Oct 30, 2015

The Origins of the White Man

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Kevin MacDonald joins Richard to discuss the origins of the White race and the prospects for its future, including the possibility of extinction.

Answering Anti-White Trolls

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I note that certain concern trolls are starting their usual song-and-dance on certain blogs. In response, I’d like to make a few comments.

One can say this about a European ingroup: Europeans form a broad continental population group with respect to genetics/biology and they share a core civilizational history/High Culture.

That “and” is crucial; it is not one or the other in isolation, but both aspects of Identity in combination.

Let us consider the history of the EU. Let us put aside the fact that the EU as it exists today is a viciously destructive anti-White tool of Right and Left Globalists. Instead, let us consider the idea of a European Union, and how EU membership is viewed by the masses.

As regards the various diverse nations of Western Europe (e.g., UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, etc. - all the nations Yockey considered “the West”) there was never any racial or cultural concerns about including any of these nations. The only concerns were economic (e.g., underperforming “PIGS” countries) and political (grumbling about sovereignty and “diktats from Brussels”). 

With respect to expansion into Eastern Europe, apart from concerns about Roma and Muslim groups, there also were no racial or cultural concerns – the problems were economic (the idea that large numbers of Eastern European migrants would flood Western European countries and take jobs) and political (corruption, etc.). Concerns about Slavs, Hungarians, and Romanians were never essentially (or existentially) racial or cultural, and the legitimate concerns about economic migrants could be dealt with by ending the idea that EU citizens can freely travel between nations (a stupid idea to begin with).

In contrast, when potential expansion moved outside of Europe – Turkey being a major example (but even North Africans and other NECs have been mentioned) – then even mainstream politicians and the general population began strongly objecting, with racial and cultural undertones to arguments about “the death of Europe” and “the end of European civilization” and “they’re Asian (or African) and not European.”  Even the general population implicitly understands the line dividing Europe and non-Europe.  Even the mainstream implicitly understands the foundation of a European ingroup.

The Ridiculous World of Forced Desegregation

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The local internet propaganda source where I live, Al.com, seems to inhabit a journalistic world akin to Sports Illustrated or Spin Magazine. They cheer loudly for the Home Team, boo the enemies and pump out all the disingenuous advertising a lousy pop band could ever desire. There are subtle differences within the genre. To make Sports Illustrated, you need to throw a 95 MPH fastball, mow down the middle of the Yankees batting order like a lawnmower or be a good enough professional football player to get admitted on scholarship to The University of Alabama. To get in Spin Magazine, you need to at least avoid musical atonality long enough to convince a record company talent scout you should be signed by the label. Get a load of the useless tossers Al.com chooses to pimp out to the Progressive fan base.
The judge ruled late today in Huntsville’s months-long desegregation dispute, clearing the way for federal attorneys to roll up their sleeves, dig deeper and stay longer.
This brings up an unpleasant question. Who in the heck actually cheerleads for federal attorneys* to “roll up their sleeves, dig deeper and stay longer?” Here we have a supposedly journalistic enterprise composing a front page article with all of the objectivity and fairness you would read in Go Set A Watchman. This is pretty much where the establishment is at on forced desegregation. The article was entitled “Desegregation judge drops hammer on Huntsville schools, ‘Court cannot find conclusively that the Board does not operate a dual system.” Roll Damn Tide!

We start with the “decision” U.S. District Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala handed down.
U.S. District Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala didn’t approve the city’s plan to redraw school zones. And she didn’t approve the Justice Department’s plan. Instead, she appointed Chief Magistrate Judge John Ott to oversee months of mediation between the two as they examine all aspects of racial disparities across Huntsville City Schools. She also called for appointment of a Special Master to oversee the court’s ongoing fact-finding in the case.
It reminds me of a recent NFL game between the Patriots and the Colts. The Colts didn’t want to punt on fourth down. They also didn’t want to run a play against the Patriots’ defense. So instead, they, like U.S. District Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala didn’t bother making a decision. They managed a play call that successfully did neither. What resulted has been hailed as one of the worst play-calling decisions in NFL history. The Head Coach at Indy wasn’t fired. Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala won’t be either. She’s provided months of additional government employment at taxpayer expense.

Then we get to the logical premises underlying her non-decision. It seems that some schools in the City of Huntsville, like some residential areas near these schools, are majority African American. It seems these schools don’t have a proportionally equal number of students in AP classes to other local high schools that are not predominantly African American. This, according to Her Judicial Majesty, has nothing to do with either the students or their parents. She “reasons” below.
The district administrator who determines which courses will be taught at the district’s schools each year testified that all of the courses listed in the district’s course catalogue, including all of the 27 AP courses, are offered to all of the students at all of the high schools in the district, but the district only teaches a handful of AP courses at Butler and Johnson because students at those schools have not requested other AP courses … The uncomfortable truth is that in a high school in which only 33% of the students read at or above grade level, many students probably are not prepared for the rigor of college level AP courses. Students who do not read at grade level need not only encouragement but also remedial help to take an AP course.”
Huntsville, you see, has that magical formula for chicken salad that works no matter what substance you provide them that came out of the chicken. They just keep it locked in a safe along with Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe because they’re all Southern-Fried Racists. A teacher wrote the following about the delusions posited as reasoning by people such as Judge Hughes Haikala.
There is an unutterable secret among teachers: Almost all realize that blacks do not respond to traditional white instruction. Does that put the lie to environmentalism? Not at all. It is what brings about endless, pointless innovation that is supposed to bring blacks up to the white level. The solution is more diversity–or put more generally, the solution is change. Change is an almost holy word in education, and you can fail a million times as long as you keep changing. That is why liberals keep revamping the curriculum and the way it is taught. For example, teachers are told that blacks need hands-on instruction and more group work.
This would imply Huntsville almost has to operate a dual school system. At least if they aren’t in league with the Grand Wizard of The North Alabama Klan Kleagle. And not only will a segregationist’s dream not work here, the African-Americans don’t want it. The reason that they tend to beat your adorable White Honor Student’s sorry butt every day is that they truly hate having white people around. White culture is something that grosses them out and royally pisses them off.

We see this resentment towards oversaturation and forced “Whitification” in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. The people in minority neighborhoods not only don’t oppose racial segregation; they seemingly demand it.
Anti-gentrification signs have again popped up at Bow Truss coffee shop in 18th Street, this time reading: ‘White people out of Pilsen!” The coffee shop, at 1641 W. 18th St., has been vandalized five times in the last two or three weeks, Bow Truss owner Phil Tadros confirmed Monday.
These people don’t even want too much cream in their coffee. There is no way they want to have their kids taught by Whitey. They want whites to leave their bankrolls and take their Ofay butts back down the interstate to the burbs. The conflict and forced desegregation only occurs because Whitey won’t leave behind enough of his money. Now if there weren’t a basically powerless pool of taxpayers to bankroll all the “federal attorneys to roll up their sleeves, dig deeper and stay longer,” this is exactly what the Special Master would conclude in about five minutes. The only real issue these carpetbaggers would have left is when the next plane left from HSA. 

* – Now I’ve met Federal attorneys that biologists would classify as both vertebrates and mammals. I haven’t met too many who I wished would roll-up their sleeves, dig deeper and stay longer. I guess I’m just weird in that respect.

The Election

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To get Berned or to get Trumped,
that is the question
As is often the case in the hall of mirrors that is the Establishment, the election of 2016 is not what it seems. Officially, it is about choosing nominees from a wide variety of candidates, at least among the Republicans, then hearing them battle it out in policy-oriented debate.

But that is just kabuki for the rubes out in flyover land. The Establishment knows the real game, or thinks it does. Each party will, in the end, choose an Establishment nominee, and which one wins is not important. The Establishment will remain in charge, and nothing will change.

On the surface, that is probably what will happen. If there is a credible third party candidate, he will find the system is so rigged by the two parties that are really one party that he has small chance. The Establishment will remain in power, confident it will always do so.

That confidence is misplaced. At a level deeper than the kabuki and the Establishment’s rigged system, powerful forces are in motion. What the election is really about is these forces, their outlets, their prospects, and the likelihood that the Establishment, which is blind to them, is already living on borrowed time.

Both here and in Europe, popular support for anti-Establishment candidates and parties is skyrocketing. Trump and Sanders are both troubling the Establishment by their levels of support and its staying power. The Establishment knows neither will become president, because it has rigged the game.

Still, their popularity sends a message that has brought unease to the corridors of power. Who are these awful people? What leads them to dissent from the Establishment’s combination of, on the one hand, cultural Marxism, and on the other, a fat cat world where one hand washes the other (Wall Street and Washington) and Establishment membership brings great wealth? I mean, don’t they see there is no other possible way? Could there really be so many “thisists” and “thatists” out there, people who dare express views that would cause every door in Washington to slam in their faces? Seen dimly in the candlelight, angry faces are staring in the hall of mirrors’ windows.

What is driving this, both on the Right and the Left, is a growing understanding at the grass roots level that the Establishment’s policies do not work. We start stupid “humanitarian” wars–Hillary loves them–and then lose. We flood America and Europe with immigrants who will never become Americans or Europeans. We praise every culture and religion except our own. In the U.S., the crime problem is discussed with no reference to the fact that most of the violent criminals are black or Hispanic.

On Wall Street, the .1%, whose enormous wealth seldom comes from producing a product but rather from financial manipulation (which, when it fails, has to be bailed out by the rest of us) buy Congressmen and Senators by the dozen. Those Members of Congress make sure “free trade” continues to benefit the super-rich while the middle class, what’s left of it, sinks into poverty. As the jobs vanish and the institutions ordinary people depend on fail, the Establishment, both its political and its financial wings, insulates itself from the failures. They take the lifeboats while everyone else goes down with the Titanic.

Both here and in much of Europe, at least a third of the public knows the Establishment’s policies don’t work. That has put anti-Establishment parties, Right and Left, in places like Sweden, France, Switzerland, and Greece in power or within striking distance of power.

Here, again, the Establishment is right in its confidence that both major parties’ nominees will come from and represent the Establishment. One will almost certainly win.

But here’s an idea that would give them fits. When the conventions are over and the nominees chosen, an independent ticket emerges that can get itself on every ballot. What ticket? Trump for President, Sanders for Vice President, with both promising that Sanders will handle foreign policy and defense policy (only) and Trump domestic policy (only). Sanders would keep us out of more wars and begin defunding a military that can’t win Fourth Generation conflicts. Trump would start stripping political correctness out of federal government policy and enthusiastically turn on his fellow billionaires and their dragon hordes.

Would a Trump/Sanders ticket win? A plurality of the popular vote, maybe; the Electoral College, almost certainly not. But Left/Right coalitions against the center have potentially great power. And voters would have a choice, not an echo.

"Race"-Mixing? Or "White"-Mixing?

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Advertisers are more frequently putting in biracial couples to back “Diversity."

There is a white [girl with a black guy and a white girl with an Arab guy or] there is a white with an Oriental.

No one notices that, in this “diversity” photo, one of the pair is ALWAYS WHITE.

Absolutely no one, pro or anti-white, notices this for a very good reason: From the get-go, we all know this is not race mixing, this is WHITE mixing.  It would never occur to anyone to leave the white person out.

Editor's Note: Go ahead, google "race-mixing," there are no couples where at least one isn't White.

The Evil Demiurge of the Modern World

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In Gnosticism, the Demiurge was the creator of the material world. In opposition to the God, the Demiurge is evil and malevolent, creating a world that hides the true God by entrapping souls in illusion and materiality. The world picture of the modern world is the result of believing the Demiurge.

Hermetic practice must being with a process of unknowing. That is, one’s habitually condition modes of thought must be deconditionalized. Everything assumed or taken for granted must be rethought.

Ideas, worldviews, or “memes” enter into the thinking of the world, or noosphere, in three stages:
  1. The first tier of intelligence creates a new system of thought. Such thinkers may be wickedly intelligent. They latch onto a fixed idea and then develop an architectonic system based on it.
  2. The second tier absorbs and propagates the ideas from the first tier. These thinkers are in a position to understand the ideas of the first tier. Since ideas are fundamental to them, they are eager to seek out new ideas. Motivated by the need for novelty, intellectual gluttony, and a revolutionary spirit, they draw out the conclusions and diffuse the ideas through publications and educational institutions.
  3. The third tier then accepts the ideas uncritically. They have sufficient intelligence to learn the ideas yet lack the depth of insight to reach the roots of the worldview. For this group, certain ideas act as “status markers”, that is, they are used to separate the “educated” from the masses. Articulateness is more important than depth of understanding.
Julius Evola calls the process of unknowing the Trial by Fire. When done properly, it can seem to lead to the brink of insanity although there are sufficient buffers to avoid going over the edge for a healthy person. I can describe that process at another time, but the first step is to understand the sources of one’s thinking.

Founding Fathers

When I was a young man, I managed to forge a world view founded on Physics, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, and Karl Marx. This would provide a complete explanation of the World: it accounts for matter, life, mind, and society. Around the ages of 10 and 11, I was sent to weekly science classes at the Boston Museum of Science. While waiting to be picked up, I spent time at the library, reading books mostly on astronomy and mathematics, with a particular attachment to the four volume World of Mathematics by James Newman. At home, I had a small library of books on astronomy, physics, space travel, rocketry, and dinosaurs, so I was well-disposed to make science the bedrock of my worldview.

Later, at University, I was exposed to the ideas of the New Left. I spent many hours reading turgid Marxian analyses of current events. The more interesting books combined Marx and Freud: those by Wilhelm Reich, Eros and Civilization by Herbert Marcuse, and Life Against Death by Norman O Brown. That completed the sequence as I read more deeply in psychoanalysis: Freud, Jung, Adler, Fromm, Horney, and so on.

Life on Earth is motivated by Fear, Sex, and Hunger, which maintain us in bondage. This constructed worldview promised liberation from all that. Unlike Buddhism which teaches the desire leads to suffering, the Modern view is the repression of desire leads to suffering. Repression comes from the superego on the individual level and from the patriarchal hierarchy on the social level. So all sexual expression is healthy. I went from high school where, in guidance classes, the issue of premarital sex was still unresolved, to university where the Harrad Experiment was a popular book. Oddly enough, the free sex of the Experiment has morphed into contractual sex on campuses where any breach of contract can lead to a Kafkaesque inquisition. Nevertheless, certain practices that were considered immoral, unhealthy, and illegal are now generally accepted as normal. The surprise is the persistence of just a few sexual taboos, but that may yet change. We are left now with greater incidences of incurable venereal diseases, date rape, illegitimacy, abortion, pornography, and so on. Whether all this is a sign of “liberation” or an indication of a general malaise is an exercise left to the reader.

In the social realm, Marxism was supposed to lead to abundance, thus solving the problem of hunger (in the larger sense). Since consciousness was formed by the material conditions of life, man’s mind would be freed for higher pursuits. The worker would return home for discussions in the High Culture of art, philosophy, and so on. That never happened. Nowadays, the worker returns home, gets stoned or drunk, and then watches mindless TV shows, sports spectacles, and Internet porn.

The third motivation, Fear, has been intractable because the problem of death has not been solved. Earnest Becker described this in psychoanalytic terms in the Denial of Death. The Existentialists brought doubt into the project of liberation via sexual restraint and material abundance. The Transhumanists and Cosmists believe that this problem, too, will be solved. That post is scheduled for the near future.

The Secret Mysterian

Oddly enough, I also had a Mysterian thread in my thinking life that was nourished at the same time. It can actually be traced back to childhood, but that is another discussion. The brother of a friend used to give out copies of The Book, by Alan Watts, which I read. It was unlike anything I had been familiar with, and his other books were my first introduction to the name Rene Guenon. Somehow I balanced this type of neo-Vedanta with an interest in science and psychoanalysis. I believe that my preference for spicy and picante foods prevented me from falling completely into Cogni-ism.

Nevertheless, at the third tier, the four pillars of science, evolution, psychology, and liberalism/socialism, perhaps tinged with some New Age spirituality, even Cogni-ism, supports the worldview of the “educated” person today. Thom Hartmann, whose talk show inscrutably airs nightly on Russia Today TV, is one of the more self-aware exemplars of that.

Merkel on the Moon

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"Wir schaffen es!"
After allowing several million young male Muslim migrants to swarm into Germany (like an enormous rape-shaped dildo), Angela Merkel, according to rumours, is now thinking of quitting her position as Chancellor before her term expires.

This desire to quit was mentioned in several stories last year, but that might merely have been political posturing, with Merkel affecting a little false humility in order to screw the crown tighter on her own head. But this time the rumours should be taken more seriously as the "push factors" are much more significant. Germans are now extremely dissatisfied with her actions and incidents of “local democracy” have been breaking out across the country.

Things are only going to get worse for Merkel as the chaos she has introduced to Germany’s well-run society becomes ever more apparent, with growing welfare, petty crime, and rape. Recently it was revealed that 700 out of 4,000 migrants housed in Lower Saxony over the past week have simply gone missing. This means 700 mainly young men roaming around undocumented and unsupervised. Clearly this is not going to end well. When the more horrifying rape stories roll in, as they inevitably will, Merkel’s position will become untenable.

In such cases, it better to jump before one is pushed.

A heart-warming outbreak of "local democracy" in a German town.
But then there are also pull factors. Lest year, when Merkel’s camp floated rumours of her nobly stepping down before her term expires in 2017, there was talk about how her talents could be used elsewhere as UN Secretary-General or President of the European Council:
"Suggestions that Mrs Merkel might want to succeed Ban Ki-moon as UN Secretary-General first emerged in May, in a report in a Luxembourg newspaper that got little attention, and was denied by Mrs Merkel's spokesman. A successor for Mr Ban will be chosen in 2016. By UN convention it is the turn of a European."
Such rumours even had the validation of a direct denial, which means they must be true:
"When asked in a recent television interview if she would like to be UN Secretary-General in 2018, Mrs Merkel replied: 'That will certainly not happen."
Although Merkel has proved a total fuck-up as leader in the last few months, we should definitely not underestimate the woman’s political cunning and tenacity to hang on. I suspect that it will take a considerable combination of both push and pull factors to remove this harridan from office. I estimate that at least one particularly horrific rape-and-murder story directly tied to the recent Middle Eastern influx (and a real rebellion within her party), combined with an extremely tempting high status, supranational job offer, like UN Secretary-General, will be required.

But would it be wise to make a woman of Merkel’s recent record of insanity UN Secretary-General just to prise her out of the Chancellorship? Even though the position of Secretary-General is something of a high status sinecure post, it can still, on occasion, prove highly influential. And do we really want Merkel parroting her global musical chairs slogan of "Wir schaffen es!" ("We can do it!") on the international stage 24-7?

But, still, I suspect that we are not going to get rid of this post-menopausal Muslim-friendly mess of a matriarch unless we dangle a nice shiny bauble before her baggy eyes and saggy cheeks. Therefore I propose that we literally offer “Mutti” the Moon, by creating her "Empress of the Lunar Empire," a title even more vacuous and grandiloquent than UN Secretary-General, and offer her a rocket ship to her new abode, a fitting symbol of lunacy, feminine inconsistency, and, indeed, Islam. If only her adoring hordes of Muslim migrants could follow her there!

SAT’s Racial Impact: Study Finds Some Races Are Smarter than Others

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Large and growing gaps in SAT scores, by race and ethnicity, are nothing new. The College Board and educators alike have acknowledged these gaps and offered a variety of explanations, with a focus on the gaps in family income (on average) and the resources at high schools that many minority students attend. And indeed there is also a consistent pattern year after year on SAT scores in that the higher the family income, on average, the higher the scores.

But a new, long-term analysis of SAT scores has found that, among applicants to the University of California’s campuses, race and ethnicity have become stronger predictors of SAT scores than family income and parental education levels.

Further, the study has found that all three factors–race/ethnicity, family income and parental education levels–now predict one-third of the variance in SAT scores among otherwise similar students, up from a quarter in 1994. In other words, a larger share of SAT variance today than in 1994 may be predicted based on where and to whom a child is born.

The research was done by Saul Geiser and was released by the research center where he works, the Center for Studies in Higher Education at the University of California at Berkeley.

Geiser is quick in the paper to acknowledge that his study is only of the applicant pool for the University of California and that he has not done research on the extent to which these trends play out nationally. However, his study was based on a very large pool: the more than 1.1 million California residents who applied to UC campuses from 1994 through 2011. And his study is based on the current and previous SAT, not the new one about to be unveiled.


Geiser considers several possible explanations for the increasing impact of race and other socioeconomic factors in predicting SAT scores. One that he takes seriously is the possibility that links growing rates of “intense segregation” in high schools, with more minority students attending high schools that are overwhelmingly minority and poorly resourced. For instance, the percentage of what researchers call “apartheid” schools–those where 99-100 percent of students are nonwhite–has doubled in the last two decades, and now represents one in 14 high schools. So the impact of race and class are, in many cases, combined for the minority students attending those schools.


The solution, for Geiser, is to go back to what the University of California did when it adopted the SAT, but which the state’s voters have barred it from doing today: considering race in admissions. He writes that if public universities are going to consider SAT scores in a serious way, they should also consider race and ethnicity.
“The continuing dominance of standardized admissions tests in American higher education is one of the most powerful arguments for affirmative action. Much of the original impetus for race-conscious policies grew out of recognition of the severe adverse impact of SAT scores on admission of students of color. Since then, that impact has not only continued but worsened, if the California data are any indication,” writes Geiser.


Here’s Your Ukrainian “Nationalism”

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How Ukrainians voted in the 2010 Presidential
Election. Is it any wonder that East Ukrainians
want to breakaway after the coup d’etat?
When you side with Jews, something interesting happens. Whatever Russia’s official views on race are, it’s common knowledge that negroes in the Russian sphere are perceived by most as hilariously flamboyant and worthy of mockery. Yet now, one year after NATO overthrew the elected Ukrainian government, they have been elected the voice of Ukrainian nationalism by the newly installed plutocracy.

So where is the Nazi revolution pro-Ukraine traditionalist neo-conservative Catholics, Baltic jingoists, and self-styled “Misanthropic” black metal fans have been claiming will happen any minute? Tough enough to overthrow the government of Yanukovych, but not the fragile Jew junta in charge now?

The only thing Right Sector and Azov Battalion have achieved so far is in putting down revolts on behalf of the thoroughly Jewish Kiev regime, which probably has to do with the fact that they are financed by Jewish billionaire Igor Kolomoisky (a widely reported fact that supporters themselves refuse to accept). The province of Mauripol, which Azov currently occupies and operates out of, saw 90% of the region’s votes go to deposed President Viktor Yanukovych’s pro-Russian, anti-EU “Party of Regions” in 2010. This sentiment against Brussels and the Pentagon’s “new Ukraine” was reiterated in the recent elections, which the Jews in Kiev have now suspended, since the people of Mauripol voted for pro-Russian candidates.

You can either live under the anti-white European Union, which will flood your country with non-white “refugee quotas” and  legally tie you down so you and your children are forced to watch queers get off on their exhibitionism, or somewhat normally in the Russian sphere (where so-called nationalist parties like Svoboda were legal and actually played a role in the pro-Russian government, today they have vanished). There is no third choice in the Ukrainian civil war, …the so-called “Nazis” have made it clear.

There’s a tendency towards knee-jerk reaction among unreflective types that feel they must support the guy waving the Swastika flag no matter what. It’s also true that some of the Russian nationalists have Soviet nostalgia, and wave Hammer and Sickles as well (something that “triggers” the ex-conservatives in our movement). But not all is as seems.

In Russia, the Communist Party supports putting fags in prison, increasing the national birth-rate, and preserving European Russian culture amidst the multi-ethnic Eurasian country. In contrast, the “Neo-Nazi” Azov Battalion commander Andrei Biletsky has been invited as an honorary guest of the European Union Parliament this autumn and answers to Jewish oligarchs wrecking his nation, all while cynically insisting otherwise.

Even George Lincoln Rockwell remarked that the Communists in the Soviet Union of the 1960s were pretty conservative compared to the West–especially the “New Left”. In fact, the Soviets’ preserving what Jews refer to as the “Authoritarian Personality”–albeit in a warped form–is the explanation for why former communist states in Eastern Europe are far more hostile to racial replacement and Judeo-American cultural Marxism today, despite the genocidal clauses of European Union membership.

Not just that, but contrary to what “Misanthropic Division” trolls on the internet claim, most Russian nationalists and racialists support the secessionist rebels in Ukraine, even though some suspicious recent Russian sign-ups with few posts and perfect English say otherwise on Stormfront. The most significant openly Nationalsocialist party in the country, Russian National Unity, supports the East Ukraine rebels and is on the ground fighting by their side. In fact, the closest thing to Nationalsocialists coming to power in the war has been RNU leader Alexander Barkashov, a very influential figure in the politics of the Donetsk People’s Republic in the Donbass.

The only genuine nationalists fighting in Ukraine
The only genuine nationalists
fighting in Ukraine
Both sides of the conflict include people of all types of ideologies fighting side-by-side, so if you feel obligated to support the Ukrainians just because they use symbols plagiarized from the Third Reich, the Russian side has the real deal. And unlike the dupes in Azov Battalion, the Russian “Nazis” are actually getting political power and an actual role in the new secessionist states being formed in Eastern Ukraine.

I challenge anyone to provide a tangible pro-Ukraine position, without resorting to posting pictures of non-whites fighting on the Russian side (since plenty of them are fighting on the Ukrainian side, including within the Azov battalion), Putin standing in the same room as a Jew, or the humorously sad suggestion that Azov Battalion is merely “using” the Jews backing it, when in truth they’re one of the major forces keeping them in power. At this point, it’s time to close the book on the so-called “nationalists” in Azov and Right Sector–soldiers of fortune and ex-cons who–according to “White Fuhrer” Biletsky himself–make almost double the salary of a standard Ukrainian soldier.

The most well-known Azov Battalion fighter, Swedish “neo-Nazi” mercenary Mikael Skillt, along with the fighting unit as a whole, was profiled by Zionist mass media publication Newsweek earlier this year in a piece by system hack Nolan Peterson. His piece fawns over the supposed “racists” and demonizes Putin in the very title. According to what Peterson claims he saw:
“[…] the overwhelming majority of Azov soldiers say they’re fighting for Ukraine’s sovereignty and to repel what they call a “Russian invasion” of their homeland. Those with far-right convictions live and fight side-by-side with soldiers from 22 countries and various backgrounds, including Arabs, Russians and Americans—as well as Christians, Muslims and Jews.”
So even if we were to take Azov Battalion representatives’ claims to racial nationalism on social media seriously, it is still a minority tendency in the multicultural, multi-racial unit. Skillt in the piece denounced Nationalsocialism in no uncertain terms. There is no Ukrainian cause. There is only the viciously aggressive globalist Brussels-Tel Aviv-Washington axis that will not rest until all European-descended people vanish from the earth, and the Russian response that, while not racial, coalesces with our interests (primarily because the Russians aren’t hellbent on destroying their own people). Time to stop living vicariously through the admittedly well-crafted propaganda provided by Azov and others, and come back down to earth.

Remembering Willis Carto: July 17, 1926–October 26, 2015

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Willis Carto
Willis Allison Carto died Monday night in Virginia, full of years (89), achievements, and honors. But this memorial tribute is nevertheless way overdue. If you know the broad outlines of Mr. Carto’s life (biography review here) you know that he was, for well over a half-century, the founder and patron of those political movements we now variously call Paleoconservatism, Race-Realism, White Nationalism . . . or Alt Right.

Pause and consider. When you imbibe the heady sophistication and philosophical analyses here at Counter-Currents—or laugh at the mordant humor of Mike Enoch’s The Right Stuff; or addictively check out The Occidental Observer and Radix Journal every day; or appreciate the rich, deep lore available at such sites as Inconvenient History and Euro-Synergies—then you must give a tip of your mental hat to Willis Allison Carto, the old pioneering strategist who made this Alt Right possible.

Lest we forget, Mr. Carto himself had quite a few titles, imprints, websites, in his long life. Right. Western Destiny. The American Mercury (which he owned in the ’60s and ’70s).The Washington Observer. The Spotlight. The Journal of Historical Review. The Barnes Review, American Free Press. The Noontide Press. Independent Publishers.

The Anti-Buckley

Back in the Fifties, when Bill Buckley and his National Review crew were trying to reinvent American conservatism by casting it as something cutesy and sanitized and nice-to-the-Jews, Mr. Carto, a Purple Heart recipient (once shot by a Jap sniper on Cibu Island, May 1945) looked the enemy in the face and did not flinch. He did not balk or cringe when they called him an anti-semite, a racist, a crypto-nazi.

Nicey-nicey folks of the National Review stripe get shirty when you call them names. So it’s appropriate that in 2015 we now have a fine snide name to call them. Cuckservatives! I don’t know if Willis Carto paid attention to that word when it was making sound and fury in the political blogosphere this summer, but I like to think that he did.

Of course he did. He must have heard about it. And must have had a great big triumphal end-of-life belly-laugh. Bwah-hah-hah!

The comeuppance of the cucks! National Review goes down hard. Willis Carto lives to see it. Oh what a world! What a world!

William F. Buckley, Jr. and Willis A. Carto sparred continuously, in print and in the courts, for much of their adult lives. Initially, in the early- and mid-Fifties, they swam in the same waters, along with such luminary confederates as G. L. Rockwell, Russell Maguire, and Revilo Oliver. After National Review got launched in 1955, however, Bill Buckley began to disavow his old associates, along with the teachings of his upbringing and religion. Willis Carto founded Liberty Lobby the same year, but unlike Buckley built his enterprise into a sturdy multi-million-dollar organization, with a townhouse a block from the Capitol.

National Review assiduously ignored Carto until September 1971. Then it published a “hit” piece on him, bylined by one C. H. Simonds and full of formulaic denunciations about “anti-Semitism” and Carto’s deep sympathy for the American Fascist philosopher Francis Parker Yockey. Where did this come from? Well, it appears that the rising popularity of Yockey’s Imperium (published by Carto’s Noontide Press) and bearing an Introduction signed by Carto, was the probable trigger for this smear job. Imperium was then being widely distributed by the National Youth Alliance—formerly Youth for Wallace, later National Alliance. (((Someone))), presumably the ADL, decided this new Danger on the Right was both fearsome and—better yet!—a attractive fundraising opportunity.

Thereafter Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby made regular appearances in the mainstream press—National Review, the New York Times, and a strange, short-lived 1981 magazine backed by political journalist Jack Anderson, called The Investigator. Carto and Liberty Lobby immediately sued for libel on the grounds that they were therein described as “neo-Nazi, fascist, anti-Semitic, and racist,” and these allegations were based entirely on one-sided reports from biased sources. Antonin Scalia of the US Circuit Court eventually found for Carto and Liberty Lobby in 1984.[1] Meantime, The Investigator was long gone from the newsstands, having folded after that first unfortunate issue.

In an even more protracted case, 1971-85, Carto and Liberty Lobby sued Buckley for the hit piece by “C. H. Simonds.” The court agreed that the Simonds article was “a muddled smear,” but agreed with Buckley that Liberty Lobby should not have reported Buckley’s “close working relationship” with George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1950s.[2]

Meantime, from 1978 to 1983, there was a libel suit between Buckley pal (and Watergate co-conspirator) E. Howard Hunt and the Liberty Lobby. A Wilmington, Delaware newspaper and The Spotlight (then published by Liberty Lobby) both claimed that CIA operative Hunt had been present in Dallas at the time of the JFK assassination. Hunt decided to sue Liberty Lobby but not the Delaware paper. Carto’s attorney Mark Lane was able to show that Hunt had indeed been in Dallas at the time of the assassination; and was almost certainly one of the suspect “tramps” arrested (and swiftly released) by Dallas Police on November 22, 1963.

Operational Security

Willis Carto and his wife Elisabeth were friends of mine. We first met at a Liberty Lobby function on Capitol Hill in 1985. Thereafter I saw them frequently for about ten years, first in DC, then in Southern California. I wrote occasionally for The Spotlight, and worked freelance for book-editing projects at the Institute for Historical Review in Costa Mesa.

In March of this year, 2015, I decided to look up my old friends. I hadn’t seen them since their Christmas party in Escondido in 1995. (I remember I brought a bottle of pinot noir, and that I had a dangling tailpipe and dented muffler. Willis advised me I really ought to get that muffler replaced. Which I promptly did.) Then I moved out of the country[3] and the Cartos lost their mountaintop house through the actions of some very erratic, ungrateful employees.

I knew that Willis and Elisabeth had recently (February 2015) moved their editorial headquarters (The Barnes Review and American Free Press) from Capitol Hill in DC to a spacious office-park suite in the wilds of Prince Georges County, Maryland. From California I remembered Willis’s fondness for cheap, anonymous business estates with lots of room to store shippable books and back issues of magazines. The Cartos’ enterprises in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa had been set up this way. Neverthless I was quite unprepared for the long, almost impossible trek it was from Largo Station at the end of the Washington DC Metro, to their offices many miles to the north.

The Largo end of Prince Georges County is almost entirely negro. There is a Metro station and a bad shopping mall; otherwise, not much there there. You get out at Largo station and discover there is virtually no public transportation beyond. I had to pay an Guinean cabbie $50 to drive me to the Cartos’ office park some ten miles away. Once I got there, it took them a while to remember me (we were all twenty years older) but when they did they were full of useful information, such as Elisabeth’s recommendation that I rent a car from Enterprise next time I come up from Washington—much cheaper than Metro and taxi. They told me how they now had a home in Orange County, Virginia (over an hour’s drive away), and how they, and most of the editorial staff, came into the office only once each fortnight.

I gathered that these new, remote offices were taken in consideration of Operational Security. Back in California, they had once lost a warehouse of books through (Jewish) terrorist bombings, and some years later they got forced out of their premises at gunpoint by greedy, disgruntled employees.

But that kind of swindle was Willis’s Achilles heel. Like King Lear, Willis Carto was repeatedly done in by deceitful “heirs” and underlings. He never went mad on the Blasted Heath, and he always sprang back with new enterprises, but still it was disconcerting to watch him make the same mistakes over and over.

Tragicomedy and Hope

The classic, central saga about Carto in this respect is l’affaire IHR: the mind-numbing, seemingly endless lawsuits between him and his former employees at the Institute for Historical Review (roughly 1993-2000). This is a tale that the ADL, SPLC and Antifa groups never tire of recounting with gleeful Schadenfreude.

Briefly, an heir of Thomas Edison had left Willis Carto (or one of his enterprises) a legacy of about seven million dollars. Some senior employees at the IHR discovered this, declared that part of the legacy had been siphoned to Carto’s other enterprises, and proceeded to evict him from the organization’s board as well as from the premises of the IHR.[4] Later on, the IHR employees obtained a court judgment against the Cartos and seized their Escondido house (which the Cartos supposedly made semi-inhabitable by disconnecting all the mains and filling the bathroom commodes with cement).[5]

aceNone of this should have been a surprise to Willis. His first director of the IHR, 1978-81, William David McCalden (aka “Lewis Brandon”) was also the first to turn traitor. Very energetic but egotistical, David took his personal contacts and mailing lists from the IHR, and set up a sort of rival, one-man, operation called Truth Missions, which consisted of little more than a monthly newsletter making fun of Willis Carto and his successive employees. David’s young successor, Keith Stimely, came aboard at age 23 and helped turn the Journal of Historical Review into a serious, scholarly publication; while also helping Willis amass a devastating “dirt file” on McCalden (distributed c. 1984 as Dossier on a “Revisionist” Crank). Then Keith too turned against Willis, and wrote up his own dirt-file: Willis was an opportunist, a huckster like Kirk Douglas in Billy Wilder’s Ace in the Hole. Someone who signed his name to the Introduction to Imperium, even though Revilo Oliver wrote it! A philistine, someone who couldn’t sit through a Bruckner symphony without squirming![6]

What always baffled me about Willis is that he did not spot this repeating pattern, and thereby foresee the 1993 IHR “coup,” when his four senior employees, with the assistance of the IHR’s outside counsel, seized control of the premises and forced Willis and Elisabeth out of the offices at gunpoint. This time the situation snowballed to the point where the Cartos and their other organizations (Liberty Lobby, The Spotlight) were forced into bankruptcy.

The Cartos were amazingly resilient, and recovered even from this disaster. But it still beggars belief how Willis got himself into this tragicomic predicament again and again.

Perhaps you just can’t build a successful nationalist, racialist organization, unless you are able to maintain a high-trust mentality, the kind of trust Willis took for granted growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If this is the case, then we’re just all going to have to take our risks and take our knocks. Trust everyone but cut the cards. In the meantime. . .

Farewell then, Willis, comrade. Many lessons learned!

1. Carto and Liberty Lobby sued, won a judgment. The case was appealed. Judge Antonin Scalia of the US Circuit Court upheld the findings that Carto and LL had been defamed and that Anderson and his writers had acted with malice.
2. The one finding against Liberty Lobby has a very contemporary ring: ‘On two counts of the magazine’s charges, Judge [Joyce Hens] Green ruled that Liberty Lobby committed libel by saying National Review favored allowing ”militant sex deviates” the right ”to molest your children,” and that the magazine was a ”mouthpiece” of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith.’ NY Times, Oct. 26, 1985.
3. Willis was disappointed when I moved to London for some years on business. He was a real old-fashioned Midwestern Anglophobe.
4. Some employees would stay with or visit me while plotting with IHR board members. Like Mrs. Surratt, I “kept the nest where the plot was hatched.” Except in this case I really did believe that this nice Mr. Booth was merely a charming young actor.
5. Personal anecdote.
6. Keith Stimely, 1986 memoir about the IHR and Willis Carto.

Official Dutch Delegation Attacked While Investigating Islamic Radicalisation in France

via BNP News

There's nothing like going to find out about a problem yourself to get first hand knowledge of the issue.

One such group went off to an Islamic ghetto/dump neighbourhood in France and gained real physical evidence of how an issue is affecting ethic French.

Ten open minded public officials from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Arnhem all travelled to France for a three-day study trip regarding the alleged side effect that Islamic radicalisation is causing people.

Off they went a few days ago to the infamous Saint-Denis Islamic ghetto to have two meetings with poor hard done by Islamics.

After leaving one meeting and starting off to the next, these public officials were attacked and sprayed with pepper gas.

The attackers then seized their bags and mobile phones before taking off with their ill gotten gains.

At least one member of the Dutch delegation sustained a head injury.

According to the Dutch ambassador in France, Mr. Ed Kronenburg, despite their unfortunate experience, the Dutch officials decided to continue their programme, without changing their schedule.

You would think that they now have learnt exactly how European whites are treated in Saint- Denis, which has a huge Muslim population, one where police have been attacked in the past and rioters burned vehicles - then demanded more be spent in their neighbourhood.

One can only wonder what these Dutch officials will write in their official reports. But if the EU agenda, Merkel's madness has anything to do with it - the details of the treatment they received by the attackers will be airbrushed out.

It would never do would it to officially state that you were attacked by Islamic youths.

Welcome to the real world Dutch officials, one that many ordinary ethnic European have to endure daily.