to Judaism—his observations about the true nature of Jewish racist tribalism are accurate.

Where Sand has made his essential mistake is understanding that all human behavior has in fact a biological origin. All of us—of whatever ethnic origin—are merely products of our ancestors. Our abilities, our limitations, and our innate characters—are all inherited from those who have come before.

Sand’s realization that the vast majority of his fellow Jews are ultra-racists—and hypocrites as well—must be difficult enough for him to comprehend. It might then be too much to expect him to admit that there is an inherited aspect to Jewish behavior which perpetuates this open racism towards, and hatred of, Gentiles from generation to generation.

Sand’s new book has already attracted the ire of some of his erstwhile fellow Jews.

The Jewish journalist Gordon Haber, in an article in The Jewish Daily Forward, for example, dismissed Sands as a “crackpot”—yet was forced to admit that Sands had correctly identified one aspect of Jewish behavior which even Haber found puzzling: namely the staggering hypocrisy of Jews in America supporting Israeli racism while propagating exactly the opposite policy in the US.
Haber wrote:

And yet, if I am to be honest, Sand does raise a question of grave importance. For Sand, there is a “close link” between an essentialist Jewish identity and how Israel treats its non-Jews. Many, of course, will argue that Israel is a haven for Muslims and everything’s hunky-dory in Gaza.

But those of us who strive for intellectual honesty must acknowledge the contradiction between Western ideals and an ethno-religious government that humiliates and brutalizes people under its jurisdiction. American Jews, in particular, need to ask themselves why they support a situation in Israel that they would never countenance in their own country.

Of course, neither Sand nor Haber will dare tackle the real reason for this obvious hypocrisy—which is that Jewish racial tribalism engages in a divide-and-conquer strategy to ensure that non-Jews remain divided and deflected away from the real source of power in the US and elsewhere: the Jewish Lobby.

Iggy Azalea: Betrayal and Cultural Theft

via TradYouth

Iggy Azalea: The new globalist approved
role model for young women
At the end of a civilization everything starts to become more and more unglued. Seemingly as a way to cope with the disintegration of culture, nation, family, and folk that is happening around them, the people turn to increasingly perverse forms of entertainment to distract them. In Rome as barbarians were at the door, the elites and upper class turned increasingly vapid and materialistic as their beloved Empire eroded in front of them.

Cultural appropriation of the barbarians was one form of coping with the radical political and social changes of the dying Empire, and in the West we see more and more than entertainment stars and even everyday Western people are abandoning their unique folk Traditions and culture and instead appropriating and poorly imitating other groups cultures, music, and customs.

The siren song of globalism, multiculturalism, and modernity is being sung from many corners, but traitors within our own ranks are far more insidious than any outside force could be. One such siren is the newly popular White “rapper” Iggy Azalea who with her number one “hits” and millions of album sales is singing the death rattle of Western civilization.

Before she was known as Iggy Azalea, the “rap star” was born Amethyst Amelia Kelly in an upper class home in Australia. By all accounts of finances and upbringing it would seem that Iggy had it made. The Australian folk that Iggy comes from have a place in the greater Anglo-sphere, a unique culture, and plenty of Christian Faith to draw upon.

Iggy’s family is not new to Australia, she claims that her ancestry on the continent goes back to the First Fleet, or the first arrival of Europeans in Australia for colonization. Her father was a painter during Iggy’s youth, and allegedly exposed her to both classic and modern styles of art.

The grounding of several centuries of folkish culture, an exposure to the art of ones ancestors, and being raised in a country that is still predominantly Christian, one would imagine that Iggy would embrace a traditional world view. Instead of learning her own people’s culture, Iggy decided to move to tell her parents she was going on vacation to America as a teenager and then never returned in an attempt to find a way to become rich and famous.

In another classic failure of Western men failing to raise their children, Mr. Kelly did not proceed to fly to America to take his daughter home where she belongs. Instead, Mr. Kelly left his daughter to bounce around the United States as a minor with no money and no formal education to finally end up in Los Angeles.

After coming to America to seek fame and fortune Iggy had a choice, perhaps pursue a skill or an education to further her goals, instead she decided to whore her body and her soul to the Jewish producers in Hollywood and Los Angeles. In a demonstration of an utter lack of pride or self respect, Amethyst Kelly took the name of her dog as her stage name, Iggy.

To break into the music scene, Iggy decided to drop a charming little music video of the song “P*$$y” which featured Iggy surrounded by Black gangsters with t-shirts that say “Drugs not hugs” and gyrating Black females. In almost all of her future videos, choices of boyfriends, and members of her entourage, Iggy is surrounded almost entirely by Black men.

With her constant dating of Black rappers who promote violence and disrespect towards women in their music, promotion of drug use, hyper-sexualized imagery, and abandonment of her family, young women of the current generation are being shown a poor role model for healthy living, but a great one for the money counting elite. Tradition is bad for business, but degenerate modernity is a thriving business.

Ms. Azalea embodies everything that is wrong with the modern European folk. Her music is almost entirely sexual, not a rare thing in the modern age where even former bastions of traditional Christian morals like country music have fallen into celebrating sin and depravity, but her specific brand of music is especially vulgar. Looking at the list of songs she performs, almost all are written by Jewish writers or thug rappers, Black men who have sold out the best interests of the Black community for their own thirty shekels to promote fornication, violence, drug use, and abuse towards women to the Black youth of America.

As a self-described “white rapper” who attempts to mimic in her music the style of American Black rappers, Iggy Azalea promotes herself as taking on almost every part of the worst parts of the Hollywood Black culture.

Rap culture has been put into place to subvert the Black community and the Black family by Jewish media oligarchs, the test case for what the media Jews are pushing on the European-American population today. The example of honorable Black Christian men and women, or folkish crusaders like Louis Farrakhan and Marcus Garvey has been thrown by the wayside for a caste of modern court jesters like Li’l Jon or Jay-Z who degrade themselves and their people for the amusement of the big money Jewish music producers.

A slow but steady degradation of cultural values began happening primarily in the Black community starting around the time of the Jewish led and financed “Civil Rights movement.” One must not look too far to see that the actual leadership of the NAACP and other “Civil Rights” groups, along with the owners of the media, were Jews who were not so much interested in civil rights as with finding ways to disrupt both Black and White society.

While the 1960’s saw the rise of the hippie movement and a clear attack on Traditional values and Christianity in all sections of American society, the Black community was put as a test case by the Jewish oligarchs to test their ability to dismantle and destroy an organic community through appealing to the lowest sinful drives of the human mind.

The media began pushing on the Black community a culture that focused almost entirely on pleasure seeking, through giving up responsibilities to Faith, family, and folk, the Jewish media bosses were able to stir up racial conflict between Black and Whites and crack the foundation of the Traditional Black family. Mere decades ago, Black families were more wholesome, stable, and virtuous than White families are, now. We’re all sinking in this ship.

While I don’t personally care for rap, many Black men and women do, and this form of music is an invention of the Black community, …for the Black community. Rap is a cultural expression that is specific to the Black community, and while modern rap is vulgar and degenerate, so are most genres that are traditionally European. The problem is not specifically that Iggy Azalea is rapping, it is that she is stealing another people’s cultural expression in order to attempt to sell albums and to promote the degenerate “values” of the media oligarchs.

Black rapper Rah Digga came out against Iggy Azalea’s cultural theft by pointing out that Iggy Azalea raps in a fake Southern accent and is infringing on traditional Black culture. Rah Digga points out that she respects White artists who promote their own culture and identity, she recently told a reporter that ”There is a white girl from Australia that spits in an Australian accent, and her name is Chelsea Jane. That I can get into.”

Rah Digga continued by addressing Iggy Azalea and encouraging her to stay true to her roots and culture by telling her “Teach me Australian hip hop culture. Don’t come to America and try to convince me that you’re gangsta, boo.”

Each group has a unique identity and a unique culture that only that group can fully understand and demonstrate the true beauty of, and Iggy Azalea is forcing herself on another people’s culture and attempting to subvert it and betray the culture and traditions of her ancestors.

While I generally do not agree with the rabidly Leftist writers over at Salon.com, a recent article about Iggy Azalea hit an important point that by mimicking the Black form of rap, Iggy is exercising a form of cultural theft. Europeans have a distinct form of spoken word and rap music that is unique to the European urban community. “Though rap music is a Black and Brown art form, one does not need to mimic Blackness to be good at it. Ask the Beastie Boys, or Eminem, or Macklemore. These are just a smattering of the white men who’ve been successful in rap in the last 30 years and generally they don’t have to appropriate Blackness to do it.”

While a large number of Black rappers have spoken out against Iggy Azalea for stealing Black culture, she responded “its definetly funny seeing ppl get so emotional over it all. What does it matter? music is music and many enjoy mine, no need to feel upset.” Iggy seems oblivious to the fact that to steal another people’s culture is to subtract from their unique folkish identity and artistic expressions by cheapening their culture into simple monetary units to be taken and manipulated by anyone.

The defeat of the West has not come through bombs, bullets, disease, or economic struggle, it has come from a slow slide into depression and then a suicide by a people who have given up on the Faith and culture of generations past. White countries have purposefully emptied themselves of the Faith, culture, and fighting spirit of their ancestors to then replace it with the vacant existence that revolves primarily around the acquisition of things and the chasing of non-stop sexual gratification.

With Iggy Azalea singing about “Big fat booties” with Jennifer Lopez or her genitals in her first hit song “P#%%y” it is clear that the message and values promoted by the media oligarchs is one of finding the lowest common denominator to appeal to a people that have been so thoroughly secularized that what would be considered outright illegal even a few decades ago has now turned into entertainment.

To truly understand the plight of the European world, we must understand that much like a hangover or a drug addiction, we have inflicted these wounds upon ourselves. The painful process that we must endure to get off our addiction to materialism, greed, and perversion will mean a total restructuring of our lives, our economies, our societies, and our culture at large.

Singers like Iggy Azalea are promoting not just an emptying of Western civilization, but embracing  another cultures form of musical expression and then compounding this theft by promoting degenerate behaviors in her lyrics. As the great C.S Lewis said “Where men are forbidden to honor a king, they honor millionaires, athletes, or film stars instead; even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison.” To once again regain our folkish and cultural vitality we must return to the wellspring from which the living water comes, organic hierarchy, organic culture, and our Christian Faith.

As Traditionalists we must respect differences in culture between the various tribes on this Earth. It is not supremacist to value your own culture, music, art, entertainment, and history, and with this mindset we must learn to respect other cultures enough to not borrow and pervert their cultural for our own benefit.

Every culture and every people is under attack by the forces of consumerism and globalism, and when we understand that fact, the ability for different groups to unite, while maintaining ethnic and cultural homogeneity among their unique population, is a strong possibility. If the parasitic forces of globalism can be rejected with the vaccine of Traditionalism, the stranglehold over the culture and political system of White, Black, and all the other people’s nations can be broken.

The reason that I have such strong feelings about Iggy Azalea is that she represents the culmination of the globalist agenda, a worldwide atheistic culture that perverts and destroys all organic culture and traditions. As individuals and as communities, we must use our money, our effort, our time, and our own blood to advance the cause of Traditionalism and self determination for all peoples, and that is why those engaged in cultural theft and service to the globalists must not only be ignored, but actively rejected.

Embrace traditional culture, and toss the Hollywood garbage in the trash where it belongs.

The Left Eats Itself: Equal Pay Ad Angers Trans Groups

via Theden

Jewish “comedienne” Sarah Silverman angered transgender groups recently when she starred in an ad promoting equal pay for women. In the ludicrous video, Silverman undergoes a sex change to become a man so she can finally earn equal pay. Unfortunately for her, the eternally aggrieved trans community took offense to the ad.  According to this report, a number of trans groups issued statements condemning the video:
Vincent Paolo Villano, the director of communications for the National Center for Transgender Equality, told Campaign US: “The National Center for Transgender Equality is struck by the insensitivity of Sarah Silverman’s video and we have reached out to the National Women’s Law Center to provide a cultural competency training to ensure that transgender people are always part of the conversation when it comes to the wage gap.”
Silverman found herself backpedaling furiously, as she tried to appease the tiny minority of trans people in the US and abroad:

Silverman’s transgression indicates the growing fractures among the various  identity groups that comprise the progressive Left. Whether it’s Blacks crying racism in schools dominated by Hispanics or gay ex-congressman Barney Frank claiming that trans groups “are only excluded from rights legislation because they wouldn’t help lobby for it,” or whether it’s Silverman’s gaffe itself, the return on investment for progressive identity politics is fast diminishing.

The trans community exemplifies that diminishing return. Earlier this year, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that identifying the portion of trans people in the US is incredibly difficult. As this Washington Post report noted :
One challenge is that there are more than 200 terms used by people who identify as a different sex than the biological one they were born as…
Some people who have completed gender reassignment surgery may no longer consider themselves transgender but rather a member of their new sex, she said. Others may be offended by terms such as “transsexual,” which was once routinely used but in some circles is now considered pejorative.
Progressive Brahmins fail to realize the sort of difficulties involved in dealing with a group whose numbers are just as difficult to pin down as their constantly fluctuating ‘gender identities.’ Brahmins fail to realize that, when your politics consist of catering to these tinier and tinier minorities of crazier and crazier people, you’ll eventually find yourself dealing with a group that is impossible to not offend. The trans community is one such group, exceptionally small and exceptionally neurotic. But as Silverman and others have learned, the trans community wields an unusual amount of power for their size.

Regardless, it’s instances like these that should give hope to anyone who dissents from the progressive worldview or resists their directives. The Left is eating itself slowly like the mythical Ouroborous. It just seems like a matter of time before it self-consumes entirely.

Nothing Should Disturb that Condell Moment, but . . .

via Western Spring

My attention has recently been drawn to another of the video blogs by Pat Condell, and just as with many of his other productions, he speaks compellingly about the madness of multiculturalism and the threat posed by ‘Islamism’ to all Western nations.

I like Pat’s demeanour and the forthright way in which he asserts his common sense beliefs, but I have always been disappointed by the limitations placed on him, which mean that his message, or part of it, often rings hollow. Take the following video in which he speaks about the dire situation in Sweden for example:

Frustratingly, it appears as though Pat has not yet heard of Barbara Lerner Spectre and the good works of her and other Jews, introducing Sweden to the ‘joys’ of multiculturalism. Immediately one watches this second video, the latter part of Pat’s above speech is exposed as ‘Kosher patriotism’ of the sort that stokes mere ‘Islamophobia’, and thereby plays into the hands of those who wish to divert anger away from the real architects of our multicultural nightmare and who wish to generate support for ‘brave’ Israel in her wars against her Arab neighbours.

So, come on Pat, don’t take us all for mugs. If you’re going to make hard hitting videos, make sure they hit the target and expose the role played by organised Jewry in subverting the healthy instincts of the indigenous peoples of Europe and our desire to be ourselves in a homeland of our own.

The First Identitarian Congress

via Radix Journal

As an outsider, I read an implied premise behind the First Identitarian Congress. The premise was that the “wind from the East” was real and that the resulting geopolitics made new things possible. 

Hungary represented the first defection from the post-Western multicultural order of the European Union. Eurasianism could provide an opening to Russia. Putin’s state, while certainly flawed, could challenge the hegemony of American liberalism. Emerging Identitarian movements in nations such as France and Austria could be the vanguard of revolutionary change in the heart of the West.

European-Americans, by turning their back on the New World and embracing their European identity, could champion the idea of Europe as our nation, with our loyalty transferred to our existing communities of culture and blood in the United States and the Continent rather than the egalitarian abstractions of the Declaration of Independence. Identitarian movements in Western Europe were already promoting this pan-European idea. This new geopolitical reality could create an opening for ethno-nationalist and secessionist movements in the West within an overall framework of European Unity.

That was why the conference was to be held in Budapest, a city looking both East and West. And that was why the National Policy Institute, having brought the European New Right to make the case against the artificial and deracinated American identity, had to go to Europe.

Well… that’s not quite how it worked out.

Now that the dust has cleared, there are a few essential things that have to be established before we can interpret where we stand:
  • First was the source of the pressure to ban the conference itself. This was mostly driven by the Hungarian Left and seized upon by the conservative government to prove their opposition to “extremism” to the West. However, a source in Hungary reports that the US State Department had also expressed its concern about the conference to the government. This is supported by the fact that the State Department, which applauds things like gay rights festivals in Budapest, stopped just short of endorsing Richard Spencer’s arrest and seemingly groused that the First Amendment would allow discussion of NPI’s ideas in the United States. It also openly approved the government’s actions, saying it was “pleased to see that the government of Hungary is speaking out to reaffirm that it does not support those who promote racial or ethnic intolerance.” Insofar as there was actual American imperialism in Hungary, it was Barack Obama’s American government seeking to prevent the conference from taking place and applauding the state action taken against it.
  • Secondly, the Hungarian Left’s opposition to the conference was also grounded in its opposition to the conservative Hungarian government. Those Hungarians who protested the conference linked the NPI conference to the controversy over a new monument commemorating the German occupation. The monument portrays Hungary as a victim and conveys a kind of 19th century conservative patriotism. In contrast, the Hungarian opposition and the American press want Hungary to adopt the frankly ethnomasochist policies of a country like Germany and devote more money and resources to building Holocaust memorials. The opposition to NPI was at least partially driven by a desire to “link” Orban to scary American White nationalists; the Hungarian government’s willingness to use state power to ban the conference was at least partially driven by their fear of that charge gaining credence.  
  • Third is explaining the reaction of Jobbik. Of course, the party knew exactly what it was getting into, having corresponded with the organizers for months. However, the government’s ban changed the equation. Jobbik didn’t run from the conference because they only learned at the last minute what it was about–they ran because it suddenly had become too politically costly to continue. It’s equivalent to Rand Paul “accepting the resignation” of Jack Hunter–the Senator knew from the very beginning everything Hunter had said and done, had hired him because of that, and changed because politics required it. (It should be noted that even as Jobbik issued a ham-handed denunciation of American “racism,” it still praised Dugin. Interpret that as you will.)
  • And finally, there’s the action of the conference organizers themselves. According to some people I have spoken to, after Richard Spencer was detained, there was a kind of indecision about what to do next. People on the ground only knew that he had been unexpectedly arrested and presumably deported immediately, as with Bill Regnery. The decision to go through with the rump conference and email all remaining registrants at the last minute resulted because all those people were still there and needed to know how to get to the already secured backup venue. Indeed, some people who wanted to go to the conference unfortunately fell through the cracks. Thus, had communications been better, there would have been more than the seventy or so people who still attended.
Behind all of the sound and fury the conference has generated within the “movement” and the sneers from System’s press, there remains one simple truth. The government of Hungary banned this conference because they could. They have paid no price for it.

That may change in the long run, but it has not yet. Indeed, Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz just cruised to another crushing electoral victory. Interestingly, Jobbik also did fairly well by striking a hard anti-Gypsy line in rural areas while trying to appear more moderate at a national level. And, thinking critically about all this, would we really want either of those parties to lose to the Socialists? The long term destination of Hungary is not yet certain, but there is still great promise.

However, what we cannot count on is having a refuge in any other nation. Putin’s Russia enthusiastically arrests and persecutes White advocates just as energetically as the United Kingdom. The Hungarian government is not appreciably different from that of Germany when it comes to discussing ideas about the future of Europe—or indeed whether Europe gets to have a future.

At the same time, this should also strip any illusions from those championing a kind of isolationist 19th century nationalism. The current Hungarian government showed itself to be either a satrap of America or, at best, authoritarian conservatives with no ideology beyond preserving their own power and raging at the European Union they are economically dependent on. The experience of Franco’s Spain should show us how empty Reaction works out long term. Identitarians should also heed the lessons of the last European elections, where even parties like the Front National found themselves with essentially no representation in the European Parliament because of the inability to work together and form a bloc.

As Jared Taylor’s passionate—and historic—speech made clear, we face a common struggle. No nation or people within the great European family will be able to survive unless the increasingly frantic tide of anti-White hatred is overcome. The Broken Empire of Europe must be restored, in spirit if not as a political entity. And this has to take place--not just as the fulfillment of a dream--but as a tactical necessity for mere survival.

From that point of view, this First Identitarian International should be regarded as a success for three critical reasons:
  • It announced Identitarians as a movement in its own right that is beginning to build institutions in the real world. This isn’t simply “White nationalism” or ethno-nationalism or whatever political hobbyhorse. It’s the beginning of a vehicle whereby the key intellectual and political figures in each European nation can coordinate their efforts, meet in fellowship, and hammer out the ideas that will take us to victory. Moreover, the atmosphere of state persecution has made it abundantly clear that this movement of intellectuals and political soldiers is now seen as a real threat to the current System, a victory in its own way. The media, the System’s most fanatic defender, gave the conference a great deal of attention and couldn’t even get the smears together until the conference was long over, as if unsure how to react to this new force.
  • It established the core doctrine of European unity as fundamental. From all over Europe, attendees came and they carried with them a simple message—we share one struggle. From Flemish nationalists to Swedish pagans, Eastern Europeans to native English speakers, there was a startling recognition that there is no contradiction between pursuing ethno-nationalism and localism on the one hand and pursuing the dream of Europa on the other. Indeed, one cannot be accomplished without the other, as Whites are targeted by our global enemies because of our identity as a race, not because of the passport we carry, the geography in which we reside, or the language we speak.
  • Its impact is already being felt in the real world—not on the Internet. From corresponding with various people who were there, one of the most interesting reactions has been the relative competition between the different countries to host the next Identitarian Congress. Partnerships were formed, relationships were established, and projects are underway that will not be broadcast on the Internet or subject to the various infighting and bickering that unfortunately plagues anything based online. The shock of state persecution and the bracing realization that you faced legal consequences for listening to a speaker hardened both those who attended and those who followed it from afar. I predict that this one conference will spawn many more organizations and institutions beyond itself.
Still, there are three things to come to mind that are less cheerful. First is the necessity to hold another conference–preferably one that won’t be interrupted and that everyone who wants to attend can attend safely. Second is the loss of connection with figures in Hungary, which can hopefully be re-established or re-formulated on another level as soon as possible. And finally, and most importantly, the realization that American Identitarians need to start building real power on the ground in the real world and not count on the democratic parties.

The fact is Identitarians offer nothing to democratic political parties as they stand today. As a movement, we don’t even offer anything to our own members besides a vague feeling of solidarity or faith that we are doing the right thing. The costs of open involvement can be incredibly harsh. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is the urgent need to start building power on a local level in the here and now. Being a spectator is simply no longer an option.

This doesn’t mean quitting your job to become a full time organizer, waving signs along the highway, or even starting another website under your own name is what you have to do.

But it means you have to start building structures and figuring out ways to assist like-minded people.

It means you have to start tithing to groups you deem worthy of support.

And it means that you--yes you, sitting there right now—need to start working with like-minded friends in your communities to build an explicit White tribe. (If you don’t have any—well, these sites and others exist for a reason.) The purpose isn’t to create headlines or even advertise your existence, but to serve as a mutual aid society, a vehicle for the upward development of everyone involved, and an eventual base for building power. The Revolution will not be online.

The experience of the European Congress showed that we will not be able to rely on anyone else to come save us. The different tribes of our European family are all under occupation. However, what the Congress began is the kind of competition that we need among each other—working to outdo each other in our contributions towards the dream of Europa instead of engaging in pointless and petty internecine warfare. If that spirit can be taken to heart by those who were there and those who couldn’t make it, we might look back to the meeting in Budapest as the key moment when Europeans—those on the Continent and those in the New World—began to make real progress towards realizing their common destiny.

Robert Ransdell: With Jews We Lose

via MajorityRights.com

Robert Ransdell
I’m waiting to hear or read what’s not to like about this guy. Though I reserve the right to change my mind, and admit that I am not disposed and have not been looking far and wide for what not to like about him, from what I have heard (some interviews and some text), so far he seems alright.

Greg Johnson criticizes him for wasting his time, but I don’t see where Ransdell has said that standard political channels were the only means that he would ever seek - and it is clearly only a strategy to get heard. Moreover, he is also explicit in not recommending or insisting upon this strategy for everyone and all places.

Ok, he is associated with VNN and Stormfront, inspired by Rockwell and to a lesser extent by Pierce, and there may be (probably is) some guilt by association with them and other opinions on those discussion forums, but so far, from what I have heard, he himself has not said anything that I find objectionable. It would be interesting to hear what MR readers think.

Ransdell’s site: http://www.thewhiteguard.com/

The Free Market & Immigration: Two Thought Experiments

via EGI Notes

The hypocrisy of the free market. 
Free market proponents of open borders and mass immigration must be happy about this story. As we know, the free marketers tell us that nations with low birthrates require alien immigration because of "labor shortages" (yet Spain and the USA have high unemployment coupled to large-scale immigration), or the need for "greater productivity and economic growth" (yet many immigrants are low-skilled and on welfare and even when high-skilled often tend to be net consumers of services), or the need for "younger workers to pay for the social services for aging/retired natives" (as if, when they amass sufficient political power, young non-Whites will cheerfully pay for the care of old White folks, who they hate). Then one can also question whether opposition to immigration is really irrational from an economic standpoint - the natives' economic standpoint - when virtually all of the benefits (if any exist) of "economic growth" accrue to the immigrants (and possibly to wealthy natives) themselves rather than to the general native population.  These are, of course, all economic arguments.
We, on the other hand, argue that there are more important things than economics - such as demographic displacement, race survival, genetic interests, and culture.  But let's get back to some basics of the general free market argument and consider two simple thought experiments.
1. The supporters of the free market assert that it is the most rational and efficient approach for allocating resources, managing the economy, and increasing standards of living.  We are told that supply and demand and other free market mechanisms promote rational decision-making and incentivize behaviors that lead to optimized outcomes for society.  Thus, they look at the global economy and say if there is a labor shortage in "X" and a labor surplus in "Y" then the free market dictates that the most effective solution to the problem is a movement of labor from "Y" to "X." That is how the labor shortage of "X" - possibly due to a low birthrate - is solved.
Why does the solution need to be global?  What happens if a country with a low birthrate will not, or can not, make up for the "labor shortage" with immigrants?  (Note: Japan may be a real-life experimental model for this scenario, if they maintain their hard line against immigration, which seems doubtful over time).  The reasons for "no immigration" need not concern us, let us assume, for the sake of this model system, that mass immigration is not possible or desirable.  What happens then?
If the free market is so very efficient in finding the correct solutions for societal problems and resource allocation, shouldn't it work in a national context? Why can't the free market solve a purely internal problem of low birthrates and labor shortages?  Why the hypocrisy in asserting the magical properties of the free market on a global level but its hopelessness on a national level? Shouldn't the free market work, locally and nationally, to lead to policy choices and resource allocation to incentivize pro-natalist policies, to increase the native birthrate?  How about increasing productivity through better education and, above all else, enhanced automation?  If the free market really is a "miracle worker" then it should lead to creative solutions to national problems that do not depend on temporary fixes involving shifting problems such as overpopulation/poverty from one nation to another.  The vaunted free market should incentivize either pro-natalism or birth control whenever and wherever each is needed.
Thus, in our thought experiment: what would happen to a low-birthrate nation in the absence of immigration?  Will the population really dwindle down to zero?  Will the economy collapse?  Will everyone just sit around passively and let the nation disappear from the face of the Earth?  Indeed, one can argue that without the immigration safety valve, nations would be forced to develop long-term solutions to their societal problems, instead of increasing these problems and postponing their solution to the next generation.  If the free market really worked, it would be independent of scale, and would work for one nation and not just on a global level.
2. One can consider the opposite thought experiment.  Instead of restricting the free market from global to national, one can expand it from global to inter-stellar.  Assume that the Earth is contacted by an alien species, a bizarre species quite different from humans. These aliens are very fast-breeding and have over-populated their own planet. Earth's environment is suitable for them.  Further, they are highly intelligent and productive - indeed, superior to humans as inventors and workers.
These aliens want to ship their surplus population to the Earth, where they will join the economy, work hard, invent, create businesses, and sharply increase economic growth.  Of course, these fast breeders will soon begin to fill up the Earth with their numbers, crowding out native humans, and, of course, their home world population will also be increasing, and clamoring to come to Earth as well. But - the Earth's economy will be growing!  Isn't that all that matters?  If concerns about demographic displacement, culture, etc. are all "irrational" then the free marketers should have no problem with a scenario that includes the gradual displacement and replacement of humans by aliens, all in the name of global economic growth for the Earth.  Will they make this argument?  If so, they expose themselves as traitors to humanity.  If not, then why does the "there are after all, more important things than economic growth" argument not apply to the internal Earth situation?  Maybe White folks don't want to be displaced and replaced in their own countries by alien immigrants?

Ferguson: Do the Facts Even Matter? Or Does Race Come First with These People

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'Hitler's Table Talk' Study Hour, Episode 32

via Carolyn Yeager

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Reichsfuehrer SS is dinner guest
Ray Goodwin and Carolyn Yeager read and comment on the April 2-April 5, 1942 lunch and dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Henry Picker. 1hr45m. Included in this episode:
  • Hitler praises Tsar Ferdinand and his son Boris, Tsar of Bulgaria;
  • Criticism of existing German protocols for visiting dignitaries -prefers the French and Italian way of treating visitors;
  • Terrorism of the Jews - cowardice of our monarchs - laws of inheritance - the necessity of struggle - rulers should come from soldiers;
  • Protecting German patents - lands of the North, Finland & Russia - Leningrad;
  • Whether and how to incorporate Germanic peoples into the Reich - schools for political education - problems of the Poles, Czechs;
  • The treachery in Germany after 1918 - getting around the disarmament diktat of the Versailles Treaty.

The edition of Hitler's Table Talk being used was translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, published by Enigma Books, New York, and can be found as a pdf here.