Sep 29, 2015

Techno-Traditionalism against Modernity

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At the root of our failure to progress lies the inculcation of a vast web of subtle progressivist influences on our thinking, the greatest and most paralyzing of which is the notion that traditionalism and conservatism are synonymous. The Radical Traditionalist metapolitical precepts–honor, fidelity, hierarchy, and transcendence–aren’t conservative values rooted in the past. They’re perennial precepts rooted in all who reject the self-worship, degeneracy, and materialism of this Mercantile Age.

The opening crawl of the first Star Wars film begins with the line, “A long time ago, in a galaxy far away…,” rooting the franchise in a fundamentally traditionalist, perennial, and cyclical perspective of history, in contrast with the Star Trek franchise which was rooted in the merchant’s progressivist mythos. Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing intrinsically “progressive,” “modern,” or “futuristic” about technology in and of itself. Throughout history, technology has advanced, receded, shifted focus, and undergone unexpected paradigm shifts; all of which contradict the Mercantile mythos of technology as something gifted to us by the Enlightenment in opposition to throne and altar.

Religious institutions have played a key role throughout history of preserving knowledge, cultivating scientific inquiry, and investing in technological progress. Regretfully, just as many admirers of the 20th century’s National Socialists often end up admiring and endorsing much of the exaggerations and lies about them peddled by the Allied post-war propagandists, many Radical Traditionalists and Medievalists mistakenly defend and romanticize the false “Dark Age” narrative of a Western Civilization which resisted and opposed worldly knowledge, scientific inquiry, and technological progress.

These misguided Medievalists are also victims of post-war propaganda, with the war being the French Revolution and its sister revolutions throughout Europe and North America against any and all aristocratic and ecclesiastical authority. The New Right is trapped in a false frame, one which blinds our movement to the direction things are rapidly heading. We are heading into a Techno-Traditionalist future where technological progress becomes not merely helpful but fully central to defeating the Jewish oligarchs, their multinational corporate capitalist lackeys, their metapolitical worldview, and their geopolitical world order.

Russia is currently at the center of the nascent development of a Traditionalist dipole against the forces of Modernity based in the West and Israel. A wonderful thing about global mega-trends is that they’re much bigger than the individuals and organizations involved. One needn’t lose sleep over Alexander Dugin’s contradictions and inconsistencies, because he’s riding a wave which he neither created nor can he direct. Dugin’s closer than any other prominent geopolitical theoretician to the truth because he relies on an experimental approach to ideology, and is steadily drifting more and more towards a Traditionalism vs. Modernity framing of his metapolitics with each iterative experiment.

All Putin, Dugin, the Iranians, the Chinese, or any other historical actors can decide is which side of this historical process they wish to be on; the emergent forces of tribe and tradition or the waning forces of finance capital and neo-colonialism. The Russians aren’t destined to rule the 21st Century because of geography. The Chinese aren’t destined to dominate the 21st Century because it’s “their turn.” Every nation’s leaders can and should be expected to be biased and to push a self-promoting narrative, but no man or institution should ever be fully trusted as a stand-in for the perennial Radical Traditionalist precepts which are gathering strength.

Not Putin. Not Dugin. Not Assad. Not Trump. Not Coulter. Not Cruz. Measure every man (and woman) according to the permanent metric of tribal sovereignty, noble hierarchy, loving stewardship, fidelity, and faith. All of those aforementioned historical actors are, to varying degrees and in varying ways, reflecting and projecting challenges to the globalist oligarchs, but we’re loyal to an abstract ideal, not a party, a movement, an institution, or a man. Conversely, we shouldn’t allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good, and should be right in the middle of all the restorationary projects and processes bubbling up all around us. We should promote the good, reject the bad, and cleverly exploit the opportunities as they’re presented.

If Vladimir Putin leads us in circles, if Donald Trump drops the ball, then new leaders will emerge in their place. The Mercantile Age is exhausting itself, and individuals and institutions are gradually and organically arriving at challenges to Modernity, and–most importantly–technological advancement is weakening the oligarchs’ leveraged means of institutional power projection.

Nearly all American ideologues have been immersed so deeply in the Mercantile Age that they can’t even grasp how the world could or would operate when money’s no longer the cardinal means of power projection. Generally, they assume “anarchy,” more appropriately understood as “chaos” would prevail in a post-corporate world. What will reign after the Mercantile Age is exactly what reigned before the Mercantile Age: throne and altar; tribe and tradition; faith, family, and folk. While empires, alliances, and unsustainable artificial systems of control rise and wane from age to age, the traditional families, the ethnic tribes, and the traditional faiths eternally recur.

I would seem an unlikely supporter of Julian Assange and the Anonymous hacking community. I have, after all, been charged with cleaning up after one of Assange’s doxxing operations and sites I administer are regularly targeted by anti-White hacktivists who operate under the nebulous “Anonymous” banner. In fact, there’s an elaborate campaign going on right now to censor our activism. I’ll win, both because I’ve got mad skills and because the game is rigged in my favor.

Technology is integrally on the side of free expression, which is integrally on the side of the truth, which is integrally on our side, …because we’re right. Even if they take down my host provider, the site will spring back up elsewhere within hours. Even if Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian manage to convince Google, the Internet backbone providers, and the United Nations to ban our speech as “hate speech,” we’ll bubble back up on a Tor node on the darknet within hours. Even if they shut down our bank accounts and achieve a European-style banning of our group as a “hate group,” there are technological solutions to that problem, too.

Back in 2011, Assange met with Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt in the English country cottage where Assange was on house arrest.
They outlined radically opposing perspectives: for Assange, the liberating power of the Internet is based on its freedom and statelessness. For Schmidt, emancipation is at one with U.S. foreign policy objectives and is driven by connecting non-Western countries to Western companies and markets. These differences embodied a tug-of-war over the Internet’s future that has only gathered force subsequently.
In the 2014 Newsweek article, Assange offers us a brief glimpse into the conspiratorial network of corporations, secret organizations, Jewish power brokers, and quasi-autonomous non-governmental organizations (QUANGOs) which drive and steer the Atlanticist power structure.
The stated reason for the visit was a book. Schmidt was penning a treatise with Jared Cohen, the director of Google Ideas, an outfit that describes itself as Google’s in-house “think/do tank.”
I knew little else about Cohen at the time. In fact, Cohen had moved to Google from the U.S. State Department in 2010. He had been a fast-talking “Generation Y” ideas man at State under two U.S. administrations, a courtier from the world of policy think tanks and institutes, poached in his early twenties.
He became a senior advisor for Secretaries of State Rice and Clinton. At State, on the Policy Planning Staff, Cohen was soon christened “Condi’s party-starter,” channeling buzzwords from Silicon Valley into U.S. policy circles and producing delightful rhetorical concoctions such as “Public Diplomacy 2.0.” On his Council on Foreign Relations adjunct staff page he listed his expertise as “terrorism; radicalization; impact of connection technologies on 21st century statecraft; Iran.”
It was Cohen who, while he was still at the Department of State, was said to have emailed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to delay scheduled maintenance in order to assist the aborted 2009 uprising in Iran. His documented love affair with Google began the same year when he befriended Eric Schmidt as they together surveyed the post-occupation wreckage of Baghdad. Just months later, Schmidt re-created Cohen’s natural habitat within Google itself by engineering a “think/do tank” based in New York and appointing Cohen as its head. Google Ideas was born.
Within a few short paragraphs, so much emerges. We have Jewish agents pulling the strings of the “color revolutions” and “Arab Springs” in the Islamic World. We have the multinational corporations answering to and investing in these projects. The whole incestuous world of Jewish Power, multinational corporate greed, and federal government power all coordinated and synchronized behind their shared vision of a borderless, greed-driven, Jewish-dominated secular atheist global marketplace.
Google Ideas recently made the news by entrusting Zoe Quinn, the maniacal slut who’s been campaigning against the technology industry’s alleged “misogyny,” to speak before the United Nations on the menace of “cyberbullying.” Supposedly, and I’m trying to be objective, “cyberbullying” is not only inclusive of personally harassing private people in their private lives, but is also inclusive of any and all pointed political disagreement with liberals.


It’s boggling to imagine Zoe Quinn speaking before the United Nations about how hostile reactions to her aggressive political campaign to silence and censor technologists have hurt her feelings and must be censored. A storied international organization which has violent genocides, horrific war crimes, grinding refugee crises, and godawful famines to deal with stopped what it was doing and gave the floor to an Internet troll who insists that the people responding to her trolling must be censored and prosecuted by literally the whole big wide world.


The whole thing would be comical if this bipolar bimbo weren’t the avatar of a vast sinister conspiracy by the multinational corporations to rein in the Internet and ratchet down the flow of information back to where things were in the eighties, when the multinational corporations and their Jewish overlords had a complete monopoly on the transmission and spin on global information and communication. But then it all turns comical again when one realizes that Zoe Quinn has the entire matrix of multinational corporations behind her, the full weight and force of world government on her side, President Obama firmly in her camp, the United States military beholden to her radical feminist agenda, …and yet the Internet is still roasting her silly ass!
We must shake off our antiquarian prejudices and recognize that technological progress is central to the struggle for the twin identitarian and traditionalist causes. We were all led to believe by this regime’s “experts” that the Internet would be a powerful tool for “progress” and Modernity, but on balance it’s proven to be the opposite. The Internet has empowered traditional families to more effectively and efficiently homeschool their children. The Internet has made it devilishly difficult for the elites to pull off their propaganda campaigns both at home and abroad. The Internet has made it impossible to conceal their crimes or silence their opponents.

In the next stage, crypto-currency technology will strike at the very heart of the financial systems they rely on for their power projection. Dissident projects like our own and related projects will reach a stage of development, complexity, and resource acquisition where we’ll be capable of real world power projection. All of the disparate movements for identity, tradition, faith, family, and folk the world over will begin building relationships and alliances in opposition to the oligarchs, recognizing that we all belong to a Traditionalist International in a common struggle for humanity against corporate greed and Zionist machinations.

And when we’re all united around the perennial and transcendent truths that unite all of humanity against the dehumanizing forces of Modernity, all of the capitalist oligarchs, Zionist warmongers, and their countless apparatchiks will look every bit as pathetic, silly, and vulnerable as Zoe Quinn looked yesterday when she spoke before the United Nations on behalf of Google Ideas.

Pope Lenin

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As I have stated previously, I think Pope Francis is a MultiKult tool. His recent Rainbow Tour of Amerikwa only confirms my initial impression.


Pope Francis touched down in Washington on Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 22) after a historic visit to Cuba, the first Latin American pope in history on his first trip to the U.S. He comes “as a migrant,” as a top papal aide put it, on a six-day visit filled with great expectations for the popular pontiff but also numerous challenges.

Among them are the sharp, even personal criticisms directed at him from American conservatives upset with his thundering pronouncements against economic injustice and climate change, and from conservative Catholics upset that his focus on the poor and marginalized is undercutting the Catholic Church’s focus on battling abortion and gay marriage. [...]

“Maybe I have given an impression of being a little bit to the left,” the pope conceded. “But if they want me to recite the creed, I can!”

People have all sorts of reasons to think “he’s communist or he’s not communist,” the pope said.

A LITTLE bit to the left? Perhaps a little left of Karl Marx, yes. I'm sure you can recite the creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Reasons to think you're a communist? Hmm... such as everything you have ever said since the moment you stepped off the plane in Amerikwa to assume your role as High Pontiff of the MultiKult? You've got Madonna and Kim Kardashian praising you for fuck's sake!

In honor of Pope Lenin's visit to the U.S., I present the following images.

The Paranoid German Mind: Counting Down to the Next War

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Having lost, during and after World War II, over 9 million of its soldiers and civilians, Germany has had to wallow in expiation and self-abnegation.  Its present grotesque multicultural policy of Willkomenskultur (“welcoming culture” toward non-European migrants), openly heralded by Chancellor Angela Merkel and her government, is the direct result of the lost war. Germany’s role of an exemplary host country for millions of non-European migrants has been a major linchpin of its legal system over the last 70 years —  and by default for present day Central European countries subject today to floods of non-European migrants. The countries that were most loyal to National Socialist Germany in World War II, the contemporary Hungary, Croatia and to some extent Slovakia and Baltic countries further north, have similar self-denying dilemmas — due, on one  hand, to their historically friendly pro-German ties, and on the other, due to the obligatory rituals of antifascist mea culpas, as demanded by Brussels and Washington bureaucrats.  I have put together for TOO some excerpts from the chapter “Brainwashing the Germans” from my book Homo americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age, 2007 (foreword by Kevin MacDonald) (The second edition of this book is to be published by Washington  Summit Publishers). I guess some of those lines below might shed some light into extremely serious political developments in Europe today.

  *   *   *

In the aftermath of World War II, the role of Frankfurt School “scholars,” many of whom were of Jewish extraction, was decisive in shaping the new European cultural scene.  Scores of American left-leaning psychoanalysts — under the auspices of the Truman government — swarmed over Germany in an attempt to rectify not just the German mind but also to change the brains of all Europeans.  But there were also a considerable number of WASP Puritan-minded scholars and military men active in post-war Germany, such as Major General Robert A. General McClure, the poet Archibald MacLeish, the political scientist Harold Laswell, the jurist Robert Jackson and the philosopher John Dewey, who had envisaged copying the American way of democracy into the European public scene.

As a result of Frankfurt School re-educational efforts in war-ravaged Germany, thousands of book titles from the fields of genetics and anthropology were removed from library shelves and thousands of museum artifacts were, if not destroyed by the preceding Allied fire-bombing, shipped to the USA and the Soviet Union. Particularly severe was the Allied treatment of German teachers and academics, wrote Caspar von Schrenck-Notzing, a prominent postwar conservative German scholar in his book on the post-WWII brainwashing of the German people. In his seminal book Schrenck-Notzing  writes that the Western occupying authorities considered that the best approach in curing the defeated Germany was by treating Germans as a nation of “clinical patients” in need of a hefty dose of liberal and socialist therapy.  Since National Socialist Germany had a significant support among German teachers and university professors, it was to be expected that the US re-educational authorities would start screening German intellectuals, writers, journalists and film makers first.

Having destroyed dozens of major libraries in Germany, with millions of volumes gone up in flames, the Allied occupying powers resorted to improvising measures in order to give some semblance of normalcy to what was later to become “democratic Germany.”

During the post-WWII vetting of well-known figures from the German world of literature and science, thousands of German intellectuals were obliged to fill out forms known at the time as “Der Fragebogen” (The Questionnaire).  In his satirical novel under the same name and translated into English as The Questionnaire, German novelist and a former conservative revolutionary militant, Ernst von Salomon, describes American “new pedagogues” extorting confessions from the German captives, who were subsequently either intellectually silenced or dispatched to the gallows. Schrenck-Notzing  provides his readers with a glimpse of the mindset of the Allied educators showing the very great influence of the Frankfurt School:
Whoever wishes to combat fascism must start from the premises that the central breeding ground for the reactionary person is represented by his family.  Given that the authoritarian society reproduces itself in the structure of the individual through his authoritarian family, it follows that political reaction will defend the authoritarian family as the basis for its state, its culture and its civilization. (my  emphasis)

From Ethno-Nationalism to National-Masochism

Much later,  Patrick J. Buchanan, in a similar vein, in his The Death of the West  also notes that Frankfurt School intellectuals in postwar Germany, having been bankrolled by the American military authorities, succeeded in labeling National Socialist sympathizers as “mentally sick,” a term which would later have a lasting impact on political vocabulary and the future development of “political correctness”  in Europe and America.  Political prejudice, notably, a sense of authority and the resentment of Jews, were categorized as “mental illnesses” rooted in traditional European child-rearing. The ideology of antifascism became by the late twentieth century a form of “negative legitimacy” for Germany and the entire West.  It implicitly suggested that if there was no “fascist threat,” the West could not exist in its present form.

Later on, German political elites went a step further. In order to show to their American sponsors their new democratic credentials and their philo-Semitic attitudes, in the early 1960’s they introduced legislation forbidding any historical revisionism of World War II and any critical study of mass immigration into Western Europe, including any study of negative socio-economic consequences of multiculturalism and multiracialism.

As of today the German Criminal Code appears in its substance more repressive than the former Soviet Criminal Code.  Day after day Germany has to prove to the world that it can perform self-educational tasks better than its former American tutor.  It must show signs of being the most servile disciple of the American hegemon, given that the “transformation of the German mind (was) the main home work of the military regime.” 

In addition to standard German media vilification of local “trouble-makers” — i.e. “right -wingers” —  Germany also requires from its civil servants obedience to constitutional commands and not necessarily their loyalty to the people or to the state of Germany. This is pursuant to Article 33, Paragraph 5, of its Basic Law.  ]) The German legal scholar Josef Schüsselburner,Germany’s observes that the powerful agency designed for the supervision of the Constitution (the famed “Office for the Protection of the Constitution” [Verfassungsschutz]) is “basically an internal secret service with seventeen branch agencies (one on the level of the federation and sixteen others for each constituent federal state).  In the last analysis, this boils down to saying that only the internal secret service is competent to declare a person an internal enemy of the state.

Given that all signs of German nationalism, let alone White racialism, are reprimanded in Germany on the grounds of their real or purported unconstitutional and undemocratic character, the only patriotism allowed in Germany is “constitutional patriotism” — Germany is de jure a  proposition nation:  “The German people had to adapt itself to the Constitution, instead of adapting the Constitution to the German people,” writes the German legal scholar, Günther Maschke. German constitutionalism, continues Schüsselburner, has become “a civil religion,” whereby “multiculturalism has replaced the Germans by the citizens who do not regard Germany as their homeland, but as an imaginary “Basic Law country.”   As a result of this new civil religion, Germany, along with other European countries, has now evolved into a “secular theocracy.”

Similar to Communism, historical truth in Western Europe is not established by an open academic debate but by state legislation. In addition, German scientists whose expertise is the study of genetically induced social behavior, or who lay emphasis on the role of IQ in human achievement or behavior, and who downplay the importance of education or  environment — are branded as “racists.“

When Muslim Arabs or Islamists residing in Germany and elsewhere in Europe are involved in violent street riots, the German authorities do tolerate to some extent name calling and the sporadic usage of some anti-Arab or anti-Turkish jokes by local autochthonous (native) Germans. Moreover, a Muslim resident living in Germany can also legally and temporarily get away with some minor anti-Semitic or anti-Israeli remark—which a White German Gentile cannot dream of.  By contrast, a non-Jewish German average citizen, let alone a scholar, cannot even dream about making a joke about Jews or Muslims—for fear of being labeled by dreaded words of “anti-Semitism” or “racism.”

TLRs, PAMPs, and Alley Oop

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I hear that some Eurasians  – probably more than some – have Neanderthal or Denisovan versions of TLRs.  Not surprising: we’ve already seen this happen with other immune system genes – HLA variants , OAS1, STAT2  all have adaptive variants that originated with archaic humans.

TLRs   (Toll-Like Receptors) are just plain interesting, but I don’t think many people are familiar with them.  They’re part of the innate immune system:  they don’t learn from experience, as happens with the adaptive immune system (recombination,  clonal selection and all that): they just know.  Born that way.

They sense pathogens by detecting molecular patterns characteristic of major classes of pathogens that we just don’t have.  These are called PAMPs (pathogen-associated molecular patterns). They can detect  lipopolysaccharide (LPS), characteristic of gram-negative bacteria. and peptidoglycan, characteristic of gram-positive bacteria. Some detect viral-double-stranded RNA.

There are ten TLRs in humans.   Generally, they react with molecular patterns  that we don’t even have. TLR-1 recognizes bacterial lipoprotein and peptidoglycans (strep and staph), TLR-2  recognizes bacterial peptidoglycans( gram-positive bacteria)  and zymosan (fungi), TLR-3 double stranded RNA (viruses) ,  TLR-4 lipopolysaccharides (salmonella) , TLR-5 bacterial flagella (listeria) , TLR-6 bacterial lipoprotein, TLR-7 single-stranded RNA (viruses) , TLR-8 single-stranded RNA(viruses) , TLR-9 CpG DNA (bacteria) .  TLR-10 appears to play an inhibitory role, down-regulating TLR-2.

Back in the days when vaccine development was cutting-edge, I think that people knew that the body automatically reacted to some pathogens, but it has taken a long time to discover the complex details, not that we’re quite done yet.

P.S. according to some, one factor inducing Pygmyization was the high pathogen load in dense tropical jungles.  I don’t know if that was the case, but if so, considering  that it looks as if African Pygmies (also Bushmen) admixed a bit  with a very divergent hominid population (more divergent than Neanderthals) , it wouldn’t be surprising if they picked up some immune system gene variants that helped deal with that jungle environment.

The Big Bern

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Once upon a time, when America was a semi-sane country, Presidents were elected because voters liked their policies or their haircuts.

Those days are sadly gone. Now, people—OK, just White people —are supposed to vote for candidates to demonstrate their lack of hatred for the specific demographics that the candidates come from, be they women, Blacks, Jews, or gays.

Vote Hillary to prove you're not a misogynist (even though Hillary is an extremely unlikable bitch), vote Obama—and now Carson—to prove that you think all Black people are wonderful all the time (and if you don’t, you're a fucking r**ist scumbag!).

This is certainly the implicit tone of the recent Salon article, Is America ready for a Jewish president?: The Anti-Semitism Facing Bernie Sanders, where the idea of voting for Sanders is presented as a way for evil White Christians (and post-Christians) to finally get over the centuries and centuries of racism and anti-Semitism of their ancestors:
[T]he simple fact that Sanders is Jewish may become an issue regardless of how closely he identifies with his background. Although the most recent poll studying American prejudices in presidential campaigns found that an overwhelming majority would be willing to vote for a Jew (91 percent), the number wasn’t always that high. Back in 1937, only 46 percent of Americans said they’d be willing to vote for a Jewish presidential candidate; 30 years later, that number had only increased to 82 percent.
If you ask me, 91 percent being prepared to vote for a member of a semi-invisible minority that has enormous elite power and a massive track record of distorting the financial, cultural, and political sectors to serve its collective ethnic interests is ridiculously high—yet more evidence that White, non-Jewish Americans lack healthy racial awareness—but apparently this is way too low for Salon, which is clearly pushing the idea of turning elections into weird purification rituals for stupid, guilt-tripped Whites:
In the end, it will be impossible to determine whether a Jewish presidential candidate can win in this country without actually testing that hypothetical scenario in the real world. As such, perhaps it would be best to prepare for such a candidacy by establishing a set of rules pertaining to how Jewish candidates should be treated. Three immediately come to mind:
First, unless a Jewish candidate has said or done something to call their loyalty into question, charges based on the idea that they are somehow “dual” in their sentiments need to be dismissed out of hand as anti-Semitic... Additionally, we must be especially wary of arguments that are based in legitimate positions but can be used as a cover for anti-Jewish hatred. Anti-Zionist rhetoric can bleed into anti-Semitism when it disproportionately singles out Israel in comparison to other countries, compares Israel to Nazi Germany, or attacks Israel in general rather than singling out specific government policies... Finally, we must accept that Christian privilege defines our political life in ways that have yet to be fully appreciated.
Although Salon is trying hard to construct a watertight container for their political blank check to all Jewish candidates, it is already leaky in the case of Sanders, who, despite his supposed left-wingism and having a "role in American politics [that] is much more importantly defined by Vermont liberalism than anything else," has consistently voted in ways that serve Jewish interests both on Israel and vetting the Fed.

Becoming Martial: The Importance of Martial Arts Training, Discipline, and Thinking

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There can be no denying we are currently at war. A fair number of podcasts have been approaching this subject recently. Many are drawing the same conclusion: our men aren’t thinking ‘martially’ right now. In effect, the European male has taken part of his options off the table, tied one hand behind his back and only allowed himself those options deemed palatable by the rest of society. From the Pressure to Power podcast this week on Norway, to Red Ice, and to some of the more controversial content that came across Renegade this week – it was good to see men speaking out about looking at all options to save our race. By all options, I mean having the stones enough to defend oneself, their family and community by any means necessary despite what is perceived as being ‘acceptable’ or ‘fashionable’.

When I came across the news that Europe was undergoing a massive surge in invasion these past few weeks, my heart dropped a little. I have family in Europe.  Several of my old girlfriends live there and like most of you reading this, it is where we are all from originally. Europe is our homeland.

Stated, I passed on the news to several friends here. They are ‘aware’ so to speak, but they aren’t as involved in the fight. However, the news affected them far deeper than it did me it appears. One friend said “This seems hopeless!”

On second thought, I guess on a certain level, it would. I began to wonder why I wasn’t seeing the situation as completely hopeless. To me, everything is a problem or a puzzle, once you wrap your head around it, you began to find ways to solve the equation towards your desired outcome.

Plus, I also realize that there are other options outside of laying down and taking it. This system has taught most white men to just ‘take it’ because they ‘deserve it’. If they even defend themselves, they are immediately called a ‘racist’. They base their decisions on how others will ‘feel about them’. However, the hour is late. Sometimes you have to fight back.
It is dire luck to be dependent on the feelings of a fellow man. – The Hávamál
I grew up in the martial arts: judo, kenpo, karate and tae kwon do. My education was primarily in a military academy. Plus, I served. I won’t say what branch or ‘service class’ I was in, but it was the least sissified M.O.S. that branch has to offer and I was in several combat units. Later I was in private security where I wore a suit to work, packed a heater and spent most of my life tending to someone else’s safety at the risk of my own. Nowadays, my security focus has shifted into electronics, data analysis and encryption.

By example, I’ve always thought martially – this is the advantage of being raised in an environment where violence was accepted as an option. If I got into a fight at school, provided I didn’t lose or back out, my mother waited on my hand and foot, was given an extra allowance or I was allowed to go camping as a special treat. We were never punished for fighting back, we were encouraged to do so – even if the school did not approve. Not everyone was raised this way.

So what can be done about it?

How can people become ‘martial thinkers’ or learn to apply ‘martial logic’ – seeing that now it is becoming increasingly crucial?

To give the reader some insight, I should explain a little more about how I approach the issue:
Never walk away from home ahead of your axe and sword. You can’t feel a battle in your bones or foresee a fight. – The Hávamál

Martial Arts Training – Everyday – No Days Off

A wise teacher, the same old guy I always quote who is sadly, now dead, used to repeat to me a modified version of an older axiom “Just be the example of the standard you want to set, the rest is just bullshit.”

Stated, here is how I approach the issue at hand:

I work out and train everyday – at least for one hour.  Mornings start early with meditation and katas. I read the security news from across several branches of the IT world during breakfast. I start work and stay focused on it. I work both weekdays and weekends. After that, I go to training again at night. On the weekends, I go to the range. My library is loaded with various martial selections from Paladin books, the same old standards like the Art of War, Greek Warfare, Medieval combat styles, European theatre tank battles, etc.  The last twenty years has started to include books on information security theory, encryption methodology, psychological warfare (both modern and ancient) and bio-technical subjects. I always keep my first aid stuff up to date. I rarely drink, except for religious rites, or with a woman I like and at special times. Marijuana is out of the question. Keep yourself and your house clean.  Never leave a dish in the sink at night. Fold your clothes. Put stuff away when you aren’t using it. If you always keep your stuff in order, you know when something is out of order. Etc. The day ends with reading, training and going over all the news circuits worth reading. Some nights I practice my katas before I go to bed. I read about martial arts subjects right before I go to sleep.
Wash, use, repeat …

If this sounds like too much, then I have a word for you that you might need to learn:


Discipline has become a four letter word in our society.  However, right now, discipline is exactly what we need as a race.  Discipline is key to martial thinking.
By Discipline I mean (from, sections 1, 2,4 &5):
1) Training to act in accordance with rules: drill
2) activity, exercise or a regimen that develops or improves a skill: training
4)  the rigor of training effect of experience, adversity, etc.
5) Behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control.

In short, discipline means developing one’s self control.  If you can’t control your self, even under stress, you won’t be able to control the world around you.
The man who stands at a strange threshold, Should be cautious before he cross it,  Glance this way and that: Who knows beforehand what foes may sit …  Awaiting him in the hall? – The Hávamál

Get Martial

Martial is an adjective related to being “inclined or disposed towards war” or one having the characteristic of a warrior.

So what is a warrior?  Simply defined, a warrior is a fighting man. That means, a warrior is one who is prepared to fight, has fought or knows how to fight. All warriors, by nature, think martially.

Martial thinking is, in itself, a discipline.  Paired with this style of thinking, is the process of martial logic – a system of solving problems that specifically require a marital approach.  Martial logic is often defined by the system of martial discipline that one picks.

Martial thinking isn’t just about the cool stuff, it’s about commitment to an ideal. Self discipline is an admirable ideal. Especially right now, what our men are lacking is discipline. The second thing they lack is situational awareness. The third is ‘will power’, but that is a topic that needs to explored on it’s own – we’ll just stick to situational awareness for the moment. Without having to hit the almighty god of Google up for answers, that just literally means ‘paying attention’. Since we don’t hunt as often anymore, situational awareness has to become a daily practice.

As I’ve stated in a previous article, an example of practicing situational awareness would be knowing how many mailboxes are in one’s area. This stupid little exercise does far more to increase one’s awareness of their surroundings because it expands to other areas of focus.  Do it everyday when you are out walking.  You may notice one day one of those mailboxes is missing. You look around and find car tracks. You begin to draw conclusions about what happened in the last 24 hours on that spot. You find a tree just down the road was also hit. Someone was most likely drinking. The neighbors car two blocks down has a new dent in the fender. Now you know who (and to be extra cautious if you walk that way at night). Because you paid attention, you were able to see a story that most people may have missed. That’s the process, that’s how you do it and that’s an example of befitting from it’s use. All of that was discovered simply by you counting mailboxes each day. That process also combines discipline, situational awareness and commitment. Now we are cooking.

Stay alert, stay alive

Martial logic includes eliminating threats. Elimination doesn’t always mean physical termination, but it does mean successfully ‘neutralizing’ one’s enemy, a situation or some other non-personal threat. However, if you don’t know you are under threat, then you can’t become prepared to respond to an enemy.

And right now, white men have a lot of enemies. As harsh as it sounds, one must consider if ‘they are out to get me, how do I get them first?’ This is what it means to think martially. One must always be alert.

Risk Assessment

Another aspect of martial thinking is always looking at risk assessment. To put this in simpler terms, think about breaking into your own house. How would you do it? How fast can you do it? What would you use to do it? Now consider this, if I thought of it, couldn’t someone else? Risk assessment allows you to come up with ideas (or ‘plans’) on how do ‘eliminate’ those threats to your environment.


Now, I’ll reveal a little more about how I was raised.

What my family taught me was based on the simple logic of knowing something most did not.

“Son, do you know how the British took over the world?” No, I said. “They were far better organized than the rest of the world. They defined each and everything they came in contact with. They unbiasedly studied everything. You do the same. Define everything. Know it like the back of your hand. Know what it does. Know how it works with others. Know how you work with it and how it works with you – from the mosquito, to the ants and to how mankind made the hammer – know everything you can. The most organized species survive the best.”

Any study of nature will reveal that the old folks were right. You’ll also notice that those beings that are highly organized are also always preparing. They are always out gathering food, looking for threats and etc.

That said, there is something to the old Boy Scout motto of ‘Be Prepared’. Organization goes hand and hand with preparedness.

Thinking the Unthinkable

Lastly, it’s perfectly OK to think like a warrior.  Warriors always have to be prepared to kill. Let me explain – just put your big boy pants on for a minute, because this is most important thing to both you and your race. All warriors at some point must do their duty. That means being prepared to kill if necessary.
This isn’t pretty fact; but it’s still true – killing is part of life.


Abandon your current psychological attachment to that word ‘kill’ and instead explore the option that from the wild hunt to the battle field, men have been trained to kill and studying to kill since the dawn of mankind’s own existence. All martial thinking prepares for the reality of having to take a life in either defense of oneself, family or greater kin. If someone is out to kill you, then like the exercise of attempting to break into your own house, you need to consider how they would do it – and more importantly, how you are going to ultimately prevent the bastards from doing so unto you. You can’t be faulted for exploring the subject if people are truly out to get you. Said, if these third world invaders are shipping guns and equipment into Europe, you’d better get cracking on thinking about how to stop them.

Now, let me add this caveat, if you fail to think this way – you will be killed, eliminated or bred out of the gene pool through some nefarious method yet unknown. They are out to get you – especially if you are a white European male. Candy paint it though they may, they are actively planning to eliminate you by any means at their disposal, or in the least, marginalize you to the edges of existence.

So at this point, thinking martially isn’t really a choice – it’s what you have to do.
The good news is, congrats! You are actually born with the best genes on this planet for thinking martially.  No other race in the world is better suited for being warriors than white men. I know it doesn’t look that way now when you ride by that Seattle hipster, but it’s true. You can do this. You have it in you to think like a warrior, and while the game has changed a lot, the objective remains the same; survive by any means necessary.

There’s the reason that the Heebs and brown folk of the world are concerned about the ‘Awakened Saxon’. And rightly, they should be.

Without getting too metaphysical, you do have allies beyond your own perception – even if you only use their examples as your guide.

A lot has been written on this site about Wotan consciousness. The term Wotan or Odin is the epitome of the word ‘martial’.  The Havamal is filled with axioms on how to think martially.  If you know anything about the All Father, he was the god of war and death to our ancestors. He still is the master of war and you, by no coincidence, are one of his children.

They are afraid of the real warrior in you waking up. They don’t want this. The entire society, from its inception, to its religion to its system, is designed to suppress who you really are.

And this is exactly what are enemies are scared of … you.

My suggestion is that you give them what they fear the most.

The real you.

Schooling Americans in Insanity

via Alternative Right

Ahmed and his cuckoo clock
Throughout the recent Brouhaha over Ahmed the Inventor (sic), a casual perusal of the reportage and its concomitant outrage via the Commentariat illustrates one indisputable fact regarding the American population – despite having an expansive and largely successful public school system, few comprehend the manner in which it functions.

This simple but true fact is astounding to outsiders in the sense that “public schools” in America are actually overseen by the public. (Note to casual American citizens: That means you.) To be sure, there are myriad Federal and State regulations which must be adhered to and an often perplexing array of outside standards which must be met. However, that does not detract from the reality that in every community of any size in the United States, a School Board meets, for which ordinary Americans can sit for election.

The aforementioned School Boards, along with salaried educational administrators, convene at regular intervals to determine policy and regulations upon everything from the length of the school day to the calendar of the school year. They also decide matters of faculty policy, student punishment, what instructive materials are to be used, and host of other issues. Yet although these meetings are often sparsely attended, sometimes by no more than the officeholders themselves, anytime there is a media event involving a school everybody and their brother in America is suddenly a pedagogical expert in extremis.

"Tick tock tick tock – it must be a clock."
As this specifically regards Young Ahmed Edison the most commonly frothed reflection either in editorial content or rash comment is to observe generally that “whether Ahmed was right or wrong, the teachers were fools.” Thus while giving the benefit of the doubt to the Muslim boy named Mohamed, of Sudanese heritage, who evidently entirely of his own volition and not by any assignment whatsoever, brought to school a device which looked exactly like every homemade bomb anyone has ever seen in movies or television – the wary educators are worthy of no such consideration given their concern.

It has by now become a talking point that Ahmed did not invent anything, but unscrewed a clock from its original housing and affixed it into a suitcase-looking “pencil case.” Still this is an ancillary issue at best. No, the boy is not particularly clever. No, he is no inventor. No, he is by no means a “genius.”

However what is more important here, and to our purpose of examining the “stupidity” of the teachers, is that according to all published accounts there was no Science Fair being conducted when Mr. Mohamed showed up with his clock. There was no formal, or even informal (extra credit), assignment that he craft such an item. When it was brought to school the first teacher it was shown did precisely what we would hope any teacher would do: encourage the lad in his innovative spirit but warn him that, in the current climate, some may misconstrue the object. The teacher told Ahmed to keep it out of sight.

A lot to unpack here.
Instead Ahmed apparently waltzed around the school with the suspicious “clock” in his backpack, not entirely unreminiscent of another backpack device dropped at the Boston Marathon not long ago. Moreover, while he was sitting in English class the thing sounded a loud alarm. (Either Ahmed is not nearly the mental giant he is cracked up to be or he intentionally set the buzzer to go off.) That teacher, unaware of our budding Da Vinci’s penchant for creation, immediately wanted to see what was causing the ruckus. You can guess what flashed through his mind when he saw the bundle in the bag.

So at this juncture Ahmed was body slammed into the ground and became the recipient of anti-Muslim slurs, correct? Actually no; at least not from every single available version of the incident other than Ahmed’s. The teacher wanted to know about the instrument and the reply was “a clock.” Beyond that such queries as “Why did you build it?” or “Why did you bring it to school?” or “What is its purpose?” all seemingly went unanswered. Not because Ahmed was gagged; simply because, as described by those in the room, Ahmed was belligerent and unresponsive. (Totally unlike most suicide bombers.)

Whatever happened to
Achmed the Dead Meme?
Under such circumstances and faced with complete insubordination what would our Commentariat have the teacher do? Blithely ignore the disruption and extraordinarily dubious article? Would it be the prudent course of action to do nothing when faced with refusal to provide explanations from a surly and passive-aggressive adolescent possessing what would seem to any casual observer a possible weapon? Even had the teacher been so negligent to assume this stance there are any number of school rules, municipal laws and state legislation which strictly require him or her to immediately report every instance where the lives of children are potentially endangered. That is as it should unquestionably be.

Because recall, according to the authorities, at this point Ahmed was still resolutely denying them any explanation at all for his behavior. Why didn’t he tell them it was a simple experiment? Why didn’t he request them to call for the teacher he initially met with that morning? (Aside from the fact he had wantonly ignored the prior warning not to violate school rules.) Why not at least attempt to clarify himself and that the entire incident was a misunderstanding quickly spiraling out of control? At the very least, why should anyone but Ahmed be blamed for what happened next?

Failing to receive sufficient answers it can be assumed the school principal was notified and he in turn telephoned the authorities. When they asked him it seems Ahmed was just as pugnacious until the arrival of his father (a publicity hound who routinely comes up with crackpot schemes to get in the news). Eventually the situation was resolved and the boy was free to go, though supporters obscenely request an apology for an unfortunate situation entirely of his own making.

Clockboy, ticked off.
Cue the outrage and it has come quickly, which is always the case when the ill-informed deign to give their opinions upon anything. The second target (after omnipresent “racists”) are schoolteachers.

And while we have all had our fair share of poor instructors or low opinion of dogmatic strictures, as a group, public mentors do a great deal of good in the world and the sometimes aggravating guidelines do have their purpose. This is particularly true for administrators who have the unenviable task of being the authoritarians in inflammatory situations but are often denuded of the safeguards many of us would want in their stead. The worst of these in such circumstances can be Privacy Laws which effectively forbid those who take necessary actions from openly explaining those actions to a naïve public at large.

For example, nearly everyone is outraged by the kindergarten child on the playground expelled after he “only stole a kiss” from a little girl. Left out of the headlines are the five previous instances that the boy was disciplined, or the prior indecent touching he engaged in upon her. Likewise all the morning newsreaders and radio listeners are overcome with apoplexy when they hear of the third grade boy sent home because of a creative writing paper. None will ever know that his “story” entailed decapitating a baby and committing sex acts on a grandmother. Each listener, however they interpret Ahmed, disavows the “overreaction” of teachers who reported on his possible explosive device. Few investigate the other side of the story.

If any are dismayed at the state of society when they encounter such half-told-tales, the first thing one would have them realize is that bureaucracy is much more common in school decisions than hysteria. Certain actions are mandated by law; as steps to be taken when a suspicious package is brought to class unannounced. Having authorities and experts (such as the bomb squad) investigate is both responsible and prudent.

Secondly, at least try to envision that the person who is spinning the yarn – Ahmed or his perpetual Presidential-hopeful father in this case – might have a motive in misconstruing events. (Incidentally, their LaunchGood funding page for Ahmed’s private school is here, where they have a goal of $100,000.)

Finally, and this applies for any profession, don’t assume the person you disagree with is a moron simply because his opinion differs from yours; especially so if he was present at an event and you were not. All the more so when there are laws which mandate his silence regarding pertinent facts of the case.

Absent that, if anyone remains upset over the vagaries of educational discipline they are heartily encouraged to take the slightest bit of interest by attending the next meeting of their local School Board. It is guaranteed, unless there is an “Ahmed of the Moment,” vacant seats will be in ample supply.

Improvement requires participation; it seldom results solely from condemnation.

The Left’s Abuse and Misuse of Anecdotes

via Occident Invicta

Following a school’s hysterical overreaction to a Muslim boy’s homemade clock,  #IStandWithAhmed is now all the rage. The distressing story of a talented and beleaguered student being detained by cops for the simple crime of being Muslim and brown has galvanized the nation’s liberal talking heads; it has likewise laid bare the tired tactics of leftist activists.

Let me just say that I consider Middle America’s Muslim obsession rather moronic, and I likewise think that Ahmed Mohamed was treated unfairly. However, it’s utterly ridiculous the way the left has been lionizing Ahmed; it’s even more nauseating that they’ve used this misunderstanding as an opportunity to depict white Americans as people seething with intolerance and hatred. The fact that Ahmed and his family have managed to enjoy a prosperous life in the US – with this incident being their worst ordeal – indicates that Muslims are welcomed and tolerated to a degree that most visible minorities around the world aren’t. I won’t even bother linking to an article about anti-Muslim violence in India.

What the case of Ahmed does highlight is the manner in which leftists employ anecdotal evidence to strengthen their talking points. While they have a natural aversion to empiricism, they’re always happy to shove the latest tragedy in our faces in order to browbeat people into reflexively embracing their agenda. One only has to observe the way they’ve exploited the tragic death of Aylan Kurdi in order to shame Europeans for not welcoming further influxes of Syrian refugees.

But just like the various creatures in Animal Farm, some sob stories and anecdotes are more equal than others. Whenever leftists want to promote open borders, they either tout the benefits of immigration by highlighting certain high-achieving immigrants – implying that the West may lose out on the next Thomas Edison – or they harrow us with sad tales about separated families and dead children (and we must always think of the children).

However, not all immigrants are tragic victims of white hostility and neglect; some in fact are the architects of myriad tragedies. Whether it’s Pakistani sex grooming gangs in Britain, terrorists such as the Tsarnaevs, or various high-profile murders committed by illegal immigrants in the US, one could just as easily condemn open borders by positing that unfettered immigration will result in more deaths of women like Kate Steinle – or the next major bombing.

As for me, I refrain from using anecdotes to critique open borders precisely because I wish to avoid this trap. I don’t attack mass immigration because of a single tragic murder committed by an illegal immigrant; I deride open borders because it’s a profoundly idiotic position. I endorse immigration restriction because I wish to see the white West survive for at least a few more generations. I abhor internationalism and its lack of respect for sovereignty.

However, at the same time, I recognize that for most people on both sides, immigration has less to do with facts and more to do with the emotions it engenders. If the left wishes to continue generating kneejerk reactions through distressing stories about children being separated from their families, then the right can counter with infuriating tales about pretty young white womens’ lives being cut short by illegal immigrants – illegal immigrants who were previously indulged by “sanctuary cities.”

(I’m not trying to white knight, but let’s face it: for practical purposes, the deaths of pretty young women will garner a lot more attention and outrage)
Two can play this game.

The Well of Life

via Western Spring

I suppose I’m like most men in that shopping is not a favourite chore; as far as possible I try to decide exactly what I want, go in and get it and come out as quickly as possible. But, being a bookworm, I make an exception for bookshops and will browse at length before coming out, very often, with nothing. So the other day I found myself in my local Waterstones and noticed – not for the first time – that there is a section of shelving called “Horror and Fantasy”. Horror stories always sell, although ghost stories (another standby of yesteryear) seem, appropriately,  to have vanished into thin air. What I particularly noticed this time was that books in the Horror genre are now heavily outnumbered by those in the Fantasy category. Once upon a time, Fantasy was largely limited to Tolkien, Mervyn Peake, and a handful of pulp authors; Tolkien is still there but he has been joined by Charles R.R. Martin (“Game of Thrones”) Robert Jordan and countless others.

Now I do not pretend to have read all this stuff (although I do plead guilty to Tolkien and Martin) but what all these works appear to have in common are two things – a more or less medievalesque setting (knights, dragons, castles etc.), and, in the background, a mighty civilization which has collapsed, but for whose remains the heroes and villains do battle. Such works of heroic fantasy – like horror stories, ghost stories, crime novels, historical fiction, science fiction – are only enjoyable from a safe distance; we would all very much prefer NOT to find ourselves in such circumstances, and yet (and here, at last, you can probably see where I am going) we are heading straight into one of those collapsed civilization scenarios, and escapist fiction will be all too close to reality.

I write, of course, of the present mass invasion of Europe by hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from every corner of the Moslem world. This is nothing new in western Europe, but for long it was “a cloud no larger than a man’s hand”; now it has grown to cover most of the sky and bids fair to swallow it entirely. This third great Moslem invasion of Europe is even more dangerous than those which were halted at Poitiers by Charles Martel, and at Vienna by Sobieski, because the enemy is already within the gates and the West (Eastern Europe may be a different matter) is simply too decadent to resist. Once Islam is in a commanding position within our societies no part of our familiar world will be safe – ever.

The decadence of the West is a profound psychological sickness which may stem ultimately from the catastrophic shock which was administered to a settled and orderly society by the events of 1914 to 1945, but whatever the ultimate cause may be the symptoms are all around us and are all too familiar – the rejection of patriotism, the rejection of all restraints on personal behaviour (no matter how base), the pursuit of pleasure and self- indulgence. Of all the symptoms of decadence, a loss of belief in the value and the future of our societies is the worst, and the most dangerous, because it is the underlying cause of the collapse in the birth rate throughout western Europe since about 1970. For two generations our birth rates have been well below replacement level and of nowhere is this more true than of Germany where the average woman now has only 1.3 children (the lowest level in the world) compared with a replacement level of 2.1.

That is the same Germany which has precipitated the present phase of the crisis by throwing open its doors to the entire population of Syria, such is its pathetic eagerness to be liked. The Moslems, whether Syrian or not, suffer from none of the symptoms; they have an iron moral code, a strict family life, a high birth rate and a belief that fecundity is ordained by God. Who is going to be ruling Germany when our grandchildren are drawing their old age pensions?

Yet it need not be like that. The on-going collapse in the white population of Europe (the historian, Niall Ferguson, has said that it will be the greatest loss of European life since the Black Death) will leave gaps which must be filled. Could those gaps yet be filled by White Europeans? Of course – we still greatly outnumber the invaders; if even a proportion of Europeans could throw off our psychological sickness we could in time recover everything. How? How can we throw off the death spiral of decadent liberalism and replace it with abundant life? By rediscovering a philosophy which places country, family and fertility before all things, and which will ensure that our descent shall inherit our homelands. In other words, by rediscovering the fundamental principles of Race and Nation.

Jewish Organizations, Israeli NGOs Facilitating Invasion of Europe

via The Realist Report

The organized international Jewish community and Israeli NGOs are literally facilitating and financially benefiting from the invasion of Europe. They admit this in their own newspapers. The Jewish Telegraph Agency recently reported:
As the small rubber dinghy crowded with Syrians and Afghans emerged from the midnight-black sea to land on a desolate pebble beach, the first people to greet the bewildered and frightened refugees were two Israelis.
“Does anyone need a doctor?” Majeda Kardosh, 27, a nurse from Nazareth, shouted repeatedly in Arabic as the asylum seekers scrambled ashore amid cries of celebration and tears of relief at surviving the short but perilous crossing from Turkey to this Greek island.
Her team partner, Tali Shaltiel, 31, a physician from Jerusalem, stood knee deep in the water, helping a shivering 4-year-old girl out of her wet clothes and a pair of inflatable armbands that would have provided little protection had the overloaded boat capsized at sea.
Kardosh and Shaltiel are part of a small advance group of volunteers from IsraAid, an Israeli nongovernmental organization that is trying to provide some assistance to the hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants who are flowing into Europe.
While IsraAid has plenty of experience in disaster relief and assistance in 31 countries — from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa — this mission presents a unique challenge: The beneficiaries come from countries that are traditionally hostile, or even officially still at war, with Israel. […]
Even though the so-called “refugees” IsraAid and other Jewish charity organizations are helping “come from countries that are traditionally hostile, or even officially still at war, with Israel,” these Jewish groups still want to help them. However, the “help” the Jews are providing to the millions of
refugeesinvaders flooding into Europe and America is merely a ploy to advance Jewish ethnic interests: namely, the demographic annihilation of the West. Make no mistake about that.

As Andrew Joyce recently explained in an outstanding article published on The Occidental Observer, radical Jewish intellectuals and propagandists have been arguing for decades that:
White nationalities and identities are simply harmful, diseased, “racist” constructs which should be slated for destruction if the world is to enter a better age. Demographic dilution, if not total annihilation, is the surest way of weakening and destroying a working sense of national and ethnic identity. Supporting refugees, whether by political agitation, propagandizing their fabricated tales to White students, or helping to mould and disseminate their emotive emblems, thus fits the goals and aspirations of organized Jewry very well. […]
Jews do not feel safe and secure in homogeneous societies, especially White homogeneous societies. Leonard Glickman, the former president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, once described the Jewish agenda behind their promotion of “multiculturalism” and massive Third World immigration into America and the West: “The more diverse American society is the safer [Jews] are.” 
Everything the organized Jewish community does, including the ostensible “help” they are providing to millions of non-White invaders on the verge of conquering Europe, is designed to advance Jewish ethnic interests.

Unsurprisingly, IsraAid and the various Jewish charity and non-profit groups providing assistance and guidance to the hordes invading Europe want to expand their operations in the coming weeks and months, as the JTA article notes.
At the moment, the main aim of the team is to assess the needs of the refugees and find gaps in the services provided by the overwhelmed Greek authorities and other volunteer groups.
IsraAid plans to expand the medical teams and eventually establish a mobile clinic that will provide emergency care for new arrivals on the beaches. It will also expand the psycho-social help to bases in the registration and refugee camps that have been set up.
The NGO also has volunteers providing assistance on the Croatia-Hungary border. Eventually IsraAid plans to be in final-destination countries, like Germany, where they hope to help with refugee rehabilitation.
“The aim is to have a presence as an organization along the entire journey,” Gorodischer said.
It is time to #ExpelTheInvaders and recognize #WithJewsWeLose – every single time.

The Migratory Invasion, Part 3: Strong Medicine

via Counter-Currents

Part 1
Part 2

Among the French Republicans, cacophony; nobody agrees on solutions to this brutal migratory invasion. Some lean towards positions close to the National Front, others toward the “generous” laxity of the Socialist Party. Sarkozy, meanwhile, offers a ludicrous synthesis in an interview with Le Figaro (September 10, 2015), which shows that he is no statesman.

Sarkozy’s Infantile Proposals

  1. Reject the “refugee” quotas imposed by Chancellor Merkel and Mr. Junker on poor little President Hollande, which “constitute a ratcheting up” (exactly). Instead set a “new European migration policy.” This is impossible: Europeans would never agree. Between the Hungarian government that wants to defend its ethnic identity and Germans who want cheap labor and national suicide, no European agreement is possible. It is up to France—and the Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, etc.—to recover their political will and sovereignty, redefine their migration strategy, even create a crisis within the EU, which can only be positive.
  2. Do not change the system of welcoming political refugees “in the name of our humanistic tradition.” Provisionally grant “war refugees” an “interim status” and then send them home once the conflict is over. This is a completely twisted and utopian: First, it is impossible to distinguish genuine political refugees from economic migrants, and these “war refugees,” the majority of asylum seekers, are impostors; and how can we force these real “war refugees” to return home if we are already struggling to find them?
  3. “Create detention centers in countries next to the Schengen zone to process applications from political and war refugees and reject economic migrants.” Complete idiocy: no countries (North Africa, Turkey, etc.) will accept such centers. Moreover, when he was president, why did Sarkozy never do anything against “economic immigration”?
  4. “France should take the initiative for a conference that would bring together the EU and our Mediterranean neighbors to prepare a multilateral agreement on immigration.” Another “conference”! More talk instead of action! Are we to bring European governments that disagree with each other together with, for instance, the non-existent Libyan or Syrian governments? Why not, for that matter, invite Ibrahim Al-Baghdadi, the assassin “Caliph” of ISIS? During his presidency, Sarkozy had already tried to create a sort of “Mediterranean Union” that completely failed. Ridiculous.
  5. Finally, the brilliant idea of renegotiating the Schengen area of ​​free movement “that no longer works.” Restore border controls, pending agreement on a “Schengen II,” that will be a little more restrictive. Besides the impossibility of reaching such an agreement, in particular because of the dogmatism of Merkel’s government, the urgency of the situation simply requires the unilateral termination of the Schengen agreement on free movement and the restoration of protected national borders. Schengen must be buried for good.
None of Sarkozy’s ridiculous proposals will work. They are like bandages without plaster. And yet the little demagogue asserts: “Never in the history of Europe, have we had to deal with such migratory pressure.” All the more reason, then, to propose serious medicine, that is to say, drastic remedies. And not just political slogans and petty political maneuvering among ideological rivals within the madhouse of the Republicans, the former Union for a Popular Movement.

The Only Genuine Effective Measures

This “migrant crisis” is just beginning. What are emergency and longer-term solutions? They are inapplicable on the scale of the European Union, where at the very most only bad agreements are possible and where the common borders of the Schengen area, theoretically defended by the hilarious “Frontex” are sieves. Let us then examine the solutions for France alone.[1]
  1. Unilateral suspension of the Schengen Agreement and return to border controls, even for citizens of EU member countries. This implies the effective discharge at checkpoints (roads, stations, etc.) of any “migrant” without passport and visa. This also requires some muscle at first against invasive crowds.
  2. Destruction of smuggler vessels on the coast of North Africa, especially Libya, by targeted air strikes—as long as they are clearly empty. Without boats, smugglers (who pay taxes to ISIS) could no longer transport their human cattle. Don’t worry about UN authorization: act first, talk later.
  3. Interception at sea by the French Navy of ​​boats carrying people . They will be towed or forced back to their departure point; stowaways will be removed and returned to the African coast.
What must be understood is that these first three steps will quickly dry up the stream through deterrence. And now to a battery of disincentives that would even more efficiently dry up the flow: not a penny more in aid, so no incentive to come.
  1. An immediate stop to all aid to illegal immigrants and asylum seekers: allowances, accommodations, free health care, schooling for children, etc. Nor are they entitled to a bank accounts. It is a scandal that illegals live better without working (or while working off the books) than French pensioners or unemployed. Add the total elimination of all subsidies (yet another aberration) to organizations that aid illegals or “refugees.”
The nerve of the war against migration, particularly illegal migration, is ending the incentives that bring them here: cutting off the air, stopping the suction pump, ending the aid allocations, ending the parasitism. Indeed, the physical expulsion of illegal immigrants and rejected asylum faces countless practical difficulties. We must therefore tackle the causes and not the consequences. Ending aid immediately ends asylum requests. We do not need to expel or deport those who no longer come. When those who are here are deprived of help, they prefer to leave. Two advantages: direct savings of over 3 billion per year at a minimum and a reduction of the mass of immigrants.

The cost of refugees and asylum seekers, according to the Court of Auditors, despite government lies, has reached € 13,724 per person per year. The current wave of invaders, added to the 69,000 already identified, results in 100,000 per year! A money pit. Only 1% of rejected applicants leave the territory. 80% of applicants are frauds. Health expenditures on this population alone has reached 600 million euros per year. Untenable.

Continuing the list of necessary measures.
  1. Drastic limitation of asylum. The current situation is untenable and grotesque. The best approach is to first declare that someone who enters illegally and opens an asylum application file (which makes him legally inexpulsable pending trial) has absolutely no right to any allowance or help, as seen above (point No. 4); any person or association that helps or hosts illegals should be sanctioned. The mere announcement of this measure will deter 100% of fraudsters and false claimants, that is to say the vast majority.
Furthermore, the right to asylum would be applicable only to people who are proven victims of persecution (like Eastern Christians) and not “refugees” around the world. Their application must be filed in their country of departure, before the issuance of a visa and entry permit into France. The streams would dry up immediately. There are virtually no asylum seekers in Japan. Have we asked why?
  1. A separate social and economic scheme for legal aliens, that is to say: No access to French social systems, social security, family allowances, unemployment benefits, free education, health insurance, pension contributions, etc. Non-EU foreigners fund their own social protection and insurance, health care, school fees, etc. They only have their wages, as in the Japanese system.
  1. Restriction of residence and work permits and visas, that is to say:
  • (a) No permit can be issued to an immigrant without proof that they have a work contract before entering France. A foreign student cannot remain in the territory without a contract after graduation or receive any financial assistance or any kind (US system). Immigrants can only be employed and temporary.
  • (b) Residence permits are limited to one year, renewable. In the event of job loss, no social services are offered, and the person is deported after three months if he has not found a new job.
  • (c) Abolition of the status of “posted workers” from other countries of the EU subject to charges and contributions of their country.
  • (d) Any business that employs illegals is punishable by an immediate fine equal to 10% of its annual turnover.
  • (e) Tourist visas — often used fraudulently — are granted for all countries outside the EU based on evidence of resources in the country of origin.
  1. Termination of family reunification. This catastrophic measure, the work Giscard and Chirac that de Gaulle and Pompidou refused absolutely, is an open door to invasion and fraud of all sorts. No alien admitted to French soil for work or anything else can bring loved ones. This measure would contravene European supranational guidelines, certainly. But never mind: we must break the rules to create the crisis and move events forward (see below).
  1. Abolition of birthright citizenship (jus soli). This right, which implies that any child born in France is French by full title is not only a legal absurdity, but an encouragement to the migration of pregnant women, who become legally inexpulsable, their offspring being French. It’s a real trap. Jus soli, or right to automatic citizenship by birthplace, is an absurdity that was resisted by Pericles, the father of Athenian democracy, who established that an Athenian was born to an Athenian father and mother (both parents). Sarkozy said, in one of his patented fallacies, that jus solis is part of the “French identity”! Our identity is to dispossess ourselves. Hence these two measures: First, French citizenship is granted automatically and immediately to a child born of two parents of French nationality; on the other hand, marriage with a person of French nationality no longer confers any automatic right to it. This provision is essential to counter the wave of “white” or “gray” weddings.
  1. The considerable limitation of naturalization. For decades now, whether the Right or the Left has been in power, France has naturalized over 200,000 people per year. But if anyone can be “French,” then it is a meaningless distinction. Being French (or “European” of another nationality) no longer a matter of belonging or of reasoned choice but of simple calculation, material or otherwise. Moreover, the majority of naturalized “paper Frenchmen” do not feel French in the ethno-cultural sense.
  • (a) Naturalized Frenchmen could be that those who master the French language, never have trouble with the law, and have a steady job for at least 10 years.
  • (b) It is necessary to add an amendment to the penal regime of foreigners and naturalized citizens: the restoration and reinforcement of the “double punishment” by definitive expulsion of any convicted foreigner at the end of his sentence; immediate deprivation of citizenship for naturalized citizens convinced any crime or attempt.

Are These Provisions Immoral and illegitimate?

Yes, they are by the standards of the ’68er (Marxist) Vulgate, which no longer applies to the current situation. They are also by the standards of the absolutist Christian humanitarianism defended by current doctrine of the Vatican, which is far from being shared by all Christians. However, the problem raised is important. We should not dismiss moral arguments but adapt them. For these provisions are not “immoral” from a philosophical point of view. Rather, they go back to common sense, to practical morality, which are worth more than the abstract moral hypocrisy.

As Carl Schmitt explained, in “cases of emergency” (and only there), the political act par excellence of a state is to recover its sovereignty and violate the treaties or laws that prevent it from making vital decisions. The first moral obligation is the protection of its own people and not the formal, rigid compliance to “principles.” Schmitt is joined here by Aristotle, who distinguished between private morals and public, political morals, which have different standards. Similarly, in his Politics, Aristotle, who believes in equality but not egalitarianism, distinguished the status of foreigners from that of citizens within the City; the former do not enjoy the same rights and can go home if they are not satisfied.

Hospitality may concern only tiny minorities, on a case by case and often temporary basis. The reception of entire foreign populations only results in unmanageable conflicts. Ethnic and national egoism is moral because it contributes to order and tranquility. For this reason, it is legitimate.

Would These Provisions at Least be Effective?

In fact, if these measures were enacted, they would not even need to be applied 100% to the end. There would be a sharp slowdown in the migration invasion, by cutting off its air. Many settled immigrants would leave (“demigration”). Would France become a “fortress,” “bunkerized”? Yes, but so what? A protected nation works much better than a country open to every wind. Unlike the simplistic Vulgate “humanist” and liberal economists (even Rightists like Nicolas Baverez or Alain Madelin), a country that protects itself from migratory invasions is much better equipped, eventually, in the globalized economy. Homogeneity, not wild heterogeneity, is a strength. The order of the locked door and the protected border is better than the chaos of the open door and the missing border. Moreover, the Internet age, human exchanges can be done without physical presence.

This “crisis of migrants” may lead to a partial collapse of the European Union, with the end of the Schengen Zone of ​​free movement of persons. This, combined with the fragility of a Euro under artificial perfusion, contributes to the top-to-bottom redefinition of a completely misguided and impotent European Union. Simply breaking the rules of the European Union will be the best way to provoke a clash, a saving conflict, and build a new form of Europe. The true one.