Dec 12, 2014

National Menorah at White House Reveals Who Really Runs America

via The Realist Report

Vice-President Biden to Light "National Menorah"
Vice President Joe Biden will assist in the lighting this year of the Hanukka menorah on the ellipse in front of the White House.

Biden’s participation on December 16, the first night of the holiday, marks the 35th anniversary of the first lighting of the “National Menorah,” an event sponsored by American Friends of Lubavitch, the Washington office of the Chabad movement.

It has become a tradition for Cabinet-level US officials to assist in the lighting.
Could it be any more obvious that the organized Jewish community dominates and runs the United States, especially at the highest levels of politics and media? America is a Jewish country, and has been for quite some time now.

HITLER'S TABLE TALK Study Hour, Episode 39

via Carolyn Yeager

President Paul Hindenburg, Minister-General
Werner von Blomberg and Chancellor Adolf Hitler
at the Garrison Church on the 'Day of Potsdam,'
March 1933
Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin read and comment on the May 20-June 4, 1942 lunch and dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Henry Picker. Included in this episode:
  • Hitler explains how he raised the standard of living for showgirls in Berlin;
  • He describes in detail his assumption of power, including negotiations with Von Papen, Generals Schleicher and Hammerstein, and the "Old Gentleman" Hindenburg;
  • How his relationship with Hindenburg became very warm and close;
  • Treatment of spies and war-time criminals must be the most severe--compares them to the idealist at the Front;
  • Approves of a movie film about Lola Montez and Ludwig 1 of Bavaria;
  • Artists should be recognized in their lifetimes--Mozart, Bruckner and Haydn--Vienna compared to Munich as art capitals;
  • Hitler advises to follow nature in designing aircraft and ships--the importance and difficulty of invention;
  • Murder in Prague--Hitler reacts angrily to the assassination death of the "irreplaceable" Reinhard Heydrich and orders that all must obey regulations intended to ensure their safety.
The edition of Hitler's Table Talk being used was translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, published by Enigma Books, New York, and can be found as a pdf here.

Your Country on JEWS . . . Any Questions?

via Incog Man

Look, I know you don’t want to be a big hater boy — I understand all that. Hell, I had a hard time with the stuff for many, many years, even though I was reading and seeing tons of past and present evidence of what the Jew have been up to in the White countries of the West — not just America, either.

All this Michael Brown and Ferguson BS, followed on the heels by Eric Garner — that minor criminal, but insanely huge Godzilla black, who died from a supposed choke-hold (I can’t breathe!) — all these manufactured uproars about ever-so-innocent blacks being “victimized” by so-called “racist” White cops are simply the latest incarnations of the “Collective Guilt” campaign against the White race.

International, Globalist Jewry has ceaselessly worked to brainwash White people into feeling responsible for all sorts of crap, even things we had ZERO to do with; while at the same time, completely ignoring all the crimes against our people, or the great things our race has ever done in the world (especially any of us “evil” White guys). This anti-White BS is now increasing to a fevered pitch, in case you noticed.

All sorts of wacked libtards and Marxist Morons are out there — ever since subversive Jewry brainwashed so many White people into supporting our own political castration and racial suicide. Little wonder America is now rapidly going broke and batcrap insane.

From the earliest days when America foolishly let the Jewish SOBs immigrate here from Eastern Europe and Czarist Russia, all of their plans hinged on the fact they would one day control the mass media from top to bottom. In the meantime, they would foster and finance a wide variety of ways to render our race silent and sibilant — making grown men and women fearful of speaking out to those around them without being called “White supremacist, racist, hater” and plethora of other slander terms the creeps dreamed up. This effort has always been the driving force behind “PC” (politically correct). There can be no doubt, anymore.

So how come they turn any crimes White people commit into daily, even hourly, media circuses, but always go out of the way to censor the most horrific of black crimes — especially those with any White victims? Because the Jewish media mavens don’t want the regular White person to get the deal, that’s why.

No, they don’t have some impossible secret conspiracy. Only a few at the very top are privy to the over-all “Agenda” and long history of their efforts (I’m certain many little Jews also instinctively understand the plan). They simply set in motion continual social upheavals that rely on our own good graces and emotions (Whites are inherently too nice for own good).

This “Agenda” has diabolically used ourselves against ourselves. Jewry merely give media attention and money to those too stupid to see they are being used (liberals).

It really is quite evil once when you step back and look at “the big picture.” The final steps in their Agenda are actually unfolding now in “real time.” Soon, only the stupidest of multicult idiots could possibly act like they don’t see it. These liberal fools have been completely wrong from the get-go.

Not only are these creeps getting us to commit racial suicide, they also using our political process to support their special little country of Israel because they think God promised the area to the “Chosen Ones.” This so-called Old Testament BS has painfully killed and wounded millions of non-Jews (whom they call “Goyim,” meaning cattle) over the decades and made billions of Muslims hate our guts (no, it’s not us wearing bikinis at the beach).

The media whores don't care when non-Jews get killed, like this little girl in Gaza when the stinking Israelis bombed civilians with block busters.
Zionist Jews don’t care whenever non-Jew Palestinians get killed, like this little girl in Gaza buried alive after the Israelis targeted civilians with block busters. The bastards also used phosphorous munitions against these people. Even so, the TV whores constantly tell us Israel is our “staunchest ally” practically every minute — like when has Israel ever done crap for us?

Because of all the Bible stuff, they’ve corrupted foolish Christian Whites into kissing Jew ass all the time, even though Jesus Christ himself called them snakes and said their father was of the devil. You can easily see just how Jews hate Jesus to this day. Most of your atheist groups, slick anti-Christian propaganda and efforts to prevent Christmas holiday displays are because of the stinking, lousy Jews.

Right along with using us left and right, the devious creeps have been turning the formerly White nations of the West inside out by allowing the invasion our lands with Third Worlder non-Whites and the destruction of the family unit and morality.

The eventual goal for the Jewish race: A Marxist/Zionist Jew-controlled NWO (New World Order) empire — turned into perverted, racial hell holes for any of us decent, normal White people. This whole thing explains the deal, but because of “PC” they bank on you — the person reading here right now — doing nothing at all, but simply keeping your mouth shut!

Hollywood and media Jews love brainwashing us to breed ourselves away. You can see this kind of BS crap everywhere in the media because the lousy, GD Jews have made it a “fashionable.” Are you not furious about what these stinking SOBs get away with doing to our race?

This is all to destroy our racial solidarity and demographics — rendering us powerless and politically castrated before they proceed on to more obvious technocrat Police State control (new digital inventions have got them licking their chops). The “War on Terror” has simply been the excuse to ramp-up the infrastructure of the commie Jew Police State. Hell, you think all those hundreds of billions spent on “Homeland” security (what an Orwellian word) made any sense, when our borders are wide open to non-White illegals?

Sometimes it just amazes me how blatant things are these days. And that us Americans are not at this very moment dragging these nervy GD Jew bastards out of their cushy media and government offices by the nape of the neck. I guess that’s why Jews sunk their fangs so deep into modern mass media in the first place — better control the Goyim’s heads before we go all Nazi on our ass once again.

Recently Glenn Beck (who once had a FOX news show) announced he’s suffering from a debilitating neurological disease. I wish I could say I feel for the guy. But I can’t. Beck has turned into one huge Jew ass kisser. It’s so bad even Jews are disgusted (who so love getting their arrogant asses kissed).

Ironic, since practically all of those Beck has ever exposed have been Jews.

GLENN BECK CRYING SILOBeck once declared nine people most responsible for the destruction of America. Funny, eight of those were racially Jewish. Of course, he didn’t mention that particular fact at all (other than a show nearing the end of his FOX career about George Soros being a big traitor to the Jews during WWII). But Jews know. Little Jews understand what’s going on — they just don’t want any of us idiot non-Jews to get a clue.

Of course, that’s why Beck’s FOX contract wasn’t renewed — the guy was getting way, way too close to the real deal and some of the Goyim were starting to put two and two together.

Jewry realized long ago if they couldn’t control the mindset of their rich new MacDaddy (America), they might soon have big problems with their planned takeover of Palestine; as well as the silent, gradual Marxist takeover of the US by using race and societal frictions.

Oh, I know a public person or politician in the US (or Britain, or France, or Sweden, or Germany, or Australia, or Austria, or…) won’t dare say “the J word.” It’s total career suicide, maybe even real suicide, considering what the bastards see no problems doing from their little crime headquarters in the Mideast, or even from within lands once thought of as our own.

Things are so bad with PC, they cannot even allow us to think of us having White countries. Yet the insane hypocrites have now freely declared Israel as a Jewish nation for Jews only. Any illegals are termed “infiltrators” in the Israeli Jew media and imprisoned and deported. Imagine America doing this.

A militant Jewess, Sabrina RUBIN Erdeley (above), recently wrote a big piece of crap article published in Jew-owned Rolling Stone magazine about a supposed “campus rape culture” at University of Virginia that was immediately reported all over the Jew media — until the story fell completely apart at the seams. But do you think any of these hypocrite creeps would report one GD thing about all the gang rapes by college black football players, or the 130 plus White women raped DAILY by black men? Don’t make me laugh.

Think that’s BS? Think again. Simply controlling the media is enough to keep the majority of Americans stupid. In addition, the Mass Media injects MEMES into the populace all the time, to dissuade the majority of us from questioning “the official narrative,” to make the common person contemptuous of “conspiracy theories.”
The reality is that Jews have been the most murderous bastards on the planet. Tens of millions of Christian Gentiles died in the Soviet Union, with the Commie Police State apparatus headed primarily by Jews.

They tried to do the same thing to Germany, when the country was laid low by internal Jew backstabbers and the Versailles treaty of WWI. Jews from all over the world rushed there to take part in all the Jew fun. Communism, immorality of all sorts, financial rape. Well, at least until Herr Hitler came along.

Now the bigger, richer Zionist Banker Jews did secretly finance Hitler’s early political ambitions. But it was only to use him. They wanted to scare little German Jews into immigrating to Palestine — which they planned to soon steal from the Ottoman empire and the Arabs. Yet once Hitler and Germany freed itself from the clutches of International Jew banker debt, pulled itself successfully out of the Great Depression (while America was mired in starvation and crime); Big Jewry knew they would have to bring Hitler down — no matter how many German civilians, or anyone else who might die horrible deaths. They didn’t care then, and they don’t care now.

Marxist Jewry killed and starved tens of millions of White people in Russia, Poland and Eastern Europe. That's why the supposed "History" Channel never runs any documentaries about that period of history, because only Jews and blacks can be seen as victims.
Marxist Jewry executed and starved tens of millions of White Christian people in Russia, Poland and Eastern Europe the last century. That’s why the supposed “History” Channel never runs any documentaries about the period, only running the most inane and boring redneck reality programs. All this is because only Jews, blacks, Injuns and other POC can be seen as victims in today’s Jewed America.

In fact, any collateral little Jew deaths could only be useful for Zionist propaganda purposes later — not only in White Collective Guilt campaigns, but to amp-up little Jewry to act as political and social on the ground enforcers of their larger gambits (i.e. the never-ending “holocaust” and evil Nazi BS we see on TV constantly).

Speaking of the “holocaust” business: All sorts of things have come out over the decades exposing many lies in the whole narrative. But the SOBs control the media and are dead set on making everybody believe anything they say — even crazy, nonsensical things from supposed survivors. They insist people swallow the whole thing — hook, line and sinker!

White people: Look around you, America is being destroyed by the Marxist/Zionist Jew machine from the inside out!

Big Jewry has understood for a long time the math behind the FIAT dollar house of cards would one day collapse debt-based Jewish capitalism; in addition to the major problem of millions of retiring baby boomers looking for Social Security their Shabbos goy politicians had already stolen.

They had to replace Whitey in America, not only just for slave labor purposes, but also to destroy White, European Gentiles and Christianity. Plus, diminished White demographics should (hopefully) further insulate them from a well-justified anti-Jew backlash, once it became all too obvious what they had done to our race.

Inna Kukurudza in Luhansk
This woman is only moments away from dying after her legs were blown off when Zionist NWO Ukrainian jets bombed the pro-Russian Ukrainian city of Luhansk, killing about 20 civilians. So how come you never hear any reports on such real life acts of terror like this?

The Zionist NWO of the West was behind the Coup D’Etat takeover of Russia’s neighbor, the Ukraine. Ask yourself: How come we constantly see the media attacking Vladimir Putin, liberal or otherwise? Or how they make it out like it’s so terrible Russia outlawed homo propaganda aimed at children under 18 (which they freely do here)? Or how about all the mega rich Ukrainian Jews involved in the takeover, or what their stolen armed forces do to pro-Russian Ukrainians, like the bombing and strafing of civilians? Because the US media is owned by creeps in lockstep with the Zionist NWO, that’s why.
These filthy GD Jews are just plain evil. It’s so bad, a lot of people even wonder if Jewry are the foot soldiers for Satan himself.

We took the bastards in, and here they are destroying America for us decent White, Christian European people. One day, these filthy backstabbing Jews will be known as the real reason why America went under. That is, if we survive to tell the tale.

It’s clear: America has been under the yoke of the Zionist, Marxist Jews. Most likely since the days of FDR. They have been freely brainwashing our race for decades, while using us to support their wide-ranging geopolitical gambits.

Unfortunately, it’s all quite real, my friend. The filthy stinking Jew rats (they really are rats once you understand the enormity of what they are doing); have been slowly, gradually, working to destroy the White race — as quietly as possible to be sure — at least before too many of us White people come to our senses and alert other Whites around us.

The more you understand what the creeps have done and are now doing, the more likely you’ll work to tell others around you and prepare for the coming showdown. Time is getting short.

Architects of Annihilation: Oligarchy, Oligolatry, and the Modern West

via The Occidental Observer

Oliver Letwin: architect of annihilation
In the modern West, you can see and you can say, but you can’t sew. That is, you can observe certain facts and record your observations, but you can’t stitch the facts together and make sense of them. After UKIP’s second election victory in Rochester, the conservative journalist James Delingpole said that the victory struck a blow against “two characters who embody almost everything wrong with our current political class.” The first character is Emily Thornberry, the millionaire Marxist lawyer who, like the rest of the Labour Party, despises ordinary Whites and was sacked by Ed Miliband for making it too obvious.

The second character is someone many White voters will never have heard of:
Oliver Letwin. It wouldn’t be quite true to say that Oliver Wetwin or Oliver Leftwing (as he is variously known) is the architect of everything that is wrong with the modern Conservative party. Just most of it. Damp rag, squishy centrist, Hampstead intellectual Letwin is, as the Conservatives’ longstanding policy chief, the man who helped “detoxify” the Tory brand by cleverly ensuring that there was almost nothing Tory left in it. From gay marriage to green energy, from defence cuts to ring-fenced overseas aid, Letwin is the reason so many Conservatives loathe and despise the Cameron Conservative party. (Why We Should ALL Be Celebrating Today’s UKIP Triumph in Rochester and Strood, Breitbart, 21st November 2014)
 Delingpole is seeing and saying, but he isn’t stitching it together. He correctly observes that Oliver Letwin is subverting and destroying the Conservative party, but he doesn’t stitch Letwin’s behaviour into a larger tapestry and make sense of it. To do that, he’d have to say something forbidden: that Letwin is Jewish, just like both chairmen of the party, Grant Shapps and Lord Feldman.

That is a remarkable situation. Members of a tiny minority occupy three controlling roles in the party that governs Britain. Then there’s Lord Finkelstein, who wants the Tories to worship non-Whites, and the prime minister David Cameron himself, whose own Jewish roots confirm his “‘unshakable’ belief in Israel.” This explains why Cameron’s “stance on Israel” is “calibrated” to please “prominent Tory Jewish supporters.”

In other words, there is ample evidence that at the very pinnacle of the British Conservative party are strongly identified Jews with typical Jewish attitudes on immigration and multiculturalism and the rest of the programme usually associated with the left. We don’t have a democracy: we have an oligarchy  — “rule by a few.” But any mainstream politician or journalist who pointed out the ethnic realities would certainly lose his career and might go to prison for “incitement to racial hatred.” If you look into the origins of Britain’s hate-speech laws, you’ll find that, just as in Australia and other Western nations, they were created by the Jewish lobby.

But it appears the police state in Britain needs to get even stronger:
Our police and security services have done a nerve-wracking job this year, wiping out numerous terrorist plots and arresting 271 potential killers. But, because we all communicate more online, they are losing access to the vital communications data – the “who, where, when and how” – that they need to keep us safe. That is why Conservatives want to strengthen the law, giving our police access to this critical information. We want to act. But we need a majority in parliament to do it. That’s why the Home Secretary has made it crystal clear: this will be a priority for us in the next parliament.
To sum up: we are determined to keep you and your children safe. We are committed to civil liberties, but your security must come first. It is your fundamental right as a British citizen. Everyone in this country has the basic right to walk our streets, take their children to school, and travel to work feeling safe. We will never put this at risk.
Grant Shapps is the Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield and Conservative party chairman (Conservatives are pushing for stronger laws to face the threat from Islamic State, The New Statesman, 28th November 2014)
Grant Shapps is much more prominent in the British media than his fellow chairman Lord Feldman, who keeps what the Guardian describes as a “low profile,” perhaps because he looks Jewish and has an obviously Jewish name. But Shapps didn’t explain why Britain is being turned into a surveillance state.

Lord Feldman at the Conservative party conference in 2011.
Lord Feldman: “little-known” oligarch
The reason for Britain’s surveillance state is simple: mass immigration from the Third World. Non-Whites have imposed huge costs on ordinary British Whites for many decades, murdering, raping, robbing and committing fraud at vastly disproportionate rates. Now they present an ever-growing terrorist threat too: British soldiers are being advised not to wear their uniforms in public. Jewish oligarchs like Oliver Letwin firmly support mass immigration from the Third World, but does Letwin want his own family to be ethnically enriched? Here’s the answer:
Oliver Letwin, the shadow Home Secretary, was criticised yesterday for saying that he would “go out on the streets and beg” rather than send his children to an inner-city comprehensive in London. The Eton-educated MP told a conference fringe meeting that he would consider sending his children to state schools in his Dorset constituency but he would “give his right arm” to go private in the London borough of Lambeth, where he lives during the week. Gary Phillips, headteacher of the London comprehensive in question, the Lilian Baylis School in Kennington, said pupils and parents would be upset by Mr Letwin’s remarks. (Letwin: I’d rather beg than send child to inner-city school, The Independent, 10th October 2003)
Why did Oliver Letwin not want his children to attend an inner-city school in London? It doesn’t take much research to find out. Here’s a photograph of the vibrancy on offer at Lilian Baylis School:

Vibrancy at Lilian Bayliss school
But if Oliver Letwin scrupulously avoided the school, another Jewish politician, Lynne Featherstone, actually gave a speech there in 2012 deploring one of the results of all that vibrancy: girls in gangs:
Government targets sexual abuse of girls in gangs
Speaking at Lilian Baylis technology school in Kennington on Thursday, Lynne Featherstone, the Home Office minister for equality, said violence against girls in gangs had remained hidden for too long. “I think people would be shocked if they could see the level of violence and abuse against girls in gangs,” she said. Groups working in the area were invited to bid for the advocate positions. “Our first priority is to protect girls who can see themselves as worthless objects to be used in unacceptable ways.” …
Speaking after the sessions, Featherstone said the new advocates would focus on creating a coherent programme centred around changing attitudes and prevention. “Once they are in a gang it is very, very tough,” she said. “It’s a long and difficult journey and there are no quick answers.” (Government targets sexual abuse of girls in gangs, The Guardian, 10th February 2012)
Featherstone and Roche
Oligarchs Lynne Featherstone and Barbara Roche
Featherstone is wrong. There is a quick answer: don’t allow mass immigration from the Third World. Israel follows that policy and Israel doesn’t have rape-gangs or riots. But then Israel isn’t an oligarchy: it puts the Jewish majority first. Unlike Britain, America and Sweden, Israel doesn’t pretend that violent and corrupt Third Worlders are valuable members of society. Instead, it excludes them by any means necessary, including detention camps and security fences. In short, it doesn’t practise what I call ‘oligolatry,’ or “worship of minorities” (literally “worship of a few”).

But what function does oligolatry really serve in White nations? I suggest that the reason it is advocated by the likes of Letwin et al. is that it is a means of protecting Jewish power. Non-Whites in Western nations serve as an early-warning system for Jewish oligarchs like those at the top of the Conservative Party. When Whites object to the presence of non-Whites, this is a sign that Whites are beginning to act in their own interests and may challenge Jewish power too. Accordingly, Jews have sought to pathologize White autophilia, or “self-liking,” and promote allophilia, or “love-of-the-other.” This is why Whites are urged to celebrate mass immigration by non-Whites and to subsidize high non-White birthrates. Even better, from the Jewish point of view, is White passivity in the face of non-White criminality. If Whites don’t defend themselves when they are being actively harmed by non-Whites, this is a further guarantee that Whites will not challenge Jewish power.

This helps explain the growing scandal about the cover-up of gang-rape by Muslims in Britain. Slowly but surely, the claims in a report called “Easy Meat”: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery (2014) are being proved true. As many commentators have pointed out, Rotherham is merely the tip of the iceberg — which goes back at least to 1991:
Another English city has been implicated in the growing child abuse scandal, as the nation’s ‘Second City’ [Birmingham] has been accused by the author of a “ground-breaking” 1991 child sex grooming report of destroying all copies after she tried to reveal the extent of Asian [i.e., Pakistani Muslim] taxi-drivers abusing young girls 23 years ago.
Dr. Jill Jesson, who was a lecturer at the local University of Aston at the time of the report, has told the Birmingham Mail she was chosen for the task of “quantifying” the problem of abuse of girls in City Council care homes in 1990. She said of the government-funded project: “I was employed to do the work because I think they thought I would be objective, I was told to reveal what I saw. I did – and some people didn’t like it”. (Report: Birmingham Council Knew About Child Grooming for Sex Abuse in 1991 but Did Nothing, Breitbart, 19th November 2014)
Those people “didn’t like it” because they were trained in oligolatry — worship of minorities. Nothing negative can be said about non-Whites; all problems are the fault of the White majority. The same oligolatry is at work across the Atlantic in places like Ferguson, MO. The “gentle giant” Michael Brown was killed because he was a criminal and attacked a White police officer. But oligolatry dictates that truth is turned on its head. Accordingly, the thuggish Black criminal becomes a saintly potential scholar cruelly slaughtered by White racism.

Oligolatry is also behind the rape hoax recently promulgated by the Jewish journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdley at Rolling Stone. Non-Whites commit a vastly disproportionate percentage sex-crimes in Western nations and are almost exclusively responsible for such vibrancies as gang-rape and rape of the elderly. Naturally enough, Rubin Erdley chose to spin fantasies about a gang-rape involving some of the “overwhelmingly blond students” of the University of Virginia. Indeed, she has been quite candid about “shopping for victims” that fit the narrative she wants to spin.

Again, this situation is inconceivable in Israel, where politics and the media are not full of non-Jews hostile to the Jewish majority and working hard to demonize and displace them. Instead, Jews are firmly in control of Israel and intend to remain so.

Arrest-Proof Yourself

via Whitaker Online

I enjoyed reading Carson’s “Arrest-Proof Yourself” for a reason peculiar to myself, just as I enjoyed Holland’s “Trust Me, I’m Lying” for another underlying theme.

The underlying theme I saw in “Trust Me” was from my having lived through the years Holland clearly thought of as The Good Old Days. His information from how blog info is not even meant to be truthful was interesting. His grief about the news monopoly  blogs are replacing is HILARIOUS.

One of Holland’s gods, Walter Cronkite, would make regular speeches about morons like Holland thought were objective. He made it very clear that his duty was to BE biased, to select the news he reported. Like an old-timer, Holland moans about the true and objective and checked-out news of his youth.

Holland’s “icon” is Jon “Stewart” on Comedy Central, whose show is a Revival Meeting for Political Correctness. Jerry Falwell should sue “Stewart” for stealing his whole approach and his whole vocabulary.

Carson didn’t make a fool of himself, because one of his main themes was laid down almost forty years ago by a truly great writer.


Carson explained the hunger for arrests today on the basis of law as an industry.

The crime rate peaked back in the 60s, when Batman kept repeating the “rehabilitation” crap because by then it was already funny. Like Mommy Professor, he would repeat that he caught Penguin and Cat Woman, not for punishment, but for rehabilitation.

Today, fifty years later, what every college student believes in has long since been a JOKE out in the real world.

A mere forty years ago I made a shockingly novel point: I said that the Military Industrial Complex indeed did have a political agenda based on government money.

But I then detailed how ALL government expenditure, including the Education-Welfare Complex, also produced its own political agenda which Mommy Professor sells daily.

Simply put, when teachers want a pay raise, it is not entirely because that would be good for the kids. This doesn’t sound surprising today, but before my 1976 book came out, standard commentary NEVER mentioned that any “social” or “education “ could have ANY money-based constituency.

So a lot of Carson’s book was uniquely familiar territory for me. He was a cop and FBI and is now a big money defense attorney.

Carson points out that the ONLY criterion a street cop has for promotion and pay, and even retention, is the number of ARRESTS he makes. As I did for the education-welfare establishment, Carson details the huge amount of money generated by the system for every person who goes to jail.

Any other outlook is as zombied out as Batman talking about rehabilitating.

And he makes it clear that jail is not prison, and that the ONL.Y criterion for a good cop is how many people he sends to jail and how many to prison.

Carson also underlines a point I made to you when BUGSERS discussed what to do if the FBI or other officers showed up. A lot of people came up with smartass lines to use on the investigators, and I begged you NOT to smartass them.

Now you have it from an ex-cop and an ex-interrogator: if you face the real thing, try to save your ass, not make bragging points.

To say that Carson agrees is pure understatement.

Carson drops the crap that “part of the reason” the War on Drugs continues, the disaster of Prohibition cubed, is that those hundreds of billions of dollars spent on it has a constituency.

Carson does not use the term bullshit, but early he makes it clear that this insane program, far more disastrous in a year than the whole War in Vietnam, is ENTIRELY because of people from judges to cops depend on it for their livelihood.

It is a scary book, but worthwhile. But you can also see that persecuting a bunch of amateur political fanatics,  no matter how effective they are, is not likely to be a real-life major police priority.

No Room to Breathe

via Radix Journal

Of course #BlackLivesDontMatter, not even to the people who make a career out of claiming they do. 

Following the Narrative Collapse in Ferguson and the predictable implosion of the “fraternity gang rape” story at the University of Virginia, the mainstream media has opportunistically regrouped around the death of one Eric Garner. Garner supposedly met his end because of a “chokehold” by police. #ICantBreathe is your social justice tweet of the week and you should be really angry at how White police officers are brutally persecuting all those innocent blacks in their own neighborhoods.

Gentle reader, as you undoubtedly have already read, most of what people think they know about the #ICantBreathe case isn’t true.
  • Garner didn’t die of asphyxiation from a chokehold--his death was largely the result of pre-existing conditions.
  • He was not “simply minding his own business” as he claimed, but was being arrested for the 31st time. His offense in this case was the admittedly stupid offense of selling individual cigarettes--but this is precisely the kind of nanny state legislation beloved by progressives. After all, weren’t we just talking about the need to outlaw “catcalling?” And who do you think that would “disproportionately affect?” The fact that courtiers like Jon Stewart are mocking conservatives for pointing this out doesn’t change the reality that police enforce the laws politicians make and can’t pick and choose what they will and will not enforce. (Apparently, only President Obama can do that.)
  • Garner was resisting arrest, which is what precipitated the confrontation. And while SJW’s are quoting him saying “leave me alone” as proof that he was being unfairly accosted, even a cisgendered blonde haired blue eyed male with a 0 on the Kinsey scale can’t make law enforcement go away by simply ordering them to.
Yet let’s ignore all this. Even though Garner’s actions precipitated the fatal confrontation, let’s grant that this is nothing like the Michael Brown case and Garner’s death could have been prevented. So what? If you consistently have confrontations between law enforcement and career criminals, eventually bad things are going to result, especially when the criminals are 300 pounds and suffer from chronic health problems.

Leftists seem to be suggesting that what the Eric Garner case really proves is that police should stop arresting people for “minor” crimes altogether, especially in minority neighborhoods. After all, “broken windows” policing is “racist” and classist.
The problem with this theory is that when police officers stop practicing “broken windows” policing and punishing quality-of-life offenses, they are immediately besieged with complaints about them “abandoning” certain neighborhoods.

As Heather MacDonald notes, “[W]hen officers pulled back on misdemeanor policing in the Staten Island neighborhood where Garner was killed, crime and disorder skyrocketed, leading to complaints from business owners and residents about police inaction.” After all, it wasn’t long ago when the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson was accusing the nation of abandoning Chicago and demanding patrols by the Department of Homeland Security. Now, we are supposed to believe that it is precisely paying attention to crime that is the problem.

The hard fact is that it was aggressive policing that reduced crime in New York City, and racist Rudy Giuliani saved more black lives than David Dinkins, including reducing police shootings. The decline largely continued under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who, whatever his other failings, was an active defender of “stop-and-frisk” policies.

Yet this damned if you do, damned if you don’t approach is common when it comes to dealing with the “black community.” Nor is this limited to questions of crime and punishment.
  • When banks were refusing to lend to minorities with low credit scores, they were being discriminatory. But when they did make loans, they were practicing “predatory lending.”
  • If conservative Whites oppose the agenda of a black politician (like, say, Obama), they are being racist and discriminatory. However, if conservative Whites support a black politician (like, say, Herman Cain, Mia Love, Tim Scott, or Ben Carson) to avoid being called racist, that is “dangerous.”
  • In cinema, film and television, there aren’t enough black characters. Damn racists. However, if a White writer or director does use black characters, that is also racist.
  • In video games, there’s a serious problem because there aren’t enough black protagonists. However, if there is a black protagonist, that fuels racism.
  • Genres of music like classical or metal are racist because there aren’t enough blacks. Styles of dance (like ballroom) are also racist and “rooted in colonialism.” However, Whites participating in hip hop and in stereotypically black dancing is “cultural appropriation,” and also racist. (Just ask Miley Cyrus.)
  • If there aren’t enough blacks in higher education, that is obviously racist. However, if blacks are admitted under affirmative action, that’s racist and condescending. Just ask Michelle Obama.
  • And finally, if Whites have their own neighborhoods and want to preserve them, that is racist. However, if they move into a minority neighborhood, that is even more racist because it’s “gentrifying” and changing the culture.
Even Whites who want to preen about their anti-racist credentials are learning this lesson. Whites who don’t show up to protests are racist, of course, but the ones who do show up are “co-opting” the protests and “acting like cops.” One old, lefty goober in Berekley who can probably remember Pete Seeger’s “If I had a hammer” had one introduced to his face. Another reportedly lost a few teeth. And these are just the ones we have on video.

Call it “Gnostic Egalitarianism.” Like Sufi Islam, it is mystical and subjective, hard to put into words but grasping an essential truth seemingly understood by the initiated and incomprehensible to the unenlightened. And like many occult schools of thought, it wins the allegiance of those seeking to prove their spiritual superiority.

Well, those people and anyone who wants a job. What all of this theory boils down to in practice is “racial socialism,” the transfer of resources from Whites to non-Whites with the multicultural nomenklatura helping themselves to a cut. In every case, it’s less about the well-being of blacks and more about imposing costs on Whites, usually costs that can be transformed into revenue for an increasing army of professional activists, human resource managers, affirmative action academics, and social justice warriors. And as “White privilege” theory hardens and is backed by institutionalized power in academia, the media, and government, those Whites who haven’t managed to cut into the more profitable castes are under attack for simply existing.

Most European-Americans are quite willing to go along with this, tearfully pleading they “don’t see race,” (which today is simply proof of racism.) Yet while denying their racial identity, most European-Americans still seek what can be called bourgeois comfort in mostly White neighborhoods. Rather than push back against an ideological attack, European-Americans simply try to avoid having to deal with these kinds of conflicts altogether.

And who can blame them? If you are a normal American, you can still put together a life allowing you to avoid most of this. But it’s not easy. It’s hard enough raising a family, preserving a marriage, and holding down a job without trying to reverse the Death of the West. And as the marginal costs for maintaining a “middle class” life will increase, European-Americans, like Boxer in Animal Farm, will simply mutter “I will work harder.”

But the realities of multiculturalism ensure that the costs will eventually be unsustainable. Think of how unstable this country is when every interaction between local law enforcement and the black population requires Presidential statements and mass protests. White advocates often sneer that that Euro-Americans won’t wake up until they can no longer stupefy themselves with alcohol and watch blacks throw a ball on the television. Well, now even Lebron is lecturing the Big Fans of the world that they are racist and will not be allowed to avoid dealing with it for much longer. And protests show no sign of slowing down.

The goal is to make sure the smaller “quality of life” style crimes are simply no longer punished, just like violations of immigration law. One of the most underreported aspects of life in a black “community” is the consistent presence of petty violence and lawbreaking, with the ever present threat of escalation. Henceforth, this will simply be tolerated.

Take how the Ferguson confrontation began--Michael Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson (now a government employee) were walking in the middle of the road and responded with defiance when told to move. This is a near constant in these areas. A White man inconvenienced by this has the choice of either submitting to this power play or escalating a pointless confrontation. If he does escalate, he risks violence to his own person. If he wins the resulting confrontation, he just committed a hate crime.
Now think of an act of petty shoplifting (another aspect of Ferguson). Or vandalism. Or constant loud noises and screaming. Or open drug dealing. Or threats or insults. Or shoves. None of this is worth fighting over necessarily--but having it as a constant fact of life grates if you live in such a community.

“A bad neighborhood” isn’t just defined by major crimes like breaking and entering or murder (though it’s that too)--it’s the overall feeling of safety and peace simply absent in any American community that has fallen to the Third World.

A keyboard warrior may cry, “Well, why not fight?” If you fight, you’ll be subject to the kind of targeted prosecutions that are specifically designed to break any White resistance. Ask George Zimmerman how his crime fighting efforts turned out.

Sam Francis wrote, “There is no foe in the war against drugs that could not be well met by a county sheriff armed with a wad of Red Man, a couple of .12-gauges, a local posse, and a few yards of strong rope.” But removing the authority of sheriffs and local law enforcement is precisely what the current controversy is all about. Instead, every law enforcement agency will operate like Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. Quality of life crimes will be tolerated. Thoughtcrime will be persecuted.

All of this is part of what can be called the defining idea of the present regime--no one will be allowed to escape from diversity. From the abolition of immigration law to breaking up White communities to having the DOJ lecture on White privilege, you can’t get away. After all, as even the “expectation of safety” is just an expression of White privilege, who are we to expect that the federal government has an interest in protecting the lives and properties of citizens?

Mark Steyn wrote, “The measure of a civilized society is how easily you can insulate yourself from its snarling underclass.” Today, the System is actually doing its best to make such insulation impossible. More than that, it’s actually working to make sure the underclass expands by importing more non-Whites and actively rewarding destructive behavior among all races.

In the short-term, this will actually help the mainstream conservative movement. After all, modern American conservatism can actually be defined as the creative elaboration of non-racial explanations of White withdrawal from newly integrated public institutions. In the absence of racial solidarity, money is the only means for Whites to avoid living among the “snarling underclass,” and as incomes continue to decrease, that will be harder and harder to do.

Eric Garner should not have been killed. But that doesn’t change the reality that civilization is largely about carving out a safe space away from the Eric Garners--the criminals, hustlers, and thugs that make entire cities de facto parts of the Third World. In the protests that followed Garner’s death, agitators swore to burn down the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. The reality is that the Christmas Tree in New York provides more social value than all that which is contained within the entirety of certain zip codes. Civilization exists for the civilized.

Of course, the real perpetrators, I can already hear the leftists saying, are the very rich, the bankers, and plutocrats who are truly responsible for destroying the American middle class. Just so. But multiculturalism is as an indispensable part of the plutocratic program, as necessary as exporting jobs or obtaining corporate welfare. The only kind of population that can be hallowed out is one that is deracinated, dispossessed, and constantly at war with itself.

The danger of these protests is that they will force European-Americans into their traditional position--defending the system that hates them. The Left is both the System and its opposition. To stand against “riots” and for “law enforcement,” is ultimately to defend the enforcers of multiracial government. It’s the same trap as the flag waving union workers who took to the streets to attack hippies, waving signs that said “God Bless the Establishment.” The reaction then came in the form of Richard Nixon--who went on to impose anti-White racial policies.

We can’t fall into the trap of claiming a “silent majority.” The solution is Identity. The future of European-America, if there is to be a future, depends on the restoration of community. However, it can’t be the same old story of American Whites trying to save their hapless black and brown “fellow citizens” from themselves. Nor can it be trying to remove ourselves as powerless individuals. The best way to restore community is by a final withdrawal, a conscious consolidation of Whites culturally, geographically, and economically. It’s our community--and no one else’s. And this effort may receive an involuntary assist by a government seemingly forcing racial consciousness upon Whites whether they want it or not.

Needless to say, certain Whites will always feel the need to play the Great White Savior. Like FW de Klerk, they are irrelevant within a generation and are determined to be a footnote to someone else’s history. It’s doubtful we can save all of our wayward brethren from themselves.

But maybe we can convince them to leave the rest of us out. After all, if they want social status, maybe we should just try to replace the racial socialist welfare state with a giant Kickstarter to cover the expenses of every non-White in the country. That way, SWPL’s can proudly display how compassionately they are taking care of everyone but their own kind. And the rest of us can get to work building a real nation and community--for Ourselves Alone.

Open Letter to 'Guilty' White Liberal, Carl Gibson

via The Political Cesspool

Carl Gibson is a guilty white liberal journalist who penned the following drivel in reaction to the grand jury’s correct decision in Ferguson. First, I ask you to read Gibson’s disgusting piece, then read the open letter to him that follows.

Here’s Carl Gibson:
As White people who aren’t seething with racism, we have the duty to show solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters in the aftermath of the Ferguson decision. We have the duty to listen, and not lecture. And we have the duty to speak out just as loudly against police brutality, even if we aren’t the ones who are the most directly affected.
Today, a White police officer kills a Black person every 28 hours. In Utah, police are responsible for more homicides than gangs, drug dealers, and child abusers combined. And the number of Black people killed by police has now outpaced the number of Black people who were lynched during the Jim Crow era (which never really ended, when you consider this statistic). FBI data shows that Black teenagers are three times more likely to be killed by police than White teenagers. In 2012, FBI statistics show police departments claimed “justifiable homicide” 426 times. To compare with another Western nation, police in Germany only fired a total of 85 shots over the course of 2011. Forty of those were warning shots, and only six were fatal. In Japan and the UK, there were zero police killings of civilians that year. The U.S. is far and away the leader in police acting as judge, jury, and executioner. Now, can you start to understand why the Ferguson community is so distraught by the loss of a teenager and the lack of even a show trial for the White police officer who killed him?
But the anger Black America is currently expressing is more than just anger over Michael Brown’s killer walking away unscathed. Twelve-year-old Tamir Rice was just recently killed in Cleveland for playing with a toy gun. Seven-year-old Aiyana Jones was killed in Detroit by a police officer conducting a raid who accidentally discharged his weapon (the officer, Joseph Weekley, has escaped charges twice). And Black America isn’t just targeted by the police. In the last several years, Black youths were killed by racist vigilantes for playing loud music and wearing hoodies. Only one of those vigilantes was brought to justice, and that was after he was taken to trial for a second time. Darren Wilson’s non-indictment means he won’t even face a trial for firing 12 rounds at an unarmed teenager who was over 100 feet away from him at the time of his death.
As White people, the police treat us very differently. I stole candy from convenience stores as a kid and was never caught, let alone even suspected. But even if I had been caught any of those times, I have the privilege of knowing that because I have blond hair and blue eyes, at the very worst, I would have been required to pay a fine and do community service. I would even be given a second chance and the benefit of the doubt by future employers. And whenever I have encounters with the police and I’m not at a protest, I almost always get away with a warning, no matter how fast I was driving, what time of night it is, or what neighborhood I’m driving in. And if I refuse to consent to a search, the officer respects my assertion of my rights and backs down.
But even White people who commit heinous acts of mass murder were treated better than Michael Brown, who was, at worst, an alleged suspect of petty theft at a convenience store. James Holmes, who killed 12 people in the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater and wounded many others, surrendered after the act, was brought in peacefully, and got a trial. This is all despite the fact that Holmes had an AR-15 assault rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and had booby-trapped his apartment with deadly explosives. Jared Lee Loughner, the man who killed six people in Arizona and almost killed Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, was also taken alive by police despite his having shot a member of Congress in the head. Now, White people, can you start to understand why Black America is taking to the streets?
Sadly, a large portion of White America has been taken in by the corporate media’s over-hyping of the riots and looting following the grand jury announcement. A lot of you have said, “Why don’t they act more like Martin Luther King,” without taking into account that Martin Luther King was violently killed just the same, and that in 1999, a Memphis jury found local, state, and federal government agencies guilty of a conspiracy to kill Dr. King. Malcolm X was also killed for his beliefs, even as he grew more moderate over time. Medgar Evers was killed in the driveway of his own home, in front of his family, by a White man who wouldn’t face justice for 30 years. The list of slain Black leaders goes on.
Other well-intentioned White people are chastising those who have looted stores, saying corporate property destruction hurts the protesters’ cause, without taking into account that the Boston Tea Party, which led to the bloody revolution that created our Constitution, was, at its core, an act of corporate property destruction. Just as the Boston Tea Party participants did in their day, the people of Ferguson are simply expressing their rage in the only way they have left – by rioting – in the absence of accountable elected officials, a rigged justice system, and a militarized occupying force that terrorizes their neighborhoods and slaughters their children with impunity. White people who don’t understand this have the option of not having to understand this, which defines our privilege.
This week, White families all over America will celebrate a holiday that began with White genocide of Native Americans, and will do so with family members they love and assume they will see again the following year. But the families of Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Aiyana Jones, Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, Ramarley Graham, Ezell Ford, and so many others won’t have that privilege. We as White people must acknowledge that the problem of police brutality isn’t just an issue for members of one particular ethnicity to deal with – it’s a human rights issue. The Americans who protested in solidarity with Palestinians who lost lives, families, and homes from the Israeli bombing of Gaza did so regardless of their nationality. And so, White people must protest this week in solidarity with the Black community regardless of our ethnicity. Martin Luther King was right when he said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
I apologize for subjecting you decent people to that, but wanted to set the stage for you to read this open letter that was sent directly to Carl Gibson by one of our regular guests on the radio:
Dear Carl:
What a pity that you are either (a) so selfish and ambitious that you are willing to betray your own people in order to suck up to minority racists and advance your career or (b) you are so pathologically ill from ethno-masochism that you can only feel good by feeling bad.
Here are a couple of causes you might have chosen to champion:
1. The fate of young White prisoners in jails who – as is widely known – are subjected to Black gang rape an many of whom die of AIDs.
2. The killing of thousands of Palestinians by the Jews in Israel. (Nope! Won’t find Mr. “Look at me! I’m White and I’m against racism” touching that subject. Bad for business. Doesn’t put groceries on the table.)
So those White guys are going to have to go on getting raped and those Palestinians are going to have to go on being burned up with their houses…’cause Little Carl has his career to think about.
I know your type all too well.
I know you – because I was once like you.
But I had the character to examine the other side, to test what teacher had taught me in school, to read books that challenged what I believed, to look at the human suffering caused by multiracialism and multiculturalism.
I changed. But you never will – because you sucked up to teacher who told little Carl, “You are the most educated generation in history.” You believed teacher. It felt so good to know that you were so much better educated than your stupid parents and grandparents. And you also were SOOOOO GOOD!
You were on the right side of every issue – from the slave trade, to Jim Crow, to McCarthyism, to Chinese males making women bind their feet. So were just so very, very good and virtuous. Just don’t ever ask you to mow the grass for the elderly widow down the street.
Little Carl – and big Carl too – just didn’t have time to waste on little acts of charity. He didn’t need too. He could dine out on the easy virtue of telling everybody else at the wine-and-cheese party how strongly he felt about segregation and that march at the Selma Bridge. Carl was so brave.
Teacher gave you a gold star. When you read out your little essay about Rosa Parks, teacher smiled approvingly and Little Carl got a gold star. Yes. Being so very virtuous came very easily to Carl. That’s why people with more character than Carl aren’t as impressed with Carl’s behavior as Carl is and call it EASY VIRTUE.
I know that you think you are a great “intellectual.”
But you AREN’T.
Because if you really were interested in ideas you would by now have read books that challenged what you learned when you were catechised (not educated) in your school and college.
But you never have, Carl. You’ve never read a single book that ever disagreed with what teacher said.
And you never will! Because you are not a great intellectual. You are a poseur. You are not educated. You were never educated. You were chatechised and indoctrinated. And you lack sufficient character ever to challenge what teacher said. You believe what teacher said. You believe you not only are educated, you are part of the “most educated generation in history.”
That’s why – as Socrates (one of those dirty old White people for whom you have contempt) – said:
“The person who can’t be educated is the person who thinks he is educated.”
And that’s why teacher – and all the other obedient teachers in the government schools – told you and others like you that you were so much more educated than anybody else. They knew that this would innoculate you against ever questioning what the government schools taught you.
You aren’t an intellectual, Carl. You are PATHETIC.
I know that you love to think of yourself as “speaking truth to power.”
But, Carl, you are real careful about speaking. You know when to shut up and not to make a peep.
Like in the matter of what goes on in prisons.
Little Carl might get spanked if he ever touched that issue or maybe spoke up about some elderly White widow trapped in a demographically changed neighborhood whose life is a hell of dealing with minority racism.
So Carl is very, very careful about what he says, when he says it and to whom he says it.
You – and others like you – haven’t spoke truth to power for generations. You have sucked up to power.
You are a toady.
I know something else about you.
And in the unlikely event there is somewhere at the core of your rotten being some shred of integrity of which we as yet cannot see any evidence, you will look at yourself and you will admit that it’s true!
I know one of your fantasies, Carl.
You imagine that some day when you are dead, tearful little Black children will come to your grave on your birthday and put flowers beside your tombstone. They will all stand around and say what a great guy you were.
Who knows?
If Carl sucks up enough and is lucky, he might get to be another Carter or Clinton. He might get to be a big time White sell out instead of a “community organizer” nobody like he is now.
And surely all those descendants of the immigrants and the Blacks will honor Carl and be grateful to him and preserve his memory.
Sorry, Carl.
It aint’ going to happen.
Blacks honor Dr. King.
They don’t honor Earl Warren.
The colonists didn’t set up statues to Edmund Burke and the other Whigs who undermined the King’s policies toward America and championed American independence.
No. We honor George Washington and revere his memory.
Nobody gives a passing thought to Burke and the other English sell-outs.
Why should we?
People honor their own leaders.
Not traitors.
So there will never, never, never be any tearful little Black children at your grave, Carl.
You will be forgotten.
As you should be.
Now that’s how these fools should be addressed.

The Jew-Controlled Media & Political System's Relentless Attack on Traditional American Values


Masha Gessen, quoted by the Jews' media
as an “expert” on Putin
Anyone who doubted that the American government, media and “culture” has not been completely colonized and taken over by Jewish Supremacists and their sick ideological worldview, need look no further than the case of Masha Gessen.

This Russian Jewess is that nation’s most famous, self-declared lesbian who also demands complete destruction of traditional marriage.

While homosexual and lesbian Jews are not uncommon (Jewish Supremacists have, as this website has pointed out before, been at the forefront of promoting homosexuality—except in Israel, where homosexual marriage is outlawed), what makes Gessen special is that she has been feted by the American State Department as a “honored” person, is promoted endlessly by the Zio-media, and was even employed by the American government in its anti-Russian “Radio Liberty” radio station in Prague.

Gessen is far more than just another lesbian Jewess. She is certainly one of the leading exponents of the destruction of traditional family values and is an openly-declared enemy of the very institution of marriage.

For example, in June 2012, she appeared as a guest on Australia’s ABC radio service “Life Matters” program, in which she declared:

“It’s a no-brainer that (homosexuals) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. . .”

Not surprisingly, Gessen’s opinions are identical to that of the original Jewish Supremacist Communist, Karl Marx, who wrote in Chapter 2 of The Communist Manifesto:

Abolition [Aufhebung] of the family! The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course when its complement vanishes, and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital.

In the same ABC radio show, Gessen went on to admit the double agenda of same-sex marriage activists:

“[F]ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie.

“The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don’t think it should exist.

“I have three kids who have five parents, more or less, and I don’t see why they shouldn’t have five parents legally… I met my new partner, and she had just had a baby, and that baby’s biological father is my brother . . .

“Many of the Euro-Atlantic countries are actually rejecting their roots, including the Christian values that constitute the basis of Western civilization.

“They are denying moral principles and all traditional identities: national, cultural, religious and even sexual. They are implementing policies that equate large families with same-sex partnerships, belief in God with the belief in Satan.”—(“Life Matters,” ABC Radio, June 2012).

So who is this person who is opposed to the existence of the institution of marriage?

Gessen has become a favorite target for Russians who seek to preserve traditional family values primarily because of her extensive subversive activities in Russia.

In an extensive October 2008 profile of Vladimir Putin for Vanity Fair, Gessen reported that the young Putin had been “an aspiring thug” and that “the backward evolution of Russia began” within days after his inauguration in 2000.

She went on to contribute several dozen commentaries on Russia to The New York Times blog “Latitude” between November 2011 and December 2013.

Gessen writes primarily in English but also in her native Russian, and in addition to writing books on Putin and Russian feminist punk rock protest group Pussy Riot, she has been a prolific contributor to such publications as The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, New Statesman, Granta, Slate, Vanity Fair, and U.S. News & World Report.

In September 2012, Gessen was appointed as director of the Russian Service for Radio Liberty, a U.S. government funded broadcaster based in Prague. So this advocate of destruction of the traditional family is the “American voice” to the Russian people!

In December 2013 she moved to New York because she felt more at home in that Jewish metropolis than in Russia, where her bizarre lifestyle and increasingly outrageous attacks on family values began to attract more and more attention from the authorities.

In the US, she continued to be feted and supported by the Zio-media and establishment.

Her “books” are celebrated and endorsed by the establishment: The New York Review of Books has described her anti-Putin book  The Man Without a Face: the Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin as written in “beautifully clear and eloquent English,” and stated that it was “at heart a description of th[e] secret police milieu” from which Putin originated and was “also very good at evoking…the culture and atmosphere within which [Putin] was raised, and the values he came to espouse.”

The Guardian called her book “luminous”; the Telegraph called it “courageous”. That book has now been translated into 20 languages and spread all over the world.

Her book on the anarchist “band” Pussy Riot, called Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot was described by the Telegraph as convincing of that band’s “courage,” while Booklist described the book as “prickly, frank, precise, and sharply witty.” The New York Times called it “urgent” and “damning.” The Washington Post called the book an “excellent” portrait of Pussy Riot and said that “Gessen gives a particularly brilliant account of their trials.” The Los Angeles Times said that Gessen was “Not just a keen observer of these events” but “also an impassioned partisan.”

In addition, the New York Times reported in May 2013 that Gessen had signed a contract to write a book for Riverhead, an imprint of the Penguin Group, about the Tsarnaev brothers, the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Gessen was the Guest of Honor at the 2012 ceremony awarding the Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism, and won the 2013 Media for Liberty award for her Vanity Fair article “The Wrath of Putin”.

Gessen has given talks around the Western world and has appeared on Skavlan (Sweden), PBS News Hour, and MSNBC.

She spoke at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2012 and in the same year, spoke at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York.

In June 2014, she was guest of honor at a US State Department “annual Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies Pride celebration.” There, the “American” Secretary of State, fellow Jew John-Kerry Cohen said of Gessen:

The government in Moscow may look at Masha as a troublemaker to contend with, but here in the United States, we know that she is a wonderful person — a mother, a journalist, an extraordinary human rights defender — and we are honored by her presence here.


In other words, Gessen is no “small time” player: she is a feted and officially establishment-supported activist who has been formally honored by the “American” government and all the major Zio-media organs.

There can be no doubt that Gessen’s opinions are the very opposite of what the average American thinks.

And for this very reason, she is promoted and supported by the Zio-controlled establishment and government.

Can there be any doubt as to the agenda of the Jewish Supremacist controllers of America?

Can there be any doubt as to their aim: the destruction of everything dear to the very essence of Western Civlization?

* Gessen’s activities are just part of an ongoing and wide-ranging Jewish Supremacist attack on all Western values. See for example this report on how Jewish Supremacists “challenge America’s family-friendly culture” by being deliberately obscene, and of how Jews have led the pornography industry as a deliberate means of attacking society.

The thoroughly Jewish Gessen, who is praised by the Zio-Media Establishment in America, and in the highest echelons of the U.S. Government, is not some Jewish anomaly.

A previous article in quotes Haaretz newspaper in Israel praising a Jewish writer who is an authority on pornography and who happily admits the overwhelming Jewish domination of pornography in the Western World.

His is a quotation from our article and a photocopy of the Haaretz headline that says it all.

Jewish Supremacists “Challenge America’s Family-Friendly Culture” by Being Deliberately Obscene, says leading Jewish Academic
According to Haaretz newspaper in Israel, Jews in the “entertainment” industry are deliberately trying to destroy America’s “family-friendly culture” by being as obscene as possible—an act which also allows them to: “assert their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity”

haretz  haaretz sarah-silberman-jews-obscenity

Writing in an article in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, Professor Josh Lambert, academic director of the Yiddish Book Center and visiting assistant professor of English at the University of Massachusetts,  said that
American Jews have found the explicit representation of sex, and four-letter words, so very useful. The answers vary: Some Jews use obscenity to fight anti-Semitism, while others use it to rewrite traditional Jewish stories in a contemporary idiom.
So, as you can see, The U.S. Government policy of promoting this radical enemy of the traditional family, completely mirrors the Jewish pornographic attack on “American Christian family values” which the Israeli Jewish publication Haaretz sees as in the interest of the Jewish people in the Western World.

This disgusting, Jewish attack on family values is typified by super Jew, Masha Gessen. According to the message of the Haaretz article, Gessen is indeed “asserting her Jewishness” by attacking the family values of both Russia and America.