Mar 19, 2015

Is It Time for the Jews to Nuke Europe?

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There’s a threat lurking within Europe, waiting to rise and strike innocent people. It’s captured headlines and become an international concern. Panic is starting to build and many now wonder if they are safe to travel out in certain areas.

Are we talking about radical Islam? Not quite. Apparently Europe’s biggest problem isn’t Islamic terrorism or the terrifying consequences of mass immigration. . .it’s anti-Semitism!

Thanks to The Atlantic, the American public is being subjected to another round of anguish that some European residents don’t like Jews. But like all portrayals of this phenomenon, the cause—large numbers of Muslims living in Europe—is downplayed to emphasize the claim that anti-Semitism is somehow permanently interred into the soil of the Old World. The rationale goes that Muslims aren’t bringing anti-Semitism with them or being pushed towards it by Israeli policy, but that they are becoming infected with it by living in Europe. This article—titled “Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?” and written by Jeffrey Goldberg—at least notes that Muslim immigrants are largely responsible for the rise in “Judeophobia” (unlike other articles that imagine it’s reincarnated brownshirts spray painting synagogues) and actually examines the problem stemming from the banlieues. What goes unmentioned, naturally, is the Jewish role in promoting the root causes of this problem through their support of mass immigration, multiculturalism, and hate speech laws that only go after Whites.

Yet, underlying Goldberg’s entire piece is the fear of a resurgent “right-wing” and the possibility it might ally itself with Muslim migrants to initiate another Shoah. He also asserts that the Muslims somehow learned their anti-Semitism from the neo-Nazi skinheads who “chased” their parents and grandparents through the streets. The evidence for this potential occurrence is never given and the author is forced to admit that the most popular “far-right” leader—Marine Le Pen—is somewhat of “a philo-Semite.” He also mentions how the gentile leaders of Europe go out of their way to prove their shabbos goy credentials, with Germany’s Angela Merkel even declaring her country’s raison d’être is Israel’s security. (What a notion.)

But that’s not enough for Goldberg and he manages to find some horrific injustices that White Europeans inflict on Jewry. They include staffing the Anne Frank Museum with non-Jews, universalizing her story to make it an appealing message of tolerance, and natives not visiting the Jewish Museum of Brussels in droves. I hope The Hague charges the curators of Frank’s museum for outright bigotry. But Goldberg does seriously kvetch about how the Frank museum doesn’t sufficiently promote the Jewish angle of the girl’s story. . .and it apparently reflects on how Europe can’t eliminate its anti-Semitism. I guess us goy can’t understand the logic here.

Regardless of just how much hatred Goldberg heaps upon Europa and its inhabitants, he believes Jews shouldn’t all aliyah to Israel and should shoulder on, despite the injustices of the Anne Frank Museum and occasionally seeing a swastika.

However, Europe might need to settle for this as another Jew has an idea for what Israel should do its “natural” enemies—nuclear annihilation. In an op-ed for the popular Israel National News outlet, Chen Ben-Eliyahu writes in Hebrew (so those pesky goy can’t read it?) what his country’s final solution should be for Germany.
Twenty, thirty atomic bombs on Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund and so on to assure the job gets done. And the land will be quiet for a thousand years.
This, of course, is in spite of the fact that Germany’s current reason for existence is to ensure Israel’s survival. But I guess this is the natural result of #NeverForget. Considering that most of the targets for Israel’s nuclear “Samson Option” are European cities, it’s a more likely scenario the Jewish ethno-state would nuke the continent than Le Pen would lock arms with Islamic extremists to build concentration camps. Good luck hoping a mainstream publication would explore that possibility though.

In any case, these stories reveal the downside of Jews fleeing Europe. They’re leaving it with the dangers they invited in and have no sympathy for its eventual fate. If no Jews lived in Europe, Israel would certainly have no problem getting more than even for the six million. Not only that, but they have no problem with the development of “Eurabia”—as long as they still have Israel and the United States remains in their pocket.

I guess Goldberg is right, some hatreds just can’t die.

Ferguson's Forever Teachable Moments

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The only thing that would make the ongoing fiasco in Ferguson more instructive as a series of ‘teachable moments’ is if the city happened to have the name Springfield(, USA). It's a sordid microcosm of the entire country.

Ferguson used to be a functional, middle class American suburb. As its demographics changed, fueled by the State's economic sabotage against it in the form of housing vouchers, its founding stock began moving out. With them went the values and behaviors necessary to maintain said functional, middle class suburban life. Blight crept in and dysfunction crept up.

Last August, a rather routine instance of Blacks Behaving Badly escalated. Darren Wilson, the quintessential archetype of dutiful, civic-minded traditionalist America responds exactly as he is supposed to respond. A perpetually aggrieved mob, its opportunistic hangers-on, and its self-appointed race-hustling leaders bray for his blood. In this particular telling, Pontius Pilate, played by Robert McCulloch, doesn't actually sate their blood lust because the tale of Michael Brown's putative victimhood is so thoroughly and entirely a calumny, from start to finish, that even Ingsoc couldn’t give it a veneer of truth.

Countless media personalities--from the harpies on CNN to the double-digit IQ gladiators of the St. Louis Rams--perpetuated the big lie. Every one of these ignorant haters is engaged in blood libel against an innocent man, and by extension, against Core America, as the former light of the world disappears into the historical gloam. Any incorrigible minorities who refuse to get on board with this nonsense are slandered alongside white Americans who do the same as race traitors, Uncle Toms who prosper from the exploitation of their coethnics.

In retribution, the collective resources of the Establishment are marshaled against Ferguson. No matter how it’s sliced, there is simply no standard under which Wilson can be found to have acted improperly, but that isn't enough to spare his city. 'Disparate impact'--an unavoidable consequence of the disparities in behaviors between members of different populations--is a millstone that has been thrown around Ferguson's collective neck. And a precedent is being set that will allow the federal government to throw millstones around the necks of any municipalities in the country the Establishment has a problem with in the future.

Ferguson is no different than any other city in the US in this regard. To the contrary, an extensive review of police records indicates that Ferguson's black-white arrest rate disparity puts it at 1,582nd out of 3,538 municipalities across the US, or the 45th percentile and thus almost perfectly representative of the national average. That, of course, is exactly the point. See, all of middle class white America is being indicted here for the sin of being unable to magically transform black and brown minorities into middle class white Americans.

This racially-motivated Inquisition isn’t without consequences--fatal consequences. The blood of Zemir Begic is on Eric Holder’s hands and as the assassination attempt of a couple of Ferguson cops demonstrated earlier this week, he’ll be culpable for a lot more blood that will spill in the future. The few functioning remnants of the city will now melt away in the face of the federal government’s relentless persecution. When the exodus is finished, the transformation of Ferguson into another East St. Louis will be complete.

Barack Obama likes to talk about how the thugs whose sinews met the unforgiving blade of justice could have been him in the past or his son in the present. If that doesn’t push the bile to the tip of your tongue, I don’t know what will. Does anyone, anywhere really believe that the privilege poor white kids from broken homes in rural West Virginia allegedly benefit from gives them a greater leg up in life than that set of oppressed colored kids with names like, oh, I don’t know, Sasha and Malia, could ever hope to enjoy?

The historical US is being picked apart from every side. The ranks of the takers keep growing, as does their resentment towards the dying beast they’re plundering. And, correspondingly, the ranks of the makers diminish. With apologies to Nietzche, the US is dead, and the ‘American people’ have killed it, both by acts of commission and, more crucially, by acts of omission. It’s time to chop the moribund old oak tree apart and hope that some saprolings in the soil below grow into something fruitful in the future. Here’s to planting the seed of secession in the minds of as many people as I am able to.

Sun Worship: The Basis of Aryo-Germanic Spirituality

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"All  Indo-Germanic nations have worshipped crucified saviours and overwhelming proof was obtained that the sun-myths of the ancient Aryans were the origin of the religion in all of the countries which were peopled by the Aryans." (Aryan Sun-Myths. The Origin of Religion, 1899, Elizabeth E. Titcomb, Introduction by Charles Morris)
Focusing specifically on the Germanic peoples we can see that various deities exhibited the qualities of being linked to the sun:
"The ancient Scandinavians had a sun-god, or Saviour, Baldur the Good, son of the Al-fader, Odin or Woden (Heaven), and the virgin goddess Frigga. (Titcomb)
"The Scandinavians worshipped a triune God, and consecrated one day in the week to him, the day being called to the present time Odin's or Woden's day, which is our Wednesday."
Here the writer is possibly making an allusion to Harr, Jafnharr and Thridi ('Third') in the Gylfaginning in the Younger Edda. The meaning of the first two Old Norse names is 'High' or the 'High One' and the 'just as High'. There are other occasions where Odin appears in the presence of two other Gods, such as Vili and Ve or Hoenir and Lodur. According to Adam of Bremen writing between 1073-1076 (Deeds of the Bishops of Hamburg), at the temple at Old Uppsala Wodan was worshipped alongside Fricco and Thor. However the first example of Harr, Jafnharr and Third is most definitely a triune representation of the All-Father.

As the son of Odin, Baldur, represents the sun as a physical and external manifestation of His father. Odin is the power and vital force that dwells within the sacred blood and DNA of the Aryo-Germanic folk. Is not Woden's Eye symbolic of the sun as it shines forth from Mimir's Well where it is hidden?  
"The single eye of Odin points beyond all doubt to the sun, the one eye which all day long looks down from heaven upon the earth.
"But as the sun is his eye, so his mantle is the vapour which like the cloud-gathering Zeus Odin wraps around himself, and thus becomes Hakolberend, the wearer of the veil, or Harbard, the bearded god." (The Mythology of the Aryan Nations Volume I, George William Cox, 1870) 
"The ancient Germans worshipped a virgin mother and child. The virgin's name was Ostara, or Eostre, whence comes our Easter. In ancient times this festival was preceded by a week's indulgence in all kinds of sports, called the carne-vale, or the farewell to animal food; and this was followed by a fast of forty days. This occurred centuries before the Christian era." (Titcomb)
Philippe Walter comments on this in his Christianity. The Origins of a Pagan Religion (2003):
"Since the earliest years of the Church, the date of Easter has constituted a major concern for the organisers of the liturgical calendar. Quite obviously, the clergy quickly grasped the strategic value of this festival in the process of the Christianisation of pagan religions. The later institution of Lent as a preparatory period for Easter, with the prohibition on eating meat, was a deliberate response to the desire to remove the excesses of the Carnival-like festivities that were viewed as impious."
Julius Caesar makes reference to the sun-worshipping Teutons in his Bello Gallico:
"The customs of the Germans are very different from those of the Gauls. They have no druids to preside over religious matters, nor do they concern themselves with sacrifices. The only things which they count as gods are things they can see and which clearly benefit them, for example, the Sun, Vulcan[ie fire-my note], and the Moon. They have not even heard rumours of any others."(6.21)
In the Germanic Bronze Age a frequently recurring symbol is of course the sunwheel:
 "The association of the sun with a wheel is ancient in Scandinavia, and sun/wheel imagery is ubiquitous in the Nordic Bronze Age."(Long Branches. Runes of the Younger Futhark, 2013, Ann Groa Sheffield)
The sunwheel is closely related to the curvilinear Thulean fylfot which in turn is connected with Thor's Hammer. A hammer or axe in motion resembles a circular fylfot. The renowned scholar Dr H.R. Ellis Davidson draws a connection with the sunwheel, fylfot and hammer in her Gods and Myths of Northern Europe, 1964:
"The swastika, or hooked cross, is a sign found in many regions of the world and known from remote antiquity. It was very popular among the heathen Germans, and appears to have been associated with the symbol of fire. There may be some connexion between it and the sun-wheel, well known in the Bronze Age, or it may have arisen from the use of the hammer or axe to represent thunder, which was accompanied by fire from heaven. Thor was the sender of lightning and the god who dealt out both sunshine and rain to men, and it seems likely that the swastika as well as the hammer sign was connected with him."
Savitri Devi considers sun worship to be particularly suited to a racial elite:
"By the nature of the worship it involved, the Religion of the Disk was, as we have said, suitable to all creatures, from the superman down to the sunflower. But in its practical implications it supposed such a degree of inborn refinement that, far from being applicable to all men, it was, and probably will always remain, a Teaching for the elite. Its morality, essentially aesthetic, and therefore aristocratic, was too free and too generous for the many to understand-a reason why the Aton faith has so often been characterised in our times as entirely 'amoral'." (A Son of God. The Life and Philosophy of Akhnaton King of Egypt, 1946)
By the exaltation of the swastika in the Third Reich sun worship was in a sense revived in Deutschland between 1933 to 1945 until Woden's Eye once again sunk back down into the Well of Mimir.

Using Taqiyya & Kitman against Progressives

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Most of you aren’t Muslims, and I don’t court a Muslim audience. I’m not Muslim and have no love for the religion.

However, there are a couple ethical methods which Muslims use especially heavily when they are a minority in a non-Muslim country. They are especially alien to the people of Northern Europe, who have tended to be more forthright and honest than most other ethnic groups all over the planet.

The concepts are called taqiyya and kitman — they are just ethical justifications for lying to non-Muslims in a systematic way in order to advance the general interests of Muslims against that of the foreigners.

It’s very difficult for a lot of people from Northern Europe to empathize with that sort of mentality, which is partially why dopey democratic elites tend to try to universalize from their own limited experiences within their own ethno-religious group.

Progressives in part enjoy so much success because they can count on the honesty of the conservative opposition. For the left, the operating principle is the Satanic one — “nothing is true and everything is permitted.” The strength of our traditional culture has become a sort of weakness for us. We expect to speak the truth and expect the other people around us to speak truly, but our opponents are willing to drop all ethical restrictions on their behavior to achieve their goals.

This is really only a tentative suggestion, so I expect some push-back from it. There is an element of taqiyya in using a pen name and concealing one’s political opinions to the general public, especially in a time when we are supposed to expose ourselves to casual surveillance from everyone around us.

What I’d like to say is that it’s permissible to lie to progressives about what you believe. There should be little shame in it. You’re not obligated to go throw yourself into the fray, especially if you have to live around progressives owing to your profession or your family situation. You don’t have to tell everyone on Facebook that you think democracy is bad and that the protesters in Ferguson should be machine-gunned. It’s probably preferable that you keep a low profile.

You don’t necessarily have to go so far as to write a Facebook bot to post the most popular post on Upworthy every day to your wall, but it probably couldn’t hurt, either.

The advantage to this is that it helps to feed paranoia and cannibalization within the progressive sphere. You want them to be frightened and erratic. They should know that their are wreckers in their midst, but not know who they are. Success is when they harry or consume someone on their own side who is basically a moderate leftist. Sowing terror, leaking information, and generating confusion while minimizing personal risk is useful.

This is where conventional Republicans and other radicals with a democratic mentality tend to go badly wrong. They think that if they speak often and loud enough, they will get what they want. Depleting the controlled opposition (or eliminating it) dissipates an illusion and frees up a lot of energy for more productive projects.

If dissent is just going to be used to exact penalties on dissenters, then it’s really best to be more roundabout about it. This also damages the information quality available to progressive bureaucrats. Giving false information to pollsters is also possibly useful for certain efforts, as is the orchestration of mass misreporting of statistics.

When you stop thinking about it in terms of how many people you can get to repeat your slogans, an awfully large number of options start to open up for you.

'Name Change'

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White Genocide and Invasion of the Hispanic Hordes

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As time goes on, and as it becomes more and more apparent that the White race in North America faces a demographic invasion unprecedented in history, with Europe in the same boat with a slightly different cast, mainstream outlets are beginning to address the fact.

While the birth rate and sheer number of Whites in the crumbling United States does not pose a serious threat in itself, as we in reality currently possess the largest population in our race’s entire length of existence, the flood of subhumans will indeed threaten to destroy all that we hold dear, a form of genocide according to most definitions, through sheer inundation over the next few generations.

That being said, observe the reaction to the latest article penned by the staff of The Economist highlighting the explosion of “Hispanic” Mongrel creatures as being the catalyst for America’s “White decline.”
America is a country built by immigration, but nothing in its history compares to the rise in its Hispanic population. Changes to immigration law in the 1960s triggered a decades-long surge in arrivals, taking the Hispanic population from just 7m in 1970 to 57m today, a number that is set to double by mid-century.
In actuality, this number may be far higher, when the unknown number of illegal squatters, often estimated to total in the tens of millions, is factored into the equation; only made possible by Jew-devised changes to formerly-draconian immigration codes decades ago.

Feel the enrichment, America. Gaze into the faces of equality entirely capable of pushing civilization into the stars.

Feel the enrichment, America. Gaze into the faces of equality entirely worthy of pushing our Aryan civilization into the stars.

Also, it must be fully understood that this nation has grown only through the arrival of White immigrants, not through the intrusion of beings barely capable of simple civilization, and utterly deficient in terms of adapting to a complex society mainly built by those of Anglo-Saxon and/or Germanic descent.
For almost two centuries, from the time of George Washington’s presidency to the election of Ronald Reagan, whites of European descent made up at least 80% of the population. That share is below two-thirds now, and the white majority is set to become a minority by 2044. That brings both challenges and opportunities.
Do you see this, folks? This means the end of your very culture as a viable option for your children and grandchildren, with the actual date likely far closer to the present, as we also face weakness and dysgenics within our own racial body at the same time as this Brown plague.

And could the staff of said publication please explain any possible opportunities aside from rather scrumptious foreign vittles, which can be prepared just as easily by those I love, that shall follow in the wake of barbaric primitives lacking basic cognitive abilities?

I sure as hell cannot seem to contemplate any.

Let these figures burn into your consciousness. And these are optimistic numbers being cited.
Let these figures burn into your consciousness. And these are optimistic numbers being cited. At least their landscaping and Home Depot parking lot antics fail to turn a profit.

'We Have Chosen the Future': Hungary’s Turn to the Right

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Two weeks ago, the Prime Minister of Hungary and leader of the center-right/national conservative ruling party Fidesz, Viktor Orbán, gave a speech to the Hungarian Parliament on the state of the country.  It should be noted that Orbán is a Calvinist, a member of the Reformed Church in Hungary, and a married man with five children.  Living in the middle of the slow-motion collapse of our civilization, often what we post here is negative and even depressing, so it’s nice when the opportunity to post something positive and uplifting comes along.  Of course, as he is a center-right civic nationalist instead of a traditional-right ethnic nationalist, there are still problems with this speech – for example, his support of democracy, pluralistic tolerance, and the EU – but the good parts really outshine these.  Especially in contrast to America’s allegedly center-right party, whose only purpose is to siphon off and suppress any genuine conservative pressure while rubber-stamping any and all leftist policies which get presented.  You’d never catch a top Republican leader announcing in a national speech, “Do not concern yourselves with whether God is on our side, but concern yourselves with whether you are on God’s side,” explicitly referring to the Christian God.

The entire speech can be found here, although since it’s a translation from Hungarian, the wording can be a bit stilted at times.  Also, note that I wrote an article covering the new 2010 Hungarian constitution being referenced here, if you’d like some context.
Hungary gave its own answers to the most important European questions in [its new 2010 constitution]. Already since 2010, we have been living in the future which many other countries are only just setting out towards or will attempt to reach sooner or later. Europe today continues to huddle behind the moats of political correctness, and has built a wall of taboos and dogmas around itself. In contrast, we took the view that the old pre-crisis world will not return. There are things from past periods which are worth keeping, such as democracy – as far as possible in a form which needs no modifying adjectives; but we must let go of everything that has failed and has broken down. We must let go of these things before they bury us beneath them. We have chosen the future. Those who do not make choices find that instead circumstances will make the choices for them. Those who do not actively decide will find that their lives will be decided for them. We therefore let go of neo-liberal economic policy, and perhaps we did so as late as we possibly could have; we let go of the policy of austerity, just before we were about to share the fate of Greece; we let go of the delusion of the multicultural society before it turned Hungary into a refugee camp, and we let go of liberal social policy which does not acknowledge the common good and denies Christian culture as the natural foundation – and perhaps the only natural foundation – for the organization of European societies. We decided to face the barrage of unfair attacks and accusations, and also let go of the dogma of political correctness.
And as far as I see it, Hungarian people are by nature politically incorrect – in other words, they have not yet lost their common sense. They are not interested in talk, but want facts and results; they are not interested in theories, but want jobs and affordable utility bills; and they do not swallow the nonsense that unemployment is a natural concomitant of modern economies. They want to free themselves from the modern-day debt slavery that they were driven into by foreign currency loans. They do not want to see their country thronging with people from different cultures, with different customs, who are unable to integrate; people who would pose a threat to public order, their jobs and livelihoods. Naturally, we should not be unfair on liberal notions, as during the period after 1990 they did bring a number of benefits to Hungary which we ourselves fought for; times have changed, however, and we cannot be blind to that fact. We learnt from György Bencze something which we now experience personally on a daily basis. He told us that liberals are extremely tolerant – they are only intolerant of fascists. But it is surely not their fault that everyone else – everyone except for them – is a fascist. Yes, we must understand that liberal politics only ever recognizes two kinds of opinion: its own and the wrong one. You yourselves may clearly remember this; this is how these considerations led to Hungary taking a new direction in 2010, and a new era of national politics began.
Orbán then goes on to outline the increasing marriage and birth rates, the decreasing divorce and death rates, and the economic growth the country is experiencing.  While it is true that Hungary isn’t near Western prosperity levels yet, at least they are upward-trending at a time when Western Europe and North America are moving downward.  More importantly, Hungary is preserving its ethnic homogeneity which, unlike material wealth, cannot be easily recovered once lost.  Hopefully we will start to see these kinds of sentiments gaining strength throughout the West in the near future.

The Problem of the Establishment Mentality, Part 1

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The other day I received an email from a reader which expressed the same vexing disbelief felt by all of us, I would say, about the role of “the Establishment” in this vast and viscerally offensive phenomenon that has become known euphemistically as Moslem Grooming.

Steve S, I shall call him, asked how, “given the length of time, the quantity of the victims, and narrow demographics of the perpetrators and the horrific nature of the crime” there could have been literally no Establishment response, beyond an implacable will to look away.

Well, Steve, the time period over which the crime has been around well over 25 years.  Back in 1988 there had been an uproar among Silks in Birmingham when girls from their community were targeted by Moslem men.  Then, when news of the first Rochdale trial finally broke into the press (that is, when the press was forced to report it), a retired police officer came forward to report that as long ago as the early 90s he personally was ordered not to investigate victims’ complaint.  Because of the “grooming” nature of the offence, involving supposed boyfriends, drugs, alcohol, and other forms of bribing the girls, it is likely to have been initiated by Mirpuris of the second or later generations. It could have been going on thirty or even forty years ago.  However, it is not limited to Mirpuri or even Pakistani Moslems today.  The BNP has reported that in Wrexham, for example, the offenders are Iraqi.

Given the uncertainty of the time-scale, the quantity of victims is, of course, impossible to assess with any degree of certainty.  The latest assessment for Rotherham is that there have been around 2,000 victims there alone.  But Rotherham, it has been said, is dwarfed by events in Manchester and Sheffield.  There has been talk of “the tip of the iceberg”.  There have been over fifty cases brought to court so far – few of them reported nationally.  The other day I saw someone use an estimate of 130,000 victims from day one – whenever that might have been - and that could be the right sort of scale.  We just don’t know.

The other thing is the nature of the crimes and the weakness and vulnerability of the victims.  At least one girl was murdered (Charlene Downes in Blackpool, just 14, her body never found, her flesh, it was alleged by police, rendered for burgers).  There was a suicide in Rotherham.  We don’t know how many others there have been elsewhere.  The two official reports into Rotherham and the evidence of the various trials around the country have produced some distressing accounts of what these girls went through.  One girl was raped with a broken bottle.  Another was branded with a hot hairpin.  Another had her tongue nailed to a table.  Another who became pregnant, as many did, was subjected to a crude amateur abortion and almost died.  Another innocent was made to believe she was going to be beheaded.  Another was doused in petrol and threatened with a lighter.  Others were threatened with fire-bombing of the family home.  There were innumerable cases of family members threatened with violence.

And then there was the rapes.  These girls, some as young as eleven and many in council care, were (and are) handed around like sweets to older men, frequently relatives of the “boyfriends”.  An unknown number of girls were (and are) sexually enslaved, trafficked and prostituted on the basis that they were young, white, and fresh.  The going rate could be up to £200 a time, apparently.  To put that into context, on average an adult female prostitute in a British city “entertains” her clients for £60.  In 2001, a police investigation in Kieghley found a 13-year-old girl who had had more than a hundred Asian sexual partners.  Social Services in the town were dealing with seventy separate complaints by girls.  But these were children and this was (and is) paedophile rape – in our culture and justice system one of the most serious of all crimes.  Yet the nett result … the Establishment response … was to actively cover up the whole ghastly business – even to the extent of filleting social services files in Rochdale.  But it was the same culture of deliberate and determined neglect, even complicity, everywhere.  The Keighley MP at the time, the redoubtable Ann Cryer, who was alone among MPs in acting with some honour on the matter, said herself that, “It wasn’t an easy subject to approach. It could give a way of attacking the Asian community. But I was horrified. People said this had been going on for years.”
Cryer was subsequently cold-shouldered by her fellow Labour MPs at Westminster.

The official culture of omerta was briefly challenged on 22nd August 2003 by the Channel 4 documentary Edge of the City, which reported from Cryer’s Kieghley constituency.  At this time Nick Griffin had already presented West Yorkshire police with a dossier of evidence gathered by BNP activists (I believe as early as 2001).  On 15th July 2004 the BBC documentary The Secret Agent was broadcast, showing secretly recorded speeches by Griffin and Mark Collett to a party gathering at the Reservoir Tavern, Kieghley the previous January.  On 14th December 2004 Griffin and Collett found themselves under arrest and charged with “using words or behaviour intended or likely to stir up racial hatred”.  The Crown Prosecution Service went to trial twice at Leeds Crown Court to try to put them away.  The jury acquitted them at the second time of asking.  They were free men.

But nothing more would be heard of “Moslem Grooming” until Times journalist Andrew Norfolk broke ranks on 5th January 2011 with a nominally investigative piece titled, “Revealed: conspiracy of silence on UK sex gangs”.  It was not really a Times investigation as such.  In 2010 the Derby sex gang, a group of thirteen “mostly Pakistani” males, had been sent to trial for seventy-five offences involving twenty-six “mostly white” girls aged between twelve and eighteen years old.  Nine were convicted of grooming and rape.  The police and the trial judge very “correctly” put away any suggestion that race played a part in the crimes.  It was admitted that Moslem Asian men had been disproportionately represented among offenders reported for child grooming. Of the fifty-six men convicted in the Midlands and north of England since 1997 (when two Leeds taxi drivers were jailed for raping twenty young girls) fifty were from Muslim backgrounds.  But no conclusions were to be drawn.  After the Derby trial, Peter Davies, the head of Child Exploitation and Online Protection, was quick to tell the world that “looking at this issue through the lens of ethnicity does not do the victims any favours.”  Neither he nor anyone else in the state machine could be accused of doing that.

But the Derby trial gave Norfolk at the Times the storyline and the statistics he needed.  His article was widely reported in the nationals and the broadcast media.  Something in the national mood, after all these years, had changed.  The racial toothpaste was out of the political tube – at least a little of it was, and it couldn’t be put back as it had been in 2003/4.

The immediate result was fair media coverage of the Rochdale trial, which ended on 8th May 2012 with the conviction of eight Pakistanis and one Afghan asylum seeker on charges of rape, trafficking girls for sex, and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.  One defendant was cleared of all charges.  The jury could not agree on a verdict with another.  A third escaped justice by fleeing to Pakistan.

Among those who found the opportunity to speak to the media in the aftermath of the trial was Ann Cryer.  She told a BBC documentary film crew shooting “Quitting the English Defence League: when Tommy Robinson met Mo” that she had been “round at the police station virtually every week” to plead with the guardians of law and order to do something.  She had done the same with social services.  “But”, she said, “neither the police nor social services would touch those cases … I think it was they were afraid of being called racist.”

So we return to Steve’s question.  How could all those white people involved locally and nationally in all these towns and cities… perfectly intelligent and capable, trained professionals ... not sexual deviants, not criminals but otherwise decent men and women with the power to speak and act ... how could all those social workers, police officers, local councillors and MPs, legal professionals, church authorities, health professionals, Home Office managers, party leaders and managers, feminist campaigners, local and national journalists and media owners … how could they all quietly agree to turn their heads away from the suffering of these children?  What kind of person can do that?

Certainly, it isn’t a question much of the media has been willing to ask, in all the thousands of words that have been printed in the aftermath of “Rochdale 1”.  There has been some buck-passing, though.  The Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland blamed it all, shamelessly, on the police (a line that I noticed leftist blog-commenters at the DT duly adopted for a time).  Nothing to do with Pee-Cee at all.  The DT journalist Sean Thomas blamed the “racist demagogues” of the BNP, especially Nick Griffin.  “It was thanks in part to his thuggish intervention that society felt able to ignore the scandal.  And thus the abuse continued,” he wrote.

What has actually been continued, of course, has been the great multicultural project.  This is an “all costs” endeavour - this is really what it’s all about.  And if those costs are paid, in part, in the blood and pain of white children, well, that’s something which can’t be allowed to obstruct “progress” in multiracialising the English people’s land.  That priority is clear.  It is why James Brokenshire, Minister for Security and Immigration, went straight to war against “the far right”.  “The ugly face of the far right,” he told some spurious anti-white conference in London. was a real danger to public safety and had the same aim as Islamist extremists of seeking to reshape society.

At least he makes it clear who the real enemy is: outraged white men.  Of course.  Far be it from him to address the cause of their righteous anger.

But Brokenshire was far from alone in getting it spectacularly wrong.  Usual suspect Sue Berlowicz, the deputy Children’s Commissioner, produced a report for her Commission explaining that was so offensive even government ministers had to turn their noses up at it.  She wrote:
What the evidence in this report has shown is that this issue is widespread and there is more than one type of perpetrator, model and approach to child sexual exploitation by gangs and groups. . . .

. . . individuals classified as `White’ form the largest group of perpetrators in both gangs and groups. BME individuals, particularly those loosely recorded or reported as `Asian’, are the second largest category of perpetrators reported via the call for evidence. However, White British males were the only perpetrators identified in all site visits.
The facts, however, are that of 545 offenders in this category only 166 were white British, 415 were Asian, 266 were black, 49 were mixed-race.  The woman quietly dropped Moslems from the charge sheet entirely.

Maggie Blyth, independent chairman of the Safeguarding Children Board, did better.  But not much.  She managed to address the role of the police, social and health services.  But she blamed only “systemic failings” and a “reluctance to condemn under-aged sex as wrong”.  Of course, it was just under-age sex.  Those bad, bad white girls.

Among the thinking classes of the left no one is more courted for his wise and illuminating pronouncements than the “Elvis of culture theory” Slavoj Žižek.  But he, too, walked round and round the problem in his search at the Guardian for “difficult questions”.  He managed just two paragraphs about Moslems out of thirteen.  For him, this is all about the “different visions of how different cultures can and should co-exist”.  So right off the bat he is avoiding the only real question that is difficult for the liberal Establishment: why are 4-5 million Moslems (and counting) in England at all?  Not how, mind you – we know how they got here.  But why.  We have never been told that.

Let’s remind us how easy it is to get this right.  On 27th August 2014 the DT carried a piece by the stirling Allison Pearson in the aftermath of Professor Alexis Jay’s report into the Rotherham scandal.  Amazingly, the thread was open and the top-rated comment is by 70sgirly:
Slavish adherence to political correctness distorted the decision-making ability in Rotherham, so much that it was “better” to allow 1400 vulnerable children to be raped and brutalised than for the council, the police or social services to be accused of “racism”.  And this is just one Northern town, like Rotherham, ditto Rochdale, Derby, Peterborough, Oxford etc, it’s almost unbelievable.
This cowardly sickness infests the establishment, our institutions and the MSM alike, with PC zealots salivating at imagined “thought crimes” and always ready to shout “racist!”.  This is a conditioned response they have learnt just like Pavlov’s Dogs, it’s a deeply sinister policy which has been deliberately implemented and enforced and it’s rotting Britain inside out ...
So if a DT commenter can come right out and say it, why can’t the “experts”?  Because, of course, they know they are guilty and they do not want to discuss it.  It takes a man with nothing to lose to admit what was going on.  Denis MacShane, MP for Rotherham from 1994 to 2012, and recently released jailbird, got close to honesty on the matter, telling the BBC’s World At One that “there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that. Perhaps, yes, as a true Guardian reader and liberal-leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard.”

As “a true Guardian reader and liberal-leftie” he would have been screaming his lying head off at Nick Griffin in 2001 and again in 2004, and freezing out Ann Cryer in between.  Those white men and women who wield power in this country at every level, and all their fellow-travellers, are in the grip of a vast pathology of Mind.  It is wantonly killing our people.  In part 2 of this essay I will endeavour to penetrate to the heart of that sickness, and provide reader Steve with a meaningful answer.

Globalism on the March: Showdown in Ukraine

via TradYouth

The new Cold War looks to be quickly heating up if the United States and the European Union get their way with the newest moves into Eastern Europe and Ukraine. The fight between Tradition and modernity is again coming to a head as the modernist elements are beginning to assault the remaining bastions of organic culture, Faith and identity in order to advance their agenda of total domination for International Jewry and globalism.

As the old adage goes “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” and once again we see in modern politics distinct sides for nations and people to throw in with when it comes to ideology. In the late 20th century the face-off was between capitalism, nationalism and communism. Capitalists and supposed conservative movements are aligning with the Left to wage a full out war against Russia and her Christian allies. The fight of the 21st century is going to be one between globalism and modernity facing off again against nationalism and Tradition.

The United States and the forces of the European Union are pushing for demographic displacement of Europeans, free trade, an increasingly globalized world, and of course, secularism. Russia is once again regaining the position of being the defender of Christianity around the world, just as the Tsars had been for centuries prior to the Bolshevik Revolution.

The forces of International Jewry and capitalism are looking to undermine every Traditional society throughout the world. The Russian policy of supporting nationalists like Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over the past four years is proof that Russia is in a showdown with the New World Order. While America and Western Europe are funneling money to jihadists that are “advancing the Islamist army’s dark agenda of eradicating Christianity from Iraq by smashing crosses, toppling statues and destroying sacred relics that have been in place for thousands of years” the Russians have stood behind the Syrian President and people, both Christian and Muslim, against ISIS and other Western backed threats. A destabilized Middle East is good for Israel and for America, but bad for world peace, the people of the Middle East and for Traditionalists around the globe.

Russia has supported Iran and therefore also the Lebanese nationalist group Hezbollah, the only force that has defeated the Zionist State in open combat over the past several decades. Hezbollah protects Christians and the Christian right to worship in a majority Islamic nation, standing as a nationalist bulwark against jihadists who wish to attack Christians, moderate Muslims, and all Arabs who are nationalists. Financial support, military aid, and trade agreements with Iran and Lebanon work to counter American and Israeli policies in the region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin supports building churches and defending Christianity, the leaders of the West push abortion, homosexuality and secularism as their Satanic religion
Russian President Vladimir Putin supports building churches and defending Christianity, the leaders of the West push abortion, homosexuality and secularism as their Satanic religion

The Russian policy is a wise one, not a World Net Daily Zionist love fest to simply attack all Muslims, but to support Arab nationalists like Assad who protect their Christian minority and stand united against the growth of Western and Israeli backed Islamic extremists. The showdown in the Middle East between nationalists who are supported by Russia and the jihadists who are backed by Israel and its NATO allies.

Not content with facing off against the Russian sphere of influence in the Middle East, the Americans and Western Europeans have now been working to slowly pick off nations who historically have been united with Russia in regards to shared and similar Faith, culture, and trade interests. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Americans and Western Europeans under the banner of NATO and the European Union have worked to bribe, cajole, threaten, and manipulate leaders in Eastern Europe to align with the West, against the best interests of their people demographically, culturally and spiritually.

The West has become the embodiment of spiritual and physical death of Traditional Christian European civilization. Where communism simply oppressed people and Faith, capitalism and modernity obliterates it through degeneracy, greed and a liberal application of shekels for collaborators who work for the global elites.

The United States and the European Union are looking to colonize Ukraine for capitalism and International Jewry

Ukraine has been a prize target for America and the EU to drag away from Russia and to bring into the orbit of the West. The so called “revolution” in the Maidan Square was a farce from the beginning to unseat a government that put Faith, family, and folk ahead of the interests of the West.

Alleged atrocities of government troops against innocent protesters was shown to be a lie when the “former chief of Ukraine’s Security Service confirmed allegations that snipers who killed dozens of people during the violent unrest in Kiev operated from a building controlled by the opposition on Maidan square.”The West was willing to shoot and murder police and protesters alike in order to creative a narrative to be broadcast throughout the Jewish controlled global media to demonize Russia and those who supported a nationalist government in Ukraine.

The CIA was caught supporting violence in the Maidan to advance Western interests through staging attacks and murders against government forces and protesters. Director Oliver Stone made it clear from his conversations with people on the ground on both sides including the former Ukrainian President that “It seems clear that the so-called ‘shooters’ who killed 14 policemen, wounded some 85 and killed 45 protesting civilians, were outside, third-party agitators… Many witnesses, including Yanukovich and police officials, believe these foreign elements were introduced by pro-Western factions – with CIA fingerprints on it.” 

The attempt to colonize Ukraine for the West goes all the way to the top of the United States government as demonstrated when Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt revealed in leaked phone conversations that US assets and interests werein play” inside Ukraine.

One look at the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have lost their lives in a blatant lie by the West should not be surprised that the elites no do care about the sanctity of human life if it gets in the way of global control and profits.

Following the astroturf revolution in the Maidan Square, Jewish elites were instantly put into power with backing from the West. Right-wing nationalist leaders who had supported the revolution were quickly killed or disappeared in order for the Jewish power brokers to decapitate resistance to their plans to make Ukraine a vassal State of Brussels, Washington, and Tel Aviv.

The new Jew-led Ukrainian government was opposed by ethnic Russians in what now is known as Novorossiya and the Donetsk People’s Republic when these noble men and women decided to exert their right to break free from an enemy-occupied government and to chart a course of self-determination for themselves and their people. Instantly the occupied Ukrainian government began drafting Ukrainian men and women to fight another senseless war, invading Eastern Ukraine to attempt to dominate the ethnic Russians living in the region.

The new Western backed President of Ukraine is not a Ukrainian, Petro Poroshenko is a Jewish billionaire and a globalist puppet.
The new Western backed President of Ukraine is not a Ukrainian, Petro Poroshenko is a Jewish billionaire and a globalist puppet

Fighting on the ground between the forces in Eastern Ukraine fighting for self determination against the Western agitators and drafted Ukrainian men and women has not gone as planned for the West, leading to an ever increasing amount of warmongering and intervention in the region by Western forces. As the Russians send aid convoys such as “200 trucks in Russia’s 2nd convoy carrying humanitarian aid for devastated areas of eastern Ukraine” the Americans and Europeans are sending guns, bombs and soldiers to the region in an attempt to squash self-determination and drag Russia into a war.

The United States is gearing up for war by sending an increasing amount of military supplies and serious hardware to Eastern Europe in a blatant attempt to provoke Russia and to promote conflict in the region. AFP reports that “The United States on Monday delivered more than 100 pieces of military equipment to vulnerable NATO-allied Baltic states in a move designed to provide them with the ability to deter potential Russian threats. The deliveries are intended to ‘demonstrate resolve to President (Vladimir) Putin and Russia that collectively we can come together,’ US Major General John R. O’Connor told AFP as he oversaw the delivery of the equipment in the port of Riga. The delivery included Abrams tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles, Scout Humvees as well as support equipment and O’Connor said the armour would stay ‘for as long as required to deter Russian aggression’.”

Not content with just military hardware, the United States is putting boots on the ground in Eastern Europe, “About 3,000 U.S. soldiers from the Georgia-based 3rd Infantry Division will deploy to Eastern Europe beginning next week, to conduct training exercises with forces from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the Pentagon said Monday. The deployment is part of an ongoing U.S. military troop rotation aimed at bolstering support for NATO allies who are worried about escalating aggression by Russia.”

The European Union is pushing for a united military of European States to fight on behalf of the bankers and global elites, an effort spearheaded by Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission. Juncker said that “a common army among the Europeans would convey to Russia that we are serious about defending the values of the European Union.”

Germany’s defense minister, Ursula von der Leyen, told German reporters that “I think that in the Bundeswehr we would also be prepared, in certain circumstances, to put units under the control of another nation… This interweaving of armies, with the perspective of one day having a European Army, is, in my opinion, the future,”
Clearly the European Union and America are singing the same tune of an increasing globalist world in which national borders, ethnic identity and religious values are done away with in an attempt to destroy Tradition and nationalism throughout Eastern Europe and then the world. A united European military soon will lead to a global army, another sign of the coming of the New World Order.

President Putin has stood firm in his defense of Traditional Christian values by fighting degeneracy, abortion, Islamic extremism in the Middle East, and European demographic decline while the West wishes to destroy Russia and her allies through a new brothers war between Europeans.

Let all European nationalists fight together against our common enemy, the global elites and International Jewry. No more brothers wars
Let all European nationalists fight together against our common enemy, the global elites and International Jewry. No more brothers wars

Professor Alexander Dugin spoke about how this battle between Western secularism and the Orthodox faithful is a battle in which the ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine are “confronting their true spiritual and geopolitical enemy” which is globalism and secularism, under the banner of the European Union and the United States.

Nationalists and Traditionalists must rally behind the freedom fighters of Novorossiya and behind President Putin because in the fight between liberalism and Tradition the Western elites are totally at odds with any sense of Faith, family and folk. The American government and the European Union are looking to attack Russia in Eastern Europe and the Middle East because only Russia stands as a burning torch of Tradition that encourages the Christian Faith, encourages healthy families and organic folkish identity.

I stand with Novorossiya and Russia against more Zionist warmongering, will you?

Individualism & Personality

via Alternative Right

In a West that declines as surely as the course of the sun, opponents of the incipient World State often define the modern situation as a dialectical struggle between collectivism on one side and individualism on the other. Usually "collectivism" is meant to define any manifestation of state power, be it fascism, communism, the liberal managerial state, or globalist technocracy, though many would expand the classification to include traditional religious institutions and even the family.

What is less clearly defined is "individualism," a slippery term that means different things to different people. Popular opinion holds that "individualism" is the ability to choose and follow one's desires for self-expression, be it spending one's money how one prefers or something more trivial such as dying one's hair blue.

When viewed from the perspective of a dialectical clash with collectivism, especially the state, the notion of individuality does take on a weightier significance than its more trivial manifestations, i.e. the university student who gets a tattoo to rebel against her father. Indeed, the individual as such is all too often deliberately devalued by the powers that be. Not only through various forms of economic reductionism, but also in the prevailing ideology which views humanity as a collection of interchangeable, atomistic, consumerist units, or in the more sinister forms of transhumanism of men like Ray Kurzweil, who see humans as nothing more than biological androids or even "ants."

All too often, the self-proclaimed champions of individualism propose a model not all that different from their "collectivist" opponents – the individual remains a disconnected, atomistic entity, not defined by any external reference. For the absolute individualist, things like religion, ethnicity, family lineage, race, and nation are at most secondary affixations, not essential components to one’s identity. The supposed alternative to collectivist absolutism is a purely desacralized and impoverished conception of man, an outgrowth of Renaissance humanism and the Enlightenment.

Encountering this problematic origin, we draw near to the metaphysical dead end of modernity. As the German philosopher and critic of globalism Rüdiger Safranski observed:
"… individualism is a product of secularization, for it presupposes that religious statements have lost their validity with regard to the meaning and purpose of the whole. Individualism invests meaning in individuals, and no longer in such totalities as God, humanity, nation or state."
French metaphysican René Guénon, who saw in the reign of quantity the dissolution of man and the world, articulated a similar position. He identified individualism as "the negation of any higher principle" and "the consequent reduction of civilization, in all its branches, to purely human elements." In an age of mechanized tyranny, Guenon knew that the supposed alternative to totalitarianism was also one of its sources. Modern, individualistic man, “instead of attempting to raise himself to truth, seeks to drag truth down to his own level.”

"Pilate said to Him, 'What is truth?'" (John 18:38) Crucify Him, by Iliya Glazunov.
Individualism, it cannot be denied, contains a positive recognition of man’s dignity and creative endowments. Yet such an idea systematized and applied to society is entirely inadequate for and oftentimes destructive of culture and its sacral basis. In his work Solitude and Society, Russian philosopher Nicolas Berdyaev offered some answers in the quest for a proper balance between individual and collective. Instead of mere horizontal, atomistic individualism, he saw personality as man’s true identity. While individuality denotes mere quantity, the realized personality springs from the sphere of quality. Indeed, as Berdyaev saw it and consumerist ideology attests, "extreme individualism leads to the negation of the personality." Personality, rather, is the unity "made up of body, mind, and soul." It is founded not just on biological, naturalistic, or social foundations, but on man’s very supra-natural nature and origins.

Berdyaev saw the assault on personality as equally present in individualism as in the various forms of collectivist systems, which he saw as anti-personalist. He recognized:
"The exploitation of man by man, as well as the exploitation of man by the State, is a way of converting man into an object."
But no mere individualism would suffice to counter the objectification of man; Berdyaev dismissed bourgeois individualism as yet another form of impersonalism. On the other hand, the realization of the personality is both a spiritual and aristocratic undertaking. "The struggle to realize the personality is a heroic one," he noted. "Heroism is above all a heroic act." If the personality is formed through the heroic, there is no greater heroism than sacrificial love, its essence:

"Personalism stands for the love of one’s fellow-beings, of unique personality, of Divine humanity…"
And thus personality can never be equated to the individual adrift in society, the "free thinker" who does no more than attempt to avoid the jackboot of collectivism. The true man is vertical in his orientation, and seeks neither material riches nor social license, rather ascending towards the heights, a genuine freedom in the realm of the spirit.

On White Expats and Non-White Immigrants

via Radix

Guillaume Canet, Virginie Ledoyen, and
Leonardo DiCaprio in Danny Boyle's
The Beach (2000)
“Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?”
The question was raised in The Guardian by a man named Mawuna Remarque Koutonin, who is the editor of, where his short blog was first published.

Koutonin notes with fury that the word “expat,” short for “expatriate,” only applies to White people away from their home country, while non-White people abroad are systematically referred to as “immigrants.”

While I obviously don't share Koutonin's post-colonial resentment, I must say he's right. Indeed, “expat” is only used for White people. It also works in French, but of course “expatriate” comes from “expatrié.” (Sorry, Jef Costello. Btw, wasn't Costello a character played by Alain Delon?)

Of course, the main objection one could make to Koutonin's case is that since most emigrants are relocating to Western countries, the vast majority of White expats settle in other White countries.

And while most Western people define their identity on a strictly national basis (for now), the conclusion someone with our political outlook must draw is that White people are at home in any other Western country, which argues in favor of free immigration for White people between Western countries.

If Europeans worldwide don't want to accept their only true, millennial identity, Koutonin is reminding them who they really are, and they would be better inspired to get it right now than later, when whiny blog posts are replaced with mightier means.

Washington Post Attacks Counter-Currents

via Counter-Currents

Man Subduing a Harpy,
by Agostino Carracci
Imagine my delight when I noted that “” is the first word of Caitlin Dewey’s Washington Post article “Amazon, PayPal and Spotify inadvertently fund white supremacists. Here’s how.” In fact, the article focuses almost entirely on Counter-Currents, which I take as a sign that we are doing something right.

Dewey reports on the ongoing campaign of a Jewish Supremacist hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, to strangle Counter-Currents financially by pressuring to stop selling our books and PayPal to stop processing our transactions. The SPLC has been doing this for some time, actually. See my article “Counter-Currents Under Attack” from last February.

Why does the SPLC want to silence us? Because they know that Leftist ideas cannot stand up to intellectual scrutiny and free debate, and they fear Counter-Currents because we are creating an intellectually rigorous, exciting, and aggressive metapolitical movement that threatens the Left’s ideological hegemony.

The SPLC adopts such tactics because, unfortunately, they work. Counter-Currents is not even five years old, and we are quite financially vulnerable. We could find alternatives to Amazon and PayPal, but it would definitely be a setback, and we do not have any margin for error. Every month, I work 60 hour weeks and just barely scrape by. A significant reduction to my income would simply take me out of the game.

By contrast, according to the SPLC’s latest IRS 990 form their income for the fiscal year ending last Halloween was $54,420,509 (that’s fifty-four million . . .) and they had a total of $314,748,132 (three-hundred fourteen million . . . ) in the bank.

The Washington Post article has amplified the SPLC’s efforts considerably. Thus there is every reason to think that, eventually, PayPal and Amazon may cave in to increased pressure. I want to be ready for that, so I am starting the 2015 Counter-Currents Summer Fundraiser early this year, and I am raising my fundraising goal for $40,000 to $60,000. (To give you some perspective, the black minister Rev. Creflow Dollar is trying to raise $60 million from his flock to buy himself a Gulfstream jet.)

As a special thanks, I will give an autographed hardcover copy of my book New Right vs. Old Right to anyone who donates $315 or more. All I need is a million such donations to equal the bank account of the SPLC, which is just one of many anti-white hate groups.

Obviously, this is a matter of some urgency. If you wait too long, it might be much more difficult to give.

You can make two different types of donations:
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