Aug 28, 2015

The Trump Deportation Plan

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“There’s the door.”
The most important political issue in America today is immigration, for unless we stop non-white immigration, the United States will cease to exist. People are not equal and interchangeable. The United States was created by whites, and as whites are replaced, the US will become just another dirty, impoverished, chaotic, Spanish-speaking non-white state. But don’t we have enough of those in the Western Hemisphere already?

I emphasize that immigration is a political issue, because unlike so many other problems, it is actually possible to fix it within the current political system. Our rulers, of course, have tried to make open borders, multiculturalism, and amnesty for invaders into an unchallengeable political consensus. The public wants immigration restrictions, but the establishment was simply not going to deliver. The only question the establishment was willing to consider is how, and how fast, America is to be obliterated by non-white immigration.

Then, as a demonstration of the power of individual personalities to change public debates — and thus change history — Ann Coulter and Donald Trump have put halting immigration, starting deportation, and saving America back on the table. The results were predictable: enthusiasm from the public — and a great deal of squirming, wailing, kvetching, and gnashing of teeth from the political establishment.

The establishment is committed to destroying America, and they will say and do anything to bring that about. Thus, in addition to telling us that saving America is simply immoral, they are also telling us that it is not practical. It is just too expensive. Thus the media are reporting claims that deporting 11 million illegal aliens would cost $100 to $200 billion. And since there are probably closer to 22 million illegals here, those costs would have to be doubled.

Here’s how to answer these claims.
  1. Don’t quibble about the numbers or methods or agendas of these studies, because you will lose 99% of your audience immediately. Instead, attack two implicit premises: (1) that this is just “too much money,” and (2) that deportation would have to be carried out by the government to begin with.
  2. Deportation might cost $200 billion. But doing nothing will cost us our country. Isn’t America worth $200 billion to save?
  3. If saving America is not worth $200 billion, then why are we spending three times that amount on national defense in 2015 alone? 
  4. If 20 million foreign soldiers were to cross our borders, and our political class said that it is just too expensive to repulse them — so maybe we should offer them jobs, welfare, amnesty, and citizenship instead — we would conclude that our leaders are traitors and should be replaced. Well, illegal immigration is just invasion, colonization, and ethnic cleansing in slow motion. Which means that Americans are only slowly concluding that our leaders are traitors and should be replaced. But once they arrive at that conclusion, the traitors’ days are numbered.
  5. According to one estimate, illegal immigration costs the US government more than $100 billion/year. So even if it cost $200 billion one time to send them all back, the program would pay for itself in 2 years.
  6. The government will admit to 5.5% unemployment, just like they will admit to 11 million illegal aliens. In truth, both numbers are much higher. Deporting 20+ million illegal aliens will fix unemployment in two ways. First, it will open up jobs for unemployed America workers. Second, if it really did cost $200 billion, that money will be spent employing Americans. What’s wrong with that? Liberals and conservatives both wax nostalgic about FDR’s great public works projects in the 1930s. Let’s put Americans back to work.
  7. The idea that America simply can’t save itself is an insult to the American people. If Americans could put a man on the moon, then we can secure our borders. Of course, some of the same people who are pooh-poohing the very possibility of saving America believe that they can bring liberal democracy to the Muslim world. It is time to simply stop listening to these people.
  8. The establishment wants us to believe that immigration is simply a force of nature, and that it only goes one way. Both premises are false. Immigration exists because of political policies, which can be changed. And if it is possible for people to come here, then it is possible for them to leave. Roads lead into Mexico, as well as out of it. People can drive, walk, and swim South, as well as North. Planes fly to Africa and Asia as well as from them.
  9. Not only is it possible for immigrants to leave, it is possible for them to leave the same way that they came. Most immigrants were not brought here by the US government. Therefore, most immigrants do not need to be sent back by the government.
  10. Many immigrants arrive here due to sponsorship by churches and other private organizations. The same infrastructure can be used to help resettle them in their homelands. The people who enjoy generous salaries and social recognition for helping the invaders will have a choice: either join the army of the unemployed (which they helped to create) or keep their jobs by promoting emigration.
  11. Most immigrants arrive here on their own initiative and on their own dime. They come here because they have incentives to do so. They can find better employment and social welfare benefits in the US than in their homelands. Thus all the US government need do is make it impossible for illegal aliens to obtain work and benefits in the US. Once they have incentives to return home, they will deport themselves.
  12. What about family reunification? Simple: deport the whole family. Why does family reunification only work one way? Why not reunify them with their families in Mexico or the Philippines or Ghana?
  13. What about immigrants who have “roots” in America? Usually these “roots” mean nothing more than tapping into the US employment and welfare system, without in any way becoming part of American culture. The roots of Mexicans are in Mexico. If those roots did not matter to them, why should their “roots” here matter to us?
  14. Every people deserves a homeland, where they can live according to their own unique natures and cultures free from outside interference. That applies to white people too. The United States is my homeland. My family has more than 400 years of roots in North America. We built this country. I literally have no other place to go. And yet, I have been forced to watch my homeland being destroyed during my lifetime by greed, stupidity, and malice. It is not selfish of me to want a homeland of my own, since preserving it does not deny a homeland to any other people. The homeland of Mexicans is Mexico. The homeland of Indians is India. If they can keep their homelands, why can’t Americans keep our own?
  15. Of course, halting “illegal” immigration is not enough. The real problem is non-white immigration, legal or illegal. And even stopping immigration altogether is not enough to address the real demographic problem, namely that white Americans are being outbred and demographically swamped by non-whites who are already here. But halting illegal immigration is the first, and most politically doable, step toward saving white America. And when that is accomplished, there is nothing that will stop us from shifting the goalposts further and further toward the ethnostate.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Immigration is only a problem because it is possible to move millions of people around the globe. It is just a matter of will to send them back.

Africa in Our Midst: A Look Back at the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

via American Renaissance

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which blasted the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, the entire world saw images that left no doubt that what is repeatedly called the sole remaining superpower can be reduced to squalor and chaos nearly as gruesome as anything found in the Third World. The weather–a Category 4 hurricane–certainly had something to do with it, but the most serious damage was done not by nature but by man.

Much has been and will be written about why the levees that are supposed to keep the water out of below-sea-level New Orleans failed. There will be bitter recrimination about whether the federal rescue effort could have been launched sooner. Commissions will ask questions and lessons will be learned. But there was another human failing that was far more ominous. No commission will study it, and official America will refuse to learn from it. In the orgy of finger-pointing it will be all but forgotten. That human failing–vastly more significant than the ones the commissions will investigate–is the barbaric behavior of the people of New Orleans.

New Orleans is 67 percent black, and about half the blacks are poor. Of the city’s 480,000 people, all but an estimated 80 to 100 thousand left before the hurricane struck. This meant that aside from patients in hospitals and eccentrics in the French Quarter, most of the people who stayed behind were not just blacks, but lower-class blacks without the means or foresight to leave.

Katrina hit on the morning of Monday, Aug. 29. The levees broke on Tuesday and the city began to flood. Before long, 80 percent of New Orleans was under as much as 20 feet of water.

The city’s 70,000-seat football stadium, known as the Superdome, had been officially designated as a public shelter before the hurricane, and several thousand people were already there the night before the storm. It had some food and medical supplies, but when the waters began to rise, people poured in from all directions, swelling its numbers to an estimated 25,000.

People came because their houses were under water, but also because New Orleans very quickly collapsed into banditry. Looting began even while the storm was still blowing. At first there was sympathetic clucking about the need for food and medicine, but news clips of blacks wading happily through waist-deep water with television sets over their heads dispelled that view.

The day after the hurricane, a reporter caught the atmosphere of high-spirited chaos at a Wal-Mart in the Lower Garden District. People were grabbing things as quickly as they could, smashing open jewelry cabinets and scooping up double-handfuls. One man packed his van so full of electronic equipment he could not close the rear doors. A teenage girl passed out, face down, and people stepped on her. A man stopped to roll her onto her back, and she vomited pink liquid. “This is f***ed up,” he said, and rolled her back on her stomach. An NBC correspondent filmed black, uniformed police officers strolling through the aisles, filling shopping carts.

At one store, a policeman broke the glass on the DVD case so civilians would not cut themselves trying to break it, but one man was ungrateful. “The police got all the best stuff,” he said. “They’re crookeder than us.” One woman stocking up on makeup was glad to see the officers. “It must be legal,” she said. “The police are here taking stuff, too.”

Violence of all kinds quickly spread through the paralyzed city, where robbery, rape and even murder became routine. There were still thousands of people trapped on rooftops and in attics, but on Sept. 1, Mayor Ray Nagin called the entire police force off of rescue work and ordered it to secure the city. The response from the force? An estimated 200 officers just walked off the job. “They indicated that they had lost everything and didn’t feel that it was worth them going back to take fire from looters and losing their lives,” explained Henry Whitehorn, chief of the Louisiana State Police. Many disappeared without a word. Sheriff Harry Lee of Jefferson Parish in New Orleans also said his men were deserting. “They want to be with their families,” he said. “Well, I want to be with my family too, but you don’t quit in the middle of a crisis.”

Two police officers, including the department’s official spokesman Paul Accardo, committed suicide by shooting themselves in the head. The London Times estimated that one in five officers refused to work, and some of those who stayed on the job were useless. When Debbie Durso, a tourist from Washington, Michigan, asked a policeman for help he told her, “Go to hell–it’s every man for himself.”

Ged Scott, 36, of Liverpool, told BBC News what happened when a group of stranded British women shouted to police for help from the rooftop of a flooded hotel: “They [the officers] said to them, ‘Well, show us what you’ve got’–doing signs for them to lift their T-shirts up. The girls said no, and they said ‘well fine,’ and motored off down the road in their motorboat. That’s the sort of help we had from the authorities.”

“No one anticipated the disintegration or the erosion of the civilian police force in New Orleans,” explained Lieutenant General Steven Blum of the National Guard. He said the city was operating on only one third of its pre-storm strength of 1,500 officers, and that the guard suddenly had to switch from rescue to law enforcement: “And that’s when we started flowing military police into the theater.”

New Orleans has had only black mayors since 1978, and has spent decades making the police force as black as possible. It established a city-residency requirement for officers to keep suburban whites from applying for jobs, and lowered recruitment standards so blacks could pass them. Katrina blew away any pretence that the force was competent (see next story).

(On September 5, exactly a week after the hurricane, Mayor Ray Nagin offered to pay for the entire police force, firefighters, and city emergency workers to go on five-day vacations–with their families–to Las Vegas or some other destination. He said there were enough National Guard in the city to maintain order, and that his men “have been through a lot.” He brushed off suggestions that this was dereliction of duty. He even asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to pay for the vacations, but FEMA refused. “We haven’t turned over control of the city,” a city spokesman explained. “We’re going to leave a skeleton force–about 20 percent of the department–for leadership and liaison with the troops while we get some rest.”)

New Orleans has a high crime rate at the best of times–it is usually in top contention for the American city with the highest murder rate–and looted firearms spilled into the street. Some blacks fired on any symbol of authority, blazing away at rescue helicopters and Coast Guard vessels. Several days after the hurricane, with desperate people still huddled on rooftops, FEMA said it was too dangerous to attempt rescues.

On Wednesday, along one stretch of Highway 10, hundreds of volunteer firefighters, auxiliary coastguardmsmen and citizens with small boats were eager to reach people, but could not set out because of sniper fire. “We are trying to do our job here but we can’t if they are shooting at us,” explained Major Joey Broussard of the Louisiana State Fisheries and Wildlife Division. “We don’t know who and we don’t know why, but we don’t want to get in a situation of having to return fire out there,” he said.

Perhaps the most chilling accounts were from hospitals, where staff desperately tried to move patients up stairs as the water rose, while blacks looted the floors below. Most hospitals had emergency generators, but these began to give out. Two days after the hurricane, the city had no running water, and as food ran out, doctors and nurses gave themselves intravenous feedings to keep going.

Just outside New Orleans, gunmen held up a supply truck carrying food, water, and medical supplies that were on their way to a 203-bed hospital. Patients all across the city eventually had to be taken out, but rescuers met resistance. Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Cheri Ben-Iesan told reporters at an emergency headquarters: “Hospitals are trying to evacuate. At every one of them, there are reports that as the helicopters come in people are shooting at them, saying, ‘You better come get my family.’” An effort to evacuate patients and staff from Charity Hospital in downtown New Orleans was stopped by sniper fire. Other hospitals reported gangs of looters attacking and overturning ambulances.

Chris Lawrence, a reporter with CNN, filed a report from the roof of a police station: “Right now it’s the only safe place to be in the city. We were on the street earlier but the police said under no circumstances would you be safe on the street. They said anybody walking in the streets of New Orleans is basically taking their life in their hands. . . . They directed some of the young women to get off the street immediately.”

What may have been the most shocking headline of the entire crisis was in the September 2 issue of Army Times: “Troops Begin Combat Operations in New Orleans.” The article was about the Louisiana National Guard massing near the Superdome in preparation for a citywide security mission. “This place is going to look like Little Somalia,” Brig. Gen. Gary Jones explained. “We’re going to go out and take this city back. This will be a combat operation to get this city under control.” The amphibious assault ship Bataan was in the area, but kept its helicopters on board after pilots reported sniper fire.

Many soldiers came under gunfire from civilians. “I never thought that as a National Guardsman I would be shot at by other Americans,” said Philip Baccus of the 527th Engineer Battalion. “And I never thought I’d have to carry a rifle when on a hurricane relief mission. This is a disgrace.” Cliff Ferguson of the same battalion added: “You have to think about whether it is worth risking your neck for someone who will turn around and shoot at you. We didn’t come here to fight a war. We came here to help.”

Michael Brown, head of FEMA, said: “We are working under conditions of urban warfare.” General Blum of the National Guard said half of the 7,000 guardsmen under his command had just returned from overseas assignments and were “highly proficient in the use of lethal force.” He promised to deal with thugs “in a quick and efficient manner.”

Shoot-to-kill orders were supposed to have gone out, and Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco boasted that battle-hardened veterans would put down the violence in no time. However, there were few accounts of soldiers firing their weapons. The London Times reported that a New Orleans policeman explained through tears that he had seen bodies riddled with bullets, and one man with the top of his head shot off. He said looters were armed with stolen AK-47 rifles, and that the police were outgunned just like in Somalia. “It’s a war-zone, and they’re [the federal government] not treating it like one,” he said.

We will never know the full extent of the mayhem blacks loosed on their own city. Many victims will not be found for weeks or even months, rotted beyond recognition, their killers never found. Drowned or murdered, the bloated, stinking bodies that turn up by the hundreds will look much the same. In their haste to get cadavers off the streets, the authorities may not worry much about cause of death.

From Hurricane to Jungle

In the two main refugee centers, however–the Superdome and the Convention Center–too many people witnessed the degeneracy for it to be ignored. The first refugees had arrived at the Superdome the day before the hurricane, on Sunday, August 28. The last finally left the stadium on Saturday, Sept, 3, so some people may have spent nearly a week in what, after the toilets began to overflow, became known as the “Sewerdome.”

Preparation for refugees was pitifully inadequate. By day, as many as 25,000 people sweltered in temperatures that rose into the 100s. Whatever order had been established soon melted away, and the stadium reverted to the jungle. Young men robbed and raped with impunity. Occasional gunshots panicked the crowd. At least one man committed suicide by throwing himself off a high deck and splattering onto the playing field. Bodies of the murdered, and of infants and the elderly who died of heat exhaustion began to accumulate. Six babies were born in the stadium. Charles Womack, a 30-year-old roofer, said he saw one man beaten to death, and was, himself beaten with a pipe. Crack addicts–who had brought their most valuable possession with them–smoked openly and fought over drugs.

A group of about 30 British students were among the very small number of whites in the stadium, where they spent four harrowing days. Jamie Trout, 22, an economics major, wrote that the scene “was like something out of Lord of the Flies,” with “people shouting racial abuse about us being white.” One night, word came that the power was failing, and that there was only ten minutes’ worth of gas for the generators. Zoe Smith, 21, from Hull, said they all feared for their lives: “All us girls sat in the middle while the boys sat on the outside, with chairs as protection,” she said. “We were absolutely terrified, the situation had descended into chaos, people were very hostile and the living conditions were horrendous.” She said that even during the day, “when we offered to help with the cleaning, the locals gave us abuse.”

Mr. Trout said the National Guard finally recognized how dangerous the threat was from blacks, and moved the British under guard to the basketball area, which was safer. “The army warned us to keep our bags close to us and to grip them tight,” he said, as they were escorted out. Twenty-year-old Jane Wheeldon credited one man in particular, Sgt. Garland Ogden, with getting the Britons safely out. “He went against a lot of rules to get us moved,” she said.

Australian tourists stuck in the Superdome had the same experience. Bud Hopes, a 32-year-old man from Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, took control and may have saved many lives. As the stadium reverted to anarchy, he realized whites were in danger, and gathered tourists together for safety. “There were 65 of us altogether so we were able to look after each other, especially the girls who were being grabbed and threatened,” said Mr. Hopes. They organized escorts for women who had to go to the toilet or for food, and set up a roster of men to stand guard while others slept. “We sat through the night just watching each other, not knowing if we would be alive in the morning,” Mr. Hopes said. “Ninety-eight percent of the people around the world are good,” he said; “in that place 98 per cent of the people were bad.”

John McNeil of Coorparoo in Brisbane tells what happened when their group, too, heard the lights were about to go out: “I looked at Bud [Hopes] and said, ‘That will be the end of us.’ The gangs had already eyed us off. If the lights had gone out we would have been in deep trouble. We were sitting there praying for a miracle and the lights stayed on.” Mr. Hopes said the Australians owed their lives to a National Guardsman who broke the rules and got whites out to a medical center past seething crowds of blacks.

Peter McNeil of Brisbane told the Australian AP that his son John was one of the 65 who managed to get out. The blacks were reportedly so hostile “they would stab you as soon as look at you.” “He’s never been so scared in his life,” explained Mr. McNeil. “He just said they had to get out of the dark. Otherwise, another night, he said, they would have been gone.” No American newspaper wrote about what these white tourists went through.

When guardsmen began to show up in force on Sept. 1 and take control, some blacks met them with cheers, but others shouted obscenities. Capt. John Pollard of the Texas Air National Guard said 20,000 people were in the dome when the evacuation began, but thousands more appeared from surrounding areas when word got out that there were buses leaving town. Soldiers held their M-16s and grenade-launchers at the ready, and kept a sharp eye out for snipers.

That same day, when it was time to board buses for Houston, soldiers had trouble controlling the crowd. People at the back of the mob crushed the people in front against barricades soldiers put up to control the flow. Many people continued to yell obscenities whenever a patrol went by. Some were afraid of losing their place in line and defecated where they stood. The Army Times reported that Sgt. 1st Class Ron Dixon of the Oklahoma National Guard, who had recently come home from Afghanistan, said he was struck by the fact Afghanis wanted to help themselves, but that the people of New Orleans only wanted others to help them.

By the evening of Sept. 3, the Superdome was finally evacuated, but the state-of-the-art stadium was a reeking cavern of filth, human waste, and an unknown number of corpses. It, too, had been looted of everything not bolted down. Janice Singleton was working at the stadium when the storm hit. She said she was robbed of everything, even her shoes. As for the building: “They tore that dome apart,” she said sadly. “They tore it down. They taking everything out of there they can take.”

Only afterwards did the public learn there were 50 police officers assigned to the Superdome, but they appear to have been completely ineffectual. Toni Blanco, a 24-year veteran, said police could not arrest anyone because there was no place to hold suspects, and they were afraid to use their guns for fear of the crowd. “You felt helpless in the sense there was absolutely nothing we could do for the city,” she said. What did she do at night, when conditions were worst? She and another officer, Alecia Wright, would slip out to a patrol car and have a good cry. “Many times we laid in the car and tears just rolled,” said Miss Blanco. Some officers simply abandoned their posts and fled the Superdome.

Conditions were even worse at the Convention Center. Although on high ground not far from the stadium, it had not been designated as a shelter. It was, however, beyond reach of the high water, and soon some 20,000 people were huddled in its cavernous halls. There were no supplies or staff, and for several days neither FEMA nor the National Guard seems to have known anyone was there.

Armed gangs took control, and occasional gunshots caused panic. There was no power, and at night the center was plunged into complete darkness. Degeneracy struck almost immediately, with rapes, robbery, and murder. Terrible shrieking tore through the night, but no one could see, or dared to move. When Police Chief Eddie Compass heard what was happening, he sent a squad of 88 officers to investigate. They were overwhelmed by superior forces and retreated, leaving thousands to the mercy of criminals.

It was not until Sept. 2–four days after the hurricane–that a force of 1,000 National Guardsmen finally took over from the armed gangs. “Had we gone in with a lesser force we may have been challenged, [and] innocents may have been caught in a fight,” explained Gen. Blum.

Sitting with her daughter and other relatives, Trolkyn Joseph, 37, told a reporter that men had wandered the center at night raping and murdering children. She said she found a dead 14-year old girl at 5 a.m. on Friday morning, four hours after the girl went missing. “She was raped for four hours until she was dead,” Miss Joseph said through tears. “Another child, a seven-year old boy, was found raped and murdered in the kitchen freezer last night.”

Africa Brumfield, 32, explained that women were in particular fear: “There is rapes going on here. Women cannot go to the bathroom without men. They are raping them and slitting their throats.” Donald Anderson, 43, was at the convention center with his wife, who was six months pregnant: “We circled the chairs like wagons because at night there are stampedes,” he said. “We had to survive.”

The very few whites in the crowd were terrified. Eighty-year-old Selma Valenti, who was with her husband, said blacks threatened to kill them on Thursday, Sept. 1. “They hated us. Four young black men told us the buses were going to come last night and pick up the elderly so they were going to kill us,” she said, sobbing. Presumably, the blacks wanted to take their places on the buses.

The center was not entirely without a form of rough justice. A National Guardsman reported that a man who had raped and killed a young girl in the bathroom was caught by the crowd–which beat him to death.

At one time there were as many as seven or eight corpses in front of the center, some of them with blood streaming from bullet wounds. Inside, there was an emergency morgue, but a National Guardsman refused to let a Reuters photographer take pictures. “We’re not letting anyone in there anymore,” he said. “If you want to take pictures of dead bodies, go to Iraq.” By Saturday, Sept. 3, the center was mostly cleared of the living. Refugees pulled shirts over their noses trying to block out the smell as they walked past rotting bodies.

Later it would be learned there were 30 to 40 bodies piled into the convention center’s freezer, almost all of them murder victims. Arkansas National Guardsman Mikel Brooks showed a reporter the charnel house: “I ain’t got the stomach for it, even after what I saw in Iraq. In Iraq, it’s one-on-one. It’s war. It’s fair. Here, it’s just crazy. It’s anarchy. . . . And this is America. This is just 300 miles south of where I live.”

For the city as a whole, not even 50,000 soldiers and federal rescue workers could bring calm. On Sunday, Sept. 4, contractors working for the US Army Corps of Engineers came under fire. Their police escort returned fire and killed four attackers.

On Monday, Sept, 5, a week after the hurricane and after virtually everyone who wanted to get out was gone, there was still widespread banditry. “We’re having some pretty intense gun battles breaking out around the city,” said Capt. Jeff Winn of the New Orleans SWAT team. “Armed gangs of from eight to 15 young men are riding around in pickup trucks, looting and raping.”

Brian McKay was one of 300 Arkansas guardsmen just back from Iraq. He was in full battle gear, including body armor, putting down insurgents. “It’s like Baghdad on a bad day,” he said. Another Arkansan veteran under fire agreed: “It’s just so much like Iraq, it’s not funny, except for all the water, and they speak English.”

Since the old jail was flooded, police set up a holding pen at the Greyhound bus terminal. State Attorney General Charles Foti said there were plans for a temporary court system, but no one knew how they were going to assemble juries or call witnesses. The grim business began of combing the drowning city for corpses and the remaining survivors.


The world reacted with astonishment to sights it never expected to see in America. “Anarchy in the USA,” read the headline in Britain’s best-selling newspaper, The Sun. “Apocalypse Now,” said Handelsblatt in Germany. Mario de Carvalho, a veteran Portuguese cameraman, who coveres the world’s trouble spots, said he saw the bodies of babies and old people along the highways leading out of New Orleans. “It’s a chaotic situation. It’s terrible. It’s a situation we generally see in other countries, in the Third World,” he said.

Some Third-Worlders would have been insulted. “I am absolutely disgusted,” said Sajeewa Chinthaka, 36, of the looters. The Sri Lanka native added: “After the tsunami our people, even the ones who lost everything, wanted to help the others who were suffering. Not a single tourist caught in the tsunami was mugged. Now with all this happening in the U.S. we can easily see where the civilized part of the world’s population is.”

In the United States, the stark contrast between endless scenes of appalling behavior by blacks and rescue personnel who were almost all white was greeted with the standard foolishness. Some people accused the “biased” media of suppressing footage of rampaging whites and heroic black helicopter pilots.

Many blacks made excuses for looters. “Desperate people do desperate things,” said US Rep. Diane Watson of California. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. from Illinois, said we must not judge harshly: “Who are we to say what law and order should be in this unspeakable environment?” Rep. Melvin Watt, North Carolina Democrat and chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, was perhaps the greatest ass of all: “Whatever is being taken could not be used by anyone else anyway,” he said.

Many blacks took it for granted that federal relief was slow because the victims were black. Rep. Elijah Cummings said “poverty, age and skin color” determined who lived and who died. Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP’s Washington bureau, blasted “disparate treatment” of Katrina victims. “Many black people feel that their race, their property conditions and their voting patterns have been a factor in the response,” explained Jesse Jackson, Sr. He said the rubbish outside the Convention Center made the place look “like the hull of a slave ship.” Black activist and reparations-booster Randall Robinson said the relief effort was the “defining watershed moment in America’s racial history.” He said he had “finally come to see my country for what it really is. A monstrous fraud.”

Democratic Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick of Michigan said she was “ashamed of America and . . . of our government.” The mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin–the man who gave city workers a vacation when the feds arrived–shouted and wept on local radio, demanding of federal officials: “Get off your asses, and let’s do something.” There was an undercurrent of fury at a meeting of black leaders in Detroit. One audience member wanted to know whether the slow federal response was “black genocide.” Another shouted, “African Americans built this nation. Descendants of slaves are being allowed to die.”

One black man, observing the chaos from abroad, took a different view. Leighton Levy wrote in the Sept. 2 Jamaica Star: “I am beginning to believe that black people, no matter where in the world they are, are cursed with a genetic predisposition to steal, murder, and create mayhem.” He wanted to know why there was no footage of white looters: “Is it that the media are not showing pictures of them looting and robbing? Or is it that they are too busy trying to stay alive, waiting to be rescued, and hiding from the blacks?”

Most blacks and many whites fell into the usual assumptions about omnipotent white government and helpless Negroes. If black people were suffering it was because whites had not done enough for them. It did not occur to them that it was the responsibility of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana–not the federal government–to prepare for hurricanes. Before the storm, Mayor Nagin issued a mandatory evacuation only under pressure from the Bush administration. The mayor then did nothing to enforce the order, leaving hundreds of city buses and school buses to drown, rather than use them to offer transportation to people without cars.

Something of the mood of black New Orleans was caught by Fox News film crews as late as Sunday, Sept. 4. White volunteers were trying to persuade a black woman and her small children to leave her flooded house. “You’ve got to get out,” they explained. “The water isn’t going away.” A black man at the top of a multi-story building told a helicopter crew he didn’t need to leave. All he needed was some supplies.

These people could not understand something that was obvious to the whole world: New Orleans had no electricity, no plumbing, no transport, and no food. Blacks refused to leave their flooded homes, even though to stay meant near-certain death.

Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff noted how crazy it was to stay in the wreckage. “That is not a reasonable alternative,” he said. “We are not going to be able to have people sitting in houses in the city of New Orleans for weeks and months while we de-water and clean this city.”

FEMA reported that it had pulled three Carnival Cruise Lines ships from commercial duty to shelter the blacks of New Orleans. Maybe the chance of berth on the Ecstasy, the Sensation or the Holiday would be enough to drag them out of the muck.


Ninety-nine percent of the white people left New Orleans when the evacuation order went out. Some 80,000 blacks could not or would not leave. Whites did not “leave them behind,” as the editorial writers keep telling us. No one could have gotten some of them to leave–a number of men cheerfully admitted they stayed in town to loot–but if it was anyone’s job to give them the option, it was that of the black-run city government. Of the blacks who stayed, probably only a minority committed crimes, but they were enough to turn the city into a hell hole. Some did unspeakable things: loot hospitals, fire on rescue teams, destroy ambulances. No amount of excuse-making and finger-pointing can paper over degeneracy like that. Black people–and only black people–did these things.

The Superdome and the Convention Center were certainly unpleasant places to spend three or four days, but 50,000 whites would have behaved completely differently. They would have established rules, organized supplies, cared for the sick and dying. They would have organized games for children. The papers would be full of stories of selflessness and community spirit.

Natural disasters usually bring out the best in people, who help neighbors and strangers alike. For blacks–at least the lower-class blacks of New Orleans–disaster was an excuse to loot, rob, rape and kill.

Our rulers and media executives will try to turn the story of Hurricane Katrina into yet another morality tale of downtrodden blacks and heartless whites, but pandering of this kind fools fewer and fewer people. Many whites will realize–some for the first time–that we have Africa in our midst, that utterly alien Africa of road-side corpses, cruelty, and anarchy that they thought could never wash up on these shores.

To be sure, the story of Hurricane Katrina does have a moral for anyone not deliberately blind. The races are different. Blacks and whites are different. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization–any kind of civilization–disappears. And in a crisis, it disappears overnight.

AMPW Cargo Cult

via BUGS

The following scene will be familiar to those who have visited New Guinea or who have seen the film “Mondo Cane”.

In Port Moresby, outside the airport there, New Guineans are standing around. They look with incomprehension at a plane flown by a White person. The powered flying vehicle moves through the air to the bewilderment of the spectators. The New Guineans eventually leave the airport, walking back to their huts with a mixture of awe and jealousy.

When back in their village, they try to recreate the outer FORM of the aeroplane they just witnessed, to gain its special powers. But they have no idea how the aeroplane actually WORKS. So they sit around for days near their model plane they made out of grass, looking up at the sky.

And so they sit around, waiting for The Day of Salvation, when something will come out of the sky to help them.

Now Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites (AMPWs) are essentially the same. They desire special powers, so they sit around, waiting in bewilderment for Der Tag, when Kalki or some other soteriological thingamabob will come out of the clouds to help them………

In contrast: here at BUGS we simply have BOB, a seasoned “curmudgeonly” expert who knows exactly what to do to gain political power. His resumĂ© is impressive in itself, but it is only the tip of the iceberg that is crashing into the “Diversity” (White Genocide) bubble. As Bob said in a Scandinavian interview: “When I’m very impressed that something showed up in a Respectable Conservative magazine, you know that’s a sort of technical statement . . . like an engineer would be talking about heat and temperature and so forth that he noticed.”

The track record of BUGSERs’ successes is astonishing:

MILLIONS of media impressions each year. The term “anti-racist” has been so discredited as a code word for anti-White that the notoriously unwise Tim Wise did not even use the word once in his article against Bob. In contrast, the term “anti-White” is now even used by anti-White media without using quotation marks. Gigantic billboards against White Genocide have appeared above motorways. Marches have taken place as far away as New Zealand. In every White country, consciousness is being raised about White Genocide. Popular alternative news and research sites have taken on our message. Automated telephone messaging has been sent out on a state-wide level. And White Genocide is now even being addressed by Respectable Conservative outlets.

So what is the AMPW reaction to this? They ASSUME that Bob must have a huge organisation behind him.

That’s funny.

But this shouldn’t be surprising. AMPWs are essentially the same as New Guinean cargo cultists.

They don’t understand how things WORK, so they focus on the FORM.

One difference is: The New Guineans at least manage to make nice-looking model planes.

AMPWs don’t even manage to do that.

White GeNOcide and The "Diversity" Bell

via DDS Waterloo

When it comes to ‘Diversity’—- “Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.”

The First rule of ‘Diversity’: Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘Diversity’.

The Second Rule of ‘Diversity’: Nobody must EVER point out the First Rule of ‘Diversity.’

“White Privilege: “The privilege of forcing this “inevitable brown future” into ALL & ONLY White countries.”

Pavlov had a bell. Stalin had a bell. Liberty has a bell. And now everyone in the West has a bell around their necks. It is attached to a noose. The Bell demands that ‘Diversity is OUR strength!!!’ Even when it isn’t. Even if it means White Genocide. Even if NOBODY wants it.

When the Bell rings you had better applaud–or ELSE. This is NOT freedom.
White Privilege contains the most insidiously Orwellian, genocidal, parasitic, and totalitarian motives of anything the most envious communist Comintern could have dreamed. Stalin would be proud! It is a term of tacit anti-white hate, meant to disparage a people and cast their accomplishments, history and identity as justified only if it serves others interests.

There is no ‘White privilege’. There is sacrifice, accomplishment, effort, good fortune, and free choice. There are white people – with interests, history and unique characteristics that are not negotiable. Anti-racists never complain about Chinese privilege in China, or Japanese privilege in Japan, or Nigerian privilege in Nigeria. “Anti-racists” ONLY complain about White privilege in White countries.

What we have is a government and elite who wish to turn basic economic, social and cultural freedoms into privileges that will be controlled and allotted as they please based on their own political, ethnic or economic agenda. Free speech be damned — consider it a privilege. Keeping your earnings??? Consider it a privilege to be taken away if determined to be ‘unearned’. Freedom of association — and non-association — consider it a privilege a bureaucrat will dictate the terms on. Today’s privileges will justify tomorrow’s thefts — all in the name of equality of course. Equality of outcome – not freedom. Equality will be achieved when the envious run out of objects to covet, people to envy, status to seek and needs to satisfy. Meaning NEVER.

The same spirit, the same motives, and the same agenda that turned Russians into KULAKs brings you this menace.

All of this, ALL of it is completely analogous to the terror and insanity of the
USSR. Social justice not ‘working’, equality not ‘achieved’, outcomes not equitable??? The cause is obvious: WRECKERS.

Those evil wreckers. Just like the show trials of the 1930’s. Can’t draw money from a stone, or move 10 million tons of earth/day with a pickup truck. The cause???
Of course, all those BAD attitudes of WRECKERS (or racists, sexists, homophobes, capitalists…)!!! And the SJW elite are so smug. They are just a re-run, derivative imitation of the evil, bullying Soviets in new uniforms!!

Former President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy 2012:
“The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding. The challenge of racial interbreeding that faces us in the 21st Century.” he said. “It’s not a choice, it’s an obligation. It’s imperative. We cannot do otherwise. We risk finding ourselves confronted with major problems.” “We MUST change; therefore we WILL change. We are going to change ALL at the same time. In business, in administration, in education, in the political parties. And we will obligate ourselves as to results.”

“If this volunteerism does not work for the Republic, then the State will move to still more coercive measures.“ “The challenge of racial interbreeding that France has always known. And in meeting the challenge of racial interbreeding, France is faithful to its history.“
This is admission of the worst crime: GENOCIDE. To be accomplished without representation or debate. And if volunteerism doesn’t work … with COERCION and force. That is a crime. It is occurring in every Western nation. It is White Genocide.

Diversity: Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.

With Diversity — Everyone Wants to Stop clapping!!! But Everyone is Waiting for the Bell !!!

And they want to force this old agenda into society again, in the universities, in the ‘public schools’, in the free and open MSM. — NEW WORD, SAME Evil idea. Contemptible.

Diversity means chasing down the last white person. First 5% ‘diversity’ becomes 10%, then 20%, then 50% then 100% ‘diversity’!!! Freedom now. Freedom from enforced, genocidal ‘diversity’.

Kissinger's Role in Gaining U.S. Acceptance of Israeli Nukes: A Case Study in Jewish Manipulation

via The Occidental Observer

On August 20 PressTV carried an article titled “Kissinger tried to curb Israeli nukes: State Dept. documents.” The article starts by stating “The US State Department has released documents that show the administration of former president Richard Nixon had sought to curb Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program.” In fact, the documents were released in 2006, but they are fascinating and certainly relevent to the Iran nuclear deal in that they show the unbelievable double standard that is being applied to Iran compared to Israel.

The title of the article is also misleading, as it becomes apparent upon reading the documents that while the gentiles in the administration wanted to halt Israel’s nuclear weapons development, Kissinger (the National Security Advisor and the administration’s most high-profile Jew) actually restrained the administration from using its considerable leverage to halt the Israeli nuclear program and instead successfully championed the policy of accepting Israel as a de facto nuclear weapons state as long as it made no public declarations of its possession of nuclear weapons and allowed the United States to maintain plausible deniability of knowledge of Israeli nukes.

The PressTV article specifically quotes from a July 19, 1969 memo from Kissinger to Nixon (available here from the Nixon Library). Kissinger told Nixon that “while we might ideally like to halt actual Israeli possession, what we really want at a minimum may be just to keep Israeli possession from becoming an established international fact.”

Kissinger, as National Security Advisor, was head of a small task force made up to handle the issue of Israel’s nuclear weapons program that was made up of himself, Under Secretary of State Elliott Richardson, Deputy Secretary of Defense David Packard, CIA Director Richard Helms, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Earle Wheeler.

The Kissinger memo also reveals the foreign complicity in the development of Israeli nukes and their delivery systems: “Israel has 12 surface-to-surface missiles delivered from France. It has set up a production line and plans by the end of 1970 to have a total force of 24-30, ten of which are programmed for nuclear warheads.”

The U.S., Britain, and Germany have also been major contributors to Israel’s nuclear program, with Germany even donating Dolphin-class nuclear capable submarines. It is beyond belief that the German state has become so cuckolded that it uses the taxes of hard-working Germans to make sure that Israel maintains an absolute military advantage over Germany!

The memo also discusses Israel’s development of “strategic missiles” (i.e. intercontinental missiles capable of striking the United States) that have no feasible non-nuclear purpose. Kissinger writes that the representatives of the State Department, the Defense Department, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff concurred in wanting to demand the Israelis to “Give us assurances in writing that it will stop production and will not deploy “Jericho” missiles or any other nuclear capable strategic missile.”

However, Kissinger then immediately states parenthetically that “I do not believe we can ask Israel not to produce missiles. Israel is sovereign in this decision, and I do not see how we can ask it not to produce a weapon just because we do not see it as an effective weapon without nuclear warheads.” Kissinger has had no trouble, however, advocating for interference in Iran’s sovereign decisions.

Kissinger also noted that State, Defense, and the JCS were in favor of using as leverage the withholding the delivery of F-4 Phantom II jets scheduled for later that year until Israel acquiesced to U.S. demands on its nuclear and missile programs.

However, in a section titled “THE DILEMMA WE FACE,” Kissinger gave the following rationale (or veiled threat?) for why the U.S. could not use the provision of Phantom jets as leverage:
“Our problem is that Israel will not take us seriously on the nuclear issue unless they believe we are prepared to withhold something they very much need — the Phantoms or, even more, their whole military supply relationship with us.
“On the other hand, if we withhold the Phantoms and they make this fact public in the United States, enormous political pressure will be mounted on us. We will be in an indefensible position if we cannot state why we are withholding the planes. Yet if we explain our position publicly, we will be the ones to make Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons public with all the international consequences this entails.”
In other words, “we can’t stop Israel’s nuclear program unless they think we will withhold weapons from them. But if we withhold weapons from them there will be enormous political pressure from the Jewish lobby. And we can’t withstand this pressure without telling the truth about Israel’s nuclear program.”

This is yet another illustration of the fact that the essence of Jewish power is the ability to stifle any discussion of Jewish power.

We all know the rest of the story. The Phantom II deliveries went ahead and Israel thumbed its nose at U.S. concerns about its weapons programs.

While the PressTV article wants the reader to come away with the impression that even Henry Kissinger was worried about Israel’s nuclear program, this memo, as well as numerous other declassified documents (which can be found at George Washington University’s website), make it clear that Kissinger was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, relaying his gentile colleagues’ concerns to President Nixon but subtly recommending a very watered down course of action.

What Is a "Lefty?"

via British National Party

For a Leftist, the more he despises and hates his or hers own civilisation and race, the more modern and culturally and intellectually superior they feel.

And real gut hatred of their own nation, culture, ancestors, race and civilisation is considered to be one of the highest acts of charity possible

A Lefty is a White person who lives and breathes for the opportunity to call another White person” a racist”

Non-white people are generally more racist than white people. This is why blacks and Asians never have relationships with each other.

This is reflected in advertising and films, where such relationships are never, ever portrayed.

Such relationships are never, ever portrayed because the anti-White media doesn’t wish to attack Asians or Blacks.

Only Whites must mix away their tens of thousands of years of racial heritage, so only they need to be propagandised to.

Virtually every advertising and film mixed race relationship is White woman, Black man for that very reason.

The immigrants bring in their own racism, and the politicians pander to it, in sly jokes, in knowing winks and grins, in constituency offices, in hope of gleaning the votes of a corrupted immigrant electorate.

The established horror of ‘racism’ is a pretty painting on a very thin fabric. Constantly over-painted, corrected, and improved. And made to deceive.

The left never had any moral authority on racism, in appointing themselves as the witch-finder generals of racism they had everybody chasing after their current hapless victim of their political correctness, in doing so avoiding scrutiny themselves.

Just look at the left’s attitude to England and the English, they are a blatantly racist anti English movement, a prejudice embedded in their DNA, as George Orwell noted in 1941, but no one has taken them to task about it, because they are the ones calling the shots on racism, and will never ever likely put the spot light on themselves.

What happened in Rotherham illustrates the point – White, vulnerable children sacrificed on the Left’s altar of political correctness.

The Left never had any moral authority on anything. They had merely opinion and quite a lot of it was always wrong.

The established horror of ‘racism’ will last only as long as it is useful to the political elite of whatever colour to maintain.

If your racism consists only of supporting or empathising with non white people in their racism, then that’s not racism. That’s multiculturalism.

Donald Trump vs. Davos Man

via traditionalRIGHT

traditionalRIGHT Editor's Note: Coined by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington, the term “Davos Man” was meant to refer to members of the global elite who view themselves as completely international. They have no need for the term “nationality” and feel that governments are merely shadows of time past to be used as facilitators in their global operations.

The pundit and activist class can’t seem to figure Donald Trump out, but as I have attempted to argue elsewhere, Trump’s politics are not really as inscrutable as all that. Trump is that guy at the barbershop who says “We need to run the US more like a business. What America needs is a CEO, not another President.” Trump just happens to have a lot of money and the credentials to be that CEO himself. The theme that the US is getting out negotiated on the international stage and we should start acting more in our own economic best interests have been there since Trump first became a public figure in the 1980’s. Trump, for example, opposed NAFTA before opposing trade deals was the cool thing to do on the right. The consistency of this message suggests that it is sincere, regardless of whatever one might think about the Trump phenomenon that has erupted since he announced his campaign. This economic nationalist message is the key to understanding Trump’s politics. All the rest is noise.

Due to their confusion about where Trump is coming from, an argument that I have encountered frequently in social media and the conservative blogosphere is the contention that Trump is actually himself just another member of the Establishment. Therefore, his anti-Establishment supporters are misguided and being played. But if Trump is just another member of the Establishment, why does he have the Establishment so panicked? There is more to being a card carrying member of the Establishment than being rich, hobnobbing with stars and giving money to politicians in both parties. People who mistake the trapping of wealth for Establishment status are allowing the details to distract them from the big picture.

In fact, Trump’s economic policies and theoretical framework challenge the Establishment’s basic operating assumptions to the core. The Establishment economic policy is globalist neoliberalism. They want to decrease the importance of national borders and national sovereignty in order to make the world safer for international finance and commerce, hence their support for mass immigration and sovereignty-compromising “free trade” deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Trump’s opposition to “free trade” deals and open borders and unabashed advocacy of economic nationalism directly challenges the Establishment consensus in a way that no other candidate does. All the major candidates in both parties with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders actually take Establishment neoliberal presumptions for granted.

I wince a little when I hear Trump says that America’s leaders are “stupid” and are being out-negotiated by the more clever leaders of Mexico, Japan, China, etc. This is grating and potentially unhelpful. What is really the issue here is not smarts but priorities. The leaders of these other nations negotiate with the economic interests of their own countries in mind, while the US negotiates on the basis of fidelity to some imagined set of international rules of fair play, which just so happen to perpetuate the current system that enriches the global elite at the expense of national integrity. But regardless of Trump’s less than ideal formulation, who else is saying this?

Trump is ultimately a patriot who loves his country and wants to restore it to its former glory, as suggested by his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” Imagine that. But this chauvinistic attitude is contrary to the rootless cosmopolitanism of the global elite.  If you’re still struggling with Trump’s place in relation to the Establishment, ask yourself this: “Would Trump fit in at the World Economic Forum?”  Trump is not Davos Man described in the introductory quote. He is the antithesis of Davos Man. He is a red-blooded American patriot from Queens, New York who just happens to have a really big bank account. Criticize Trump’s policies and ways if you must, but let’s not have any more of this nonsense that he is just another member of the Establishment. If you don’t see the fallacy of this claim, you don’t get why Trump’s rise represents such a fundamental challenge to the ruling order.

Angela Merkel Calls Her Own People "vile" for Not Wanting to Be "Race-Mixed" into Extinction

via Carolyn Yeager

Communist French President Hollande (right)
and globalist Chancellor Merkel
The Merkel-Hollande press conference took place Monday because the two "leaders" are caught in a total bind due to their professed dogma that Europe is an open, multiculural continent. Well, a lot of folks are taking them up on that this summer. But many EU countries don't want to be open and multicultural. So things are not going too smoothly.

Earlier, Merkel over-reacted to criticism from the left for not dealing forcefully enough against the anti-migrant sentiment in her country.

Her spokesman put out a statement that "Berlin would not stand for hostility against the newcomers." The Newcomers! "The chancellor and the entire government condemn the violent rampages and the aggressively xenophobic atmosphere in the strongest terms." 

Well, tough titty. The chancellor and the government are out of step with the German people. The German people don't want to bail out Greece for the third time either. But there again, Angie knows best and she wants Germans to be compassionate.
Through her spokesman, she said:
It is vile how right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis try to spread their hollow, hateful messages. Those who act like the aggressors of Heidenau place themselves far outside the law.
It is shameful to see citizens, even families with children, joining the protests to back this horrific sentiment". 
Germany is a compassionate country  and will not allow refugees to be met here by hateful slogans or alcohol-fuelled loud mouths.
All asylum-seekers, regardless of whether their claims would ultimately be approved, deserved to be treated with "dignity and respect".
A large percentage of the asylum-seekers come from Serbia and Kosovo. When did they decide their lives were in danger? The damn Kosovo Muslims insisted on having their own independent country and now they are running away from it, preferring to live in Germany! Well, the Serbs are doing the same thing. They are just as much of a problem for Germans as are the Syrians and other Africans. They have no right to force themselves into another country because "they want a better life."

Merkel does not have the backbone to stand up against pressure from the left (and from above) insisting she speak out on aggression against refugees by angry citizens in Heidenau on Friday and Saturday night. Critics  took to social media using the Twitter hashtags #Merkelschweigt (Silent Merkel) and #Merkelsagtwas (Merkel, say something).

Merkel`s vice chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel (a Social Democrat), visited Heidenau on Monday and said Germany should not cede "a single millimetre to this right-wing radical mob". That doesn't sound very compassionate toward his own German people. He reserves his compassion for foreigners.

However, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, of Merkel's own party, thinks the same, saying the demonstrators in Heidenau did not represent mainstream German opinion. 

"Germany today is a country that is open to the world and -- even in light of the most recent events in Saxony, I stand by it -- a tolerant, culturally rich, diverse country."
Culturally rich, yes ... but soon to be only multi-culturally rich. The German folk need to fight back. God give them the strength.

Trump Can Win

via TradYouth

From time to time, I set aside some time from my full-time career of advocating for identity and tradition to do some casual moonlighting as an analyst. I’m always open to feedback about my activism strategy, but one woefully repetitive angle relies on an appeal to authority that I’m supposedly some clueless maverick who would be doing things differently if I only understood marketing strategy, analytics, and samesuch nerd stuff. These types usually explain that our angle can “never work” because too many Americans are loyal to the Constitution, triggered by our symbolism, and in need of an especially polished angle.

Everything we’re doing is informed by analytics. I have generated hundreds of charts and reports over the years and what I feel that I’ve confirmed quantitatively is that the youth demographic we’re targeting simply isn’t going for soft angles, compromising language, and entryist “implicit whiteness” or “compassionate conservative” pablum. Millennials are starved for authenticity, masculinity, and full-throated radicalism…at least the ones which are plausibly accessible at this juncture.

You may be targeting different audiences for which paleoconservative language and symbolism work, but we are not. Your audience may be frightened by the Jewish Question, but ours demands absolute honesty or it instinctively tunes out. Our problem at this point is that we’re failing to successfully manage our rapid growth, falling behind on communication, fundraising inconsistently, and making other mistakes that catch up with organizations that aren’t prepared to scale as fast as they’re growing. Daily Stormer, TradYouth, and other projects which unabashedly and irreverently defy the movement’s conventional wisdom about what’s supposedly is going to play well are connecting with our target audiences and our performance metrics confirm that.

I feel that this phenomenon within our marginal political scene mirrors what’s happening right now in the macro with Donald Trump’s insurgent campaign. Admittedly, I’ve firmly underestimated how much strident realism is capable of playing with mainstream middle-aged audiences. Donald Trump is like Andrew Anglin for old people.

There are thousands and thousands of careerist political “experts” who’ve amassed a body of “wisdom” about how politics is supposed to work, and their very livelihoods depend on Trump flaming out. Back in July, they insisted that Trump’s campaign would flame out shortly. With each nonsensical “gotcha” scandal, they all confirmed in one voice that he’s toast.

Even now, as his likelihood of winning the Presidency firmly outstrips every other candidate’s, the “experts” are sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting, “Trump’s not happening! Trump’s not happening!”

Tom McCarthy explains how this is all supposed to work in his recent article, “Here’s why Donald Trump won’t Win.”
But can Donald Trump really win the 2016 Republican presidential nomination?
Knowledgable people think he might. They include some journalists, some former Republican consultants and operatives, talk show host Bill Maher and a contestant from season three of NBC’s The Apprentice, who now is co-chairperson of Trump’s Iowa operation.
But more-knowledgable people think he won’t. They include the quants and geeks, some Republican consultants and operatives, and lots of political scientists.
Quants are especially dangerous to listen to, as they’ve become our postmodern witch doctors, men who insist with little if any accountability or oversight that they can foretell future statistical trends from past statistical trends. The gift for grasping the overarching mechanism of trends and the gift for technical analysis are separate gifts, and they rarely converge on the same mind. These quants don’t grasp the mechanism, and are invariably caught with their pants down by an unanticipated black swan event which shifts their paradigms out from under them, leaving the investors and politicians holding the bag when their esoteric gambling schemes roll snake eyes.

Even a perfectly random trading algorithm is going to make you appear smart in a rising market, and even a perfectly asinine and formulaic political strategy is going to make you appear smart in a political arena where every other candidate is also relying on a perfectly asinine and formulaic political strategy. At the national political level, the hegemony of these “political analyst” hucksters is unchallenged. A brief review of the sixteen GOP candidates all flailing around and flopping in almost exactly the same way is a symptom of this disease, a disease which is analogous to the common stock crashes which are largely the product of massively distributed algorithmic miscalculations.
A trio of political data experts empanelled by FiveThirtyEight for a podcast earlier this month estimated Trump’s chances of snagging the nomination at 2%, 0% and minus-10%, respectively.
Yeah. And if you had empaneled them a couple months earlier, they would have put his odds of being where he’s at today in the negative digits. Why these wonky witch doctors retain their grip on the commentariat’s imaginations while hoisting themselves on their own petards of statistical validation is beyond me. Some meta-analysis of the analysts is in order, where we carefully evaluate how predictive these professional predictors have proven to be. In doomer circles, Gerald Celente and Sebastian Ronin seem to get unlimited do-overs on re-winding their doomsday clocks, and these mainstream quants enjoy unlimited do-overs from the press and the politicians who pay top dollar for their modern mythologizing.

As several doomsday prophets can attest, a miscalculated rapture or two or three is only a minor obstacle.
“If Trump is nominated, then everything we think we know about presidential nominations is wrong,” Larry Sabato, head of the center for politics at the University of Virginia, wrote last week.

Their first argument for why Trump Can’t win is hilariously off-base. It relies on Rudy Giuliani’s early polling lead, implying the bogus conclusion that polling well at this stage is inversely correlated with victory. While even a truly dramatic lead at any point in time leading up to the election is no guarantee of victory, I think it can be safely stated, without cracking open Excel, that at absolutely every point in time leading up to the election, polling ahead of one’s opponents is positively correlated with victory.
What happened to Giuliani? He is said to have made tactical errors such as bad hires and ad buys. But the real explanation, many analysts think, is that Giuliani’s lead was a phantom lead. He was just ahead in the polls in a race most people were mostly ignoring.
This logic is perfectly upside-down. What candidacy in living memory has been ignored less than Trump’s candidacy at this early stage in the race? Everybody’s paying attention, to an absurd paradigm-shattering degree. Hell, the Republican Presidential Debate broke the cable viewership records!
“The other candidates [Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul] were not that well known. Over the course of the campaign, voters got to know the others.”
According to this logic, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, both exceedingly well-known to Iowa voters, would be polling somewhere above frostbite. What else is there to know about Mike Huckabee? He’s also a media celebrity in his own right within the relevant circles, and if it weren’t for crickets, he’d have no buzz at all. If anything, Trump’s phenomenon is actually pulling in the other direction, with peoples’ early impression being that he’s a wealthy liberal reality television huckster who “can’t win.” Trump came in with stronger negatives than any other candidate, and is handily grappling over that obstacle to his electoral victory.
In the first 13 Republican primary and caucus elections in 2012, the winner garnered an average of 41.8% of the vote. Trump is polling nationally at around 25%. Where do the extra 17 points come from?
First off, there weren’t sixteen candidates splitting the vote back in 2012, so a guy can win with a dramatically smaller fraction of the vote. Accounting for this, Trump’s easily outperforming his rivals. The short answer to the question is that the seventeen unnecessary points can easily come from the marginal candidates whose campaigns are currently on life support. Rand has a senate seat to defend. Huckabee has a punditry career waiting on hold. Ben Carson’s got some brains out there which could benefit from his world-class surgical expertise. Carly Fiorina’s got some more multinational corporations to drive into the ground.
Do you know anyone who is undecided about Donald Trump? Neither do most Americans. That’s because Trump is one of the most famous people in the country and is currently benefitting from grossly disproportionate media coverage. Everybody’s heard of Trump. Problematically for him, familiarity has not bred affection.
The more people learn about Trump, the more they’re liking him. This is borne out in polls. His poll numbers are steadily rising the more he talks and the more people learn about him, and his unfavorables are declining. What’s going on here is that the establishment has successfully pushed a myth early on that he’s an unsavory and unelectable buffoon. The thing about convincing people that a man’s unelectable ass is that all those people who like Trump but are persuaded that he’s not a serious option will stampede to him as this illusion lifts.
Trump does not have the support he needs from the Republican party to win the Republican nomination.
Once again, this is the kind of error you run into when you’re dealing with quants. They can’t see the strategic reality for the analytical trees. The point being made here is that historically, strong support from the party elites has proven pivotal (if not decisive) in determining who can and cannot win. Donald Trump’s campaign comprises a black swan event for this statistical inference, as he’s a billionaire who doesn’t need (or even want) a nod from the billionaire oligarchs who pull the strings.

Donald Trump is a billionaire oligarch in his own right, who can nod at himself and pull his own strings.
Trump looks more like Pat Buchanan – a well-known, polarizing figure whose passionate backing in one wing of the GOP (the anti-immigrant wing, incidentally) failed to attract mainstream voters, much less establishment support.
[J]udging by how many people have an unfavorable view of Trump. As bad as his figures are among Republicans, they are much worse with the population as a whole. The recent Quinnipiac poll found Trump with minus-14 favorability rating in Florida, a minus-22 rating in Ohio and a minus-21 rating in Pennsylvania.
Once again, Trump can’t be fed into this prefabricated political model, either. Trump and Pat may share some superficial similarities, but Trump’s neither a staunch conservative nor an intellectual. Trump absolutely can and absolutely will manage to pivot harder to the left if and when it’s appropriate for his campaign to do so. Pat neither could credibly pull off the kind of swift pivot to the center that Trump’s uniquely capable of, nor would he compromise his cherished intellectual principles.

Trump’s the penultimate strategist, and his staunch position on border control has absolutely nothing to do with conservative ideology and everything to do with managerial pragmatism. Contra what many in our circles are presuming and projecting, Donald Trump has no special love for White people. As an experienced manager of vast complex institutions, he sees our immigration situation for the objective managerial disaster that it is. I oppose both legal and illegal immigration out of identitarian concern for my people…White people. Both fellow identitarians and the liberal establishment assume falsely that Trump shares this motivation when there’s every indication that he’s coming at the illegal immigration problem from an entirely different perspective.

Illegal immigration has proven a great issue to make a splash with in the early stage of the Republican primary, but Trump can and will roll out other positions–and his pitch will prove persuasive–as his campaign approaches the general election. He’ll roll out proposals for infrastructure investment which will give paleolibertarians a stroke, social issue positions which will give Evangelicals the vapors, and outreach to minorities which will cause a good share of racial nationalists who currently favor him to destroy perfectly good laptops.

Personally, I’m still generally favorable toward his candidacy even as I foresee these betrayals, because sealing the border is of generational significance transcending all these disposable controversies like gay “marriage” and transgendered serviceman surgery, and because the Washington establishment, neocon hardliners, and Jewish commentariat are in a blind panic over his candidacy. I take a sadistic glee in inflicting Trump’s campaign on these oligarchs even if it doesn’t manage to prove beneficial for my own interest. At worst, a Trump victory will prove at least a Pyrrhic victory for my cause. It’s already done enough to shatter taboos relating to immigration issues to pay for itself.

Curiously, this confused disaster of an article entitled, “How Trump Can’t Win” concludes with a persuasive case for why he absolutely can win.
But Karol warned against writing Trump off.
“It’s hazardous to predict Trump’s trajectory,” Karol said. “He is unique. We’ve had candidates who could be compared to him in certain respects.
“There are other candidates who have been populist outsiders. There are other candidates who have been independently wealthy and able to self-finance. There are other candidates who have been very good at working the media. There’s been the businessman who enters into politics.
“There hasn’t been anybody, though, when you put it all together, who is quite like Trump.”

Material Girls and Other Tourists

via Gornahoor

Many individuals, having reached a certain contemplation of the mystery, feel rather like shooting themselves in the head or returning to the pleasures of life, because this game and this trip is something that does not lead anywhere, or which has no meaning. ~ Ghislaine Gualdi

These personality studies are not intended to denigrate anyone but rather to illustrate the human condition and perhaps illuminate a moral point. Some did not make the cut. There was one woman who used to attend my seminars on non-duality; she claimed she could see the ghosts of departed Indian braves in the empty seats. I never found out if they were just following her around or were genuinely interested in non-duality.

Then there were the two women who kept a dossier on me for several months, including my emails, lecture notes, and even data on my friends and acquaintances. It had reached more than 100 pages by the time I found out about it.

Just this week I found some 20 year old transcriptions of material channeled by a Swiss woman, Ghislaine Gualdi, from somewhere high up on the Chain of Being. I had even witnessed in person some of her private talks at which she would be posed a question to which she responded from a trance state. I don’t know what happened to her, but her material is too nihilistic for popular conception. At the end of the transcribed session, the spirit being tells us:
I do not tell you to change your life starting tomorrow because of what I have told you. You will not be able to.
The characters described below will not be able to change their lives, and neither will you. However, you may be able to decide how to deal with that realization.

The Tragedy of Life

The fact that there are many ignorant people speaking on the earth is a tragedy. ~ Ghislaine Gualdi
Each Personality has a principal feature for its axis, and all its qualities and defects gravitate around this. It is not necessary for this trait to be striking; it can be insignificant and even ridiculous. ~ Boris Mouravieff
Aristotle recognized this chief feature in Greek tragedies as the flaw in the protagonist that leads to his downfall. He used the word hamartia to describe it, which literally means to “miss the mark”. Not by chance is the same word used to denote “sin”, which is the tragedy of human existence that misses the mark of theosis. Specifically, however, it is not sin in general, but rather the unique fault, or even illusion, that is the axis around which all other faults move.

Curiously, people can notice the chief features of everyone else except their own. That is the key to the drama: the audience can see it all unfold yet the protagonist is taken by surprise despite his central role in bringing about his own ruin. They just can’t prevent it from happening.

The Material Girl

If the home is a symbol of the womb and the automobile a phallic symbol, then Magda was condemned to relive the Freudian drama. A successful medical researcher, Magda visited her flat in a city in central Europe each summer. Hopeful to discuss old Europe, or even Jobbik, I picked her up at her townhouse. It was in immaculate condition as though no one was even living there. In effect, it was like a house with a still intact hymen.

Since it was a nice night, we took a ride to the beach in my Sonata to get a gelato at the gelateria owned by an older Sicilian couple. She was more interested in talking about the size and the assessed value of her previous house in New Jersey, and her plans to upgrade in Florida. She wanted to buy the larger unit next door, but complained about its owner who was a “hoarder”, with “stuff” all over the place. I immediately thought of my own environs with a couple of thousand books strewn around in shelves, boxes, on the floor, tables, and even sofas: a made a mental note to keep her away.

Eventually, I did manage to bring the conversation around to more “spiritual” topics. She did feign some curiosity about Gornahoor and the Gnosis study group, although it is really not something I can describe easily on an elevator ride. Nevertheless, since there is an aim for women to participate, I persisted.

When I described the typical demographic as younger men in revolt against the modern world, she suddenly became animated. “I see,” she said, “It is for men who are threatened by powerful women like me.” That did take me by surprise despite efforts at external considering. However, it is not far off. It is not her as an individual that is fearsome, but rather the archetype of the Demetrian force that she represented. That may be the chief feature of the modern world.

The next morning she sent me this text: “I prefer expensive cars”.

The Alien Tourist

Catching up on movies that I’ve missed, I watched about 20 minutes of Aliens. The female protagonist, Ripley, was both gentle with a young girl and decisive around the men, not to mention intelligent. In the scene I watched, the captain became paralyzed by fear and indecisiveness. Ripley overpowered him and took control of the vehicle to save a remnant. She then dominated no only the next in command but also the businessman who was only interested in preserving his property. No one has that many skills (and others I’ve skipped over).

I mentioned this to a successful woman, a business consultant with a Harvard MBA. She loved that movie and I guess I know why. When I mentioned my objections, she just advised me to “suspend reality” and enjoy it. Now it is one thing, I suppose, to suspend reality for a movie, but we are being asked to extend that suspension to life itself.

The Artificial Tourist

I also saw part of Artificial Intelligence by Steven Spielberg. Now Mr Spielberg is obviously toying with us, demonstrating how an artificial world can generate real events. His first attempt, years ago, was with ET, which enticed the audience to empathize with a doll. Traditionally, drama was intended to expose the human condition and derive moral lessons from it. With ET, there is no human condition and no morality; rather it is an experiment to manipulate human emotion. If the audience feels sorrow for the misfortunes of the doll or joy for its successes, moral concerns must recede. There is no “tragic flaw” or hamartia in the artificial protagonist; rather, it is always the fault of someone else.

AI brings ET to its logical conclusion through the creation of a golem. An android which simulates human emotion is equivalent to, if not actually superior to, an actual human. I’ve heard that many have cried at the movie’s ending, which makes as much sense as bawling when your electric can opener craps out.

The point is that people today lead a factitious existence, barely able to distinguish reality from their illusions.

The Gleeful Tourist

E. was jabbering incessantly at a suburban barbeque, at which most of the guests were deracinated, “spiritual but not religious”, types. E., on the other hand, was tribal, theistic, and religiously committed. While discussing her recent European trip, she mentioned her visit to Prague. This included trips to its many churches, which are little more than museums now. With a great amount of glee, she informed us of the fact, explaining – correctly – that 80% of Czechs are religiously uncommitted.

In her joy at the elimination of Christianity in the center of Europe, she makes common cause with various neo-pagan, new right, secular right types, even if ostensibly for opposite reasons.

The Spiritual Tourist

I met Mary at the cafĂ© in a bookstore. Although an Irish Catholic, with a parochial school education, her commitment to her birth religion was weak. She got a law degree, but gave up active practice to raise a family. Her ex-husband was a high powered attorney who recently ran off with a much younger Puerto Rican woman. Although she was eager to tell it, I wasn’t really interested in that story.

Now 60 years old, her family gone, no career, but plenty of money, Mary was looking for something to kill time. When confronted with the stark realization that her life trip did not really lead anywhere, she endeavored to sink into the pleasures of life. She took up hobbies that she really should have done when she was young. She joined a private dance studio, spending thousands of dollars per year on lessons; it hadn’t quite dawned on her that her only dance partner in life would always be her instructor. She also started yoga classes. Several sea cruises per year killed time for her and her three pound micro-dog, named Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, seemed to provide companionship.

I was able to explain Tradition in a way that interested her as well as methods to master one’s own mind. Knowing nothing of Buddhism, she and her yoga instructor had recently gone on a retreat to a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. She mentioned her attempts at meditation and I offered to teach her if she wanted.

She told me she wanted to read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, since it had been recommended by a friend. Suddenly, something awoke in her and she exclaimed, “But I could just ask you about stopping thoughts!” Since our coffees had long since gotten cold, we decided to part ways. I saw her wandering toward the bookshelves in search of her book, desperately hoping for her next pointless distraction.